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tv   CBS4 News at 5PM  CBS  November 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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in this englewood neighborhood. the snow has not stopped. >> that moisture is very welcome. we have team coverage for you. lauren whitney is mapping out where the storm is right now. chris spears is on patrol with the mobile weather lab. matt kroschel up on i-70 at the tunnels. want to start though with that big wreck and our stan bush. stan? >> reporter: hi, totally shut down traffi we were trying to get up to it from denver. but there was such a backup, we had to go through clear creek canyon. that is where we are now. you can take a look here and see the traffic is totally backed up. many of these cars are still peeling off i-70 despite the fact the highway is back open. 119 though, still closed. take a look at the wreck that we saw earlier today from cdot
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from the car carrier. but talk about an incredible mess. backups all the way uphill, basically down to the morrison exit ramp going west. so, traffic through the mountains, still going very slowly. you can see we are kind of at the bottom of i-70 toward floyd hill at the kermit exit. a huge backup. hundreds of cars are trying to get off throughout the day. it is a major mess out here on the highways and we will keep you updated with more reports on cbs4 news at 6:00 and cbs4 news at 10:00. for now, we are live in clear creek county, stan bush, cbs4 news. >> not going fast. thanks stan. the traveling doesn't get any easier the higher up you go in the mountains. >> matt kroschel is live in summit county. matt, you have seen traffic problems all day today. >> reporter: absolutely karen.
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slow going it is at the tunnels here at the eisenhower tunnels. eastbound remains closed at silverthorne. i just got an alert from cdot. they closed westbound on vail pass of the eisenhower tunnel. so i want to show you video of what it looked like on the way up here. this was just before noon. so you can see how it deteriorated over the afternoon hours as that snow really socked in here. truck drivers and cars, everyone out here trying a bad day for drivers. >> oh my god. it is treacherous. as you can see. did you see that accident over there? >> what do you any of all this? >> i don't like it. i don't like it. if you don't put any tire chains up, a fine. i can't afford that. >> reporter: and that is not just for the commercial vehicles. everyone is supposed to have four-wheel drive or some sort
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vehicles. things are just icy. snow has not let up. matt kroschel, cbs4 mountain news room. >> a lot of closures to follow. thanks matt. lauren whitney is with us now. lauren t big question is how long will this stick around? >> we will see this clear out tonight. i want to show you real quick, the massive temperature change that came along with the storm. 41 degrees cooler in boulder, denar, and greeley compared to 24 hours ago. 24-degree difference in leadville. 26-degree difference in grand junction. thera drop with this. this puts us at 27 degrees out at dia. 30 in boulder. our warm spot right now is down in the southeast corner. 41 degrees right now. as you head toward la hunta. plenty of moisture across the front range. clearer to the western slope. still snow up at fort collins. great pictures from hugh stadium. and the foothills in boulder, a
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highlands ranch, there is heavier snowfall there and in the conifer area. the foothills getting a nice dose. on the eastern plains there has been rain and thunderstorms with this system as well. some of the warmer spots on the western slopes. still have some nice snow all the way from the grand junction area. and into the mountains. but back here in denver, for us, it is very light at the moment. in some spot. joining us now is chris spears and he is in the lone tree area. chris, it is definitely still [ laughter ] >> reporter: oh yes. it is really coming down. it is cold. lauren, here is is a little statistic for you. it has been 200 days since denver had measurable snow. april 30 of this year. let me step off of this little ledge i'm on here. kind of have to go through a flower bed. want to show you what is going on. we have something called lee side cyclo-genesis.
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starting to wrap upbringing a northerly wind all the way from canada. it brings southerly winds and moisture up. we have seen winds in southeast colorado today, 71 miles an hour. the other thing we are dealing with, this right herement i have my screen to change. 26 degrees. it is cold out here. and that is really starting to allow some of these roadways to freeze up. jim, it is going to be a long night if you are expecting somebody to come home, the freeway system is al partly due to the weather and just partly due to the fact that it is rush hour. >> thanks chris. and, we haven't seen it in a while. what a difference a day makes. yesterday, we were streaming video of several fires on our facebook page. today, it was the snow. we invite you to post your weather pictures to the cbs4 facebook page. an update on the fire that killed a mother in aurora. the rest of the family is at the bedside of a second victim.
