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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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f0 we are thinking of our veterans on this veterans day. i'm britt moreno. >> i'm alan gionet. it is good to have you with us on this friday, november 11th. here's what's happening now. peaceful protest in portland, oregon turned to riot. about denver. >> reporter: thousands take to the streets in downtown denver overnight and into the morning. police in riot gear as well. we have the details coming up on cbs4 morning news. good morning from colorado's weather center. it will be a cooler day, but the dry weather continues. we'll talk about the streak and have your weekend forecast straight ahead. we've been watching construction delay along u.s. 6 from clear creek canyon, it's
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other restrictions. police in portland say a peaceful protest last night turned into a riot. they ended up having to use tear gas on the crowd. they came to clear the area along the pioneer courthouse square. the crowd of about 1500 began to decrease, but some lingered and caused damage. one man says what police did was unnecessary. >> when you respond to you expect? >> reporter: how many times were you hit? >> i can't even count. i was hit all over. front and back. >> one woman was even caught on camera dumping detergent on protestors who were stopping traffic. in denver thousands of people took to the streets and even the highways. jamie leary live outside the capitol this morning to show you what happened here. jamie.
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president-elect donald trump. but this one which started at the capitol much larger, and at one point caused the closure of i-25. [ chanting ] >> reporter: the protests began outside the state capitol around 5:30 last night. 3,000 people rscp'ed to it on facebook. more turned out to demonse. not my president. they marched in a line that sometimes stretched for blocks. police monitored the situation all night long. the protestors marched to the 16th street mall and later to the arares a campus. some could be seen jumping down
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highway to be closed briefly between 23rd and 6th. police had it back open by around 10:15. it was after midnight this morning when protestors finally dispurseed. things ended peacefully, despite the turnout and police report at last check that no arrests were made. live from the capitol, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. thank you so much. this morning friends and family will honor veterans. [ bagpipes playing ] >> this is video from last year. the program starts at 11:00 at the vfw post at south clay and hampton. many restaurants are saying thank you with free meals. olive garden vets and active military members can get free food. chipotle will give out a free
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morning. and baskin-robbins is devoting part of its profits today to united service organizations. hurley butler of denver planned to rennovate his kitchen. the anniversary of his 1998 death was yesterday and now home depot and volunteers of america are finishing the job, so his wife can stop relying on just a microwave to cook her meals. >> she's so we've been going at this since about january and getting all the details together for her and we were able to surprise her and there have been tears of joy and she's incredibly happy. >> volunteers installed 10 cabinets, countertops, new sink, oven, refrigerator. >> what a nice thing to do. let's figure out what's on tap for today and the weekend.
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mountain. still very dark outside. 6:40will be our sunrise. checking in with one of our weather watchers, two of them, mitch and sandy in northwest arvada, 36 is what we've got there. 34 in southeast aurora this morning. boulder, you're at 36. meanwhile, douglas county 35 in castle rock. 37 to get this veterans day started in highlands ranch. by 9:00 a.m., 43. it will be a slow warmup. even after the sun comes up, it will take compared to where we've been recently. our high today 56. it's still 2 degrees above normal, but obviously today will feel a lot more like what november should feel like. one-day cooldown. warmup starts tomorrow. we'll check the fiveday4cast, see if there's any rain or snow in our future. let's check in with joel. we have cones in your future depending where you're at. still construction season for workers.
