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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  October 27, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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this morning. >> reporter: i want to show you what's going on now as traffic is starting to pick up now. we're near bayoud and 1st on wadsworth. there's a point where cars are having to merge on northbound wadsworth and i saw an accident almost having. they're having difficulties merging because they're coming down so fast. two lanes currently on wadsworth northbound blocked off. i talked to the traffic management center at cdot, and they said break is actually fixed, but they still have to fill a hole and continue paving this morning. while the colorado traffic management center for cdot isn't actually on the ground, they said they do anticipate this is going to last well through rush hour. you can imagine the equipment they'll have to bring out here. we're going to keep an eye on this and try to figure out how long this will impact your traffic, morning commute. they definitely told me to plan
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let's check in with joel hillan. good morning. good morning. they have to lay down the asphalt before they can put cars back on, so those closures will be in place for a while. i think you might prefer this drive, take kipling to 6th, i think the lights are timeed better along there anyway. you could take alameda to sheridan trying to access 6th. in the next quarter hour or so, we're really see traffic stack up in that northbound direction of wadsworth, so i'd avoid it. going to be a tough situation on the west side of town. a beautiful shot of our waning crescent moon this morning with clear skies over denver and the front range. our temperature outside now is in the mid-40s. later today we're going for 81, which would be a record for this date. another record high on the way for tomorrow and a warm weekend ahead as well. all the details are coming up. thank you.
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police combed the scene of a deadly motorcycle crash late last night, and you can see the mangled motorcycle on the road here at wadsworth and 48th. police say a car collided with that motorcycle. the driver of the car did stay at the scene, but it's not clear how the crash happened in the first place or whom the victim is. new details from denver police about a pair of burglary suspects. take a good look. police released pictures of the two thieves yesterday. they say the suspects used car to steal a utility trailer from a parking garage on rampart way. it happened monday. you could earn cash if you have info leading to an arrest. detectives are looking for this man on a strange attack on people who wouldn't help him commit crimes. they say he walked into a 7- eleven on alameda last week and asked several people to help steal cars from a dealership. they refused and police say he
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and maced a customer. an update on the junkins fire in southern colorado. firefighters now have it 70% contained. but more than 17,000 acres have already burned. it's happening east of westcliffe. firefighters do not expect full containment until next month. the flames have destroyed nine homes. a downed utility pole ignited the fire. 11-year-old alex of denver tells us he has always lo torrential rains and fierce winds. >> my name is alex. i live in denver, colorado, 11 years old and a fifth grader. i love weather. i love the natural occurrence of thunderstorm, tornado, blizzard, et cetera. i studied weather and read lots and lots about it. once i figured out there was a program for weather watchers, or junior weather watchers, i
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audition video for the bus stop forecast. so thank you for choosing me and taking my application into account. thank you. >> you can watch alex tomorrow as he joins ashton in colorado's weather center to give you the bus stop forecast. >> he's very knowledgeable. weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4s. good morning. i can't wait to welcome alex in here tomorrow morning. make sure you tune in for that. 50 in sun will be up at 7:23. speaking you have our windchills, dakota in iliff reporting 37. it's chilly on the eastern plains and cool in the denver area. you'll need a jacket, light one this morning. but later on you won't need one. normal high at the end of october, 61. today's record as it stands now is 80. we have 81 degrees in the forecast. at the bus stop this morning plan on 40s, which is
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will be necessary. we've been watching the drive this morning and across the highways it's a good drive. i-70 and kipling, west of town nice light volumes, leading to great speeds. eastbound along i-70 from c-470 to i-25 will take you just 13 minutes with speeds into the 60s. southbound direction of i-25 loadup get to the north of i-70. but this is nothing that will slow you down. earlier accident eastbound direction of i-70 at i-270 off to the right shoulder. it looks like that is in the cleanup stages. i-225, c-470 getting into the tech center nice and wide open. eastbound as you travel along i- 70 from i-25 to i-225 speeds in the upper 50s. this is the news, and campaign 2016. first week of early voting in
