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tv   CBS4 News at 5  CBS  November 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm MST

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we be able to have an effect on this call? because that's a dangerous play to a football player right there. sure glad he's not hurt. >> verne: oh, my gosh. you >> verne: third and three. that's a first down. we'll go back to adam zucke n what's going on. >> adam: philip lindsey making washington state take tough breaths. gives colorado a 14-point lead. well over 100 yards. trying to climb up that top 10. back to you. >> verne: as a resident of -- you know where i'm going -- steamboat springs, there is a lot of buzz in the state of colorado about the kind of season the buffs are having. >> gary: head coaching job by coach mcintyre.
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there goes kamara. taken down at the two. >> gary: he's had a relatively quiet alvin kamara day. he's watching alabama play for championships. has it been the best thing for you? and he said absolutely. i liked my time at alabama but i love it here. >> verne: over the top for alvin kamara. he is a very gregarious young man. >> gary: yes, he is, and a pretty good running back.
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aaron medley for the extra point. >> gary: kamara has showed all his tools in this game. remember, the pass over the middle. now the balance and spin on this run. and then the effort to go over the top on the touchdown. alvin kamara showed why he is going to be ad player. l about making movies. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer at marvel studios. we are very much hands on producers. if my office becomes a plane or an airport the surface pro is perfect, fast and portable but also light. you don't do 14 hours a day 7 days a week for decades if you don't feel it in your heart. listen i know my super power is to not ever sleep.
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>> verne: alvin kamara, josh dobbs celebrating senior day. >> gary: in this josh dobbs showed everything that the tennessee people have seen for four years. evasiveness in the pocket. making the easy throw. making the tough throw and, of course, the ability to make the home run run. he struggled a couple of games this year, most notably south carolina but this finish for his career here on senior night -- the whole tennessee football team should be proud of the way
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l.s.u. and they were playing not for a trip to atlanta but just for pride. >> verne: came in 7-3. apparently are going to go out 8-2. after a 9-4 season last year. let's check in with allie laforce. >> allie: verne, i was able to talk to josh dobbs this week about reflecting on his incredible career and he told me the thing he wants people to rnl him for is he wasn't -- people tow remember him for is he wasn't just a football standard in football that you are a student athlete? he said "i don't want to speak for everyone else but i want people to remember and i want to show the quarterbacks and football players that come after me that you can be a community leader, you can be a leader in the classroom, you can fulfill your goals in the classroom and play football and be a great leader for your teammates. he's such a role model and his teammates look up to him so much. >> verne: yes, a very special young man.
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intended for j'mon moore. knocked out. >> gary: stefan griffin that time, number 26. todd kelly is not playing in this football game, cameron sutton out with injuries, obviously not 100%. >> verne: ish witter. >> gary: the fourth quarter that was supposed to be the advantage of missouri because of all the plays has not materialized. >> verne: 25 carries for ish witter, 119 yards. lock is 13 of 30. that one is picked, i think. >> gary: great throw, though. >> verne: yeah. maybe not. demetrius mason. >> gary: it's going to be short. a clean tackle. got to the outside shoulder and the best thing that foreman did
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didn't make a first down. go fast, and it pays off. >> verne: witter. and a first down, 10, missouri. >> verne: left side this time. caught. j'mon moore. >> gary: drew lock, when you blitz him you do it at your o him he can gun that ball out there. he's making that throw clear across the field. the hash wider than an nfl hash. watch how far and wide the receiver is in this offense. the baylor wide receivers going >> gary: the wide receivers going as wide as they can. >> verne: another first down. >> gary: one of the trademarks of the baylor style offense which missouri is running in
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way wide. spread the field. >> verne: pump fake. man open. it is -- >> gary: wow. >> verne: caught. wow. demetrius mason. what concentration. >> gary: good coverage and a better throw. mason recruited as an athlete and you can see why. malik foreman made a good play before, but you can't do much better than that. what a throw. and what a catch. tucker maccan will try to add the extra point. >> gary: got it now.
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we just talked about how wide those receivers are and how much of an arm you have to do. great coverage. great throw. and a better catch. what a play. it's a new day in columbia... and with our eyes open, united and strong,
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? ? >> verne: mccann will kick off. >> gary: coach odom is so happy with mccann making the extra point that he didn't think this out whether he should have gone for two. a two-point play would have made it an 11-point game. with this much time left i wonder if he will rethink that. >>ne line. tyler byrd. we're going to move our show to tuscaloosa. the entire crew on hand for the iron bowl. >> touchdown. >> verne: newton back to throw. under pressure. has his man open. lusten kirk.
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>> verne: touchdown. an answered prayer. it is a rivalry that almost always delivers. >> verne: the 81st iron bowl. john kelly. three-yard gain. second down, seven. >> verne: that's john kelly
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>> gary: if you want to have a good day by these quarterbacks, these guys have had good days. you might have to say a little bit about the defense but they have had the day. i will say this. the last throw by drew lock, there is not a defensive line that could have stopped that throw. nobody can cover better than that. a perfect throw. 72 dobbs. around the corner. looks for a downfield block. gets it. finally taken down. a person flying over his head. thus the boos.
