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tv   CBS4 News at 630PM  CBS  October 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm MDT

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live from view house centennial. this is xfinity monday live. brought to you by xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. now your host michael spencer. happy halloween and welcome
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live. chris harris our guest tonight. hello everyone. i'm michael spencer. chris big divisional win yesterday. got to be feeling good tonight. >> yeah it definitely feels good. we are ready for this week already, man. >> there's no about it. you guys defense, ball out of control again yesterday. getting three picks on phillip rivers there's got to be that feeling there's no one better to beat because phillip is still one of those guys but we're still in the called phillip rivers at times. that's the guy that can put it on. it has to feel good to get it against this league. >> they have that type of offense that exploited us in the past. to be able to shut them down and have a day like we did yesterday man it was very important for us. >> talib came through yesterday. i don't know if you were as
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play. >> it definitely brings more responsibility on me just communicating with everybody. and adjusting to how they play and how robi plays. me and talib we just like, >> it's funny watching him play. >> every play it's like dude relax. >> he even looked just watching him cheer you on. he looked like talib too. he was heading straight to the end zone. >> we pride ourselves in scoring. if you don't score. we're going to roast you most of the time. it's a big deal for us to try to get in that end zone.
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have some success. >> stewart gets one, ward gets one. there was one guy the no fly zone that was absent. who i am just wondering were you on cruise control? you cadillacing out there? what happened. >> i already got phillip rivers so many times. i think he knows by now. >> to not throw it your way. >> yeah, i'm glad he's sharing the pa >> we mentioned those two other interceptions. stuart gets the interception and the broncos offense goes and scores. and tj ward has that second interception in the second half too. >> yeah, we need to definitely need to get points off turnovers. those points there we could have ended the game early.
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>> you mentioned that you were exploited early. with the tight ends against san diego. what changes did you guys make on the defense after the success you had last week. >> i think guys they're kind of getting their routs down. they're playing better in their coverage. more tighter coverage. i think we haven't changed that much. we probably sprinkled in a couple little zones but really we're still a lot of man. so i think guys are just playing better right now. >> let's take a look at the defensive numbers yesterday. they are tonight's coors light cold hard facts. chris you're half way through this season. what do you like about this defense and where do you feel you guys need to improve a little bit. >> right now i love our attitude. i love the toughest we're having. i think we have to start way better than we have started games. run defense. i think that's something that we need to improve. we've always been in the top 10 at least in the run defenses
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for us to give up so many yards that we have that's not like us. i think once we tighten that up and then get teams even more one dimensional and make them throw at us even more picks and turnovers are going to come. >> 30 seconds we have left here. wade phillips goes down with that injury on the sideline. and he's this guy like everybody acts like he's their grandfather. the guy that everybody loves. what was that like for you guys as players to have to deal with that? >> it was hard, but i think us being have veteran coaches that have been around coach wade, have coached with him for a long time. i think it made that process very easy. reggie is already a guy, all the coaches scream and yell at us. so it's not just coach, coach wade is probably the quietest. so to have him man. i mean it really didn't change at all. >> we were just getting started here at the view house
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shoes and accessories. this is xfinity monday live. >> welcome back to the view house centennial and xfinity. we're talking to chris harris. >> need to take the snap. picked up in the air. intercepted. chris harris made a great break with a slant routed. knocked the ball to the air and then found it looking up in the you're first interception of the season came on the very first game of the season. you have a very interesting article in the players tribune which says interceptions start on monday. that interception was 10 hours worth of film. >> oh yeah, i knew that formation and they always like flip the back and once they flip the back they always run it slant. >> give me an average numbers.
