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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  October 13, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MDT

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sex lives and videotaped. the new allegations against donald trump. the fbi investigating explosives left out a -- left outside a police station. roberts steal $80,000 from a man leaving an aurora bank. what the broncos are not thinking about before tomorrow's game.
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first at 10:00, the latest graphic twist in the presidential campaign. a bizarre new video emerges and women accused trump of sexual misconduct. >> trump is heard but not seen but this time he's talking to children. >> thursday night. going up the escalator. i'm going to be dating her in 10 years. can you believe it? >> reporter: the video was part of a christmas feature back in 1992. trump is talking to a he was 46. this video emerged this same day two women came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct by trump. one woman told the new york times trump groped her on a plane in the early 1980s. >> he was like an octopus. it was like he had six arms. he was all over the place. when he started putting his hand up my skirt. and that was it. >> reporter: another woman claims she introduced herself to trump in a hallway and was
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you can do anything. grab them by the [ bleep ] do anything. >> reporter: trump denies touching women against their will. despite his posts in that 2005 video, released last week. today he continued railing against republicans who stopped supporting him. >> the republican nominee has a massive disadvantage. and especially when you have the leaders not putting their weight behind >> reporter: hillary clinton campaigned in colorado. >> i always feel so welcome when i come to pueblo. i think i'll come here anytime it gets hard in the white house. >> reporter: at this point trump has no choice but to attack everyone. >> that's all they have left. your negativity. >> reporter: clinton is also dealing with fresh controversy after wikileaks released more e- mails. they show campaign staffers discussing how hearings on the
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mail shows an aide taking shots at catholics and evangelical christians. new developments as the fbi takes over the investigation into a bomb left at a local police department. jeff todd live in nederland for us tonight, a rude awakening for some people this morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's because they either got a reverse 911 call or they were simply woken up when the bomb squad finally decided to detonate this improvised the parking lot. >> it's a big deal because it's so scary. >> reporter: this shopping center is back open after a massive closure and evacuation tuesday morning. it was around 730 when a backpack was found outside of the nederland police department which is also the boulder county sheriff's substation. >> they thought it was just a piece of abandoned or lost property. when they looked in the bag they identified items in the
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possibly an expletive device. >> reporter: the bomb squad spent all of tuesday investigating the ied. it was found to be active but did not detonate. 17 hours after it was found, but he basked got a phone call. >> it's a recording that says this is a reverse 911 call. warning vesselin -- letting residents know we are going to set off the bomb. and you'll hear a loud noise. don't be worried. we thought it would be like fireworks and we waited and waited and waited. finally all bang. >> reporter: security cameras outside of the office space, but investigators so far have not said if they have a suspect or if the culprit is still free and could leave another device. >> nobody knows. which is -- we're so grateful nothing happened. >> reporter: we have not been told what kind of device with -- the marshall did tell us it was something boulder county bomb squad was familiar with. the fbi in denver is saying anybody with information should contact them.
