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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  November 9, 2016 12:00am-12:31am MST

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it is election night on cbs. we have breaking news. cbs news has now made an estimate in the state of maine. we areje the votes are counted, hillary clinton will be the winner in the state of maine. with its four electoral votes. that brings hillary clinton's total up to 218. donald trump 244. but still, a very steep hill for hillary clinton to climb. >> again, we are looking inside those additional states. really the ones that, animated
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involve pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. right? do they have a similar electorate in those states? john? >> yes, they do. it's that noncollege blue-collar population. what makes pennsylvania a little bit different, is -- i mean pennsylvania and michigan the coalition for hillary clinton would have to be african-americans, college suburban educated women. in michigan points. college educated women. so that's not a huge amount for her. whereas in, in pennsylvania, she is up by 14 points. with college educated women. so -- that would -- she would have wanted a bigger margin with that group. by the way, giving her maine, continues allowing the possibility of the screen writers, 269-269 electoral
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hillary clinton. >> the clinton team and watch party was assembled at the javits center in new york two miles from where the trump team was gathered. the clinton team choosing the place because the javits center has a glass ceiling. the clinton team wanting to make. >> symbolism there. >> to place cracks in the glass ceiling, that has the not occurred as of 2:00 in the morning on the east. so, the clinton cpa chairman john podesta left the hotel. here he is to address the crowd. let's listen. >> thank you. well, folks, i know you have been here a long time. and it's been a long night. and it's been a long campaign. but i can say, we can wait a
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and every vote could count. several states are too close to call. so we are not going to have anything more to say tonight. so, listen -- listen to me. everybody should head home. you should get some sleep. we'll have more to say tomorrow. i want you to know i want every person in -- in this hall to know, i want every person across supported hillary to know that your voices and your enthusiasm mean so much to her and to tim and to all of us. we are so proud of you. and we are so proud of her. she has done an amazing job and
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they said with the permit. that was scrapped. but so interesting, there was so much time spent on. i didn't see one interview with donald trump or one of the surrogates, if he doesn't, if it doesn't go the way he planned will he graciously concede. every interview with donald trump or any body associated asked that question. >> that was the question going into the night. if it was close would, would one of the candidates not concede. i think most people thought that would be donald trump. it turns out, it's the clinton campai >> she can't concede while there are vets on the table. >> no, no, i don't mean that. the irony of what we are seeing unfolding, right? >> i mean, you know. bob, have you ever seen anything like this? >> well, i was the one who said yesterday, you know, the way this thing is going, the next thing that will happen it will rain frogs. well, it's looking like, ribbit. >> 2004, john kerry took a
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>> i assume what they're doing also is figuring out whether there is a challenge they can make if in fact they're losing and look at it. have a few hours to make that. look at the votes. and say here is a way that we can challenge it if we want to. >> i don't have access, because we are all staring at the numbers whether there has been discussion about legal challenges in some of the states. i have not heard one at this particular point. i think what we are seeing is razor thin. how extraordinary to have hillary clinton tonight. one of the scenarios tonight was that this country would elect its first woman president. as the the 45th president. first female commander-in-chief. we are not going to hear from her. i think the next question is, will we hear from donald trump? >> i'll bet you knob from the donald trump campaign is thinking about going home. i bet there are no charges tonight of a rigged election over at the trump campaign
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emptying jacob javits center for us tonight. nancy? >> well, scott, looks like people are heeding advice and filing out. you can see some people are crying. some people just look kind of stunned. i think the clinton kachl pain is trying to figure out what to do next. does hillary clinton stay here in manhattan or go home to chappaqua, if they say something in the morning what do they say? into the numbers in wisconsin, to try to figure out what's going on there. took a look at the state's, most populous county by far, milwaukee county, and it turns out that the vote totals in that democratic stronghold are off more than 100,000 voters from four years ago. hillary clinton won the county by just about as large of a percentage as president obama did. she beat donald trump there by
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romney there by 34%. but she was just starved of the votes that she needed in that county to offset donald trump's totals in more rural parts of the state. so the question becomes, was it complacency on the part of voters there? was it disaffection with hillary clinton? was it a second rate ground game in a state that the campaign thought wasn't going to competitive they thought they had in the bag based on past democratic performance there? ab they're not ready to throw in the tow yet, clearly. you heard john podesta say let's find out what happens in the morning. it is incredibly discouraging for a campaign if anything was known for a superior ground game. and had all of the money in the world to air ads, to hire, hire staffers in any state that they
