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tv   CBS4 News Repeat  CBS  November 11, 2016 12:37am-1:14am MST

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,, ,, ,, >> breaking tonight, a huge crowd of antitrump protesters fills downtown denver. and this time, the president- elect goes on the attack. >> plus, a robbery and shooting at a denver club with a reputation for violence. >> i'm planning on getting another place. >> he killed two bear cubs that wandered into his yard. now, he might do prison time.
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>> i just heard this huge explosion. >> this is the news at 10:00ings we begin with a major breaking story in denver. copter 4 live as thousands of anti-donald trump protesters fill the streets downtown. this noisy demonstration is into its fifth hour as people express their anger over tuesday's election results. >> stan bush is in the middle of the crowd and joins us live. stan? auraria campus onto i-25, denver police have taken measures of shutting this exchange all the way down. you can see over here, there are still cops hopeing the protesters don't come back. but the mob of about a thousand people has moved to the other side of the campus where they are trying to get into i-25. we had crowds somewhere around
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capitol and moved all the way to downtown. then cut back up the capitol and shut down lincoln and broadway. all the way from the capitol to the city county building. then, the crowd left again going up colfax essentially to east high school. and cutting back through downtown where they tried to get onto i-25. this is a crowd that is extremely upset about the election results on tuesday. it has for the most part been a with people who were in the crowd. they said they were trying to send one message. >> what are you hoping to achieve today doing this? >> just let people know we are in this together. he was not elected by the majority of people. he was not wanted by the majority of people. >> reporter: and we are told that some of the protesters are now getting onto the highway. in fact, just a couple of seconds ago, we saw a large contingent of denver police
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trying to get the people off the interstate no. i we will have an update later in the newscast. for now, live near i-25, stan bush, cbs4 news. >> really a national story tonight. check out hundreds of anti- trump protesters who blocked a major highway in minneapolis. i-94 was closed for about an hour tonight after protesters refused to leave the road. and in the northwest, portland, oregon, a huge crowd took over the hawthorne bridge. one of the busiest routes rug there has been some vandalism there. and there are similar big demonstrations in philadelphia, baltimore, columbus, and many other big cities tonight. and tonight's protests did catch president-elect trump's attention. he tweeted just had a very open and successful presidential election. now, professional protesters incited by the media are protesting. very unfair. trump spent his day in his soon to be new home taking part in meetings regarding his
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ryan and president obama. >> i believe that it is important for all of us. regardless of party. and, regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together. to deal with the many challenges that we face. >> it was the first ever meeting between the two bitter campaign rivals before this public event, they spent 90 minutes alone discussing policy and the transition. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the mt. in future. including counsel. it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more time ins the future. thank you sir. >> reporter: as reporters were ushered out, trump complimented his long time foe. >> very good man. >> reporter: he also met with house speaker paul ryan. another person with whom he had clashed with during the campaign. >> we are talking about how we are going to hit the ground running to make sure we get this country turned around to make america great again. >> reporter: trump says he is
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senate leader mitch mcconnell. >> so many different things. >> reporter: now, it is expected one of the first things that trump tackles is obama care. he wants to repeal it and replace it with something better. [ cheers and applause ] investors seem to be looking forward to the trump administration. the dow jones picked up 218 points to close at a record high. developing tonight, a robbery and shooting at closing time. then a chase. and tonight, a gunman still on the run. that gunfire was early this morning. at a nightclub in west denver. andrea flores has been tracking the investigation all day long. joins us now with the latest. andrea? >> reporter: well, 24 hours after a shooting in their parking lot, stone nightclub is back open for business tonight as party goers make their way in. neighbors who live nearby say they want out. >> i've just had enough. >> reporter: sandra lives
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nightclub. she calls the overnight robbery and shooting the final straw. >> and i'm planning on getting another place. yeah. >> reporter: denver police say someone robbed two men at gunpoint in the club's parking lot. the suspect shot one of the men before taking off in their red camaro. >> i heard a gunshot. but, i didn't bother to get up. because, there is always trouble at that. and i don't want to get shot either. >> reporter: the shooter led police on a wild chase across county lines into dangerous speeds forced dpd to call off the chase. they later found the camaro at a centennial apartment complex. the suspect vanished. >> there is probably a police car or an ambulance here. about once a week. >> reporter: back in march, a man was found dead outside the club prompting a homicide investigation. in 2015, a driver struck and killed the pedestrian on purpose after a parking lot
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while he was closing down. but survived. larry vielpondo move today the neighborhood six months ago and is already looking for a way out of his lease. >> it's not worth it. >> reporter: now, the shooting victim is expected to survive. as for the suspect, dpd says they continue to interview witnesses to try to get an idea of who this person may be before they release a suspect description. reporting live in west denver, dr >> thank you. now, we want to get to an update on the dangerous situation in denver. protesters have made their way onto i-25. this group has been marching against donald trump since around 5:30 tonight. it started in the streets of downtown denver but has made its way to the interstate. we will continue to monitor this. new developments in the case of a man who killed two bear cubs today.
