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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  November 5, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MDT

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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. >> breaking news, someone throws a rock through the window of donald trump's busy denver campaign office. >> a chase ins in a fiery crash. >> it just went up in flames. >> a nurse accused of swapping patient's painkillers for saline and benadryl. >> and a million dollars bond
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making explosives in castle rock. >> we begin with a breaking story as vandals hit donald trump's denver campaign office tonight for the second time in 24 hours. our lauren dispirito was there at 18 and clarkson. this time it was a rock through the window. >> reporter: jim, this is the rock that staff and volunteers say came flying through the window. it didn't just break the outside pane, but the pane behind it the s about two dozen people were inside the headquarters at the time that they were making campaign calls. now, no one was hurt, but, people inside say a ten-year- old boy was actually sitting where the rock landed just before this happened shortly before 8:00 tonight. the security guard who works here at the headquarters was able to detain the man police believe is responsible. he held the person down until police arrived and they took him into custody.
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face. this is the second time in less than 24 hours this office has been vandalized. earlier today, staff arrived to find large painted ls on the window pain. profanity and antitrump messages on the walls and spent a lot of the day cleaning that up. i talked to a volunteer who was frustrated. he witnessed this latest attack. >> this is america. it doesn't matter what candidate it is. it shouldco vandalizing. it makes you wonder how safe we really are with the people around us. >> reporter: now, whoever is responsible for that earlier vandalism, that person tonight or people, they are still on the run. there is no reason to believe that whoever through this rock is connected with the earlier vandalism. live tonight in denver, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. >> thank you lauren. also developing, a nurse is
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stealing powerful painkillers from patients who needed them. university of colorado is alerting dozens of patients who may have been affected by dirty needles. stan bush has the latest. >> reporter: that nurse is already accused of doing this in oklahoma. then she came to colorado and committed the crime again. university hospital says they didn't know about this because charges were never pursued in that earlier case. former nurse casey unro was arrested at her home following an indictment from a federal grand jury. she allegedly stole morphine and fentanyl. she refilled the vials with saline solution. the hospital says she was fired when a discrepancy was found in the unit.
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june 29 to july 12 of this year. university hospital says no patients were harmed. though dozens have now been tested for hepatitis c as a precaution. on august 4, the state nursing board suspended her license. but it is not the first time she has been accused of the same crime. her husband tells cbs4 she had been fired from a hospital in oklahoma. in the charging documents, prosecutors say she lied to oklahoma authorities about stealing fentanyl and replacing water. university hospital says she did pass a thorough background check and that no negatives appeared on her record at the time she was hired. she remains in federal custody tonight. if convicted, she faces up to ten years in prison and up to three-and-a-half million dollars in fines. live in aurora, stan bush, cbs4 news. >> thank you stan. a surgical tech arrest for
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sentenced monday. rocky allen pleaded guilty. he was replacing fentanyl needles intended for patients with syringes he had previously used. allen has hiv, hepatitis b and c. so far, there is no evidence that patients had been affected. developing tonight, a teacher and coach with more than 20 years of experience. now facing serious charges. investigators say he asul a student at niwot high school. karen morfitt is live at the school and a lot of students saw what happened. >> reporter: exactly jim. we are told this happened at a class here at niwot high school. a weight lifting class. there were 20 other students there. he is now looking at a possible felony charge. the boulder county sheriff arrested 43-year-old dylan hollingsworth on friday morning for a assault of a student.
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according to investigators, the altercation happened last month after he warned his class not to use profanity. he reportedly told students "the next person who used profanity would get into some sort of trouble. and might possibly be hit or kicked. when a 17-year-old male student ignored that threat, hollingsworth is said to have choked the teen and kneed him in the groin. now hollingsworth was administrative leave during this investigation. he turned himself in early this morning. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. an update on a hit and run investigation in denver. the driver police say left the scene is now in custody. 27-year-old norlan estrada- reyes turned himself in last night. he hit a woman at 13th and broadway early last sunday morning, ditched his pickup.