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of schedule. i-70 and kipling. nice wide open drive to the west. in town we've had some delays along c-470, the hog back. in the high country we've had u.s. 6 through clear creek canyon closed overnight. that has reopened. there's light volume through there, which is why it's still purple. >> that's a good thing, thank you, joel. new developments in a cbs4 investigation. the city of denver is planning to once again sweep homeless next week. the last time it happened a cbs4 investigation revealed money donated to help the homeless was used instead to sweep them away. cbs4 investigator brian maass broke the story this summer and tells us about this new information. >> we clean up the stuff, we don't -- >> reporter: these were the sweeps pushing the homeless
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according to this internal city e-mail trail, the hancock organization took money from a homeless donation fund. >> i think they realized what they did was wrong. >> reporter: the aclu has been highly critical, and the mayor called it an administrative snafu. >> when you called it attention, we took a closer look and we've corrected it thanks to your investigation as well. so it's done and we move on. no, i was not initially aware of it. >> reporter: the homeless donation fund will now be a stand alone organization to make sure no funds are comingleed. julie smith with denver's department of human services says what the cbs4
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were helping the homeless. >> was it wrong to take money people donated to use the homeless and sweep them out? >> i certainly think maybe it wasn't the best idea and i think we can agree that we reversed course as soon as you brought it to our attention and we appreciated that. >> it doesn't look god because it wasn't good. >> reporter: the aclu does not believe it was an innocent mistake. >> i think we're pretty sure this was not just an accounting error or administrative snafu. it was an innt rather callous decision on the part of city leaders. i think it does undermine trust, especially since people were told put money in these meters, don't give it directly to people who are homeless. but instead it was the city you couldn't trust with the money. figuring the future for the national western complex. the hopes for what it might
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>> that's a classic. the entertainment world saying goodbye to leonard cohen. this is the news on cbs4,, ,,
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now to redevelopment of the national western complex. yesterday city leaders gave us a better idea of the mainly changes ahead -- major changes ahead. >> reporter: the project is expected to take more than a decade to complete. called the national western center. >> it is certainly one of the largest projects denver has seen in a long time. >> reporter: thursday afternoon officials gathered to discuss the impact it could have on denver. >> looking at nearly $7 billion
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the entertainment side. >> reporter: but mayor hancock says it's the city's opportunity to lead and invest in agriculture. >> the companies and organizations have figured it out that's where people will be focused on the next 25 to 30 years. >> reporter: hancock says this center will create further opportunities for innovating agribusiness. >> how we researching and really bringing forth the necessary knowledge on how we deal with that going forward, not just here in colorado or united states, but around the world. >> reporter: while setting a tone which leaves denver as the epicenter of this field for generations to come. >> we are really trying to tap into and impact generations that will follow us. that's the power of this moment and the power of the opportunity we have in front of us. >> one of the key players in this project is also colorado state university. 5:13 now.
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we reach the 4s. >> indeed. hi, everybody. our streak of dry and warm weather continues. i'm going to keep counting up the days. we're now at 30, 30 days since we've had rain. it was october 12th. today will be our 22nd day in a row with above normal temperatures, even though today will be cooler, this afternoon will be a little above where we typically are in november. 20s for most mountain areas. 30s the dia just dropped below freezing. we're at 31 there. certainly a chill in the air. prepare for that. later today full sunshine state- wide. really not going to be much cloud cover at all around colorado. and temperatures cooler. about 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. that will put us in the mid-50 for most locations. 50s most mountain areas and 50s and 60s for highs on the western slope.
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day. usually we have a variety of temperatures in the afternoon. this afternoon most of us will be in the 50s. cold front has already passed through the area. it has brought cooler air. but mainly just to the eastern half of the state. the mountains really aren't going to experience that much of a change from this front. tomorrow that front drops quickly into texas and the deep south. will lose its influence on our weather. that will allow high pressure to build in from california and that means a weekend warmup and continued dry nothing but sunshine for us, including today, veterans day, high of 56. tomorrow 67, followed by 66 on sunday is. upper 60s monday. and tuesday 74 not far from the record. here's joel. we got a great drive southbound colonel into town. it's starting to load up. still looking at about 10 minutes from 120th to i-70. just the type of drive we like this time of day.
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little slowing along c-470. that should be out of the way shortly. along i-225, i-70, i-270 nice and wide open. we are seeing a little patch of slowing northbound on i-225 getting past i-70. this morning the music world has lost a highly respected artist who helped frame a generation prose with song. practically a national hero in canada, leonard cohen leaves a deep collection of music and inspiration. ? halleluiah ? >> reporter: if there's one song that leonard cohen will be remembered for, it's "halleluiah." singers everywhere covered it. three versions of even on the u.k. charts at one time. leonard cohen died after a musical career that spanned
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the highly catholic city of montreal canada. he was a poet and released his 14th studio alum, you want it darker. ? everybody knows the war is over ? ? everybody knows. >> reporter: his music was often considered so dark, suicidal, he was called >> my reputation of a ladies' man was a joke. it caused me to laugh bitterly through the 10,000 nights i spent alone. >> reporter: but his songs also had redemption and joy. though he was not a national singer, he developed a baritone. he was inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame.
