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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  October 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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the search ends for the oklahoma man ause offend -- accused of shooting and killing two relatives and shooting two officers. plus. >> be hard on yourselves. the game ball goes to a win against the chargers ahead at the broncos next tough opponent. we have the latest this morning on defensive coordinator wade phillips and the big hit he took on the sidelines. here's a look from copter 4. ashton altieri has the trick-or- treat forecast this year. kids may not need the jackets over the costumes. you may want to check on the halloween decorations because it is windy out this morning.
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talk about what is happening tonight. become, big night. the pressure is on. >> the weather will hold out fine. the wind we experience today should be calming down this evening. during the daytime breezy and warm. live look outside. sun will be up at 7:27. it is 58 degrees. look at the mountains. gusty wind in the high country including around berthoud pass and winter park. where the wind has been gusting over 60 miles per hour. in the metro area wind gusts up to 30 miles per much more on your weather coming up. let's check in with joel for the latest on your monday morning commute. >> it is feel like a monday morning commute. lots of company and brake lights southbound coming down into town. this is our cdot camera hitting i-25 and about 84th. that's where it starts loading up. no on highway accidents yet. we'll give you drive times
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> a trial moves forward this morning as the man accused in the so-called scream bandit robberies takes a big step forward. f0 bberies were a year-ago and violent and fightenning. >> reporter: last week each attorney had a pool of 200 jurors to question and select from. this morning opening arguments are expected to begin. the three people are all facing dozens of charges including robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder. crime spree the three are alleged to have gone on last fall ended with a chase that included two carjackings and the list of witnesses testifying is a long one. bank surveillance video shows the suspects entering the bank last fall, robbing it and locking anyone they could grab inside the vault. f0 the day ended with a chase, two
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shot. fense attorneys say it is not clear who the robbers are in the surveillance video because o f the masks. consistencies and witness accounts cast doubt on those responsible. the trial is expected to go t hrough december 9th. > the broncos players weren't the only ones taking hits yesterday. a player ran on a defensive coordinator wade phillips on the sideline. shawn is live at sports authority field at mile high with an update on how he is doing and what it means. >> reporter: good morning. wade phillips expected back at work today. we know he was checked out by doctors yesterday. they said everything looks fine. he was released from the hospital yesterday evening. things are looking better than what we saw yesterday. take a look at this video that shows us what we are talking
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he was on the sideline. he fell to the ground and hit his head. broncos staff carted him off the field and took him to the hospital. coaches and players were all worried for phillips. here's what some of them had to say after the game. . >> i was definitely worried. it was coach phillips. of information for us saying he'll be all right. >> reporter: the team was able to go on and get that win. phillips will be back at work today as the team gets ready for the next game. >> there is not a nicer guy. thank you very much. let's get to weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> happy halloween. mild temperatures above normal
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colorado as we start this new day. david berry on the western slope 55 degrees. john up the hill in cold creek canyon has 56 this morning. there is some wind to deal with in the colorado high country. it will be breezy at times here in the metro area. significant wind will stay in the mountains. winter park 64 mile-per-hour wind gusts. black hawk 20 miles per hour gusts. evergreen 26. golden 22. it is areas near and into the foothills and up into the mountains. that's where you'll find the day. we'll keep a mix of sun and clouds in place all day long as a weather system out west of us moves in. northern mountains could see a couple rain drop or snow flakes. in the metro area it stays dry. temperatures climbing up into the mid to upper 70s. similar to where we were over the weekend. here's joel with the latest on the traffic.
