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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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gillette the best a man can get good morning, everyone. happy election day. i'm britt moreno. >> and i'm alan gionet. this is the news at 6:00 a.m. on election day. clinton and trump make one last push for voters. what happened at overnight rallies plus we denver's polling place. a boulder woman in labor decides the baby can wait because mom needs to vote. what happened when this mom cast her ballot. it's a cold start to the day. 20s and 30, and 40s outside right now, but it will be a beautiful election day in colorado. your forecast is straight ahead. plus it's loading up on the roadways, but is it slowing down. we'll look at drive times in a bit. >> joel, thank you very much. it is election day. you can
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don't mail it. postmarks don't count. you can vote in person today, even register as late as today. polls open state wide in under an hour at 7:00 a.m. jaime leary is at the denver election's division with everything you need to know. hi, jaime. >>reporter: good morning, alan. those polls close at 7:00 p.m., so even if you're in line at 7:00 p.m., you still get to vote. i want to show you what's going on in the denver election's we have temporary staff. huge crowds, that's what they're prepared for. here to talk about what to expect, alton billiard who is a public information officer for the denver's ease lex division. let's talk about the mail in ballot. do the mail in ballots
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-- >> we also provide numerous opportunities for them to get them back to us. it's different than the oregon or washington state model because we have that in person option. >> trying to make it as easy as possible for people. so we were talking about ballot return rate, what are we seeing right now, and what does that mean? is it mail in ballots, talk about that? >> right now in denver going into monday, we're at 55% of turn out being that's 55% mail in ballots we sent out have come back. we're expecting more to come back in and tell me a little bit about when we'll start seeing results? when will denver post results. >> we'll start posting at 7:00 p.m. and we'll report in 90-minute increments so 7:00 p.m., 10:00, 11:30 and we'll look around and see how many we will have to go around from there. >> when do we know things are official? >> we don't official the -- there's an eight-day post day election day if a ballot forgets
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their signature. we wait for overseas ballots to come back. >> thank you so much. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. you can register and vote here. i came in yesterday during the lunch rush. i thought there was going to be a crowd, but it was quiet here, still prepare for extra time. they also allow you to bring your cell phone in. you can't call anybody, but you can check on those ballot initiatives that you may be less familiar with. that's one of the tips i would live from the denver election division, jaime leary. 600 million americans cast their ballots. here's a live look in new york right now where hillary clinton is greeting a group of people, taking pictures with them. we understand she just cast her vote, and there's bill clinton, her president next to her this morning. certainly a historical day we're starting in the nation, alan.
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her ballot and trump as well. she's shake ago lot of hands hoping for a good day. she is, as is trump, both of them spent the past few hours holding rallies in a last minute way to sway undecided voters. >> i believe it's the most important election of our lifetime because we've never had a clearer choice. >> clinton was joined by lady gaga and bon jovi in north carolina. a state where the polls shows him tied with trump. cl obama and the first lady in philadelphia, another toss upstate, pennsylvania. donald trump joined running mate mike pence in michigan. a democratic state he thinks he can turn red. >> we don't need lady gaga. all we need is great ideas to make america great again. >> trump also campaigned in raleigh yesterday. he needs
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win. you need 270 tonight -- she has a lot -- both presidential candidates will watch the election night results in new york city. we'll have all of injury lex coverage on cbs4 starting at 4:00 p.m. going through cbs4 news at 10:00. we'll take a little break here and get to weather and traffic for this election day. good morning, ashton. >> good morning to you, britt. good tuesday morning, ebo outside. a perfect comby -- a perfect radiation -- we're at 35 in stapleton. 29 in erie. 37 degrees in northern douglas county at highlands ranch. clear skies over denver and the front range, but state wide. sunshine to the western slope to the eastern plains. at the bus stop, make sure the kids are prepared for the chill.