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and john, this has been the central question tonight. did hillary clinton underperform? did donald trump overperform, what about in wisconsin there? >> this is interesting. so what noon see was talking about. milwaukee county on the eastern side of wisconsin. hillary clinton got 236,000 total votes that have been totaled right now. barack obama got about 100,000 more. in milwaukee county. you could say, one conclusion, well she dent turnut then in dane county, another democratic county she got the identical number of votes barack obama did. did she not turn them out in milwaukee? or is there absentee, some votes that are, is that what is the hold up that there, because, if she was able to do it in dane, being off by 100,000 in milwaukee. >> huge number. >> a little surprising. that may be one of the reasons that milwaukee is, we should, and, wisconsin's still waiting
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trump has a lead of, a little close to 80,000 votes. >> look at where the race is now. after that i want to show you pennsylvania. but first look at the nation as a whole. this is where the electoral vote stands right now. hillary clinton, 218. donald trump, 244. now that hasn't changed in a very long time. because we are waiting for these states in white. the vote totals are so close in those states that we have been unable to estimate now in pennsylvania -- that is the largest state in terms of electoral votes. still in play. pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes. have a look at this. donald trump 2,# # 6. hillary clinton 2,810. so, he has a -- he has a lead,
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pennsylvania that has the yet to be counted. and if you look at the -- third party candidate. gary johnson. 141,000 votes. had those swung hillary clinton's way, she would be winning pennsylvania. and that would perhaps save her chances to become the 45th president of the united states. but that is not the way it has worked out. donald trump now has slender numerical majorities in all five of the swing states that are outstanding. he only needs to win, depending on the state, two or three of these. hillary clinton would have to win nearly all of them. and with donald trump leading in those states, that seems very unlikely. >> are we anywhere close to, going to calling any of these
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it, bob, but john, do you have any insight on that? >> i agree. have to talk to anthony. wisconsin, had a record absentee ballots. milwaukee county would be one where you have a probably lot of absentee ballots. the count is so down from obama 2012, suggest is a good place for exploration with anthony. >> anthony salvant ocht director of numbers with his team for us over there. >> scott, have any of you ever seen a case like this. i know we have been saying this all night. never seen. never candidate says i am goin home? ever seen anything? >> gore did it. >> the other candidates. >> there was in ohio as i recall in 2004, long lines, charges that the vote wasn't counted, there was kind of a discussion
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the white house. remember going up to the family residence at like 2:00 in the morning. >> john kerry didn't give his concession speech until wednesday afternoon. so, this is not that far in the past that -- that this happened. >> i take it we are not going home for a while. >> apparently not. >> i mean. >> no matter what john podesta says we'll be here. >> tech nick nically. >> do cbs this morning right why not. >> cbs this morning. >> major garrett. >> be on the air shortly. >> major garrett at the trump campaign. i assume they're still hanging in there. >> yes, everyone is hanging in here. they're waiting for the moment. when john podesta, chairman of hillary clinton's campaign was shown on the large screens here, there were the lusty boos you would expect that. then the chant came. the chant i have heard 100 times if i've heard it once.
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there is i think we should point out, if there isn't a concession from hillary clinton tonight and clearly there will not be, if it drags on into the morning, there will be friction between these two campaigns. as a result of hillary clinton's decision not to appear, number one, numb bar ter two, not conc. what will donald trump do with the results. waiting for pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan to be called definitively. they feel very good i just received a text from governor corbett of pennsylvania, says certain looking at all the results. 99.2% of the vote. trump is going to win pennsylvania. the trump campaign is waiting for definitive calls. ironically, by the news organizations he heaped so much condemnation on on the stump. one other bit of irony. those in trump's circle, find it
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of the presidential election, possibly, leaning in donald trump's direction it is hillary clinton who is showing hesitation about accepting the results. not donald trump. we all remember what ensued after the third debate when he left that an open question. the trump inner circle find that among the most richly ironic aspects of this early morning on wednesday. >> major garrett at the trump headquarters for us. believe us, folks, the moment wa these races we are going to do it. and you are going to be the first to know. but the vote totals are so close in these remaining states that we are unable to do that yet. however, we will keep trying on the other side of this commercial break.
