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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  October 30, 2016 9:30am-10:01am MDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," a late october surprise rocks the presidential campaign. what do we know and what impact will it have on the race? f.b.i. director james comey's announcement friday that he was reviewing new evidence tied to hillary clinton's e-mail server sent shock waves across the country. democrats, led by the clinton campaign, immediately questioned the move and demanded more >> it is not just strange, it's unprecedented, and it is deeply troubling. voters deserve to get full and complete facts. >> dickerson: republicans rejoiced. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> dickerson: we'll get the latest on comey's decision, what we know and what we don't know. an we'll hear from donald trump's running mate, mike pence.
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trouble and the conflicts posed by the clinton foundation. >> the good news, thank god, is there is no evidence of anything that's been illegal. >> dickerson: new cbs battleground tracker numbers give us the first look into the political impact of the f.b.i. director's move in the states that matter the most. it's all coming up on "face the nation." good morning and welcome to "face the nation." i'm john dickerson. with a little over a week to go before election day, the ban lash from f.b.i. director evidence tied to the clinton e-mail server investigation has been intense. there's been a lot of confusion. what we know is that thousands of e-mails were found on a laptop belonging to former new york congressman anthony weiner and his wife huma abedin that could have some bearing on the investigation into whether or not hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server violated the law. weiner is under investigation
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girl. abedin is a top aide to hillary clinton. the couple is separated, but she reportedly transferred state department e-mails to her personal yahoo account in order to print them for secretary clinton. we begin our coverage with cbs news justice correspondent jeff pegues, who is outside the f.b.i. this morning. good morning, jeff. there's been a lot of speculation that director comey wouldn't have taken this turn if he didn't have something big in these e-mails if they have but they haven't gotten an e-mail to read the e-mails yet, have they? >> they have not. as of late saturday night, as we reported, they have not secured this warrant. that's important to this process. they cannot legally look at these e-mails until they secure that warrant. the warrant that seized the laptop, that pertained to the anthony weiner investigation, so they knew they require a new search warrant to look at these new e-mails. john?
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chance they could be duplicates or not relevant to the case. is a that why there has been some news that the justice department was against the idea of director comey sending a letter announcing this latest turn? >> reporter: listen, one of the cardinal rules here is you don't kiss dis close information about an investigation, and certainly close to an election, so that is something that is at play here. >> john: any chance director comey would turn over any of this early? >> well, as you know, the pressure on him to do that is increasing. f.b.i. director comey over the years has been someone who likes to do things by the book, and so any new revelations could jeopardize what investigators are trying to do. so it is unlikely that he will release any new information, but the pressure is growing on him to do that. >> john: all right, jeff pegues outside the f.b.i. for us. thanks so much, jeff. joinings now is republican vice presidential hopeful indiana
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it's nice to have you here, governor. >> thank you, john. >> christa: before we talk about this latest revelation in the f.b.i. server case. let's step back for a minute. both you and donald trump think this was wrongly decided in july when director comey found no evidence of an exchange of classified information. whose fought is it that it was wrongly decided? >> i think that's an open question, but ultimately it's the director of the f.b.i.'s decision last july to not forward with recommending charges was deeply troubleing to millions of americans, and us included. it followed on the heels of when former president clinton met on a private aircraft with with the attorney general, and days later the director of the f.b.i. literally laid out a case of the mishandling of classified information on a private server that hillary clinton operated while she was secretary of state and had a private family foundation taking money from foreign corporations and foreign
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director of the f.b.i. went to capitol hill and literally undercut his own decision by confirming to the congress that what hillary clinton had said about classified information was not true, that she had e-mailed classified information, that there had been e-mails marked classified. so i think it was deeply troubleing to millions of americans, but we commend the f.b.i. and the director on their decision to keep their word to the congress and move forward. >> dickerson: here's what's confusing, though, troubling without saying it's exactly somebody's fault because you're alleging the attorney general put pressure on the f.b.i. director, which is a pretty strong claim, and that that changed his mind. do you think it changed his mind, he was going to go and brick charges but he changed his mind because the attorney general put pressure on him? >> john, i'm not alleging that. you just suggested it. >>. >> dickerson: but why bring up the meeting with clinton? >> i think because the meeting itself was very troubling. >> >> dickerson: what's
