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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  October 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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this is the news breaking in denver. police say one person is dead after shooting near 43rd in columbine. to others were hurt and taken to the hospital. there is no suspect information right now. we do know this happened around 1145 there is no suspect information right now. we do know this happened around 11:45 pm last night. the investigation is ongoing. a powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake has hit central and southern italy. a building was seen collapsing after the quake hit the same area where another her -- earthquake and a pair of aftershocks left people homeless last week. there are no deaths reported last -- so far, but some buildings went down after last week's quote.
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sunday morning. i am kelly werthmann. liska to check with dave in the weather center. what is with the bald this morning ? it is foggy. take a look at our mile hi kim. we've zoomed into bucky. the horse on top of mile high stadium. is covered in fog. he gets taken some areas. we have intense fog advisory for collins, northeastern colorado. if you get from dia up to weld county and along the platte river, it is very sick up there. look for that in some locations. it may be 200 yards visibility, and that is it. we have cooler air coming in here, and we have high clouds drifting over. could be a combination of fog and clouds to start today. temperatures, mostly 40s. it is 47 in inglewood. 44 in erie right now and 44
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today, here is the way it breaks down. morning fog, 59 degrees at 9 am. we break out of it. mostly partly sunny to cloudy with 73 the high temperature today. a little shakeup in the weather situation, at least for this morning. i think that by 10 am this morning, it will start to clear out and we should just go multi- -- partly cloudy. a suspect is on the run after a shooting near the boulder campus overnigh boulder police say one man assert. this happened near a bar parking lot at 1:30 am this morning. campus police put out an alert for students to take protective action. an hour later, boulder police say they believe the suspect left the boulder area and is no longer a threat. boulder police are looking for two separate pedestrians.
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broadway, one person was left dead. the other crash happened around 19th in larimer. the person hit their does have serious injuries. police are looking for a white suv that may be a chevy yukon. donald trump is back in colorado this afternoon. he is holding a rally at the university of northern colorado in greeley at 430 at 4:30 pm. troubles in golden yesterday and melissa garcia tells us he spent no time clinton's latest controversy.>> reporter: big crowds out there for trump's appearance. he spoke for an hour about how to restore jobs and how to restore honesty to the government. >> when we will when on november 8, we will drain the swamp.
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there in the denver area. >> doctors acquitting. companies are fleeing, and deductibles are going so-hi. we will have a plan that is so much better, and that is so much less expensive. >> reporter: trump also bank on the recent investigation into hillary clinton's private use of a server when she was secretary of state. >> a but there was a revolt in the fbi by what they allowed to happen. that is with respect to hillary clinton. that was a revolt. turkey vowed to put a stop to
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illegal immigrants. hillary clinton's campaign is responding to the email scandal. they are saying that commies letter is long on innuendo and short on facts. it had been linked to a private email server but did not say it was significant. to make it is pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. we called on director coming to explain ever put it all out on the table. >> clinton's next campaign stop in his oh -- is in ohio tomorrow. chelsea is coming to colorado on tuesday and wednesday, lodging phone banks and visiting venues. denver police are things -- staying tightlipped on one
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>> it has to be serious whatever it is.>> crime tapes -- crime tape surrounded one area as police investigated a death in the area. they blocked off the area for hours releasing little details. donatelli said she woke up to police just outside of her daughter. >> i was afraid. no one has told me anything. it was really scary. she does investigation crime scene and said police in the industrial area is uncommon.. >> decision -- this is unusual. we usually don't see anybody appear on the weekends. an update now on a wildfire that threatened hundreds of homes and douglas county on friday. we've learned that the which fire was caused by an electrical malfunction i power pole. the flames burned more than 200
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out. 850 homes were evacuated. we have a live look this morning of mile high. it is foggy. can you see bucky? this is where the broncos will face the chargers this afternoon. denver is looking to avenge their loss from earlier this season. kickoff visit 205 and want you to join tweet along during the game and after the game, vote on the fan we will have all of the results tonight at 1035 we will have all of the results tonight at 10:35 pm. dave, sounds like a perfect day for again. >> should be a perfect day for a game. not a perfect morning for game. the fog as they can we have a dense fog advisory until 10 am that includes the metro denver area. we will talk about that clearing out. the bronco forecast, the trick- or-treat forecast, that will let you know we have any rain
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next on colorado's newschannel, a new study test birth control for men. how effective it is and how many guys are willing to try it. plus tips for picking ,,
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z25koz zvpz
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denver players and contribute to a good cause. a new study shows men can take birth control shots to prevent their partner from getting pregnant. this is the news been held. the world health organization found the hormone therapy that it tested was 95% effective but it did have side effects like depression and muscle pain. still, 75% of participants were open to using contraception. more americans are having medical procedures outside of the hospital operating room that require anesthesia. researchers in dallas found that more than a third of americans undergoing such procedures have been done outside the or. that is an increase of 27% in the past five years. women may be catching up to women -- when it comes to men when it comes to alcohol consumption.
