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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  October 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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>. tonight hillary clinton wants answers after the latest e-mail bombshell. >> this new information may not be significant, so let's get it out. hundreds 6 evacuated as a -- hundreds evacuated as a roaring fire threatens homes in douglas county. >> and customers fight back when a man attacks a store clerk. >> constant glitches could end train service to the airport. >> we'd have to halt operations. breaking news first at 10:00, an amber alert pajamas. police continue confirm an actual abduction and don't have a missing persons report, but they have a witness saying a girl was put into a van around 10:30 this morning. they believe she was taken be i a white man in his 40s. he might be driving a 1999 gray dodge caravan with oregon license plates zeu145.
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29th avenue shut down at colorado boulevard in kenya after a -- denver after a pedestrian was hit and killed by a car. the driver stayed on scene. someone who saw the wreck just told a cbs photo journalist the victim was in a wheelchair, and the driver appeared to be speeding him trying to -- up trying to beat a yellow light. and hillary clinton is pushing back after the fbi drops an october surprise 11 days before the election. direct they've found another batch of e-mails related to clinton's on going problem. clinton says she doesn't know what's in the e-mails and wants the fbi to reveal more information. >> the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. >> reporter: hillary clinton is calling on the fbi to release more information about the investigation. earlier in day the fbi director james comey sent a letter to house members saying agents
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clinton's private server. sources tell cbs news the e- mails were discovered during the investigation of anthony weiner, who's estranged wife huma abedin is a long time aid to clinton. anthony weiner with a history of online sex scandals was said to have a relationship with a 15-year-old girl. >> it's incumbent upon the fbi to tell about, jeff, because right now your guess is as good as mine. >> reporter: comey says he doesn't know if the e-mails will reveal anything illegal, and the investigation will take time. time clinton say it is voter don't have. >> reporter: what do you say to a voter right now seeing you and hearing what you're saying saying i didn't trust her before, i don't trust her right now, and they're heading to the ballot box tomorrow. >> i think people a long time
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what people think and now they're choosing a president. >> clinton say it is fbi has yet to connect her, and she found -- contact her, and she found out about the investigation like everyone else. >> and donald trump has been slamming clinton today, his crowds greeting him with chants of lock her up. >> the investigation is the biggest political watergate, and it's everyone's hope that justice at last can be delivered. the fbi would never have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most terrible criminal offense. >> now we have heard from several viewers who asked about changing their vote because of this new development, so we asked the secretary of state's office if you've already mailed
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your vote is counted, you cannot change it. if you've filled out the ballot but haven't sent it in, you can destroy it and request a new one. you can also discard it and vote in person at a polling center. and now the latest on the raging grass fire. it sent out a huge plume of smoke this afternoon just south of highlands ranch. crews quickly brought in air support to help with the fire fight. you can see just how close the flames came to many homes i hundreds of homes had to be evacuated. stan bush is live with the latest. stan, they got a handle on it, but boy it wasn't easy. >> reporter: jim, that's absolutely right. the pyre is 100 percent -- the fire is 100 percent contained, but the crews are still on scene monitoring hot spots. everyone is in their homes tonight. the cause of the fire is not known, but what fueled it is easily known, unseasonably warm
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heavy aircraft swarmed in an air bucket brigade, dropping retardant and filling tanks from nearby ponds. carrie was forced from her home after seeing the smoke from her gym. >> i got into the car and saw a white smoke and i thought it looks like it's near the kids' school. >> reporter: over a hundred who's in the house, who do i need to get out and what do i need to get. it was just a scary situation. >> reporter: the fire burned right to the doorstep of the gated neighborhood. residence debilities watched an no, ma'am -- residents watched an ominous cloud of smoke cover the area. >> i never expected something like this to happen. >> reporter: marilyn manning looked on close to tears. nothing was damaged though, and
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>> you just look behind you, and there's houses right here, and my house is just down the street, and we're super close, and it took me breath away to see this. >> reporter: there was no red flag warning, so this fire was truly a surprise and make it is response even more impressive, and the one thing we heard several times today is what we need more than anything is a little bit of rain. live in douglas county, stan bush, cbs 4 news. >> you got that and now we'll bring in meteorologist chris spears, so dry, and we're heading into the month of november with prime fire conditions. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, and we're heading into the one of the driest stretches of the year, jim. it doesn't get much better in december or january by history's standards. and let's look here. a brought you have a graph to show you the presip -- up a graph to show you of the precipitation from july. look at august, september, and
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each, and if you do a little calculation it's 31 percent of normal, and if we take july out and look at august, september, and october, we're 21 percent of normal, so it's no wonder, check out the map, that we have moderate drought in castle rock to fort collins and all the front range foothills, and we've been seeing the drought area expand, so just not good news. something else that we have really been watching, jim, 61 degrees righno high for this date. it's just incredible. we'll have the forecast for you coming up with ed and lauren just in a bit. >> all right, thank you chris. developing tonight, a denver police officer is behind bars accused of stealing money from this crime scene. karen, there's actual video of what happened as well? >> reporter: yes, he was wearing a body camera when he responded to a crash at this
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was rolling. now according to arrest paperwork, the video shows cash on the scene that never made it into evidence. after more than 10 years as a denver police officer, julian archuleta is facing trouble of his own, accused of theft and tampering with evidence from a crash scene earlier this month. the incident october 7th started with shots fired at police. a short chase ensued and ended with the suspect's vehicle involved in a rollover photograph the scene, while wearing a body camera. according to the arrest paperwork he searched the suspect's clothing after it was removed by paramedics, and he's seen removing rolls of cash action including a $100 bill that never made it into evidence. within an hour of being confronted, the officer finds 12 100-dollar bills saying
