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tv   CBS4 News Special Edition  CBS  October 13, 2016 9:15pm-10:00pm MDT

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>> jim: next thursday night, heading to green bay. if the bears the packers nfc north action. aaron rodgers and the packers hope the bears have it for you next week siemian gets it out a throw to sanders. he's got six, and he's hurt.
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this is where you're in a position. you know what they're going to do. denver gets into a situation, von miller makes the sack. >> jim: it will be joey bosa, there's the throw to a fowler who caught a touchdown, he takes it across midfield. steve williams trying to wrestle the football away from him. >> phil: can't get more obvious passing the football than right now. with what they're going to do. >> jim: 5 minutes to play. siemian that was ahead. incomplete, fowler had the double hit. >> phil: siemian takes a shot, wants to get it just out of the reach of everybody. >> jim: adrian phillips comes in for the second leg. >> phil: a lot of big hits tonight by that secondary.
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55 minute team in football. there is the throw an open man, and phillips has it all the way down to the 31. they've already got into field goal range. why is it important which mark we're talking if they got anything else the game is still open. >> phil: yes it is, eight-point lead, i don't know what they did wrong here. couldn't figure out why there was nobody back or running with him if it was man coverage. >> jim: draw play, anderson sprints ahead of 411. >> phil: chargers played it
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>> jim: set it up again from across the middle to anderson, he breaks away and takes it into the end zone for a touchdown a flag is out. >> referee: holding, offense number 73. tenured penalty, second down. that was some effort by c.j. anderson to wipe off the board. >> phil: kyle emanuel 91 held by russell okung. he's going to get the inside and just wrapped him up. >> jim: fifth hold on the denver offensive line. >> phil: here we go, late in the game. what did we see her at the end? the defense is getting tired, they're starting to miss
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back at the 30. blitz, siemian down at the 41. that is to take us brown who has made a place tonight, the rookie out of akron. with his third sack of the season. >> phil: was said he could run early in the game, how about that question market happened so fast. john pagano said enough of this trying to milk the clock, let's make a play. >> j c out of field goal territory? second and 30. back in it with this throw for thomas and the ball comes out. it's recovered by the chargers. mager with the recovery. the head by brown omega sack on sack on the previous play.
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what they've been doing all my long making big hits. the receivers come underneath. >> jim: to detain us brown lowering that helmet right into the arm the ball carrying arm of thomas. he just jars at loose. one play after making the sack. >> phil: you know what it is? finally they made the play to finish a game. that's what that sack. >> jim: broncos missed cues, this field goal the second half. gordon quick contact by tailb, time-out called by the broncos. here's the lineup sunday on cbs
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andy dalton and the bengals take on brady and the patriots. baltimore and of the giants. other regional action. kansas city will be at oakland, folks up at oakland if this goes final of the brooklyn blues, >> phil: when i look back at this game if they lose, it's not over. when i got an in rhythm throwig those short passes, the defense didn't change for san diego. they never got their offense in rhythm late in the game. >> jim: gordon, off the left side and picks up good yardage,
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and again the broncos quick with the time-out. then again, that afc west with oakland to sit against 4-1 getting prepared to host kansas city on sunday. to some of you will see that on cbs. denver after a 4-0 start and of the chargers trying to somehow completely change their season which them to atlanta and after that, this team again denver for two weeks. >> phil: the one thing, san diego a lot of good things. make sure von miller didn't do his thing against the quarterback. >> jim: flag at the line of scrimmage on third and a six.
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nose tackle, phaedra fighter py replay a third down. >> jim: that will be 3rd & 1 of the third the neck first down will close it out if they're able to get that yard. this is that schedule with two top assignments coming up at atlanta, then denver. strange to see teams play two out of three weeks but it happens from time to time. >> phil: it happened to me a few times in my career and hated it. not enough time of between two figure out a new game plan or whatever. >> jim: 3rd & 1, gordon broncos are there to stuff it. davis and others, corey nelson. and a time-out called by the
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>> phil: joe decamillis had a couple good a special teams things but first the punt. then he didn't get the kickoff the way he wanted inside the 10-yard line. pretty sure, like most special teams coaches, he hopes they givem punt. >> jim: kind of an oddity here in decamillis who sent tailb back as the returner. you don't see that often. they've had it nor would back all to this point. tailb back of the ten, you've seen tailb off of nine pick sixes, when he gets an open field, watch out. >> phil: you got to be alert.