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cbs4 news. right now we're into a very chilly evening, the clouds never cleared out today so we never warmed up much downtown. for a time the weather story in the foothills was the fog. you could barely make out the elk. hanging around on a soupy lookout mountain. meteorologist lauren whitney in colorado's weather center tonight. i guess we can call it a crisp fall evening. >> it is for sure. 35 in denver, 39 in greeley, 43 in boulder. 42 mountains not quite as bad. so 46 in avon, 44 aspen, 43 mr. 59 grand junction and terrible visibility earlier today. the fog and clouds would not move on out. because of that we had really bad visibility but now we've improved back to normal visibility, crisp -- chris spears joins us now. pretty cool stuff earlier when you made your way up to lookout mountain. >> reporter: absolutely. we've seen a very subtle shift in our service winds this
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of the cloud cover. you can see the downtown skyline beautiful there behind me. but take a look at what we saw earlier, rob mcclure and i with the mobile weather lab were just above what we call an atmospheric inversion and that is what kept the colorado eastern plains and front range socked in all day long, this atmospheric inversion a layer of warm air aloft trapping the cold air it was quite a sight to see standing on the side of lookout mountain. back out here live by the way i have a writeup on explaining more about inversions. i want to point out our dewpoint temperature right now 37.2, where we are standing on the side of downtown denver 47. jim and karen there is a relationship between those numbers. the closer they get together the higher the chance for overnight fog. now the question becomes how low do those temperatures go tonight? stick around, lauren whitney will have the answer coming up in just a few. live on the side of downtown -- >> thank you. new information tonight on
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has been identified as 28-year- old ariel berryman, she was driving one of four vehicles caught the crash. the suspect tyler white was found swimming naked in a lake in city park. he is being held for investigation of vehicular homicide and dui. one student dead from a suicide, five others expelled. they are allegedly part of a nazi group on facebook. lauren dispirito has the latest on this developing story in boulder. >> these five students can't return to boulder prep high school, after police say they posted derogatory and offensive comments to a neo-nazi facebook group called the fourth reich official chat group. >> reporter: transcript of the online chat boulder police provided shows participants talking about executing jewish and african-american people. writing of a need to build an army and encouraging others to recruit more members. in all police say 15 students
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took part. none will face criminal charges. because police say they did not find any evidence of direct threats to specific people. adding quote, the law does not allow for criminal charges simply because we disagree with the content. >> the things i saw were just like i would not expect them to say that in real life. >> reporter: student haley told cbs4 she was surprised that some of her friends were involved. >> i think they were just joking around. >> reporter: the group surfaced after one of its members committed suicide. police say the student was depressed. referred to himself as the furor and indicated he would take his own life to show allegiance to the nazi party. the boulder valley school district released a statement that reads in part, bvsd has a long history of teaching and modeling social justice, school safety and equity for all
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to this important work. in boulder, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. developing now the search for two men who stole a big pile of cash in aurora. it happened outside the keybank on havana near mississippi. late last month, police say the victim withdrew $80,000 from the bank. as he was leaving to thieves knocked him to the ground and took the money. the men were last seen in that white lincoln with no license plates. as the broncos get ready to take on the chargers thursday night football they are fully aware they have not had any trouble beating them. they've dominated san diego along with the rest of the division lately. mark haas is here and the chargers keep finding new ways to lose in the fourth quarter. >> yeah. broncos know they are better than the 1-4 record might indicate the broncos are seeking a record sixth straight afc west title. they have won the previous five things to another pretty impressive record. broncos have won an nfl record
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the road. think about that. five straight years of going to san diego, oakland, and kansas city and leaving each time with a win. if the broncos can keep that going this season, it will help them top the 1970s raiders for most afc west titles in a row. rule number 1 when you are on a hot streak, don't talk about the hot streak. >> i just tried to really not think about it. you know? let you guys jinx us or something. i really try not to think about it. it's tough. you look at the te tough to win in those spots. somehow we've been able to do it. don't want to put too much thought into it. it's great. >> you can see tomorrow's broncos charters afc west game right here on cbs4, broncos have won seven straight games on cbs4. developing news this fiery plane crash on a busy street appears to be intentional. what happened in the cockpit before the plane went down. what's morgan carroll thinking?
