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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  November 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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,, good afternoon, everyone. breaking news at noon. as northbound i-25 is closed all the way from arapahoe to orchard, this is because a semi truck rolled over on the highway. here's a live look right now at the scene from our cdot camera in the area and traffic is an absolute parking lot. those backups stretch well passed the view of the camera.
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from his office window. berry thank you for this. you can see from the photo, liquid is forming on the highway. we're told about 50 gallons of fuel spilled making this now a hazmat situation. there is no estimated time for a reopening, but the closure could be a lengthy one. if we get updates, we'll update on cbs4 in this newscast. a former surgical tech is before a federal judge being sentenced for stealing i'm britt moreno. thanks for being with us. rocky alan pleaded guilty without making a deal with prosecutors. jaime leary is live. do we know how many years he faces? >>reporter: the sentencing is still going on right now. we know that the crime carries a maximum of 14 years in prison, prosecutors are asking for 120 months or 10 years in prison and despite the fact he's pled
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plea deal, his attorney still this morning fighting very hard arguing to get that sentence lowered. 29-year old rocky alan appeared in federal court this morning and his attorney by his side. despite our attempts to speak with alan before his sentencing, he stayed silent. his attorney presented long objections to the pre-sentence investigation including arguing that there was only minimal risk of harm to the patients and actually hurt. there were close to 3,000 patients at swedish medical who needed to be tested for hib and hepatitis b and c because of alan's actions. during the surgery, alan stole phytanoyl needle and replaced it with a used needle full of saline to support his addiction. this could have happened with any patients having surgery.
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concern. alan was fired from california, washington -- also prompting concern is a -- there's no one that has been impacted by alan. no disease transmitted. the sentencing hearing still going on. i'm told that there's been a couple of witnesses called to stand. we anticipate there could afternoon. live in denver, jaime leary. >> thank you, jaime. $2.6 million. that is how much the city of aurora will pay the family of a man officers shot and killed. the man was wanted for a number of crimes at the time, but after the shooting they discovered he wasn't armed. cbs kelly werthmann is live at the aurora police department for us and this historic settlement brings policy changes, can you
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as well as investigations into officer-involved shootings. following the shooting death of mr. carter last march, police chief nick met says new reforms were put in place creating culture of -- it will keep track of officer use of force incidents and develop and review procedures. more aurora police officers are wearing body cameras board was created with a tier system for reporting officer-involved shootings in other uses of force cases. another change is to the department's internal affairs bureau. chief met says it was moved out of police headquarters to an off site location and the chief says this creates a more neutral environment for staff to report concerns about police conduct. >> with the day to date community outreach of our officers and the partnerships
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serve have been able to engage in a constructive dialogue about modern policing, discuss our disagreements about incidents and policy, and work together to build upon apd's commitment to service. >> now, as for the officer who shot carter, officer paul was never criminally charged and there wasn't a lawsuit filed position with the department. the chief is reviewing which position he should be in next. as for carter's family, they released a statement saying they're grateful for the city's condolences during this process over the last year and a half and they're thankful for chief's owe we'll have more on their reaction to this historic
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changes at apd. kelly worth man, cbs news. >> thank you so much. deputies in el paso county are hunting for a man who may be involved in a car fire that burned two people yesterday. police are calling concept junior a person of interest. they found an suv engulfed in flames. one person was inside that vehicle. that person and another were taken to the hospital. some witnesses reported gasoline off the suv. a congregation in jefferson county is still reeling after someone fired shots in their church damaging the sacred space. the chapel in the hills is a non denomination church with 70 members. on thursday, though, vandals damaged a baby jesus and fired shots into a windows and walls. >> yeah, it was very aggressive. it felt more like a robbery. if
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security that we take for granted in a lot of ways was taken away from us. >> the congregation spent the weekend making repairs and praying for those responsible. we move on now to campaign 2016. it is the final day of campaigning for the presidential candidates, and it promises to be a long day. both democratic clinton and republican trump are hitting the battleground states before heading back to new york. cbs's jaime yuccas sets the stage fo t >>reporter: it is the final day of campaigning and hillary clinton is bringing out some big names. >> we're on a good track. >> the president and first lady will join clinton and her family in philadelphia today. donald trump will hold a rally in scranton as pennsylvania remains in the cross heirs and the dow served 200 points at the open bell this morning. following fbi director jam comey announcement to congress on sunday that the borough will not
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clinton's use of a private e-mail server after its review of newly discovered e-mails. >> we're grateful this matter is resolved. we found it very puzzles as you know when director comey first brought this up a week ago. >> trump raged against the fbi's decision. >> with what's happening with our justice, our country is a laughing stock all over the world, they're laughing. >> to visit florida where the battleground tracker poll shows the candidates in a dead heat. each with 45% of the vote. trump plans to continue his sprint through the battleground states even as voters are showing up to the polls on tuesday. then both candidates will be back here in new york at their headquarters as the results roll in. >> overall, the general election match up nationally shows clinton with a four point lead.
