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tv   CBS4 Morning News-7A  CBS  November 12, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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into is the news, breaking in afghanistan, a suicide bomber dressed as a laborer blew himself up, killing four people and hurting 18 others. he managed the enter the heavily protected largest u.s. base in afghanistan by with laborerers when he detonated a suicide vest. we 'll bringing you the latest when we hear more. let's get your day started with a check on the weather. >> good morning, happy saturday, everybody. we're looking good today. a look at our lookout mountain camera, the city is in the middle, a little bit of haze, but mostly clear.
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start to the morning. in erie, 26, 37 in city park, and 39 in littleton, so a little cold out there this morning. here is the satellite and radar, you can see we've had a northeasterly flow all night long so cooler air backing in against the foothills. that will change during the day and shift out to the west and help to warm our temperatures up a little bit. a great day looking forward to today. sunny and cool. 49 at 9 a.m. this morning. 65 at noon, and a few degrees yesterday. we should be 67 degrees with mostly sunny skies today. we have a warming trend in the week ahead, but it will get warmer and milder than 67 degrees over the next several days. we'll check that out. in the meantime, kelly, back to you and i'll see you in a little bit. >> i'm going to have to check my calendar, it's november, right? >> yeah. developing right now, the search is on for a suspect who is on the run after three people are hurt in a
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it happened around 10:00 off 31st and fillmore. people hurt do not have life threatening injuries. denver police are investigating another shooting that happened a mile away from 31st and fillmore, it happened on 28th and jackson, and one man was take tonne the hospital. police --en police tell us the man is okay but the shooter is on the run this morning. troopers were called to west 66th and lowell last night around 9:00. a 53-year-old woman was hit and is being treated for serious injuries in an area hospital. state patrol is looking for a 2009, black or possibly grey, bmw sedan. it will have damage to the front, hood, and windshield. a man was behind the wheel when
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was hit. this case does remain under investigation. right now cleanup continues on westbound i-70 to vail. drivers are asked to use highway 91. state patrol, they tweeted these photos late last night of what seems to be a big rig fire. can you see the flames there. at last check there is no estimated time when that road will be back open. the latest now on president-elect donald trump protests. portland p investigating the shooting on the morrison bridge after spending much of the night trying to control protesters. police say one person was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. a witness says a man protesting on the bridge was confronted by a driver and when he got out he threatened those protesters and then fired the gun. police are searching for the gunman. as protests break out for a third night in major u.s. cities, president-elect donald trump gave some insight into what he wants his health
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his transition team. we have the latest. >> reporter: police in riot gear to disperse anti-trump protesters in portland on friday. >> tear gas, is this what america is about? >> reporter: the move came after several hours of mostly peaceful protests in the city. in atlanta they burned an american flag in the middle of demonstrators stopped traffic on a major highway in miami. this trump supporter got stuck in the middle. >> it's going to get together, and there's no way around that. >> reporter: people marched down michigan avenue in chicago. in new york. >> i'm in grief. it's okay to be in grief. >> reporter: they gathered for a love rally. >> why is it that you disagree with trump being the president? >> i understand that trump was
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disagree with that. i disagree with the messages he sent during his campaign. >> reporter: trump appears to be changing his message. he says he's open to keeping some parts of obama care. >> when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions still -- >> yes. because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you'll keep that? >> also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. >> you're going to keep that. >> very much try to keep th. something we try to keep. >> reporter: he shook up his transition team putting mike pence in charge replacing chris christie. high school students staged a walkout here yesterday. they're too young to vote but they tell us they still want their voices heard. an update now on road
