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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  October 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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last night's game ball. >> what a victory it was. but it was marred by an accident after a fan falls several stories at mile high stadium. thank you for joining us. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. broncos in first place this morning. everything looks better. as mondays go, that was a great one. nice weather day as well, maying today won't be as warm but it's the final week of october. this feels more like the end of august in terms of where the numbers are. we are in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees and there is some rain on the western slope. it is moving east. we'll show you the timing and the full forecast coming up. we have a two car accident
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parkway. it's off to the far right shoulder. we are following another accident southbound i-25 at i- 76 and blocking the left lane. thank you very much. expecting an update today on a a person who fell last night at mile high stadium. shawn chitnis is live with what we know this morning. >> reporter: good morning. most fans were celebrating that win but of course a scary situation when one fans had a fall at the stadium. we are told denver fire responded to calls about someone calling around 9:40 p.m., about an hour after the game was over. very little has been confirmed but we are told that person fell several stories and this may have happened by gate 5 at the stadium on the north side of the building a little bit
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there were crews responding last night and denver health says they had one person taken to the hospital for injuries from a fall. that's all we know about the victim or their condition. again, this sounds like it was a significant fall but we don't know how serious those injuries are. we should learn later today from the hospital or fire department. shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. >> the broncos tied with the raiders for first place. we'll look at the next matchup coming up in a few minutes. new from overnight, four people are dead after an accident at a theme park in australia. two men and two women were on the thunder river rapids ride when something apparently malfunctioned. the meme who died are believed to be in their 30s or 40s. neighbors say it will draw
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cause fires. the local fire department confirms this area is the highest risker for fire danger along the front range. this morning there's a hearing to see if the catholic archdiocese can construct a retreat in jefferson county. >> reporter: this is expected to be a well attended meeting with a lot of vocal opposition on this subject, including from the local fire chief. he's risker area in the front range and says a blaze could be unstoppable. this area has seen destructive fires in recent years, including the buffalo creek and high meadow fires. the chief is urging county commissioners to kill the proposal. the plans for the religious retreat would include a conference center with a lodge, cabins and a youth center which would host thousands of
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people that want to create a fire risk and say they plan to implement a mitigation plan. unfortunately the subject of its last retreat all comes up, the allen's park building that burned down five years ago in an accidental fire. 8:30 a.m. the commissioner will decide if they can rezone this 250 acres jamie leary, cbs 4 morning news. weather and traffic every ten minutes. ashton, i know you're ready this morning. >> good morning, everybody. doppler showing some rain on the western slope, including telluride and durango. friends around durango, we appreciate that because you have some lightning on the east
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rumble of thunder down your way. we'll see snow in the high country today but with these unusually warm october temperatures, the snow level will be high. it's at least 10,000 feet, could be higher than that. bus stop this morning, mostly cloudy and mild, 50 degrees. so a light jacket but certainly don't have to bundle the kids up this morning. let's get the roads this morning. take a look, southbound i- 25, we have two cars off to the right shoulder there causing delays. police have not arrived yet, so be aware of that. farther outat i-76, we have the left shoulder blocked off.
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10 minutes thornton to denver, averaging 50 across that whole stretch. looking west at the headlights making their way into town, they are cooperating nicely. southbound along i-225 and eastbound c-470 as well. tonight crews [ laughter ] a full closure between the northbound i-25 on and off mp this is part of the ongoing bridge work there. could see restrictions on arapahoe as well. new this morning, the person who shot and injured a man in denver is on the run this morning. that happened last night in the parking lot of the fairways center strip mall on dartmouth. the victim was taken to the hospital and police are looking for a black man in his 20s seen wearing a dark hoodie and light colored pants.
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a reward to help find people who killed a dispensary guard. two people entered the green heart dispensary on june and shot and killed travis mason. the reward is up to $50,000. police showed two men fully clothed and covered. one man wore red converse shoes and the other had gray sneakers with blue laces. mike pence is getting re for another colorado visit, holding a rally tomorrow night at the colorado springs events center. it should start around 7:00. donald trump is holding rallies in florida today, fighting back against the latest woman accusing him of sexual
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>> hillary clinton will also be in the sunshine state today after blasting trump in new hampshire. >> this is someone who roots for failure. >> reporter: a new poll shows trump trailing by 5 points nationally among likely voters. time for the broncos to have another shot at the chargers. denver is 5-2 ahead to san diego sunday. that 2:05 game is here on cbs 4 4. new video this morning shows a special moment in the locker
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the players. >> welcome back, coach! >> here is my speech. i'll take it. >> game ball to the coach. the team is looking to sunday's home game. . >> denver broncos offensive line got the push and c.j. did the rest. get that right foot in the ground and making safety cory moore miss the tackle. >> the broncos improve to 5-2 and the denver defense holding osweiler to under 100 yards passing until little in the fourth quarter.