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steps up to a hand on it, that's it to himself, that was dangerous and false at the 16. stuckey was there quickly. 3 minutes ago, no no time-outs for denver. fumble first by taylor, that led to a field goal. that was a field goal try from 56, had plenty of distance but wide right. safety with the office of holding in the end zone had made the catch to put them into field goal range. at the very least.
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>> phil: though given the short passes to eat up the time. >> jim: 2nd & 3. there is thomas, first down across the 30. 2:30 to. go. rivers pacing anxiously. pump fake now it's anderson. just given him all that this little underneath stuff. >> phil: just make sure you make him throw it in front of the linebackers so they can stop all the runs after the catch. >> jim: not going to get another play before the two-minute warning as hard hart siemian was trying.
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chargers. you're watching thursday night
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>> jim: coming up next, must the postgame show with analysis and highlights of today's game, plus a special guest on the set coming up on the mouse the postgame show. broncos down 11, no time-outs to go. ey chance that san diego is good to win this game. >> phil: just wait. it's never over. we see that in the nfl. we see how hard it is to close games out, no question about it. one thing you've got the say no matter what turns out here. mike mccoy, a 1-4 team with those tough losses, he had his team ready to play here tonight. >> jim: he has certainly been under fire here, a lot of people want to pin the blame of all these crazy bounces and oddities
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he has his team prepared on a short we care. now just tried to close out the last 2 minutes. second-34 siemian. they go to anderson, ingram is there to meet him at the 50. san diego stays on top of them, try to let every second go by. >> phil: that and joe decamillis has me watching the it and field goal range knowing you did that second store review kicked a field goal early in set of keep trying to drive the football. >> jim: over to fowler, in the field of play a minute and a half and running. batted away at the line of
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was coming around the edge. liuget can't get past garcia, stands there and watches. great job getting his hands up. >> jim: must the postgame show immediately after the game. highlights, analysis, and a special guest. on the mouse the postgame show. 1:14 remaining. 3rd & 2. picks up the first, getting out of bounds had a couple of charters that could have made a play, brought him down in the field of play but stopped the clock at 1:'s 07, new set of downs but it >> phil: big difference. keep them in the, another ten and 15 seconds off the clock.
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aggravated for him to be out there. incomplete, trying to threaded to the thread it to taylor, we got steve williams down for san diego trying to walk it off. >> phil: a lot of place for san diego defense in this frt >> jim: thomas back out, he's at the top. 2nd & 10. incomplete over the head of norwood. >> phil: they're looking for the play down the field, trevor siemian's guide to give them a
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but good job by the defense. >> jim: if you don't pick up anything here you have the option of kicking the field goal, 56 yards for mcmanus who missed in that distance but had plenty of leg. >> phil: i think if you pick up five or six yards you've got to think of taking the field goal on fourth down. >> jim: here's the throw, in the field of play and phillips is pushed back i b short, they're already running out. >> phil: running up the field goal team. >> jim: siemian says he's about to run a play. he sees there out there, they've sent them out. he's heading to the sideline. 46-yard attempt. and the kick, they're within one score. >> phil: great job, great job by joe decamillis, the team playing the situation right.
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matter what they were going to kick that field goal. >> jim: we expect, we hope gary kubiak will be back in the building. and joe decamillis for summit from the sideline you can't say there's been anything he's done that you would second-guess peered >> phil: done a good job. just race there, that was excellent. the punch to go back after the safety was excellent. phillips was stacked up and he was awfully close, now we're told that was a first down but they rushed out the field goal unit went ahead and clock was running and take the field goal. >> phil: i wasn't so sure when i saw it with the eyeball. >> jim: it was close. now mcmanus is 0 for 5 onside kick.
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you're down there what you think were going to see for mcmanus? >> he likes to hit high onside to his right. nfl teams only one of the 16, 6% of a year. >> jim: only one. whistle first. san diego called a time-out right as he was about to approach. >> referee: 30 seconds >> phil: good job, they waited to the last second, see what they were going to do, call a time-out when the cake was made. so jay has been right every time on onside kicks this year. now they play their hand what do they do, do they mix it up here?
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mcmanus. he's got the onside middle role. i think is good to look back over, gets the call and go with a look that gives him the best opportunity. i still think they go with the high hop onside, that's his best kick. >> jim: jay philly who was a very close tie to joe decamillis, joe was his coach for a while in this league. mcmanus puts it back on the tee. san diego fans holding their there's a whole 30-yard gap over that front line. they could get on the ground in a hurry and its recovered by the broncos. my goodness. taylor with the recovery. >> phil: that onside kick there just hugs the ground, never pops up. you saw this last week.
