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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  October 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message because i won't let that happen. hi, everybody. 5:30on october 18th. this is the news on cbs4. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. we need some rain. let's get over to ashton and figure out if we could get some. >> we have a chance for seeing rain denver and the front range tonight. fort collins has a better chance than we do in the denver
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morning, bambi moss on the east side of conifer reporting 29 degrees this morning. there is definitely a chill in the air. it's about 5 degrees colder than it was yesterday. make sure the kids are prepared for that. about 40 at the bus stop this morning. but dry as we start the day. more weather coming up. let's check in with joel for your traffic. good morning. seeing it load up across the denver metro area. we have one little trouble spot and it's at 46th and lowell where the lights are un 20 days to go until election day until it is over and the final debate tomorrow. today is a big day in the presidential campaign. shawn chitness is live at the capitol now to look at who is in the state today. shawn. >> reporter: alan, it's clear that both presidential campaigns are taking colorado seriously, although the latest numbers available for what voters in colorado are saying suggest that there is one clear leader. if we look at the numbers, they
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have a lead of 47% to about 41% for donald trump, the gop nominee. clinton is not campaigning today as she prepares for the final presidential debate tomorrow. last night bernie sanders spent a second day in colorado, at cu boulder trying to get young voters excited about supporting clinton. as for donald trump, he's making two stops in our state today. he will start in colorado springs and then make his over to the western slopes speaking in grand junction later in the afternoon. that comes a day after his son, donald, jr., made two stops around the denver metro area. that nominee for the republican party has been in colorado frequently, especially as we get closer to the election. again, for now, polls showing that clinton does have a slight lead. we will see both candidates in nevada again for that third and final presidential debate. live at the state capitol,
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that final debate between clinton and trump. and our hena daniels shows us why the e-mail and lewd comment controversies are still lingering. >> hillary tonight. >> reporter: hillary clinton appeared at a star studed broadway fundraiser via video last night. >> we're in the final stretch of this campaign and we need your help. >> this shows corruption at the highest level. >> reporter: trump released a rare video message of his own on twitter, accusing the and state department of colluding with clinton. fbi documents released monday from their probe into her use of a private e-mail server suggests clinton's undersecretary, patrick kennedy, trying to get the agency to "see their way to marking an e-mail pertaining to benghazi classified in exchange
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>> any assertion this was quid proquo is insulting ." >> reporter: melania trump defended her husband's lewd comments in 2005 to billy bush about women. >> i was surprised, because he is not the man that i know. he is lead on, like egg on from the host to say dirty and bad stuff. >> reporter: campaigning in green bay, the election claims. >> people that have died 10 years ago are still voting. illegal immigrants are voting. >> reporter: despite trump's claims, most experts say voter fraud is extremely rare in the u.s. hena daniels, cbs news. >> cbs news poll out yesterday now shows clinton leading trump by 9 points across the country. 5:34, weather and traffic done here every 10 minutes on the 4's. good morning.
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windy day. gusting over 40 miles per hour at times. this morning the wind has calmed down. single digits wind speeds with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 37 in southeast aurora. 42 in arvada. 30s in the foothills. we have clear skies on top of us, with a sunrise at 7:15 this morning. we will enjoy a lot of sunshine through at least mid-morning and clouds will be on the increase. the only moisture in th and to the west of highway 13 between craig and meeker. that's where we have some rain and snow. by lunchtime today here in the metro area we'll be at 60. a high today of 65, or about 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. our cooling trend does continue. coming up we'll take a look at the weekend forecast which is looking nice. let's check in with joel. southbound coming down into town seeing more volume on this commute. still look at the cars, they're
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regular lanes of traffic. should be a good drive coming down to town. look at these drive times. speeds still into the 50s and 60s southbound coming down into town. that's 9 minutes. both directions along i-270 seeing speeds into the 60s as well. britt. thank you so much. a 64-year-old man from northern california is under arrest after a bomb was found last week outside the nederland police department. the man was tracked down through surveillance latest. >> reporter: it is being described as a sophisticated explosive device. it was found tuesday morning outside the nederland police department in a backpack. several attempts were made to detonate it with a cell phone, but it did not explode. we've learned david ansberry stayed in a nearby motel on two separate visits to the town this among. the assistant manager said -- >> "jaws on the floor and i
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people i would not have suspected this one." >> reporter: while the bomb was being examined, crews evacuated the area. the nederland police chief remembered seeing someone fitting ansberry's description nearby. >> i helped him to the cab with his bags and he was adamant about one of the bags not being touched. >> reporter: he was tracked to longmont. he was eventually tracked from nederland to midway airport in chicago, where he was arrested saturday coming off a plane. >> that was rick salinger reporting. it is still unclear in this case what the motive is. among the areas being exploreed are any possible ties to radical groups present or past or maybe disputes that happened in that area. the colorado catholic
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opposition in its attempt to build a mountain retreat and conference center. tonight at 10:00, cbs4's brian maass talked to those involved and learned the biggist issue is fire. >> reporter: its rolling forests and meadows where the archdiocese plans to build, and it's in a fire zone. >> for us it is life or death. >> reporter: they worry about visitors to this center accidently triggering a blaze. >> it's wildfire. >> reporter: the fire chief says they should be concerned. >> to protect this proposal. >> we were surprised to hear that the comments were that strong. >> watch the full story, catholic retreat concerns tonight on cbs4 news at 10:00. breaking overnight russia says russia and syria war planes will give people stuck in aleppo and syria a break from airstrikes. both say they're going to observe a humanitarian pause from 8 councilman to 4:00 p.m.
