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tv   CBS4 News at Noon  CBS  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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make this the best thanksgiving with the best pie in america from village inn. bring home favorites, like pecan and pumpkin supreme. to order your thanksgiving pies, go to call or visit a restaurant today. weather alert. snow is finally falling in the metro area and along the front range. bucky getting a taste of snow right now at mile high. this is a view from our camera there. i'm alan gionet and this is the news. might not be sticking here but it's doing that in the high country. i-70 and vail pass has it
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accident. we have team coverage now matt kroschel is at the eisenhower tunnel. but let's start with meteorologist ashton altieri. hey, ashton. >> i'm warmer an matt is now with all that snow. this is i-70 and genesee, look at the snow falling. 26 there. 36 here in denver. few snowflakes flying around town and that will continue the through this evening. doppler 4000 this is the first snowfall of the season of course for the denver area. just four days shy of what would have been a record for thefirst snow on record. first batch coming through early this afternoon and the second one for the evening commute. let's take you through time here. i'm going to pause the futurecast at 3:00 p.m. notice a few snow showers
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6:00 with snow falling around denver, boulder, perhaps snow around fort collins and some of that could be heavy at times i- 25 through douglas county and over monument hill to the springs. by 9:00 p.m. the snow is winding down by that point. by hid night tonight -- midnight not much snow left. how much snow are we going to see? expecting up to 2 inches in the metro area. most of that on the ground. pes and closer to monument hill. the mountains, 4 to 10 inches of very welcomed snow. the ski areas obviously very happy about this. and of course today much colder. it's 45 degrees colder outside now than it was yesterday at this time. coming up we'll talk about all this in more detail and we'll talk about what happens after this storm departs tonight. forecast for friday and the weekend is straight ahead. i know who is a lot colder right now.
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country has wanted, but maybe not the drivers, matt. >> reporter: no, absolutely not. but i can tell you all those folks on the hill and looking ahead to this weekend of skiing are going to love this fresh snow. i want to get to some of the road conditions. we have new information from cdot. eisenhower tunnel westbound i- 70 to silverthorne closed down because they are trying to clear a lot of wrecks. it's also closed on i just confirmed information from the colorado state patrol that we've had a fatal crash near silverthorne, a rollover with a fatality. dangerous conditions up here now. i want to show you the video of what it looked like as we were coming up eastbound from silverthorne here to the tunnel. this was just shot within the last hour. you can see how those conditions have changed so quickly up here. the amount of snow, the
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it's starting to stick here. we got up here just as most of the vehicles decided to pull off and wait this thing out until those plows could get back out. out here live i can show you this basically didn't have snow on it when we got here, and here we are now with i-70 closed from the tunnel to silverthorne westbound and eastbound is slow going, if anybody is making it up, i've only seen a few cars. we saw a completely pulled off the side of the road there and jackknifed. not a fun day for drivers. great day for skiers. live at the eisenhower tunnel, matt kroschel. cdot has been ready for the snow. they're getting ready for more tow plows that clear snow from two lanes at the same time. they have 13 and will get another 10 next year. they also have 142 traditional
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for the mountain corridor. >> doing our job effectively means getting moms and dads to and from work safely, kids to and from school, friends to community events and goods we depend on delivered to their destination. >> cdot reminding drivers don't try to pass a plow, especially the tow plows. the safest place is behind th and traffic by heading to any time. today president-elect donald trump will host japan's prime minister. cbs's kenneth craig explains. >> reporter: donald trump junior posed with security guards at trump tower this morning as the president- elect's team continues its
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kissinger and north carolina's governor nikki haley. >> he's loving this role, taking many phone calls, going through paperwork and discussing forming his cabinet and he's enjoying it. >> reporter: published reports say mr. trump's son-in-law is being considered for a top level white house role. cbs news has learned trump has five front-runners for key positions in the white house. former director of the defense intense agency mike flynn is the favorite for national security advisor. vice president elect mike pence met with congressional republicans about moving the trump agenda forward. >> rebuild our military, revive our economy. >> reporter: later today trump will meet with japan's prime minister who says he wants to build trust with the next president. hillary clinton struck an
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appearance since last week. she told supporters to stay engaged. >> that's how we get through this. >> reporter: she spoke at the children's defense fund, the nonprofit where she started her career. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. obama continues his final foreign visit. he's in berlin today. it is his sixth visit to germany during his administration. he's visiting chancellor merkel, he said he could not ask reliable partner on the world stage. he says a strong alliance protects the future. >> if we don't have a strong transatlantic alliance standing up for those things, we will be giving to our children a worse world. we will go backwards instead of forwards. whoever the u.s. president is, whoever the chancellor of germany is, we need to remember that and our citizenry who decide who our presidents and chancellors are, need to
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great britain, italy and spain. an update on the man whod a mid-ed to opening fire on the planned parenthood a year ago. the judge has again ruled robert dear is not competent to stand trial. he was yelling again as he entered the courtroom again this morning. this means he goes back for more treatment at the mental health facility to see if his condition find out what sparked a deadly gas explosion in central illinois. it killed at least one person and leveled a building. >> there used to be a building there, guys. >> reporter: video captured shortly after the blast shows how powerful the explosion was. it was around 6:00 p.m.
