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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  October 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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good morning everyone. i am britt moreno. >> and i am alan gionet. >> we have the cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: we have the a and b lines up and running again with details coming up. trouble is lingering from hurricane matthew. y flooding is only one of the
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>> and new construction and no parking. it is a troubling topic people are talking about today in the city park neighborhood. now in breaking news in denver. the a and b lines are up and running again after a morning computer glitch. >> let's get over to jamie leary. this has been a change in story because officials first predicted they would be fixed by noon and now e -- time has changed. >> reporter: a and b lines are back up and running 15 minutes be fine -- behind the back reschedule. there was about 30 buses waiting. the technical problem a little different than what we have heard in the past. they set the operation center was down so rtd officials couldn't see any of the train
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was supposed to be delayed until noon but they are loading people back on the a line right now and the b line but they are 15 minutes behind schedule. when i spoke with one officials quickly running around she said fingers crossed but yes, service is back on. that is the good news. the other good news is you don't have to take the bus to the airport this morning. they are crossing their fingers this is going to be the consistent story throughout the morning 15 minutes behind schedule but the trains are running. in union station, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> will keep your fingers crossed. red hill the toughest tried is in the -- right now the toughest part of the commute is the railroad -- vail rest area with
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all of this for us. at least we don't have to confront this for the drive in town. that is true. in denver it will be dry and later on we could see a couple rain showers around denver, boulder, and fort collins. in high country you can see the rain and the snow. we have a few lightning strikes coming up. temperatures even in the mountains are above freezing. this is snowstorm. we will see some snow and some minor accumulation but nothing major. meanwhile in the metro area it is mild with temperatures close to 60. we will take a look at the weekend forecast coming up. the death related to hurricane matthew stands at 21. this morning people are trying to prepare for more flooding preparing and being bogged down
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>> we are still rescuing people as we speak. >> reporter: pat mccrory underscoring the crisis playing out. president obama declaring a major disaster in the state. in lumberton crews worked to rescue 1500 people stranded by flooding. postmasters by flooding heartbroken by the devastation it is causing. >> it is all in pieces in another room. i don't understand it. >> you lose quite a few homes here. >> reporter: adding to the suffering, widespread power outages. >> it is going to take some time to repair. >> reporter: there is flooded areas we cannot get to yet preventing us from pursuing
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1 million people were likely -- more than 1 million people left without electricity. >> it is horrible. people with no electricity in their homes. >> reporter: thousands in the state taking the shoulders. i am reid bennion reporting. we want to get deeper into the forecast to figure out what is happening today. >> a cold front is approaching colorado. but it won't make its way over denver until this evening. we are seeing some showers mainly in the colorado high country. we don't anticipate seeing much in terms of precipitation today. if we see anything, it will be a rain shower or to -- to check. -- a shower or two. this is the worst of it right now for the high country from
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with a combination of rain and snow. the snow accumulation will be minor in many areas we are not going to see any major accumulation. meanwhile we had a quick shower earlier around fort collins and that is it. by naming them we are at 60 and by noon 73. it will not be as warm as yesterday but we will be close. much more weather coming up. right now let's get >> this is what you're talking about with it was warm enough yesterday to not see the moisture stick to the roadways. that is the good news this morning. the pulse came through and it looks like they resolved -- plows came through and it looks like they resolved some of the issues. the good knows -- the good news is it doesn't look like active snow. we have passenger restrictions
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loveland pass with a patch up to their plate picking up moisture as well. 's e-470 albany nice and open. >> thanks a lot. thursday night we are only two days for broncos football right now. special-teams coach joe decamillis will lead the team. he is 28 years of nfl experience with his second stint with the broncos. he was with the team from 1989 to 1992. joe d will serve worthy thursday game and the broncos hope to have gary kubiak back with the team on monday. we are all hoping that he gets well soon. the good news is the broncos don't expect any long-term effects. >> when we left the hospital last night we were encouraged
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when you have an episode like gary had in 2013 then what happened last night is a big concern. but he left the hospital and his family was very relieved with what they heard and what went on. so i feel very good about it. >> you can check out to see how the broncos have had four different coaches and four different years when they take on the chargers in here thursday night. a group wants to stop the construction of micro-apartments in the city park neighborhood. those are those studio apartments with a small amount of square footage. neighbors are holding a rally and here is the video from yesterday. this morning they will appeal a
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officials to stop construction. organizers say developers will not provide parking for residents forcing them to park in the crowded streets. the hearing is at 11:00 in the wellington building. the protest of a pipeline in north dakota needs to more arrest. coming up the hollywood actress taken in by police. this is the news on cbs4 . cooler temperatures are on the way and fashion will break
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,, before donald trump, there was mike coffman. before trump said women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. stop mike coffman now before he gives trump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
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welcome back, everyone. a popular actress is jailed for
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protest. it was over the dakota access pipeline. she was part of the demonstration on behalf of of the sanding block drive. the removed an injunction sunday that helped work on the project. stephen ortiz has been plenty of memories on the field but it is his off the field relationships which makes lasting memories including his friendsh named maverick. he is a patient here in colorado yesterday they sent him a message. >> i will be cheering you on tonight and like i said before, you never let me down and i never let you down. i don't feel good today. >> but he is going to feel so
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we know you guys can do this. >> and i don't feel good today. >> hit another home run, king of the clutch. >> big papi led the red sox. this home run for the tribe up and they went on to win 4-1 knocking out the red sox and with that big final curtain call and all boston fans like maverick cheered their appreciation. >> i hope he begins to feel better soon. it is 5:14 in time for a check of weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s >> the bottom line is it as weather in the colorado high country with a combination of both rain and snow. you can see it to the east of telluride going north toward
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rain with a little precipitation around aspen and leadville where it is almost no for the time veto all snow -- all snow for the time being. it is moving into clear creek county down toward montezuma in the eastern summit county. we are not anticipating a major snowstorm here. up around steamboat springs maybe a few the pass but here in the denver metro area we are dry. we have cloud cover, but i don't see much rain around here until this afternoon. all of this is because of the cold front making its way toward as this evening. it should pass over denver between 8:00 and 10:00 this evening. as it comes through we will see
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rain and snow this evening. no major accumulation. the best opportunity for rain is late afternoon into the evening. then a 15 to 20 degree cool down into tomorrow. temperatures right now are near 60 around denver with 40s in the mountains. later on today high temperatures in the 70s in the mountains in the 50s. that is why we are not concerned about any accumulation. on the plants chick you could be close to 90 degrees today. today in denver 77 and 55 tomorrow. maybe some clouds but then we clear out and after that beautiful weather returning thursday, friday, saturday, and even sunday with temperatures in the 70s each day.
