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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  October 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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>> shawn chitnis has a working all morning for us. what are your learning, shawn ? >> reporter: we see police are still working to crack evidence. we see officers checking some of the cars parked right where this shooting happened. the good news is they are starting to open up part of this area. the street is still somewhat locked on 27th shooting actually happened. this again happening about five hours ago right outside of the cold crush bar. it was happening some kind of broncos party. it is not clear if that still going on although we did see plenty of people wearing broncos gear. this bar is about four years old and has been in the neighborhood
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time once they heard the shooting creating witnesses that police had to interview. some did not cooperate and police did go to the hospital to try to talk to one of the victims. one person has died and the other with critical injuries. this morning police have no suspect description as they continue to investigate the shooting. they arest part of 27 is still closed. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. today we are hoping for an update on gary kubiak's health. he was taken to the hospital last night and he you can see the ambulance pulling away after kubiak spoke at a press conference. he looked fine then. jamie leary is at sports
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doctors are taking precautions? >> reporter: yes. we hope to learn a little bit more about what is going on with coach kubiak. he was taken to the hospital right after addressing the media. a video showing the ambulance leaving sports authority field following the game. he was experiencing those flu- like symptoms as he went for an evaluation. head coach andy broncos say he has paid strict attention to his health. according to cbs4's medical editor, dr. dave hnida , some of the stratford a stroke can suffer another. despite the scare, kubiak appeared fine last night just before he was taken to the hospital.
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good. you have got to give atlantic credit they played with a lot of poise. >> reporter: dr. hnida says because of kubiak's health history it is important he stays overnight for evaluation. you heard romi talking about how stressful the game can be. jeremy mary, daughter jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> we will update preparations as it is a short week because the broncos played thursday and this is all coming up in a few minutes. donald trump and hillary clinton are now looking at a final debate in las vegas after attacking each other continuing. it happened at washington university in st. louis. the recently released recordings of the donald trump comments about women took center stage
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>> this was locker room talk. i am not proud of it. i apologized to my family and the american people. if you look at bill clinton, mine are words and his was action. >> i think it is clear to anyone that it represents exactly who he is. >> his attack on clinton started before the debate sitting down with four women accusing bill clinton of misconduct. both campaigns clai happened last night. >> the most important thing is we need to take up so that we can actually have some drinks served. >> i think he prosecuted this case much better. >> and audience member asked them to share one thing the remind -- admire about each other.
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a poll shows hillary clinton won that debate. senator tim kaine visits denver today. he will join date matthews for a rally -- dave matthews for a rally. it is time now for a check of weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s >> it is mild for this time of year and 44 degrees in franktown. 37 in telluride and 43 in pagosa springs. for the rest of the state it will be dry all day long with clear skies right now in the forecast looking like a warm day once again and by noon 72. terrific lunch ahead and 79 for
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let's get a check on traffic with joel. >> good morning. it is columbus day, so we will see fewer people on the road this morning. you can still see cars out there check into town. taking a look at the southbound driving to town it is 90 minutes from start -- night minutes from 14 -- nine minutes thornton out to denver. if you are about to getting your car turn out our partner for the latest traffic and cbs4 weather. two missiles failed to get a united states warship off the coast of yemen. this happened in the red sea. the uss mason detected missiles and pulled out into the sea
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it is unclear if the group specifically targeted the ship. german police say they caught a man suspected of planting -- planning a bomb attack. police say his from the damascus area of syria. investigators found several hundred rounds of explosives hidden in his apartment with reports he is connected to extremist groups. today colorado red cross volunteers with three vehicles leaving denver this morning headed to georgia. crews will bring food and supplies to the neighborhood. matthew is now wandering out heading east into the atlantic. there'll be no matthew looping back. the storm has killed at least 19 people in the united states with five still missing.
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and businesses. crews helped bring a man from a group yesterday. flooded streets are impossible in north carolina. >> i don't have nothing left. nothing. i have to take all of this and put it in the garbage. >> recovery is just beginning for people in florida. there is damage along the coastline including bad beach erosion. it will all of the evacuees can return home. many people have a day off for columbus day. this is a federal holiday and denver is among a dozen american cities observing indigenous peoples day today. city council members are honoring native americans.