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found dan evans of evergreen guilty of discharging a firearm and animal cruelty. he said he shot the bears after they went after his dog. prosecutors say it is unlikely williams will get any jail time at sentencing. new at 10:00 tonight, a teenager sentenced to life to prison nearly 20 years ago is now on the verge of freedom. his early release as a result of a supreme court ruling. it was deemed to automatically sentence juvenile killers to life without parol. karen morfitt, he will be housed there until the paper work goes through. >> reporter: yeah, karen, that is temporary. he was convicted as a teenager and told he would die behind bars. that changed when a judge resentenced him to sometime served but as his attorney says, this didn't happen
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prison, isal gutierrez ruiz is a free man. in 1998, at just 17 years old, he was convicted of murder. he was dehind the wheel when a passenger started shooting out the window killing an innocent man. both were sentenced to life without parole. >> he didn't hurt anyone. he didn't know anything like that was about to happen. and ... nothing made sense. >> reporter: in 2011, a attorney ashley radliffe would take on the case finding several missteps. >> from the moment i started looking at it and meeting this young man, i just kept finding more and more things that just screamed injustice. >> reporter: adams county district attorney dave young was also tasked with reviewing juvenile cases under new law. >> i realize he was a juvenile
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car, and not the actual shooter. and thought that 19 years in prison was certainly enough time. >> reporter: young decided to offer a plea and resentencing to a judge who on thursday decided gutierrez-ruiz had done his time. now, gutierrez-ruiz did come here from mexico as a teenager. when he is released he will be deported back to mexico. for now live in adams county, karen a state trooper killed in the line of duty is suing a drunk driver who hit her and also, the bar who served him the alcohol. trooper jamie jercavics was killed last fall. the man who killed her is serving an eight year prison sentence. the wrongful death lawsuit claims henderson was negligent because he was speeding and driving drunk and it goes after
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employees there served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person. developing tonight, two officers ambushed while responding to a fight at a home. one was killed. >> hundreds of drivers say their sunroofs just exploded. while on the road! >> we just thought what the heck? >> what are the car makers doing about it? >> a carriage ride takes a terrifying turn when the horses get spooked. >> if you deponent succeed, try, try again li shoplifter in fort collins. >> and, we will update that march in denver. the protesters have made their way onto i-25, stan bush has the latest. >> and a cold front is bringing is temperatures we have not seen this cool since october 12. how will this cool weather impact your weekend? >> well, the nuggets welcome in golden state and steph curry.