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hinting at his own mortality. a post on his facebook page said simply, we have lost one of music's most revered ,,
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,, ,, stocks are off slightly ahead of the open. investors looking to end a wild week. somehow in positive territory. what kids want for christmas. the gift people give they may not want. here's jamie u. jamie yuccas.
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points, up 218 points. tech stocks were lower sending the nasdaq down 42. some say the markets are concerned inflation may rise under president-elect donald trump. macy is trying to bounce back. they're partnering with a real estate investor. they'll look at adding on to railroad completely remaking the stores. it's an easy gift, but apparently not the right one. a new study shows half of americans plan to give a gi card this holiday. but only 27% of people actually want them. millennial numbers are even greater. 43% say they wanted an actual present. if you're making your list and checking it twice, the top gifts are out. you have a 3 to 5-year-old, pick up a singing princess. and a quad copter for children over the age of 9. i'm jamie yuccas in new york, that's your cbs moneywatch report.
5:23 am denver arts weeks wraps up tomorrow, but there are still deals. the museum of contemporary art is offering admission for a penny. the museum has four exhibitions now, including a retrospective on kim dickey. >> it features these sort of national forms that of ek eccentricity to them. >> you can go to to find out what's going on. good morning to you. we're going to check out our travel forecast. and remarkably quiet, dry and relatively warm weather continues for the entire west. it will be noticeably cooler today for the front range. but we're not going to see any
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front. sunshine throughout our region. few showers in portland and seattle. midwest looks terrific. kansas city sunshine, 56. st. louis similar. chicago 46. dallas 72 with sunshine. east coast in good shape in terms of travel today as well. nothing but sunshine. all major airports across the nation are in good shape. let's check our local traffic with joel hillan. the roads are in great shape as well along i-70. i think you're going to like there drive. i-70 in central park boulevard this some company on the roads, but none of those flashing lights or crashing cars. the a line running on time. eastbound along i-70 speeds in the 60s. joel, thanks a lot. we're at 5:24. coming up next, thousands came out to protest the election as denver now joins other cities demonstrating against president-elect donald trump. the latest coming up. >> reporter: protests spanned from coast to coast overnight,
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to become the trump administration. i'm hena daniels in new york. i'll have the latest coming up. a live look this morning at the tribute to veterans monument downtown in front of our capitol this morning. remember our veterans. stand by, we'll be reporting more on what's going on today coming up on the cbs4 morning news. here's sports. seems like everybody is doing protesting these days. the nuggets will do result of the game against the grizzlies. after the nba admitted they got the call wrong and the grizzlies scored with .7 seconds today. only thing the nuggets can protest last night is how poorly they played. warriors up by 19 after one. breakout night for murray. glad he started scoring. led the nuggets with a career
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loses the dribble, drains the 3. he had 33. coach malone trying to look at the glass half full. >> the one positive i'm taking out of this was murray, beasley, i thought defense was good on kevin durant. there were positives at the end. but tip your hat. we got our [bleep] kicked tonight. >> nuggets off today. they will host detroit tomorrow night.
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ahead of the sunrise this morning, there is a look at washington, d.c. the flags flying at half staff on this veterans day. thanks for joining us. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. the price of freedom we can never repay. thanks for joining us on this veterans day and thanks to all those who have served. let's get over to ashton and figure out how cold it is outside. feels a little bit more like fall. taste of actual november weather today. this morning we're st should be waking up to around 27. instead we're at 37 outside. yes it will feel chilly. but remember it could be worse. 6:40will be our sunrise and we'll see a lot of sunshine today. we'll talk more about your weather coming up, but let's go to joel. side street accident in the heart of lakewood, i know it looks like it's there at wadsworth and alameda, but it isn't. it's alaska and vance.
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we've got another trouble spot, we'll break it down coming up in just a moment. joel, thanks for that. we have breaking news out of portland, as protestors held a second night of demonstrations that turned into a riot. again, thanks for joining us here on cbs4. >> let's get you the news on what's hatching around the country and denver. in portland what started as peaceful protests got very ugly. police grenades to get the crowd out of the bridge area. several people were arrested after police warned them. >> our hena daniels has more on the protests, as we start the transition to a donald trump presidency. >> reporter: demonstrators in oakland, l.a. and portland brought traffic to a stand still overnight. still angry over donald trump's


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