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jaime your cass -- jaime yuccas. since the secretary of state started sending numbers, republicans have returned more ballots than democrats, but both parties have returned more than 650,000 ballots. if you still need to vote, you're not alone. check out our voting guide on and you'll find it in the polling and you can find us reporting on the issues. tuesday, we'll start with a special edition of cbs4 news at 4:00 and at 5:00, we'll have live national election coverage until 10:00. that's followed by cbs4 news at 10:00. for in depth live local coverage of the colorado races and ballot issues, please join us and our election partners,
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on hand with the election results, and reaction from the party headquarters. that starts again at 7:00 on channel 12 and we'll be streaming all this at and you can look for updates from me on facebook and twitter. i'd tloofb -- i'd love to have a conversation with you. the first general attorney died. janet reno died from co clinton holding the office for nearly eight years and she was at the center of crisis including the raid on a bran. the compound in waco. she ordered agent to take six-year old gonzalez from his relative in miami and return him to cuba. she was 78 years old. skiers and borders take note. a second ski area is opening. loveland september
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loveland september these pictures of a run here. it has an 18-inch base. ashton is in colorado's weather center. we never thought we would see the real stuff. >> it's almost all man made. another ski area opening in loveland and keystone will make number three. beautiful weather and not quite as warm as it was over the weekend, but we're warming quickly. we'll go up 2 to 3 forecast and the outlook for the election day. ahead, how much damage an earthquake caused in oklahoma, and the growing concern about the oil and gas industry. plus, from first to third, the broncos had a decimal sunday. what the coach says
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rattled nerves, but no reports of damage after an earthquake hit weld county. it happened in kersey, so that's east of greeley. dozens of people reported feeling that quake. this is an area known for fracking. cleanup is underway after another quake hit in central, oklahoma. it was a 5.0 quake. that quake caused substantial damage to the town of curbing. 40 to 50 buildings in the downtown area now have cracks. that is prompted the
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downtown area for now. >> we have a construction engineer coming in, and we'll do assessments to make sure there's no danger from falling debris. as soon as we get these things taken care of, then we'll allow access to downtown. >> the state is inspecting 110 bridges within 30 miles of the epi center. they're going to shut down disposal wells and that's where waste water from gas and -- oklahoma has about 19 earthquakes in the past week which scientist have linked to that fracking process. and meteorologist ashton is joining us now and i know we have some snow at the higher elevations but we got a little over the weekend. >> we didn't see anything in moisture. we knew our chances were slim. the storm system is out of here, britt it's going to be a week or two before we have a substantial chance of
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top of chair one at loveland ski area. ads we were talking about earlier, they announced they'll open thursday. keystone will follow them coming up on friday. a week behind schedule, but boy this view of the top of ketone looks better than it did last week and a lot of man made snow. larimer county, we're looking at cus and fort collins, not a cloud in the sky. temperatures in fort collins, 61 most mountain towns in the 40s and 50s right now. high temperatures here this afternoon in the 50s for most mountain towns. 60s on the western slope. 60s for high temperatures for the most part on the eastern plains. a few 70s down to the south along highway 50, pueblo to la junta. reason we're not going to warmup much more because the storm system responsible for that light snow along with rain in the high country over the weekend hadn't gone far.