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between grant and logan. the pipe is fixed and crews are working on restoring waters. dozens of homes and businesses were left without water when the pipe burst yesterday morning. workers had to cut out and replace a 18-foot section of a cast iron pipe that was installed there pack in 1890, yes, 1890. and it's believed that old age is why that pipe burst. costumes from a galaxy far, far away will soon be on display for visitors at the denver art museum. the new exhibit w the power of costume" opens tomorrow. it features 70 costumes that actors wore in all the "star wars and the power of costume" film. you can buy tickets, so go to our website, is the force strong with the weather this morning, dave? >> it's been strong with the weather for like three months around here. another warm, warm, sunny day is on the way here but on the weather map
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. blue cases are low but our temperatures are abnormally high right now. >> i love when they play the big upbeat orchestra music when we come in,
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morning. if you're just waking up, it's chilly out there. there is a little chill in the air. 37 degrees downtown. there is a live look for you. it's going to be a clear morning out there and with the clear skies we had overnight last night we lost a lot of heat. we're cool this morning. start you oat in holy oak, 37. 23 in greeley, a lot of places at the freezing point or a like d.i.a. at 34. it is cold this morning, a fall-like morning out there. satellite and radar together now shows the cloud cover moving from the northeast. so we have a little northeasterly flow. it's still cooler air that came in yesterday that is pumping back into the mountains and that will change as we go through the day, and the reason why, as that cooler air starts to move out to the east here, high pressure will start to form in again over arizona, back into utah here, and we'll start to get a more
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there is a cold front out here, northern california up into washington and oregon. that will ride over that high pressure ridge and move up to the north so it should no effect on us as far as the weekend is concerned. so great morning going on, if you're going to the veterans parade this morning, you'll be in the sunshine in downtown denver. it will be cool, you may need a jacket this morning. and then tomorrow we have a little bit after system coming in to the northern mountains here with a little bit of cloud cover but that and it will be downsloping and warm us up more. 50s in the mountains and 60s and 50s out west. my forecast for denver, 67 degrees today, a little bit warmer than yesterday. and then 68 on sunday. if you missed the 70s, well, they'll be back monday, tuesday, and wednesday. looking and low to mid-70s as we heat up a little bit. tuesday could be interesting because i think the record on tuesday is about 78.
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that. so, i know we need the moisture but it's hard to complain about 60s and 70s this time of year. hey, gang, sometimes parents feel like a human atm. i have a 13-year-old and she's saying i want to go to the mall, can i have some money to do that? and that happens. whether they're having night out with a friends or fees for school things, teens >> how teens are costing us money and how parents with save. dave is interested in this. how can we save money with our teens. >> there is a number of different ways, expenses out there. for example as a financial mraern, my daughter got playing club softball. it's so expensive. most people spend between 100 to $500 a
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on club sports, it's expensive. that's not counting the other fees going with it. it can be very, very expensive. >> sure. >> the expensives, we know our kids will get into basketball, we know they're going to do soccer, but there are some expenses that you don't count on that are unexpected and that's what really gets you, right? >> how about an example of cell phones. 10, 15 that expense. a lot of people are paying $200 a month for their cell phone bills for their packages. you negotiate toward the end of a contract. there are a lot of packages, you show how people are trying to limit the costs because it can be very expensive. >> right. what can we do to teach kids how to -- teens, rather, how to use money or to be smarter about it and earn it maybe themselves? >> that's a great thing.
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that certain families, money is taboo. p you just don't talk about money. there is a wall up there that you don't talk about that. this is a wonderful time to teach our kids things. allowance, how do you -- how do you spend some of your own money? >> i'm going through that dilemma now. balancing out an allowance and then giving them chores and if you do these chores you get an allowance. is that a good idea to actually make them work for the money they're getting? >> how about you teaching them life lessons instead of them learning about it. learning a little bit about how much you should spend, prom night, you know, i throw this out. >> i don't want to think about that right now. [ laughter ]. >> i tell you it's $900 a night is what the average is. >> what? >>. >> oh, my gosh. >> could you need to have a stretch limo? it can be expensive.
