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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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good morning, everyone. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on tuesday, election day, november 8th. >> i know you're glad we're here. i'm alan gionet. here's whatting, first ballot ce -- here's what's ahead, candidates are going to find last minute support. jaime. >>reporter: and today is the
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if you haven't already. we're live at the denver election's division to show you what need to know and to give you the latest on the colorado ballot count: >> good morning from colorado's weather center. 38 degrees outside in denver. another beautiful day ahead for election day. your forecast is coming up. crash out on the highway that is morning. we'll look at drive times in a bit. it's go time. it's election day and if you haven't dropped off your ballot or mailed it in, you can drop it off today. there's still some time. cbs4 jaime leary is live at the denver election's office with everything we need to know this morning. hi, jaime. >>reporter: good morning, britt. today being the late day to make your vote count, polling places open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. but there's more you need to know and here to explain is dillard. alton dillard -- you have the fun job of wrangling the media today. it's going to be a long day for you
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what you have in place to deal with crowds? >> we remind the people they have the opportunity to use a 24-hour ballot box and our polling centers offer drive-thru ballot drop off. you don't have to get out of your car. in some of our places, we're expecting higher traffic. we have everything from the ability for people to hit our text line which is 30365369 couple of locations will have a way, a cueing system where people can use their phone to check themselves in at different stages of the process. >> okay. and i understand if you haven't registered it's not too late. that's correct? >> correct. we have same day registration in colorado. go to the state website of and even though it's too late to have a ballot
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there and that will speed your process and so when you get to your voting citing -- >> we'll check with you later this morning. we appreciate your time. many ride sharing apps today are offering free and discounted services to help you get to the poll. if you don't want to spend money on a bus ticket or if you don't have a car, so there's no excuse to get the poll. cbs morning news, jaime leary. >> the campaigns may differ on what they believe is right for our country, but early this morning, both clinton and trump made their push for supporters. a last minute push for them. reed bennion shows us the messages they're sharing. >> good morning. >>reporter: voters in new hampshire casting the first ballot of the 2016 election at the stroke of midnight even as the nominees pushed forward with one final round of stumping.
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monday's campaign trail on tuesday with rallies that ran into the morning hours. >> did you ever think you would hear a major speech around close to 1:00 in the morning. are we crazy? >> tomorrow you can vote for a hopeful and close up, big hearted [indiscernible]. >> the overnight events followed a day of stops in key states as the nominees made their final pitch. clinton campaign with the brothers, bruce springsteen and the big boss, presidential obama introduced by michelle obama. lady gaga stumping for clinton. >> go out and vote for clinton. [cheers and applause] >> trump knocking the celebrity appearances. >> we don't need lady gaga. >> but touting his own high profile friends. >> tom brady, and he called today and he said donald, i support you. >> the campaign despite their campaigning ideas and celebrity
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initiative on the final day, the importance of voter turn out. >> go out and vote tomorrow. >> let's get out and vote. >> i ask you to vote. >> good luck, get out there. i did my thing. >> i'm reed bennion reporting. >> we know you're going to do your thing all day long. we're keep you covered right here. >> absolutely. good morning to you alan. good morning to you britt. 36 is the temperature right now in the tech center. sunrise, 6:37 this morning. temperatures are really all over the place. it depends where you're at. everybody is going to need a jacket this morning. right at freezing in brighton this hour. boulder at 38, but erie at 28 degrees. we have clear skies state wide, so lots of sunshine for this election day. not only here in colorado, but really throughout the entire west. high pressure dominating our weather and this is the case through the rest of this week. for our election day, we'll see 63 at noon and a high temperature of 66. that's two degrees warmer than yesterday, and tomorrow we'll be warmer than today. we'll check out
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hillan for the latest on the tuesday morning commute. >> tracking a nice, quiet tuesday morning commute. hopefully we can keep it that way. look at everyone out at 5:00 in the morning. places to go and things to see and things to attend to. that's going to keep you company. nothing that's going to slow you down, britt as we look across the denver-metro, we're at or near posted speed limits. there's a man accused of takingic game that happened two weeks ago. police want your help to track him down. here's a picture of him. take a good look. he has a distinct blade as a prosthetic leg and the woman says she caught him taking pictures up her skirt near gate 10th on october 30th. she says the man ran off when confronted. a small town with a big dilemma. a local postal worker stole thousands of pieces of