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anderson and booker both finished with season highs and the broncos had a season high 190 total yards. that's a big reason they improved to 5-2. >> we complemented each other well tonight. just him going in there, running hard, then i come in as a change of pace and run it hard again. just breaking the defense down. they're thinking since he's running hard, i'm going to come in and run soft but it's the same way. >> i've ability and run through things. just feels good to be fresh. that's how i look at it. me and book, if we can keep this one-two punch thing going and help our defense out, we can go as far as we want to. >> good to see them get it going. >> after losing to the
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days until san diego comes to down. next up on the cbs 4 morning news, a new concern when it comes to the defective
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when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open
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it is 53 degrees in denver. is this august? that's normally where we're at late summer, not the end of october.
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from turning into snow as the moisture moves over the high country. above 10,000 feet, could be a little snow and minor accumulation but not much. it's raining in the mountains surrounding telluride and durango right now. moderate to heavy rain in grand junction earlier. as this moisture tries to move into eagle and summit counties, we could see that tr snow over 10,000 feet. starting at 7:00 a.m., you can see all the moisture stops short of moving into the metro area. there could be a rain drop along the front range but we're not going to get widespread measurable rainfall today. by 4:00 p.m., still some rain and snow in the mountains. tonight dry air returns and we're dry through the rest of
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72 in boulder later on, 74 here in denver. tomorrow 73, close to 80 on thursday and highs staying in the 70s for the weekend. we have had a couple trouble spots this morning. one at 92nd with police on the scene here close to town, we have speeds in the 40s and 30s. we have a pair of accidents here slowing things down. the average speed not bad, into the 50s. as you get along i-25 southbound, closer to i-70, you have cars packing together and that will lead to slower speeds. that will develop around the stadium curve as well.
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turn yellow. we'll start to see average speeds dip, right now into the 50s. we'll see speeds dipping into the 20s and 30s shortly. we are expecting an update this morning on the volkswagen emissions case and what colorado based chipotle is saying about the big avocado shortage. hannah daniels is live at the new s morning. >> reporter: the ex-wife of subway spokesman jared fogle is suing subway, claiming company executives knew act his sexual interest in children but did nothing about it. fogel is serving 16 years in prison. the suit didn't specify a dollar amount. and a judge in san francisco
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scandal. the $15 billion deal would give most affected car owners the option of having volkswagen buy back their vehicles. and there is a shortage of avocados so prices have doubled, leaving some restaurants to strike it from the menu. chipotle says the chain will not run out and prices won't up. a grower strike in mexico actually led to that shortage. a search is underway in oklahoma city for a man accused of killing two family members and shooting two police officers. police are searching for 38- year-old michael vance. investigators say he shot one officer in the foot and another in the leg on sunday night before taking off in a patrol
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convenience store yesterday. new this morning, safety regulators say owners of older hondas and acuras are not getting the message about defective takata air bags. regulators say they have a high chance of rupturing and causing injuries or death. the world series kicks off tonight in cleveland. fa see the team beat the indians and claim their first championship since 1908. the indians haven't won the
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it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
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. >> reporter: it was a big night for the broncos running game, booker and anderson both having season highs and all of a sudden everything is well and good here in bronco country. >> everything was clicking today. you know, it was a good day today. i said it week one up here and week two, our whole thing is to be consistent. what we did tonight, we have to
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try to keep going and keep grinding and focus the way we want to. >> just went out there, running our butt off. >> just breaking the defense down. they're thinking since he runs hard, i'm going to come in and run soft but it's the same thing. >> reporter: a lot of guys said they had fresh legs days off. now it will be a quick turn around as the broncos hope for revenge on san diego sunday afternoon here at mile high. time for weather and traffic and checking the travel forecast. beautiful shot from the east coast, washington, d.c., where it's 48 degrees. but the western slope of colorado, there will be some
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talking about. more on that coming up. pacific northwest in good shape, dallas to 81 today, miami and orlando both 80 and all major airports across the country are in good shape. take a look at i-70 near havana. look at all the headlights. we'll check speeds here in a moment. we have a couple accidents southbound coming into one at 92nd on the right shoulder, the other on the left shoulder at 76. we have a lot of volume out there u not too bad. both directions of i-70 right now with speeds in the 50s. indians and cubs open the
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lifelong cubs fan. this picture of her reacting to the cubs went viral over the weekend. she's not been this excited since that time she saw shiny balloons. you can enter to win tickets to roger waters on june 3rd at the pepsi center. we are giving away ten pairs of tickets and a grand prize ing the show. log on to for a chance to win. >> coming up this morning, a dim view of headlights in many pickup trucks, only one rated as good.