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let's check traffic with joel. >> wait to go hear where copter four is. we see flashing lights blocking offer a portion of roadway as we work to get that location, we'll get it to you. but it's highway 85 and 104 this morning. that's going to make for a tough commute if you're traveling in that area. speeds goes from the 60s down into the 50s ten minutes on the drive from thornton to denver this morning i-76, it's starting to load up on the approach to i-25. that means the morning commute is underway. side street trouble spot, university and quebec. watch out for that. you can turn on 94.1 fm and koa for your news and weather. ditch field notch has the results of the presidential election after their midnight vote and the results this year may surprise you.
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trump got two. gary johnson received a vote and guess who else, mitt romney was even written onto a ballot. the midnight vote is a tradition dating back to 1960 when jfk beat richard nixon nine votes to zero. here's a little dedication. a woman in labor went to the denver election clerk's office to vote. they went to cast their bts and she felt a few contractions, but told brandell she was okay. the contractions grew stronger inside the clerk's office. and the couple took a minute or two to take pictures at the selfie station before they rushed to the hospital. >> things got intense after i left. we literately made it in the nick of time. >> this was the first time voting -- this was her first
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she has 18 years before she can cast her ballot. >> cute little election baby. rocky alan has been sentenced to six and a half years in federal prison for stealing syringes meant for patients. he was arrested in january and later admitted to stealing those syringes and he's hiv positive and he put thousands of people at-risk for catching that virus as well hepatitis b and c. alan had been fired for similar issues from five other hospitals across the nation. >> there needs to be better background checking. there should be mandatory reporting in these cases so that these people can't move from one state to another and from one facility to another and do this. >> well, before his sentencing, alan told the court he was truly
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family of a man shot and kill by police. this is the biggest settlement in the city's history. carter did not have a weapon when he died in march of 2015. since that shooting, aurora police rolled out new policies. that includes a compliance division that tracks the use of force by officers and more body cameras and a forest review board that investigates allegations of officer wrong doing. the officer who shot vincent wasn't charged. the update on shot and killed his ten-year old brother. it happened in aurora last june. taylor pled guilty to negligent child abuse resulting in death. the 17-year old pled guilty to be in possession of a hand gun and he'll be sentenced next month. 6:09 this morning on election day. here's what's coming up on the cbs4 morning news, a massive sinkhole. the problems and where it happened,
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welcome back, everyone. a new study suggests young cancer survivors may be living longer, but many still struggle with other issues. this is the news in health. doctors tracking should thousand a -- reported 17% of women diagnose withed breast cancer have symptoms other than a lump. women with pain and inflammation were slower to get -- vitamin d deficients are linked to bladder cancer.
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evidence of the importance of maintaining adequate vitamin d levels. greet view to show you that we usually don't see. independence pass is still open. mountain pass between leadville and aspen usually snowed in by now. we need snow. 12,095 feet at the top on the road. but it's not closed because thee is no snow. temps are dropping, and they plan to open thursday. keystone, november 11th followed copper mountain on november 18th and ashton, i know you're talking about some of these stats on snow and what we haven't got. just stunned me. >> it's remarkable. there's such little natural snow in the high country, but the good news of course is that it has been so on cold at night in the mountain, they've been able to
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making snow. i love the continental divide knowledge by keystone on friday. it's 23 out in meeker. 20 in lineman. 30s in the denver-metro. everyy around town is above freezing, but we're not far above freezing. dia at 35. fort collins, 36. greeley is a different story. weld county, 27. warming up to 64 in greeley later on today. 60s for lower most mountain towns will top out in the 40s and 50s. overnight lows for tonight in southeast colorado, this is the first hard freezes along the city, over month pueblo and lamar. we have a freeze watch. killing freeze for all of our friends in the southeast part of the state. clear skies state wide today. lots of sunshine for everybody. as we look to east of us, we see the weather maker that was here on the weekend. the weather maker brought snow to our mountains.
