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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  October 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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hi, everybody. good thursday to you. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. we're starting off with breaking news that could affect your morning drive. a water main break has parts of wadsworth closed down. >> cbs4's jamie leary is live from that area. want to get a picture of what's happening and this could cause traffic troubles and something to talk about, jamie. >> reporter: most definitely. we're near wadsworth and bay ott. we're looking at dozens of cones, probably a block in length along wadsworth. it appears they've had a temporary solution. you can see there's still a few
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directions on wadsworth. anybody that drives wadsworth is going to experience some traffic. they do every morning during rush hour and this is just going to make it that much more difficult. now what we're working to figure out is exactly how long the cones have been up. this looks like a temporary solution. they cheer have more work -- clearly have more work to do. it's a long section of roadway blocked off, on th lane, both directions of wadsworth. as traffic builds up you'll want to make extra time getting to work. we're going to continue to look into this and figure out how long this blockage will be here. live in lakewood, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. >> thanks a lot. we're also dealing with the possibility of hitting record- breaking heat. unbelievable considering it's october, right? >> this october is incredible. ashton has been telling us
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now. >> today and tomorrow. the record high temperature is 80 both days. that record will be challenged both days. it's relatively mild outside now for a late october morning. 46 degrees. sun will be up later on, 7:23. once again we'll get to enjoy a lot of sunshine. temperatures are cold in the mountains. 20s and 30s there. 33 avon. all of us in the metro area are starting the day above normal and that's the way we'll be day long. few clouds on the western slope. overall we anticipate mostly sunny skies for denver and the front range. by 9:00 a.m., 55. lunchtime, 74. there it is, 81 for your high temperature today, the record for this date is 80. that is record-breaking heat we're looking at for this afternoon. i think we'll do it again tomorrow. let's check in on your traffic with joel. couple of trouble spots and we'll be talking about that
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i want to show you i-270 and vasquez. earlier accident, you can see the icon. can't spot it on the cameras, it's probably cleared out of the way. great drive i-225, i-25 in arapahoe. slowing c-470 near 285 near the hog back. this is where jamie was reporting. northbound along wadsworth is blocked off. one lane that gets through. might be easier to take alameda to sheridan or kipling. farther up wadsworth a motorcyclist is dead in a crash that happened in arvada last night. you can see the mangled bike on wadsworth and 48th. police say a car and motorcycle collided. there is nothing out yet on what led up to that crash. this is the news in campaign 2016.
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across the battleground states. trump will spend his day in ohio and clinton will campaign with first lady michelle obama in north carolina. hena daniels follows up with both campaigns. >> had i been president, captain khan would be alive today. >> reporter: in an interview with abc news, donald trump used the memory of a fallen muslim american soldier to attack hillary clinton's support of the iraq war. >> we made a mistake in going in, and hillary clinton made a terrible mistake in the way they took us out. >> reporter: captain khan's father blasted trump's remarks as cruel. stumping for country for the first time in virginia, the gold star father took aim at the republican nominee's temperament. >> time after time this candidate has proven to be unfit, unworthy of this office. >> reporter: at her rally on
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hillary clinton hammered trump for taking time off the campaign to attend his opening of his new hotel. >> he once again relied on undocumented workers, the same people he has been insulting and demonizing throughout this campaign. >> reporter: in north carolina trump fired back. >> we're out working, there are many more stops and everything. don't go home. she's home all the time. >> reporter: a national poll out wednesday shows clinton with a 9-point lead over trump. but trump's camp insists he can make up ground. trump campaigns today in ohio. hena daniels, cbs news. the latest batch of wikileaks e-mails hacked from the clinton campaign allegedly
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foreign money to the clinton -- latest notification we've been following, jury selection continues today for the so- called screen robbers. our lauren dispirito reports. >> reporter: last fall police say three men carried out a terrifying crime spree that included robbing two lakewood banks, jumping counters and they tried to get away, and they carried out two carjackings, shot two more meme and punched a woman in the face. the suspects became known as the scream robbers, for the masks they wore, even one landing on the fbi's most wanted list before being caught. foul those suspects -- now those suspects will stand trial. they face dozens of charges
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kidnapping, and aggravated robbery. dna evidence and witness testimony link the three to the crimes. the defense will argue there are inconsistencies in those arguments. 200 people have been summoned for jury selection. the trial is expected to last six weeks. >> opening statements are set to begin on monday. has tesla turned a corner on profil apple's fancy ear buds aren't quite ready for a wider market. >> new ways to earn cash from microsoft. jill wagner is live from the floor of the new york stock exchange for us this morning. hi, jill. >> reporter: good morning, britt and alan. today is the busiest day of earning seasons. yesterday the dow rose 30 points. nasdaq lost 33.
