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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  October 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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good morning. it is sunday, october 16. this is the news on cbs4. a fire has burned 54 acres and may still be spreading. fire dangers around our state. the man who killed an expectant moth what they are going to find him. the rock 'n roll half marathon happening in downtown denver. cps -- cbs4 is bringing you live updates from the course. live from colorado's news channel. this is cbs4 morning news. of morning. i'm joel dylan. we're going to have more stories in just a minute. but first let's check on the weather with chris. what a beautiful and mild morning. is a beautiful day by all
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several record highs fell including 89 in pueblo, 85 in denver. we are going to be right back in that territory once again today. let's check in with a couple of our weather watchers here. we have 49 degrees coming in from our weather watcher on the northwest side of nevada. if you have a little wind, your temperatures are on the higher side. if he wins have followed -- if gore wins -- if you're wind has fallen, the temperatures are falling. same story in the metro area. we are in the upper 40s and upper 30s with a lens have -- the winds have lightened up. downpour douglas county, we are in the mid-60s in a few places this morning. wind tells the story for today.
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into the pacific northwest. it is all courtesy of a very strong october jet stream roaring into the western united states with very high winds. we will see wins mix down to the surface is at jet stream comes on in over the next 24 up to 48 hours. get ready for a record warm day. changes her head. we will have more coming up. new video gives us a look at a wildfire in eagle county. captain. jason hunter from the snowmass fire department sent us this video. so far, the fire has burned more than 60 acres since it started yesterday afternoon. people at a campground near the rooty reservoir back -- evacuated voluntarily. folks have asked -- folks have been asked not to call 911 about all of the fire up there. three structures at a total loss because of saturday
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the only remaining part of this cabin is the stairwell. look at this picture there. a mobile home and shed were also destroyed. no no injuries in the calls of the fire unknown. a red flag warning for boulder county today. no open burning including a campfire. it could get you a $500 ticket. deputies ask you to call 911 immediately or if you see anyone that following the band. a woman a motel room on colfax. police are looking for a suspect in gives us reaction from the family and friends of the 23-year-old. >> upbeat in the window, and i see my niece laying on her back. >> reporter: friends and family surround the airway motel after they find out the 23-year-old quinn asia russell was shot and killed early saturday morning. >> it is surreal.
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officers in the area heard gunshots coming from the hotel. >> we discovered a female who was pronounced dead here at the scene. wrote denver police have identified this man, brett kelly , as the person responsible for russell's murder. >> reporter: is police work to figure out a motive, family members hope senseless violence in their neighborhood comes to an end. >> we need to do better as a community. >> reporter: and that the killer comes forward. >> turn yourself in. death is going to chase you to with it. >> we don't want anyone else to get hurt. >> reporter: surveillance videos are helping police tracked down the man in this area. a five car crash in aurora happened yesterday on south park road. the driver of a bmw did not see traffic slowing down in front of them. that person rear-ended a truck that led to a chain reaction crash.
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charged with following too closely. hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail preparing for the last and final debate. >> reporter: at rallies both in new hampshire and maine on saturday, donald trump responded to a growing number of reports that he improperly touched women by saying they were not only untrue but intentionally dishonest. >> the election is being rigged by corrupdi allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect hillary clinton president. >> reporter: the clinton campaign responded with a statement that the american electoral system is free, fair, and open. is should not be labeled as rigged 18 candidate is afraid
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the margin that he loses by is so big and so clear and so powerful and so unmistakable that when he stands up and says "for me and it was rigged against me" no one will believe him.>> reporter: the latest grounds of wiki leak appears to be paid speech met -- paid speeches and said that people who know the most about wall street are wall street bankers themselves. >> upgrade. the work starts tomorrow on a big -- on a three-mile stretch at 3 mile canyon. it was damaged by floods. people who live and work in that area will have to get used to all of this mess. as a detour, know you were used to this right now but you will have to use highway 66 and highway 36 to get to level in part. expect tones through next year. a were the rock -- the
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taking place today. if you are driving around town, a couple of closures you should know about including 17th -- see that long stretch of 17th there. the big closures that will last until 6 pm tonight are going to be panic, that is whole street down to koufax and 14th avenue. you have from cherokee county bannock street and 14 from bennett to broadway. those are in place until 6 pm tonight. most of the closures going place in the next 10 nu all around this course, they will be picked up. how it works is they get picked up as the last runner goes by. sometimes, if there are no runners coming or going, chris, they will lift up some of the coast and let you slip by. we could not ask for better running weather. it is going to be fantastic. maybe a little tailwind to give you a boost on the track. here's a look at doppler 4000.
