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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  October 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. developing tonight, police are investigating the deadly shooting of a denver teenager. 19-year-old deonte mcdonald was shot and killed outside his front door earlier this week when a suspect opened fire at his apartment complex.
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walsh. >> and i'm tom mustin. melissa garcia join us and i understand that you spoke to some of his neighbors. >> reporter: we did. here at the scene you can see where friends and family members left candles there in dionte's memory. and the wax there on the pavement. today we spoke to friends and family that just missed the spray of teen's life. >> i heard these loud pops. just bam, bam, bam really quick. i just ducked not knowing what it is. >> reporter: just before 9:00 a.m., the gunfire rang. the shooter took off before police arrived. 19-year-old deonte mcdonald was pronounced dead at a near by
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candlelight vigil. >> he was an amazing kid. really grateful. every morning he would wake up and say thank you so much for having me. and you know for allowing me to have a place to wake up to every day. >> reporter: the oldest of six kids, family members describe deonte as positive minded, kind and caring. >> i became the person that i am today because of him. he made me stronger. >> reporter: they donated his organs and already found a recipient for his liver. husband mom -- his mom says he to mentor young boys growing up without fathers. >> he wanted to open up a homeless shelter because he knows what it's like. what we've all gone through. >> reporter: his aunt started this go fund me page. so far it's raised $3,000 of the $10,000 goal. >> it's not going to cure our heart but it will help him. he donated everything.
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>> >> reporter: we have a link to that fundraiser at c there's no active suspect. and family are pleading with anyone who has any information to come forward. we have an update on the freeman fire burning in the eagle county. that fire has spread to 300 acres since we first talked about it. dozens three helicopters are battling the flame. a near by campground evacuated voluntarily and people in the area have been told to be ready to leave. no injuries have been reported. meteorologist chris spears is in colorado's weather center. fire danger is very high. we need some moisture. >> bad, badly we need some moisture kathy and unfortunately it's just not in the forecast. what is in the forecast a
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we went this way from 49 on wednesday to 86 today. almost a 60-degree change. and we're going to start going the other way. for now soak up this warmth because we have a little more to go. still in the 80s east of i25. 90 in pueblo at places like avon and solida, 80 over in grand junction. our weather watcher robert peck checked in with 83 at the top of the hour. he says no wind just a light breeze. robert is one of the lucky ones here in the metro area. the cool winds just wednesday around. windy to the north, windy to the south and all of western colorado pretty breezy. but right here in the city we've seen just about five to 10 at times 15-mile-per-hour
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in the metro. we're tracking a cold front on the way. that will kick up the winds tonight and tomorrow. and the big temperature trend i spoke of. you will want to stick around and see how long we're going to go in the next few days. >> it's always a roller coaster ride this time of year. the search for a man suspected of killing a pregnant woman at a colfax motel. police are looking for brent kelly. they say he killed 23-year-old morning. tonight friends and family are planning to hold a candlelight vigil at the motel where she died. no word yet on the motive for that shooting. if you have any information please call the police. right now one of denver's most popular breakfast spots is back open. rosenberg's bagel shop was back open. people could not wait to check z
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we've spent all summer doing pop ups and revamping kitchen. >> i am really excited for my bagel. i'm probably going to get two or three of them throughout the day. for later. >> reporter: employers say theyi to show their rise from the ashes. the presidential candidates left their running mates to carry on their message today. >> thank you guys. >> tim kaine went table to table sunday rallying support for hillary clinton at a miami diner. >> florida is close and there's so many other close states. we have to assume that's the case and i think it'll be the case right up to the end.
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clinton with a slim but growing lead over donald trump. up 46 to 40% thanks to more women support. trump has been fighting a growing list of allegations. nine women have come forward. trump denies the accusations. >> you have phony people coming up with phony allegations with no witnesses whatsoever. >> reporter: on twitter sunday, trump wrote election is being rigged by the media in a coordinated effort with the clinton campaign by putting stories that never happened into news. on meet the press. trump's running mate was asked if the campaign would accept the results of the votes. >> the american people are tired of the obvious bias in the national media. that's where the sense of a rigged election goes here. >> reporter: clinton's motorcade left her home sunday
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debate prep. brook silobraga. >> reporter: donald trump also criticized paul ryan in a series of tweets today. the campaign trail runs through colorado. bernie sanders will hold a rally for hillary clinton at the t ivoli. donald trump jr. will make stops in denver tomorrow. we'll have all those details for coming up, dozens of runners hit the pavement in denver today. we're still watching this storm system to our west and
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welcome back. the rock & roll denver half marathon too many off this morning at seven -- marathon took off this morning at 7:15. >> tom got up bright and early you were among the runners weren't you. >> i did the 10k. >> we've been tracking training all summer long.
