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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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live from colorado's news channel, this is cbs 4 news at noon. >> it's election day for campaign 2016 and it's finally here. both democratic residential nominee hillary clinton and republican nominee donald trump cast their ballots in new york this morning. this is the news on cbs 4. i am alan gionet. voters hit the polls as soon as they opened today. we know more than 2.2 million
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ballots early. they hundred 30 million are expected to vote around the country. craig boswell reports from virginia as this long divisive campaign comes to an end. >> reporter: supporters mom hillary clinton and her husband bill clinton as they filled out their ballots in chappaqua, new york. she greeted voters waiting outside and said she feels humbled. >> i know how much responsibility goes the outcome of this election. >> reporter: her running mate, tim kaine, got an even earlier start casting his valot at 6 am in richmond, virginia. donald trump voted a few hours later in new york city. >> right now it's looking very good.>> reporter: his running mate, mike pence, voted shortly afterwards in indianapolis, indiana. hillary clinton is leading donald trump 214 to 100 shortly afterwards in indianapolis,
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electoral votes but a number of states are up for grabs and the outcome will likely be determined by voter outcome -- voter turnout. in the early morning hours, there were long lines of voters from new york to california, from maine to miami. >> i really think it's important for me to exercise my vote to write. >> there were no perfect choices in this one, i feel like and beyond the other. >> reporter: both candidates plan to hold election night parties to watch the results. craig boswell, cbs news, sterling, virginia. coloradoans, you have been steadily heading to the polls this morning and jamie leary joins us from arapahoe county. those voters also have a competitive congressional race to think about. >> reporter: some big, competitive races in arapahoe
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county are considered the two biggest battleground counties in our state. for here in arapahoe county, you have the race between mike coffman and morgan carroll. that's a huge race. not only that but we have three districts with egg state senate races that i'm told have the potential to turn the majority in our state senate. right now, it's republican by 1. you've got a big ballot with some big issues. people are getting two page do got a big operation behind the scenes. take a look at these folks. these are some of the hundreds that are working behind the scenes, election officials opening ballots and prepping them for counting. was stopped by one of several polling places in arapahoe county. so far, the administrative building has seen wait times up to 20 minutes and another place reported 80 minutes but a common opinion is what -- is
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the number election office saw a line right at the start of the line but has had no wait times thus far. about 2.2 million coloradoans have turned and ballots, total. that's more than 70% of act registered voters who have already cast ballots. this respect to say for them, this election required a little bit more thought. >> i think i care more about this election because it seems like higher so i've been trying to stay more informed. >> i feel like on this presidential election, you didn't have that many great options so it's like whatever you are feeling. >> reporter: going on right now at the arapahoe county elections office, you can see a lot of people busy receiving ballots here. they are being set to scan and open the machine. this is a well oiled operation. colorado untold has seen great voter turnout when it comes to presidential elections.
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estimate that 90% of active voters when this is said and done will have cast a ballot. jamie leary, cbs 4 news. >> thanks a lot. tonight, the battle is going to be on in these states. states were donald trump are expected to win are in red. those expected to go to hillary clinton are in blue but the ones in gray right now are still too close to call. the latest polling puts hillary clinton ahead in wisconsin, michigan according to some of the latest polls. donald trump and ohio as well. ohio as well as iowa and arizona. the biggest of the prizes tonight is going to be florida. 29 electoral votes. pennsylvania here has 20. they are very close. the candidates need 270 electoral votes to win. remember, all of them are still
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they are often too close to call. federal agents are keeping a close eye on voting right now and election returns across the country -- across the nation. they are inside the department of homeland security command center of. it operates 24 seven flagging any flagging related disturbances. voting machines are not connected to the internet, so american officials say a cyber attack could not affect the vote total. howe h worried someone could cause confusion about the results. teams will monitor the state secretary websites in all 50 states tonight. people around the world are waiting for results to come in. in russia, that is taking a menacing tone. elizabeth palmer explains, president putin is explaining claims of russian meddling in the election. >> reporter: on red square, a parade of world war ii military hardware, staged by the kremlin commemorating russian troops who died on the battlefield but
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that's the status president putin wants to restore and he blames the u.s. for getting in the way. president obama's criticism of his autocratic government, for example. and the u.s. imposing sanctions after russia invited armia and half -- innovated crimea 2 1/2 years ago. pro-democracy uprisings happening in russia's backyard, georgia and ukraine. did russian hackers try to meddle in the american election as payback? putin ridiculed that idea at a recent conference and said that america's reaction had been hysterical. >> translator: is the u.s. some kind of banana republic? the u.s. is a great power. correct me if i'm wrong. >> reporter: this morning, the russian state 24/7 our -- 24/7 news channel is covering impressively the election,
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returns come in in new york. the reason the kremlin has been directing the russian attention to the u.s. election is to discredit mark rozzi and to prove to russians that the u.s. has no moral authority to tell anyone, especially the russians, how to run their government. elizabeth palmer, cbs news moscow. you can follow any developments in the election and voting all day on and tonight you will be able to find results from across the state. let's go to weather news. a former volunteer with the youth hockey program is facing charges after he confessed to inappropriately touching a boy. 26-year-old andrew vander wal volunteered with the youth hockey hall in windsor but the incidents took place at his home. his roommate found vander wal with a boy according to the arrest affidavit.
