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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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arrested yesterday morning. when police went to notify family members they spotted the chemicals. >> well we just heard from castle rock's police chief. really all agencies involved are still working together to put the pieces of this case together. what we did learn though is had dangerous chemicals, someone could have easily been killed. now two teens could possibly face criminal charges. >> i don't know what else they could have done to make it any easier for any of us. >> after spending the night away from home, becky returned to her house early tuesday morning not far from where dangerous chemicals were found. >> based on the neighborhood, total shock. i mean -- this is a very quiet
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>> becky is among 30 neighbors that were told to evacuate monday so the fbi and investigators could detonate explosive material found in this home. >> that detonation was necessary to protect the public, protect the residents in the area and to protect the officers on scene. >> authorities have not detailed exactly what was found inside only that came to tell a family living here that their child was arrested in downtown castle rock. two 16-year-olds are now in custody for something police say is not related to the chemicals. but one of them may have a pretty good idea about what was destroyed monday night. >> we do know that -- one of the juveniles had quite extensive knowledge of chemicals.
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what chemicals were found. we are told the family is cooperating with this investigation. it is not clear if any adults will be charged. back to you. and we have breaking news in boulder tonight where a water main break happened. it could take six hours to repair the line and the pavement. this is on aurora avenue. boulder police sent pictures. for now there are reports of any damage to neighboring homes. we have an update on the search of a landfill in weld county for the body of this little boy. silas ojeda was reported missing more than a week ago. investigators believe he is dead. searchers could take weeks to sift through the change. authorities believe the boy's body was put in a dumpster and
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they say logan rogers has told several stores -- stories about the fate of the boy. rogers is the boyfriend of the child's mother. she facing charges of involuntary manslaughter. a man was killed after attending a halloween party. it happened earlier think --th victim's wife is pregnant. >> jim, it is such a sad story. around 1:30 this morning a man staggered down these steps and collapsed on the stairs of the home next door. he died about three hours later. tonight friends of antonio torres tells me he leaves behind a pregnant wife and a small child. residents at brighton's east gate mobile home park were still stunned after a deadly stabbing at a neighborhood halloween party.
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neighbors i guess. >> the party took place in this trailer tuesday morning around 1:30 neighbors heard arguing. minutes later 34-year-old antonio torres staggered to the trailer next door leaving behind a trail of blood. torres slammed the door waking up the family. >> he slammed and it starting yelling if we could give him some help. call the police. that is what we did. we -- >> what was he saying? >> he was just stomach saying it hurt. >> he called 911. when police arrived they realized how serious the injuries were. >> we couldn't really see what was wrong with him until the -- police officer turned him over. you could see ault -- all the blood on his pants and his shirt. >> brighton police say the stabbing happened after some kind of altercation. tuesday officers arrested a suspect. investigators say they still want to talk to witnesses but they say the danger is over.
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brighton residents are in danger. >> but despite the reassurances neighbors say after the death of a young father, the questions remain. >> it's kind of scary. >> so again a suspect is in custody. investigators tell me they have a let of questions about what exactly happened here early this morning. if you have any information, call brighton back to you. new tonight. immigration and customs enforcement released this video of items recovered by investigators. the effort is aimed at buyers and sellers of drugs. investigators are finding every from drug paraphernalia, prescription drugs, even the illegal transfer of animals. they say it is easy to access
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website, download the browser, double click and you are in. it is very simple. >> the investigation took place in the it's, canada, england and australia. this is the news on campaign 2016. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will -- [ indiscernible ] she will be in boulder tomorrow. we just bill clinton will campaign in denver and fort collins on friday. our political specialist live at fletcher plaza. shaun, with pence and two clintons in colorado this week, they must think our state is still up for grabs. >> yeah, no question they do. which is why both sides working around the clock to turn out