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today was the big day. >> race day is finally here and with it comes some breaking news from team cbs4. >> we found out we're expecting our first baby. >> reporter: while she was dr. approved to run the half marathon the pregnancy changed karen's race strategy. >> it's going to be a little slower than i planned but hopefully i mean my goal is really just to cross the finish line. >> reporter: as the race kicked off, thousands of runners hit the streets of downtown among them team cbs4. karen, mike moreno and myself. the course wound throughout downtown with rock & roll bands all throughout the way. mark was the first to make it to the finish line his goal was to set a personal record. >> i put it out there that i wanted to run 1:35 so i will own it i came up seven minutes short. >> while he says he fell off his pace about half way through. mark got great support from his mom. >> and she road on her bike the
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is that. >> reporter: moreno was next to finish. this was her first race ever. >> being out here. the crowd, the adrenaline, the sense of comradery out here. just really fuels me to finish the race. >> reporter: brit had been nursing a back injury but made it her mission to make it to the finish line. >> it felt really good to get that first race done and to actually finish the first marathon. that's a big deal. >> reporter: karen's goal from the start was to finish the race and she persevered. >> it took than i thought. and i hurt. >> reporter: she crossed the finish line with husband andrew by her side. for me, the 13 miles was a chance to reach a new goal. >> when i reached mile seven i was like you know what i just set my own personal record. because today i had never run more than 6 miles. >> reporter: the rock & rock denver half marathon may not have been what we expected but it's certainly something we can
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shout out to maria mencia our producer who had never run a marathon and today she knocked out the half marathon. we're proud of you. how about maho, wow. >> i think she ordered the weather because it was terrific. it was great right, chris. >> we know what october can bring and couldn't have been tt good job. and we noticed the 86, that's courtesy of the dry air. we see big swings in the temperature. we call that the digernal range. nowhere near the normals we should be much cooler for this time of the year. nowhere near the record low of 16 in 1989. hanging in the 80s downtown. our winds have shifted to the east and become a little gusty. 12% humidity a falling barometer and our sunset tonight at 6:17.
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i25 or at least at the half of the hour we were. 90degrees the highest temperature in pueblo. 50s and 60s. and randy clark in hertzel has 66 at his house with a wind gust of 20 miles per definitely gusty wind out there. this will bring some cooler air into colorado. behind it there's a pretty good area of showers and snow in the higher mountains. just notice in the last couple of frames here we're seeing a few sprinkles in our north western corner. unfortunately it's not going to be anything widespread i'm afraid for colorado as we go into the next 24 hours. here's the futurecast, a lot of wind and passing cloud cover
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monday morning. a few rain and snow showers for the north western mountains but it really doesn't look like too much moisture will get into colorado. i think a lot of it is going to bye -- by pass us to the north. a second wave of colder air will come in here tuesday into wednesday and it will try to kick up a few more showers again. so that's something we'll have to watch for you as we go into the early part of next week. over all a temperature trend in the decrease and what we have metro area we've escaped a lot of wind today but we could get really gusty tonight as the front starts to come through. a wind advisory for the western slope tonight. we continue with the red flag warning for all of eastern colorado. this will carry us into the day on monday. because we're still going to be above average with those gusty winds. a few locations may dip into the 40s.
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signs of the cold front coming through ahead of the front we may still hit the 80s to near 90 in the southeast. here's the five day forecast. well, tom and kathy you're going notice something on this compared to what we were doing yesterday. i have upped the temperature wednesday from 49 to 54. it doesn't look like we're going to get quite as chile chill -- chilly this is a very significant warm up. and i have chance. the front is on the move and that caused us to shift the temperatures a bit. make our bank accounts go up that's my next job. michael tells us, we're on a situation with osweiller has
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from a rancher's perspective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that.