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data. doctors found the gap between men and women is merit -- is merely disappearing and associated usage and harm overtime. halloween is tomorrow. if your child is not decided what to be, kim hutchison has a few things that you should know about planning your kids costume and their trick-or- treating route. >> reporter: trick-or-treating can be fun for kids of all ages as long as you follow a few safety tips. before heading out, make sure costumes are fire resistant. test out halloween makeup sure it is non-toxic. be sure to clean the faces before bedtime. but it is time to go out and collect candy, fasten reflective tape to kids costumes and bags so that they can be seen by drivers after dark. you can also send them with small flashlight -- flashlights or glow sticks. children under the age of 12 should always be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. it is okay to let older kids go out in groups, but you should plan a route within the planning time when they should
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kids and caretakers should put electronic devices down and pay attention to their surroundings. stick to the sidewalks or pads. keep an eye on traffic and look both ways when crossing roads. also be sure to watch for cars that are turning her backing up. try to visit only homes of people you know or neighborhood houses that have a porch light on it halloween decorations up. with a little attention paid to safety, halloween can be a fun and enjoyable experience for all. for days health,, -- for today's health minute, in the seventh, with two men on base, jason kipnis rushed -- crushes one out to right and that gives cleveland a commanding 7-to win. kipnis grew up outside of chicago as a cubs fan, and now he is on the verge of giving cleveland their first world
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the indians will look to win it all tonight in game five. first pitch is at 615 first pitch is at 6:15 pm. dave have any predictions? >> i don't know if the cubs have it. both teams are -- they both have a sad story.>> it is fun to watch but you hope the cubs pull through. >> they are the underdog all the time, aren't they? around here, take a look at the satellite radar. over the west. there mixing together. we are stuck in the soup this morning, so to speak, from the denver metro area in fort collins and then pushing over metro east. there is a fog advisory until 10 am. in some locations along the south platte, we could see visibility down to 200 yards in front of you. be careful on that. in fact, wendy a lucky out in
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the platte river is appeared she lives on a plateau appear. she says that it is foggy up there but visibility up on the plateau is good. a blue the major visibility issue is done on the south platte valley. it is takedown there. temperatures this morning, it is 56 in grand junction. tom llamas out there. 45 in boulder. in fort collins as well. here is that cool shot that is dripping into this high- pressure ridge which is still a live and well. as we go through the day, the colder air moves in. this high should bring in support -- drier air. there is a low off the coast of california. i don't think it will bring us any moisture. coolest down once we get to tuesday, but i do not think we will see any rainout of that. there is a fall. watches it starts to break out by 10:00, moving out of here. it will be partly cloudy throughout the afternoon. highs today should be in the high 70s. across the -- acrossed the east, mostly 60s in the
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broncos, it will be mostly cloudy with a high in the upper 60s a low 70s. on monday night, should be 60 degrees at 6 pm. clear. maybe a little breezy. great for trick-or-treating. the high, before that all happens, should make it to about 75. it will be in the 60s on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. that is a cooldown, but i'm not looking for any rain from that system. most of that system will be out west and out north and montana. >> we are finally feeling a little more like fog with this. >> that is in the first few days of november. maybe november will bring us something. >> dave, thank you so much. singer-songwriter josh groban has made his name with four golden albums. now he makes his way to broadway.
