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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 11, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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good morning. it is friday, november 11th, 2016. a demonstration in portland, oregon, turns into a riot. anarchists break windows and police respond with rubber bullets. >> the president and president-elect meet for the first time setting into motion a peaceful transfer of power and only on "cbs this morning," ash carter tells norah what the trump administration should know about fighting isis. we remember the poet, folk
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artists. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. "eye " your world in 90 seconds. [ sirens ] >> restricted access area. this gathering is unlawful. >> anti-trump protests turn violent. >> responding with armor and weapons, what do you expect. >> it is important regardless of political preferences to now come together to deal with the many challenges that we face >> mr. president it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. >> republicans are unified and excited about work wig other president-elect way good transition so we hit the ground running. >> it never crossed your mind you might have done better against him, might have actually won if you had been the democratic nominee? >> what good does it do now? >> leonard cohen, legendary
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died. >> you'll be hearing from me, baby, long after i'm gone. >> wall street chosed at a record high. >> the dow moving up as much as it has since an election is truly an unprecedented thing. >> secretary of state john kerry arrived in antarctica. the highest official to visit. >> all that -- >> welcoming the cleveland cavalier. >> i like this. >> hillary clinton trading the campaign trail type of trail. >> from the looks of it, not running for spread good for the soul. >> and all that matters -- >> president obama and donald trump met at the white house today. >> just put yourself in that private room. can you imagine -- awkward. >> on cbs "this morning." >> thousands of protestors took to the streets last night in chicago, new york, here in l.a. a number of cities. >> you can see here, when it comes to the protest march, the american people are a little out
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can't trust the polls. even the ones on the street. >> "this morning" "eye opener" is presented by -- some demonstrators smashed store windows and faced off against police. >> in a response, donald trump tweeted last night. just had a very open and successful presidential election. now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting.
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trump tweeted love that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. >> police say they arrested more than two dozen people so far. 4,000 voicing their anger over the newly elected president but what started out as a peaceful protest quickly turned ugly. >> reporter: overnight violence erupted on the streets of portland during the second straight day of protests over the election of donald trump. police launched rubber bullets to break up the crowd of roughly 1,500 people. officers declared the demonstration a riot after several people began vandalizing cars. and businesses in the city's
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some launched projectiles at police. >> will you go home? >> no. no. no i will not go home. >> at one point a man brandishing a gun demanded that protesters move away. there were reports of attacks on drivers. cell phone video shows a woman throwing detergent on protesters after she left her car. whta protest descended into chaos. >> we are here for love. we are not here to spread hate. >> there is every expectation that protesters will be out again tonight. we're waiting to learn if any officers were injured during last night's demonstrations. hen new york after his first day in washington as president-elect. he and president obama appeared to bury the campaign hatchet and discussed foreign and domestic policy. major garrett is at the white
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major, a lot of people say that's a good sign. good morning. >> good morning. the president and president-elect described it as a productive meeting as they tried to calm the nation with their words and body language after an intense and insult-driven campaign. meanwhile, mr. trump's inner circle con ten plated sending a shock wave to all of washington by placing hard right provocateur steve bannon on the short list to be white house chief of staff. >> i just had the opportunity to have a with president-elect trump. >> reporter: the stately oval office and soothing words could not have been more jarring. >> we had never met each other. i have great respect. >> reporter: considering president obama and president-elect donald trump both told the nation each was unfit to lead. >> we now are going to want to do everything question to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> reporter: mr. obama meant that only in the sense of a
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his top domestic policy achievements. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including count. >> reporter: visit pably awed b the setting, honored the president he mocked on the campaign trail. >> very good man. >> reporter: vice president joe biden also met with his successor mike pence, chief of staff denis mcdonough discussed personal with adviser jared kushner and the first lady invited melania trump for a tea and a tour. and emerging as a potential cheech of staff, stephen bannon. he used his new service to bash gop leaders and represents trump's anti-washington populism. [ chanting ] in front of the white house opinions clashed about what will come next.
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but majority of america red states have spoken. >> he does not represent our values, our ideals. she does not represent this country. >> reporter: memories of this campaign will not soon fade. so we asked yesterday if president obama still believed president-elect trump was uniquely unqualified and temperamentally unfit to serve as president. white house press secretary said the president josh earnest, rather, said the president's views have not changed and, josh, he stands by what he said on the house. thank you. meanwhile, the president-elect will work with the international and met with the senate and house to discuss the path for the future and have a central goal in mind. with the front against obama care. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as many nervous republicans were about the prospect of a trump
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held priorities including the dismantling of obama care and demming don't have the numbers to stop them. >> we had a fantastic, productive meeting. >> reporter: paul ryan and president-elect trump can't accomplish anything without each other. and so the former foes smiled for the cameras thursday and said they were eager to get to work. >> donald trump had one of the most impressive victory it's we've ever seen and wrer going to turn that victory into progress for the american people. >> reporter: ryan showed mr. oath in office in just 70 days. on thursday, trump said the two will find common ground on tax cuts, immigration and jobs, but ryan may balk at mr. trump's $5.3 trillion tax plan and proposal to stop muslim immigration and build a mexico border wall. one thing they do agree on, dismantling obama care but have to figure out what to do with the 20 million who have gotten insurance through the affordable care act.