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we're learning some more. the mail carrier worked in sterling which is 130 miles north of denver. lauren disdispirto went to a meeting and telling us -- >>reporter: people not just in one neighborhood, but all over sterling didn't receive packages for a year and a half. business owner marilyn hewitt who says she didt her employees mailed in. >> he was a nice kid. i loved talking with him, but i was shocked it happened here. >> she believes she's one of many victims of a 22 year old former mail carrier who authorities have charged with not delivering more than 26,000 pieces of mail in his care from october 2014 until april of this year when they arrested him. at a meeting for sterling residents, investigators said the postal service first learned the carrier may have been
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search revealed thousands of pieces that should have been delivered and had been stashed in his apartment and car. now, starting this week, and for the first time since the investigation began, that mail will be returned to its intend recipients and a prosecutor for the case says he'll seek restitution on anyone who suffered late fees on bills or checks not received. >> it was frustrating for all of us. my employees had to drive r sheets faxed to me. >> prosecutors will hold -- he'll let it be returned tomorrow. the suspect tason adam is on bond. lauren dispirito, cbs news. a crash closed northbound i-25 through the tech center for hours around noon. a tanker
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fuel. the tank was filled with waste water as well. that spilled as well and created a worse mess. no injuries, but the highway was closed until 3:00 p.m. we know it drove a lot of you nuts. former surgical tech who stole drugs and needles creating fears of infecting those with hiv gets his sentence, ahead. does the election leave you feeling uneasy. if so, you're not alone. weac
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,, ,, ,, become back, everyone. if you're feeling a little uneasy about the election, you're not alone. surveys show most
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our health specialist kathy walsh has reactions from voters. >> i don't like all the animosity. >> how angry and mean people are being against each other. >>reporter: voters say they've had enough. >> and even how they sound. >> let's vote for the future is stressful. are you stressed out about this election? >> yes, i am, more than i have ever >> they have baggage. >> mental health experts say election anxiety is real. >> elections comes with a certain amount of stress, but this election is different. >> don is a physiologist -- >> their unfactorability ratings are so high. people are nervous. is this person going to represent me and represent this nation and are they going
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association survey found that 52% of american adults say the 2016 election is a very or somewhat significant source of stress in their lives. it's an equal opportunity worry. >> i will be glad when it's over. >> that may not end come wednesday. >> i could be packing my bags and going to costa rica, who knows. >> that's one way to deal with it. kathy walsh reporting. experts eat right, take a walk and tune it out if you need to.> canada. >> all right, guys. that would be a long way. good morning, everybody. 38 degrees right now in denver. sun up at 6:37 just like yesterday, we'll have a lot of sunshine over colorado today. temperatures will stay above normal. even this morning, it's chilly outside, most road -- dia at 35. boulder at 37. normal is 28. greeley at 27.
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32 in fort collins. you need a jacket. later on today, jacket will be optional in the 60s. 64 in ray. 63 in burlington. nice weather on the west side of the state. grand junction tops out at 66. i want to show you the overnight lows down here in southeast colorado. we're going to drop below freezing for the first times of this season for places like pueblo, la junta and lamar. freeze watch wide spread killing freeze. usually we're not this late into the season still dealing with a freeze watch, but because it has been so warm lately, that's how it is. a big system in the middle of the country. a cold front moving through the midwest. it's a front draped from michigan down to texas and showers and thunderstorms along that front. for us, high pressure behind the front will continue to control our weather through the end of the week. now, the high actually will retrograde to the west a little
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utah. that's going to create an atmosphere -- we're going to cool temperatures down enough that you're going to notice it. by the end of the week, a high of 61. that's above normal, but it will be cooler. other than that, we're talking sunshine all the way through this upcoming weekend with temperatures either in the 60s or the lower 70s. that's a look at your weather. let's check the traffic. here's joel. it's nice and calm on the roadways this morning. we've been watching as they've had the flashing lights and picking up trash the shoulder so that should be cleared up and moved out of the way. a wide and open drive as you make your way into downtown. this is i-25 and santa fe as you make your way through downtown. you know, got a lot of volume out there this morning. folks heading out early. one trouble spot we have, southbound along i-25 as you make your way to 6th avenue. there's a stall and it's off to the side of the road, but look at this across the denver-metro in green, nice and wide open. southbound coming into town, alan, speeds
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120th to i-70. >> thanks, joel. an hiv man who stole painkillers at sweden medical center will spend six years in a federal prison. we spoke to -- >>reporter: after multiple back surgeries, scott was ready to put his time at swedish medical center behind him. >> you get home and you think you're through it and the letter from swedish to be tested. >> he was one of 2400 patients put at-risk of hiv and hepatitis a and b -- while the state health department found no evidence that anyone had been infected, alan will spend six and a half years in prison.