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. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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michael joins us now with sports things are getting a little hot in houston. >> this is what happens when you start to lose a couple of ways. john elway said a couple of weeks ago a lot of times the deals you don't make are the best ones. i'm sure he's feeling that way today. a report from houston saying this guy brock osweiler and his head coach bill o'brien had a heated meeting. osweiler not happy with some of
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worse passing in the league. afc west action today the raiders looking to take over the top spot. scott finds holmes and oakland goes up 7-0 early. chiefs getting fancy. that's don perry poe. chiefs up 20-0. carr under pressure he would get sacked. kansas city would recover. chiefs hand the raiders just their second loss of the season 17-10. tom brady's first home since the deflate gate suspension. pats hosting the bengals today, third quarter. pats up 19-14, gronk's spike too. brady going to find white. how about this line for tom. 376yards, three touchdowns patriots win it 35-17. odell beckham jr. has
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that would give the giants a 17- 13 lead. then in the fourth. beckham short slant wrong gain. he goes 66 yards for the game winner. he had eight receptions for 222 yards and two touchdowns as the giants beat the ravens 27-23 and everything all good with the kicking net yet again. tonight's poll question, how many regular season wins will the broncos have? go to our they're currently sitting at 0- 2. we'll have the answer on fan talk all access. and cu had not beaten sun devil since last night. they not only beat the sun devils, they dominated them. phillip lyndsey had more yards
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arizona state team. lyndsey rushed for 219 yards and three touchdowns. the wins gives cu a share of the south lead. now it's just one win but this one was a long time coming. >> yes, it's a breakthrough type of thing. i kept telling them they built the wall up in the dam and the dam has cracks in it. that's what i told them all week. you have to go punch it one more time and the water is going to flow. we have to keep marching on. we are te tomorrow and keep on marching on. >> it was ice cold water that was apparently flowing. >> csu showed a lot of heart last night. the rams nearly did the unthinkable. after scoring a touchdown, they converted an on side kick to get the ball back. then on the very next play scored again. keep up with me here. on the insuing kick. kicker haden hunt converted another kick and csu scored
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touchdowns in less than two minutes they couldn't complete the come back but to fight back the way they did certainly says a lot about that team. >> we've seen moments this season where we're clicking and no one can beat us. i really think this was a eye opener going against a 15th ranked team. this is the moment where the seniors and freshman come together and say, you know what we're not going to lose another game and i think we're going to prove that to you guys. >> with the line on jared was that the avs were hard and score a lot. colorado got a 6-4 win over dallas at the pepsi center. joe coldburn the story of the night. not a bad way to make his avs debut. he had a hat trick before the first was over. what a way to start the season. >> i tell you that was a fun game. it was an exciting game. i really liked it. i enjoyed being on the bench. i think our fans were amazing. it was fun.
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game, i enjoyed it. >> now they have a four game road trip. i think that will tell us a lot about this team. >> right now stanley cup here we come. >> got it. >> thanks michael. a u.s. olympian is mourning the life of his teenage daughter she was killed in the cross fire of an overnight shooting. police are trying to figure
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olympic tyler gey is mourning the death of his daughter. trinity gay was shot in the neck when two men started shooting at each other. treupb -- trinity was a star athlete at her high school. her coach says the loss hits hard. >> just breaks my heart to think or fathom the idea. excuse me for getting emotional. just losing a ch i'm very heartbroken. >> police have found one of the car that is may have been involved and are questioning possible suspects. it's not believed that trinity was in either vehicle. tyson said he was very close to his daughter and is shocked at the news. >> we have an update now on the freeman fire burning near the rudy dam. that fire has grown to300 acres as we first told you about. dozens of firefighters and three helicopter battling the flame. that fire is 0% contained. the near by campground
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people living in the area have been told to be ready to leave. no injuries have been reported. chris spears is in the colorado weather center. and colorado is concerned with strong winds on the way tonight. >> a very windy night on the way. and through the night on monday. steven wrath sent this picture, he said it was a beauful day to be at the rockies. and colodo today. grand junction 81. this is the second day in a row for record highs in both of those cities. denver we were warmer than yesterday. we hit 86 today. but our record was 89. notice that temperature trend. we have had a 45 to 50-degree temperature swing. or 40 to 50-degree swing i should say over the last five days. we're about to turn that around. the wind coming into the state right now. a cold front racing toward colorado. it will be cooling us back. it's been windy all day. those winds will go all night
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we really escaped a lot of windy conditions this afternoon. but it is starting to become a little breezy as the front nears and we will see this trend pick up as we go through the night. our weather watcher mark russell 48-degree. he had a high of 60 today. and he said it is now breezy with winds 41-miles-per-hour. he has had the leading edge of that cold front come through. around the state still hanging in the 80s east of i25 but look up to the northwest. signs of the ld you will be cooling off as we go through the evening. the rest of us will be cooling off as we go into the next few days how low do we go? we'll get that answer for you coming up in a little bit. >> we look forward to it. thank you chris. developing now, investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this massive fire in arizona. a blaze has destroyed two buildings. the flames were so hot that
5:33 pm
it took firefighters six hourings to put out that fire. people that live near by were allowed back to their homes this morning. police have found the father who left his daughter in freezing. you can see the father give the girls a few blankets and walked off. motioning for her to stay wanders. after two hours she walks away. a security guard found her and called police. >> i'm sure that two hours felt like all night to her. >> we have two reports on file here at ogden police. this is a drug induced behavior from the dad. >> it was around 40 degrees outside at the time.