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amount of wind coming into the state. your forecast coming up. your fitness tracker may not be so accurate that monitoring your heart rate. we are going to compare the fit dick -- the fitbit and apple watch. it look like the wizard of oz.
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halloween is coming. savon wigs, costumes, makeup and more. if you need goodwill -- if you need makeup, goodwill this got it. we're looking at where the rock 'n roll marathon will start and a half hour. right now, he is with the st. jude runners. are they ready to run, tom?>> i think they're ready to go.>> reporter: i think they are ready at the start of the rock 'n roll half marathon. the weather could not be more perfect. he mentioned the st. jude heroes. it is an incredible organization. we want to share the stories. we want to join with taylor. you are running your very first
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how devastating cancer can be. st. jude children's research hospital helps families and children with their cancer and i am happy to be your fundraising for them. >> what is st. joad -- >> reporter: what is st. jude heroes? >> they are's -- they are fundraising because this hospital helps could without ever sending their families a bill. they do not pay for travel cause, treatment, they just want the families to help the kids get bettnd drug you have been getting at -- you have been getting up at 5:00 a.m. to prepare for this. are you ready? i i hope that i am -- if i'm not totally prepared that the adrenaline will pull through. >> reporter: so many great stories. good luck to you, just. we're here at the starting line for the rock 'n roll denver half marathon. we're getting ready to rock 'n roll here, guys. we will be back in a few
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thomas going to be running and we will be talking with a couple of the folks from cbs4 here in a minute. a new study at how accurate the fitness trackers are monitoring your heart rate. researchers at the cleveland clinic looked at the risk monitors, fitbit and apple watch. the fitbit was just and 80s. that chest strap monitor was identical to an ekg. something to keep in mind before you indulge in those more likely to use logical promotion to make decisions. this is according to a new study purdue -- published in molecular autism. they are not as easily influenced by gut reactions. a sudden drop in blood pressure when quickly standing up is risk to a higher level of developing dementia. researchers followed over 6000
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low pressure called orthostatic hypotension got less blood pushed to their brains which over time can lead to brain dysfunction. now to the latest on the storms flipping through the pacific northwest. tens of thousands of people are without power after heavy rain and strong winds knocked down trees, damaged homes and businesses in oregon in the state of washington. seattle is dealing with more rain in the past few days then it got the previous three months coed the storm system, the premise of a powerful pacific typhoon, officials say more rain and wind are on the way. chris peters here with your forecast. chris, you are saying definitely went in the next couple of days. a lot of wind and fingers crossed for some precipitation. that will not be the big story as it is in portland. very wet morning in that part of the country. here, where dry as can be and
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take a look at this. all over the place. bottom line, if your temperature is up, laces like dia, -- colorado springs, telluride, your temperatures are up. if you had win, your temperatures have dropped. out on the western slope, david has 46 degrees in paeonia. there is the went map. a lot of wind coming into the state. this is nothing compared to what we will see over the next 20 there is the went map. a lot of wind coming into the state. this is nothing compared to what we will see over the next 24-48 hours. implements of this very powerful jet stream roaring into the western us bringing all of the rain to the west coast. we will see mostly wind. for today, no precipitation in the forecast. just passing clouds here and there. a lot of wind on the way. overnight tonight, and into the day tomorrow, we will see a little bit of moisture move into our northwestern mountains. that is really not going to be
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advisory -- advisories and watch is in effect almost in all of the state. the heat in the wind will make sure fire danger very high today along and east of the continental divide. for tomorrow, we may see the same thing. we already have a fire and wind effect in -- warning in effect for tomorrow. we have 60s and 80s in the west. here's a five-day forecast for denver. it is a busy one. we will tumble from near record by wednesday, joel. in between, a lot of wind on the way with not much precipitation, unfortunately. this is a wind event. that is not good news considering how dry we have been. wednesday night and thursday, we could get a few showers. i stress the temperature change and the win is a big story. >> it is such a dry pattern. it doesn't look like it is going to way anytime soon. chris, thank you so much.