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passage out of the city. a u.s. state department spokesperson says it would be a good thing, but also a bit too little too late. latest on the advance on mosul in iraq. kurdish forces say they are holding back as iraqi army forces press ahead. the pentagon says the first day of the mosul offensive yesterday went ahead of schedule, included airstrikes and the use of heavy artillery as well as car bombs that were detonated by isis members who have now controlled mosul for largest city is expected to last weeks, maybe months. more help is on the way for fire crews battling a wildfire in southern colorado and we have learned overnight fema is now stepping in with federal funds. the junkins fire is burning near westcliffe in custer and pueblo counties. here's our mountain newsroom reporter matt kroschel. >> reporter: this morning firefighters are hoping today
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containment. right now zero percent containment. in the distance you can see the glow from those flames. more than 100 people have been evacuated. 3,000 people either evacuated or on preevacuation notice. we have been able to confirm with the custer county sheriff that several structures have burned, including at least one home. no injuries reported with this fire. it all started about 3:40 yesterday morning, and by noon it had already about 10,000 acres. crews from throughout southeastern colorado initially responding to this fire, but they are getting some backup from type one team, who is coming in to take over this fire today. we're told there will be at least four air tankers attacking this fire from above, and hand crews, the hot shot crews are en route to hopefully start making progress on a containment here. a lot of folks watching this
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thing blew up yesterday. more winds like we had yesterday with red flag warnings are expected here in the burn area. reporting near westcliffe, matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain newsroom. >> matt tells us the next update could be at 10:00 this morning. 35 degrees in denver. >> coming up, we have an earth shaking rocket launch to show you from last night. cool stuff. we'll tell you what's on board for this mission to th international space station. coach kubiak is back on the
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,, donald trump and congressman coffman
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in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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one of nasa's main delivery companies is back in action. last night was the latest launch of an unmanned antares rocket. >> three, two, one. >> first launch of the orbital atk's antares rocket since the october 14th blast that wrecked the pad and destroyed everything on the space station this one went off without issues. it will delivery 5,000 pounds of food and research items. one will be used to research flames in space. let's get over to weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. what's behind you? >> no flames in space, but i have something almost as cool. the noon is 92% full and you
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all of colorado, look southwest. the moon will be visible until about sunrise, at about 7:15 this morning. a chill in the air for denver and the eastern plains. most mountain areas are 20 to 30 degrees colder than yesterday. that's especially true for the western mountains closer to grand junction this morning. we're going to get up to 70 out west today. 60s here along the front range. 60s for the most part on the eastern plains. down to the southeast our lamar, we know you watch, we appreciate it, 90s yesterday, 70s today. so big change for you. doppler 4000 showing just a little bit of rain and snow in northwest colorado. up along highway 13 between craig and meeker. that's where the snow is located. it's not much, but a little bit of a dusting possible there. northern california, there is a low pressure system that's going to make its way to the east very quickly over the next 24 hours. it's going to move basically
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the far northern stretches of the state have the best chance for rain and snow. 3:00this afternoon, rain and snow for the northern mountains. 10:00tonight, snow along i-70 through eagle and summit counties. from fort collins to the north, up to cheyenne and laramie, that's where the best opportunity for rain will be tonight. 20% chance for denver, i'd say closer to 50 or 60% for fort collins coming up tonight. we could all use the rain. let's hope we get some. 65 today. 58 tomorrow course, 60s thursday, 70s friday. and we'll hang onto 70s with sunshine for the weekend. it's time to check the traffic. this scene will look a lot different than tonight and overnight. nice dry conditions now. you may see delays along the mountain drive this morning, especially to the eisenhower tunneling. they've been doing work. it's a good reminder to make sure your car is winter driving ready. southbound coming into town, about 9 minutes from 120th to i- 70.
