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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  October 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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we are also covering a bad corvette crash in littleton at santa fe and union and there you see the car is hardly recognizable. good morning, everyone. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. we are going to talk about the balmy conditions across colorado and the record high we could set in a moment. but first, we'll start with that breaking news. >> let's go to jamie of she is in littleton -- and she is in littleton. these fiberglass bodies of corvettes come right apart. >> reporter: we know this s do know. there was a gentleman on scene a few minutes ago, and he said his son was in that car. he high tailed it up here from idaho springs after he got a phone call from his son's friend. his son is 22 and he's not sure if he was the driver or the passenger. i let him know both the passenger and driver were transported to swedish. so he took off. he did not want to go on
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car. hard to believe anybody survived. one of the two sustained serious injuries. the other person, nonlife- threatening injuries, so that is the good news here. this call came in around 2:20 this morning. a couple of people stopped to try and help. fire had to come on scene, explicate one of the two -- extricate one of the two in the car. the car caught fire. trying to get a handle how long investigators will be here. there are no tow tr photographs of the scene. definitely going to impact your morning commute this morning. so you're going to want to take alternative routes. for more information how to get around the crash this morning on santa fe, let's check in with joel. good morning, joel. good morning. unfortunately santa fe very, very busy stretch of road this time of the morning and most of the roads around it as well. my recommendation, 285 and santa fe, this is are cinderella city used to be,
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take 285 and head east, and south along broadway. if you are along 285 and normally head south on santa fe, go to federal to access santa fe and bowles. i'd just plan for that to be your route. joel, thank you very much. 11th and kalamath is open after a crash and shooting overnight. want to get out to shawn chitness on this story in denver. sort of a shawn. >> reporter: yeah, alan. where it ends is here at this intersection, opened just in time as traffic is likely going to pick up. police have to close off this section of kalamath and 11th for pretty much five hours as they were working the scene to try and figure out what happened. at this point they are telling us this likely began as a bar in lodo where there was some sort of altercation or fight that ended up with a shooting. someone trying to get a victim
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the one that rolled over. five people in all inside that car, as they were going down kalamath they ran a red light and crashed into another car, a nissan suv. the chevy rolls over. five people inside. all of them going to the hospital. one person in the nissan suv, that person also taken to the hospital. six in all. we now know from denver police that two people are being treated for serious the hospital. so police now starting to get a sense of what may have happened here, spending a lot of time collecting evidence. but it's still unclear what started all this, what was going on with that shooting. we're working to get more information from police on that. live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. thank you for that, shawn. new this morning, a political problem off the campaign trail. crews moved an airplane that skidded off the runway with
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nominee mike pence on board. the accident happened last night at new york's laguardia airport. investigators say the plane overshot the runway after a pretty hard landing in heavy rain. democratic nominee hillary clinton tweeted "glad to hear mike pence, his staff, secret service and the crew are all safe." pence says he will campaign today in pennsylvania and north carolina. time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's, on this day -- it's funny to say this >> normally we're not using that kind of language this time of year. usually it's like, we're going to shiver, right? instead temperatures now are in the upper 50s, lower 60s around town. arvada at 58. highlands ranch is just shy of 70 degrees now. that's how warm it is in northern douglas county. 17 degrees warmer there now than yesterday morning. and of course yesterday was a mild start to the day. at the bus stop, yeah, we'll just call it slightly cool,
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temperature around 60. you may need a light jacket at the beginning of the day. certainly won't need it later on. another record high temperature today. we made it to 83 yesterday, shattering the old record and we'll shatter a record again later on today with a high of 83. let's get a check on the traffic. here's joel. we have launched copter 4 over the scene southbound as you travel along santa fe at union. this is near hampden and santa fe. trying to get cars to slow down, because they'll be it is closed in the southbound direction. i would take broadway to the east, or federal to the west to get around that and access to southbound santa fe from bowles. let me take you across the denver metro area. accident at sheridan and another one at garrison. side street accident at 14th and garrison. we also have a stall c-470 and i-70. watch out for that. new this morning, all lanes at wadsworth and bayoud back open
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morning. had all the cones and lanes shut down. crews fixed the break, repaved the area. it's now reopened. we have a new photo of a black car that may have hit someone on a scooter. denver police say the crash happened earlier this month near broadway and colfax. the rider suffered serious injuries. police say this car is only a vehicle of interest at this point. new details this morning, a man is found dead at a camp site in say alcohol and exposure to the weather likely killed the 55- year-old. he had been camping for a few days on vasquez road. a toxic leak, crews are drilling test wells near peterson air force base.