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at a developing story, whoever shot a man walking his dog. that man ended up dying from his injuries three weeks ago. the shooting took place on first near broadway back in june. 15-year-old john field was walking his dog when a car drove dangerously close to him. his family tells us that he hit that car with the bottle and the driver turned around and shot him. police are looking for a 2013 black camaro with tainted windows and dark rims. new information tonight on a teenager believed to have been making a bomb. you may remember halloween night, an entire neighborhood was evacuated so experts could detonate the device. jeff todd joins us live where the two boys were finally charged. >> reporter: karen, one of these cases was closed and it is likely it will stay that way. information has been very hard
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are getting an idea of how dangerous and serious these two cases are. it was monday, around 2:30 in the morning when castle rock police came across two teens. we know both were carrying guns. one teen has been charged with two countsover sexual exploitation of a child and possession of a handgun. his bond is $50,000. the other teen's parents were not notified of the arrest until dozens of levels of chemicals. >> i have not seen this level of sophistication from a juvenile. >> reporter: they found some chemicals in a dangerous state. the teen is charged with possession of an explosive and possession of a handgun. his bond has been placed at $1 million. earlier this week, the district attorney said it is unlikely either teen would be charged as
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set up the law to be in the rehabilitation business first. and, the punishment business last. >> reporter: now because these are juvenile cases, there may be a lot of information that is held back. we may never know about the chemicals or the surprising charge. sexual exploitation of a child. these teens have follow up hearings within the next ten days. live in castle rock, jeff todd, cbs4 news. >> thanks jeff. new developments now in the case of a father and a popular chef murdered in englewood. two 16-year-olds will be charged as adults in the death of nick lewis. he was shot to death october 1 at broadway and dartmouth. later this month. benson and lara-m aquaria s will be charged. a crane fell on a building
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the crane arm was on one of three buildings under construction. it will be a battle for first place when the broncos visit oakland. >> they are looking to end their run atop the afc west. mark haas, it has been a while since they had so much riding on the line. >> could 2016 mark the return of the broncos raider rivalry? it never completely went raiders recent run of mediocrity. oakland is once again a force to be reckoned with. they did snap the broncos eight game winning streak last december and through half of this season, they matched denver's 6-2 record making sunday night a battle for first in the afc west. for bay area native t.j. ward who grew up a 49ers fan, his feeling toward the black and silver were established a long time ago. >> i just don't like them. they are from oakland.
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man. i couldn't tell you. just don't like them. you know? you just don't like somebody? you don't know what it is you don't know why. the chemistry is just different. that's how it is. we just don't like them. >> no love lost there for t.j. but broncos are dealing with the loss of another member of the no fly zone. the latest on aqib talib later in sports. tonight, new information apt the suspected killer accused of keeping a woman chained up for months. coming up, how he lured her to his home. >> plus, why bill clinton's sign for hillary clinton. >> everyone knows that colorado of all places should support hillary for president. >> and the fiery end of a high speed chase. >> and we continue to follow breaking news in denver tonight. someone threw a rock through donald trump's campaign office. our lauren dispirito is talking to rattled workers inside at the time. >> and we have rain down into the desert southwest. will any of it head toward will any of it head toward colorado an
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>> an update on a breaking story in denver. campaign workers rattled after their trump office was vandalled twice in 24 hours. tonight's incident is much more serious. lauren dispirito is there live. >> reporter: you can tell that by the damage that here. now, there were about two dozen volunteers and campaign staff inside at the time when this happened. and witnesses say that the suspect appeared to actually be canvassing the area beforehand. >> he literally walked up, stopped, and chucked the rock straight through and took off running. >> took off running but didn't get very far. >> reporter: they say with the security guard that worked here at the trump campaign headquarters was able to actually chase the man and