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>> we're back talking about the extraordinary thing in the country. the closeness of the race for president. joining me my guests. let's talk about the democrats. let's talk about 2004. when you were working for george bush. >> right. >> 43. >> 43. >> and john kerry and there was a question. >> question about ohio. he that night. we debated should we give a victory speech. >> the he hough he hadn't conce. >> the trump people are debating now. president bush decided no, let's wait. let him do the right thing. he called mid morning the next morning. gracious call. and i expect that to happen tomorrow, depending on the outcome we see tonight with hillary clinton. >> ruth? >> i, if the numbers are clear, as we were talking about before,
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role model for that in al gore whose concession speech -- >> magnanimous. >> very magnanimous. talks about helping the new president govern the country. that's the tone if results are clear hillary clinton and the democrats should try to strike. >> i think that the brawl is going to come in congress. republicans look like they have only lost three or four seats tonight. it appears that republicans will keep control of the so they're going to have the presidency, the house, the senate. and the fight is going to be between bernie sanders and the more moderates, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders together. on the house side it is going to be the same kind of tough. >> since the republicans if in fact trump wins and in fact the senate as you suggest and the house looks like it will be that way. what can the democrats do? >> in the senate side they can throw monkey wrench. that's key.
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capability of stopping everything that trump and republicans want to do by using senate rules. here's the question. >> fell bust -- filibuster. >> i wonder how trump will stand for the filibuster. we were expecting to have conversation as but the future of the republican party how they needed to regroup. we will have to have the conversation about the future of the democratic party was this a failure of the candidate. she talked about how she is not a great candidate like her she came with this e-mail problem from the very opening moments of the campaign, that never went away. or is there a broader failure of the party to be able to speak to the kind of working class voters that trump seemed to energize. >> a grand irony. we talked a lot about whether trump would accept the results. >> right. >> now the question is not that. >> right. >> i think hillary clinton's followers are going to have a tough time accepting the results too. it is going to be difficult in
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to accept the legitimacy of an outcup that is not favorable. ultimately americans have to give a new president a chance. i have a tough time saying that. i think that's going to be necessary at the beginning of this system. >> let's go back to scott and norah at the desk. >> we have just learned that donald trump has arrived at his campaign watch party here in new york. certai a victory speech because he hasn't won. this is the vote totals as we have them now. hillary clinton, 218, donald trump, 245. certainly well within range of becoming the 45th president of the united states. there you can see his watch party. the folks at -- at the hillary clinton watch party were just told go home. nothing is going to happen tonight. we'll revisit this in the
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not following the same advice. they're expecting one or more of these states to be declared in the next hour or so. and in so doing, he will go over 270. and become the neck president of the united states. it is not over for hillary clinton, there are possible ways to win. but it is certainly not leaning in her direction now. >> donald trump who prizes winning above all things is going to almost 2:30 in the morning. without a concession, we don't have any reporting abut whether they have had a phone conversation or whether the campaigns have spoken. but inside the trump campaign, we know that the, they're feeling quite good. >> well they have plenty of roone how reason to feel good. wisconsin, pennsylvania. michigan all numbers going in his direction. minnesota looks like it is going towards hillary clinton.
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are -- in the balance. >> a lot of conversation yesterday -- days are running together. yesterday, the day before. when donald trump said, if i don't win this election it will have been a total waste of my time and my money. and many people speck lated that's not something a normal, that you norally hear from a candidate under any circumstances. eric trump was here, well, charlie, you asked the question. he said well my dad is a winner. he only thinks about winning. >> donald trump. >> clearly what is happening. what he was thinking tonight. >> donald trump has picked up another electoral vote. he picked up the look torl vote in the first congressional district of maine. maine and nebraska are the only two states that are not winner take all. and so he has picked up one more. so that's 245. to hillary clinton's 218. major garrett is telling us that we may be seeing trump shortly.