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contaminated the water. the base used that foam to fight fuel fires decades ago. a teenage hunter is thanking loveland crews for plucking him out of paralyzing mud. rescuers say it was like quick sand. he was trying to retrieve a duck from simpson pond tuesday and he got stuck and that's when he called for help. f0 >> harrowing moment there. but crews were able to pull him to safety with a rope, and they're reminding people to be careful in those wet bog areas. donald trump's fight for colorado is not over. he visits tomorrow to try and rally voters in golden. trump is seizing on the latest
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by wikileaks. a confident memo shows doug band how he urged clinton donors -- clinton foundation donors to raise more than $50 million -- the clinton campaign released a statement saying the clintons' income they released, an attempted dig to donald trump's refusal to release his tax returns. loveland police department has a couple of new team members to help with search and rescue. meet jo jo and paco. they'll start training in january. they'll help full-time patrol
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hoping for some redemption, right. they fell to their opponent at their last meeting. the broncos are now without cj anderson. he hurt his knee monday, but finished out the game and ran for a season high 107 yards. anderson had surgery yesterday on a torn meniscus. best case he is out several weeks. worst case he is out for the season. coming up, romi bean has a look at e anderson. she's also talking about things to watch out for during the game. kickoff is sunday here at mile high stadium at 2:05. nice to have it back in our home court. >> right. 60 degrees outside already now. next up, the payout for a woman who says johnson & johnson's baby powder gave her cancer. the security changes ahead for denver's comic-con. our contest to win roger waters is not over.
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a man attacked me in a parking garage. tried to stab me with an 8-inch knife. but i carry a pistol. i fight back. that's why i'm still here. every woman has a right to defend herself with a gun if she chooses. hillary clinton disagrees with that. don't let politicians take away your right to own a gun.
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this is the news in health this morning. new study tests birth control hormones for men. could redefine it all. the study finds a man can take birth control shots to prevent their partners from getting the world health organization found it was 95% effective. there are some setbacks. men who use the treatment had significant side effects, including depression and muscle pain. more than 75% of participants were open to using this method. f0 trick or treaters, if you have allergies, you'll be okay. there's a new movement. it's called the teal pumpkin campaign. teal pumpkins outside homes
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being handed out. the project was started by the allergy research and education is in its third year. >> it makes me happy that people do it, so i can be included with halloween. >> how cute is that? one of 13 kids has a food allergy in the united states. campaign organizers hope to soon have a teal pumpkin on every block in america. we have trouble on the roads this morning on this friday. here's joel with the latest. >> we'll start with this aerial view, santa fe southbound along santa fe at union, which is shut down. the accident closer southbound along santa fe. it's kind of hard to see from this angle. i want to show you our ground shot from arafat other journalist -- our photojournalist eddie castro. you can see the corvette mangled. our jamie leary is out there with the latest. we're going to get an update from her coming up in a few
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you'll want to travel 285. the closure is here at union. they're going to take you westbound on union. that's not a big roadway and there will be a lot of volume heading out that direction. i would cut off either at dartmouth or 285, come to federal and head south and access back to santa fe using bowles. you can do that from the east as well using broadway. the earlier accident eastbound along 6th avenue and sheridan is cleared. another accident causing slowing downhill from simms. i-225 getting into the tech center not seeing delays either along c-470. the drive times coming from the north, we're continuing to watch southbound coming into town, speeds now into the 60s. 270 still into the 70s and 60s through commerce city.