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parties massive ground games into overdrive. >> did you get your ballot? >> they are super volunteers working sun until sun down seven days a week to turn out the vote. their key to republicans ground game which the national party says the triple the size of their 2012 effort in colorado. >> i think they have come a long way in a short period of time. the problem they are dealing with is who didn't have a ground game. >> he says trump does have an inenthusiasm advantage -- enthusiasm advantage. >> there is also opposition to trump. the clinton campaign has 20,000
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offices across the state. democratic consultant says it is all about turn out now. >> both parties have also invested millions of dollars in sophisticated data mining technology that drills down to the micro level. >> it probably -- the way it is used, democrats have a little bit of an an advantage because they volunteers. both 2008 and 2012 colorado was the tipping point state. >> we will see what wins out. >> republicans started organizing here three years ago and are hoping that pays off. so far democrats have a 3% advantage in turn out with 30% of ballots in. you can see the crowd that has
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from chelsea clinton. we will have her message coming up at 10:00. back to you. happening tonight a fun event for a great cause. it is about to kick off. karen lee joining the fun at the view house. some of the broncos will be there soon. >> yeah, that is right. we will have some seven broncos players here. it is well worth the ticket price to get into this event tonight. we have been doing this seven haven. it is a shelter for homeless women and their children. it is a great, great cause. great place to be spending your money. we still have a couple of tickets available. about 20 tickets still out there. come on down if you are listening to this right now. you can get your tickets at the door. the event opens at 5:30. the players get here around 6:00. fun, fun stuff. so the ticket price to get in
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really some great items in here. when the players get here they will have some footballs so the players can sign as well. the best part of the event is they get to ask questions of the players themselves. it is a really really great event. come on down and join us. we have 20 tickets left. we are looking forward to this event tonight. coming up an out of control school transit bus. a passenger describes the deadly impact. a major colorado ski resort simply doesn't have enough snow to open as planned a few showers around here. even a couple of strikes of lightning. coming up, i have got one of these in it. that is a shower.
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kids too. [music playing] [ indiscernible ] we will tell you the sentence that he,, ,, scott tipton -- our congressman? or is he a real-estate agent for big-money campaign contributors? tipton sponsored a bill to give away our public lands to his out-of-state donors. over 30 colorado business leaders
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gail schwartz will defend our public lands and won't put colorado's future up for sale. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's no secret. donald trump isn't for us. and unfortunately, congressman coffman isn't, either. just listen. and as families struggle to make ends meet,
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coffman said he would support donald trump for president. and that's all we really need to know.
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developing, the investigation into why a school bus slammed into a commuter bus this morning in baltimore, maryland. at least five people on the commuter bus died. there were no kids on the school bus. that vehicle hit a car then a into oncoming traffic. >> physically i'm bruised -- banged up, mentally it will take a while to -- get myself together. >> terrible impact. the school bus driver was killed along with five people on the commuter bus. investigators say it doesn't appear the school bus -- they
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well we commonly think of arthritis as a problem as we get older but nearly 300,000 babies and children here in the u.s. are living with some form of that joint disease. kathy taking a closer look. we certainly don't think of kids and arthritis. >> no, jim, but it is more common than we think. both of their children were diagnosed at just 18 months. >> i wanted to block it out. >> 13-year-old katie doesn't remember suffering with juvenile arthritis as a toddler but her mother immediately knew why katie's knees hurt. >> it was all too familiar and frightening to julie. >> it was one of the hardest things ever. >> just two years before the first baby developed the auto immune disease in his knees and ankles. >> he would have a hard time
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feet as he started to walk and -- would cry when i put on his shoes. >> both ryan and katie were both treated and then steroids. >> it was hard. i couldn't it is chris crossed because it would really hurt. >> people would tell us they didn't believe us. >> it was several years of a chemotherapy drug that put the kids arthritis in remission. >> i hope that will be -- um -- for the rest of my life. >> andy is now a high school sophomore playing la -- lacrosse for the first time. >> we are hopeful there can be a cure. >> they will join others this thursday and friday for the arthritis foundation annual meeting being held right here in denver this year.