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we're getting a better idea of how many people have cost their votes. that as colorado hosts another big name in trump's campaign. shawn chitness is live at the capitol. >> reporter: another big name in town today. we've been seeing that as colorado remains an important state, considered a battleground state. but these early numbers we're getting from early voting do show the state may be leaning one way, at least based on the let's take a look at the numbers that have come in as of yesterday from the secretary of state's office. a total of just over 410,000 votes cast so far. leaning towards the democrats now, with more than 166,000 votes for that party. as for the republicans they're a little over 140,000 votes. those are numbers released yesterday from the secretary of state's office. this comes as donald trump's son, eric, will be in the state
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christian university in lakewood, trying to get out the vote, and rallying with veterans in the area. that event starts at 6:00 p.m. he's the latest member of the trump family and that campaign visiting our state. mike pence was in colorado springs yesterday. and this week the trump campaign released a map showing they still consider colorado a battleground state, which some media outlets agree with. hillary clinton was last month, but there are top names in colorado as well to get the vote out for her. the secretary of state plans to give us a daily snapshot by releasing that each day as we get closer to election night. live at the state capitol, shawn chitness, cbs4 news. a veteran's plea to get his stolen bicycle back has gone viral. >> the veteran spent the past six weeks in fort collins getting cancer treatment for his dog and just before they
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someone stole his specialized bike. jeff todd reports. >> a letter to a bike thief. i'd like to introduce myself. i'm robert kugler, a marine veteran. you haven't stolen an object, but a part of me. you have taken something you had no right to even lay your hands on, let alone claim it as your own. >> reporter: robert has been traveling the country with his dog bella and special bikes for the past year. >> we got held up in fort collins because cancer came back in got worse. >> someone stole the bike often the back of my vehicle. >> reporter: these aren't normal bikes. they're part of the ride 2 recovery veterans program. >> it's custom made. there's only one of 10 of those particular bikes made. it was given to me by vietnam veteran, former marine as well. has my name on it with the american flag. and you have ride 2 recovery, which is the organization that the bike is on loan from. >> reporter: kugler and bella
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flyers in fort collins. so far, no sign of the bike. >> it's a really special bike and i'm hoping we can track it down and get it back. >> he needs a little help. jeff todd reporting for us. the bike frame has a big sticker that says stealth. rapist did not go to prison, but his victims feels like she is behind bars. tonight at 10:00 she tells her story explaining why she's so rapist receives. brian maass has a preview. >> he was just an acquaintance, so i sort of knew him, and thought i could trust him. but proved wrong. >> reporter: very wrong. now she explains what happened. >> he like kissed me, he took my left hand, tried to get me it. >> reporter: he was convicted, but that's when something
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>> disappointing, but not surprising. >> it's not that unique. >> it was a sentence that outraged so many. tonight a survivor tells cbs4's brian maass how her life has been ruined without ler consent. we could reach record- breaking heat today and tomorrow. ashton has more insight on that. beautiful mountain road where people are dumping things like carpet remodeling projects. what the locals are doing about it. this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing,
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scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message because i won't let that happen. when i became governor,
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why i need a good team in the state senate. like rachel zenzinger, a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government. they'd be a great team in the state senate. and transparent government. scott tipton -- our congressman? ontributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders called tipton's plans, "a serious threat to the outdoor recreation industry and...thousands of jobs." gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. house majority pac is responsible
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good morning. this is the news in health. a certain free biotic in baby formula can keep them healthy. a new ingredient added to certain formulas helps support their immune systems much like brea breast milk is best, but formulas that add special free biotics found in human milk provides benefits. a first of its kind tool can help doctors predict if a victim with a traumatic injury is going to survivor. researchers reviewed 10 years of data from trauma centers, then developed the tool based on things they found were associated with survival. the device has a 96% accuracy.