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unprecedented for this time of year and we'll do it again today. yesterday we busted the record with 83. the old record was 80. as we look ahead to today, we'll reach 83 again and the record, just like yesterday, is 80. we'll have two shattered records in a row of the for the weekend not quite as warm. we'll drop about 5 to 10 degrees. 74 tomorrow and 76 sunday. not record territory, but still far above normal compared to where we're typically at for the final weekend in to we're lucky. instead that's where we are now. dia at 61. fort collins and greeley a little cooler, 40s and 50s there in larimer and weld counties. colorado springs at 63. meanwhile, most mountain towns are waking up far above freezing. for example, upper 30s in summit county and 40s throughout much of eagle county. 60s there later on. 80s for the eastern plains. lots of cloud cover moving over colorado, all thanks to this storm system out in california.
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california, nevada and up into idaho today. that's where the jet stream is located. it will move that system into wyoming, will miss colorado. 4to 8 inches of snow around jackson. 6to 12 in lake tahoe. would be great if we got this moisture here. we're going to keep it dry today. high clouds, not as sunny as yesterday. for halloween, 71 degrees. for the broncos game kickoff britt and alan. >> you need sunscreen at that game. thank you for that. a woman says using baby powder caused her cancer and now johnson & johnson has to pay. some businesses are giving people a day off on election day. this is the news on wall street. jill wagner is live at the new york stock exchange and i find this baby powder story so fascinating, because the woman claims she was using it for decades. >> reporter: it's pretty scary when you consider how many
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good morning, britt. more companies like exxon-mobil report their earnings today. yesterday the dow lost 29 points, nasdaq slipped 34. futures are pointing to a higher open. back to that baby powder story, a jury awarded more than $70 million to a woman who said johnson & johnson's baby powder caused her ovarian cancer. there are more than 2,000 similar cases pending right now. the company says it will pe because science supports the safety of its product. internet service providers now must get your permission before selling the data they collect about you to marketers. new rules will force companies like comcast and verizon to tell customers what data they're collecting and why to help protect online privacy. it could make it harder for those companies to compete with google and facebook when it
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online. padagonia will give its workers the day off for election day. it's part of a movement called take election day off. about 123 companies, including spotify that are giving workers the day off to vote. britt. >> it's been emotional, so maybe you need the day off. jill, thank you for that. >> long ballot, too. friday's top stories we want to check on now. happening today searchers will have a heart breaking task of looking for the body of month-old body in a landfill north of greeley. that boy disappeared over the weekend from cheyenne. the mother's boyfriend originally told police he gave the boy to a man so they could go fishing. investigators aren't buying it. they believe the child died at home and his body was dumped into a trash bin at the larimer county community college. that bin was taken to a landfill. investigators do have one person in custody in that one. we'll follow up. a jury is now acquitted
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months ago. occupiers took over the refuge for 41 days. you probably remember that. they had been charged with conspiracy to impede federal workers. five faced firearm charges. the jury found them not guilty. the bundies still face federal charges in nevada. people were sheering outside after -- cheering outside that yesterday. a live look from chicago right now at wrigley field. this is unusual, matchup between the cubs and indians is tied at one game a piece. this is the cubs' first world series home game at wrigley since 1945. first pitch, 6:08. it's getting interesting there. the rockies, let's be real, they didn't win too many games this year. but some players could pick up
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nolan and cargo are all gold glove finalists at their respective positions. winners will be announced tuesday, november 8th. good news from cj anderson. he tweets in part, surgery was a super success. facetimed my teammates and got good laughs. he had right knee surgery that will take him off the field, apparently indefinitely. he was hurt monday night but finish
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it's time once again for weather and traffic on the 4s. it's 6:24. we're checking your travel forecast. storm system on the west coast means rain for a good portion of california. could be a few weather-related delays there. midwest not bad. kansas city 79, partly cloudy. 63 in chicago today. breezy for game three of the world series tonight. 80s in florida, and rain and including in the boston area. the boston airport is okay. all major airports are in good shape. let's get a check on traffic. here's joel. we have live pictures coming into the newsroom this morning. there's the red corvette along there, wrapped around that pole. our jamie leary is out there, pictures courtesy of eddie castro. southbound santa fe completely shut down. you have to take 285 and head over to federal or to broadway
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the drive to dia, nice and wide open, inbound along pena boulevard looking great. drive times, i-70 eastbound speeds still into the 50s. you have sweet options for live music this weekend. >> our bret saunders kbco's bret saunders gives us the 411 in our >> de koch da look at the boulder theater friday and saturday night. also friday, one of the pioneering funk bands, the funky meters from new orleans. they are incredible. great talents going back to the 1970s. fillmore auditorium friday
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a lot more at 6:26 now. here's what's coming up. the broncos will be without cj anderson this week. sports reporter romi bean takes a look at the players looking to fill his spot ,,
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,, ,, donald trump and congressman coffman would punish women. and coffman tried to redefine rape to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims.
