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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  November 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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hi, everybody. welcome into the cbs4 morning news. it's 4:30. this is the news. it is election day. we're glad to have you with us. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. thanks for waking up with us. guess what, the first votes election already from diction dixsville, new hampshire. >> did you catch that. >> interesting someone in the small new hampshire town put romney on the ballot and it was four votes for clinton and two for trump and one for gary johnson. new hampshire law allows communities fewer with 100 voters to open their polls
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all registered voters cast a ballot. more on the election ahead, but first we want to see what the forecast is looking like for today. >> calm and pleasant haven't been applied as we talked about this election. that's when we have in terms of weather, calm and pleasant. it's chilly. we should wake up with temperate temperatures in the 20s this time of year. instead, it's 41 right now in morrison and lakewood. 38 in into weld county. look at dacono, 25 degrees. doppler 4000 showing clear skies from the eastern slope to the eastern plains. it's one of those days where it's tough to find a cloud. it's not just colorado. the entire region is quiet especially for this time of year. here's the forecast for election day. by 9:00 a.m., 47.
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yesterday we hit 64. a little warmer today than it was yesterday. that train continues tomorrow will be warmer than today. we'll check that forecast coming up. let's check the traffic with joel hillan. >> mild on the drive. you might as well be in dacono area. we don't have big construction areas to get in your way. a lot of green. delays along c-470 as they work a repaving work. most of that is almost done. >> thanks very much. you can register today and vote as the candidates make a final pitch for support. clinton and trump are targeting key battleground states including colorado. craig boswell has the results from virginia. >>reporter: the polls are open
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vice presidential nominee cane cast his ballot last night. >> it's in the hands of the voters, but we feel comfortable about it. >> running mate clinton made her final campaign push in the state of north carolina with the help of celebrity friends lady gaga and bon jovi. >> it's not just my name and trump's name on the ballot, but it's the kind of country we want. >> the star studded rally came as voters in new hampshire cast giving clinton a 4 to 2 win over rival trump. trump had his own midnight rally in michigan, a democratic leaning state he's eyeing to turn red today. >> today we're going to win the great state of michigan and we are going to win back the white house. >> 42 million votes have been cast making today really the final day to vote at polling
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virginia. >> trump's daughters courted voters today. >> i want to know that [indiscernible]. >> clinton goes into today's contest with more ways to win the white house. in order for trump to win, he'll have to take pennsylvania, florida, and ohio to reach 270 electoral votes. craig boswell, cbs news. >> the justice department is deploring 2200 people states. they'll monitor -- both campaigns are looking to pick up support. washington supports our state which is one of 15 which could decide the race. for the first time we have more democratic and unaffiliated voters than republicans and dan bush looked at the presidential and state races. >>reporter: a message to voters was obvious. in a swing state, a single vote can change the
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real sense it does. >> hillary clinton's campaign tapped climate change, a subject that never came up on the national stage and democrats and republicans have been deeply divided. >> this is a generational election and that's why the republican ticket must win. >> republicans returned more ballots in colorado so far and senate nominee daryl glen hopes voters haven't abandoned or forgotten him. he has spent and out manned. he's blaming the press for not spreading his message. >> the media has surprised me. when you start think beginning the media is supposed to be the objective body, we have seen them actively push a certain agenda or narrative and that's having an impact. >> colorado center race is when the gop thought was an easy win, but armor -- the national party
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showed glen trailing from the beginning. at the eve of the election, michael bennett rallied with -- looking for colorado to swing blue again. >> i think everybody should vote. >> that was dan bush reported. our state could be one to watch tonight. a handful of scenarios showing colorado the clincher to 270 electoral votes and election night coverage begins at 4:00 with a special edition of cbs national updates all night and join us for cbs news at 10:00. here's one more reminder for local coverage of the colorado races and ballot issues, please join us and our partners, colorado public television 12 at 7:00. our entire team will be on hand with the election results, and reaction from the party headquarters. that starts at 7:00 on channel 12. we'll stream this live at >> basically just watch.