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safeway pharmacies and volunteers of america. two groups partnering for the event. it will be at the sunset park senior center on larimer street. it's from 3 until 5. good idea to get that flu shot before the weather at some point will turn. meanwhile want to go to traffic and see what's happening out there on the roads this morning. here's joel. good morning, alan. it's nice and wide open as you get to the west of town. this is i-70 farther to the south, northbound along wadsworth, we have lane closures in place. golden to denver, just 12 minutes now. great driver eastbound along c- 470 as well. mouse cam trap pointed off to the west. a lot of headlights, but at or above posted speed limits. accident at i-270, it is off to the shoulder. that's causing a few delays.
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times and ashton, it's one of those mornings where maybe you could roll down the windows. absolutely. forget about late october. it's going to feel more like the end of august around here later on today. for now temperatures are in the 40s in the denver area. it's 46 in boulder. 43in fort collins. greeley 36. a jacket is necessary this morning. but by mid- to late morning, you won't need a jacket. 9:00, 10:00, temperatures will be at least into th denver area. possibly even into the 70s by the time 10:00 a.m. rolls around. mountain areas today expect 60s for highs. it's only going to be the man- made snow at places like a- basin, which are already open for the season. eagle 69 later today. 71 in aspen. so tough for the ski areas to keep the man-made snow there. cloud cover on the western slope. other than that, it's going to be clear across the state
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will get soaked with rain today. san francisco, sacramento, and the sierra nevada mountains will see up to a foot of snow, including the lake tahoe area. for us, though, this big ridge of high pressure is dominating our weather. this is like a big dome of least. this is common in september. it's not common here at the end of october. it looks like this pattern will hold at least through sunday and then a little shift in the pattern on monday for halloween, means it won't be quite as warm, but still far record high temperatures both days. the record being 80 today and tomorrow. we expect 81 this afternoon. 82 for tomorrow afternoon. mid-70s for the weekend. and 70 degrees for halloween monday. kickoff for the broncos game, 75, 72 by the end of the game. today jurors will hear
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in the so-called bridge gate trial. on trial, the former deputy chief of staff and a long time chris christie pal, bill maroney. they are charged with the closing of the george washington bridge in 2013. they said they thought it was part of a traffic study, but there was evidence it was in retaliation against a democratic mayor who wouldn't endorse chris christie's pick as gove. there was never a charge. a mother in indiana says police should not have released a photo showing her daughter passed out on heroin. the daughter survived, but we want to warn you the photo is disturbing. police in the town of hope came across the 25-year-old passed out behind the wheel with the door wide open. her child in the back seat. the woman's mother says she's upset with her daughter, but
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>> it's not to embarrass this girl or bring shame on this girl. that was never my intention with releasing the photo. my intention is to educate people. >> once she was back up on her feet, before she even went to the hospital, she knew how angry i was. >> ericka has been charged with child neglect and drug possession. police in ohio posted a picture of a couple who also overdosed with their child in the back seat. to educate people, not shame those people involved. new details about hundreds of thousands of dollars the national guard members in california were told they had to pay back. the pentagon is now suspended its efforts to get that money back. earlier this week federal official says troops were wrongfully given signup bonuses during the wars in iraq and afghanistan. this postponement means
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long-term solution. colorado national guard spokesman says they have checked with the army and air national guard. there is no repayment issue in colorado as there has been in california. refrigerators, carpets, trash, all littering what was once considered a beautiful road in the foothills. it's happening along the scenic squaw pass outside evergreen. now some people are saying enough is enough. >> tom mustin went up to check out what they've been about the problem. great stuff. >> reporter: it's one of colorado's scenic highways. now squaw pass road is being tarnished. >> you think what a beautiful road, until you go over to the side of a parking area and look down over the embankment and see the garbage. >> reporter: tim noticed the problem a few weeks ago when he and his wife pulled over to look at the view. >> looked over and it was full of garbage.