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into a game. >> shoot, i'm watching film hours after work. so i'm a guy that's i'll stay on my i pad. i can be on my i pad all day. they make it easy for you too now. >> speaking interceptions, you had one against the raiders last year. pick six in oakland. against derek carr. take us through that. 9-7 right here you go. read it underneath there and off to the races. look at that. >> what was that. >> probably 4.3 right there. but hey man, that's our bread and butter. all our blitz. that's what we did to get a stop in the red zone. that's one of our bread and butters and put the pressure on the quarterback. >> derek carr here's a kid that's drafted in the second round. all of a sudden he's become one of the elite quarterbacks. one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. when you watch him and study him what's making him, what
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confidence in the world in those receivers to make plays. he will just throw it up to them. he has confidence in himself. i think coach jack does a good job pumping it in his head that he's great. i think in his mind he really believes that and it's up to us to go out there and show him he's not. >> you're very involved in the community and you have an event coming up on december holidays with the harrises tell us about that. >> i have been doing things out in the community and i want to continue to do that. that and things i do in oklahoma. >> how can people get involved. >> just go to chris harris there's my website.
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and instagram. i will keep you plugged in on what's going on. >> that contributes here in denver and in tulsa. >> yes, oklahoma, out here in denver. pretty much any where that is in need really. i do a lot of i give to haiti. it's a lot of things that i do in the community, outside the community just to give. >> certainly an awesome cause. thursday night right here at the view house centennial. as the this week csu is going to be our guest. come out and join us for the cbs4 football blitz. plenty more to come. but first let's get you inside to the cbs4 studios. some promising news for people with peanut allergies. coming up we're going to show you the important research you the important research right when i became governor, i knew we had to protect our colorado way of life. it's why i need a good team in the state senate.
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a former teacher who's fought for equal pay for equal work. daniel kagan championed property tax rebates to help seniors afford their utility bills. jenise may worked to cut taxes for 30,000 small businesses. and tom sullivan is a veteran who believes in an open and transparent government.
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we're back with breaking news. an officer was attacked. the officer has minor injuries. an arrest was made. we're gathering more information for you and bring it to you at 10:00. an 81-year-old woman was run over by her own car. the accident was saturday night when warren pulled into a 7/11 on devonshire boulevard. she apparently stepped out of the car and left as she walked around back the rolling vehicle knocked her down and ran her over. new help for children with allergies to peanuts. the idea is to make patients
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10 times more peanuts than before. >> 10 times is actually not even one peanut. so these kids cannot go out and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. a special day for children at the children's hospital. star war characters showed up to cheer up the kids. the visit with the denver art museum which is getting ready for its new exhibit star wars and the power of the costume. the exhibit opens november 13th. dozens of costumes from star wars films will be on display for tickets and info go to cbs a lot of costumes out there tonight and great weather. >> you don't have to put the big overcoats over those
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some clouds over the southeast. that's because of the southwesterly flow and all that warm air. that's when we run into the eupbs tphraoupbs of. but here come -- that's when we run into the influence of the front. 30s and 40s for the mountains. 30s and 40s west and tomorrow a little cooler. 50s, 60s, 70s over the east. we'll find 50 mountains mostly 50s and 60s out west. mostly clear skies for tonight with a low of 44 and 43. then for tomorrow. going to be cooler, 69 and 68 under partly cloudy skies. next several days cooler still. wednesday 60. that's about normal for this time of year. 69 on thursday. right back to 70 on friday. we start the weekend dry with 66 degrees. >> ed thanks very much. at any time millions of cars are under recall for a variety of problems. so how do you know you aren't
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our investigator rick sallinger went shopping to find out what's happening at that those car lots. >> when you go to buy a car. >> have you heard of any recalls or anything like that. >> you might ask things you think you ought to know. >> we don't actually put any cars that are on recall lists. >> reporter: well, we found cars that you may not supposed to drive. recalled cars for sale. now we're talking about the bronco's d. with rick harris. >> that's exactly right. the member of the no fly zone hanging out with us tonight. let's get to one of my favorite portions of the program. it's riddle me this brought to you by land rover.