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over four months. denver police want to find a man who used a cell phone to take a picture of a woman's -- up a woman's skirt at the broncos game. she says he ran away when she confronted him. he is about 35 years old with a prosthetic leg. a local postal worker is accused of stealing thousands of pieces of mail. our lauren dispirito went to a meeting last night for residents learned what >> reporter: this particular mail carrier was responsible for routes across town. so people, not just in one neighborhood but all over sterling, did not receive letters and packages for more than a year and a half. people like business owner marilynn hewitt, says she didn't get the timesheets her employees mailed in. spike is a nice kid. i love talking to him. but i was in shock it happened here. >> reporter: she believes she
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delivery more than 26,000 pieces of mail from october 2014 to april of this year, when they arrested him. at a meeting for sterling residence, investigators say the postal service first learned the carrier may have been holding onto people's mail. a search revealed thousands of pieces that should have been mailed that had been stashed in his apartment and car. starting this weekend for the first time since the investigation began, that meal will be returned to s intended recipients and a prosecutor will seek restitution for anyone who suffered late fees on missed bills were checks not received. >> it was very frustrating for all of us. my employees had to go out of their way, drive another two hours to get timesheets faxed to me. they are the ones who suffered. >> reporter: all of that mail is evidence to typically prosecutors would hold onto it that in this case, he will make an exception and allow it to be
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the suspect is out on bond. in sterling, lauren dispirito, cbs 4 news. the weather is definitely not a problem for people casting their ballots. lauren whitney is here to tell us all about it. >> reporter: we have clear skies and the foothills and it's gorgeous across the state today.>> all that warm dry weather means one of our highest mountain passes is still open. we
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cbs 4, brought to you by chase so you can easily master the way you bank. we're working on the details of an officer involved shooting within the past hour on east 46th avenue. it involves denver police in the green valley ranch area. we are hearing at least one person is headed to the hospital. we don't know yet why police were in that area in the first place. we are have a crew headed to the scene. we will bring you more as we get it today. usually, our mountain passes are closed by now but independence pass remains open. it tops out at 12,095 feet between aspen and twin lakes. matt kroschel checked out the drive. >> reporter: of you're on independence pass, there is nothing. this was supposed to be an epic snowy photo shoot for these
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course. we are enthusiasts. what do you want?'s now. >> reporter: their dirt bikes turned snowmobiles would have looked great up here at the top of independence pass but mother nature had different plans. >> you go to colorado and you expect to have a ton of snow. >> reporter: drone 4 shows us how dry things are at the top of the divide, so dry that the highway will stay open through the weekend at least. >> last time this year, we had a couple feet and it was no big deal to ride that still open. >> reporter: last year, it closed on the 4th and in 2014, stayed open until the 12th. a record that may be open -- broken this weekend. the past won't be closed until there is no in the forecast. so for now, it's a bonus weekend for people making the drive over this iconic stretch of colorado highway. matt kroschel, cbs 4 news. >> it's beautiful. it's also beautiful when there is no there, which we need.