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>> congressional republicans as well as trump administration will pursue some transition period. >> reporter: christer condeluci says republicans may find is easier to reform the act rather than scrap it all together. an admission the law was on the right track? >> alternative ways for getting a better bang for your buck that is not the aca. >> reporter: congressional republicans had vowed for years to put forward a workable replacement for obama care, but it hasn't happened. partly because they can't agree on what the best path forward would be, and partly because there just aren't that many ways to both increase coverage and cut costs for consumers at the same time. >> nancy cordes, thank you. and a senior adviser to the romney/ryan presidential campaign in 2012. good morning. >> good morning. >> after months of talk about
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unity? >> yes, shocking. the republicans, i spectexpect civil war. not going to happen. one, don't underestimate the coat coattails donald trump has. there's no question that he brought voters along that helped the number of house republicans and house, senate republicans get elected. that'sot yesterday, members of congress, struck by, some may have had differences with donald trump and the kind of campaign he waged. but end of the day, we've been wanting for years to get big things done in tax reform in repeal and replace of obama care in getting regulations that obama and unilaterally imposed without consulting congress, getting those overturned, we wanted them done a long time and couldn't get it done without
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the legislative branch and now we have it with trump in power. >> let's not screw up this opportunity? >> totally. what i was hearing, five days ago a -- >> i like that. >> a sense of despair. >> yes. >> thought hillary clinton was going to win, headed for four more years of gridlock in washington. when obama was president and republicans had the congress, and now suddenly it's, it's not just let's not screw this up. it's, this is an exciting moment. we can actually get things >> you can see that with paul ryan. boy, is he doing the michael jackson moon walk. >> genuinely excited about the opportunity. >> i bet. >> because when donald trump says we're going to do tax reform. what does that mean? paul ryan has slaved away on the house ways and means committee producing tax ideas never going anywhere. now thinking, wait a minute. trump could sign this into law. >> a brand new day for republicans and clearly paul ryan and everyone else is very happy. talk about donald trump. he has a history of a long
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him how do you think paul ryan and donald trump will work together? i. think they'll be fine. there's a sense trump needs ryan and mcconnell. a good working relationship with them if he wants-as you saw yesterday, seemed humbled. seemed daunting when-of-what he was about to step into and needs allies to get things done. the question is on the personnel front. who he staffs the white house with is a big question. will that represent, reflect, sort of an enemies' keeping track or opening things up, inclusive whether you were with me against me, republican or democrat, i want to actually transcend party lines and build a real broad governing coalition. he can do that. just a matter which donald trump is going to sort of get sworn in. will be with leslie
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watch sunday night. 7:00, 6:00 central right here on cbs. and president obama will spend his last van dam at arlington cemetery. ash carter will be with him. he's taken steps to assure a smooth transition at the defense department to protect our nation's security. earlier i spoke with secretary carter in his first interview since the election. >> we just had an election. people are still talking about the defense department. >> stay out of -- we stand apart from politics. i was extremely vigilant, and in making sure that in my own comments and statements i never commented on the presidential campaign, which went on for many, many months and i protected -- >> and you won't do that? >> no. i will not do that. >> hot spots around the world a new administration has to deal with. >> sure. >> what is your advice in terms
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finish the destruction of isil in iraq and syria. continue to strike them elsewhere where they arise, like libya and afghanistan, and then above all, protect our own citizens, our own people, which is not simply a military tank, but involves intelligence and law enforcement and homeland security. >> when some people suggested that the generals had been defamed, or that the generals are not being able to do what they want to do in fight against isis? >> our military officers remember by this time after 15 years of this kind of campaign our vastly knowledgeable how to carry out counterterrorism campaigns. so there's a vast reservoir of experience and wisdom and strategic thinking here and one
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est threats against the united states including isis and north korea, and what it means to the trump administration. and remembered as one of the most influential singer/songwriters of his generation. his death announced last night in a facebook post have lost one of music's most revered and prolific visionaries." a memorial will be held in los angeles. how his career spanned nearly half a century. >> his son released a statement saying his father passed away peacefully in his home, writing to the last moment with his unique brand of humor.
7:17 am
good songs came from, leonard cohen once said, i'd go there more often. he spent five years writing his best known song "hallejuah" as he told charlie rose in 1988. >> if they're going to sing the song the next 20 years, be sure to get behind every word. >> reporter: sis "hallejuah"'s release in 1984, more than 300 cover versions have been recorded. raised in montreal, cohen published his first poem at age 19 and then began putting his words to music, and in 1966 moved to new york. ? while ? >> reporter: his song "suzanne" became a his for juicy collins and always a greater critical
7:18 am
would become one of the most influential songwriters of his time. >> i always wanted to be paid for my work but i didn't want to work for pay. ? i'm your man ? >> reporter: through much of his 70s he toured continuously and in 2008 was inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame. >> but you'll be hearing from me, baby. long after i'm gone. >> reporter: cohen's final album was released just last month. the title song darker" hinted the end was near. ? if you are the dealer ? i'm out of the game ? >> reporter: poetry is just the evidence of life, leonard cohen said. if your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash. ? "hallejuah" ?
7:19 am
>> just nothing conventional about leonard cohen's career. first album recorded when he was 34. wrote "hallejuah" when he was 50, and didn't start filling arenas until he was in his 70s. >> one of the great writers, the art has ever seen. >> the rock & roll hall of fame said one of the few artists in popular music who can truly be call add poet. >> what a philosophy. wanted to get paid for my work but didn't want to work for pay. a nice way to feel about what you do. >> megyn kelly says donald trump wood her before he started bashing her. ahead, an early look at the new memoir, the fox news host reveals how much the
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hi, good morning. happy veterans day and happy friday. i am britt moreno. right now we're going to take you live to 6th and logan where our photographer eddie castro is showing us a water main break. it started earlier this morning nd it. the water has been shut out in the area for a little while now. joel is watching this as well because it is taking traffic -- affecting traffic. >> it is. it was a 16-inch water main that burst. boy, did we have water pouring out. eastbound 6th remains closed at logan. they have the water shut off and they have to dig up the road and repair the pipe and repave the area.