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broncos to figure out the mistakes made and fix them before the thursday came against the chargers. >> we expect an update on trevor siemian's status yesterday. >> the ball is bouncing around. davontae poker picks it up. >> united defense and sacked the rookie quarterback six times with the final score michael spencer and mark haas have reactions for the players. >> you will be sucked at the 40. there is a rookie mistake. >> a starting cornerback didn't go through falling 23?16 on sunday. good morning everyone. we have some breaking news
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news. >> a lot of his passes under pressure all day. paxton lynch clearly seemed rattled by the pressure he was under looking more at the pass rush than at receivers downfield. >> this is our first loss in eight weeks. so it is what it is. at the same time we have got to be able to adjust when we lose. >> we played bad as 18. that his daughter as 18 -- as a team. >> obviously you want to win being a first start. we are going to bounce back. >> on the offense they were
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entire team and not just on the rookie. >> the broncos traveling to san diego for a thursday night game you can see right here on cbs4. with mark haas i am michael spencer. >> they sound like winners in the locker room. >> the rally were. they said we just have to move on. >> we have romi coming up. samsung reports of its replacement phones catching fire.
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good monday morning. welcome back. it is time for weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s . the sun will be up at 7:05 this morning and we will get to enjoy a lot of sunshine.
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saturday and it was 76 on sunday. today will be even warmer expecting 79 later on and it certainly could have some neighborhoods in the lower 80s. tomorrow 75 as a cold front sweeps through. so a bit of a change in temperatures into the middle part of the week. for now temperatures are in the 40s on the eastern plains and gunnison right now in the gunnison valley and 37 in telluride. a few showers possible in around the san juan mountains. clouds are clear this morning and that is the way it will stay all morning long. you can see the system sweeping through tomorrow cooling back behind the system by the time we get into wednesday.
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late tonight we see showers develop in the high country with nothing major. tomorrow in the afternoon we could see a quick shower and fort collins. we need rain and this point the chance looks small with 20% of us seeing rain tomorrow. tomorrow we drop 258 and then back into the 70s for thursday and friday with sunshine staying nice into even though the drive is letting up, it is not slowing down that bad. a lot of headlights and taillights but again the drive has speeds in the 60s and 50s. still looking at 90 minutes to get a -- nine minutes to get to from store to into denver. taking a look from our cbs4 tech center cam making away from the tech center bridge it
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southbound also a similar situation reflected here are the trip times southbound. both eastbound and westbound along i- 70 with speeds into the 50s right now. mylan agrees to a settlement offer medicaid epipen rebates and tesla gets ready for a big announce. this is the news on wall stree floor at the new york stock exchange. >> reporter: good morning. the markets open after losing ground last week with a drop report having the nasdaq dropping 14. epipen maker mylan agree to make $465 million to settle with the federal government. they were accused of classifying generic brands in
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new product should be ready october 17. he said it is an expected by most. the debut comes up for the solarcity energy system event. some speculate a new video -- vehicle. the clouds are coming for halloween. sales of evil clown masks are up with halloween express reporting a 300% increase in sales there have been reports of creepy clown sightings. >> this has always been a filthy a of mine. -- phobia of mine. >> reporter: as if clowns worn scary enough. >> i also with the trump costumes and clinton costumes are flying off the shelf this year. thanks so much. new video this morning of the memorial for the two
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officers killed over the weekend. people continue to put flowers outside the department honoring the officers. it happened on saturday during a call to a house. the gunman was arrested after a long standoff. service resumes today after the new jersey crash of the train. brand-new video shows part of the station back open eight of the 17 tracks are now open. the train slammed through a bumper and investigators say it was going twice as fast as the speed limit and a new role requires a conductor to join the engineer whenever the train pulls in. samsung reportedly temporarily
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even replacement phones caught fire. samsung recalled the originals last month. right now we are at 52 degrees in denver. let's find out for the weather watchers are reporting. similar temperatures with gary and applewood reporting 51 degrees this morning. into the foothills of evergreen 47 is what john kirkpatrick reports. it i considering the calendar now says october 10. we will take a look at the full forecast coming up. >> if you have a news tip, we want to hear from you. call our tip line at 303-863- tips, that is 303-863-8477, or send us an email through
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it is time now for weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s . if you are going north in idaho or montana, that is where they will be or snow today. kansas city has rain and the high temperature 69. a beautiful day on the east coast with 50s and 60s from boston to washington dc and a few showers possible in florida but overall florida in much better shape after the impact of matthew. all major problems across the country in good shape.