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from texas. by friday, it will move into utah. that's going to allow a cold front to sneak in from canada. cooler for veteran's day on friday, but above normal. every high and low you see on the five-day forecast is above normal this time of year. warm evident day tomorrow, 71. the coolest day is on veteran's day with a high of 59. trouble out of along highway 85 near 136th. you can see three cars blocking off the left lane and a portion just a little bit of that right lane is enough to drag speeds southbound as you make your way from brighton into town. let me show you on this the map. you can see e-470 travels along here, and you have highway 85 in the southbound direction, it is backing up almost to brighton itself as you make your way southbound coming into town.
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here we are across the denver-metro, slowing eastbound along i-270 southbound now developing. along 225 as you get passed u.s. 36, one spot over quebec and university. southbound coming into town, speeds into the 50s dipping into the 40s and into the 30s. so we're looking at a 12-minute drive from thornton to denver. thank you, joel. wall street is bracing itself for change. the could affect the markets. this is news on wall street. jill wagner has this morning's money watch report. good morning, jill. >>reporter: good morning, britt. the markets open on this election day after their biggest rally in months. the dow gained 371 points and the nasdaq jumped 119 points. there's a lower open today. stock serge that
6:18 am
press charges and investors gives her a -- if trump wins we could expect the market -- that's because it brings more uncertainty, but a trade policies at the same time. a democratic sweep could spark a sell off. today, voters in five states will decide whether to legalize the recreation use of marijuana. of course it's legal in colorado. today it's on the ballot in colorado and nevada, if the measures pass in all five states, recreation use of pot will be legal for a quarter of the country's population. if you vote today you can score freebies and show your "i voted" sticker and get free doughnuts at crispy cream and 7-eleven is giving out -- you don't have to vote to get the free coffee from
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thank you so much. time to take a look at today's top stories right now. we know what was in that tanker truck that tipped overnight at i-25. 50 gallons of gasoline spilled when the truck went over. the tech center was closed for hours. 170 buildings were left without power collapse in japan's largest city. this sinkhole opened in fuoco and it was close to 100 feet long and 50 feet deep. broken pipes filled it with water. construction working nearby may have caused that. meet your new rockies manager. bud black was introduced yesterday. put on the shirt right there. and nice jersey, years and years as a pitcher in the big leagues before managing the san diego
6:20 am
manager of the year when he was with the padres. they hope it will -- maybe win more games after a 75-87 record last season under walt wise. the denver center company gave a sneak peek into the magic of theater last night. production cruise made it snow. they set up fire and they made it rain. the presentation gave theater goers a peek behind the curtain to see how the scene set and the mood created. >> the magic of theater is kind of -- it's a little bit of everything that you don't normally see. it's a snow machines, and fog machine and how we make it rain, and it's paints, it's costumes, it's all the work that goes into the theater production that you don't normally see. >> denver arts week continues through this saturday, we have a
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,, to keep our communities safe, we need a district attorney like jake lilly -- tough, smart, and determined to keep us safe. as a former special assistant u.s. attorney and iraq war veteran, jake lilly is an experienced prosecutor including murder and domestic abuse. and he has a smart plan to provide treatment for non-violent offenders, including veterans suffering from mental illness or addiction. jake lilly for district attorney --
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the time now, 6:24. it's time for weather and traffic on the fours. we'll check your travel forecast through colorado. it's going to be a beautiful election day throughout the western portion of the country. in the midwest, rain today from missouri up into the great lakes region. texas will see rain today as well. new orleans, showers in the forecast. but on the east coast, beautiful weather, lots
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airports across the country in good shape. let's check traffic with joel hillan. as you get out of brighton and down highway 85 as you get on the to approach to 270, you can see the volume we have. a lot of taillights and typical for this time of day. eastbound along i-70 inbound along pena boulevard looking good. it's loading up on the westbound direction. eastbound along i-70 speeds into 50s dipping into the 30s southbound along i-25. let's get a preview of what you'll see on cbs. >> ahead on cbs this morning, happy election day. we'll look at the final picture for the candidates and what it will take for those to win. we have --
6:26 am
command center for what's being done to prevent a cyber attack. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> nora, thank as lot. you can catch gayle king and -- right after our newscast. thanks for joining us. 35 degrees in denver. the voting ends today. we expect to know who is will your next president today. ahead, we're going to talk with colorado secretary of state about election day. denver police are looking inappropriate pictures up a woman's skirt at a broncos game.