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election go out this week. this comes as a cbs4 investigation finds another dead coloradan casting votes and other voting fraud. >> reporter: 88-year-old irvin molokuski died in september of2011. six weeks after his death a vote was cast in his name. >> we did find a single voter that did vote. a deceased voter that did vote unfortunately. >> so a dead person voted. >> dead >> reporter: laramer voter registrar found some dead coloradans voted from the grave. >> you definitely don't think this is an accident at this point? do you? >> i don't think so. no i don't think it was an accident. >> you think this was someone
5:35 pm
mesinski's name to his voting ballot, and that's fraud. >> reporter: some fraud is expected. >> how many dead voters is acceptable? >> none. >> reporter: douglas county clerk and recorder says he's not surprised there are more votes from the grave. >> to me that's a success story. to me it really to me reenforces my faith in colorado's system. >> years in several counties we found voter fraud. >> you do have people out here in douglas county. who do commit voter fraud. >> we have had cases. we catch them and send them to the d.a. >> how does it happen? ask mike simmons. >> dallas kept -- ballots kept coming to the house. >> reporter: his mother died
5:36 pm
since her death ballots kept coming to her boulder home. >> if it shows up in the mailbox, i believe there's a temptation that someone could just open it up. fill it out and send it in to see what happens. >> reporter: simmons saved her ballot from last fall. >> october of 2015. so that would have been, five years and seven months or so after she passed away. i'm not convinced my is a singular event. i think it happens quite a bit. >> there's an ethical responsibility if you receive someone elses ballot that u return it and mark it deceased. >> that was bryan moss reporting. now bryan turned over daisy simmons 2015 ballot to voting authorities. they emphasized that while cbs4 found is illegal, dead voters
5:37 pm
the zuwalt is now officially part of the american fleet. it's filled with cutting edge technology and weapons. the zuwalt is now headed to san diego. on tonight's 60 minutes, secretary jay johnson talks about the new vetting process for refugees trying to enter the united states. here's bill whittaker with a preview of that story. >> reporter: jay johnson told us the situation in which saw its borders flooded with unvetted refugees. >> if we don't feel we know enough about you. we're not going to admit you. >> out of all the people, how many are being denied? >> thousands had been denied admission to this country. and an even larger number who are on hold. >> reporter: there is no known case of a syrian refugee being
5:38 pm
the united states. but in2009 the u.s. missed this iraqi refugee and allowed him in even if he knew he had been fighting u.s. forces. he and another iraqi refugee were then caught in kentucky trying to buy a stinger missell to kill u.s. forces in iraq. >> how does this guy walk into america? >> with every case from years ago, there should be lessons learned. >> things have changed. things have changed considerably since then. we have on my watch added social media and other checks consulting additional data bases. we've added those checks in the face of the worldwide refuge crisis that we see right now. >> watch the full story coming up next on 60 minutes that's right after our news. >> up next, a huge weekend for two newcomers to the box office. we'll recap the top five flicks from your weekend.
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it took an accountant to bring in the numbers this weekend. >> he's capable of coming in cold. i'm cooking years of books and getting out alive.