7:27 am
tomorrow at least as crews continue to work on this. across the denver metro area, we have side street trouble. but no accidents, either on the highway or off. most of these here are malfunctioning lights at various places. southbound coming into town we've had light volumes. just 10 minutes from 120th out to i-70 and smooth sailing along the boulder turnpike, even southbound along i-225, a little orange in there. little orange in there. >> joel, thanks when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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it is 7:28. checking in with our weather watcher ward in lakewood. 30degrees. he says, it's see your breaking kind of weather, and it is -- breath kind of weather and it is. chilly throughout colorado today. most mountain towns either in the teens or 20s. it stays cool. a taste of actual november
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a warmup starts tomorrow, 60s, ? sfx: laughter ? we all find fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats is the delicious way to help reduce cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet.
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so cool, you say. does that mean you want to go? >> to antarctica? that's the only continent i have not been to. >> the only place i do not want to go. >> i hate being cool. >> cold is literal and figurative. >> i hate being cold. >> i would cheer you on if you went. >> i'm with you. i'll go. >> you two go. let me know how it is. welcome back to "cbs this
7:31 am
news anchor megan kelly revealing new memoirs opening up about her troubled relationship with president-elect donald trump and the threat that trump made over her coverage. ahead only on "cbs this morning," we hear from the ceo on why he thinks the trump administration will help the project overcome protests. time to show you some of "usa today" reports that struggling retailer macy's is now considering a major redevelopment plan. it would involve roughly 50 key stores. macy's says it's partnering with a private investment firm yesterday. macy's reported net income of $18 million in the third quarter. that is down from 118 million one year ago. one year ago. >> the "wall street journal" says donald trump facing an array of private lawsuits as he heads to the lawsuit.
7:32 am
university set to begin next month. yesterday his lawyer asked to po post the trial until after the inauguration, he could face trial from chefs who withdrew from his new hotel in washington. and megyn kelly has new information about her strained relationship with donald trump. the fox news anchor documents how the president-elect acted towards her throughout the 2016 campaign. jamie is here book that goes on sale next we'll. >> written in her memoir released early by the "new york times" provides more context about the kelly/trump relationship. debate confess and how the fox newsmakers came out with an illness on debate day. >> mr. trump, hi. >> hello. >> how ya doing? >> nice to be with you. >> the friction between fox news megyn kelly and donald trump has been well documented.
7:33 am
to the first republican primary debate in 2015. phoning fox executives saying he heard the first question was a very pointed question directed at him. folks are starting to worry about trump, she writes. yes, it was his first debate, but this was bizarre behavior, especially for a man who wanted the nuclear codes. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> honestly, megyn, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. although i could probably maybe not be based on the way you have treated me. >> reporter: according to the in the, kelly alleges trump talented her with social media after taking issue with the segment on her fox show. she claims he said, "i almost unleashed my beautiful twitter account against you, and i still may." >> she -- she gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions, and -- you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. blood coming out of her --
7:34 am
>> reporter: prior to his candidacy, kelly also writes trump made an effort to shape her news coverage by offering a trip to his march laug mar-a-lago resort. >> some look at it and say, why her? >> i think it's very clear to him that he cannot control the editorial on my show or from me in a debate or other setting. >>s just that? >> i wouldn't want to speculate beyond that. >> reporter: according to the "times review" kelly describes an odd moment the morning of the first gop primary debate in which her driver insisted on getting her a coffee. she declined but he persisted and later when she drank it became violently sick 15 minutes late perp apparently the incident rattled her enough she mentioned to roger ailes and a lawyer. late last night kelly responded
7:35 am
got sick the day of the first debate was i contracted a stomach virus. in another tweet she said her book also does not suggest trump had any debate questions in advance, nor do i believe that he did. josh? >> jamie, thanks. meanwhile, the leader of the company behind the controversial dakota access oil pipeline believes president-elect donald trump will help get the project finished. protestors from more than 200 native american tribes have been camped out near the site since st fields in north dakota to illinois. there are concerns about potential environmental damage. mark albert is outside energy transfer partners headquarters and spoke in an interview you will only see on cbs "this morning." good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the ceo is breaking silence as he faces mounting threats and lengthening delays. he still remains bullish on the
7:36 am
but the final 1,000 feet or so are being temporarily stopped by the obama administration. >> we will get this easement and the complete our project. >> reporter: energy transfer partner ceo kelcy warren is confident a donald trump presidency means his company's controversial pipeline will be completed. once he takes over january 20th, what's the prospects? >> 100% the easement and 9 pipeline built. >> reporter: the president-elect has minor holdings in his company and warren donated $103,000 to trump's campaign. >> have you spoken to donald trump about the pipeline? >> i've never met the man. >> never met him? >> no. >> he's invested in you and you're invested in him. >> well, i wish him well. >> reporter: thousands of demonstrators in north dakota have been camped out near several pipeline construction sites, which at times turned violence and led to over 400
7:37 am
environmental s say the pipeline could threaten the water supply of millions and disrespects sacred lands. warren said it will make oil cheaper to transport and create jobs. >> doesn't help the people who live downstream? >> i won't win that argument with you because pipelines do leak. it's rare. the chances of this pipeline leaking is ex-trtremely remote. >> reporter: they're taking every precaution to make this safer and its employees facing death threats. >> i hope your parents, your children especially all burn in [ bleep ]. >> reporter: when finished the pipeline will be more than 1,100 miles long, seven miles shorter than the controversial keystone excel pipeline president obama rejected in 2015. he has yet to speak about the pipe lynn but said this about keystone last month. >> we're going to allow the keystone pipeline and so many
7:38 am
will go away once you're done? >> absolutely. what is there to protest. >> they are determined to stap your project. >> they will not stop our project. that's naive. they're not stopping our project. >> reporter: trump's people did not respond to our request for comments. warren told us the company wants to reimburse the state of north dakota and the county for the millions spent so far on protests and security, but that authorities have not yet accepted his offer. norah? >> mark, great hear that perspective. thank you so much. "48 hours" tracks down the mother of a serial killer. opens up a motive who says he is misunderstood. wow. that's ahead on cbs "this morning." remember 2007? smartphones?