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first pictures of the drive traveling east of on the along i-70 and i-225. the ramps usually load up this time of day. that's what we are seeing making your way into town. you can see headlights slowing down a little bit. i want to take you out across the denver metro area this morning and show you the drive. the drive southbound coming down into town is not too bad. we are at or near posted speed limits with speeds in the 60s. that's pretty much what we area. we'll see a lot of drive times tick up and the speeds tick down in the next quarter hour. if you are getting in your car turn on our partners koa news radio and get the latest
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a farmer spotted vance's car on his property. that's how officers were able to track him down. ellis county sheriff posted on facebook writing the manhunt is over. all ellis county deputies are fine. one officer was shot. he is one of my best friends. search for vance started eight days ago. he shot and killed his aunt and uncle and shot officers. investigators found e-mails on a laptop that belonged to the estrange husband of long time aid. this is part of a sexting investigation against former congressman anthony weiner. donald trump is praising comey for warning congress about the
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that's not what the letter said. the letter was so confusing it was hard to know what it said. >> not minority leader reed is accusing comey for breaking the law. chelsea clinton will spend time in our state this week to help gain support for her mother hillary clinton. she'll be in and she'll make a stop in boulder on wednesday. we are expecting more details on her stop coming up later today. donald trump heads to michigan after a two davis is it -- day visit to colorado. he rallied voters in greeley yesterday mentioning to the crowd he impressed he was people with there during the broncos game. he said very little about the newly discovered e-mails from hillary clinton.
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plans for obamacare. >> real change begins with a immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. today is your last day to sus mitt a voter application and receive a ballot in the mail. after that you have to visit a polling place. 6-2 broncos have a big game on sunday against 6-1 raiders. win against chargers wasn't pretty yesterday but th it. coach kubiac is happy where the team is. he wants to improve. video shows him giving out two game balls intide -- inside the locker room. >> this guy did a hell of a job. he got put in a tough spot. great players make great coaches.
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>> there we go. broncos insiders reaction from the players on the win. >> denver will go to 6-2. and remain tied atop the afc west with the oakland raiders. reporter: hello from the broncos locker room. final score 27-19. broncos improve to 6-2. they get their first win in the a.t.f. west. it was the broncos' defense that got the job done. >> reporter: brandon marshal inactive. then defensive coordinator wade phillips goes down in the game. other players stepped up. we saw bradley with a pick six. will parks played a big role in another broncos victory. >> it was another chance for me to get out on the field more. this year i haven't been on the field as much and get out and take advantage of those
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when he said he wasn't playing i looked at it as i got to step up. >> it was going to be hard for me to make anything. i knew those guys would be able to step up and get their fair chances to make picks. >> i give them credit for being take in everything we are throw at him. it is a lot. sometimes we look ate as a veteran point of view. take it slow with them. they caught on and listen and take it to the field. that's why they perform the way they did today. >> reporter: it was 17 days ago the chargers beat the broncos in san diego. the broncos got revenge sunday afternoon. >> reporter: this was a must- win game. now they go to oakland where first place will be on the line.
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f0 i like the idea of a good matchup. halloween forecast anything by spooky. we have ashton coming up with your weather watchers. new aerial video in from the damage of the latest earthquake in italy. tesla ceo shows off his
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jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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we want to show you we are following a traffic alert. pictures from copter four. this is close to dia air space. they were only cleared for a couple of minutes to get these pictures and get out. this is video from a couple minutes ago at pena boulevard. it should not be causing delays inbound along pena boulevard out to the airport. you'll see flashing lights. it is difficult to access pena boulevard from tower road.
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we have a stalled vehicle in the southbound direction of i- 25 as you make your way past 6th avenue. southbound coming into town it is showing red. speed is in the 50s. we are seeing speeds dip down in the 40s past 92nd. ten minutes on the drive. not too bad from thorton to denver. drive times from the east. ashton, a lot of good news on this drive eastbound along i-70 we have speeds in 50s berthoud -- 50 weather, today will be your halloween. we could really use some rain and snow. the northern mountains will be lucky enough to see precipitation today. for dens, front range and eastern -- denver, front range and eastern plains we are dry. today similar to where we were over the weekend. 76 for later on. that's almost 20 degrees warmer than normal for halloween in
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the week. trick-or-treating for this evening temperatures far above normal. breezy at times as the young kids go out around 5:00 p.m. the wind will calm down through the evening. 7:00 61. 9:00 p.m. down to 53. temperatures are all over the please this morning. defends on -- defends where you are a it. 68 in boulder. 40 limon. 29 gunnison. 52 avon. no some areas a jacket is necessary. other areas yo without a jacket. partly cloudy skies because of a front coming through. the front will cause rain and snow showers for the northern mountains. you can see it around rabbit ears pass and toward red feather lakes. there is not going to be much in terms of rain or snow there. today in denver partly cloudy. 71. tomorrow 65. back up to 70 at the end of the
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tesla has something for your roof you'll want to see. >> reporter: ap found a third of people will have only within choice for medicare next you're. he made the announcement at universal studio hollywood on the old set of desperate housewives.