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he commits to his word, and that means a lot to a guy like me. i'm a republican, but i know that michael bennet trusts us and we trust him. i'm michael bennet
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this is the news on cbs4 right now. we're just a second ahead of 6:30 this morning. it is election day. can i get a hallelujah from you. we have a special guest joining us this morning. >> many people are going to be relieved about today. secretary of state wayne williams is here with us. thank you for waking up early. good morning. >> good morning. it's an exciting day in colorado. >> if you could, update us colorado and if you can get, give us a break down of how many republicans verses democrats. >> yesterday morning numbers, 9.9 million people voted and there was 652,000 republicans. the remakeupeder were unaffiliated or belonging to the minor parties -- you're free to vote for whom you want when you go to a polling place.
6:31 am
time? >> shortly after 8:00. we run that report everyday so people can be updated. >> mr. williams, you've been doing this for a little while. is there anything about this particular election that's perhaps surprised you? >> things have been very exciting across the state. the fact that we continue to be a very close state isn't surprising. we've had things going very smoothly in our processes and so that i think has been good. so nothing terribly surprising about it so far. >> most people overall. >> yeah, the operation is different and it seems -- the democrats seem to turn in the ballots earlier than the republicans and that's different. the unaffiliate still -- does this tell you anything and you say know because people can cross parties.
6:32 am
tells how about how enthusiastic voters are. voters haven't made up their mind as quickly or are not definite yet as to what they're doing so there's lag in their response in turning in ballots. >> do you have anyway of determining whether or not -- we get - britt and i were talking about this yesterday and today, the hispanic vote in colorado could play a big role this year. we know it's playing a big role in nevada. what can you tell us? >> in colorado we do not anyone to identify what their ethnic origin, their national origin, we don't require that in terms of registration, so we don't know. we can find out from exit polls, and you'll see information, but there's no represent rate registration by race or category in colorado. and hispanic surrender names doesn't tell you anything because folks marry and change names and all sorts of things happen. so there's no way to track it on a per se basis.
6:33 am
people feel disrespondent about this election, so if someone says my vote isn't going to count, do you have advice for this person. >> i oversaw a -- i'm a state wide basis. we've had races devided by one hundred noum vote and even if you're not excited about president or the u.s. senate race, there's a bunch of other ballot issues that's important. don't turn in your ballot at the post office. take it to t voting and polling centers and one of the 24/7 mailbox. you can go to votecolorado .com. >> good look, you have a -- good luck, you have a long day ahead. >> you'll need the doughnuts. >> i will. denver police hope someone can help them identify a man wanted for taking pictures up a
6:34 am
broncos game. jam shawn chitnis is live with -- shawn chitnis is live. >>reporter: police hopes someone can identify him because of that surveillance video. take a look at photos that came from video that gives us a look at that suspect. denver police tells us he's between 30 and 35-year olds and 5 feet 10 inches tall, thin build and the victim says she caught him taking pictures up her skirt using cell phone. dpd thinks this happened around 10:00 during the charger's game on october 30th. the victim in this case says the man ran off when she confronted him. if you recognize him, have any information that could help investigators, you're asked to contact police. shawn chitnis. 6:34 on the clock. weather
6:35 am
happy election day. 37 degrees. the temperature in denver. sun up at 6:37. we're getting closer and closer to our official sunrise. in jansey, 28 with crystal clear skies this morning. it's clear throughout colorado. that's one of the reasons why temperatures are so chilly this morning. most of us are still above normal for an early november morning. but greeley at 27 and akron at -- mountain town was waking up with temp in t we'll be into the 40s and 50s in the high country later on today. 60s for the western slope and 60s on the eastern plains. again, lots of sunshine today. skies stay clear through tonight. that's going to be a cold night for the southeast portion of the state. freeze watch there. we're expecting a wide spread killing freeze from pueblo to la junta, and lamar to kim. clear skies
6:36 am