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and of course, we'll switch right over there as soon as he appears on the stage. >> i suspect many people are asking, how long does it take them to count all these ballots? >> yes. >> i know, charlie, i said an hour ago. in theage of 2016, with all of the technology, i am very curious about what that process is like? do you have any intel on that, john? >> every state is different. >> the states are all different. as scott said. and just -- the one electorlech that donald trump got in m no long ear life. so that's. >> there cannot be a tie now. >> i don't believe. i haven't run the scenarios. one that would get you to 269 has just been undone by that one electoral vote. >> we are waiting for the final vote counts in the states that will make the difference. we are also waiting for donald trump. we'll be back in just a moment.
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we are back, gail king, advises we should call this election morning on cbs. she is quite right. >> i say election morn-ting. i can't speak. >> 2:30 in the morning. >> hillary clinton supporters here in new york city, her watch home. donald trump's on the other hand are all at his watch party. we understand that donald trump is going to have something to say to them very shortly. of course, you never know with donald trump, but it probably is not a victory speech. because, he does not quite yet have victory. >> that's true. and inside the trump campaign, they are saying that -- there was an undercover trump vote. that mike pence for vp was significant in their victory.
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that hillary clinton's floor and ceiling were the same. and that rally crowds matter. and finally that they expanded the map. >> as donald trump considers getting on the stage here. if he really thinks and he has ever reason to that the numbers are going in his way, this is the first act of -- conciliation, or the first act as a new president with a country that is obviously, deeply divided. with a country that is partisan. a country in which people are going to be elated but also very scared. and this is his if he honestly thinks he is going to win. how he handles this next moment. if he doesn't declare victory. is the first test of, how -- or if, he is going to kind of try to repair the breach that is obviously there. even despite his historic achievement. >> to that point is he going to say in this speech. that he wants to -- make america great again. or does he want to talk about making america whole again. >> right.
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>> no. >> the there mall conciliatory things you say as a victor about your opponent have the -- have the slight conflict with the fact that she said he is going to have his attorney general investigate hillary clinton if he is elected president. so that adds another bit of context to what he may or may not say tonight. >> no, charlie when you mention david brooks' article earlier today. he said any decent society rests on codes of etiquette and share a moral ecology to make cooperation possible. see what happens. when donald trump takes the stage. >> part of the reason he may be coming over. he has always felt a strong commitment to his supporters. this nay be a sense to go over and say, she has gone home. and they're not going to concede. i just want to come over here and thank you guys. >> that's right. eve of them had to say something. it is 2:30 in the morning. you have to go over and say something, which is come back tomorrow. or we think we are doing well. and donald trump has decided he wants to deliver that message himself. >> since he is on the road.
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pay us a little visit. he is up. we know he is up. he knows the way. been here before. >> if you are watching our election coverage, mr. trump, please consider that an invitation. >> yes, we have room. >> big table. >> media check for you. on twitter, the term president trump has 1.46 million tweets right now. >> already. >> already. at this late hour, or early hour, depending on when you got up or when you want t that's what we are seeing right now. also a tweet from kellyann conway responding to a tweet from a reporter, which reads, stunned that hillary clinton did not concede. if real donald trupp pulled that people would go bananas. kellyann conway responds, this is the truest tweet ever. >> no need to concede yet. because -- this race isn't quite over. we will have more for you in
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good morning. it is election morning here. >> good morning. >> on cbs. we are still waiting for a few states to come in. donald trump is leading by small if he wins two or three of them now, he will be the 45th president of the united states. let's have a look at wisconsin. this is one of the states that we are projecting is leaning donald trump's way. we are unable to protect him as the the winner. because the vote totals just aren't there yet. there he is, 1,385,000 votes. hillary clinton 1,309,000 votes.


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