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,, a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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we are looking ahead to with the chargers. good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. it's a great morning to be a broncos fan, ashton. >> it feels more like late summer with temperatures in the 60s around town. you'll need that jacket but you can leave the parka at home this morning. live look at the state house
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about 21 minutes after 7:00. again, it is mild today. cooler on the eastern plains, limon with 45. the snow level will stay very high. we have moisture moving into the mountains but it's mainly going to be rain. more on that plus the halloween outlook, coming up. i- flashing lights here in the northbound direction. they are off to the side of the highway there searching down below. the right lane, right shoulder is blocked and looks like a portion of the center right lane is blocked as well. we'll continue to follow this and get more information. new overnight, a man is dead after crashing into a pole around 2:00 a.m.
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completely destroyed. police say the driver was speeding. one person was taken to the hospital last night after a big fall at mile high stadium. shawn chitnis is live with more this morning. >> reporter: hopefully we'll learn more. at this point we know it was definitely a scary situation, happening as many people were denver first responders got the call and came to the scene last night. they are saying at this point that person fell several stories by gate 5 at the stadium, on the north side of the building slightly toward the east. there were emergency crews responding last night and they were able to quickly clear the scene here.
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with injuries after a fall at mile high but they can't tell us any more about the victim or their condition. so we don't have a sense of how serious those injuries are yet. hopefully the hospital or fire department can tell us more about that later today. shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. police have charged two 16- year-old boys with murder and attempted robbery. they were accused of killing a father and popular chef, 33- year-old nick lewis, shot to death october 1st. he was a single father of an 8- year-old boy and worked at degenerative's blackbird public house. the prices under the affordable care act are jumping an average of 25% across
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this map shows the highest increases, some plans skyrocketing by about 40%. there are several reasons for the increase in obamacare, including the rising cost of health care. political factors and insurance carriers are leaving colorado. >> there are some counties where there is only one carriere comparison shopping anymore. the danger with the price increases is that people are just going to say you know, i can't afford it. >> it's estimated 92,000 people will need a new insurance plan for 2017 in colorado. 6:34, weather and traffic
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great forecast. good morning. >> good morning. lots of questions recently about why we have been so dry and so warm. as we look live outside, it's another mainly dry day for us. we could see a rain drop in denver but that's it. temperatures stay above normal and this is why. it's the position of the jet stream. normally by the end of october the jet stream is over colorado or farther we have a little upper level weather disturbance riding along the jet, and that's why we have rain on the western slope this morning. typically whenever systems come in from the west, it doesn't mean precipitation. it is that time of year. of course in san juan, some rain and snow very high up
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i-70, rainmaking its way toward eagle. vail will likely see snow as well. again, the snow level will stay very high for this time of year, generally above 10,000 feet. noon, some rain and snow in the mountains. 4:00 p.m., precipitation is winding down. can't rule out a shower making its way east over the front range. tonight skies clear out and tomorrow sunshine statewide. temperatures in the 50s, even 60s around denver, 64 boulder and 45 in greeley. later today we're in the 70s from the front range. 74 in denver, just a small chance of showers. tomorrow 73, near 80 for thursday, then friday and saturday we're sunny and dry. broncos on sunday kickoff temperature around 75 against the chargers. we have a traffic alert we are following, northbound i-25 at castle rock.