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sarah jessica parker is best known for her role in friends and sex and -- for her role in sex in the city. >> when you are one of eight kids, there is a lot that you get that is preowned for gently used. something new was just, like, so monumental occasion. what was that new thing that you remember? >> when i was eight and i got toe shoes when i was a dancer. it was such a big day.>> reporter: ballet was her first love until she tried out for and landed a part in a local television production of the little match girl.>> i loved being somebody else. i loved it. i loved the money. i could not believe they were paying me.
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>> reporter: actually, the whole family, the parkers made a big bet on sarah jessica's possibilities. and they moved to new york. she nailed her first audition. >> that was a big deal. i got the job right away, the first day in town.>> dreams come to -- true and you were too young to drum -- to have dropped all of this. >> i was not casual about this. >> reporter: she made her broadway debut at 11 with claire spencer cl -- with spencer and claire broom. at 13, she landed a starring role. broadway east -- broadway's third annie. >> i don't sing it well any more. [ singing ] ?
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>> reporter: she estimates that she sang tomorrow over 400 times. >> reporter: how long this that song take to get out from heavy rotation. >> i listened to the annie soundtrack a lot. my daughter's love it. i do not want it gone. sarah jessica parker, and hit song from sarah michael baker coming up next at 4:00 -- 4:00. this is the news on cbs4. ,,
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but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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temper pete hick's happiness. >> get temper pete it for five years only at mattress firm. time now for the chevy sports break. new coach, new season, and new avenues. they are just teams that did not open until yesterday. power-play in the first. dallas is up 1-0 early. former du?: had himself a night . that was his second goal. the apps served five goals. ahead track -- a hat trick for his first game with the
6:23 am
last night. the avs get a 6-5 win in their season opener. >> i came in and contributed anything that i could. tonight i was scoring that there were so many guys sacrificing their bodies and doing the little things. it is all worth it when you get the win. >> good win for the avenues and good windfall -- and good win for cu is a dominated. visit your colorado chevy dealer today. right now, writers getting ready for the rock 'n roll half marathon that starts at 7:15 am this morning. that is when the first heat sets out. tomlinson is with one of our own. team cbs4 is taking the 13 mile trek around denver. how're you doing out there? >> -- >> reporter: cbs is very well represented today.
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>> this is karen's first half marathon. >> reporter: training was to real for something that happened unexpectedly. >> we found out we are expecting our first baby. that certainly threw a wrench in the training a little bit. but we are here and i'm excited and we are ready to do this. >> reporter: she is running for 2 now. >> i am running for 2. by goal is just to cross the now -- i am determined to get to the finish line now. we've been doing this for several months. we would get up super early and do long runs on saturday. tuesdays and thursdays were speed training. we were trying to get our times ready for this. with runners edge and what we've been doing on our own, we
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>> reporter: one of the things you have going is we have perfect weather. >> i am wearing a tank top and it is not even called out. it is 6 am. i think it is only going to warm up and get better.>> reporter: congratulations. we are so excited. the newest member of the cbs4 news team. good luck to you guys. we will be back with several more incredible stories going on here at the starting line. for now, we will send it back to joe. congratulations to karen. a -- st than 10 years -- post season baseball continues. it was wild and the alcs. >> hard drive, and to write. back at the while. it is gone. grand slam for montero. game one hero. >> that is one way to win, right? the crowd was so loud that the
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the cubs get an 8-4 win over the dodgers. game 2 at wrigley tonight at 6 pm. cleveland continues their postseason success. franscisco lindor steals the win in the third inning with an rbi single. the blue jays are down two games to none in the series. game three tomorrow night in toronto. that starts at 6 pm as well. it up because you know that it can be much colder this time of year. here is a latest look at the winds across colorado. we will be tracking a lot of wind coming into our state. will also be tracking record heat. one of colorado's local eateries has been closed due to a murder about the bagel shop. what the business is saying
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from a rancher's perspective,
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entwistle born. live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs4 morning news. welcome back to colorado's newschannel. it is 6:30 am on this sunday morning. you are getting a live look at the start line for the rock our time lester has been reporting for us this morning. he is also going to be running in the race with 14,000 other people. there is also a pretty good showing for cbs4. it is perfect running weather out there. >> we created that well for him mother nation -- mother nature. we have record high temperatures yesterday.