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the father, john vargas today. >> reporter: yeah, that is right karen. and, he says that his family has some very difficult decisions to make about his son gabe's health. in the meantime, friends an family have been out here as you can see over my shoulder with leaving flowers and they are also praying for this family. early wednesday morning, fire ravaged this aurora home. the reality of what happened is setting in near the family. >> as i watched the tragedy unhold, i thought god, please help them. and what i can do? >> reporter: her way of helping is starting this go fund me page. the family of seven not only lost their mother janelle, but their son gabe was seriously hurt. leo vargas posted a post on his facebook page. friends say that gabe was trying to help his mom. >> he was trying to bang on the
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the paramedics were working on him frantically trying to do chest compressions. all i could do was sit there oh god, oh god, please help this person. >> reporter: as the family struggles through their loss, the fire department says they are trying to investigate how the blaze began. and judy says she is just praying. her message to the vargas family. >> i'm very sorry for their loss and they are not alone. you are >> reporter: this is really a difficult situation, now, if you are interested in donating to this family, you can go to links an info section of our website. it will link you to that go fund me page. live in aurora, jennifer brice, cbs4 news. >> thanks jen. right now, colorado state patrol is looking into what caused this tanker to roll over. oil spilled into a ditch near highway 7 and riverdale road in brighton. not clear how much of it spilled onto the road. the crash happened before the
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the man who confessed to the mass shooting at the planned parenthood in colorado springs. 58-year-old robert dear is still not competent to stand trial. he will get more treatment at the state prison's mental health facility. authorities will monitor dear for the next 90 days. then, the court will again determine if he can go to trial. that shooting was a year ago this month. dear is facing 179 counts of murder and attempted murder for the gunfire that killed three peop president-elect donald trump will meet with former presidential candidate mitt romney over the weekend. cnn reports the two will discuss the government moving forward and maybe a role in trump's cabinet for romney. 2012 presidential candidate criticized trump throughout the election. trump repeatedly called romney a loser. romney called trump to congratulate him after his victory. the current president
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he addressed concerns over president-elect donald trump. >> it makes me cautiously optimistic about ... uh, my successor and the shift from campaign mode to governing. there is something about the sol up responsibilities of the office. >> tomorrow, president obama will meet with the leader of france, the u.k., italy, and spain. and, we have continued to follow our weather tonight. winter has arrived. the mobile weather lab is showing us this scene tonight. this is in lone tree. you can see the slow go there on the interstate. and much colder temperatures and snow. >> doppler 4,000 is showing us a big shield of snow around here. but most of it is lifting up toward the great lakes region. drier weather coming in, just in time for the weekend. here is the section new mexico in the pacific. i will let you know when it shows up. >> and coming up, apparently, hibernating inside an suv is
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a very aggressive mama bear up in steamboat. >> it is a health crisis affecting more people than cancer. now, the surgeon's recommendation to prevent and treat addiction. >> and why parents can rest assured about most of the child booster seats on the mart. this is ,,
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>> back to our weather alert, we are following the road conditions due to our snowstorm. traffic is moving in both directions now on i-70 near floyd hill. an accident closed that highway earlier today. the tech center tonight. still a good bet to take that driver a little slower than usual. we also have some pictures coming in from lyons. you needed a hood or a hat outside moist of the day. ed and lauren will be back to map out the rest of the night. new video shows the damage inside an suv from a bear. thanks to scott france with the steamboat pilot and today, for sharing this photo with us. the bear got stuck inside the
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mess. the owner thinking the bear got so frantic because her cubs were outside. someone eventually opened the door and very carefully let mama out. for tonight's health watch, for the first time ever, the u.s. surgeon general has released a report on the crisis of addiction. >> substance abuse is one of the country's most pressing health issues. karen morfitt reports on his call to action. >> reporter: 20 million americans struggle with overdose. these findings and surgeon general murphy's report makes drug an alcohol adirection one of his top priorities. >> there are millions o people living in the shadows right now who need help. who need treatment. >> reporter: dr. murphy says addiction need to be treated as a disease, not a character flaw. he says medication, counseling work, and brain science offers hope for recovery. >> what the science tells us very clearly is that addiction
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it with the same urgency, compassion, and skill as we would any other chronic illness. >> reporter: david gerber is the director of counseling at a new york treatment center and agrees addicts can be helped with the right care. >> treatment helps. we know that. for every dollar that we spend on chemical dependency treatment, we save taxpayers $7 in other costs whether it is hospitalizations, long >> reporter: the surgeon general says on one in ten stance abusers is getting treatment. karen morfitt, cbs4 news. research rates the safest booster seats for kids. >> they are more effective than ever. the insurance institute for highway safety reviewed 53 of the latest booster seats. 48 got the highest rating, called the best bet.
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evaluating boosters in 2008. back then, only about a quarter of the seats got the top ratingover best bet. >> this year, only two of the seats are not recommended. we have a link to the full list on so, denver kicked uveitises mile high holiday celebration today. perfect timing. mayor hancock stopped by santa's flight academy, the cherry creek shopping center this morning. dozens of holiday events are planned now through mid january. following the weather alert, let's go to ed greene. >> that is why we brought the snow in. you're welcome. look at the temperatures. lauren showed you this at the top of the show. every city around the state is either in the teens, the 20s , 30s , or 40 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. just yesterday. at this time. as we take a look at what we have going on. keystone resort open tomorrow. they are happy with the snow. and look at this show from
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temperatures yesterday. and now, it doesn't know what hit it. you can see the snow is still around the area. and we have little pockets of dry, then it fills right back in again. this will be off and on snow all the way into the darkness hours and into the news time tonight. you can see all of it is now spreading all the way into the great lakes region. and we have another system sitting out here. back to the system at hand, cold air came in behind it. we had snow as well. let's go to lauren in the colorado weather center. show us the here. >> take a look at the snow totals. debbie in highlands ranch. 4.1 inches. mike in bailey, four inches. in southwest aurora, two-and-a- half inches. silverthorne2. carol, reporting 1.3 inches for us. so some areas did get a nice little dose of snow. check out this picture. this is from joseph, our weather watcher. it is a beautiful scene.