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tesla shares are soaring. tesla says it's still on track to deliver its lower priced models the end of next we're. apple is delaying the release of their wireless head phones. they were supposed to go on sale this month. no word when they'll be available. microsoft will pay up to $650 for anyone who trades up a mac book pro or air for one of microsofne or surface pros. microsoft rolled out the new devices this week. britt and alan. >> fancy looking stuff. jill, thank you very much. we appreciate you waking up with us. 48 degrees this morning in denver. we have new details about something in baby formulas that can help your baby's immune system. people in ever green say enough of illegal dumping on a treasured mountain road.
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donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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welcome back, everyone. this is the news in health formula can help their immune systems. scientists say a new ingredient added to them helps support immune systems much like breast fed babies. the study finds breast milk is best for babies, but formulas that add the special prebiotics provides more immune health benefits. a new study recommends screening children in order to save their parents from heart
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condition. if it's found in the child, it means one of their parents carries the gene as well. a tool can help doctors predict whether a victim with a traumatic injury will survive. researchers developed the tool based on things they found were associated with survival. it has a 96% accuracy. the big story today will be the heat, today and to weekend with the broncos game, halloween monday. ashton has been talking about what's going to happen. holy cow. >> indeed, a lot to talk about. definitely warm temperatures -- >> ashton, your mic may be off. >> hang on. there we go. it's thursday and on thursdays we wear microphones. our normal high this time of year, 61. record for this date is 80.
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forecast for today, 81 where we anticipate being. a record high for today. we anticipate the same thing happening again tomorrow. temperatures are in the 40s now all around the metro area. 20s and 30s in the colorado high country. temperatures later on 60s for the most part in the mountains and we're talking upper 70s to around 80 degrees on the eastern plains. it will be a warm day. unusually warm day state-wide. clouds on the western slope this morning. big ridge of high pressure you can see the arc with the cloud cover from northern california where there's a lot of rain to missouri. this is typical for september. not typical for the end of october. that is why we expect record territory today and tomorrow with 81 this afternoon and 82 coming up tomorrow. mid-70s for the upcoming weekend and it looks great for the broncos game sunday afternoon. kickoff, 2:05. 75 degrees. that's a look at your weather.
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good morning, ashton. we got a couple of trouble spots, along i-70 and i-270, and the camera not showing any new accidents, but the road sensor data and incident data is returning a new accident. it's not causing delays, but there it is there. another one i-270 and vasquez. slowing along c-470 as they do the paving operations. plan ahead. lakewood here, we have closures northbound along wadsworth at bayoud. take kidnap i think or sheridan to get around that. shouldn't be too big of a detour. heads up can save you a lot of time. we have new images of a pair of thieves who ripped off a trailer. police put out these pictures yesterday. they say they used a car to steal a utility trailer from a parking garage on rampart way near quebec. this happened monday.
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information that might lead to an arrest. detectives are looking for this man in a strange attack on people who wouldn't help him commit crimes, police say. they say he walked into the 7- eleven on alameda last week and asked several people to help him steal cars from a local dealership. they refused, and police say he threw hot coffee at the clerk and maceed a customer. an update now on the junkins fire in contained. more than 17,000 acres have burned east of westcliffe. firefighters don't expect full containment until next month. the flames have already destroyed nine homes and a downed utility pole ignited that blaze. it's not the place you'd expect a lot of trash and old appliances to pile up, but that's what's happening along the scenic pass outside of evergreen. some people are saying enough
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yesterday to check on what they're doing about the problem. >> reporter: it's one of colorado's scenic highways and now squaw pass road is being tarnished. >> you think wow, what a beautiful road, until you go to the side of a parking area and look down over the embankment and see all the garbage. >> reporter: evergreen resident tim egan noticed ago. >> i looked over and saw it was full of garbage. i thought, i can't let this lie. >> reporter: wednesday, he and his fellow rotary members organized a cleanup of the area with volunteers and police, fire and forest services. they collected truck loads of debris. >> we had a fridge, remnants of carpeting, bottles, cans, food
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commerce president says the people caught dumping on forest service land face a heavy penalty. >> this is not okay. once you cross the line into clear creek county it's a thousand fine. >> reporter: it could also come with 30 days in jail. tim egean has a message. >> we all live here for the beauty of colorado, and to see something like that that is totally disrespectful for we live, it's shocking. >> reporter: tim says after he and his fellow volunteers clean up this area they would like to go to other areas of colorado to clean up. in evergreen, tom mustin, cbs4 news. world series last night. even 1-1 after this. cubs took the w last night against the indians. it was the first win in a fall
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they'd like to get used to this. they won 5-1. both take a break today. the series heads from cleveland to chicago for game three of that series tomorrow night at 6:00. >> they're tied, it's getting real. the denver nuggets take their first win on the road against the new orleans pelicans. nuggets had five players in double figures, including galo. their home opener is this 7:00. michael spencer has more on sports. next man up, devontae booker, we are looking at you. cj anderson missed practice yesterday after getting a second opinion on his knee. if he can't go, book will be in. the dude is as fast as can be.