6:31 am
denver topped out at 85. 82 in grand junction and 78 in alamosa . we will be back in that vicinity today in and around any of the stations in colorado. checking in with a couple of our weather watchers, 57 degrees. don is in deer trail. he left us a comment. southwest wind, 16 up to 20 miles per hour. the winds are starting to pick up. our temperatures all over the place this morning. if it is windy, your temperatures are warmer. if it is cooler, you have plummeted into th succeeding grand junction. 65 in avon. 58 in colorado springs. . the metro area, same story. north winds, it is cooler. down near greenridge village, we're done of the 60s where the wind is cranking. it is all part of the huge storm moving into the pacific northwest. the wind energy moving into
6:32 am
forecast coming up in just a bit. rosenbergs bagel shop is reopening this morning. it has been cled since may after a murder and arson happened in an apartment above that shot. jeff todd -- jeff todd talk to employees who said they are happy to be back to work. >> sunday's are always a busy day. i'm grateful that we had so much support over the summer that anticipation has really been mounting. >> saturday afternoon, all of the final preps were done inside of rosenbergs bagel's. private events over the past two days have the staff ready for thgr felt so good to have energy and displays. >> reporter: the shop closed in may after fire from the kitchen. investigators believe that a suspect started it to cover up a murder. since then, the bagel shop is been sparingly spreading the bagels all over denver. >> we said the we are going to pop up as much as we can.
6:33 am
we want to say thank you for supporting us and now we want to give back to you. and now what we want to have you feel is familiarity. the design is very much the same. >> reporter: they are calling this reopening phoenix burke's. >> we could have very easily been shut down, and that is not what we are going to allowed to happen. rising from the ashes. you will see the phoenix bird is on as well. >> now i want bagels. the closure met the owner and his business partners could spend some time on focusing on other aspects of the bagel shop. we expect to see many more products including a second location and or food options. new information on firearms ending up in the hands of children in colorado. a child has been involved in accidental shootings more than eight times in the last two and
6:34 am
the number far exceeds the number given in federal statistics. another round -- another round of severe weather expected to hit the pacific northwest. from san francisco to british columbia. been tracy has the latest from seattle.>> reporter: fierce winds are within through the pacific northwest as the most potent part of the storm system comes onshore. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: on friday, an ef to coastal town of manzanita, oregon. uprooting trees, down -- downing power lines, and uprooting houses and businesses. phil panos saw it happen. >> it look like the wizard of oz. that is what it looked like. things were moving like this and then you can see the trees snapping like twigs. >> reporter: in portland, streets turned into rivers is several inches of rain flooded
6:35 am
>> reporter: seattle has had more rainfall in the past two days then it got in the previous three months combined. this monster of a storm system is the remnants of a powerful pacific typhoon. it is walloped washington and oregon for nearly 3 days now. tens of thousands of people have lost power and fall injuries have caused injuries. >> it shocked us all. we heard this loud thump. >> reporter: stella gallardo's car was dumped by a tree and eight parking lot. the coast guard had to that had trap kids in one area. >> reporter: all-day forecasters have been telling people to get their preparations done while they have the time. they are expecting a lot of people to lose power and a lot of trees to come down. been tracy, cbs news, seattle. police say that a member of the us navy was driving a truck when it went off of a bridge killing four people below.
6:36 am
truck while driving on the sandy -- on the san diego coronado bridge and hit a guardrail before crashing 60 feet below. napoleon suffered 60 -- suffered injuries. evacuations are underway in washington county, nevada, due to a wildfire there. hundreds of fire crews continue to battle the fire throughout the firefighters say the fire his part 3000 acres, destroying multiple structures. no injuries have been reported. an explosion at a florida carwash caused by a careless driver is caught on surveillance video. a woman was trying to vacuum up gasoline that had spilled in the trunk of her car. take a look. the heat ignited the gasoline fumes and triggered an
6:37 am
>> it was in a -- it was a heck of an explosion. about everything up.>> what could've happened, i do not even want to think about a.>> reporter: the owner drove away after the blast. the rock and roll hall of fame happening in downtown denver today. a live look at a live report from tom mustin and also running in the race doing double duty, that is in some closures you should know about. these closures are all around the route. they will pick up these closures about 10:00 this morning as the last runners go by. sometimes, they will let you sneak across if there are no runners going by. beware that is probably not a possibility. banning street, that is closed from 13th of two colfax until tonight at 6 pm. also 14th avenue. from cherokee to bannock and from bennie come to broadway are closed until 6 pm this afternoon.