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man, a utility worker investigating a leak. 11 others injured. >> glass blown everywhere. >> reporter: debris from damaged buildings littered the streets while emergency workers scrambled to help the injured. this video taken from inside a nearby local business displayed the strength of the explosion. >> just a massive rumble and a big boom and ju >> reporter: overnight community members wasted no time picking up the pieces, boarding up broken windows and cleaning up affected businesses. >> i might lose the building. >> reporter: jeff hawk owns a local shop that was also devastated by the blast. >> there's been reports that people that felt it on the other side of the lake, like 5 miles from downtown. people heard it from that far
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area. they've brought in a team of structural engineers to look at the other buildings. few minutes ago matt kroschel told us the highway was closed tunnel to silverthorne, but now we give you a live look at georgetown, because cdot is telling us, state patrol telling us as well, the highway is now closed at georgetown and that runs the highway is closed there. you see the camera panning up and the backups caused by this. as you go higher up you have the heavy snow falling because of crashes, i-70 georgetown to silverthorne closed, traction law in effect as well. coming up, good news for parents about booster seats. how well they're doing when it comes to keeping our kids safe. plus, it's time to start
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,, ,, happening now, we're getting ready for the holidays and getting help in planning our fun with our mile high holidays program. jamie leary, looks a lot like christmas already. >> reporter: despite the 80s yesterday, the snowfall today couldn't be more timed.
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this is one of the many amazing traditions you can take part in throughout this month and next couple of weeks as well. we have a lot of things going on that showcase the spirit of the city. more than 500 events happening between now through new year's eve up to the western stock show. of course, here you can get your usual picture with santa. but there is a new twist for that. we're going to let mayor hancock give us a little demo. >> there there you go. and you are making a fine cadet. excellent job. >> kind of looked like ed greene, didn't he? >> reporter: spitting image of ed greene. you can become a member of the elf flight academy. mayor hancock is now an official cadet. it's all about getting the families excited about the
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caroling, the fireworks, it's a huge boon to the industry. >> as we all get into the holiday spirit we want you to think locally and enjoy all the city has to offer, and we have a lot to offer. we're a destination during the holiday season and we want our locals to enjoy it as well. >> reporter: i think i know that guy right there. that's santa. you can come down here and get your picture with santa claus, too, and i showing you i am also a cadet. i need to get fitted for my flight uniform. let's do this. >> put your arms like this. >> reporter: coming up -- occasionally it works, occasionally it doesn't. this is really cool. this is all free. obviously it's not quite
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family, get your picture with santa, and the next big event the big light show downtown denver, starting november 25th at 6:30 p.m. tons of activities to do. live in cherry creek mall, jamie leary, cbs4 news. >> you might be too tall to be an elf. thanks a lot, appreciate it. you can find out all the details about mile high holidays at that snow is fake, but it looked real. she rehearse live tv, doesn't work. it's snowing. i'm not sure i would ever say that this weekend. our first snow is usually the 18th of october. about a month behind schedule, better late than never. if you look closely you'll see the state flag with all the snow flying in the foreground. 33 the temperature now in downtown denver. it is a lot colder than
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we have 30s all around the denver, boulder and fort collins areas. most mountain locations in the 20s and 30s. look at this remarkable change, 47 degrees colder this hour than it was yesterday at this time in boulder. just a dramatic change. rain and snow, depending where you're at. in the denver area, all snow. out on the western slope here's the next batch, that will be in here for this evening and southern colorado it's rain from the springs to web hoe and trip -- pueblo and trinidad. and down that way it will stay mainly rain. there's the front, that's the first of two different parts of this storm system. the second is the actual upper level low. that's producing the snow. it will be out of here as quickly as it arrives. sunshine will be back tomorrow, sunny and dry through the