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>> reporter: in a studio on new york's 42nd st., the cast of the new musical, the great comet of 1812, rehearses for opening night. 24 members of this production will soon be making their broadway debuts. >> [ singing ] all the things that could've been there but i never had the nerve note dote >> reporter: including josh grogan. >> this is something you wanted for a long time? i it was my childhood dream. >> [ singing ] ? >> reporter: for weeks now, the 35-year-old singer has been
6:18 am
>> is it as hard as you thought it would be? >> it is harder than i thought it would be. i have an excellent work ethic but i worry. i think the two are related. on the first line of previews this month, after a lifetime of dreaming, josh groban finally was ready for his broadway entrance. >> what do you remember about that moment? i it was more emotional than i thought it would be. in my first preview, i thought, i have a job to do. let's go do this. you think about the moments, he did nothing to do it. you think about all of the people that discouraged you, the people that encouraged to. the teachers. and then you just have to perform. >> josh groban calloway w and some holiday tricks and treats. that is this sunday right here
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spending $400 billion on halloween candy this year. if you a sweet tooth and are to go to trick-or-treat, we will tell you the best day to buy ,,
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,, ,, ,, centers, and balance near our schools. today's threats are real. big l schwartz will not protect us. congressional fund is responsible for this advertising. time now for the chevy sports break. >> good morning.
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aligned for a nuggets win last night. it was a home opener. they were wearing their jurors -- jerseys. the blazers led by eight at the break. the halftime ceremony must of ignited denver because they came back out on fire. video -- committee a the nuggets scored 34 points in the third quarter. they took a 12 point lead. the nuggets clinging to a two- point lead late, -- late, and they go on to lose in overtime 115 to 113. the avenues in phoenix last night. they had to come from for hot -- from behind. the coyotes were up 1-0. check out this one spin move from matt duchesne. the really -- the replay doesn't do much good.
6:23 am
he scores in another conventional fashion. he already has five goals as the avenues when 3-2. >> they interviewed joe on thompson. booker, bibs, thompson will have to carry the load. they would do so against a good run defense. san diego chargers are much better against the run then houston was. san diego ranks eighth in the nfl. the texans ramp -- the texans were also ranked. >> they beat us so that makes it even more fresh. scheme wise, still want to go in steady and see what new they have added. but we display them two weeks ago. this probably not too much changing. it makes your standing a lot easier. >> we've got a good feel for him. a similar opponent. going what they did on all
6:24 am
what they did the last two weeks. i think we've got plenty to watch. >> if you want to join us for the game, join us on countdown to kick off at 1:30 pm. this is been the chevy sports break brought to you by chevrolet, the most awarded car company based on 2014-2015 year and totals. visit your chevy dealership today. family she's an obama car -- obamacare may have less places to go for healthcare. some places will only have one ensure. the uninsured rate has dropped to historic lows, but several big insurers say that big financial losses are forcing them to scale back. volkswagen says it is rehab --
6:25 am
cars with the admissions -- emissions suv -- it has refitted many of its cars with the omissions piece. americans are expected to spend $4 billion on candy this year. or they will per household. if you want to get a good deal on sweets, you'll have to wait until the day after halloween. on election day, voters in five states will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use. cbs news correspondent dr. john
6:26 am
. >> don't wait for the laws to change. start collecting baseline data now. company kids are using marijuana. start looking at accidents, was there thc involved so that we have good baselines so that as we accumulate more data, if they do legalize it, we can see what the effects of legalization itself really are. >> and you can watch's report on the impact of marijuana legalization tonight at 6 pm right here on cbs4. >> the forecast with day. fog, fog, fog. every one of our cameras showing fog. we will talk about a dense fog advisory coming up. in the meantime, mitch and sandy granger have set the alarm really early. there up and watching this morning. they have 40 degrees. coming up, a third earthquake in a week hits the same area of italy today. crews rescue nuns from a church
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event. shop at the mile high holiday mart in support local literacy programs. live from colorado's newschannel, this is matt kroschel one morning news. welcome back to colorado's newschannel. it is 6:30 am on sunday, on sunday, october 30. it is a foggy halloween ease. it is ha downtown denver right now. let's turn things over today. what is up with the fog? >> it looks kind of halloween- ish out there. it is a little spooky. we had a surge of cooler and moist air coming in from eastern colorado. with a dense fog advisory until 10 am on the denbow -- denver metro area down into akron, lyman, and southern lincoln county. in some locations, it is pretty thick. along the south platte
6:31 am
visibility from time to time. we have two things working. a shot of high clouds coming in from the west and that cold air that is pushed in that will give us a gray in soupy warning around here. temperature-wise, we are 46 in city park. 38 incident -- in stapleton this morning. david berrien, and the area, not too big at the fire department there. 48 there, but if you're going to the bronco should be the high today. late in the game, it will be in the 70s and it will be partly cloudy during the course of the game. i think is going to be a great day for a big bronco when today. >> we hope so. they are trying to get their win over the san diego chargers. let's cross our fingers. this is the news breaking in denver. police are investigating a deadly shooting. 43rd in columbine. one person killed and two others hurt.