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>> news tonight, a huge backup on i-25 downtown as anti-trump protesters block the highway. this is a major problem. stan bush is live again with the latest. stan? >> reporter: jim, karen, we are right at the 17th street exit on i-25. and take a look up here, you denver police in riot gear. they have been pushing off protesters. thousands of them who got over here and got onto i-25. this large crowd is finally being moved. of course, this is an entire crowd upset about the election results on tuesday. for the most part, this has been a relatively peaceful protest. although earlier, we saw some
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earlier today, we spoke to them on the scene and they were incredibly upset. here is what they had to say. >> what are you hoping to accomplish with this? >> wants to be heard. wanting to know i didn't elect donald trump. that he did not win the popular vote. that we are here, we will be loud and make our concerns known. >> reporter: you can see for the most part, this has been a but some of this crowd is getting exceptionally out of hand. denver police are really starting to take it pretty seriously. we have not seen any arrests at this point, but if you take a look here, you can see police are ready to do that. they are ready to to take some of these people to jail tonight. for now, lye by the auraria campus, stan bush, cbs4 news. >> blocking the interstate is a real problem. also developing near pittsburgh, pennsylvania, a man
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earlier this morningful one of his officers ended up dying. police responded to a fight between michael quickalready insya and his girlfriend. he shot at the officers and shot and killed himself and his girlfriend. the federal government is investigating safety concerns with sunroofs. they have exploded or shatters. our lauren dispirito joins us. lauren, people have told you it can happen very su it especially scary. >> reporter: ha is what we have heard. people love having a sunroof on their car. linda spry, a highlands ranch woman was one of them. until one day, when she was driving to work. >> it was a nice day. >> reporter: linda was driving her 2012 nissan on her typical route to work when her commute took a terrifying turn. >> i just heard this huge explosion. >> reporter: she heard a blast
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driver had crashed. >> it was very loud. it was very sudden. >> when you heard that explosion, what did it feel like? >> well, it scared the heck out of me. it really startled me. >> reporter: she looked around an saw there was in crash. >> but then i saw the glass just flying off the back of my car. >> reporter: she got out and realized the explosion was her sunroof. >> there was kind of a hole in the center. there was a big piece that was kind of popped out this way. >> reporter: pictures of the damage show a hole with shards of glass left >> i just thought what the heck? how does this happen? >> reporter: here at john sunroofs, owner daryl martinez fixes about 30 broken sunroofs a month. usually only one of those turns out to be unexplained. they are usually made of tempered glass. martinez shows how strong it is by hitting it with a hammer. but, he says a single concentrated hit like a sharp rock can make the glass shatter. >> you are not going to get
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it can rain on you, you might get a little something. but you are not going to be injured. >> reporter: while the glass is designed to shatter safely, the education motion is startling. we found reports of them exploding unexpecteddedly throughout the country. youtube videos show car owners documenting the damage. >> they are a thing. >> reporter: after receiving 26 reports of sunroof breakage, the national highway safety administration launched an investigation focusing on sorentos. kia provided 123 incidents. the administration expanded its scope. getting information from ford, volkswagen, hyundai, and nissan. >> i believe it is a defective product. >> reporter: spry has not gotten an official explanation. she asked nissan to pay for the repairs but it was denied. she paid for man $1,000 to get it fixed. >> i feel apprehensive. every time i hear a squeak or a
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comes from the roof. i cringe. >> reporter: a sense of safety that for scry slatters. we reached out to nissan for this story. they asked her to submit a complaint to them. she has already done that. live in denver, lauren dispirito, cbs4 news. >> thanks lauren. new video of a stumbling shoplifter in fort collins. surveillance camera at hobby town usa shows a man tr stuff something into his jacket. wouldn't fit. he eventually figured it out and got away with several items. a pair of horses took a carriage for a wild ride in a park in canada. a car horn spooked these horses and they took off. several people jumped off the out of control carriage. eventually someone got control of the horses. not too many cuts or scrapes but a little scary. >> could have been worse. a bit of a cool down tomorrow. >> it will be the coldest day
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clear skies around here right now. cold front has gone through. we are looking from casper to albuquerque, las vegas all the way to wichita. that is all we are seeing showers. down there in new mexico. also, a couple of showers here with the stationary front in portions of texas, the gulf coastal area north of the great lakes region. but, there is the cool front. and cool air, high pressure driving it downright on into colorado. we have also had the drought monitor released today. 98% of the state is under some only 2% right here in extreme northwest colorado is not. but everybody else is abnormally dry or up and down the front range, the plains out to the eastern border are moderate drought conditions. last time we had moisture in denver was october 12. where we had one-one-hundredth of an inch of rain. that is barely a sprinkle and the cool air coming together, last time a high was this cool was october 12 as well. 49 degrees when that front came
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42 and 39 with a low, 55 and 27 normals. 78 and 8 below the record for this date. foxville, 66 degrees. alamosa, 67. arrive gay, 68. arvada. 42% humidity. we have a rising barometer. the united states marine corp. is 241 years ol loveland opened today. they are breaking through the banner. had a beautiful day to ski as you can see under a cloudless blue sky. and winter park getting in on the act. cold enough to have their snow guns open. they will open november 23. mostly 30s over the eastern plains tonight. 20s and 30s for the high country. 30s out west. and then tomorrow, cooler here in the east. only in the 50s all over the eastern plains just like in the high country. temperature ins the 50s . out west, a bit warmer in the 60s .