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out of castle rock, take a look. the right lane and center right lane are closed after reports of a grass fire. you see the flashlights out there working to put that out. this is northbound i-25 as you get to happy canyon now. we have quite a bit of volume thatoi southbound 225 we'll see some slowing. trouble spot southbound 25 at i- 76, that's off to the left shoulder. southbound coming into town, speeds dipping down in the 40s. 10 minutes on the drive
6:38 am
northbound 225, speeds dipping into the 30s. if you're traveling in the high country or eastbound i-70 coming back into town, plan for delays today near idaho springs. this is going to last from 8:00 in the morning to 7:00 tonight. the closure is going to continue tomorrow then again on thursday. >> weeks to contain the wildfire burning southwest of pueblo. the junkins fire started a week ago and has destroyed 9 homes and 18,000 acres. investigators say a downed power line started the blaze which is now 50% contained. new this morning, we are getting a look at the man accused of shooting someone in the chest in denver.
6:39 am
any arrests but officers released these surveillance pictures. the accused shooter was seen leaving in a four door sedan, possibly a toyota camry. nhtsa looked at 11 of the most popular pickups and 7 of them earned the lowest score of poor with this video compares the honda ridgeline to the chevy colorado. the honda was the only good rating. >> some headlights even properly aimed are not going to provide a wide enough distribution of light across the road to allow drivers to see where they need to. >> most of the vehicles also had headlights rated as poor.
6:40 am
switzerland. the car rolled from the shoulder, crossed the highway, then decided to come back. it eventually rolled over as the guy was in hot pursuit there. there it goes right into that sign there. he pulled over to talk to a truck driver and the car just kept ongoing. >> was it one of those self- driving cars? >> apparently. allegiant direct flights from dia to telluride. the a line is wrapping one of the commuter cars as the telluride ski train. should look pretty cool. right now warm weather has ski resorts struggling to make snow for the season. arapahoe basin opened one run on friday.
6:41 am
couple weeks. started early october, off owe to a great start. battling warm temperatures unfortunately. the next 8 to 10 days isn't looking great so we're sort of in a holding pattern. >> keystone plans to open november 4th. coming up this morning, a deadly accident in an australian theme park. and we are hearing from some of the people who were there. >> and doctors deliver a texas >> and the broncos beat the
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,, ,,
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,, it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president.
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. time for weather and traffic this mild tuesday morning. temperatures in the denver area are in the upper 50s and lower 60s right now, 62 in highlands ranch, 60 in golden. calendar says october 25th but it feels like late summer with these temperatures this morning. this afternoon we're in the 70s. there is a slight chan you can see a lot of rain on the western slope. that will translate to minor mountain snow today but nothing for denver. let's check traffic. couple of trouble spots out there. northbound 225 at 17th, this is kind of our closest camera here. you can see the slowing behind it. that's reflected in the speeds, northbound 225 from mississippi to i-70 average speed in the 20s.
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now. broncos look to get back on track with a run game and quarterback who's more successful than brock osweiler. >> the team is 5-2 and the players are happy to have coach kubiak back. >> welcome back, coach! >> speech! speech! >> here is my teach. i'll take it. fami one, two, three! >> not a long speech. >> so good to see him back. >> looks good and healthy. he looks happy. >> denver broncos coach kubiak promised all week the broncos could and would run the ball better, and if they did, the offense would shake loose. kubiak kept his promise and
6:47 am
broncos got a season high 190 yards rushing on their way to the victory monday night. for a team that hadn't rushed for 90 yards in any of the previous games, this was just what they needed. >> i'm proud of them because i asked them to do some things for me over the course of the last 10, 11 days, regroup ourselves a little bit. we have to do that in league sometimes. they did. they responded. you could tell they're locked in, ready to play. >> c.j. anderson had 107 yards rushing and a touchdown, and now has 8 touchdowns in his last six prime time games. monday's win was hisser first 100-yard rushing game before halloween in his career.