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his bag. ironically he was recognized as one of the finest after he paid out of pocket for a hotel fair family in -- for a family in need. he's now been suspended without pay from the department pending the outcome of the investigation. >> thank you karen. now an update on the incident at the sun core oil refinery that sent orange smoke pouring from the plant. denver post reports they obtained a company letter admitting that pounds of sulfur dioxide was released, 150 times over the limit that triggers an investigation. the accident happened earlier this month, and both sun core and the fire department said there was no toxic material released. new at 10:00, a customer attacks a store clerk with hot coffee, and tries to fight with other customers. he's wanted for several burglaries, and lauren dispirito is live we 7-11 where
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lauren? >> reporter: before that happened police say the suspect was out here asking customers if they wanted to help him steal cars. then he headed for the door looking for coffee. surveillance video shows a man enter the 7-11 on west alameda avenue earlier this month. it was about 2:00 in the morning and in his hand he's holding a cup. police say is man in the image is 33-year-old kenneth segala, and shortly after walking in he asked the then threw the hot liquid back in his face. >> these kinds of things shouldn't be happening, you know, and this place is a safe place, so we want customers to know the place is safe for you to shop. >> reporter: the store's manager says that's not all. as two men come to the store clerk's aid, surveillance video captures the suspect as he uses mace on one of them. >> they're coming to help us,
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records indicate segala has been arrested before for theft, and in addition to what happened at 7-11, police say he's also wanted in several southwest denver burglaries. there is a warrant out tonight for segala's arrest. if you have any information about where he is, call crime stoppers. live in denver, lauren dispirito, cbs 4 news. developing tonight a potentially big blow for why the service could end next week. >. and a terrifying escape for american airlines passengers. a roaring fire after a failed take off. and a mom gives birth to a boy but goes home with a baby girl. why it took five months for the hospital to fix the mistake. and warm and dry conditions right now, and we did have a wildfire early. ron is reporting 59 in
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you can still smell the smoke. and cj anderson, what's the word for ,,
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to mean only forcible rape. in coffman's bill, victims who were drugged, even minors, victims of statutory rape, would not be considered rape victims. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. >. a developing story now. time is running out for that train to the plane. a temporary permit to operate expires in one week, and there's a chance the a line could shut down november 5th. our jeff todd has been looking into the issue, and jeff, it's
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there are crossing guards every time the train has to go through this intersection because the software isn't meeting federal regulations. this isn't just a problem for the a line right here, it's also a problem for the b line through westminster, and but the brakes on the g line better put the brakes on the -- put the brakes on the g line in arvada. the train cross through the gates on something similar to a wi-fi network. >> to get them to acknowledge and shut down right when it needs to is fine tuning. >> reporter: and rights now the timings isn't right. >> the gate is closing too early and going back up too late. >> reporter: the federal railway administration has given rat a temporary -- rtd a terrae extension, and new software is almost ready. >> this is called positive train control, and it's a safety mechanism that all train
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>> reporter: but right now rfa told us rtd must develop a plan that demonstrates they have a path forward to a solution to resolve the timing issues at the crossings. >> the worst case scenario is we'd have to halt operations until we get the thumb's up, and that's not in anybody's best interest. >> reporter: meetings between the train's operating company and the fra were held this week in washington. it's still unknown if federal government. >> we're past projected ridership, and it's a significant asset to the community. >> reporter: rtd does have a contingency plan if the a line gets shut down, and they'd have to use buses to get people out to the airport. in denver, jeff todd, cbs 4 news. a terrifying scene in chicago at the airport today. passengers forced to evacuate the plane after it caught on
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video posted to facebook captured the chaos inside. the american airlines jet was headed to miami when it blew a tire. the pilots aborttake off and the -- aborted take off and the engine caught fire as the passengers used slides to get out. >> i'm halfway through getting out, and the smoke started to get heavy. you took in smoke, and that was the scariest part of whole th suffer mayor injuries. -- minor injuries. the ntsb is investigating. and a fedex plane caught fire as it touched down on the runway in fort lauderdale, and later the plane exopodded causing the engine -- exploded causing the engine to separate from the aircraft. thankfully no reports of injuries there. five months after two babies were swapped at a
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are returned to their biological parents. what's really interesting about this is that the babies are different genders. one of the mothers filed a complaint with the police claiming the hospital staff told her she gave birth to a son but she was later given a little girl. dna tests proved the mix up, and the children were transferred during a ceremony. >. hi ed! [ laughter ] >> don't you have something to say here? >> yeah, i don't know, i'm thinking about it, give me a prevent another record, but not to be. >> didn't happen, exactly right, and now we go from really warm to sort of kind of warm. not much going on here, so hear is the hour by -- here's the hour by hour forecast. a scattered shower or two over the northwest, and maybe a snow flurry in the higher elevations, but not much going on. here's sunday, the broncos game starting at 2:00. nothing going on, sunny to partly sunny sighs. nice day for that. rolling into monday, that's
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and again partly cloudy skies, not much going on. we do have a cold front coming our way, and we're ahead of it, so we're still on the warm side. cooler air is behind it, but the high pressure is holdings it back, so it's taking it awhile to get here, and it's only going to mix with the warm air and moderate the temperatures we're seeing now. as we look at the temperatures, here it is, that warm bubble of air. we were 82 degrees today, almost as warm as las vegas, rm today. they were only 81. so we had 82, the old record was 80 from 1968. 82 82 downtown and 6 is is nor -- 61 is normal. ask the low -- and the normal low is 32. 9 is the record.