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local tv reporter, you found out that former president clinton got on a private aircraft, had a private, clandestine meeting with the attorney general just days before f.b.i. decided not to recommend charges in a case where we have a four-star general today who is facing very serious legal consequences for mishandling classified information, and yet here again we see a double standard where the american people believe that there's a different standard for hillary clinton and for the clintons than there is for the but what the decision this week showed is even 11 days before an election, no one is above the law. the f.b.i. director has step forward, kept his word to the congress and the american people, and told us there's more information and an investigation is now reopened. >> dickerson: you say it's troubling. mr. trump has said he'd investigate hillary clinton if he's made president. would part of that investigation be this meeting between the attorney general and bill clinton as a part of the investigation into hillary
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troubling, it seems like it's worth investigation. >> at the end of the day, i think the american people have a right to know why when she was secretary of state in charge of all of our foreign policy and operating a private foundation dealing with foreign governments... >> dickerson: i'm talking about the meeting between bill clinton and the attorney general. is that worth investigation? >> i think the mishandling of classified information in this case, which is a violation of the law for any other american, is worthy of let's be clear about this issue. hillary clinton refused to turn over 33,000 e-mails. >> dickerson: absolutely. >> i truly do believe that as we approach this election hillary clinton ought to turn over those 33,000 e-mails to the public, to the press, and let the american people fully examine the correspondents of her record and her communication about that work. >> dickerson: trump campaign
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is dangerous and unfair. but donald trump is going after comey and the justice department on this issue for the last fur months. so was that also, what kellyanne conway said, dangerous and unfair? >> i think questioning the decision by the federal bureau of investigation this summer is something that millions of americans have didn't and donald trump has expressed that frustration of millions of americans, john. >> dickerson: but he said it's politically moat secretary of -- which she says is dangerous and unfair. >> what we're seeing now is the old play books of the politics of personal destruction that the clintons have rolled out through their career, and they're targeting the director of the f.b.i. and questioning his personal integrity. >> dickerson: but these are donald trumps word. governor, these are donald trump's word, "this is a disgusting example of just how badly career politicians have rigged the system."
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that original decision. >> that original decision is really incomprehensible to millions of americans. to arrive at place where even in his prime minister before the congress and in that long press conference that he gave, john, that literally hillary clinton had classified information on a private server, that she said she didn't have, that she e-mailed classified information, that she said she didn't do, all of these things misrepresented, mishandling classified information, and then to conclude that she was extremel recommendation of charge, that to me is the kind of double standard that the american people are wary of, but i think people are very encouraged by the decision this week by the f.b.i. to say we have a large volume, as is being reported in the press, a large volume of new information, and we're going to investigate it in our own timely way. >> dickerson: 21 million people have voted. is there any real evidence that this election is being stolen based on what you ail and the
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this voting is getting under way? >> i don't think there's a suggestion about it being stolen as much as frankly... >> dickerson: trump said if he lost information it would only be if it was stolen. he used that word. >> when donald trump and i talk about a rigged system, i mean, the documented overwhelming bias among many in the national media, got a lot of respect for you, john, a lot of people in the national media with overwhelming negative coverage of donald trump, gives the american people the feeling that the national media gets up every day and does half clinton's work for her, but we also know that voter fraud has happened in polling places and precincts around the country, and we're just calling on every american to find a way to respectfully participate in their local election process to ensure that when we achieve that victory on november 8th, it's also a victory for american democracy. >> dickerson: you've said republicans should come home. why aren't they coming home yet? it's close to the end? >> well, donald trump has a message to make america great again. it's reached out to millions of independents in this country who