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direction with some traction restrictions in place at bill pass. you can see most of the snow accumulation causing the big issues and looks like it has melted off along the roadways and that is a good sign for the drive. we may see some passenger restrictions lifted but for now they are in place up on vail pass denver metro area with overnight construction being moved out of the way. we are seeing a great drive southbound along the curve. maybe a little slowing northbound. a new memorial now stands firmly in the high country in memory of flight for life pilot
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last year after taking off from the saint anthony summit medical center. a man showed up and few thought he would ever make it. >> it is a small park. only feet from the parking lot where the plane came down. >> move forward with whatever that is how you will show patrick you are honoring the person he was. >> reporter: his son talked of you in a recording of the rescue effort. >> i have never seen that type of bravery the way that i did that day. it was absolutely amazing. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: people were stirred to applause and
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attended the event and is on his feet after suffering burns of over 90% of his body. he is not yet up to talking on camera but his wife amanda what some of her emotion flow. >> i am so proud of dave. he is so courageous. >> reporter: he still has problems with renal failure and hearing loss. athlete, he is accomplished was almost no one could. >> he is incredible. his willpower and his spirit and strength. >> reporter: amanda had a message for everyone. >> the support of everybody has just been incredible. took but the people here were thankful just to see dave again
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diagnosed with a rare form of cancer on my spinal chord. but i spent my whole life fighting back. so you can imagine what i thought when i saw donald trump say... "i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember!" "that reporter he is talking about suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms." i don't want a president who makes fun of me. i want a president who inspires me, and that's not donald trump.
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it is merely go time when americans cast their vote for the next president of the united states. >> in some places early voting has started. jill schlesinger is here as we talk about which candidate may be better for your retirement account. i don't know if it is coincidence or not, that does the party affect the stock market at all?
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shows the average annual growth rate 9.7% under democratic presidents. it drops to 6.7% under republicans. before you get excited about that the percent difference, you should know we have fresh academic study that says what to expect when you are electing systematic difference between republicans and democrats when it comes to the direction of the stock market. this is all coincidence. >> if party of insulation does it make -- party affiliation doesn't matter, what does? >> reporter: there is a theory called the presidential election cycle that says regardless of whether a republican or democrat becomes the leader,
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cycles. they improved in the second here of an election and we can again in the fourth year -- weekend -- weaken again in the fourth year. just like every theory the january effect, there is always exceptions to the rules. the presidential cycle theory didn't work over the past for four years. so instead of out as marking outsmarting the market address what is in your control. put away as much as you can in your retirement plan. see how i sneak that the device in almost every single segment? for more on elections and markets go to jail on --
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5:45 right now. weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 4s . >> we check in the pacific northwest sunny today and sunny in seattle. las vegas has 80 degrees and kansas city mostly sunny with 76. 81 on the east coast over all with 50s and 60s for places like philadelphia and new york. let's check in with joel who has the latest on the situation in the high country. we have traction restrictions in place. this is the drive along dia and it should be great. just a couple minutes delay on the a line in the b line. here is michael spencer with a look at your morning sports. it is time now for the
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break. >> coach kubiak suffer from a complex migraine on sunday so the broncos turning to joe decamillis to serve. he is in his second here as the special-teams coordinator making for a seamless transition. when someone asks you to do something into it. >> you want to do what you can to help the team win. he has trusted me with something that is important. >> coach joe d is coming in. just making sure coach gets healthy for us next week but we have to handle business and make sure we get the win. >> we all know that we have got a responsibility to do for our business for the season.
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thursday night right here on cbs4. >> this has been the stihl sports break. brought to you by your colorado stihl dealers. stihl, the number one selling
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live from colorado's news channel, this is cbs4 morning news. >> it is october. good morning. this is the news on cbs4. this is 11 october. maybe you love the look of this with the eisenhower tunnel having snow this morning. thanks for joining us. i am alan gionet. >> and i am britt moreno. we are in the 60s almost with 58 degrees in denver and ashton is tracking another warm day for us.


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