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we give it a reality check. why owners of the samsung galaxy note 7 need to use a special box when returning the
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we are following a developing story on the small plane crash in connecticut yesterday. investigators say it was intentional. flight instructor and a student were on board. moments before the plane went down. authorities believe the student crashed the plane to kill himself. the plane was on its way back to the airport when it struck a utility pole and crashed bursting into flames. >> it was going from the back. and all of a sudden a pillar of fire. boom. seemed like all the poles bent that way. >> the student was killed. the flight instructor was hospitalized with serious burns. he is expected to survive. samsung is having to send
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customers can safely returned their galaxy note 7 smartphones , samsung stopped making the note seven after reports even the replacement phones were catching fire. the company is now telling customers to turn off their note sevens and ship them back using the thermally insulated returned kits. update on the cold king mine blowout, that dumped millions of gallons of toxic waste water into the animas river last year. u.s. attorney's office will not os environmental protection agency who may have accidentally triggered that a disaster. instead the case will be reviewed by senior officials at the epa. officials in lyons say the fbi has finished its investigation into how the town handled flood recovery money. we first reported the investigation last wednesday. in a letter posted online mayor connie sullivan says the agency did not find any evidence those
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clerk involved in the federal investigation will remain on paid leave until everything is finalized. right now the lyons board of trustees is reviewing paperwork from one specific contractor who did take part in the recovery. political ad that certainly strikes a nerve even if it's about a race you won't vote in. the tv ad accuses original candidate morgan carroll of voting to allow people to use welfare money to pay for lap dances at strip clubs. so is the claim by her opponent true? political specialist shaun boyd gives that ad a reality check. >> politicians wasting tax dollars, nothing new but this one by the national republican congressional committee is a draw -- jaw dropper. see what i mean? democrat morgan carroll who is looking to unseat congressman mike coffman in the sixth district is the target of the ad. that's in reference to a vote
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senator. >> carol voted to allow welfare recipients to use your tax dollars at atms at strip clubs and pot dispensaries. that's right. welfare at strip clubs and pot dispensaries. >> not exactly. the way this ad is worded it sounds like she's okay with welfare recipients using spending tax dollars at these establishments. she's not. but she is okay with them accessing the money there. here's what you need to know, four years ago congress required state to come up with policies to prevent withdrawals using elon welfare debit cards at atms and liquor stores casinos, strip clubs and pot shops. the state legislature passed a bill to comply with that new federal law. carol voted against it. she told me it was a protest vote, she saw the legislation as dog whistle politics, code for stereotyping poor people as cheaters. she also worried about banking deserts saying the only atm in some neighborhoods might be in
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but her campaign was not able to give me any examples of that. bottom line, this vote looks bad. period. it's hardly onerous to ask welfare recipients to use atms someplace other than liquor stores, strip clubs and pot shops. while there is no evidence in the ad that tax dollars are being wasted on things like alcohol, marijuana and lap dances, there is evidence of these illegal withdrawals. cbs4 investigator brian maass found hundreds of welfare withdrawals for thousands of dollars and establishments last year. i'm political specialist shaun boyd, that's the reality check. >> remember you can find all of the reality check reports by visiting happening now we've got another hurricane, category four heading towards bermuda. forecasters say hurricane nicole extremely dangerous, storm has maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour. hurricane nicole is expected to
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bermuda tomorrow. >> let's hope it drifts back out to sea after matthew. looks like our cooldown won't be lasting long. let's get over to lauren. >> much cooler than yesterday at this time. pretty cool day today. we will be warming up tomorrow. 18 degrees cooler than yesterday, 23 cooler in colorado springs, 12 burlington, 19 la junta. front range is much cooler than yesterday. going to be cooler overnight tonight. 32 in leadville, 36 in craig, and 59 over in grand junction. weather watcher mike acquaintance reporting freezing bailey at this hour, we are going to cool off into the evening. 39 in downtown area, 35 at dia, winds shifting to the south- southeast at eight miles an hour. earlier today we did hit 49 degrees in denver but it took us a while to get there.
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bit more around 4:00 and then 50 downtown, average is 67. well below that yesterday. still have a few clouds right now, chance for more fog to develop tonight, all the way from the photos to the eastern plains. most of our clouds off to our west argument clear overnight tonight. still some cloud cover streaming of our direction and we will have high-pressure start to dominate the western side of the country starting later on tomorrow. high-pressure starts to build and we're going to see much warmer conditions very quickly returned to colorado afternoon. temperatures back to the 80s in some areas tomorrow. futurecast we do have cloud cover and fog possible overnight tonight. tomorrow maybe a few showers early in the day. into the sangre de cristoss and any cloud cover should clear throughout the morning hours and we're looking at a much warmer drier day coming our way tomorrow. temperatures tonight chile actually going to get freezing
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the mountains 34 in steamboat, 37 in aspen, 49 grand junction and 33 in telluride. tomorrow warmup very quickly, today 49, tomorrow 75 that also goes for greeley boulder. in the mountains 65 in steamboat, tomorrow 63 in aspen, 76 over in grand junction. five-day forecast even warmer on friday, we get to the 80s so it really gets very almost summerlike around here. weekend dry and 70s. still in the 70s on tuesday, start to cool off more, chance for some rain and a little cooler for a while. but we could get warmer by friday. >> moisture challenged at this point. >> we're still watching for next week. we're just watching it.