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night. >> patrick thank you for being here and giving us great advice. >> thanks for having me. >> you can visit for more information. >> here is mark haas with your morning sports. time for the chevy sports break. >> the injury report for the week is simple, tal a the saints. denver defense still one of the best in the nfl but they have issues like stopping the run so they could use some help from the offense if the team is going to make another post-season run. nobody said getting back to the super bowl would be easy. >> i would like to play in a season where we just kill everybody and go undefeated all the way to the championship and then we blow whoever it is out in the super bowl and that's not how to works
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have, you know, leadership in place, we have everything in place, so with that formula for like at the end of it we'll be able to get out of it. it's just tough right now. >> broncos and saints, 11 a.m. tomorrow, right here on cbs4. >> announcer: this has been a chevy sports break, brought to you by chevrolet, most awarded car
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. woel come back, food -- welcome back. it's chilly this morning. it's mostly sunny out there this morning. just a little cloud way out there in the distance. not too bad this morning.
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west arvana has 34 degrees this morning. cloud cover moved through last night as that cooler air is pumping in here but it's cleared out this morning and it should stay that way for most of the day. looking at mostly clear skies here. clear skies in sections of washington that will ride the high pressure moving over colorado. high temperature today of 67 degrees. looking good around here, and evar we'll have the five-day forecast coming up in the next half hour. hang tight. watching video on your phone won't use up as much data next year if you're an at & t user. the cell phone provider is introducing stream saver which will play lower band width videos if available. kenneth cole is closing almost
7:22 am
six months, including the locations in castle rock and lakewood. only two full price stores will remain open. the company says it will focus on international stores and online sales. and instagram is reportedly testing a live video feature to compete with youtube, snapchat and others. the ceo says users will be able to stream video to the world or just your friends in go insta has been tested in russia. no word when it will go live here. the u.s. men's national team took on mexico last night in ohio. with mexico up 1-0. that's colorado rapids goalie tim howard he went down after a goalie kick with a groin injury. he would leave the game. his status for the game on november 22nd
7:23 am
who gets through for the equalizer. this one is tied up at 1-1. with two minutes left, mexico kicked in the corner kick and they score the game winning goal, 2-1 was the final in ohio. up next for the u.s. is costa rica. cdot wants coloradans to pay a new tax to drive. how much
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,, ,, ,, ,, it's holiday time, and no fruit is as versatile as our ocean spray cranberries,
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holidays." the fig's gonna be so bummed. [ chuckles ]
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. cdot is considering charging colorado drivers by the mile. it's a controversial proposal. we spoke with cdot to find out how much money they plan to charge. . >> reporter: a new cdot research study could change the way you pay to get around. >> and the primary way we pay for our
7:27 am
number of reasons and it's not keeping up with all of our growth. >> reporter: the 40 cent gas tax isn't keeping up with the team. >> with tech knowledge and vehicles it's no longer keeping up. >> reporter: they're working on a pilot that would charge drivers one penny per mile. >> you pay for as many miles you travel on the road. >> reporter: with an $80 gap, cdot says population growth and fuel efficient vehicles are doing little to help. >> they're driving on a road that has to be kept up and if we don't have the funds to do that right now, we're going to be in a significant challenge. >> reporter: over the next few months the pilot will look at differences between rural and urban drivers. >> rural drivers drive long distances and take less trips and urban
7:28 am
>> they're currently accepting applications for drivers interested in the pilot program. if you would like to calculate how the tax would affect your car, go to our website police
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,, ,, ,,
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and welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. it is 7:30 on saturday, november 12th. it is a chilly start to your saturday, but we're going to have some very nice temperatures throughout the weekend. dave aguilera has your forecast. >> good morning. blue skies, sunshine, not a bad way to wake up this morning. temperatures as we look at the map here, you can see where the cool is, northern part of the metro area, looking at 20s and 30s. erie is 27, 32 in brighton, littleton is 40 degrees right now. and our weather watcher bambi moss coming in in the 30s. north northeast, clear skies, that has helped drop the temperature this morning. the winds will move a little more westerly during the afternoon, and a lot
7:31 am
be a nice day. 49 at 9, 65 at noon, and the high should be 67 degrees and lots and lots of sunshine today. not a bad way to kick off the weekend. warmer tomorrow, warmer monday, warmer tuesday, we'll have the five-day forecast for you in just a little bit. >> thank you, dave. we continue to follow breaking news in afghanistan. a suicide bomber blew himself up at the base at bahgram. he entered the base by standing in cue afghan laborerers. . trump protests continue across the country, including overnight in portland, where a man was shot on the morrison bridge. >> oh my god, there is a fight. no, no, shots in the air. the gun is being shot in the air.