texas to the great lakes region. chicago, and detroit and a few weather related delays. for us, high pressure will dominate today and tomorrow and move into utah as we get into friday and that's going to allow a cold front to sneak in from canada. cooler on friday, and above normal. every high and low you see on the 5-day forecast is above normal. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. 71. friday is will be we're looking at i-70 and colorado this morning. it's loading up along i-70, but colorado is a good drive if you're trying to get into town. we have a tough spot southbound along highway 85. you can see e-470 right along. to the south in the southbound direction blocking off the left lane and traffic is stacking behind them. that's the store east morning as you make your way down into town and it merges onto i-76 and it gets tough out to 270 southbound along i-225.
6:37 am
quebec and university where we had an earlier trouble spot. you can see the general slowing that we have and that's the case southbound coming into town. 13 minutes on the drive from thornton to denver, but especially slow both directions along i-270. broncos still trying to short out -- here's michael spencer with your morning sports. another day and another opportunity for us to talk about how bad the broncos offense is. the bron running game of the season and it led to their third loss sunday night. you can blame the offensive line which is terrible and you can blame the running backs, not having c.j. anderson hurts and you can blame the coaching staff. the broncos talk about being balanced, but ran the ball 12 times sunday night and that's not enough. >> we got to run the ball earlier. we got 13, 14, rushing
6:38 am
as a running back, [indiscernible] and we definitely want to run the ball more and we want the ball in our hands because we're the original play makers of the offense. i think book does a good job when he gets the ball and i think i do a good job when i get the ball in my hands and if we do that, we'll be good. >> on the basketball floor, newing elths closing out a 5 game road swing in memphis later tonight -- nuggets closing out a 5 game
6:39 am
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those across the country head to polls on this election day. trump and clinton made their final pitches to voters in key states overnight. >> people in dixville, new hampshire cast the first election day ballot. craig boswell has the latest from a polling site in sterling, virginia. craig, what a big day. >>reporter: britt and alan, good morning to you. big day indeed. the polls in virginia have been open more than two and a half hour and a steady stream of people going to cast their ballots. people lined up outside before the polls opened here. trump and clinton campaigned well passed midnight rallying their supporters holding rallies so now it's up to the voters to put an exclamation point on this. >> clinton cast her ballot in her home state of new york this morning. overnight, she made
6:43 am
help of celebrity friends lately gaga and bon jovi. >> it's not just my name or trump's name on the ballot, it's the kind of country we want. >> the star studded rally came as voters in the small town of dixville, new hampshire cast the first vote. trump had his own midnight rally in michigan. a democratic leaning ste eyeing to turn red today. >> today we're going to win the great state of michigan and we are going to win back the white house. >> 42 million votes have been cast making today really the final date to vote at polling place like this one in northern virginia. >> trump's daughters courted voters in the state yesterday with 13 electoral votes are up for grabs. >> they're [indiscernible]. >> clinton goes into today's
6:44 am
in order for trump to win, he'll have to take pennsylvania, florida, and ohio to reach 270 electoral votes. donald trump did make a last minute stop in northern virginia sunday night into monday morning. the trump campaign believing it can cut into that clinton lead across the state. guys, back to you. >> craig, we talk about what the candidates are doing, but there's reality when it comes to vote and that's boots on the ground tur what about that? >> it is. and this area particularly, northern virginia has been an inen for how virginia will cast its 13 electoral votes and it has been that way for decades. get out and vote has been strong. it's boots on the ground. it's how you get people out to the polls. that's why the candidates were campaigning well into the
6:45 am
it appears the enthusiasm carries over here. we'll have to see as poll stations get busy around the country. >> we know it's going to be a long day for you. time for weather and traffic. here's ashton starting us off. >> good tuesday morning, to you bring. beautiful sunrise. the sun has been up for ten minutes now and it will be a very quiet election day. 37 degrees at cbs4. metro area. most neighborhoods in the 30s. the snake highland's ranch. 37 in boulder county and brighton at is at 37. let's check traffic with joel hillan. >> southbound along i-25 and today, no exception to that as you make your way from yosemite, about a mile away from the merge onto i-25. it's going to be slow.