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traffic we are following is at i-70 and havana with copter 4 pending and trying to search for this accident this morning. it looks like that will be in the westbound direction of i-70. the tribe northbound from the tech center through the bridge is pretty good. plenty of company on that drive with an accident to the north of i-to 70 . you've got a couple along highway 85 as well with the accident westbound making your way out to havana. taking a look at the speed we will see those takedown. the legalization of marijuana in colorado needs parents need to have another conversation with their kids pick we recently hosted a town hall to discuss those talks to make sure kids understand the
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i have that conversation. i was the mother with the girls saying let's talk about edibles and joints and a baby -- vaping . >> how to that conversation go? join us talking to you airing on our decades channel at 7 pm. we will also post it at always check it out. coming up next here on the cbs4 morning news what is turning up inside asking cones -- inside ice cream cones. >> and the latest about gary kubiak. a tough loss for the broncos at home.
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welcome back, everyone. this is the news in campaign 2016. we are waiting to see how the debate affects donald trump and hillary clinton's poll numbers. clinton blasted trump -- prejudice against muslims. >> reporter: alluded clinton was a devil and criticize her for her use of her private email server. >> but if i win, i'm going to instruct the attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> it is good someone with the temperament of donald trump is
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country. >> because you would be in jail. >> hillary clinton's manager talked about the debate on cbs this morning. >> she went into this debate intent auburn hillary clinton offer game. hillary shut up with the debate wanted to talk to the american people about the specific plan she has to make a difference. i think she had the opportunity to do that. unfortunately, she had to do some fact trump but we feel we got that done. >> people on social media shared their reactions twitter said it was the most tweeted debate ever with 17 million tweets sent out. yesterday became the most tweeted day of the entire collection with 30 million tweets overall.
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a nobel prize on contract theory to help people deal with conflicting interests from ceo paid packages to whether to privatize public services. two different kinds of ice cream cones are being recalled. the 24 pack of vanilla and 16 friday pack of drumstick co that bacteria. they have best by date of june 2 and june 19. firefighters in summit county hope for containment on a small wildfire that started on the east side of lakeville. federal authorities have no taking over the fight allowing crews to use more resources. it has burned 22 acres.
6:33 am
hurt after a shooting outside a denver bar. our shawn chitnis spent the night at 27th and larimer. >> what is the latest? >> reporter: it is still a closed off section at 27th and larimer. police need evidence more because they have no suspect description. he will step out of the way see can get a sense of what is still happening fi 1:15 when the police first came to the area. this section is closed off in front of the cold crush bar. we are told police were getting here just as folks were coming out. they have the crime scene unit spending a lot of time working the area on the side of the bar. coming up at 6:45 a little bit
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shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> shawn , thank you. >> all right. let's get to weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s . here is ashton. it is monday but it will be beautiful. i think that helps a little bit. a live look over the capitol building with the light coming over the eastern horizon. the official sunrise this morning will be at 7:05. the bus stop this morning as it was on friday. upper 40s and low 50s and relatively mild for october. it is 52 in colorado springs with the same in dia. 45 and 30's and 50s depending on where you're at on the western slope. later on today close to 80
6:35 am
plains expect highs into the 80s with clear skies across the state with one exception in the san juans. our next weather maker is over idaho and montana. it will sweep over the state coming up tomorrow and behind the front cooler on wednesday. tomorrow we are in the 70s. tonight a couple of showers developing the mountains with some snow above 10,000 feet. here is the watch what happens. a couple of those mountain showers move east. many of us around denver will be dry tomorrow with the possibility of a shower. they will be some mountain rain tomorrow but nothing major in terms of snowfall. 58 behind the front and 70s return for thursday and friday. the weekend looks beautiful
6:36 am
at this traffic alert i-70 in havana. they are blocking the left center line westbound i-70 in this portion of pure -- peoria. here we are across the denver metro area. we have a couple of the absence we are watching and 60th is one of them with an accident on highway 85 at 104th. condolences as folks drive past mile high. we are starting to see some speeds dip into the 20s so now alan you are looking at a seven minute drive. the widow of the denver firefighter says a bureaucratic bungle cost her thousands of dollars. tonight at 10:00 brian maass is
6:37 am
here is a preview of what we will see tonight. >> he died in the line of duty 15 years ago. >> i remember every moment of that state like it was yesterday. >> reporter: his widow was supposed to get pension benefits tax-free now she is out $70,000. >> is the city of denver willing to take financial responsibility here? >> reporter: we tracked down the decision-makers. who screwed up here? conclusions for yourself. >> i simply want to recuperate the monies i have lost. >> who is responsible for the pension problems? a cbs4 investigation comes your way tonight at 7:00. several stores in our war want to effects -- in aurora want to beef up staff before the seasons. resumes will be taken at the
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until 4:00 today. women 40 and older can get affordable mammograms today. the st. joseph's hospital van will post up at north metro fire station 62. most commercial insurance plans will be covered. women without insurance can ask about affordable self-pay options. experts will be there morning. a couple missiles launched toward a u.s. warship. and gary kubiak goes to the hospital with flu-like symptoms. a live report as we keep an eye on the help -- health of the coach. could the broncos' loss be a good thing? some of the questions i have for romy dean coming up. here is mark haas.