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the high country, i-70 corridor. snow continuing tonight. denver and front range, here's 6:00 p.m. as we get closer to the drive home later today i think the snow will intensify a little bit. between 6:00 and 9:00 it will start to taper off. closer to midnight tonight and certainly by tomorrow morning, this is 6:00 a.m. tomorrow, the snow is gone, outside of maybe a few renegade snowflakes in the high country. 4to 8 inches of craig. other mountain areas are under a winter weather advisory, including summit county, 4to 10 inches there. 2to 5 inches in southern wyoming 80 corder. 2to 4 san juans and telluride. how much are we going to see in the metro area? a trace to 2 inches for the denver, boulder and fort collins areas. similar amounts on the eastern plains. one exception will be along the
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inches there. meanwhile, most mountain areas 4 to 10 inches from steamboat springs to rocky mountain national park, south through winter park, summit county to vail and aspen. your forecast, 39 this afternoon. that's it. i should say, we've already hit 39, that's our high. we already reached the high alan. we'll continue to tumble. tomorrow, 38. sun is back. saturday 54. warmer by sunday, monday, back into the 60s and we'll watch another system the middle of next week. thanks
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,, we'd like you to meet austin, a curly coated retriever mix. likes to make friends. visit him inperson at the dumb friends league buddy center in castle rock south of the outlet mall. ask for austin. a consumer alert for
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the insurance institute for highway safety said child booster seats are really protecting kids. >> reporter: kate perkins will soon need a booster seat for 3- year-old emma who is growing fast. >> we're going to sit here and when it stops raining we'll play. >> reporter: the mom of two has plenty of good options. the insurance institute for highway safety reviewed 50 seats and 48 got a >> things improved a lot since we started evaluating in 2008. back then only about a quarter of the seats got the rating. >> reporter: the seats are made for kids who have outgrown their car seats but not big enough to use a seat belt on their own. >> this is one of our best bet boosters. >> reporter: why is that? >> it's that the lap belt is in a good position up at the top of the thighs. it's not riding up on the soft belly. when the lap belt is on the
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risk for injuries to the abdomen, internal injuries. >> reporter: only two seats are not recommended, the cosco easy elite and high back. the manufacturer said in a statement they are built to provide children excellent protection in the event of a crash. perkins says she'll do her own homework before shopping. and buying the right seat can make the difference. weijia arlington, virginia. >> you can find the full list
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tonight a startling report from the u.s. surgeon general that says nearly 21 million americans suffer from addiction. that's more than cancer. the actions recommended at 5:00 tonight. let's go back to ashton. our first snow of the season is nighing in the -- flying in the denver area. it's going to continue at times all the way through this evening. total snowfall up to about 2,
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area. then in the mountains 4 to 10 inches. reached our high of 39 already. sun comes back tomorrow, but it stays cold. only 38 tomorrow after a morning low around 18. >> brr. i think i'm hearing muffleed cheers from the ski
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? >> bill: [ exhales sharply ] your turn. >> r.j.: [ chuckles ] >> ridge: that is not how i'd >> brooke: that's why bill came to my house and not to yours. but if it makes you feel better, r.j. gave him a hard time. >> ridge: that's my boy. >> brooke: don't encourage him. i want the two very special men in my life to get to know each other. that's why i'm having them spend the day together. >> eric: quinn?


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