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frankly, he's appealed to millions of democrats around this country who are tired of trade deals shipping jobs overseas and liberal policies. after a 17-way republican primary, you know, there's some differences and some texs within our party, but my message as i travel around the country this week is it's time for republicans to come home to elect the trump-pence team. time for republicans to reelect republican majorities in the congress. and time to come home to make sure that not only for this weew military, a stronger economy, a supreme court that upholds our constitution, that we ensure that hillary clinton is never elected president of the united states. >> dickerson: all right. governor mike pence, thanks so much for being with us. good luck out there. >> thank you, john. >> christa: we interviewed vice president on thursday, a day before the f.b.i. director's announcement, but hillary clinton's e-mail server, as well as hacked e-mails showing more coziness between the clinton foundation and corporations and foreign government, were on our
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office. i asked him if it was inevitable there would be a conflict between the clinton foundation and hillary clinton's role as secretary of state. >> i think they've acknowledged that, that they could have done it better. the good news, thank god, is there's no evidence of anything that's been illegal, but it's, you know, like, for example, they now said that when she he'll get off the board of the foundation. i think they'd make changes if they could go back. >> dickerson: should they just shut it down? >> it does too much good to shut it down. i have not been, you know, the number-one defender of the clinton foundation, but it's done too much good. so shifting it to the control of others beyond the clintons i think would be, you know, i think it's going to be necessary
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honesty has been a big part of this campaign. voters don't trust either of the two candidates. i looked back at promises to keep, and i talk about your grandfather, and his lesson, which was public servants are obliged to level with everybody. whether or not they'll like what he, the public servant, has to say. do you think that applies to hillary clinton dealing with this private server that she set up? >> well, i think it's a combination of a couple things. one, i don't think she's understood the gravity of setting it up. she thought it was okay to do. and then when this woman has been so battered over the last 0 years, i think then when faced with this is a problem, i think instead of just cutting it and dealing with it immediately, there's always an inclination to overthink it. but what i really do believe and my grandfather said, i think
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straightforward. my state of delaware was a red state, not a blue state when i got up there, and i say things and people come up and say, well, at least i know where the kid stands. i still think it's the best policy, but when you have been on the other end of a consorted effort, justified or not justified, to undermine your credibility, i think you probably are in a different place in terms of how your instinct responds. >> dickerson: if she's in that other place with those does she need somebody to push against those instincts to keep what your grandfather... >> i do think she does, and i think she notion she does. and i think she also knows when she's elected she's going to have to be prepared to be more open as president as to what her feelings are about things. but, you know, there's a double standard, john. i get all this credit for being authentic and, you know, now
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tells the truth kind of thing. but i'm a guy. i go out and if i start talking about my bow ini get filled up, my son died, people say he's a good, decent father, honorable man. if she were to do that, we'd have a chorus of she's playing the woman card here, she's crying, a little bit like michelle, my time michelle obama said something strong, well, she's an angry black woman. there's a sector of electorate that... i think that has a tendency at least over 30-some years of hillary to cause her to close rather than open. >> dickerson: when people talk about your candor, what they say is you, you know, you say something true maybe ahead of time, before it's all been worked out, and that's worked well for you politically. what i hear from voters about her is even when she's saying something that may be right,
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with them. >> but hillary says herself, look, i'm not that good a candidate. i'm not bill or barack. and a lot of that is personal style. i do think she is more measured and she makes fewer mistakes than i make or most people i know, but i just think it's more... it doesn't go to interintegrity or st >> dickerson: do you send e-mails? >> i don't. let me back up. occasionally i'll get an e-mail from family member, but i don't have my staff send e-mails. if they do, they text me something, but i am sure i have some e-mails, but the answer is no. >> dickerson: are you happy these days you don't? >> i'm very happy that i don't have an awful lot of e-mail, but who knows. the ways the russian hack, they may have hacked into anything i have. i don't know.