6:39 am
sports break. >> for the first time in 10 months the broncos could not find a way to win. you can blame the defense. this just wasn't a great afternoon yesterday for the orange and blue. davontae friedman came in with 7-0 atlanta. the broncos struggle to find its rhythm withto the rose. it was vic beasley doing a von miller impersonation. michael schofield could not block vic beasley who had 3.5 sacks. 23-16 the final. pastie for the broncos, good day for the falcons. >> they did a good job today.
6:40 am
we will go back and see what we can do better. >> you don't want to lose. if anybody is settling for losing, then we have got to get out of this locker room. we don't want to lose at all. we got a quick turnaround thursday that will erase everything. >> this has been the chevy sports break brought to you by chevrolet, the most awarded car company two years in a row based on 2014/2015 year-end totals. visit your colorado chevy
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,, when i was one year old, i was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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>> for the news you need when you need it, "like" us on facebook, twitter, and colorado's online newschannel. welcome back. it is 6:44, and we do have a mouth start your day. the sun will be up in about 20 minutes or so. it will be very similar to the way it was over the weekend. the cbs4 weather watchers doug goodman in 53 degrees this morning. in north park mark russell reports 25 this morning. otherwise 34 in a bunn and 38 in aspen. mostly clear skies throughout the entire state with the exception of the san juan mountains. otherwise sunshine by 9 a.m. with 72 at lunchtime and a high temperature close to 80. much more coming up. right now let's get a check on
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-- copter 4. this is in the eastbound direction where we see a bulk of the slowing. we have a trouble spot westbound along i-70 blocking the left center line. we have got to should cars right into each other. from i-225 from i-2252 i-25. an early morning shooting rattles the rino district neighborhood with two people shot near 27 and there were. one is dead. shawn chitnis is working to get this information. what are you learning, shawn ? >> reporter: police still trying to get a suspect description and have few details to work with. it was interesting to speak with a couple women passing by.
6:46 am
this intersection. they have lived in the area for quite some time, and they say since this bar has been here have noticed a lot of police activity. they were not surprised to see there was a shooting here. police tell us it was around 1:15 that the arrived and outside is worthy shooting happened with a lot of people coming out creating additional witnesses they need to speak to. to the hospital to try to get information from one of the victims again. police still don't have a suspect description and they do not know who is responsible for the shooting. we have been watching police cars, and go. at this point larimer is open. a stretcher 27 in between larimer and the next is closed off.
6:47 am
will open it back up. shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. we are working on getting the latest on coach gary kubiak. he had flu-like symptoms after the game. jamie ellery is live right now. doctors have to be careful here. >> reporter: that is true. we hope to learn a little bit more about how he is g. symptoms and the trip to the hospital was just a precautionary measure. he did have a serious health scare a couple years ago suffering a mini stroke a couple years ago. he was taken to the hospital immediately following last night's lost to the falcons. video shows the ambulance leaving sports authority field. someone who has suffered a mini
6:48 am
according to dr. dave hnida. he says these could develop again over the course of time. kubiak had no signs of illness during a postgame conference. because of the history of kubiak with strokes, dr. hnida said it is said that he is kept overnight just for observation. jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. there is one last debate left before the election on october 19 in nevada. yesterday the discussion turned personal and very combative. hillary clinton and donald trump got personal on several topics including a recently released video of trump making rude and aggressive comments toward women. bill clinton's affairs and assaults also. here is shaun boyd with your analysis.