6:38 am
denver yesterday. everybody just wants to be like they can. >> i am out to be an ambassador for this great university. >> look at this. i assumed you would be wearing the road. >> wears lionel richie? is he behind you?>> i just assumed. >> i would have been out of fear of both of you showed up in robes. >> a rough loss for mannings volunteers.
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constitution. it restores balance to the process and gives voters across colorado the opportunity for equality. good sunday morning to you. you are waking up with morning news. we are glad you have joined us. it is sunday, october 16. looking interview from our mile high kim. wait until you step outside. is fairly mild in many communities. that is just a sign of what is to come today. it is 48 degrees on the northwest side of fort collins. my weather watcher, shall be majors. most of the state is in the 40s and 50s. notice of we have some 60s scattered and there.
6:42 am
54, grand junction, 58. this pocket of warm weather due to winds that are already starting to kick up, and where the wind is not blowing, temperatures are colder like greenlee and lyman. to koto, 39. just down the road, definitely a sign of where the wind is blowing and where the wind is not. when the keeps our atmosphere stirred up so temperatures stay warmer. a specific -- a pacific that will combine with this record level heat that we have been seeing to create our portable fire dane -- fire danger. we're expecting a critical day. those when start to crank about 1:00 were 2:00 this afternoon. some children in stapleton spent their morning helped other kids in need. kelly werthmann has more on the kids compassion project.
6:43 am
delicious treats, several kids in stapleton fill paper bags for kids in need. >> would -- it is a big difference for them since they do not have very much. >> reporter: it is all part of the kids compassion project. a local nonprofit departments with other organizations to help those less fortunate. these carefully decorated snack bags are for hands up for the children which supplies meals for homeless families and children in danger. >> maybe it will help them with staff. >> to go to high schools. bigotry elementary schools. they pass out these backpacks that are filled with food for the weekend.>> reporter: sharon is a cofounder of the kids compassion project. the goal is to create little events that are easy for parents and fun for families that make a big difference for others. >> and then the parents can learn with their kids.
6:44 am
complete with toothbrushes and socks. >> it is away for them to connect to some things that they would not otherwise be aware of. >> i think it is important because all of the homeless people are putting signs of that said this is a god bless. why not just make a bag for them. in stapleton, stay tuned for more he hands for children organization. you can head to our website at you can head to it looks like it will be a
6:45 am
before donald trump, there was mike coffman. before trump said women should be punished for having an abortion, coffman wrote a bill to redefine rape, which could exclude women who were drugged. before trump called for a ban of muslims, coffman pushed for a religious test of u.s. soldiers. and on president obama? trump: he could have been born in kenya. coffman: he's just not an american. ump more ideas. house majority pac is responsible
6:46 am
it is always been more than just a shed.
6:47 am
library kim near center park. that is where the rock 'n roll half marathon is going to start. printers getting ready for the 13.1 mile race. tom jones as with other folks that are taking part in the half marathon. tom, are you getting a chance to warm up and stretch a little bit? i as soon as i do this live shot, i'm going to start warming up and stretching. there are 14,000 of my closest friends on here and there is a coo of transamerica. play, tell us what this group is all about. >> the tomorro it chases we are a group of five. as part of the rock 'n roll marathon, we wanted to raise money for a great cause. we ask our employees what would be a special cause to raise money for. it is the american heart association. this group is going to start at the end of the race and everybody who can pass, they will raise money for the american heart association. >> how much money are we going to make, guys?