6:48 am
83 yards to go with his first career touchdown. anderson said he likes the one- two punch thing he has with booker. the broncos defense spoiled osweiler's return to denver, forcing two fumbles. the texans tried to get the ball out of his hands as quick as possible to keep him out warm's way. the broncos sacked osweiler just once. but the texans couldn't move the ball much and osweiler finished with 137 yards in 41 attempts, which is the lowest total by any quarterback in the league since 2003 in a game with 40 or more passing
6:49 am
weeks after losing in san diego. this they will meet in denver and hope they use the home field advantage. >> that will be a tough game but a good one. >> i love c.j.'s touchdown, just kept going. where you going? . >> and check out our online . today jefferson county leaders could make a decision about a proposed retreat. the archdiocese of denver wants to build a retreat in the foothills and some worry it could increase the fire danger
6:50 am
vote on this plan this morning. our investigation uncovered the plans including a conference center with a lodge, cabins and a youth center on a 250-acre parcel of land. the community is extremely fearful because this area has seen significant fires over the years, including the buffalo creek and high meadow fires. the local fire chief is urging commissioners to kill the prop highest fire risk area on the front range and said a blaze would be unstoppable. a mitigation plan could help but the subject of its previous retreat in allen's park, which burned down five years ago in an accidental fire. the hearing is set to occur at 8:30 this morning, at which
6:51 am
will decide if they can convert the 250-acre parcel of land into something that's usable for this retreat. we'll continue to follow the story for you. jamie leary, cbs 4 morning news. new from overnight, a tragic accident at a popular amusement park on australia's east coast. four people died when the thunder river rapids ride malfunctioned. >> a lot of people got trapped under. >> he then turned around and saw a ride flip. all the kids were screaming. >> two people were ejected from the ride and two others were caught inside of it. all four were in their 30s and 40s. the park says they are working as quickly as possible to find out what went wrong.
6:52 am
pat murray woke up to bullet holes sunday morning. this area has been known for drug use and homeless shelters. murphy wonders if police are doing enough to fight crime in the neighborhood. >> i would like to see police get out of their trucks and get out of their cars and get out and talk to people more. i think that would help a lot. >> police say they are looking into the weekend shooting and say the neighborhood receives extra attention to handle and alcohol offenses. wildlife officers could soon euthanize more mountain lions and black bears in colorado. they are considering a predator control plan which could take effect in winter. it calls for killing up to 15 more mountain lions and 25 more bears a year. wildlife officers would
6:53 am
after a man in park county. paramedics posted this picture. the man says he was scouting for an upcoming trip when the bear knocked him to the ground and attacked. he managed to break free and wildlife officers took dna samples to his clothing to track that animal. happening today, a new person takes control of the general john braman will take over at peterson air force base. an incredible story this morning, a mother in texas with a wonderful story to share. doctors delivered her baby not once but twice. at 23 weeks, the baby underwent a crucial surgery to remove a tumor. doctors delivered the baby for
6:54 am
her to her mother's womb, who remained on bedrest for 12 weeks before delivering the baby through c-section. >> how exciting it is that she's not only made it through but has done so well. we are very thankful for the doctors. >> he recovered wonderfully and the family is now enjoying life at home. >>od you can see the cloud cover we have on top of us because of a quick moving upper level disturbance that's bringing rain to the western slope of colorado. it will bring rain and snow to the mountains today but little to no rain for denver. we haven't seen rain in more than two weeks, below normal here. for the season we are about an inch and a quarter below
6:55 am
getting. everybody needs the rain so in this a good thing. rainmaking its way into eagle county this morning, eagle just starting to see a few rain drops. it will move toward vail next. snow levels will stay high with the warm temperatures, snow level around 10,000 feet. this is 4:00 p.m. on the futurecast, still some rain in the high country at that point and maybe a renegade rain drop for boulder and the front range. we don't anticipate much. this system is moving quickly east of us. we have 59 at dia and 64 in boulder right now. feels like a late summer
6:56 am
today we're back in the 70s in the front range, almost 80 in the southeast. 73 tomorrow, then thursday almost 80. friday and the weekend we're in the 70s, including for broncos and the chargers. joel? i-25 and colorado, this has been a good drive this morning around town. we have a couple trouble spots we are watching. northbound 225 at 17th here, the camera sort of pointed to the side. but you can see the slow traffic there. northbound along i-225 from mississippi to i-70, that's 15 minutes with speeds in the teens. eastbound 6th avenue, wreck at wadsworth. earlier southbound along i-25 close to i-76, looks like new
6:57 am
down. >> a lot to talk about. but everybody is going to be ,,
6:58 am
,, ,, ,,
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erspective, we feel that often washington is removed from what we need. senator bennet is different. michael bennet has been at the ready and always willing to listen. when the federal government wanted to increase grazing fees, senator bennet stepped up and helped put a stop that. he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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good morning. it is tuesday, october 25, 2016. welcome to cbs "this morning." just two weeks to go until election day. hillary clinton shifts her strategy to focus more donald trump launches his own nightly website. posting live videos on the run. oklahoma a hunt for a man also accused of wounding two police officers. and accident on a river raft kills two people at australia's biggest theme park. >> we begin with today's


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