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not going to get much and that pass is going to be open a little longer. let's look outside where we have clear skies across the state right now. it's beautiful and sunny outside. it is nice to have a clear, beautiful day on election day when everyone has to get out and cast their votes. let's take a look at satellite and radar. it's quiet -- quiet from the western slope to the eastern plains. we are on the dray -- you can see all the conditions into the midwest. it's not down until texas through parts of the south and into the midwest that you start to get a little bit of rain but most of the west is very very dry. we have this big area of high pressure in place staying in place for several days before it dips to utah. we will have a cold front wednesday and then into thursday and friday. we actually will start to get cooler temperatures but until then, it will be pretty warm
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friday but there is no moisture associated with that. if you are wondering when snow usually heads our way, october 18 is our average first snow. last year, it was november 5. our latest is november 21 from 1934. we actually may break that because there is no snow in our forecast for quite some time. last year, thanksgiving was so beautiful, snowing all day. doesn't look like that this year. mostly sunny sk day, afternoon, and evening. as you watch the time to go away, you notice not much activity. fairly warm and dry. our drought levels are increasing. we would love to see that snow and we wanted for our ski resorts as well. 63 degrees in denver, 63 degrees and greeley, 61 degrees in fort collins, 48 degrees in avon, 54 degrees and craig, 61 degrees in grand junction. tomorrow, mild temperatures in the 60s and 60s across the
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it does get calls from el paso to public county and then to the southeast, we have a freeze warning at 11 pm tonight. this goes from 8 am. a lot of vegetation may die out tonight. 37 degrees in denver overnight. 26 degrees in lamar, just out freezing for burlington. 37 degrees in frisco, 38 degrees in grand junction. for your 5-day forecast, tomorrow 71 degrees. on temperatures to be in the 50s. there is such cooldown on friday. down to the 50s. it may feel a little more fall like but it won't last long when temperatures are back in the mid-60s on saturday. it is really unfortunate because there is no moisture in our forecast for at least the next two weeks. >> incredible. thanks for staying on top of that. coming up, we will mie mother-to-be who wouldn't let
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the spontaneous event is happening now surrounding this election. this morning, people started to leave their i voted stickers on the grave of famed suffragette susan b. anthony in rochester. more, more, and then a line formed. many women and girls lined up to place stickers on it today. her headstone is now covered. the line to visit susan b. anthony is now over an hour long wait. a pregnant woman in boulder was not going to let labor get in the way of her voting. our tom mustin that the new mom and dad and baby girl.>> reporter: little rosie is barely 2 days old and is already causing quite a stir. >> i was excited to be in labor. it's been a long journey. >> reporter: these two proud parents on monday decided to cast their ballots at the boulder county clerk and
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morning but told her husband she felt well enough to vote before going to the hospital. >> we didn't know what would happen after the birth. she could have been in no condition to go back out. >> reporter: they are both small business owners. she had never felt before and felt this election was important. >> i took a deep breath envelope and all was good. >> reporter: inside the office, the contractions grew stronger. this picture from the selfie station shows the mother to be in obvious pain with rosie on the way. >> things get really intense after we left. we literally made it just in the nick of time. >> reporter: the couple raced to the hospital and rosie arrived early monday morning. >> totally ecstatic about this little baby. >> reporter: armed with a baby girl and a story to tell forever. the couple has a message for their fellow coloradoans: >> every single one of your votes matter. more important now than ever
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a -- more breaking news on an officer involved shooting. we are still waiting to hear more from police as to who was shot. police have set up a perimeter. they are telling people to stay out of the area. look for updates on and a special edition of cbs news at 4:00. that newscast is part of our extended coverage today of this historic election. we are going to join scott pelley and the entire cbs news team for live coverage. then at 10:00, a special edition of cbs4 news. if you want in-depth coverage of the colorado returns, join us on colorado public television 12 beginning at 7 pm tonight. jim benemann and karen leigh head up our team and shaun boyd is at party headquarters to bring you live returns. we will be streaming on as well and you can look at social media
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it is pretty out there. >> no reason to not get out and vote --" in terms of weather. 71 degrees tomorrow and 68 degrees today. we are in the 50s on friday and then back to the 60s on,,
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more accusers coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by donald trump. i'll go backstage before a show... yes.. and everyone's getting dressed. donald trump walked into the dressing room while contestants, some as young as 15 were changing. standing there with no clothes. you see these incredible looking women. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat-chested is very hard to be a 10. uh... i can't say that either. alright, good.
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? >> bill: done. call list? >> alison: i can return most of these myself, but you're gonna have to deal with joe armstrong. >> bill: i'm sick of pulling that guy off the ceiling! what else? >> alison: i was expecting you to hear from someone by now, but >> bill: who's that? >> alison: brooke. silence is getting a little loud. are you concerned? >> bill: no. you think i should be? >> alison: i can't imagine how it felt, i mean, especially for a heartbreaker like brooke just being left at the altar. >> brooke: nice of you to stop by. >> katie: you're not even supposed to be here. so you didn't marry bill? >> brooke: it wasn't my


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