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earlier. a beautiful snowy scene. there were fat flakes out there earlier. so, beautiful for us. now, our front has worked its way through and it has cooled us off very quickly. and we have the area of low pressure cruise through. high pressure takes back over for us tomorrow. so we do return to some warmer temperatures in some areas. we are going to see a lot more sunshine. looking at the rest of the nigh, we will see this clear out. by midnight, most of it is wrapped up. there may be a little snow left out there and higher elevations. ma eastern plains. overnight, skies will clear. there may be a few clouds tomorrow morning in parts of the high country. but it will be a very cold start to the day. as the skies clear behind this system and the front. so, it will be very chilly fortous night and tomorrow, it is still a little bit on the cool side. if you are making date night plans friday night, it will be a cold one out there. >> boy, it sure is. the cold weather has arrived. here is what we have going on. the winter weather added visely in the purple area.
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for high fire danger. 39 and 43 the highs today. at midnight, we had the highs. 42, 43 in bailey. longmont at 43. silverthorne, 46. 28 and 27 now. gusts are 30. and 89% humidity. look at this. teens, 20s over the eastern plains. teens, 20s out west. and for tomorrow, we will look at 30s and eastern plains. 30s and 40s for the high country. 30s and 40s out west. your forecast goes this way. for tonight, clearing skies. and with the clearing skies we will be cold. 20 and 18 for the overnight lows. then tomorrow, we will see sunshine. so it won't feel quite as cold as the low 40-degree readings. then the next several days you see a nice warmup. 60s into sunday and monday. the next system with rain showers, because, this one doesn't have the cold air attached. comes on tuesday with a high of 53. but with the high today, last time we had a high in the 30s ,
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>> oh my gosh. >> thanks. how do the avalanche win tonight without two of their best players? >> cu buff haves been very good. but starting this weekend, they have a chance to be great. >> new at 6:00, a flood obeliad rated this house in lyons. now, the family gets the key to a new place to call home. i'm dillon thomas and the new flood prevention elements and how the family is happy to
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? don't wait to bring a little kiss of blue bunny to your holiday favorites.
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>> well, looked like matt duchene will be returning, but not tonight. they will be without him and without gabriel landeskog. that is a bit of a surprise. he scored in the empty net in the avalanche win over la tuesday. but didn't make the trip to dallas. the team saying he is dealing with a lower body injury. so, while those two guys are out, it open it is door for someone else to step up. >> you need guys these situations. and the guys will be playing in spots tonight that maybe, they are not quite used to or haven't seen so far this season. it is an opportunity for them. all the players want the opportunity. they should be excited about tonight. well, the nuggets picked up their first home win. everything that had been going wrong finally went right. they got off to a shot start. played well for 48 minutes and
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emanuel moudiay, no turnovers. if he can play more like that, the nuggets can do damage. >> the guys need to make shots. we have not been shooting the ball great. but i have more of an understanding, be a play maker first. you know, he played 37 minutes tonight. the ball will be in your hands a ton. but look to get other guys involved. i think the point guards will have to get everybody involved. get them comfortable. and then, when the opportunity presents itself throughout the game, take your shot. >> there is good and bad for the ff the good is that they are 8-2 and control their own destiny. the bad is that washington state is pretty good too. no team in the pack 12 is hotter than wazoo. they are tenth in yards per game. that said, cu likes its chances and has an opportunity to do something special in the final two games this season. >> two is a good spot to sit at. we have two very important
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our power to be prepared and to go out there and basically play for a pack 12 championship. because, if we lose this game, then ... basically, everything is in our hands rite now. and, if we let it go, then who knows what will happen. >> big college football weekend. >> yeah. >> this weekend here in ,,
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,, ,, ,, >> still snow in the front range as you can see. it is coming our way for tomorrow and the weekend. >> all right, thanks ed. >> and new at 6:00 tonight, the
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tonight. >> cbs4 evening news is captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: a warning from the surgeon general. substance abuse will strike one in seven americans. he wants a revolution in how we treat it. also tonight, the trump transition. big names floated for big jobs, but is the president-elect saving one of the biggest for his son-in-law? >> jared is a ve s real estate person, but i actually think he likes politics more than he likes real estate. >> dickerson: and tales of two species. climate change could wipe out africa's gorillas. >> they're not in control of events, but they're the potential victims of them. >> dickerson: while america's buffalo make a tremendous comeback. >> it's an adrenaline-kicking son of a gun, i'll tell you that's a fact.


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