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season in pass protection, but improved there. probably would have preferred to get him involved without an injury to cj, but they have confidence in the rookie. >> obviously book would start. how much can he handle, what kind of load can he handle, it's up to him. he's been growing. been chomping for an opportunity, we'll see. >> book is a stud and has been running well the last couple of weeks. hopefully we get cj in book. >> nuggets winners in their season opener. they beat new orleans last
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,, this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing, scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message
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at ikea, we believe that everything - from your lamp to your couch - should work as hard as you do.
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rifice everything but a good night sleep. and we believe your furniture should last happily ever after. make the dream yours with ikea. mike coffman, endorsed by the denver post. he's "a consistent warrior" who "took action against his party's presidential nominee," donald trump, and has "urged republicans to stop stalling on immigration reform." mike coffman. "reliable." a "leader." unlike morgan carroll, "disingenuous" and "partisan." "if we're ever to see gridlock reduced in congress, we need more representatives like coffman." mike coffman. endorsed by the denver post for congress. i'm mike coffman,
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f0 rapist did not go to prison, but the victim feels like she's behind bars. she explains why she's so angry. cbs4's investigator brian maass has a preview. >> he was just an acquaintance, so i sort of knew him, and thought i could trust him, but proved wrong. >> reporter: very wrong. now she happened. >> he like kissed me and -- he took my left hand, tried to get me -- >> reporter: he was convicted. that's when something unexpected happened. >> is it disappointing? >> uh-huh. disappointing but not surprising. >> it's not that unique. >> it was a sentence that outraged so many. tonight a survivor tells cbs4's brian maass how her life has
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consent. the clinton and trump campaigns could learn a thing or two from a hilarious political ad. >> jeanne moos reports on the texas wife who begs voters to take her husband. >> reporter: had enough of trump bashing clinton? and clinton bashing trump? maybe you'd prefer a political ad in which a wife begs voters to relieve her of her husban day. >> gerald really doesn't have any hobbies. >> last year's tax rate -- >> is he always like that? >> all the time. >> reporter: he is a republican running to be a travis county texas commissioner with a little eye rolling help from his wife of 21 years. does your wife really roll her eyes that often? >> she does.
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cars. you can put 60 people on each car. even if you add two cars -- >> do you really like your light rail cars well done? >> my opponent, i said, is there anything you didn't like about the ad, and he said, i think the meat was overcooked. >> reporter: gerald's political consultant dreamed up the ad inspire by "the office," took six hours to shoot. >> all he wants things. >> fumes all over the place. it's not a code violation. i think i like helping around the house here. >> please reelect gerald. please. >> reporter: gerald thinks his ad went viral because humor takes the edge off the 2016 campaign. >> do you think your wife really wants to get you off your lands and out of -- hands and out of the house?
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,, ,,
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y25kmy yvpy it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
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good morning. rise and shine. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on thursday, october 27th. >> i'm alan gionet. great to have you with us. jamie is live right now. jamie. >> reporter: a sure to cause delays. we're on the ground with an upclose look at the problem coming up on cbs4 morning news. a girl who couldn't speak, malnourished, suffering from seizures and the parents accused of child abuse. a heavy weight political name in colorado today. how many colorado voters have
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it is fall right now. the temperature outside is 48 degrees. >> i know, you have to wonder what in the world is going on. ashton altieri is in colorado's weather center and we are close to record-breaking heat you say? >> later today. it was on this date 50 years ago we climbed to 80 degrees. it was october 27, 1966. that's the warmest we've ever been on this date and i think we'll get warmer than that this afternoon with a high of at least we'll check your fiveday4cast which includes more warmth after today, coming up. now let's get a check on the traffic. overnight construction along c-470 to the south of 285. our big story is this traffic alert. lane closures northbound along wadsworth and bayoud because of a water main break. it's where we find our jamie leary this morning. this will cause traffic delays, because even though there's no water pouring out, there's a lot of work they have to do.


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