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woman in south carolina found chained inside a storage container revealed the twisted tale of a potential serial killer. kayla brown lived to tell her story. investigators say he alleged captor admitted now to seven killings. new details on the suspect real estate broker todd kohlhep. he spoke with his mother for a special tomorrow night on "48 >> todd is not a monster. he's not even close to it. he wasn't doing it for enjoyment. he was doing it because he was mad and he was hurt. >> reporter: this is regina tage, the mother of self-confessed killer todd kohlhep. >> given what your son has committed, he is the definition of a serial killer. >> i hate that. i know that's what they say.
7:44 am
>> reporter: but sheriff's deputy say there's no misunderstanding. todd kohlhep is responsible for at least seven murders. his dark past came to light when kayla brown was found chained to a container. she and her boyfriend missing two moss. she was found on kohlhep's property. >> she was yelling. >> banging very hard on the container. she was bound. there was a chain from the top of the cage to something else that went around her neck. she was panicked. >> reporter: her boyfriend charlie carver was not as fortunate. >> she said she witnessed him being shot. >> reporter: after taken into custody, kohlhep asked to speak to his mother. she says he told me everything and apologized. >> "i'm sorry mum." >> reporter: did he cry? >> uh-huh. his eyes were swoled.
7:45 am
boyfriend? >> he gauss nasty. >> reporter: why tie her up? >> he didn't know what to do. she saw him kill her boyfriend and he didn't know what to do with her. couldn't turn her loose. she'd go get the police. >> reporter: he showed sheriff investigators where he buried carver and two drifters he murdered after allegedly hiring them to work on his property. >> he was very polite and remorseful, tu >> reporter: what would take everyone by surprise was when kohlhep also admitted to gunning down four people in a notorious cold case that had become known as the super bike murders. kohlhep had wanted to return a motorcycle. >> they laughed at him. made jokes at everybody hurt. he hurt everybody.
7:46 am
david, good morning. what do we know? are there any other victims out there? >> reporter: we asked regina and insists he asked her son and he said, mom, there are no more surprises, no more bodies buried in my property and there's nothing else you have to worry about. >> got to tell you, listening to mom's interview, very tough if you're a member of the victim's family, even if you're not a member of the victim's family. huff to hear what she had to say. do you kw >> reporter: we asked that. apparently doing very well. an exclusive interview with a man who had lunch with her when released from the hospital. put on ten pounds, looked remarkably good and didn't appear to show any signs of having been held captive the last two months. >> he is cooperating with authorities. what's next with the case? >> reporter: he goes to court in
7:47 am
guilt around not guilty? he looked me in the eye and said, he will plead guilty. he just hopes to give him an attorney that keeps him off death row. >> what a disturbing story and incredible reporting by you and your team. you can see the full report "buried truth" tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on cbs. >> we'll be watching. british businessman sir richard branson will be here in studio 57 to talk about his
7:48 am
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no. the pair were fighting in the air and the birds plunged to the ground. after an hour the eagle on the top flew off. firefighters later freed the other eagle. so no fighting in the sky. and a woman looking to escape the presidential election has a surprise encounter in the woods with hillary clinton. the young mother describes what happened, ahead on cbs "this morning." >> do you fight when you mate? when you ache and haven't slept... you're not you.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
hi, good morning, everyone. happy veterans day and happy friday. i am britt moreno. we do have an update on a house fire. it happened earlier this morning in lakewood. copter 4 was over it. it happened on vassar near morrison west metro fire says they put out the fire in a garage. guess what it was caused by? oily rags in a trash can. about $100,000 worth of damage is reported. and we have this, a big water main break causing trouble on 6th and logan. it could still be cripping traffic -- crippling traffic. joel hillan has an update. eastbound 6th avenue shut down between grant and logan and there is the place with the starbucks there off of grant.
7:57 am
that direction and it's a main thoroughfare east and west. they are rerouting traffic to 5th. here we are across the denver metro area, these are both side streets accident. looks like it's along i-225 and 285, but they aren't. this is on tufts, along the side street there. no condition along that -- concern along that. northbound along i-25 into the tech center green, nice and
7:58 am
,, ,, it is 7:58 on this veterans day morning. it is chilly throughout the denver metro area. some spots below freezing. commerce city 31. wheat ridge 35, 12 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. on average most of us are 10 to 15 degrees cooler now. that's the way it will be all day long. we'll have a lot of sunshine today. cloud cover to the south. that's where yesterday's cold
7:59 am
to normal for november. to normal for november. then a big ,, i'm jamie foxx for verizon. in the nation's largest independent study by rootmetrics, verizon is america's most reliable network. and i'm jamie foxx for sprint, with no wins in reliability in any state. you need to stop your shenanigans. i-i'm... you're not jamie foxx. i'm close enough, just like sprint. no! look at my map. take it in. oh! yeah, there you go. eh? yeah. oh. (sighs) don't get fooled by a cut rate network. verizon gives you tons of data without all the restrictions. get twenty gigs and four lines for only 160, with no surprise overages.