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spinning in the counter clockwise fashion. with this -- we have the return flow on the backside of the we will. so that's keeping the flow and the hat coming out of the north. so today, our warming limited. warm will be almost unlimited for this time of year. we're going to be somewhat constrained by the duration of sunlight. tomorrow we shouldn't have no problem getting into the upper i'm afraid to say this weather pattern is going to stay in place for at least the next seven, if not 14 days. we don't see a dramatic change in the weather pattern until about november 20th. or two weeks from yesterday. they'll be a few fluctuations and yes we can have a storm system or two come through and bring light mountain snow, but i'm talking about a dramatic change to bring in think cal november weather. that's two weeks away. 65 this afternoon. cooler than we were over the weekend.
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of year, we can't call that cool. and then for tomorrow, 66 looks beautiful for election day britt, in fact it looks beautiful for the rest of the week including for veteran's day on friday. all ten numbers you see on your screen, the highs and lows, everything below normal. >> people feeling warmer about this election. >> at least the weather will be pleasant even if you don't like the results, the weather is plsa coming up, how coach kubiak reacted to the loss yesterday. first here's a look at where the dow is heading. you can see market was higher at this hour. thanks to the fbi announce that clinton's e-mail do not warrant clinton's e-mail do not warrant any legal i alone can fix it! bomb the [bleep] out of 'em. i'd like to punch him in the face. i like people that weren't captured, okay? he's a mexican! she ate like a pig... i moved on her like a [bleep] i did not say that... i love war.
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r president! and congressman mike coffman said he didn't know if donald trump's a sexual predator. come on. look, we just can't vote for coffman or trump. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. the broncos start this week in third place in the afc west.
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place yesterday, and lost. they have a lot to fix. the raiders had 218 yards rushing in that 30/20 win. now the broncos started without cornerback tabib or without webster when they lost wolf in a second half with a fractured elbow. that wasn't good either. coach kubiak says there's plenty of blame to go around. >> for us personally as across the board, we weren't good enough. we lost a field position that special teams, offensively we got off to a horrible start. four and three out out -- that's a team not playing good enough to win and that's what i told the players, so we got to improve and get back to work. >> up next, the new orleans saints are 4-4 of the season, but have momentum after stomping the -- they're a good team.
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catch the game on cbs4. a metro area woman is facing felony charges tonight for impersonating her dead father and voting for him. >> cbs4 investigator brian maass has details on this new case of voter fraud. >> he died years ago, but then voted twice after his death. now, his daughter charged with voting in place of her dead father. >> she understands at this point the seriousness of her actions. >> these kinds o >> are you surprised that people tried to get over on the system. >> these votes could -- >> someone tries to cheat, you're going to catch them. >> tonight at 10:00, cbs4 brian maass takes his investigation dying to vote to the top levels of state government to ask if we should be concerned about voter
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,, ,, my name is charity salazar, and i'm an air force veteran. every election, nancy pelosi and her washington friends launch vicious attacks against mike coffman. this year is no different. they say he's waging a war against women. that's just not true. mike stood up for women in the military, protecting us against sexual assault. he believes in equal pay and making sure pregnant women aren't discriminated against at work. time and again mike has stood up for women. i know, because he stood up for me.
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today, dr. phil goes inside a rape at a college football
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how a phone call led to this -- to the dismissal excuse me of charges, abby believes daniel's friends set her up on this call. >> i heard him say con sexual, you heard what? >> i heard either like sexual or like actual. i remember thinking the question was about, did he rape me in the classic term. iug they were trying to ask. >> to the question, did you have consensual sex, what is the answer? >> i would have never said yes to that. >> how a detective got this case reopened and got justice for abby today at 4:00 on dr. phil. new tonight on cbs4 news at 5:00, as the presidential election races to the finish line, many voters are reporting saying they feel fear over the
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stress today at 5:00. ashton is back with a final look at the forecast. >> i'm here to provide stress relief. we're at 62 right now you say we're at 62, full -- northerly flow in the atmosphere. i think 65 is the best we'll do today. 66 for election day tomorrow.,,
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