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russians who hacked into the dnc or into wikileaks? how do you know? >> think about what that says to the rest of the world. here the intelligence community of the united states government, the most poe tebbit military in the world with the most significant intelligence capability in the world, says flatly, we know it was russia and we know it was putin or we know it was the candidate for president already is fawning over putin says, well, how do they know? what does that do to the confidence of all our allies? here you got a guy heading the grand ole party, and it is a grand ole party, saying, well, you know, 17 american soldiers kim this was done, but i don't think they know. i don't think they know. what does that say? it's a little bit like the president going out and saying,
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they have much capacity. it's bizarre. >> dickerson: is it politics, or do you think there's something more? >> i don't know that she just doesn't know. i know i get criticized for saying this, he just may not be informed enough to know what he's saying. it just... some of it is so out of the box, john. so far out of the box. it's hard to believe that he could be so devoid of the facts. attempt to undermine or it is totally uninformed. >> dickerson: if we hear 17 intelligence agencies, if we read that in the press, how do we know? how does he know as a candidate? >> he's being briefed. he's being briefed. intelligence guys are coming in. >> dickerson: so he's just not reading this on the internet. >> this is not the internet. you had the head of the intelligence community, mr. clapper came out and
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determined. >> dickerson: question about obamacare. >> yeah. >> dickerson: 25% premium increases on those who buy insurance through the federal exchanges. >> yeah. >> dickerson: ameliorated buys up to these, but some insurers are leaving the program. is it in peril if the next president doesn't get some legislation the fix it. >> new york i but i appreciate as usual the way you ask the question. of all the people who have insurance, 85% don't get their insurance through the insurance plan, this an that 25% doesn't apply to 85% of the population. of those that it does apply to, as you said, the vast majority will get an increased subsidy for the increase in the premium. but there are things we have to do. we should be in a position where we are providing a greater subsidy for young people to get into the marketplace that can't afford to get in because when they're in, what that does is
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instead of what's caused this increase in premiums, which is very sick people signed up and got in. there are other things we have to do. >> dickerson: if those fixes aren't made, though, the trend line is... if things stay as they are, no legislation to fix those problems you've identified, then it seems in peril. >> i don't think it's in peril. it's not working as well as it should, but here's what happens. you still have no one can be denied hillary clinton for preexisting condition in or out able to stay on their parents' hillary clinton until they're age 26. you still have women not being able to be charged more than men. there are a whole range of things that are still justified, but it's not as good as it should be. it would not imperil it, causing it to be not able to function. >> christa: where is this on the priority arist of the new president? >> i think it's going to be very high on hillary's... well, assuming it's hillary, on her priority list.
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our interview with the vice president in our next half hour. coming up next, new battleground tracker polls taken after the f.b.i. made the announcement on friday. we'll tell you whether it looks like this october surprise will have any effect on the election. this woman owns this house, with new cabinets from this shop, with handles designed here, made here, shipped from here, on this plane flown by this pilot, who owns stock in this company, that builds big things and provides benefits to this woman, with new cabinets. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship.
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>> dickerson: and we're back with anthony salvanto. anthony, you went into into the field after this news came out. what did you find? about it almost immediately by saturday. and partisans went right away into their respective camps some republicans said this is bad. they expect the e-mails eventually read to be further damaging to hillary clinton. democrats said, well, it's probably more of what we already know, and it's not so bad, they're not changing their vote. there are some of the folks who were unsure on the fence who said it might make them a little less likely to back hillary clinton, and what that tells you
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that come up in the campaign, it's not as much about eroding support for a candidate and it's not for her, but it is limiting in the sense that she may have trouble now reaching out beyond the voters that she already has, those who are on the fence, and maybe a little bit limiting there. >> dickerson: quickly, how many are on the fence? >> very few. very, very few. you're talking about less than 10% in most of these states, sometimes as low as 2% to 5%. >> dickerson: one thing democrats have been hope, is these views are baked in about what they think about hillary clinton's server. in fact, she even said that. did you find any of that evidence in the polling? >> yes. some of the argument here is that this goes to those honest and trust worthy numbers which we've talked about all year. they're very low for hillary clinton and they've been low. that's part of what they mean by "baked in." in fact, one-third of her supporters also say she's not honest and trustworthy and are voting for her anyway. they're making their decisions
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compares to donald trump on a number of other metrics. the october surprise isn't what it used to be in the sense that today we are so divided and partisans are so hard and fast in their views that when they get new information, they don't necessarily process it in a decision-making way. they filter it through what they already think. >> christa: all right. so they've already made their decision about hillary clinton and new information isn't going the change their mind. anthony, we'll look forward talking to you later in the show. and we'll have more to come. back in a moment. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions
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>> dickerson: some of our stations are leaving us now. for most of us we'll be right back with a lot more "face the nation," including senior campaign, and our panel.
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