6:32 am
11:45 pm last night, and so far police have not shared or updated any information. we will let you know what we hear more on this ongoing investigation. powerful 6.6 magnitude earthquake has hit -- it shows the latest damage in the area where an earthquake also hit in august. there are no deaths so far, but they are saying search crews are trying to find out if anybody is stuck under the rubble. today's earthquake is the strongest to hit italy and 36 years. a suspect is on the run this morning after a shooting near the cu boulder campus overnight. border police say one man assert. this happened at a bar parking lot a pleasant and broadway at one bar parking lot a pleasant and broadway at 130 bar parking lot a pleasant and broadway at 1:30 am this morning. about an hour later, they
6:33 am
longer a threat. a driver accused of hitting a motorcyclist is on the run. the crash happened yesterday afternoon on the rent from eastbound 672 i town -- to i 75. the victim was taken to a hospital with serious head injuries. this is kris pickel was later found liquid that authorities have yet to find the driver. the fbi's criminal investigation of hillary clinton's private eagle server is dominating the presidential campaign. law enforcement sources tell cbws still waiting for search warrant so that they can begin reviewing the emails found on the laptop of one of clinton's aides. burke silva braga has the latest. hillary clinton's campaign called james, is letter to congress longtime innuendo, and short on facts. email -- new reports have been
6:34 am
hillary clinton's private email server. >> it is unusual to see something like this, just days before election. we contacted senator. coming in ask him to put it all out on the table. >> more than 1000 emails were found in an -- in a laptop of his -- of hillary's prior top aide when they were investigating prior top aide. the fbi says that they are investigating after new information was discovered. >> they are trying to protect the criminal activity of hillary clinton. >> reporter: before the fbi's announcement, they found most likely voters think that clinton broke the law with the use of her private server.
6:35 am
affect how you lane at all? >> a little bit. i think that i am leaning toward trump. >> at this point, there's nothing they can do to turn off the people who support them. >> early voting is already underway in dozens of states and more than toilet -- more than 20 million votes have already been cast. right now i search is underway for whoever stole weapons from a gun store in downtown parker. it happened after midnight yesterday at the pony express firearms store. police say that grabbed two ak-47s and ar 15 rifle and a shotgun off of the shelf. >> the guns obviously were stored super close to the front window, close enough you could reach her arm and past the bars, grab for guns and take out. >> parker police say they may bring in the atf to help with the investigation. broncos plant -- fans planning to park at the pepsi station
6:36 am
you are not using a credit card. dylan thomas tells us of frustration over a change in parking fees. >> for those who have parked the pepsi center for the past decade -- >> where you staffing cash. have it ready at the gas -- at the gate. >> pay with credit cards has never been an option. now they are paying with credit cards and cash. those who are paying cash are charged extra five dollars for doing so. make it is the issue. this is the wrong thing to do. broncos season ticket holder for many years said he is parked at the parking lot paying cash for years. >> it is american cash. i'm 67 years old. i have never had a surcharge for using money anywhere.>> reporter: but they say they see where it could be a safety concern. >> it seems odd that they
6:37 am
i do understand why they would be a little more nervous to encourage you to use your credit card. there's no more liability. >> buck says he thinks the changes on their and he wants equal flat fees. >> this is unethical. this is not the right way to do things regardless of the situation you are trying to correct. millions of cars are under recall for a variety of issues. how do you know you're not -- you are not buying one of them? tomorrow at happens -- they show us what happens when you go to buy a car. >> you might want to ask if there is anything you should know. >> we don't put anything on the lots that have recalls. >> we check. and we found cars that you might not be ready to drive. >> reporter: rick salinger
6:38 am
attended. why some families are painting their halloween,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, -- good morning. good to have you here. the last sunday of october, and we
6:41 am
live look downtown. not really thick on the ground here in the city that you get a little further to -- to the north, visibility is down to 200 yards. be sure to be careful as you traveling northeastern colorado this morning. i want to take you into eastern colorado all the way into ray. nancy roxhill has 43 degrees there. she said yes indeed we do have some dense fog going on out there. we bring you back to the city we have 40 degrees from mitch and sandy granger this morning. they are weather watchers in nevada. here is the breakdown for today. saquon with the fog -- sacked in with the fog, the fog will start to thin out a we will go partly cloudy. our temperatures will still be above normal but a little cooler. it'll be 71 in fort collins.