7:32 am
shot. >> portland police are investigating the shooters. one man was shot and taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. a witness says the man protesting on the bridge was confronted by a driver who threatened protesters before firing a gun and that gunman is on the run this morning. in his first tv interview donald trump tells about the he got from hillary clinton. >> hillary calls you, tell us about it. >> hillary called and it was a lovely call and it was a tough call for her. i mean, i can imagine. tougher for her than it would have been for me and for me it would have been very, very difficult. she couldn't have been nicer. she just said congratulations, donald. well done. and i said, i want to thank you very much, you were a great competitor.
7:33 am
conversation during the full interview on 60 minutes tomorrow night at six right here on cbs4. a desperate search for two dangerous men believed to be behind a violent crime spree which started on friday morning. >> reporter: two men tell our partners at kktv a group of men forced them at gunpoint into their home one of them said his mother was sleeping inside and the group showed mercy. still, leaving them in their garage with their hands bound stealing their two vehicles. >> they are considered incredibly dangerous and they are armed. >> reporter: according to kktv the suspects turned up at a gun shop and then fled. one of the stolen vehicles was spotted by
7:34 am
none were hurt and police lost sight of the suspect. they recovered both stolen vehicles. >> these folks were calculated and very directed in their contact. >> two men were taken into custody last night. k-9s were used in the search and fortunately no one was hurt. with the holidays fast approaching online shoppers are placing their orders. thieves know this and are already busy stealing packages denver police posted these surveillance videos on their facebook page and police say porch pirates better think twice. >> reporter: thieves, watching, waiting, and stealing packages at the front step of homes just about everywhere. year after year. >> my wife was pulled pulling into the grabbing when the guy was there taking packages. >> reporter: some are arming
7:35 am
police are luring thieves with bait box. >> as the thief approaches, we might be watching that box. >> reporter: they're keeping the details on how those boxes are tracked to themselves. but with more than $23 million americans -- 23 million americans falling victim to porch pirates, they're not the only one using those devices. >> they contain gps tracking devices them. >> reporter: the best prevention a protection. if you have gifts delivered plan for every circumstance. >> this packages shipped to a workplace, a trusted friend or neighbor. >> you can also track your package to make sure when you are home when it is delivered or require a signature so if you can't be there it isn't left on your door step. a state of the the art
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earth after a successful launch much. the world view 4 blasted off from california yesterday. it was builtly lockhesb martead martin. it can take photographs anywhere on earth's surface. and you have a chance to meet cu mascot ralphie today. he pictures at blake street tavern off park avenue west. the buffs take on the wildcats tonight at eight. an update on road repairs after a water main break on 6 between grant and logan. denver water says the pipe is fixed and they're working on restoring water. but apparently the road is still closed this morning after dozens of homes and businesses were left without water yesterday morning. they were expected to reopen overnight, workers had to cut out and replace a 18-foot section of a cast iron
7:37 am
was installed there back in 1890. north carolina police are looking for a man suspected of setting fires in a national forest. more than two dozen wildfires,,
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,, ,,
7:40 am
right now a weather man is in jail for arson after he admitted to starting a wildfire there. police say 21-year-old johnny molins started the fire because he enjoyed the attention he was getting on facebook. meanwhile the search continues for a man accused of starting 20 wildfires in the national forest in north carolina. the fires have burned more than 16,000 acres, north carolina's governor did declare a state of emergency f counties on thursday. there have been some evacuations. the fires are being helped by extreme drought conditions in the area. we need moisture here, too. a lot of areas of the country are feeling the effects, just not getting the moisture around here. we have to be careful. >> it didn't look like we'll see much. there is a system coming in next thursday that might give us a little cooldown and little bit of moisture, so let's cross our fingers for that one. >> we need it.