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35 and 34 for the overnight lows. then, for tomorrow, we will be cooler. 58 degrees for the official high with plenty of sunshine. how will this cool weather affect your weekend? the answer is, it won't. 67 on saturday. 66 sunday. how about 67 on monday? look at this. 73 on tuesday. you like that? let's do it again the following wednesday. 72 degrees. then, maybe an isolated shower which means really no chance at all. isolated shower. friday. only 50 degrees as we see anotr >> he is throwing that in there to tease us.
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>> it seems everybody is protesting things. the team has officially protested the result of that play right there. they are actually protesting the game after the nba admitted they got the call wrong. michael malone was upset about it again. the nuggets still upset about it. the nba awarded the grizzlies. they of course ended up winning the game. chances are, not much is going to happen from that. the only thing the nuggets can protest tonight is e played. mcgee with the dunk there. golden state showed up big and the nuggets couldn't hang on. jamal murray had a big night. finally got the scoring started. he led the nuggets with a clear high 14. but in the third, steph curry doing steph curry things. nuggets lose big time. coach malone looking at the glass half full tonight. >> the one positive i'm i taking out of this, jamal
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so, there was some positives at the end. but, tip your hat. you know, we got our butt kicked. >> teams in the nfl could do anything they can to get a competitive advantage. the broncos coaches had to laugh at least a little bit when the saints signed not one, but two former player this week. the saints adding john phillips to their roster. sounds more like strategy to me. phillips once with the for long. but keo played in the special teams. wouldn't be a big surprise if they were divulging intelligence. >> it now means they know our systems. i can tell you, shiloh keo is singing like a canary. he did it when he came here. i can tell you that right now. we played cincinnati. and he came in. and gave us everything. that is just the league man. so, you know, you just have to deal with it.
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challenge last night. the century link poll question, what is the viral video challenge? 75% of you say the ice bucket challenge. they try to find a place in the conference championship
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>> soccer tournament conference. western illinois called for a handball. they can't believe it. du with the penalty kick. and centennial's carson takes advantage. they will face omaha saturday at 1:00, the cleveland cavaliers have a chance to celebrate a trip to the white house. president obama is bringing the jokes. >> give it up for the world champion cleveland cavaliers. [ laughter ] that's right. i said world champion and cleveland in the same sentence! i also, before i go any further, i want to giver a
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shirt for showing up. i wasn't sure if it was going to make an appearance today. i'm glad you came. >> jr had that problem when he shows up and his shirt seems to be miss something he had it on today. >> very smart. >> he is always in a rush.
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>> a last check now on the breaking news. the big anti-trump protests in denver started out very peacefully. almost six hours or so ago. well, then, the protesters got out onto i-25 near the pepsi center downtown. denver police just tweeting out a moment or so ago that i-25 is back open. and, no arrests as far as we know have been made. but we are know this is happening all over the country. just got word that up in portland, oregon, police are now calling it a riot situation.
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? coming to you from hollywood, it's "comics unleashed." with your host byron. he welcomes bruce bruce. >> bruce! >> bobby collins. [ cheers and applause ] and now, a man who loves comedy so much he gets jokish, byron allen. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. all right. thank you. thank you.


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