8:00 am
. it is friday, november 11, 2016. on this veterans day, welcome back to "cbs this morning." sir richard branson will be here. the billion their and daredevil s own high flyinged a ventures. but first, here is today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> around 4,000 were out voicing their anger over the newly elected president, what started out as peaceful quickly turned ugly. >> the president and president-elect tried to kaumt nation with their words and body language after an intense campaign. >> he will help them achieve some longest priorities. and democrats don't have the numbers to stop them.
8:01 am
>> it's not just let's screw it up, but this is an exciting moment. >> you can see that with paul ryan. boy is i doing the michael jackson moon walk. >> he is genuinely excited. >> leonard cohen passed away peacefully. he was writing up until his last moments. >> what a great philosophy, wanted to be paid for my work but didn't want to work for pay. >> nice way to do it. >> my heart goes out to everyone who works at the obama white i can't imagine how hard this must be. and i don't have to imagine it because of this picture of the white house staff watching as obama congratulated trump yesterday. a picture is worth 1,000 words. none which have i'm allowed to say on cbs. >> i'm gayle king with norah
8:02 am
welcome again, josh. charlie is on assignment. angry demonstrate tors filled city streets again protesting donald trump's election. in portland, oregon police in riot gear aimed flash bangs andand rubber bullets at thousands. the city declared a riot the after some people began vandalizing cars and businesses. >> president obama and president-elect trump met for the first time yesterday, they promised to work together after disagreeing on almost every campaign issue. >> most of emphasize to you mr. president-elect that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> we discussed a lot of it different situations, some wonderful, and some difficulties. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in
8:03 am
>> first lady michelle obama and melania trump had tea in the yellow oval room of the white house. >> major garrett covered the trump campaign from its beginning and was at the white house when the president and president-elect met yesterday. and major, good morning to you. many, many names are afloat as to who may be joining a trumpt administration. what can you tell snus. >> reporter: a lot of names and positions. we'll get to a few. but in conversations with know closest to president-elect p he's deciding and will decide who to put closest to him, it's loyalty. and not just loyalty, but the duration and strength of that loyalty. did you wobble at all during the campaign. if you did and you're on the short list, you may fall off. if you didn't, you're likely to land key positions. so let's talk about a couple. national security adviser, two who fill that bill of duration and strength of loyalty, michael
8:04 am
intelligence agency. so is the former u.s. ambassador to the united nations john bolton. bolten is also mentioned as a possible secretary of state pick along with newt gingrich. treasury secretary, steve munchen and text house republican jeb hensarling. one quick note about helpser link, not only is he an expert on financial policy and treasury young man read adam smith's wealth of nations in the original old english because he said he didn't want to miss anything. guys, back to you. >> wow. >> major, we'll be watching. thank you. we turn now to more of my interview with defense secretary ash carter. touchdown's election victory means carter's tenure as pentagon chief is likely nearing an end. but he will continue handling threats around the world until
8:05 am
for a conversation are you seeing only on "cbs this morning." on this veterans day, do you think americans have a sense that we are in some way still at war? >> i think they know that we have challenges everywhere in the world. i think that they know that we have to destroy isil in order to protect ourselves. we're doing that first in iraq and syria and then everywhere else around the world. >> let's talk about the fight against isis. there is and to clear mosul and raqqah. where are we in that fight? >> we're following a plan. in mosul, we have enloefl loaned the city that forces that we have trained and equipped. they're local people because we all know that in order to make defeat last, the local people have to sustain the victory. we help them get the victory. like wise in rack came, in syria. these are -- we're doing the same thing, beginning to
8:06 am
collapse isil's control and that is important because we need to destroy the fact and the idea of an islamic state in iraq and syria. >> should we be bombing isis more? >> we're bombing them an awful lot. we're taking out leaders. we're taking out their financial centers. they can't move. every single night as where he sit here today, we're winding up for tonight's operations. >> what are the big challenges foe north korea, a country i know that you have been thinking about for decades, how close do you think north korea is to being able to put a nuclear weapon on a missile and can we wait for that day? >> i can't a tell you everything we he know about the first part of that. but i can tell you we're not waiting for the day where they do that. we have to protect ourselves. and we have to protect our allies. and so if north korea were ever to attack the united states or
8:07 am
>> russia. what is vladimir putin up to? >> russia has mostly in europe been aggressive as it was in ukraine, in georgia. and so we need to stand strong against the possibility of russian aggression in europe, in syria. >> they have an aircraft carrier right off of syria. >> syria, what the russians said if you'll remember was that they were going to come in and fight terrorism and help remove >> is that what they're do something. >> they haven't done anything. >> they're helping assad. >> exactly. which fuels the fires of the syrians at war. so the russians have been completely backwards there in what they have been doing. and so we have not been able to and i have not been in favor and i'm not recommending to the president that we associate ourselves with or work with the russians until they start doing the right thing.