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to raise money and awareness about juvenile arthritis. >> all right. thank you. all this warm and dry weather is play -- not much skiable terrain right now. ed green joining us with colorado's forecast. not much moisture out there. >> not much moisture but we did have a little bitf down. we did see a couple of snow showers out here. on the hour by hour forecast that is all we will see. otherwise that mixture of clouds and sunshine over the eastern plains and then you see a little moisture -- it is snow. we will take this right on into thursday where you see mostly sunny skies and then some clouds move in and we have some moisture in the west that will start to push into the southwest
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moisture out of it. ahead of it still very warm with chs the in the 80s and 90s. here is the big picture. you see that front that has gone through the area yesterday. we have that high pressure still driving cooler air down. so cooler today. we will be cooling tomorrow. let's go back to lauren in the colorado weather center. >> it will be nice because i know a lot of folks saying they just want it to be cl. that could bring us a little bit of snow to parts of the high country. we do stay a little bit dryer but there could be some moisture laterhis week on the western slope. so again we are fairly dry as we head towards the front range. other parts of the state maybe get a little moisture. sunday and monday we had warm temperatures, record tying yesterday. it was a warm day for us. today 70 degrees.
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behind that front 61 degrees coming our way on wednesday. the cooler temperatures 60s. a little more fall-like. still above average to end the week but it will feel a little bit more like season around here. >> all right. 70 degrees after 79 yesterday. look where we should be. still above normal because we should be 59 degrees. should be at 31. that is a degree above freezing is what we should be having normal this time of year. as we take a look at the cam earlier we saw a little bit of it. you take a look at the valley here, you do see some filtered sunshine. some clouds -- but no moisture there either. yet -- [ indiscernible ] we got to 59 degrees but today cool enough that dustin says loveland is back to the business of snow making. temperatures for tonight, 30s and 40s over the eastern plains.
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country. 30s and 40s out west. tomorrow going to be cooler. 50s and 60s for the eastern plains. we will find 40s and 50s for the mountains. out west temperatures in the 50s to to the mid 60s. here is your denver forecast. for tonight we will look for those partly cloudy skies. 42 and 40 the overnight low. for tomorrow we will be in the lower 60s. still a couple of degrees above normal for this time of year. as we take a look a 67 on sunday. remember clocks go back saturday night. >> you will need to remind us often. >> i will do that. [ laughter ] well in sports gary talking about jump starting the play of his quarterback trevor. and the cubbies don't seem and the cubbies don't seem too phased woman: after all donald trump has said and done... she ate like a pig... you can do anything. i moved on her like a b***h! woman: trump's just so disgusting and degrading.
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r president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible
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this is the colorado none of us want to lose. i'm gail schwartz, and i'm running for congress to stop the sale of our public lands. coloradans should have the freedom to use this land not watch it sold off to the highest bidder. scott tipton wants to cut off our access to these lands for generations to come, killing thousands of jobs. i approved this message
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the indians have a shot to win the world series tonight. then begin they have a chance world series on sunday too. only three teams in the history of the world series have gone down three games to one and then come back to win games six and seven on the road. the cubs say they are not worried about recent history. >> why not us? i mean that is kind of our -- i feel like we play our best with our backs up against the wall.
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and we went on to win three a row. why can't we do that now? [ indiscernible ] he has just eight touchdown passes but he has only thrown four interceptions. that number could be a lot higher. trevor only threw one interception sunday but had several near misses and if the improve, it starts with the guy throwing the football. >> some of that -- he got knocked around quite a bit too. i think he understands that coming out of the football game. we have talked about that already. he has to continue to improve
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he has just two points through three games. he is doing his best not to press the issue. >> i was trying to do that and -- [ indiscernible ] just wasn't enough. >> big expectations for him. he has yet to deliver on those. >> of course we are helping by saying why can't you make an
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,, ,,
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,, ,, to keep our communities safe, jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor who will be tough on violent crime, including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: down the home stretch. with a week to go, the race tightens and the candidates start their closing arguments. >> are we going forwardin together, or are we going to be pulled backwards? >> we must win on november 8. we must win. ( cheers and applause ) >> pelley: also tonight, the battle here in ohio, fought by an army of door knockers, d robocallers, and relentless tv ads. >> reporter: if you get up at 7:00 a.m., by what time have you heard your first ad?00 >> probably 7:03. >> reporter: 7:03? >> yeah. >> pelley: police video captures the deadly end to a manhunt in oklahoma. and the birth place of rock is on a roll. >> go, indians!


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