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trevor siemian once again listed as questionable this week but all signs so far have pointed towards him playing tomorrow. his status just one of many issues the broncos dealing with on a short week. as they try and bounce back from their first loss against a desperate chargers team, all the while doing with an interim head coach. certainly not a week to have any sort of lack of focus. >> the guys that in the locker
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i'm sure if we get a win he'll feel a lot better. he got to take care of what's going on with him. coach d going to do a great job. these past couple days we've been doing it like we usually been doing. >> no doubt a busy week for joe decamillis who along with coaching special teams has taken on the duties of interim head coach. he joked that includes a lot more media responsibilities than he's used to. expecting to get a lot more camera time as well. about that from his father-in- law dan reeves. >> i won't address any differently. i did get advice about my language. that's for sure. >> [ laughter ] >> you can guess who that came from. so i don't know. coach reeves, i'm talking about. but yeah, you know, you just represent the organization. you know? you always are but it's probably a little bit more
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other sports, no baseball playoffs today. nuggets lost in preseason action. they open the regular season two weeks from tonight in new orleans. hockey the avs open regular season on saturday at home against dallas. the nhl season underway tonight, first game maple leafs and senators. how is this for an nhl debut? auston matthews, the 19-year- old who was taken number 1 overall in the draft, he scored four goals in his first game! first player in the modern era the only negative is that ottawa still won 5-4 in overtime. did you see this? nick kyrgios absolutely tanking a tennis match. fourteenth player in the world giving up during the middle of points. he had won a tournament over the weekend. he just didn't feel like playing again. he made no apologies for the fans who witnessed his lack of
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big deal. i don't owe them anything. it's my choice. you don't like it, i didn't ask you to come watch. just leave. >> all right. no hard feelings from wade
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not sure there's a more popular person in denver than wade il coordinator was quick to remind us that was not always the case. these days wade is the quickwitted sarcastic and lovable coach of the best defense. but he has lived life as a head coach and interim head coach with six different teams. overall record is better than gary kubiak but he's never been seen as a great head coach. not when he was in denver. no problem he did not get a promotion this week. >> if you look at my interim record, i'd say make sure you don't get him as the interim guy. >> [ laughter ]
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head coach anyway. especially as an interim head coach. so this organization except for one coach has been really good. >> [ laughter ] >> here, they fire you if you are 8-8. that's what i heard anyway. >> [ laughter ] >> a little bit hard on himself, but essentially, we knew how this one was going to go. we asked it anyways. who the rs history was. josh who? >> josh mcdaniels. >> a bit of a popularity contest as well. >> lou sabin had loaves of bread throat at him. >> the crowds were tough back
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italian winemaker claims he has found a classical concept to making better wine. defend brunello wine comes from his vineyard in tuscany. the grapes are serenaded 24 hours a day by classical music. the winemaker says the vines grow bigger and toward the source of the sound. now the electronics company bose is donating speakers and extra funds for more research on this. >> try some led zeppelin. [ laughter ] this will be the best grapes ever. five-day forecast, 75 tomorrow. 80s by friday and down to the 70s on saturday, sunday. warmer weather for the next several days, maybe rain on monday night or tuesday. taking a quick look at our picture of the day, this comes from alex bunnaman from national park, your son, you guys just took a trip. >> we had a fabulous time. as much as we love the
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it's comics unleashed! with your host byron allen! and we welcome alex carlos. and now a man studio apartment, byron allen!


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