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i can't let this lie. >> reporter: wednesday, he and his fellow rotary members organized a cleanup of the areas with volunteers and police, fire and forest service members. together, they collected truck loads of debris. >> we had a refrigerator, sofas, shutters from a house, remnants of carpeting, bottles, cans, food items. you name it. >> reporter: of commerce president betsy hayes says those who are caught dumping face a heavy penalty. >> this is not okay. when you cross the line into clear creek county, it's a thousand fine. >> reporter: it could also include 30 days in jail. with the litter growing, tim has a message. >> we all live here for the beauty of colorado, and to see something like that that is totally disrespectful for where we live, it's shocking.
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clean up this area, they'd like to move on to other parts of colorado. he hopes to work with the forester service to make that happen. tom mustin, cbs4. cubs took the w last night in the second game of the world series against the cleveland indians in cleveland. this is the first win in the world series for the cubs in more than 70 years. they beat the indians 5-1. both teams take a break and they go to chicago. that game is at wrigley field. the denver nuggets take their first win on the road against the new orleans pelicans. nuggets had five players in double digits, including gallo. they get the win, 107-102. home opener is this saturday against the portland
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,, donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. man tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado.
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it's time for weather and traffic on the 4s. good thursday morning, everybody. temperatures are in the 40s and
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it's 44 in thornton. cooler as it usually is in erie. the bottom line is it is chilly. you'll need the jacket this morning. you won't need it very long. jim bruce on the far west side of the fort collins area, rice canyon, 52. he says clear and a bit warmer. that will be the trend all day. 81 degrees this afternoon. much more on your weather coming up. let's check in with joel. drive loading up across the denver metro area. cdot camera, i-76, i-270, and lot of cars out there. not enough pavement. the story of traffic in the morning. eastbound along u.s. 36 we're seeing a return to speeds after overnight maintenance work. eastbound along i-270, speeds already dipping into the 30s. thank you very much. this is the news on cbs4 this morning. 5:55. we have breaking news from new york city to get to right now. one person is dead from a terrible early morning 6-alarm
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firefighter reportedly pulled one person to safety in a daring rescue that involved a rope. that person was trapped on the fifth floor. firefighter used a rope to lower the person down across some of the flames. but that person is safe this morning. this is on the upper east side of new york city, 93rd street. smart appliances are making people's lives easier at work, on the roads, and now in the kitchen. new smart kitchens have appliances that take the work out that includes ovens that sense what is inside and tell you how to best prepare it. scales that tell you when you've added enough of an ingredient. and refrigerators with cameras inside so you can see what to buy when at the store. look at your phone. many of these products will be available by the end of the year. thanks for allowing us into your homes this morning. 46 degrees in denver. here's what's still ahead at 6:00.
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>> reporter: repairs to a water main break threatening to throw a wrench in your morning commute. what you need to know, including how to get around it, coming up on cbs4 morning news. >> reporter: i'm shawn chitness at the state capitol, where both presidential campaigns are still taking colorado seriously. but early voting shows the state might be leaning one way. coming up, we'll have those numbers in a live report. earthquakes rattle central italy overnight and recovery efforts are underway. there's a look at some of damage. this story is next. the broncos player,
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f0 water main repairs have created slowdowns on wadsworth boulevard. you're looking at some of the traffic getting through right now. in a little bit that's all going to change. good morning, everybody. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for joining us. if this is your morning drive, this is not something you want to wake up to. we have team coverage of what's going on, though. joel is inhouse and jamie leary is in the field. let's go out to her now. what are you seeing t a sign directing traffic, because two lanes northbound between1st and bayoud closed on wadsworth. people seem to be having a tough time adjusting to it, even though there is a sign. they are having a tough time with the merging portion of it. there is a lot of congestion where the lanes are blocked off. so be careful. check your speed. know this is going on, two lanes are closed now.


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