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and they did take that one person into custody. no word yet on the charges he faces. inside the office though, cleanup still continuing. to the work can continue on. live in denver, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. >> thank you lauren. trump will be here tomorrow. today, ben carson campaigned in colorado springs and castle rock. and former president bill clinton had stops in denver and fort collins today. [ cheers and applause ] >> everyone knows that colorado of all places should support hillary for president because you are the state of the future and you know that the attacks of her opponent that america is going downhill and we have a bleak future and everything is bad is wrong! >> republicans and democrats are both pushing colorado to get out there and vote. >> the number of ballots mailed in so far is down. and, our state does remain a tossup. tonight, political specialist
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are the race will be tight in colorado. and, turn-out is key. hillary clinton struggleing to get african-american voters to the polls. their turnout is down significantly nationwide. and, this isn't a good sign. you could count on one hand the number of african-americans two turned out to see president clinton in denver's five point neighborhoods. ben carson appealed to white college educated women. they lean a lot of people in colorado holding onto their ballots. less than half have been returned. and clerks worry mail ballots take longer to process. i'm political specialist shaun boyd, cbs4 news. >> and remember, cbs4 has all of the election coverage you will need next tuesday. our news starts at 4:00 p.m. we will continue through cbs4 news at 10:00. new developments tonight in that horrifying kidnapping case in south carolina. friends say the woman found
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offender went there for a cleaning job. kala brown and her home charles carver disappeared back in august. police found kala locked in a shipping container yesterday. >> she was ... had chains on her neck and ankle. it was locked several times. >> the suspect is charged with kidnapping right now. but more charges are expected to come. kala told investigators she watched her captor shoot and an identified body was found on the property, police fear there is more there. we have new video for you showing a fiery end to a police chase in new york. surveillance video captures the moment the car plows into that gas pump at the station. you see the fire. the car also slams into another vehicle. well, the driver full-timely gets out, charges the officer, who eventually sable to tackle him. we have learned the suspect had escaped from police earlier after attacking the mother of his children.
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action in afghanistan today were from fort carson. they have been identified as captain byers and ryan gloyer. u.s. and afghan forces were targeting taliban forces. afghan civilians also died in the raid. it is slight, but there is a chance we could see a shower tomorrow. >> we will take what we can get. >> it has been that way all month long. you see nothing going eastern plains we have clear skies but you see a couple of scattered showers as we take a look. we have moisture heading right up the area. we have pretty nice weather around today. you see the cool air moving all the way down to albuquerque. 60 degrees there. warm over the southeast. you see temperature ins the 80s . a 90-degree reading and a little pool of warm air just worked its way up on the west side of it. got to 72 degrees. showboated 58 this time of year. as we take a look.
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high pressure holding over the east with clear skies there. look at all the high pressure in the west. but, there is our system sitting over the southwest. let's go to lauren dispirito in the colorado weather center. lauren, it isn't much. but it is all we have. >> it is all we have. in some parts of the state, it will bring us decent moisture. that area of low pressure, it has been hanging out over arizona making its way toward the four corners. with that, we will see an increase in moisture throughout the overnight hours and we have a little bit more come our way tomorrow head into the denver area. and we have more snow possible into the south western corner. maybe a little bit into our northern and central mountain areas. there is the potential and the evening hours, there is a chance we get a little bit in parts of mesa county, montrose and delta counties. so, we do have a winter weather advisory in place for our south western mountains. that is an area where there could be decent moisture. we will take what we can get across the state. 10,000 feet, four to eight
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but, 11,000 feet. we may see over a foot of snow. so, there is some decent snowfall in parts of the state. the mountain passes always a little tricky. but it could be more so with this snow. >> that's right. where else in colorado? you are talking snow, we are talking temperature ins the 70s . 72 at dia. 73 downtown. look at where we should be. 58 and 29. that should be just normal this time of year. and we are well above that. 76 and 10 are the records so closer certainly to the records for the high than we to the actual temperature that is normal. 68 in the weather watchers. firestone, brush, 69. 70 arvada. 74 sental. 76 in highlands ranch. you can see how the moisture really spreads in. that is what lauren was talking ability. now, here close to denverings jefferson county, maybe douglas county. maybe it hits denver. that will be as close as it gets. that is why we are only calling for an isolated shower. rolling into sunday.