5:42 pm
>> the sum of ticket sales for ben affleck's drama the accountant pulled in $115 million. comedian kevin hart came in number two. the girl on the train was not far at number three. miss peregrine's home for unusual children came in shoppers are passing over the ghosts and goblins instead they're scouring the stores for trumps and clintons. >> some americans say they're unsure about this political season even calling it frightening. but one thinks for certain the candidates have been good for business this halloween. >> which of these do you think goes faster, hillary clinton or donald trump. >> i think trump goes because it's just another clown suit. >> super heros and spooky
5:43 pm
year's unconventional election happens to creep into halloween season and whether or not you consider the nominees scary, they are one of the top selling costumes. >> everybody wants to do what's popular and right now that's what's in the news. >> reporter: people are spending about $83 on halloween this year. that's up $9 from last year according to the national retail federation. >> the election is definitely in the top three. >> reporter: spirit halloween manager adams says clinton and trump wigs and masks are demand. >> because it's a great way to make fun of certain people that you really won't have access to in real life. >> reporter: there's an entire section dedicated to the presidential candidates. a costume called cry baby trump. another cackling clinton. we saw past and would be presidents even sultry political garb. >> what do you think about this. instead of making america great again, we have making halloween great. >> this is a lot of fun.
5:44 pm
opposite. >> reporter: shopper luck says that this offers comedic relief. but not every trick or treater wants to emulate the donald or hillary. >> i'm going to be minnie mouse this year. >> there's no shortage of political trinkets selling out this political season but i'm told this is the hottest seller. political toilet paper. i'm told donald trs i'm brit moreno. >> thank you, b rit. new video shows vets helping a rhino in zimbabwe. we have a live look outside right now. chris spears is up next with
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welcome back. live pick kphur -- picture now . >> i did a little raking of the leaves. >> the raking of the leaves. >> i napped all afternoon. >> but you worked this morning. >> i worked this morning, yes. >> we need some rain you guys coming our way. a little bit of it will skirt by the state but we just can't get the right pattern in this jet stream to bring us a really good soaker. we have a couple of sprinkles in our northwest corner. we will keep some from time to time. we hit 86 at the airport. 48 is where we started. it was 85 and 46 at city park. well above average. but nowhere near the records except for the high we were
5:48 pm
record back in 1991. 78 at city park. 81 last check at the airport with an east wind at 73. humidity low pressure falling. sunset just under an hour now. 6:17p.m. we're still hanging in the 70s and 80s on the northeast plains. mid- to upper 80s even a 90 down there in pueblo on the southeast plains. 50s and 60s for the most part in our lowest elevations. 69 joseph down in bay field. nice to see you. and 82 from ron sherwood. he's in here's a cold front just starting to nudge in. that will cruise on through the state over the next 24 hours. the first in a couple of cold fronts that will come at us. it's not going to do much for us. we're going to see some cloud cover, definitely some wind. a few spritzes will go through our north western corner. you have the best chance to see anything from this weather system. i'm going to take us on into tuesday. it too will try to kick up a
5:49 pm
materialize. fingers crossed and maybe a few of those showers can get down into denver by tuesday night. it was a windy day today. it'll be windy all night in western colorado. and some of those wind now spilling into the metro area. we've seen gusts any where from 10 to 15 miles per hour. a few places even higher than that from time to time. that trend carries you through the night. our high mountains, a high wind warning. this is an advisory thro 8:00 tonight. and for tomorrow, the entire eastern half of colorado from the continental divide to the eastern plains under a red flag warning because we are way too dry. we're very warm. and we're going to have a lot of wind as these cold fronts start marching our way. for tonight mostly 40s and 50s for colorado. mostly mild for this time of year. a few of the valleys will drop into the 30s.
5:50 pm
see mostly 50s and 70s through colorado. still warm in the southeast ahead of the front. 50s and 60s the highs. grand junction 71 degrees. here's the five day forecast sam and kathy the big take away from this, a huge drop in temperature. you notice wednesday i warmed it up a little bit from what i was showing yesterday. not 49 i'm thinking now mid- 50s. >> we'll take that. okay thank you a colorado teenager is fighting an uphill battle against a disease that usually strikes women four times her age. her doctor believes she maybe the youngest woman in the united states to develop the most common form of ovarian cancer. she has one of the worse cases of cancer he's ever seen but she also has the strength and resilience to beat it. >> thank you. >> thanks for coming. >> at this women's boutique in
5:51 pm
>> i want to introduce you to my team. they're so excited to meet you. >> reporter: peyton is their cause. she started feeling severe back and abdomen pain. the explanation. >> cysts, they're abnormally big but they're cysts. >> reporter: but peyton got worse. >> my stomach started expanding to the point that i looked like i >> reporter: on her six month birthday, peyton learned she was stage four cancer. >> i was in disbelief. i thought this can't be right. >> this is all cancer. all that white should not be there. that's actual tumor. >> reporter: dr. pali calls peyton a medical mystery. >> she may arguably be the youngest or certainly one of the youngest patients in the united states diagnose with
5:52 pm
of colorado hospital, peyton has had six rounds of chemotherapy and a seven hour surgery to remove the tumors. >> almost completely gone. >> reporter: peyton has more chemo ahead but she says positive. >> i'm strong enough to not be beat down by sorrow. >> reporter: rhonda swanson will sales. because of uc health's partnership with the broncos and manning. the former quarterback called her and told her his entire family are praying for her. >> we all are. what a nice young lady too. >> she's terrific. we'll be right back with a look at the stories we're working on for cbs4 news at 10:00.