6:49 am
the gutter. they did not even shake hands at the beginning with questions going almost immediately to the tape. clinton had her own struggles arguing in the speech in which she said politicians had public and private policy positions was in reference to abe lincoln. trump accused her of blaming. in one of his worst moments he said he disagreed with his running mate's response to syria admitting he hadn't paid federal income taxes for many years. clinton had the momentum and i don't think that changes. trump didn't lose any support but i don't think he picked up any support either. i am shaun boyd, cbs4 news. tim kaine visits denver today. he will join dave matthews for
6:50 am
doors open at 10:30. the broncos don't have much time to shake off a loss to the falcons. >> the broncos play the san diego chargers this thursday and you can watch it here on cbs4 . trevor siemian is still waiting for the okay to return as starting quarterback while paxton lynch had a rough start yesterday. >> romi now with a tough start for paxton lynch, romi . >> reporter: the quarterback controversy not so much a controversy anymore with trevor siemian out of the lineup the denver broncos found out just how much siemian meant and how much ground paxton lynch has to cover on the learning curve. romi -- he struggled to move
6:51 am
struggle to protect him. lynch was sacked six times by a defense. 30th in the league until the fence and 29th in pass defense. he also fumbled twice but the broncos are covered. they had just one possession by the end of the third quarter and by that point the game have been decided. right now let's get a check on the traffic. here is joel. finished 23 could 34 finished 23 could 34. broncos defense had its own issues with the falcons coming in with the number one offense finding room to work by putting the running backs in the pattern. matt ryan's 267 passing yards had 180 yards on throws to the
6:52 am
just two catches but the falcons moved the ball by testing the linebackers and becoming the first team to win in denver since the detroit lions. but no reason to panic. one of the reason the players became a championship team last season was their ability to bounce back from losses and take ownership of mistakes. >> what i like to win the game? yes. the od pretty tough. we lost a game like this last year. so this team is resilient with great character in the locker room. >> up next for the broncos is a short week to prepare to rival the san diego chargers as they meet this week. trevor siemian said one benefit is the team will have a chance to get this taste out of my
6:53 am
talking in the locker room. they are humble and ready to come out. i wonder if it is almost a good thing to get this loss out of the way. >> reporter: alan, i totally agree. i have not been in a losing locker room in quite a while. there was the resilience with cj upset with himself and that is really good to see but you see other leaders like von miller really saying is good thing to get back and get 5% more. it can always give 18 a perspective on how to get better. >> what do you think they will focus on, romi ? >> reporter: i think the big factor is who is going to play. there is a better chance trevor siemian play thursday than yesterday. thursday is a division rival
6:54 am
so this is a game where they may need to bring in trevor siemian and i think that will be the biggest decision. >> a lot of people really hope trevor siemian is back. and also gary kubiak work thanks a lot. you can hear more from romi and we have her here thursday too. she is here weekdays 3 to 6 with ed mccaffrey. >> if this monday is your day. ashton is here. it will be close to 80. you know these days are numbered. the sun will be up in 10 minutes from now at 7:05. take a look at where we are currently. definitely chilly with 43 in fort collins. the dia is 52 and boulder 55.
6:55 am
30s with 50s outclassed in grand junction. later on 81 in burlington and 85 in wray. we will see 60s in the high country with mostly clear skies throughout the state except around durango and there could be an isolated shower late this afternoon. our next weather maker is in montana sweeping across the state tomorrow. it will still be mild but behind the front we today is dry with a couple snow showers around 10,000 feet tonight. there is not going to be much in terms of accumulation. 4 p.m. tomorrow we will watch those mountain showers. it is possible for a rumble of thunder or two late tomorrow with the high of 75 after we reach 79.
6:56 am
cool down this week. take a look from copter 4 this is traveling near 120th with lighter volume today due to the columbus day holiday. it is showing on the roadways looking great this morning. we have a couple trouble spot so let's go to the map. we have an accident on 576 right at 144th and then another accident at went right now westbound along i-70 near peoria blocking the left center lane. you can see the traffic backing up northbound as well. this is a side street accident. southbound making your way from santa fe test colorado through the bridges here are the trip times are long i-225 slowing
6:57 am
right now eight minutes from mississippi. >> it is monday morning, isn't
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good morning. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump apologizes and then turns the table on hillary clinton at the second presidenal he lashes out on bill clinton's past and says he would put hillary clinton in jail if he's elected. she says a vulgar video shows who trump really is. >> the threat from hurricane matthew continues. north carolina faces dangerous flooding. we're there tracking the multibillion dollar impact of the deadly storm. samsung stops production of the galaxy note 7.


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