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clear. and monday, everything clears out. you can see a couple of scattered showers over the mountains. sunny skies return as does the dry weather. 53 and 54 now. 34% humidity. we have a steady barometer. sunset through arvada through leafless trees there. and take a look at this. sunset from centennial airport. a pretty sky. sand a little four seater as well. as we look at temperatures tonight. mostly in the 40s and the 30s over the eastern plains. 20s and 30s out west, temperatures in the 30s and the 40s . still very nice tomorrow. 60s and 70s for the eastern plains. 50s mountains. out west, temperatures in the 50s to the mid 60s . here is your denver forecast. for tonight, we are looking for increasing clouds, 42 and 44 for the overnight lows. then, for tomorrow, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies again. just a slight chance for a stray shower. 68 and 67 the highs. and then for the next several days. how about 70 on sunday with partly cloudy skies.
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and wednesday, low to mid 60s with sunny skies and take a look at this temperatures staying in the mid 60s right on into next weekend. >> i can't believe it. it is just so dry. thanks ed. a theft victim's tweet goes viral, then he gets a break. last week, a thief broke into a student's car at kansas stay university and only took a kit kat bar and wrote an apology on a napkin. th give in on this. they gave the student a whole car of replacement candy bars.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh. "i don't remember."
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>> looks like the broncos defense should have brandon marshall back this week, but they will once again be without aqib talib who will miss his second straight game with a back injury. gary kubiak said he got an injection and they decided to give him another weekend of rest. kubiak didn't seem too concerned that it would derail his season. broncos cert for aqib talib during his absence. >> i like to lead, he is like me. i taught the guys behind him how to play. so when he is out of the game, he is the guy who tries to get in there and teach. you know. those guys, you can see how roby played. he played really well. we are not going to change anything, just step up and take
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receiver to take time. but rare to see a rookie sharp shooter unable to buy the bucket. that has been the case for jamal murray who has still not made a basket in four nba games. he went 0-8 from the field. he wasn't playing a whole lot before that. but, overall, he is now missed the first 16 shots he has attempted. tough shot for the guy >> i said i don't care you are oh 0 for 8. annoy you will get shots. i can't let him get down on himself. it is not fun. he has not seen the ball get through the net yet. i know that will clang change and he will be one hell of a player for us. >> so, which young nuggets player makes an all-star game first? ready set run.
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their spots to celebrate the team's first world series since 1908. an estimated 5 million people turned out for the parade and rally. 5million people! that is more than double the largest championship celebration on record. and apparently, it is the world's seventh largest gathers of humans ever. biggest on u.s. soil. that is a lot of people. coming up, someone got in trouble with coach kubiak after practice today. plus, what are they doing after
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>> i'm sorry guys. hey, somebody gets hut out here doing that. you got me? both of you. okay, go ahead. all right? okay, go ahead. [ laughter ] okay. >> oh, someone got in trouble today. gary kubiak playing the role of dad stopping his interview to scold a couple of player. speaking of kids these days.
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it is called the mannequin challenge. this one from the michigan football team. it is like the opposite of the running man challenge. it is the mannequin challenge. you just freeze. it started at a hip hop concert where the whole crowd did it. you can expect all sorts of sports team to host their own version of the mannequin challenge. we tried ours earlier today. don't think our verse has gone viral. >> it is kind of cool. >> simple to do. >> you did two views.
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>> from westminster open space. michael smith accepts this in. i don't know if these mag pies know who they are dealing with, but that's a bald eagle. he is getting mad at them. finally, the pies are relentless. he says aisle done.
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coming to you from hollywood almost live, it's "comics unleashed"! with your host, byron allen. tonight byron welcomes lisa alvarado, sheryl underwood, margaret jones, and carol pi pickadeli. and now the reason you can stop taking your allen! >> yeah! ? >> yeah, all right. thank you. thank you. that's very kind of you.


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