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to hit $4 billion. it is $30 per house. it is more than spending in the past four years. 72% of parents admit they share their kid's candy with or without their knowledge. >> with our without. i know what happens. >> we have to make sure it is safe. >> i know what happens. not that i would do it ever. thank you. monday's top stories. people in central italy are waking up this morning to more devastation from yet earthquake. the powerful 6.6 magnitude quake rocked the country yesterday morning injuring more than a dozen people. take a look at this aerial video. two historic churches are reduced to rubble. other towers crumbled. the damage follows tremors last week in a massive quake that killed 300 people in august. 22 people are hurt this morning after a crash in a nasdaq car race in virginia.
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fans in the parking lot. it happened after the chevy truck struck another vehicle it was trying to pass. the driver of that vehicle could now face charges. let's talk baseball. world series head back to cleveland for a critical game six tomorrow. cubs beat the indians 3-2 last night at wrigley fi
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it is time for weather and traffic. welcome back on this halloween morning. time to check the travel forecast. around our region a few rain or snow showers possible in our northern mountains. it is not going to amount to much. on the west coast a few rain or snow showers there. d.c., new york, philadelphia, boston sunshine for all those areas. all the major rp we have two accidents on your drive out to. [indiscernible] trouble on the ramp from eastbound i-70 to peoria where we have an accident that blocked off the left lane. the other accident is at tower and pena. it is not affecting traffic along pena boulevard this morning. it is affecting traffic on tower making it difficult to get on to pena boulevard inbound. looking at the drive times southbound loading up along
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eastbound along i-70 speeds dipping in the 30s. i know it shows green. it will turn orange and red shortly. let's get a preview of what you'll see today on cbs this morning. here's charlie rose. >> reporter: ahead on cbs this morning fallout from the fbi's new reveal of e-mails that could be tied to hillary clinton. drivers who wait until the last minute to merge could be it proving the flow of traffic. the news is back in the you can catch gayle king, charlie rose and nora o'donnell on cbs this morning after our newscast. coming up next, we'll hear from people getting their political signs stolen from their front lawns. two of our junior weather watchers learning from ashton
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,, this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land for ranching, hunting and fishing, scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message
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>> he is fine and upbeat. latest on the hard hit that knocked out broncos defensive coordinator wade phillips. latest this morning on how is doing after the broncos win. we are keeping an eye on your halloween forecast. we think the kids really going to like what ashton has to say this morning. and of course bucky is happy. temperatures are warm outside. thank you for joining us. >> we have the raiders coming up next in a another big game for the broncos. let's get to ashton altieri who is facing a lot of pressure today. >> it is a hew pressure day in
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it later on today. it is far above normal right now. 62 in stapleton. 59 littleton. 58 golden. 57 in bright on the. -- brighton. these temperatures are above normal. let's check the traffic. we have had a couple problems this morning. >> they are starting to stack up. eastbound along i-70 watchi eastbound along i-70 at brighton boulevard we have cars going by either side. we don't have any police on scene yet. once they do they'll probably block off the far right lane. probably that left lane, as well. wade phillips ended uptaking a hard hit himself
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we have the latest on how he is doing. >> reporter: it is good news. we were told by the team yesterday over twitter that he is doing much better. he was released from the hospital yesterday. doctors were checking him out saying he looks good and so he'll be able to return to work later today. take a look here at the actual hit that caused all of this. this is when the san diego chargers players melvin gordon ran into phillips while he was phillips fell to the ground and hit his head. broncos staff carted him off the field and had to take him to the hospital. coaches and players were worried for phillips. they were able to find out quickly how he was doing and some talked to his family. here's what some of them said after the game. >> wade is like my dad. you can see a lot of the guys since wade is gone let's pick
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that. the hit happening in the second quarter. the team going on to win the game. glad to hear that and see that. wade phillips back at work today as the team moves on and gets ready for the next game. >> we wish him and his family well. thank you for that report. the person responsible for shooting three people at a denver party is on the run this morning. two men died and another has critical injuries. oo night near 43rd avenue and columbine. neighbors say bullets hit the three men as they celebrated a young girl's birthday. one of the people who died is 37-year-old terrance ashley. >> outstanding young man who was in his prime. and that was very motivated about his future. >> friends and family are flooding his facebook with loving messages. police have not yet released a description of the shooter. taking a selfie with your
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a hearing is set for wednesday in denver to address the issue. that law was passed out of fear that showing photos of your ballot could be coercive because people might be pressured by losses or labor leaders. members of the libertarian party of colorado say it is just free speech. we are seeing more intenses of tension developing between democrats and republicans across colorado. some people have even far as stealing political signs from homes. someone stole his clinton campaign sign from his front yard. in denver trump supporter bill banks said this also happened to him in centennial. >> it is not how you build a community together or a nation together, these how you tear it apart. >> banks replaced campaign signs several times in the last week as have his neighbors.