7:41 am
to get out, but we need a big snowstorm or rain storm. i'd take an all day rain would be nice. we need a couple of those. out there, a live look from our tech center camera, hazy, cooler air moisture lingering around here since yesterday. that should be washing out over the next couple of days. chilly out there. oh lot of 20s and 30s showing up. greeley you guys are at 27 degrees this morning. freezing point in fort collins. doug goodman in lafayette as 36 degrees, and northwest of brush is at 27 degrees this morning. here is the reason why. we had a cool front go through yesterday. some cloud cover with that but not much. still getting the flow out of the north and northeast that's keeping us cool along with the clear skies overnight. that will be shifting to afternoon and over the next couple of days.
7:42 am
moving further out east and that high pressure will resurge across arizona, and back into colorado. that should warm us up a little today and tomorrow, all the way through the middle of next week the way things are looking. there is a cold front here with rain over california, washington, and oregon. that should be ride that high pressure ridge and move into the northern rockies, not affecting colorado much. the futurecast for today, mostly clear skies, just a handful of clouds here and there and then we go into tomorrow, a little bit of moisture comes in off of the cool front that will here but it doesn't amount to much. a few afternoon clouds tomorrow, that will be it. temperatures today, 60s across the eastern plains, 50s primarily in the mountains and in the 60s and 50s out west. my forecast for denver today, upper 60s, 67 degrees, warmer than yesterday. 68 tomorrow. so almost a carbon copy tomorrow. and then monday, tuesday, and wednesday, the ridge strengthens up, we get up into
7:43 am
week. a little breezy on wednesday. thursday we'll be cooling down. some of the models having us going into the 40s. >> what? >> i don't know if it will quite that cool but there is a cooldown coming. this week is hunger and homelessness awareness week and lee ann wheeler is here this morning to tell us more. what is this week all about? >> this week is about informing the public, educating the is, and what isn't, homelessness. hunger, is prevalent. i think a lot of our community fails to understand that. and so this is a week and an opportunity to bring that knowledge and understanding to our general public. >> i know you have a lot of knowledge on this subject. i'm going to refer to my notes because you have quite the resume as well, president of the board for the metro denver homelessness initiative. you have your own business, you are a veteran, thank you for your
7:44 am
point. can you tell us what that was like. >> it was disorienting. that's the overwhelming feeling as i recall the experience and it was unexpected. what it brought for me was an opportunity to understand what my contact for homelessness was and how my context was inaccurate. i led a homeless mission for my church befo wondered where people with coming from, wondered what the services wrshgs and what they were doing when they were not onn our presence on the saturday morning and the experience told me where they were coming from, where they were going, and what they were doing. it informs the work now. >> and we know that there's a surge of homelessness happening in denver. what can people do to help this
7:45 am
website. they ask you come together with your community and neighborhood to identify who is and who isn't experiencing this trauma. as it is trauma. >> sure. >> we need community to understand that it's family prevalently, unaccompanied minors, who are experiencing homele bus stop who are experiencing homelessness. join us in community as we get the word out. >> we're so thankful you were here this morning to help us get that conversation started and that knowledge started. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and hunger and homelessness week starts today and runs through next weekend. we have a link on our website, the tears and hugs after hillary clinton's concession speech.