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been swinging wildly along with the final days of the campaign. let's check in. >> it has been fascinating to watch. jill wagner has the money watch report. >>reporter: finally. i feel like we've been talking about this for months. the markets open this election day. and the dow gained 371 points and the nasdaq opened 1 futures pointing to a lower open. many employers are giving their election day off so they can vote. among them, gm, western union and -- facebook has a new job search feature. facebook is running a test to let page administrators post jobs and receive applications from candidates. if you vote, you
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voted" sticker to krispy creams and 7-eleven is giving out free coffee to someone with the app whether you vote or not, but you should vote. >> that's a way to vote. >> chunk up with doughnuts and cookies. there you go. >> and a work out, alan. and balancing it out. >> that's not going to happen. jill, thank you. most people -- most people cast absenteeal space. he filed -- another astronaut cast her ballot from iss last week before returning to earth. >> you can't mail it in from there. the city of aurora is going to pay $2.6 million to the family of a man shot and killed by police. the carter did not have a weapon when he died in march of 2015.
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policy since that happened and that includes the compliance -- also more body cameras and the city will review -- the officer who shot carter was not charged. if you're feeling warm about this election, don't feel bad, it's cool at 38 degrees. >> ashton is going to talk about your forecast coming up. it looks like something out of a movie, but thiss
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denver police hope somebody can help them identify a man for taking pictures up a woman's skirt at a recent broncos game. shawn chitnis has a look at surveillance video for you. shawn. >>reporter: alan, police are glad they have that video because they have a decent description of the suspect thanks to the surveillance video. let's look at photos from the video. that gives us a sense of who they're looking for. poliay his 30s, between 30 or 35-year years old and thin boulevard and he has a prosthetic leg. the woman in this case says she caught him taking pictures up her skirt using his cell phone. police thinks this happens around 2:00 p.m. near gate ten here at the stadium and that's when the broncos played the chargers and she says when she tried to confront the man he ran
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manor have nothing that could help investigators with this case, you're asked to contact denver police. live in mile high, shawn chitnis, cbs4 morning news. >> that's alarming. this is the news in health. a new hope for children with cancer. there's data on childhood cancer -- young cancer survivors may be living longer, but many still struggle with health issues. doctors tracking 14,000 childhood cancers found that although survival rates increase, patient health didn't necessarily improve over time. doctors in the uk report around 17% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have symptoms other than a lump. researchers
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fall -- abnormalities. those with -- the body produces vitamin d through exposure to sunshine and food such as fish and eggs and doctors says there's growing evidence of the importance of maintaining adequate vitamin d levels. >> and going to the beach too, that's important as well. a sign of our weather, independence pass is still open. we have this video. it's usually closed this time of year, but we got beautiful shots. our warm the pass reaches 12,095 feet and it's typically buried at this time. things are cooling off and snow being made. winter park is opening on the 16th and copper mountain on november 18th. and ashton, i know you know how important it is we get some snow. >> we should definitely get some to go along with the man made
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to be robust with their snow making operations and that's why loveland and keystone [indiscernible] at the end of the this week. 38 degrees is the temperature outside in denver this morning. 6:30 [indiscernible] and just like yesterday, we'll see sunshine today. we're talking wall-to-wall sunshine from one side to the other. unusual for this time of year. november, typically as you snow is stormy month for us. [audio problems] >> make plenty of snow. high temperatures this afternoon, we'll be in the 60s along the front range. 60s on the eastern plains. [audio problems] >> in the midwest [indiscernible], but for us, pressure will dominate for a couple of days and nothing but pressure.