6:42 am
normal high, kelly, this time of year, is 60 degrees already. we have this indian summer thing still going on. we will check to see if there is any rain in the forecast in just a little bit. >> dave, thank you. trick-or-treating could negatively affect nearly 2 kids in every classroom people -- because of food allergies. any of the children are not able to eat the candy they pick up on halloween. but there is a growing campaign that is trying to change that. >> reporter: happy, healthy sexual who loves sweets. >> and snacking. so naturally, trick-or-treating would seem like a perfect fit. but until recently, lucas is severe allergy to peanuts and tree nuts turn halloween into a drag. >> because your friends can have all of these great treats, and you have not allergy so you cannot eat all of that stuff. >> reporter: but this year, lucas could not wait to put on
6:43 am
steel costume on his front step. for trick-or-treat with food allergies, it is part of an inclusion and awareness campaign called the teal pumpkin project. now, it is in its third year. >> with one in 13 kids having food allergies in the us, chances are that one of these kids lives right down your block. >> reporter:th function -- in the teal pumpkin project is growing. the ultimate goal is to have one of these teal pumpkins on every block in america. >> it would be incredible if it can happen.>> reporter: lucas's mother says their home is the first on the street to embrace the teal pumpkin. but she and lucas are hopeful it will not stop there. >> it makes me happy that people do it so that i can be included with halloween.
6:44 am
celebrated with,,
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,, ,, ,, to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran,
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including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney -- tough, smart, and fair. people who suffer from mental illness. jake lily, tough, smart, and a some of today's top stories. crews in southern colorado are getting a better handle on the jenkins fire that destroyed nine homes. the fire broke out october 17 to the town of west clifton custer county. it started when high winds blew a medical structure -- a metal structure into a power pole. the fire has burned more than 18,000 acres and is 85% contained. groups from minnesota are joined the protest against the decode axis pipeline. this is video of a protest in bismarck, north dakota
6:47 am
the city. it led to clashes earlier this week when more than 140 people were arrested. the first day of the dead parade prompted by a james bond movie. organizers say that the idea from the parade came from one of the opening scenes -- or rather the opening scene of specter where a double those people through the parade. check it out. where socked in with the fog this sunday morning. cooler air has slid in here. it is pretty impressive. your up this morning. it gets a little thicker out of northeastern colorado. on the satellite and radar together, you should check it out.