7:46 am
7:47 am
,, ,,
7:48 am
,, . the agony of defeat was apparent in the faces of hillary clinton's campaign staff as she conceded to donald concession. >> reporter: instead of just listening to hillary clinton's concession, watch it on the faces of her staff. >> you will have successes and setbacks, too. this loss hurts. >> reporter: the hurt was written all over as they wiped away tears, and held hands, and comforted each other with hugs. [ music ]. . >> reporter: hugs and rubs and
7:49 am
>> this is painful. and it will be for a long time. >> reporter: it left congressman joe crawly with his head in his hand. hillary herself was on the verge of tears but kept her composure. >> to all the little girls watching this. >> reporter: you didn't have to be a little girl to cry. a nail biter had turned into a heart breaker. some in the audience struggled minute. >> even in secret, private, facebook. >> reporter: laughed the next when hillary finished conceding she consoled her staff more than they consoled here. >> hey, hello, dear one. thank you, thank you so much. i'm so proud of you. thank you. >> you were so wonderful in every way. >> reporter: some had worked for
7:50 am
for years while others ... you're a super star. >> reporter: first campaign, first loss. >> never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. >> reporter: which left bill clinton mouthing the words, "that's my girl." >> and if you were caught up on all the political posts on facebook, you may have missed the site saying some users were dead. some people were seeing a memorializing certain profiles yesterday afternoon. at one point facebook ceo mark zuckerberg was declared dead by his own network. facebook says it's sorry it happened and they're working quickly to fix it. new video of a u.s. army family watching a message in tallahassee last night, after the clip is over,
7:51 am
field to see his wife and family. i love these those clips. >> it's great. the sun is shining brightly at bucky, at mile high stadium, the bronco are playing in a dome so they shouldn't have any problems. we'll take a look at the five-day forecast seeing if there are any problems in the days ahead. m the meantime, beautiful
7:52 am
,, ,,
7:53 am
7:54 am
,, ,, ,, . here is our weekend look and another dry weekend out there. get out and enjoy t we have the veterans day parade later this morning, upper 60s
7:55 am
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r classes? we have all kinds of students. you know, we have people in the medical profession. we have carpenters. we have truck drivers. we have stay-at-home moms, teachers, even professional athletes. the key thing is they realize they can still make their dreams and goals happen through trading and investing in the markets. and, actually, you have a free half-day class that you're offering to our viewers. i actually attended that course, and it was fantastic. but tell us a little bit about what people are going to learn. yeah, it's an amazing class. i love that class as well. really works. you're going to leave that class understanding that you can make money in up markets and in down markets, and you can do so with less risk than most people believe. and i think the best thing you're going to have is a clear path that you can pursue to make the markets start working for you rather than against you. all right, and actually going back to the whole gambling scenario, now you're basically teaching people how to count cards to win. how to be the house, basically. yeah, absolutely. how to be the casino. yeah. and i'll tell you, it was fantastic.
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so i'm not just gambling, i'm actually being a professional. let's actually take a listen to some of yours students, what they had to say. great. before, our trading was, i have to say, sheer luck, and now we have a much better understanding of something much more technical about the market. in ota you learn a lot of techniques and processes that you have to learn the hard way after reading books and trying to do it on your own in the market, you know. your learning curve, builds your confidence, and you get to a more profitable level much, much faster. you know, why would you say most of your students come to see you? well, oddly enough, it's not about the money, chris, it's what the money can do for them. so many people today, you know, maybe they're struggling in their current job and they want a source of income that can't be outsourced or downsized.
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or maybe it's just the lifestyle. maybe they don't love the work they have and they want to have more time to do the things that they're passionate about, or maybe they have a cause or family that they want to take care of, any host of number reasons, really. yeah, and i'll tell you when i attended the class, i met people, and it was diverse with what they wanted. so thanks for explaining this to us. i'm going to tell people how they can get ahold of you and take advantage of this free half-day class. great. so thanks so much. call now to attend a free half-day class on trading and investing for short-term income and long-term wealth. e value of this class is $500 but the tuition is waived for callers from the show. you'll also receive a complementary flash drive on market timing that's worth $200 just for attending, so call (866) 816-1918. seating is extremely limited, so call now. you can also visit their website their number again is (866) 816-1918.
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narrator: today on ?lucky dog,? court is in session as a gentle poodle mix vies to become a child advocate alongside her new owner, but until olive can the jury remains out on her adoption. brandon: if i feel that olive has the potential to bite a kid, the deal is off. brandon: i'm brandon mcmillan, and i've dedicated my life to saving the lonely, unwanted dogs that are living without hope. my mission is to make sure these amazing animals find


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