8:08 am
>> they're not doing what we need to do and think needs to be done there. >> the president of the united states has the sole authority to launch a nuclear weapon. >> that's right. >> no checks or balances. >> the president is the commander p and chief of our armed forces and the president and only the president has the authority to order nuclear weap. the president if god forbid have all of his advisors. we set things up so that the president has the advice of the secretary of state and the secretary of defense. >> and as we make this transition of power, are you worried at all about our national security? >> we're vigilant every day. our safety is not a birthright. it's something we have to work hard for every day. we owe gratitude and appreciation to the people who do that for us. and that includes our current
8:09 am
country great. >> you're certainly not going to get any argument from me on that point. >> thank you so much. >> appreciate it. so first happy veterans day to all those out there including my father and my sister. but i think, you know, they can't talk about politics. we can't allow the military to be involved in a political debate. but you can hear from him what you might describe as a give of opinion. he's not saying that. i'm saying that. a difference in perhaps what has by touchdown. donald trump. i said should we be bombing isis more. the key is not just getting rid of isis. you then have to hold it. you can't just leave them. that's the challenge.
8:10 am
whether or not we would do a preemptive strike if they have that nuclear capability in the future. >> he very seldom gives interviews. nicely done. sir richard branson is no stranger to near death experiences. he's in our greenroom along with mellody hobson. sir richard will tell us about the new documentary on his risky
8:11 am
. experts predicted severe stock market turmoil if donald trump was elected, thus far it has not come to pass. so how come? ahead mellody hobson on the new economic expectations from wall street and main street.
8:12 am
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8:18 am
i got my parachute ready and be looking down from whatever it was through a thick cloud not sure whether there was land or sea, knowing that people wouldn't know where i was if i did jump, i thought better of it. >> that is sir richard branson, he spoke to cbs news back in firs welcome it. >> talk about your film. how did you become an adventurist? >> i started by having one second hand virgin atlantic, but i needed to put it on the map and we did it in a fun way, trying to break records.
8:19 am
actual challenge of trying to be 9 first to cross the atlantic and hot air balloon or going around the world. and it became -- >> these are also death defying -- >> sir richard, your wife and girlfriend said this when you said i'm going to do this regarding ballooning, i will not come to your funeral. how harrowing if nothing else has it been? >> it was very we had many occasions where we were facing death and somehow we managed to riggle out of it. when you're young, you will do mad things that maybe you won't do when you're older. >> you're not as young as you use to be, but your philosophy still has not changed. >> i think you do only live once and you should live life to its
8:20 am
these adventures. and i'm now doing them with my adult children and they're dragging me along. >> your children are into it? because i remember a film with your young son with tears streaming down his face when he was maybe six or seven, cute little blond little boy as you were taking off. they're okay with it now? >> i have to now watch him climbing the matterhorn. we've just done a 10 venture together going from switzerland all the way through italy hiking and biking.d venture together going from switzerland all the way through italy hiking and biking.adventu switzerland all the way through italy hiking and biking. so i'm glad that they have the bug and we're enjoying it together. >> "don't look down" is a great metaphor for many things. >> and it's my son that actually made the film. and it's quite a gripping film.
8:21 am
>> sir richard, thank you so much for being here. "don't lockdown oig is in select things and on demand. a hike in the woods leads to the first hillary clinton sighting since her concession speech. the story behind this young mother's photograph is ahead on "cbs this morning." this young mother's photograph that's ahead on cbs "this morning." . only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. question, are my teeth yellow? have you tried the tissue test? ugh yellow. what do you use? crest whitestrps. crest 3d whitestrips whiten 25 times better than a leading whitening toothpaste i passed the tissue test. oh yeah.
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8:24 am
,, the world is getting a peek
8:25 am
intelligence. ahead, from the hbo series good morning, everyone. 8:25, right now crews are working to fix a water main break at 6th and logan. jaimie is there live with >> reporter: right now the crews have the arduous task of cleaning up the street and they'll have to break through the concrete to get to the water main. they spoke with denver water, this pipe is from the 1890s, this is what dpd was predicting earlier this morning. that water is gushing everywhere, the street right now is closed between grant and
8:26 am
of places impacted by this water wise, this is for a commercial building and other areas. this closed early this morning because it has no water. there are businesses and residential areas impacted by this water main break because there's such an old main break. all day long this is going to take more detail on the traffic situation, let's check in with joel. >> reporter: as you mentioned you traveled along accident. washington and 7th is being investigated right now. 6th is a main thorough fair. it cuts in the heart of downtown, this is between grant and logan, you can use this from the south to the north, we're getting word of an accident in i-270 0 and york and this is veterans day out, there folks are along the sides of the roads. there will be tributes and things like that. it's a good reminder to take a
8:27 am
8:28 am
,, happy veterans day, it will actually feel like veterans day today. temperatures are cooler up and denver area. later on highs will climb into the 50s, it will be cooler today than it was yesterday, 15 degrees cooler than it was this friday. for the weekend we warm up nicely, 60s on the way for tomorrow and sunday.
8:29 am
,, ,,
8:30 am
,, a chance meeting in the woods led to the first picture of hillary clinton since her concession speech. she was heartbroken over the election and decided to take her baby daughter on a hike yesterday to relax when she heard rustling in the woods and ran into hillary and bill clinton near their suburban new york home. >> and i kind of, oh, you know, got over my initial reaction, and surprise. i said hello, and she was very sweet and she said, you know, hi, and how are you? and she asked about my daughter and my dog, and i told her something along the lines of, all i wanted to do all day yesterday was hug you, and tell you how proud i was to bring my daughter with me to vote for
8:31 am
and when i told her that, she, you know, seemed very happy and we hugged and just sort of had a nice, very pleasant, very casual exchange. >> what a nice thing. former president bill clinton actually snapped the picture, and not a bad job. he can work the -- >> yeah. >> what's so great about that moment, that it was good for both of them. you can imagine how hillary clinton must have been feeling. to have a supporter come up to her and the supporter, a treasure, run into both of them and bill clinton took the picture. >> maybe they both needed that. >> i think that, too, josh. coming up in this half hour, welcome back to cbs "this morning," stocks rallied to an all-time high after moving past uncertainties over donald trump's election victory. here in our toyota green room, mellody hobson, good morning. you look good. i like that. what corporate leaders are telling her about donald trump's policies.