6:48 am
you can see fog already moving into the panhandle of nebraska here. and then during the night, it slid right back into the den vote -- into the denver metro area. we have high clouds shooting in in a westerly flow. and it looks like a little icloud might be forming near the continental divide. until 10 am, dense fog alert from fort collins all the way out over eastern colorado. in some cases, that visibility goes down to about 200 yards, up into morgan county in some areas up there. watch out for that. to visualize, 43. richard hoffman is one of our weather watchers and southwest littleton. he has 46 degrees right now. here is that cold front as it is sweeping right in to the east side of this high-pressure ridge which is over the southern rockies here. it lost a lot of its moisture,
6:49 am
the coast of california. that will ride the jet stream in the northern rockies in the weeks ahead. it will bring a cool front for us, but i'm not looking forward to some of the moisture. there may be some high mountain snow but it will not make it into eastern colorado. later this afternoon, we should be in good shape with a mixture of clouds, and sunshine as we get into the later hours of the afternoon. i today in gun across eastern colorado. hunter may make it to 80 degrees today. going to the bronco game? it is going to be a nice one. temperatures will be 69 at 205, and at the into the game, it should be 65 degrees. a real treat for halloween, trick-or-treating looks good. temperatures will be right around 60 degrees with clear skies as you get out and get
6:50 am
forecast, i'm looking at 68 degrees on tuesday. a little cooler and we keep the 60s whirling through thursday. we stay dry, unfortunately. normal high as 60 degrees. even with a cooldown, we're still way above normal for this time of year. >> i am sure the trick-or- treaters will appreciate appeared >> it is always nice when it is dry and warm. you don't have to cover up the costume with a coat or anything. you can just show it off. >> always thought that halloween first snowstorm. >> on halloween, it is kind of rare, but usually the day before for the day after, it goes up a little bit. not happening this year though. >> things, day. recent cbs4 investigations have discovered some voter fraud. this year, they have found some people voting twice. one man owns property in
6:51 am
one man, three elections, six votes. kansas secretary of state quit -- chris call back. >> you would be surprised at how often people go to vote.>> i'm sure that he is been charged -- charged with voter fraud -- voter fraud in kansas. go back to still believes that 10,000 people both colorado and kansas. >> anyone of those 10,000 people could probably succeed in casting two votes. >> in some people, like bruce ricky, have been charged with trying to vote twice in colorado elections. prosecutors say that ricky was caught voting in el paso and elbert counties at the same time. >> there are individuals who break the law. and they should and are being
6:52 am
colorado ones are getting away with it. coming through voter data, they suspected double voters in arapahoe, and douglas county. >> it is a problem of a magnitude because we have close elections in colorado. >> so how is voting twice even possible? ask teresa haley. she called us after receiving two ballots in the mail. one to her home address, and the other to her po box.>> i want someone to take this very serious. she says that she how she was registered twice. >> at this happened to me, i am sure that i was not singled out. this has happened to somebody else. brian maass, cbs for news. several vendors have told us about receiving to balance -- two ballots. denver election says only one locale. if you have any questions, you will call 311 to talk to denver election officials. you may have carve a pumpkin for halloween this year, but probably not like the
6:53 am
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strict restrictions against coercion. 106 will work hard too. behold it is drunken. the giant pumpkin. cheney most talked to in ohio woman behind a line up of presidential pumpkins in time for halloween in the election. it is a front porch like any other until you notice who is sitting on it. donald trump can. hillary clinton into is the third one? >> the wildcard. it is a wink, vladimir is the biggest, 331 pounds. it is the donald and the clinton who get most of the attention. here in dublin, ohio, jeanette harris is famous for her portraits. because she is not really an artist. >> i started pumpkin icing giant celebrity pumpkins in 1988.
6:56 am
kanye west, he was a hit with his glasses. since she pumpkin rises whoever is big in the news, the donald and the hillary were no- brainers. she is already done a 374 pound truck in last year. the trickiest picture to get right on pumpkin, the hair. it is made up of six very large wigs. carved pumpkins are popping up down to the wig in the hold. when it comes to halloween, the donald is winning. 's mask is outselling hillary's nationwide. usually, the one whose mask sales best wins the election. >> the left likes to buy because you -- they want to lampoon him.
6:57 am
buy late text -- latex masks are men. what happens when it is time to get rid of trump again -- before dumping them in the trash, she chops them up. some cubs fans in nebraska pit of halloween like display outside of their home in sync with the song field after every cubs win. >> go cup -- [music] go cubs go. go cubs go. hey chicago, what you say, cubs are gonna win to go -- cubs are gonna win today. >> reporter: -- >> the youtube video has more than 424,000 views since it was
6:58 am
crazy. that puts my little spiderwebs and things happen on my spouse -- on my house to shame. we are socked in with the fog. we will talk about the dense fog advisory that we have a -- with denver. will let you know when that will clear out a we will take a look at the week ahe it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet, coffman voted against equal pay for equal work 11 times. it gets worse. coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
6:59 am
7:00 am
the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look. whoa. lifetime. >> -- cbs4. this is the news. this is the news breaking in denver. police say one person is dead after shooting -- after a shooting your 43rd in columbine. to others were hurt and taken to the hospital. there's no information on the shooter right now but we do know this happened around 11:45


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