6:46 am
i want to show you the drive times as we have incident -- new incident data coming in, britt, it looks like we have a new accident westbound on u.s. 36 at church ranch that is blocking off a portion of the left shoulder. >> thank you, joel. for those just waking up on this election day, if you have procrastinated, no need to frat. you're able to drop off your ballots today. state wide polls open at 7:00, just about 15 minutes away. cbs4 denver's election division with what you need to know. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, britt. there's three people in line waiting to vote at 7:00 a.m. this is the drive-thru ballot drop off. you don't need to get out your car. you can come through here and drop it off. it's a hands on deck kind of situation, even dpd is helping out this morning. 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. you can do that in
6:47 am
vote. how is things looking ballot wise. let's look at the numbers. this is an interesting election. for the first time, republicans out paces democrats returning their ballots in colorado. democrats led in early voting, but the latest numbers shows more republicans turned in ballots. independence under 599,000 ballots this has been an unconventional election with many crossing party lines and we heard about republicans opposing trump and we have seen a record number of latinos turning in ballot. watums talk to us about how -- >> i think latinos do have a problem with trump and his comments and i don't think they're enthused about clinton. it comes down to a question of turn out. do they go ahead and
6:48 am
or do they stay -- stay home saying we don't like either one. >> 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. you can register. you can still register to vote in you're in line at 7:00 p.m. there's ride sharing companies to help you get to the polls. jaime leary, cbs4 news. the u.s. attorney is asking vote them to give them a call if they have complaints. there are the numbers on your screen this morning. clinton and trump worked late overnight to try and bring in the votes. they were working to toss upstates trying to suede any undecided voters. >> i really believe it's the most important election of our lifetimes because we've never had a clearer choice.
6:49 am
gaga and bon jovi. state polls shows her tied with trump. clinton appeared with president obama and trump joined running mate mike pence in michigan. a blue state he thinks he can turn red. >> we don't need lady gaga. all we need is great ideas to make america great again. >> trump campaigned in raleigh north carolina yesterday. the average in the electoral college thanks to a reliable democratic state and both candidates will watch the election night results in new york city. a pregnant woman in labor made a stop to vote before going to the hospital. parents sasha
6:50 am
ballot. she felt contractions but she told her husband she was well enough to vote. the contractions grew stronger inside the polling place and the couple managed to take a couple of pictures at the selfie station before rush off to the hospital. >> things got intense after i left. we made it in the nick of time. >> mom is so strong. this was her first time voting. her daughter rosy still has 18 years of course before she can cast her first ballot. maybe you're feeling anxiety this election season, well, if that's you feeling all anxious, you're not alone. the american psychological association did a survey and found out that 52% of people see the 2016 election as stress in their lives. it comes with a campaign that has been a bitter cup of [indiscernible] we have been drinking for months. >> there's unfactorability
6:51 am
are nervous. is this person going to represent me. is this person going to represent our nation and are they going to move us forward. >> the voting ends today and we hope the campaigning ends tonight. if you're fighting election stress, experts suggest eating right and taking a walk and good old fresh air and tuning out for a bit. we'll have your election coverage right here. you can tune in starting at 4:00 going through the security -- there's 500 officers assigned. polling places around the country are going to see increased security. the department of homeland security is bracing for the threat of possible cyber attacks. the security plan include counter terrorism officers armed with long guns in some places. both clinton and trump's watch party is in new york tonight will be surrounded by heavy security. this comes after threats from al qaeda and
6:52 am
rocky alan has been sentenced to six and a half years to prison for stealing painkillers. he was arrested in january and admitted to stealing syringes. he's hiv positive and his actions put thousands at-risk for the vice irrelevant and contracting hepatitis b and c. this happened at swedish al wan was fired from five other hospitals across the country. >> there needs to be better back ground checking. there should be mandatory reporting in these cases so that these people can't move from one state to another and from one facility to another and do this. >> before his sentencing, alan told the court he was quote sorry and he apologized to swedish hospital.