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back in fort collins after a great welcome home. new video shows them getting off the plane at fort collins. they arrived back home to music yesterday. they have been serving in afghanistan since february. welcome home. good to have you here. time for your weather. junior weather watchers this morning. we have hunter and caylee. >> yes, we do. >> what a great halloween it is. ashton, good morning. >> good morning. it is our this morning. they are here on a monday because it is halloween. this is caylee from morrison and hunter for northglenn. good morning to both of you. good morning to both of you. i love the costumes. look at this kids. the trick-or-treat forecast looks terrific for tonight. hunter, as you are going out
6:35 am
caylee 62. for late in the evening 53. look how warm it is. hunter, can you tell me how warm it is in boulder? >> 68. >> 68 in boulder. mountain areas are in the 40s and 50s. 70s for the front range. 70s and 80s out east. we'll see 50s and 60s in in the mountains. we have a front in utah and wyoming. it is moving toward us. hunter, today that will create wind. it will be trex you are big and strong. you'll be able to face the wind with no problems. northern mountains there could be rain or snow. around rabbit ears pass and red feather lakes a little rain or snow possible today. what do you think? do you agree? >> it is looking good. >> how do you guys think about today's forecast? 76. what about tomorrow? >> 65. >> what about wednesday? >> 60.
6:36 am
thursday? >> 70. >> what about friday? >> 69. >> exactly. thank you so much. both of you for coming in and helping me out. happy halloween. be safe tonight trick-or- treating. if you know somebody 6 to 12 years old who would like to be part of the junior weather watcher program head to come help us out with the weather. normally >> way to go hunter and caylee. great work. take a look at what we are following. copter 4 arriving at broadway and colfax. we have a report of a bus versus pedestrian. this closed down several lanes. that's a big intersection. you have broadway and colfax. that will cause delays as we get more cars downtown.
6:37 am
you have i-70 and peoria. this is the left side of the ramp blocked off. we have the left side of the center right portion of the highway blocked off in the eastbound direction of i- 70. police have not arrived on scene. when they do they'll probably block off the right lane and right shoulder. that will cause a mess. it is slow this time of day. along i-225 getting into the tech center running slow. here's the drive southbound coming into town. speeds in the 30s and 40s. 11 minutes not too bad thorton to denver. new video this morning of one of the men accused of robbing someone at gun point in wheat ridge. take a good look. police released this surveillance video. he and another person took a person's moped and wallet last
6:38 am
hispanic man with black, scruffy hair. he was with another hispanic man with a shaved head and mustache. there is a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. millions of cars are under recall for a variety of issues so how do you know you are not buying one of them. we show you what happens when you go shopping. here's a preview of a story you'll see tonight at 10:00. >> reporter: when you go to buy a car you might anything you should know. >> we don't put cars on the lot with recalls. >> reporter: we checked and found cars on lots that maybe you might not be ready to drive. >> my owner is adamant about fixing any reel before it goes on the lot. >> watch recalled cars for sale tonight at 10:00 on cbs 4 news. trading the uniform for a halloween costume. today students and parents will notice lakewood police dressed
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operation crosswalk will start this morning in front of the bear creek school. parents are going high-tech to track trick-or-treating routines. it allows people to mark their home with a candy corn to let others know they'll give out candy this year. 15,000 neighborhood across the united states are using coming up next, how officers caught up with the oklahoma fugitive wanted for killing people and shooting police officers. a denver police officer talks about coming face-to-face with the person who shot her. broncos beat down the chargers. i'll have all the highlights next. here's mark with a sports update. coming into the season
6:40 am
weeks ago the fire was back yesterday. broncos defense was not about to let phillip get a season sweep. ward had an interception. bradley right time for that interception and first career pick six. broncos were without number 21 yesterday but still got the three interceptions. doss has a deflection during touchdown. defense sacked rivers four times yesterday. broncos offense made enough mistakes to keep the game close. 27-19 final. rivalry renewed with mr. rivers. >> he is a true competitor. he is like one of those friends when you let them win has going to rub it in his face. >> after i told him i was going
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it is windy in the high country. winter park reporting wind gusts of 61 miles per hour.