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big hop or you can make a recovery. >> jim: taylor who had the fumble earlier in this half perfectly played this one and he was the only one there. again, no time-outs for joe decamillis and denver, but they have hope. they have 27 seconds to go. >> phil: there was really nobody there to recover the football for the san diego chargers. >> jim: siemian sideline caught green. how about siemian's arm to heave it into the end zone? not that he has to do it here. >> phil: they're in a spot where he can do that easily. >> jim: you said earlier these players never think about the pass, a guaranteed as a whole legions of charters fans all over the world right now who are thinking about what happened in recent weeks peered >> phil: got to keep them in bounce of a
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>> jim: completes, and anderson cradles it, goes out of bounds at the 41. wow. >> phil: tremendous job by denver this managing the scam. mike mccoy can't even believe they are still in this situation. >> jim: we saw a hail mary last year on thursday night football in aaron rodgers to richard rogers. and now the chargers have called, they might, they may be reviewing whether or not anderson had a clean catch. >> phil: yep. >> jim: that's a time-out signal there. they're going to check that out,
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once he secured it. between the knees. >> jim: hands on the football. what's he has control, with the doughnut that point? >> phil: football, came out of his hands. i think it's going to be incomplete. >> jim: it overturned that, first and one of the 41 if it holds up. you're at the point now if you make a catch in the field of play, almost hard-pressed to get another playoff. i'm not sure once he secured it
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>> phil: ball is moving going to the ground. he was enough to overturn it. >> referee: f review, the broader out of bounds, he did not have possession in bounce, therefore an incomplete pass. it will be third down and >> jim: long delay, chance for the denver defense -- the denver offense to try to at least come up with some sort of strategy and maybe even get this san diego defense a much-needed break. they been out there a lot of plays of this quarter. >> phil: maybe somebody gets a little extra effort on that pass rush. >> jim: they drop back defenders all the way back to the 20. here's siemian, pressure. gets away from it, now he's out
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eight seconds ago. >> phil: that determines its going to be fourth down. if he threw it short, they have time to if it was in the field of play to spike the football, gets the first down and throw one in the end zone. that run got that first down. he had time to maybe throw two to the end end zone. they've got fowler, that got thomas, they've got taylor and green. i'll out there as targets. putting size down here. >> referee: under review. >> jim: they're going to review now this last play here and the spot. >> phil: the spot of the ball. >> jim: two reviews in the
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greg knapp will have a chance to again come up with some options for his second-year quarterback. >> phil: here you go, where's the first down? does he stick his hand out with the football? >> jim: looks like he's also to the 46. closer to the 44. >> phil: definitely short of the first down. >> jim: here's the chargers last week who fell vm >> referee: quarterback stepped out on the balls of the 45-yard line, fourth down and one denver at the 45-yard line. >> jim: this week the officials catch it. >> jim: that was to take a quick six or seven sideline routes, six oh seven gain, get
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seconds. dropping it to defenders to the goal line, make it three. looks like they're going to rush for. >> referee: ten seconds, started my signal. >> phil: the big thing here in the hail mary situation which we know from last year in detroit, just don't let the quarterback run around and get extra receivers time to get into end zone. >> jim: three of them, siemian heaves it and it is not to down and the game is over and the chargers have held on at this time for a much-needed victory. batted down by dexter mccoil,
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siemian lets go of it may be a little too early. >> phil: he probably did, they were trying to keep him from scrambling, that was a good thought. >> jim: too long afc west streaks have been snapped, denver's road win streak within the division, the all-time record has come to a record the neck and at 15. san diego's loss in the division, ten in a row h over the broncos. go to 2-4 on the year. >> phil: take a look at this last play, that's 6'4". >> jim: we're often saying in this in situations where not just go up and batted down, he was trying to make that play. he was outside of the end zone, that ball did not get batted down by much. if that was in the end so there
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football. >> phil: will quit to the game, great job by the chargers. when you look at denver, san diego tried to run the clock out almost impossible. they couldn't do anything offensively. the denver defense except for that long run of the second half, there they were tremendo. >> jim: good for mike mccoy, if you're a charger fan and going to happen to the coach, prepared to take on the defending champions, put forth a great effort. >> phil: good game plan on both sides especially get off to the start making denver broncos play from behind on that long. >> jim: these two will tangle again in 17 days.