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to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction.
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f0 6:30 now. couple of breaking stories. first, a nasty crash in littleton ask you're looking at it -- and you're looking at it. this corvette crashed into a pole at santa fe and union. the family of one of the crash victims showed up at the scene and saw this. >> our jamie leary spoke to the father of a man in that car. you were updating the father on
6:31 am
hospital? >> reporter: it was tough to learn who he was. he looked at me and said, my son was in that car. he said his son was 22. he was unsure if he was the driver or passenger. i told him both were transported to swedish. one had serious injuries, but it's unknown the extent of the injuries. the other one had nonlife- threatening injuries. by the looks of this car, it's hard to believe anyone survived extricated. it caught fire after. still no sign of a tow truck right now. police have imaging technology on scene now and they continue to scour the area with flashlights, taking other photographs. it's going to be a while before this scene is cleared. definitely a huge impact to your morning commute. we're going to get more information on how to exactly get around this crash. let's check in with joel
6:32 am
good morning, jamie. there are good ways around that crash this morning. you'll want to know about it ahead of time so you don't get stuck in the backups. copter 4 over that area this morning. it's much darker. we got better shots there from jamie. you can see as you travel to the west you're going to want to take federal from 285 and if you are to the east, you can take broadway, and access back onto southbound santa fe at bowles. that's going to be your way around the closure this morning. joel, thank denver, two cars crashed at 11th and kalamath. several people are hurt, but that's not all. we have learned in one of those cars was a person who had been shot in lodo. >> that's right, alan. the shooting caused a group of people to rush to the hospital, but they never made it on their own. take a look at the car. this is what was left of it. it rolled and fell on top on its roof here. it was badly mangle. ended up at 11th and kalamath. our shawn chitness has been at
6:33 am
tell us how it started. >> reporter: britt, police have been spending all night trying to figure that out. their sense at this point is there was a shooting in lodo and that's why folks were coming through this intersection, they were trying to get someone to the hospital injured in that shooting. there were five people in one car. the one that eventually rolled over. they ran a red light, and unfortunately at that same time another person in that car was heading west on 11th and hit the car as through. the chevy rolls over, five people inside. firefighters on scene to extricate one person, actually removing the door off the side of the car to get to that person. all of them taken to the hospital. the driver of that other car, the nissan suv, also taken to the hospital. so six in all. later denver police telling us that two people have serious injuries at the hospital. but it's unclear who they are, including if they are one of the people who were injured in that shooting.
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denver police, while they've wrapped up their investigation here on scene and opened up this intersection, they are still working on that other aspect to learn more about the shooting, including suspects and if there is a search for those going on now. live in denver, shawn chitness, cbs4 morning news. thank you, shawn. a person who shot and seriously hurt a woman is on the run this morning. it happened early this morning in denver at 44th and sheridan. medics took the woman to the hospital, but police say the shooter is possibly in wearing a black beanie type hat. time for weather. we have junior weather watcher alex with us today. this is mini me ashton with us. he looks like you as a young man. >> i have a little tear in my eye. i really do. this is alex. he's 11. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what town do you live in? >> i live in hill top cherry creek area. >> here in denver, right? >> yeah. >> what school do you go to? >> graylen.