6:53 am
man killed. he was not armed. in the 18 months since that shooting, aurora police say they have new reforms and policies and they track the use of force and the increased use of body cameras. >> policy and procedures will continue to be reviewed with the attempt of improving the quality and timeliness of investigations. >> the officer who shot him charged. a woman was arrested over the protest in north dakota. her name is red fon. she fired three shots at a sheriff's deputy during the protest. the deputy was not hit. that pipeline has caused controversy. it runs close to an indian reservation. they say the cultural sites are being damaged. friends and family say they'll help to support her.
6:54 am
of the earth and the water in their own land and those put on trial will be the human rights violators who are engaging in those violations to this very day. >> falis -- they say the pipeline was rerouted to protect the water in bismarck at the expense of land and water on a reservation. new video of the latest internet craze and thing that's trending. it's called the manikin challenge. itas extended period of time. one twitter user's high school had a freeze going on. take a look at this. clinton and her campaign also have taken part in the freeze frame challenge. you can see her staff, bill and hillary along side bon jovi with his guitar on clinton's plane.
6:55 am
every ten-minute on the fours. >> look at this freeze frame. a beautiful shot as the sun is rising on the eastern horizon. chilly this morning, 37 degrees in denver. completely dry weather through the rest of this weekend and through the week. we have been talking about this. our first snow, when is it going to happen. our average for know is october 18th. last year it was this week when we got our snow, november 15th. november 21st was the last -- i'll tell you what, it's looking more and more likely we may challenge that recor the latest for snow in denver. 20s and 30s up and down the front range. 60s for all lower elevations in the state later on. 50s for mountain towns. doppler 4000 not showing anythir colorado. sunshine state way. texas all the way into the great lakes, a cold front moves through that part of the country. for us, high pressure will move to the west over the next couple of days and a cold front will come on friday. friday, a bit cooler
6:56 am
moisture, but it will drop us to 59 for veteran's day on friday. 60s and 70s for highs and tomorrow, the warm day, 71. here's joel. >> there's an accident at yosemite and jefferson. it's a minor street accident. not our only trouble spot this morning. there's an accident. you see it's off to the side on the westbound side of the backups have cleared up. speeds into the 50s southbound coming into town, we have an accident southbound along i-25 at i-270. and then i-270 just a mess making your way through commerce city. southbound along i-225 running heavy from parker road and there's another accident in the southbound direction of i-25 at colorado, c-470 loading up in the eastbound direction, don't forget the sunglasses this morning again. we've had that time change.
6:57 am
are getting back to work today. >> we want to remind everybody that alan and i will be here for election coverage. we'll be at 4:00.,, ,,
6:58 am
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? good morning. it is election day, tuesday, november 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." who will lead america? tens of millions head to the donald trump made their final pith. democratic runnining mate tim kaine and republican son eric trump will be with us. turns out across the country, watching the polls, and our elections director will provide an inside look at how each state calls the news. hackers go inside a secret government cybercommand center working to protect your votes. >> but we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye


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