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favorite halloween costume. >> i think i was a ninja turtle. >> donatelo, michael angelo. >> donatelo. >> tommy wants to know and we mentioned the article on the players tribune. who's the hardest receiver ve >> antonio brown. i think because he has the ability to freelance his routs with big ben sitting back there and buys him some time. he's definitely the hardest. one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the game. >> last one for me. there's always that seminole event. you start to realize i can play in this league. did you have that moment.
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league, that's the game i understood i belong in this league. >> you really do like going up against phillip rivers. >> that makes sense. it's nice for you to take it easy for him on sunday. >> i didn't take it easy. i made his choices limited. >> rick wants to know what was your first big nfl purchase. >> my first big nfl purchase? i think i bought myself a car. that's the first thing i bought myself a truck. >> okay. >> undrafted you don't really -- >> exactly. >> brought to you by your colorado land rover retailers and the all new land rover recovery sport. when we come back it is halloween and we're in the giving mood. we're going to give up some
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welcome back to the view house. custom event packages, banquet spaces and much more. monday live brought to you by xfinity. we know how hard it is tracking your favorite teams. so make it entertainment os. we're giving away a $250 visa gift card to the best dressed. we're going to go down the line and who do we have here? >> i'm tammy mathias. from denver. >> where does this costume come from? >> alice in wonderland. >> and who are you? >> i'm kendra.
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you're not a ballerina you're. >> candy corn. >> this is a dumb question but who you are? >> barbie from colorado springs. >> and. >> barbie from colorado springs. >> and who are you? twin barbies. >> twin princess barbies. >> twins in real life in. >> no she's the evil one and i'm the nice one. >> wow. >> and can you speak under that >> and what's your real name. >> chris from castle rock. >> chris did not pick the winner he's just here to give away the money. so open up the envelope. >> it's the barbies. >> hey guys, quickly how do you plan on spending the money. >> i'm going to take $200 of it. >> and you're getting $50. >> we're going to let them deal that out. that's going to do it for
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us. have a good night. >> live from view house centennial. this has been xfinity monday live. tv and internet together like never before. join us next time from view house centennial. ,,
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,, oh, you're, uh... having the last slice of pie, huh? yes, i had a hankering for a midnight snack. yeah, me too. uh... i guess i'll just have an apple. that's nature's dessert right there. so you're up late, huh? yes, uh, just working on my app, had a couple of glitches.
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i mean, you're creating your own app. and you're marrying my daughter. you got a lot going on. i-i'm amazed at how you balance it all, how you do that, you know? it's really nice to hear you say that. i -- sometimes i feel like i'm on an island. actually, you are. it's long island. but you said something about a-a glitch or something like that? oh, yes, well, uh, what i'm working with here is, uh -- it's a new technology, but with any program, okay, once you fix one set of code, it triggers another problem... mm-hmm. ...and another problem and another. it's like dominoes. oh, yeah, perfect analogy, mr. gable. yeah. right. but the good part is that once i'm done... right. ...i am ready to beta test. [ chuckles ] wow. now, what's all that about? oh, well, i can show you that. uh, you see, there is a small control group, okay, and they will have access to your product. and you can see what aspects are working, what parts need to be improved, and then that's -- that's all you have there. [ muffled ] that is ama-- i mean, it's... oh, yeah. if -- if you ever want, please, come by the garage tomorrow.
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but, uh, yeah, maybe i'll do that. i'll look into that. it sounds great. all right. fantastic. thank you, mr. gable. you have a lovely night. mm-hmm. [ chuckles ] he ate my pie. ? i am not your ordinary guy ? mr. gable, happy all hallow's eve. wow. i got to say, for the first time, it's a couples' costume. a-and as your daughter comes downstairs, everything will come into focus. oh, yeah. razor sharp. what happened? you were supposed to be an egg. i know. i tried it, babe. but it made me look dumpy, and i couldn't see through the yolk. wonderful. we are the classic combination -- bacon and princess. jack, sara, let's go.


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