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an mic problem for me so we'll send it over to you. >> you can talk in my mic. >> there's not much to say. >> i love it. taking a look from our mouse cam track. southbound coming into town, we're seeing volume. this is nothing that's going to slow you down, but isn't it amazing at 4:47 in the morning, all these people have places to go and people to see. that's going to get worse through the next half hour. across the doent look at this green -- across the denver-metro area, it's green. it's election day, more than 46 million votes have been cast in early voting and there's expected to be a large turn out for people voting on election day and as things tighten up tonight, it could come down to colorado. our political specialist shaun boyd talk with political analyst about what to
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that's up in all convention, and veteran political analyst are reluctant to predict what will happen tuesday night. >> this election cycle has so many different moving parts to it. >> i asked dick wadoms and take about the -- >> i'm not convinced our deed matters as much as personality. there's far too many prominent republicans who have publicly stated'm trump. >> they could be offset by working place democrats who says they will vote for trump. young voters don't like either candidate. boulder showed them breaking for jerry johnson. >> clinton needs a big margin out of boulder county. she's only going to get that if the younger voters show up and vote for her. >> trump's problem, college educated white women. they favor clinton. >> even though they have issues
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woman running for the seat and you have a guy that hasn't been real judicious in his language when it comes to talking about women. >> latinos too turning out strong for clinton, but african americans are not. >> in an election like this, everybody counts, so if if there's a modest drop off of african americans, that could affect the -- >> anoth the downed ballot of the presidential race. two of the tightest congressional races in the country are colorado sixth and third congressional districts and republican -- mike half man and scott tipman are fighting to hold onto their seats. a sinkhole swallowed -- that collapse began yesterday morning in fucoco. within hours, the hole was 88 feet wide.
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it ended up being filled by water from broken pipes. there were no injuries reported, but emergency crews had to evacuate a nearby building as a precaution. japanese media reported some ongoing subway construction may be a factor in that collapse. here's sports. another day and another opportunity for us to talk about how bad the broncos offense is. the broncos had their worst running game of the season and it led to their third loss of plenty of blame to go on. you can blame the offensive line which is terrible and you can blame the running back, which not having anderson hurts and you can blame the coaching staff. the broncos talk about being balanced, but ran the ball 12 times sunday night and that's not enough. >> we got to run the ball earlier. we got 13, 14 rushing tips in the last game, and as a running back, [indiscernible]
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we want the ball in our hands because we're the original play makers of the offense, and book does a good job and he gets the ball in his hands and i do a good job when i get the ball in my hand and if we do that, we'll be good. >> on the basketball front, the nuggets closing out --
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,, ,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, welcome back, everyone. the 80s are back on television and beyonce lands on another list. here's marques with today's eye on entertainment. >>reporter: music star beyonce made the power 100 list and it honors outstanding achievers by
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and -- and others includes musician producers john legend and naz who will be featured on the upcoming issue. ? [ music ] ? ? >> after singer leslie odom made the list, fresh off his jazz album, the tony award winner is releasing a holiday song collection this friday. "simply christmas" has classics "have yourself an a marry little owe have yourself an merry little christmas." >> it knows myers and his family and friends. jennifer graco star. >> everybody has gone through what these characters have gone through. at some point there's transitions and what am i going to do with my life. from the younger actors and our
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going through chances. >> it's like if you're not changing -- >> you're dying. >> the season two of red oaks debut on amazon prime view and that's your eye on entertainment. suzanne marques. >> stephen colbert went live. he's getting in last minute jabs with the help of a special guest. >> do you remember who is running? >> walter and philip -- >> no, that that was a while ago. do we want me to tell you. >> let me just get a quick [indiscernible]. [applause] >> it's donald trump. >> you can see the late show after cbs4 news at 10:00 the tonight it's on show time. with all of our election coverage --
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office to vote before going to the hospital. parents sasha and max went to cast their ballot and she felt contractions but said she felt well enough to vote and the contractions grew stronger. she took selfies >> we made it in the nick of time. >> that was her first time voter and her daughter rosy has 18 years or so before she can cast her first ballot. seems to be sleeping through the auction. >> mamma is a stronger woman than i. theater lovers got a chance to take a peek behind the curtains. they made snow indoors and demonstrated live fire on stage. the most
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it rain without making a mess. >> a soaker hose that you normally use in your garden and we hope to have a couple of lines to that. >> denver ,,
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good morning, everyone. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on tuesday, election day, november 8th. >> i know you're glad we're here. i'm alan gionet. here's whatting, first ballot ce -- here's what's ahead, candidates are going to find last minute support. jaime. >>reporter: and today is the


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