6:45 am
along wilkerson pass. 35 mile-per-hour wind along bailey and evergreen. on the west side of town in and near the foothills there is wind. partly cloudy skies to get the day going. it will be partly cloudy all day long. we see moisture out west of us. it would be nice if we could get the moisture here. it will stop short of the front range and northern mountains. we'll talk about that and have youring trick-or-treat forecast straight ahead. let's get a check traffic. copter 4 has been going accident to accident. broadway and colfax we had a bus versus pedestrian accident. look how slow it is coming in from aurora. i-70, i-270 is slow because of the eastbound direction accident on the ramp to peoria. east side brighton we have an accident blocking the right side of the highway in the eastbound direction.
6:46 am
offerees 25 because of it. >> bummer. thank you very much. video now shows a trio of crooks wearing scream masks to further frighten people during a violent crime spree. police caught up with the alleged robbers. today the trial moves forward for the three men accused in the attacks. we have live at the jefferson county courthouse with more on this disturbing case. >> reporter: this is going be a long trial. six weeks have been set aside for the trial. last week all three attorneys had to select from a pool of 200 jurors to question. this morning opening statements are expected to begin. the three are all facing dozens of charges including robbery, kidnapping and attempted murder. crime spree the three are alleged to have gone on started last fall and ended with a
6:47 am
shot. there were duns of victims -- dozens of victims and a list of witnesses waiting to testify is a long one. they robbed it and locked anyone they could grab inside a vault. it is not clear who the robbers are in the surveillance because of the masks and say inconsistencies and witness accounts cast doubt on those responsible. all three men have been last fall. the trial is set to begin this morning and is slated through december 9th. >> thank you. this morning the man wanted in oklahoma for shooting and kelling two -- killing two family members and two police officers is now dead. officers shot and killed michael vance 130-miles northwest of oklahoma city. a farmer spotted vance's
6:48 am
days. he killed his aunt and uncle on the right. shot two police officers and was involved in multiple carjackings. vance taunted investigators we posting live messages on facebook from inside a stolen police pickup. law enforcement and volunteers have a tough job ahead of them today. they'll search a landfill in larimer county for the body a 13-month-old from cheyenne. the boyfriend of the child's moth told investigators he placed the boy's body in a dumpster in wyoming. it is not clear how the baby boy died. a denver officer shot in the line of duty is sharing her story for the first time. she got hit in the lower leg in february. this happened after officers
6:49 am
37th and grove. police arrested one person. the officer was shot while chasing a suspect. >> i got him here. >> as soon as he saw me i could tell it was different. his face and posture changed. he puffed up and locked guys with me and started making a beeline at me. i was run towards him. i i looked down and saw he had a gun in his right hand. >> shots fired. >> it was clear to me that his intention was to kill me to get away. >> police shot and killed gonzales after a brief chase. denver district attorney decided the decide the shooting was justified.
6:50 am
100 year anniversary of reformation. fbi director james comey facing questions about the newly discovered e-mails from hillary clinton. department of justice secured a warrant to start searching a computer believed to contain e- mails of top clinton aid. investigators found new e-mails while they were looking into sexting allegations against her estranged husband anthony weiner. investigators say the weeks ago. but comey did not disclose that discovery until friday after a series of meetings inside of the fbi. senate majority leader is claiming comey may have violated the hatch act which bars political activity by top federal officials. clinton's expressing concern. >> it is not just strange. it is unprecedented.