8:32 am
thandie plays a robot in the popular new hbo series "westworld." ahead, why she feels more empowered, in fact, when her character wears no clothes. lots to get to. >> what? >> it's a remarkable new series, to be sure. and right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "washington post" reports plans for a major overall of the national committee after hillary clinton lost. representative allison mentioned at a possible choice for the next chairman of the committee. the first muslim-american elected to congress. former dnc chairman howard dean offered his name for consideration. >> britain's guardian reports on the discovery of a strange new species of dinosaur. a fossil of the muddy dragon was unearthed in southern china. it had feathers and beak but did not fly. the dinosaur around the size of a sheep appears to have died after getting stuck in the mud.
8:33 am
off today in new york city. 25-year-old magnus carlsen of norway is the defending champion, also the highest rated player in chess history. he opponent, 26-year-old sergey karjakin of russia. the prize will be divided 60/40. >> i'm watching for sure. the "wall street journal" says the dow jones industrial average will open at a record high. after initial turmoil on election night. the journal says the jump in the markets reflects a bet on trump's plan to stimulate the economy, cut taxes and limit financial regulations. to discuss, cbs news financial contributor mellody hobson is with us. >> good morning. >> dire predictions about the markets thus far after initial first hours have not come to pass. why? >> three reasons. first, we cannot understate, he
8:34 am
at the "washington journal" said today it's not a question of if legislation will pass, what we've dealt with the last several years but what legislation will pass. in terms of that gridlock being over they got the vote. second, very important. brexit was a dress rehearsal. people saw something, you know, dramatic happened in the world, it did not end. the brexit story will play out longer term, maybe not as well as we'ee we were wrong. and the world didn't come to an end. >> a fire drill? >> exactly. a dress rehearsal. last, the rhetoric, gotten away from the divisive language. secretary clinton had a graceful acceptance speech and
8:35 am
>> it makes a difference. >> you spoke to executives on both sides of the aisle. business executives. what are they saying to you? >> uniformally republican or democrat shock. in terms of the halls of corporate america. i talked to ceos, chief financial officers, general counsel. there is some sense of anticipation and the expectation of better tax policy. and the idea that they will be able to bring some of these dollars sent all over the world back into the country without paying a huge tax. >> shock is not necessarily is a good thing. >> shock, let's see. the taxes, positive. protectionist comments very negative. one chief financial officer i spoke to yesterday of a global consumer product company said, our biggest customer in latin america is mexico. the rhetoric around mexico scares us, because if our goods cost more there or if they end up having a weak economy, we are
8:36 am
and so there is a lot of concern about that. and you're obviously hearing that in the tech area, because of the need for engineers from around the world have fueled the innovation they have. >> who are the losers in a trump administration in terms of businesses? >> what we've seen so far is around the affordable care act and specifically hospitals. so they're saying if less insured people we have to eat those costs. you've seen hca be one of the worried traded stocks and other hospital companies. a big area. >> mellody, you look good from top to bottom, get a shot of your shoes before we go to break. more than what -- >> swing them up there. >> my foot? how can i do that? >> there you go. >> well done. >> a good gym shot, by the way. >> thank you, mellody. as a divisive election season ends, cbs "this morning" is rolling out a new series to suggest americans might be more united than we think called "a
8:37 am
we'll meet a group of new york moms using experiences of their kids applying to college to helpless privileged students. please send your ideas, plus a utah man turns to users of social sharing site reddit for help recovering songs his late wife recorded on her computer. >> wow. and the unlikely pair proving that talking to strangers can lead to the most heartwarming friendships. this series here on cbs "this morning" will kick off next week. again, it's called "a more perfect union. gayle? >> haven't seen it and love it already. >> i know. >> what a great idea. i'm not just saying that because i'm contractually obligated. that's terrific. >> we're not obligated to say -- >> no, we're not. that's great. >> i think so, too. the series called "west world," not so far away. and in our toyota green room sharing how she plays a robot character with no conscious. not like you, ms. newton.
8:38 am
in low income neighborhoods get the help they need to stay in school and go on to college. i have a dream foundation provides mentoring, academic help, and tuition to make this dream come true. learn how this program helps students build life skills while increasing high school graduation and college participation rates. visit:
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cbs cares. there are oceans and rocks. places where fish swim and birds fly. history is made. art is created. things happen that should always be remembered. when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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8:41 am
8:42 am
someone else? >> i don't think so. why? >> you have a sort of -- really if it's the life you want? >> i don't intend to make this my life's work. no offense. >> none taken. and joining us, thandie newton. sunday's episode, revolutionary developments for you. my question after watching you in this role, playing an android, flawed and flawless at the same time? that's what her character is to me. don't you think so? >> no. i don't think she's flawed at all. >> you don't?