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the most relieved man in america, philip rivers. talk to this team on this short week about trying to let go of all these hard to accept losses, try to get young kids on this team to understand that one week can change everybody's attitude. who knows on some sort of streak. >> tracy: i'm with philip rivers and i'm watching the whole time i'm a pacing up and down. then when they recovered the onside kick, what was going through your mind? >> we must have found another way it's been so long since we won a division game. we found a way to win. our defense was awesome, we did enough offensively, we at least kept getting points we didn't turn it over.
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denver again in two weeks. we're going to enjoy this, it's been a heck of a weekend. >> tracy: you said it it just takes one when that's what you told us yesterday. what can a stew for do for your team? >> when two in a row and string a bunched together. we've had things i've never seen before put us in this situation, you so how hard we fought and hung together, i know that's the character of this team. wins like this in the locker room, you see the guys at how excited they were and just thankful get chance to win out here and play. >> tracy: let's not forget what happened in the first half where you set the all-time passing record for this franchise, what does that mean for you? >> it means a lot, a lot of things raced through my mind. there's been a lot of guys contributing to those yards, blocking catches. being it in his color blue, it makes it even more special, i'm
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>> tracy: i could feel emotionally you are, congratulations. >> jim: a lot of emotion there, no question. takes over a record from a hall of famer. he's got a weekend at home, he gets to now go take on of the role of defensive coordinator for one of his kids games. >> phil: i'm playing, he's coaching it. he was thinking about the past, but they were able to move past it this evening. 21-13 coming up next is the most the postgame show. we'll be back with more after this, you've been watching thursday night football presented by bud light. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, again, verizon is the number one network. hi, i'm jamie foxx for sprint. and i'm jamie foxx for t-mobile. (both) and we're just as good. really? only verizon was ranked number one nationally in data,
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>> welcome to the most the postgame show. >> trevor siemian's 50th pass attempt on the night was a hail mary a few yards shy of the end zone and of the charger yet another harrowing loss as we finally have a smile on the face of the men who will soon be visiting the postgame show set in san diego, california. philip rivers soon to be joining, on the thursday night football postgame show set in san diego. we are inside the studio here in los angeles of nfl network as you are seeing philip rivers numbers, racked up mostly in a
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hands firmly on the wheel at 10-2 with a foot on the break with the blinkers on and hope for the best and they finally did get the best. michael irvin, you were the only one of this panel to pick the chargers tonight, you have the first word. >> i appreciate that, i appreciate taking the victory raced there. as i look at it, let's think about this now. coach gary kubiak is one of the best coaches in this league. we all send him well wishes. but not having a moment sideline, i knew, i knew that had to affect this san diego has been getting out in a leeds and then they would have to come back in denver that gary kubiak. >> the other head coach do nothing looking getting off the hot seat for mike mccoy and otherwise beating the super bowl champions at home. that's a big win at home for him. congratulations for the chargers, john pagano with sensational. >> all the numbers aside from all the stats, chargers found a way to win the football game, that's it. >> with that win and sending the
9:53 pm
in a black hole, on sunday, the raiders are one home win against the chiefs away from having sole possession of the afc west. through six weeks now that week six isunderway, lifting things back out to san diego with jim and phil, gentlemen which mark >> jim: thank you, this stadium proving tonight it can get very loud around here and they've emptied it out pretty quickly passed san diego takes the game here 21-13. just a thoug the champs? where are the broncos after that four-game win streak to start the season and now two consecutive losses. >> phil: my faith would not be shaken because i think their defense, we saw it here. you can say whatever you want about the chargers offense, they played and pulled back. i told you many times, i don't think they can throw a ball and make a first down either. i think the denver broncos are going to be a there all year long. soon next week thursday night football, level field, chicago
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that, john fox used to coach out in denver. see other team is getting better especially on the offensive side. can't wait to see aaron rodgers, can i get it rolling which mark will find out. >> jim: coming up next, your latest local news except on the west coast and it don't miss the late showed the the late show with stephen colbert don't miss the late late show with james gordon. the postgame show continu nfl network. the charges when it 21-13, they go to 2-4 on the year. for phil, tracy, jay feely, all the crew. jim nantz saying us a lot of from san diego and we thank you for watching the mouse that
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