6:35 am
the weather. you had an awesome audition tape. it is a mild start to the day. where are we at in the denver area? >> around 61ish. by dia. >> what about here in fort collins and greeley? >> farther north you go it gets colder, especially like there. >> uh-huh. definitely cooler around greeley. take a look at the mountains for later today. where are the temperatures going to be there? >> the mountains they're going to be colder, definitely colder than it's going to be 69. >> steamboat? >> yeah. and as we go down slowly. >> somewhat warmer? on the eastern plains, would you call that warm, almost hot for this time of year? >> yeah. it's actually a record from 1994. >> absolutely. for denver it will be. you're hanging out here with me this morning, but your friends will be at the bus stop. what are they going to experience? >> 60 degrees. >> 60 degrees at the bus stop. maybe just a light jacket. but that's it. look at all these clouds, alex,
6:36 am
that will be the big difference between yesterday and today. where are they coming from? >> coming from this storm, the jet stream is going to take it up over colorado, which will actually keep us safe from the storm. >> yeah. >> we have a high pressure system over here and a low one up here with the jet stream. >> outstanding job, alex. great job explaining that. that's right. that storm will go from california to wyoming and misses us. that's why we're going to stay so warm. what's our gh >> the weekend it gets colder, mid-70s. >> not as warm, that's right. halloween 71. are you going trick or treating monday night? >> yeah. >> perfect. where will we be at 5:00 p.m. monday? >> probably when i start 67. >> last question, what are you going to be for halloween? >> i'm going to be professor
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alex, you did a great job. if you know somebody between 6 and 12 years old, we have something like alex here every friday morning, head over to our web site, watcher. good morning. way to go and hello to all of your classmates out there at grayland, fifth grade class. this is a trouble spot if you are heading southbound along santa to the north of bellevue. south of union, where the closure is in place. let me show you how to get around that this morning. if you are to the east you'll want to take broadway. if you are to the west you'll want to take federal to get around that. access southbound to santa fe from bowles. i know that sounds complicated. if you're from that area you'll know what i'm talking about. fresh accident traveling along i-70. looks like it's in the eastbound direction, past i- 270. loading up southbound along i- 225. earlier accident moving off to
6:38 am
garrison and we have a little stall that's in place i-70 and c-470. good drive times still in play. hey, it's friday, and it looks like a friday drive out there. speeds into the 60s from 120th to i-70. tgif! denver comic-con fans will notice a change at next year's event. you have to leave the fake guns at home. organizers say no realistic weapons are allowed. they say the policy will make it easier for police and security to identify and keep people safe. more than 100,000 people attended this year's denver comic-con at the colorado convention center in june. right now a reminder to people planning on celebrating halloween this weekend. officers, they are out there, and they're going to be looking for drunk drivers. national data shows over half of all deaths on halloween deaths involved a drunk driver
6:39 am
and longmont's parade is tomorrow 9:30 in front of the st. vrain memorial people. and trick or treat street today through sunday at the museum. mike pence was on a plane that skidded off the runway. we have that and more. broncos are ready to take on the san diego chargers at home. i'll tell you what they need to do to pull off first, here's michael spencer with an update on the avs. if you're wondering what happened to the colorado avalanche, you are not alone. the av's haven't played in so long it's easy to forget their season even started. after five days off, they are finally back home tonight against winnipeg. the season opener was nearly two weeks ago. the av's haven't played at home since. it will be good to be back on home ice. >> that one home opener was a
6:40 am
into the pepsi can and being so excited to be back from summer playing in front of the home fans, and go on the road a week and a week off, so we're excited to get back in the pepsi center and play in front of of the fans again. on the diamond the rockies didn't win too many games this year, but could pick up gold gloves. nolan and cargo golden glove finalists. speaking of baseball, world series game 3 later tonight in chicag
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,, ,, ,, ,,
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y25koy yvpy i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing, not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message
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good morning, everyone. a red corvette is now a heap of mangled parts. it looks more like a crushed soda can than a car at this point. it happened in littleton at santa fe and union. >> this could affect your drive. we have team coverage. we have joel here, jamie leary at the scene. let's start with jamie. >> reporter: good morning, you guys. ve morning. i talked with the father of one of the victims. he said his son was in that car. he came to check out the scene and rushed to swedish when i told him both victims were transported there. i talked to the battalion chief of littleton fire. he said both were transported to the hospital. one had serious injuries. the extent of those injuries is unknown. the other person had nonlife- threatening injuries, which is hard to believe judging by the
6:45 am
recently. the city of littleton tweeted out that this is a felony accident investigation right now. felony accident investigation. they said this area will be closed for several hours this morning. serious impact to your morning commute. investigators are still on scene taking imaging with 3 d imaging technology and taking other photos now. very serious investigation going on. just one car involved in it this morning. just this one accident closing a significant portion of fe. for more details on how to get around it this morning, let's check in with joel hillan. good morning, joel. good morning, jamie. a lot of options for drivers. i know the best option would be to continue south on santa fe. if you have to get around it, follow the little arrows that are orange along there. 285 out to federal south, and access onto santa fe from bowles. you can also access broadway out to bowles as well southbound along to santa fe. you can start to see it is loading up.