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88 was the warmest. the spring 81, the old record was 77. 87 in pueblo breaking the old record by two degrees. 60 and 61 right now. south breeze at 12. 25 percent halt with a steady program -- humidity with a steady barometer. and nice shot here, you can see the clouds along the front range. this is from madeline, new to our state, moched here from -- moved here from michigan so welcome. just went downtown and locked up, and temperatures tonight 40s and 50s for the eastern plains, 30s and 40s higher up. out west in the 40s and 50s, and tomorrow little cooler around here, and much cooler to the north. 70s to the 80s. 60s and 60s for the mountain -- 50s for the mountains. and here's the forecast tonight. partly cloudy and 51 and 50 for the overnight lows. and tomorrow a pretty pleasant day with partly sunny skies and
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go to the forecast with 75 on sunday. monday we have halloween and 73. people used to say here comes halloween here comes the first snow fall, but here's lauren in the colorado weather center, and that's not the case anymore. >> it really not, the last five years, 2015 69 with 2014, and 2013 there was some snow on the ground before halloween, but we were still pretty warm. 70 in 2012, and we have to really go back to 2004 to have measurable snow on halloween actually falling that day. 3.2 inches in stapleton, and in the foothills several inches, and the coldest halloween was from 2002. it was 19 degrees, and snowed that day. for us we're actually looking at the warmest halloween in the last six years in the low 70s, and still warm well into next week. >> all right, thank you lauren,
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and wednesday, but on the plus four more we're in the 60s, but right back into the 70s and dry. remember next weekend, not this weekend, we turn the clocks back. >> fall behind, ,,
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,, ,, ,, this is the colorado none of us want to lose.
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to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing, not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message because i won't let that happen. the colorado avalanche are undefeated at home this season. the colorado avalanche have
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in october. hosting winnipeg tonight. the jets got on the board first in the 2nd. winnipeg up 1-0. the avalanche had a couple of chances, including this one in the 2nd. they haven't had a problem scoring goals. i said that at 6:00, and of course i jinxed them. the jets get the win. and the browsers placed cj anderson on injured reserve, bu return for the playoffs depending upon recovery time. and center matt perrin is a game time decision. he didn't practice all week. talib and marshall also game time decisions, so we'll see how good the next man up philosophy really is. >> it's really not too weird.
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in practice. we get the second guys in, and we play with those guys, so i think, you know, this team is built to handle injury. we had injury at the head coaching spot and we handled that as well, so we have high character guys in the locker room and on the staff, and i think we're more than capable of picking it up and going. >> century league poll question, 63 percent of you be okay. world series game three. chicago ends the inning. in one was scoreless for a good majority until the top of the 7th. crisp singles to right. that would be the first and only one of the game. chicago had a chance late, but baez strikes out to end the game. indians take a 1-0 lead, and they lead the series two games to one.
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du hockey in action hosting western michigan. puck loose in front of the note. they eventually finds it and find the back of the net. du up 1-0 in the 2nd. later in the period crazy play, the puck bounces offer the referee's skate, jansen, and du wins it 3-1 #. and say what you want, the biggest question into game three of the world series is who would take the take me out to the ball game lead. well it seemed fitting the cubs chose life long fan bill murray, and he didn't disappoint tonight. >> it's the bottom of the 7th inning, the last chance to order a beer for it's one, two,
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old ball game [ singing ] >> an ode to daffy duck no less. >> and on key too. >> he's such a fan. >> th,,
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always exciting picture of the day. >> all right, take a look at this. it says us government property, no trespassing. now the only way you'd trespass is if you can't read, and apparently these guys can't read. >> or they can and they're just ignoring the skies. >> that's true too. >> they know no one is going mess with them. thanks for watching, the late captioning sponsored by cbs ? ? ? >> oh, no. oh, no. oh, no! no! no! no! oh, another perfect show.


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