8:43 am
>> here are the thing, she's been programmed to be the way she is, which is why she has this incredibly focused zen-like quality. what i love about the robots. interestingly, breakthrough dreams, nightmares and starts to question her identity, really, based on these things, she is malfunctioning, and that's what makes her more human, and i love the parallels with the show. that actually what we are, what we're looking at is human behavior. with the show. >> and i know it was the fact -- the main dream, early on in the series, that was the first real breakthrough we saw. these androids as they made their way, perhaps, to -- >> consciousness. >> it really is, asks the question, people will hear us talking about androids having dreams, what? that's been the point specifically. >> yes it is, but the sci-fi adopts a space to play out
8:44 am
where we're heading, because it's in that fantasy place. we're safe from it, but these questions are real. you know? i feel -- what i loved about maeve, i felt i was playing her awakening and it was paralleling my own that i had. became an adult and started to ask questions about my programming. i think we're all programmed and living in a degree of virtual reality. aren't we? because they feel those parallels. >> yeah. >> how do you see and explain what is "westworld"? >> "westworld" is a theme park and i don't think that it's that unimaginable, frankly. a place you go and it's populated by machines that are there, you know, for your bidding, and you can do whatever you want and whatever happens in "westworld" stays in "westworld." a place to understand the appetite of people's vices.
8:45 am
>> it's scary. violent, and there's a lot of nudie. i'm fascinated you said for you, it's more freeing for you to be nude rather than be, wear that corset. >> they day of the week. >> i would be nude if i could be in the fetal position. the fact that you feel -- >> i'm just walking around. >> you are. >> full-out naked. and you feel okay doing that? >> goodness, yes. it's not something i feel comfortable going in life at all. the other costumes. maeve in the saloon, tiny waist, boobs pushed up to my neck. the panty line, ruffled skirt, all of these clothe there's to invite a lustful feeling from the viewer. from the, you know, person coming into the park and i really, really found that invitation incredibly disempowering.
8:46 am
>> in my life, i like -- i like this to be the area of communication. not this, you know? because i'm an intelligent person and respect the person i'm talking to. >> very fulfilling and a great cast. j.j. abrams. >> ed harris. >> yes. >> thank you. >> it's so good. "westworld" airs sunday nights on hbo. so good. up next, all that matters this week. you're watching cbs "this morning." ll that matter it's this week. you're wat
8:47 am
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8:49 am
veterans day. let's not forget that today. that does it for us. as we leave you, let's take a look back at all that mattered this week. have a good weekend t. is time for us to come together as one united people. >> and the 2016 election ended
8:50 am
around the world. >> the presidency was trump's. >> truly believe she was going to win. >> being your candidate has been one. greatest honors of my life. >> this is not the outcome we wanted or we worked so hard for, and i'm sorry we did not win this election. >> being described as the biggest political upset. >> we really navigated and survived our days on the campaign -- >> insiders who make a living trying to predict, they are all scratching their >> and with trump's name on them became beacons for thousands are protestors angry over the results. >> racists, home oh fobic massa massagenist nightmare! >> never met each other. i have great respect. >> two things happened after donald trump got elected
8:51 am
easier for the next four years. >> i want to say to president-elect trump, congratulations to you and milania and the new first family and to vladimir putin and everybody in russia. [ speaking in foreign language ] ? about you, hey, la, la, la, femme wh tell me what ya gonna do ? >> all: usa! >> i pledge i will be president for all american >> pollsters are dead wrong. >> consider yourself -- >> i did yesterday, but today, i'm now a communications specialist. >> okay. got t. the end of the election. can you believe it? what a year tonight has been. ? left man, and a crowd ? >> a squirrel running around in the end zone. >> and on the -- >> all right.
8:52 am
>> didn't want us to come in the studio. i said, we can't come here and not see the studio. >> after 18 years, do they still have it? >> well, we'll let y'all decide. ? >> canada's immigration site has crashed because there's been so many inquiries about moving to cana canada. reminds me of brexit when the brexit vote happened. ne >> check my sources. >> and i mean -- >> any name from you, gayle. johnny apple. >> you all look alike, bob. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> well, i was the one who said yesterday, you know, the way this thing is going, the effects thing that will happen it will rain crawdads. >> well --
8:53 am
? oh, i,, ,
8:54 am
,, ,,
8:55 am
good morning, it's 5 right now u crews are working to fix a water main break at 6th and logan. copters were over the scene while the surf was up. a big pool of water t intersection. jaimie is there with the latest. >> reporter: they're absolutely tearing apart the roadway right now. you can see they're trying to access this water main which i'm told was built in 1890, it's lasted a long time but it did break and you saw how much water was spewing out of it earlier this morning. they told customers it could take up to 8 hours although there is no official time when this will be completed. they have a lot of work in
8:56 am
once they repair the water main. a very old water main burst, a lot of residents have been impacted all the way down to washington from grant to washington. a lot of people are out without water. and on 5th, between 5th and 6th street as well. a lot of people without water and pablo's coffee is closed because of it. so, businesses are impacted as well as residential areas. let's check in with joel for want to use that piece of equipment, i'm jealous, this will be shut down for a while between grant and logan. they're rerouting traffic on to 5th. we had an auto pedestrian accident nearby. there will be added volume on the side streets because of that. we have an accident at santa fe and dartmouth blocking off the hov lane.
8:57 am
8:58 am
,, tease 8:55, we have clear chilly, it's a taste of november weather up today. the same thing in the mountains, we have a cold front moving through yesterday, we're anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees cooler. instead of 70 yesterday, we'll be at 56 followed by 60s in the weekend, a nice warmup, on this veterans day, we give thanks to all who have served.
8:59 am
9:00 am
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