6:46 am
that accident. they're taking folks off at union and taking them in the westbound direction. i'd get off at 285 and dartmouth and avoid the backups. good advice there, joel. it's also very, very mild as we start this friday. temperatures are in the 60s. even 70s for some neighborhoods this morning. englewood, not far from where that situation is on santa fe, we're at 71 degrees now. it's 71 in erie and thornton. nederland, 55 degrees what our weather watcher there is reporting. that should be his high temperature, not his low temperature. excellentpoint, matt. 9:00a.m., 61. noon, 76 and a record of 83 degrees. britt and alan. ashton, thanks a lot. today searchers will have the heart breaking task of looking for the body of a 13-month-old bob in a landfill north of greeley. that boy disappeared over the weekend in cheyenne. the mother's boyfriend told
6:47 am
to take fishing. investigators aren't buying it. they believe the child died at home and his body was dumped in a trash bin at the laramie community college. neighbors say it's a tough situation to comprehend. >> it's definitely, it's something you read in crime stories and stuff like that. it's not something you expect to happen in your hometown. >> the trash went to a landfill near alt. investigators say they have one person in custody. new from overnight, off the laguardia airport runway with mike pence on board. and this is just in to the newsroom, the republican vice presidential nominee talked about last night's rough landing on "cbs this morning." take a listen. >> there was about 10 seconds of uncertainty. we had a low ceiling, came in, but once we were on the ground, you could tell they were trying to stop the aircraft as quickly as possible.
6:48 am
bit, then left the runway. all are well. >> had to have been frightening. the plane overshot the runway after a hard landing in heavy rain. pence canceled a fund raising appearance in new york last night. but he says he'll be back on the campaign trail today in pennsylvania and north carolina. catch his full interview after our newscast at 7:00. donald trump is not finished rallying colorado voters. he's going to speak at the jefferson county fairgrounds tomorrow, starting at noon. meantime, hillary clinton will try to rally pp hampshire, maine and iowa today. here are the latest early voting numbers from the colorado secretary of state's office. more than 575,000 ballots have been turned in so far. 224,000 from democrats, 196,000 from republicans and about 144,000 from unaffiliated voters. what's different this election is historically remember more
6:49 am
so far, not this year. we expect new numbers out this morning. police say they arrested 141 people from private property in the path of the dakota access oil pipeline. this protest happened yesterday in cannonball, north dakota. people started fires during the day, including setting three pieces of construction equipment on fire. the pipeline route is on the fringe of reservation land on the standing rock sioux. some say water supplies. more than 90 federal inmates are about to go home early. president obama is commuting more sentences. most have drug related offenses. most will see their sentence end 2018, almost two years in the term of the next prison.
6:50 am
smith and mini thomas a second chance. more than a thousand origami peace cranes created by summit county inmates will be dedicated as an art installation today. it will happen at noon at the justice center in breckenridge. the display was started by inmates at that detention facility two years ago. the peace cranes include messages of what the inmates are thinking and feeling, and health project. >> these were made by inmates, but most importantly these are still members of the community, you know. these are still people. >> the project was designed in part to help reduce conflict among inmates and support
6:51 am
dollar text merger, sentry link and level 3, combining their consumer internet and telephone services. neither company is talking about it publicly. broncos fans will pack mile high stadium this sunday for a rematch against the chargers. kickoff is at 2:05 sunday and you can watch that right here on cbs4. >> that's right. you can also bet the broncos are looking for some revenge against san diego, because things didn't go so well in that last win, but they do have injuries. i would suspect they're reworking things. >> they are reworking things. maybe it will flow off the -- throw off the chargers. this time they play at home. this time the chargers could see a different broncos team than the one they beat 17 days ago. gary kubiak is back.