6:51 am
time in aurora tomorrow. he'll make a stop in boulder on wednesday. donald trump heads to michigan today after campaign stops in colorado over the weekend. let's turn to the broncos. broncos are 6-2 as they lookahead to the raiders. the raiders are having a good season after beating tampa bay yesterday. >> so much good news. defense just took the game with two leader wade phillips at a local hospital broncos defense continues to do their work on sunday over the san diego chargers that got denver to the half way point of the season. tied with the oakland raiders at the top of the afc west. with bradley in at corner back and nelson at line backer and phillips at a local hospital after a police with chargers
6:52 am
quarter broncos defense used everybody. roby had an interception return. broncos sacked chargers quarterback phillips rivers four times. broncos defense was so good it even overcame the broncos own offense at times. broncos quarterback threw his first interception since week for a touchdown. broncos offense had four fumbles including one at the chargers 2 yard by brooker who started the game in place of anderson because anderson went on injured reserve this past week. >> getting the win, whatever it takes tremendous -- it is our job to win games.
6:53 am
the board. >> seimien too hits early. he had completions of 40, 31 and 18-yards in three second half scoring drives to give the broncos defense enough support in the win. up up next is the first place show down. >> two would you give the game ball to after the big win yesterday? >> the game ball goes to i'm going to give it to herrington who took over for wade phillips. not only did they have to deal with the coaching the linebackers he had to coach the whole defensive unit. they popped him in there. he did a great job. they didn't miss a beat. he definitely gets the game ball. >> no doubt. he did a great job. well done. well done on the sidelines, too. >> you can hear more weekdays
6:54 am
sports. we are thinking of wade phillips and his family this morning. >> we are glad to hear he is doing better. >> romy in her other life is a broncos cheerleader. >> she dressed like a dinasour. she nailed it in the costume. take a look at this. i'm wondering how hot it is in that thing. >> that is a cheering. >> quite cumbersome of the costume. it is going to be a great day here along the front range. warm. very warm for this time of year. it was warm over the weekend. we'll continue that trend today. sun will be up at 7:27. we can see light on the eastern horizon.
6:55 am
up this upcoming weekend. it will be lighter already this time in the morning. trick-or-treat forecast 5:00 p.m. 69 degrees. 7:00 p.m. 61. 53 as the older kids go out later in the evening. mild. that's the story for not only trick-or-treating this evening but this morning. 40s and 50s in the high country. 50s and 60s around the denver area. we'll be back in the 70s this afternoon like where we were over the weekend. 70s and 80s for the eastern plains. partly cloudy skies today. er northwest of us. as it comes in it will try to produce a few rain and snow showers for the northern mountains. we are talking near red feather lakes and rabbit ears pass. there is not going to be much in terms of payings. for denver, front range and eastern plains we keep it try. we'll have a few clouds. 76. down to 60 on wednesday. followed by 70s degrees coming up on thursday and friday. we have an accident
6:56 am
live pictures from copter 4 at brighton boulevard. you can see the volume that we have that's backing up behind us. look at. this it is almost at a stop because of that accident. out across the denver metro area we have another trouble along the roadway. just mostly side street incidents. one broadway and colfax we had a bus versus a pedestrian accident. drive times southbound coming into town. still seeing speeds it is toughest both directions along i-270 through commerce city. >> this guy has it down. 123450 can you compete with his roar. let's hear your roar (roar). >> i have to ask you here because your costume is so amazing. do you want to be a police officer when you grow up? >> no. >> it is just for halloween.
6:57 am
cuff him now. >> are you ready for the ,,
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,, ,,
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, october 31st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning.? fbi director james comey faces major backlash for a new e-mails. former attorney general eric holder says comey is a good man who made a serious error. kellyanne conway is here in studio 57, donald trump's campaign manager. an officer was shot as the week-long handhunt came for a violate end and they killed the suspect. do you get man when a lane is blocked? how a lane merger can speed


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