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story idea, ,,,, the gillette sensor3 has three blades and a water-activated lubrastrip, giving you up to ten smooth shaves. upgrade to the gillette sensor3. gillette the best a man can get a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here.
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hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun. donald trump supports my right to own a gun. rock & roll half marathon kicked off today. >> tom was among those runners today. >> i was, i did the 10k. great day out there. and i'm very proud of all the cbs4 folks out there too. >> we've been tracking their training all summer long. today was the big day. >> reporter: race day is finally here. and with it comes some breaking news from team cbs4. >> we found out we're expecting our first baby.
5:55 pm
marathon, the pregnancy changed karen's race strategy. >> it's going to be a little slower than i planned but hopefully i mean my goal is really just to cross the finish line. >> reporter: as the race kicked off, thousands of runners hit the streets of downtown denver. among them, team cbs4. karen morfett, brit moreno huff and myself. >> reporter: the course wound throughout downtown with r mark was the first to make it to the finish line: his goal was to set a personal record. >> i put it out there that i wanted to run 1:35 so i will own it. i came up seven minutes short. >> reporter: while he says he fell off his pace half way through mark got great support from his mom. >> she road through the course the entire time with me. >> reporter: it was brit's
5:56 pm
race. >> reporter: brit had been nursing a back injury but made it a special mission to make it to the finish line. >> it felt really good just to get that first race done and to actually finish a half marathon. that's a big deal. it feels good. >> reporter: karen's goal from the start was to finish the race and she persevered. >> it took me a little longer than i thought and i hurt. >> reporter: she crossed the line with her husband andrew by her side. for me the 13-mile was a personal new goal. >> when i hit the mile seven, i thought i just break my own personal best record. because i had never run more than 6 miles. >> it's certainly something we can all build on. >> great job by team cbs4 and all the runners. you can look for a photo gallery of the race at cbs hundreds of people will release lanterns over the skies
5:57 pm
sight is causing concern for people living near by. why they say having the event is a mistake. >> and the outrage tonight against those who went after the walking bear. >> we've got a cooldown coming we'll give you all those details at 10:00. >> look forward to it. >> thanks for watching cbs4 news at 5:00. >> 60 minutes is left. we'll see you right back here tonight at 10:00. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. service. it started with my dad. he fought in world war two, was wounded in korea. he's the reason i joined at 17, fought in two iraq wars, and still serve today. the va scandal is an outrage, failing to care for our wounded warriors. that's why i took on the va: to get our veterans the care and respect they deserve. because i understand the sacrifices they made, and i'll never stop fighting
5:58 pm
it's personal. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> we have to stop the tremendous flow of syrian refugees into the united states. we don't know who they are... >> whitaker: donald trump has made it one of his biggest campaign issues: claiming syrians are coming into this country with no system to vet
5:59 pm
and with the rage of war, fearing isis will strike here in homeland, he's not alone. a majority of u.s. governors has called for a halt to the president's refugee program. we went to see for ourselves who these syrian refugees are and what kind of vetting they go through to get here. >> cooper: people would ask you? >> michael meeropol: oh, yeah, "are you related to those two spies?" "no." but i really hated myself. >> cooper: hated yourself because you were... >> michael meeropol: i was denying... i was too scared to admit that my parents were my parents. >> cooper: being the rosenberg's children in 1950 was almost like being osama bin laden's kids here after 9/11. their parents were convicted and executed for being two of the most damaging spies ever. so why are the children speaking out now? because they have a message for president obama. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl.
6:00 pm
>> i'm anderson cooper. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories, tonight on "60 minutes." >> cbs money watch, sponsored by american express open. proud supporter of growing businesses. >> good evening. wells fargo is facing fallout from last month's banking scandal. new checking accounts and credit card applications are down more than 25%. netflix, ibm and bank of america report earnings tomorrow, and workers at distilleries in kentucky are now on strike.


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