6:52 am
demarcus ware is close to returning. anderson suffered a right knee injury and is expected to miss multiple games which means booker will get his first start of his career sunday. he rushed for 83 yards and a touchdown this past monday night. sure, the broncos want to have anderson in the lineup, but booker is a player they're confident handing the ball to, because booker brings juice to the fe kubiak. another player broncos players would be happy to see in the lineup is demarcus ware. we don't know yet if he'll play sunday. but he sure wants to. he practiced this week for the first time since he suffered a fractured left forearm week two against the colts. that is great news for a defense that already leads the league in sacks, but still needs all the help it can get in pressuring chargers' quarterback phillip rivers. rivers was 10 of 14 passing with a touchdown against the
6:53 am
meeting. other things to watch out for this sunday, broncos really need to limit the flags since they are now the north most penalized team in the league -- 4th most penalized team in the league. broncos racked up 12 penalties for a costly 103 yards the last time they played the chargers. eight on offensive linemen. in the last two seasons, the broncos are 14-1 when they allow including 5-0 this year. the chargers scored 21 a couple of weeks ago. trevor siemian hasn't thrown an interception in his last four starts. since then he's on a streak. let's keep that going. >> no kidding. question for you, romi, how important is home field advantage in a game like this one, the broncos have lost to the chargers before, but they're out a few players as
6:54 am
comes to divisional games. after this the broncos are on the road facing the raiders and the kansas city chiefs. they really need to win this one at home. it can be so difficult to win on the road playing in your division. >> let's hope so. let's hope they can keep the holding down on the o line. thanks a lot. you can hear more from romi monday on cbs4 mornings, plus weekdays 3:00 to 6:00 on denver sports 660. >> we need a win because they need to up here's ashton with a big ego. just kidding. wow, thanks so much. >> you have a lot of confidence. >> winning forecast for the weekend, i can give you that. high confidence in a winning forecast. look outside this morning, this is our camera at lookout mountain. notice a lot of cloud cover overhead. that's going to be the big difference between yesterday and today. we're going to have a lot more clouds to look at today. temperatures are very mild. 50s and 60s all around town. mountain areas are in the 30s and 40s.
6:55 am
like gunnison. like yesterday, you'll come close to a high this afternoon. the warmest weather to the southeast, upper 80s, close to 90 along highway 50 for la junta, lamar and towards holly. 67 in aspen. you can see all the cloud cover over our state. everything coming from this storm system in california. the jet stream will take that storm and send it towards wyoming. it will miss us. it's why we stay warm forget weekend. as it does move to our nort for tomorrow and sunday we drop out of record territory. today will be another record. we're going to shatter the old record set 22 years ago. 83 this afternoon. 74 tomorrow. 76 sunday. 71 for halloween coming up on monday. and the kickoff temperature for the broncos and chargers around 75. much warmer here than if the game were in san diego. let's check the traffic. here's joel. tough drive, i-25 and 20th
6:56 am
right shoulder. slow northbound along i-25 as well. not our only trouble spot. live out to pictures from our photojournalist eddie castro. southbound santa fe closed north of bellevue at union there. my advice is to take either broadway to the east or if you are to the west, take federal this morning. see that corvette that's wrapped around the pole. southbound at 20th we've got another accident eastbound direction of i-70. that's at i-270 and delays. slowing northbound along i-25 on the approach to arapahoe road. it's loading up southbound along i-225. drive southbound coming into town, not too bad. speeds in the 60s. i-270 eastbound direction, we have speeds into the 20s. thank you very much. pet of the week, with a halloween theme today. panini. >> she is a class clown.
6:57 am
that. ashton, you're giving us such a fantastic forecast, she won't need a jacket over that. >> that costume will be fine for monday night. >> do you think the ,, ,, ,,
6:58 am
and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. donald trump isn't for us. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
6:59 am
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, october 28th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? a jet carrying republican vice presidential nominee mike pence skids off a runway in new in studio 57. legendary olympic gymnast gymnastics coaches bela and martha karolyi in a lawsuit against sexual abuse. >> a birth control for men and a shot that works like a pill. we will look at the side effects and how soon it might be available. we begin this morning with a


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