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270. mountain drive we were talking about, and you have the road work there to the eisenhower and johnson tunnels. across the denver metro area, lights malfunctioning lowell and 46. otherwise, a lot of green, at or near posted speed limits. look at the drive times both directions along i-70 from i-25 out to i-225. we have speeds in the 50s and 60s. joel, thanks a lot. broncos have had a little bit of extra time to get ready for the return of brock oz wilier to at home monday night. romi bean is here to talk about the next round of team challenges and one positive note, romi, maybe positive, the coach is back but i bet he had things to say. >> coach is back and he had to take care of work. kubiak was back at work monday morning, and a laundry list of things greeted him. he did not travel to san diego
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with kubiak back, the broncos look to right thing against osweiler on monday night football. >> we got to play better. i would say the last -- i told the players today, last two games for us looked a lot alike, unfortunately. slow starting football games. we corrected ourselves defensively, played well in the second half. offensively been struggling. struggling up front, a bunch of penalties. we got to play better. that's the nfl. four weeks we had it don't. >> to get back on track the broncos need to focus on improving in three areas. first offensive line. this was their top priority in the off season. but they have lost their early season momentum. especially in the run game. broncos haven't topped 100 yards rushing since their week two win over indianapolis. they've been held to fewer than
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allowed 12 sacks in the last three games. trouble spot number two, while the broncos' defense is ranked number four in total defense, and number one against the past, how they open games have been a concern. they've allowed five of their six opponents to score on their first possession. as a result, their defense has surrendered 31 first drive points. last season just 24 points on their opponent's first positions in 16 games. kubiak said, that's just not what we're about. trouble spot number three is something the broncos will have to deal with until they can make opponents stop. their defense has had trouble defending opposing runningbacks and tight ends in the passing game. opponents have chosen to avoid what many in the league consider to be the best group of cornerbacks we know as the
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instead, they've isolated linebackers davis. broncos have returneded 304 passing yards and two touchdowns on throws to backs and tight ends in the last two games. there you have it. if they can clean up those three items they should avoid their first 3-game losing streak since 2011 when tim tebow was quarterback. >> was he pretty upset when he came back? >> he was. someone said it really great, like when kids have then dad comes back and he's ready to take care of business. his voice was hoarse during the interview, and a couple of people asked if he was feeling sick. he said, no, i think i've been doing a lot of hollering this morning. taking care of business. >> oh, boy. parents are out of town and the kids party. but the party is over, people. >> right, parents are back. >> not a bad thing. >> romi, thanks a lot. you can hear more from romi again on thursday on cbs4's morning news here.
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welcome back. time for weather and traffic on
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moon over denver this morning. it's about 92% full. it is definitely lighting up the sky here early this morning, prior to sunrise. our cbs4 weather watchers up early, including peter on the northwest side of elbert county. peter is reporting 35. there is definitely a chill in the air. right here in town bus stop temperatures closer to 40. if you're in the out lying areas obviously chillier. all of us about 5 degrees colder than yesterday at this but it will stay dry at the bus stop this morning. it's tonight when we have the chance for seeing some rain along with mountain snow. we'll talk about that in just a moment. now let's get a check on the traffic. here's joel. good morning. we're crash and stall-free this morning. how about that? that's leading to good speeds. this is i-70 and 32nd. a little bit of volume related slowing as you head either direction, or both directions along i-70 making your way into town from the west.
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from wadsworth to i-25, average speed 70 miles per hour. thanks, joel. scientists have long suspected an ultraviolet glow existed on mars. >> here's our hena daniels. >> reporter: this is the mars no human has ever seen before. nasa scientists are giving us the first look at the red planet's fableed night glow, taken from the maven spacecraft. >> maven is filling a gap in really very little idea of how the upper -- atmosphere operated. >> reporter: it is caused by chemical reactions that start during the day and settle close to the surface at night, releasing extra energy that comes out as ultraviolet light. >> mars appears to me all of the conditions required for life or to have met them at the surface in the past. >> reporter: this as private
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own race to space. last month elon musk announced he hopes to launch a a spacecraft to mars by 2018. >> to make mars possible, as they it's something we can do. >> reporter: scientists say his pictures bring us one step closer to understanding the martian atmosphere, climate and weather patt 35 degrees in denver this morning. >> also feels like tuesday. here's what's still ahead. shawn. >> reporter: a day before the final presidential debate. both campaigns are making sure they get noticed in colorado. we'll have more in a live report. >> reporter: a hearing will be set this morning that will decide the fate of the two girls that are involved in plotting an attack against mountain vista high school, it will make a huge difference in
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are battling a big fast moving wildfire. people are evacuated as thousands of acres have already burned. a man arrested in california for allegedly planting a bomb outside the nederland police department. what happened in this arrest and how law enforcement tracked him down. >> reporter: also ahead, your morning orange juice is getting
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hi, everyone. this is the news at 6:00 a.m. more than 100 homes are under
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and colorado attracts the political spotlight again. donald trump is popping into a couple of cities today. we are live with what's on his agenda as we are now less than three weeks out to election day. good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. we are expecting some much needed rain. let's get over to ashton and figure out where this is all going to hit today. good morning. >> good morning to you, britt. hi alan and good tuesday morning, everybody. there is a chance for seeing rain coming up tonight. but i'm afraid the best chance is going to northern colorado, not in the southern part of the state, where we really need that rain near the fire burning near pueblo. wind speeds are much, much lighter this morning than they were yesterday afternoon. we had gusts over 30 miles per hour yesterday. single digits wind speeds. but it is chilly. 30s and 40s across town now. your full fiveday4cast is coming up. let's get a check on the traffic with joel. good morning.


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