6:48 am
$20,000 is what we are hoping for. >> vanessa, you had some injuries during training. >> too fast, too soon, and not enough rest. >> i see it now. so i am about 100, 1000, maybe 4000. >> reporter: what was of this? the mecca transamerica, we want to get active with our employee base of the community. we have had an ongoing relationship with the rock 'n roll half marathon. we wanted to get our employee base because we have a substantial location in downtown denver. we have 150 employees, spouses, and friends running with us. >> good luck to all of you
6:49 am
lot of people and make a lot of money for a great cause. is or anything that you want to say?>> reporter: -- >> go transamerica. >> reporter: we are starting line with the denver half marathon 10k. let's headed back to you, john. get ready and get loosened a man who is been missing since 2013. investigators are working to find out exactly how he did. the death toll has risen to 26 and north carolina many communities are still under water. two more vice found submerged in floodwaters yesterday. recovery from the flood continues today as flood and rivers continue to crest. thousands are still without power. un general. pledged to help 80 deal with
6:50 am
tensions remained high as the haiti victims are complaining that aid is taking too long to get to them. in some hard-hit towns, looters have been rating food trucks says the supplies. it has left more than 100,000 homeless. we could use some of that moisture. unfortunately it is not in our futu a few high clouds to talk about. we have a wave cloud forming in that view. courtesy of some very strong wind, the other thing that the wind is doing is -- look at that temperature map. all over the place. if the temperatures are low, the wind is called. at the temperatures are up, it is breezy. it is wendy in the northwestern part of colorado. 65 right now in avon. just 28 downing gunnison where the winds are quiet. 45, our weather watcher out
6:51 am
it is a wendy 53. she is up and peaks. look at the wins already cranking in northwestern in southwestern colorado. this will speeding at those fees will increase as those wins work the way across the state today thinks it is strong jet stream that has been bringing heavy rain and storms from seattle down through portland and through san francisco. we eventually went to see a temperature drop for the system today. just some occasional high clouds passing through. within from the northwest. by far, the store is extremely warm today and very windy. advisory on the western slope. the high wind gust up to 80 miles per hour by tonight and up to the day tomorrow. a red flag warning in at around
6:52 am
will stick around in the warm temperatures also. we know how dry we have been. today, 80s along i 25. 60s and 70s up i. that was, a few 80s on the western slope. this is a really dramatic drop your. we're going to go from near record level he today to about 89 today. we don't not have to hit it that we will be in the neighborhood. it cold front comes through on tuesday dropping temperatures back well into the 40s a very slight chance for a few showers. with those temperatures, there is a chance we could even see a
6:53 am
6:54 am
with -- why would we believe her? >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. quite a few eyebrows raised thursday when music legend bob dylan ran -- won the nobel prize for literature. why some do not agree with the
6:55 am
literature but we could not get a hold of him. there were a shock when the swedish academy made the announcement. >> bob dylan. >> reporter: a week earlier, they had asked who will win the 2016 nobel prize in literature. their answer was not bob dylan. they get, he will have another metal to hang with his medal of freedom. the news left the writer jason twitter end of the said dylan can win the nobel prize can literature, then i think stephen king should get elected into they will rock and wall -- the rock and roll hall of fame. are the lyrics literature? some critics said no, riffing on dylan's own song. the times, they are at ending. one person replied, delete your
6:56 am
some worried that naming a songwriter would open the floodgates. so 2034, novell for literature could go to -- you never know -- posting repetitive rihanna lyrics. the british paper the telegraphed a nobel prize being awarded for donald trump for lyrical tweeting and defensive dylan, a writer for rolling stone tweeted that you will nobel prize. but a telegraph suggests that this is a nobel prize for literature not sweden has got talent. >> i think of myself more of his a song and dance man, you know. >> reporter: the prize in literature goes to a man better known for words delivered on the stage then on the page. gmos, cnn. new york.
6:57 am
knot. important -- flowers are an important part of the day. patrick of bread seen her for got the flowers and used rescue puppies as part of their wedding photos. zinger supports second handhelds as an organization that rescues dogs from the closure. >> it is best having a rescue dog. none like a. we have a very windy day on the way, joe. take a look at some of these gusts already. double digits on the western slope. this is only going to expand. i will give you the wendy, warmth, but i fire dangers. that is coming up. we will take you live from
6:58 am
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-- all morning on cbs4, this is the news. a fire in eagle county has burned more than 60 acres and may still be spreading. the fire danger around our state. investigators -- investigators have killed an expectant mother in a denver hotel. who he is and what they are going to find him. is happening in downtown denver this morning. cbs4 is joining the 13.1 mile trek. we will bring you updates from the course live. live from colorado's newschannel, this is cbs4 morning news. morning. thank you for joining us. i am joel dylan. we will have more and all of those stories but first let's get a check on whether with chris pearson colorado's weather center. chris, what a beautiful and mild morning.


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