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to deal with. he should have done it in a different way. >> the investigation also revealed alan had been fired for similar issues from at least five other hospitals across the country. passer says he would like to see alan spend more times behind bars and his arrest sheds light on a bigger issue. >> there needs to be better back ground checking and mandatory checking in these cases so these people can't move from one state to another o another and do this. >> rocky alan told the court he was truly sorry and he apologized to his former employer, swedish hospital. for the news you need, when
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good morning, everyone. the markets went into a fit of anxiousness recently. they don't like uncertainty and they seem to be reacting to the election in a positive way. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here to explain how it impacts the stock market. >> investors will think will happen today now. >>reporter: let's look at the last couple of weeks and the s&p 500 is tracking hillary clinton's odds of winning so as her odds improve, the markets squeeze a little higher. then the fbi director letter broke and then when that happened for about seven consecutive sessions, the s&p 500 fell 3%. yesterday, the stock market of 2 2.2 up in one day. that was
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evidence that's been found to warrant charges against clinton. okay. so what is it about trump that makes the -- makes the investment community nervous. they're concerned about this whole idea about a global trade war, and the restriction of immigration. both of those topics are seen as negatives for the stock market. recent research concluded a trump victory not only would be scary for the markets in the short term, they think over the longer term, it could be harder markets, a drop of maybe 10 to 15% and lots of volatility. that's one bit of research -- >> people keep calling this election, an election unlike any other in history, but are we able to use history as a guide to what could happen after we pick our next president? >> well, alan and i were there when thomas duey was thought to be the favorite 68 years ago for
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what happened 68 years ago, there was a shocker. harry truman, the incumbent won the presidency. it was an unexpected event and as a result, markets tumbled by more than 10% over the next two weeks. the country had to wait on the supreme court to wait for a recount. we saw a drop of 5% during that first week. lots of volatility in the 36-day more on election surprises and stock markets you can go to hang tight. it's going to be bumpy. >> it reminds me -- >> you look younger than you look. time for weather and traffic every ten minutes on the fours. ashton, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. good morning to everybody.
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play a role on how many people get to the polls. we're not going to have weather issues on the western portion of the city. sunshine in portland and seattle. in the midwest, they'll be rain. there's not going to be any big weather that impacts any of the swing states. a little rain possible in missouri and up into indiana. texas will see rain today. as we look at the airports, everybody is in good shape from coast to coast delays. let's check traffic with joel hillan. >> this is i-25 and santa fe. there's one trouble spot southbound along i-25 at 6th. we're on the drive out to i-70. inbound along pena boulevard. the a-line running on time and alan, look at the speeds along e 70 into the 50s. 5:25 on election day. >> the first ballots are counted for in the election. we have the results coming up.
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of terror attacks and cyber security hacks and voter fraud looming. i'm hanna daniels. we'll tell you how security is being beefed up across the country. lock -- rockies got them self a big time pitcher. not really. black was introduced as the new manager. he was with the padres he was named manager of the year. the rockies aren't turning out award winners left and right and having a manager who is a former pitcher doesn't necessarily mean they'll have one in the future, but it can't hurt. >> i see the game through the pitcher's eyes. i was -- i was a pitcher. you know, i see the game that way. so i mean, it's natural for me to have you know,
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pitcher about mechanics or mindset, you know, that might age young pitching. that might in general just aid pitching. >> on the ice, the avs back at home. pickard is going to get the start in goal. >> this has been the steal sports break brought to you by -- this has been the stihl sports
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,, ,, this is the news on cbs4 about an hour ahead of our sunrise right now. it's time to get you going. here comes the dawn of the new days. here's a live picture out of new jersey.
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and it's tuesday, election day. i'm alan gionet. >> and i'm britt moreno. it is a day that could bring you relief or concern. hey, we get that, and we'll be with you every step of the way today. let's start off this morning with a look at the forecast, and ashton, some people feeling hot, cold about this election, but today it could be pretty mild out there. >> we're doing our part in the weather office, you know. calm and pleasant. not two words if the most of us would use to describe the election, but that's what we have to use to describe our weather. temps in the 30s 40s to jacket definitely necessary as we get the day started. we're going to warmup nicely today. well into the 60s, far above normal for early november. we'll check the forecast coming up. right now let's check the traffic with joel hillan. >> we already have quite a bit of volume on this drive. nothing that's goingo slow you down. this is from our cbs4 tech center cam. take a look at the drive from the west. if you're coming from the i-70, speeds into the 60s.


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