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seven, cannot handle the speed. hilton is there. he had the quarterback but he wasn't in position to stop him. >> verne: he has scored on runs of 30 and 70. he's got 10 for 190 now. career high. >> gary: might not have a chance. >> verne: my gosh. john tennessee. touchdown. >> gary: linebacker right here turns as if it's a pass that time. garrett. one step the wrong way. spencer williams misses him.
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yards on the ground. john kelly 94 and that touchdown. we have almost -- no, we have
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>> verne: smokey has enjoyed it. he's warmed up. taken the jacket off. [laughing] that young fellow has enjoyed it well. the cheerleaders, not so much. >> gary: 700 yards of offense in the first half and they really started to control it. only have 514 in the second half. >> verne: let's check in once again with allie laforce. >> allie: as we learned in our meetings yesterday, darrin kirkland jr. rooms with john kelly and the players were telling us how much they love john kelly and the energy he brings to the team, when i asked josh dobbs who impressed him with the injuries he said john kelly was the guy and we asked kirkland what it was, he said "i don't know, i'm his roommate.
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fence and ran out to the field to be the first to congratulate him. >> verne: we did have a wonderful chat with darrin kirkland yesterday. he has one of the best afros i have ever seen. ever. >> gary: didn't know that you would notice an afro. >> verne: you know [laughing] gosh, kirkland, first down. there you go. i told him as you remember, he's got the best since julius erving played in the american basketball association. he had no idea. j'mon moore. that's his seventh catch. >> gary: he is gifted as well. struggled early. five 100-yards receiving games now for the season. got benched. he said it helped him. got to refocus and now is
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>> verne: pass, right side, that's caught. by demetrius mason. i think we might have seen the last of damarea crockett. i'm not sure. but he's had a wonderful game. 24 for 225 and a touchdown. incomplete. >> gary: couple booth ideas for you, verne. you were back with the cowboys. the idea was thomas "hollywood" henderson's afro. weren't you there for that? >> verne: yes. >> gary: you were the sideline guy, the radio -- >> verne: no, i was up in the booth. yeah, i did a couple of years of play by play. thomas "hollywood" henderson.
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>> gary: did you interview him? did he talk to you? >> verne: you're thinking of dwayne thomas. dwayne thomas, yeah, come on, gary. >> gary: it's been a while ago. dwayne thomas spent an entire year without speaking. he would sit in the middle row of coach and he would put a stocking cap on his head and would not speak to his own ma >> gary: as long as you're a good player, who cares. >> verne: when they beat miami for super bowl vi, his first victory, jim brown had advised him not to speak to the media all year and tom brookshier, the late, wonderful tom brookshier interviewed him and this was a big moment. dwayne thomas was going to speak
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and having this opportunity brookshire said, "dwayne, are you as fast as you appear?" the answer was "evidently." >> referee: infraction on the offense. 12 players in the formation. five-yard penalty. second down. >> verne: see, you get me going. you get me going. in super bowl v [laughing] >> gary: please, >> verne: it's 56-37. >> gary: i know, but please, please. >> verne: i hope you have your hotel reservation in atlanta. >> gary: right. >> verne: ok. lock throws it away. our aerial coverage today provided by goodyear. for 60 years goodyear has provided aerial coverage of college football's greatest traditions and biggest
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third and 15. >> gary: good story but there are probably only about 12 people listening now. >> verne: you don't think we're compelling? for the game? >> gary: no. >> verne: i've got another story. watch out. jonathan combo, number one. 59 yards. with the interception and the touchdown. >> gary: it was that same middle
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stopped right in front of the intended receiver and kongbo takes it to the house. >> verne: we may be down to 10 viewers. [laughing] 63 ? ? enough. yea, i'm over it. ? we shouldn't need commercials to tell you we're powerful. no thanks.
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? >> verne: tonight on cbs begins with "ncis" followed by back-to-back new editions of "48 hours." tonight, only cbs. this was a definite -- >> gary: the belief for missouri is because of their tempo offense that they can wear a team down. 105 plays, tennessee 63. tennessee didn't tire. it seemed like they played a little better in the fourth quarter, and had no effect on the game. >> verne: that one will be a
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>> adam: verne, crazy times on cbs sports network." san diego state, cradling the ball on the lafayette play of the game. they overturned it and said touchdown. wyoming knocks it away for the one-point win to stay atop the mountain division. they'll try to clinch it next week and might face san diego state again if they can do so in the conference title game. craziness, verne. >> verne: adam, we could use your presence energize us. >> gary: he was so happy that the offense wasn't ready to snap the ball. >> verne: my gosh. looked left. chris black with the catch. ball came out. >> gary: chris black is another transfer from alabama. alvin kamara. an alabama player.
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went down. did he get it? yeah. he cradled it. maurice smith, alvin kamara and black started out their careers at alabama. >> verne: ish witter adds to his rusking total. 29 carries for witter for 148 yards. >> gary: still believe college football has to look at stopping the clock after first downs. games. too many players getting hurt. you can still go just as fast. run the same offenses. with just about 10 to 12% less plays if they did not stop the clock after first downs. i think the rules committee has to decide how many plays they want there. help the players playing in these games.
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i can't wait to see what we select for the napa play of the game. coming up "the jeep post-game show" when we put this one to bed. that could be about a half hour from now. left side. j'mon moore. touchback. >> gary: the ball was out before he went down. good call. >> verne: you bet. cortez mcdowell. >> referee: the ruling on the field is that the ballcarrier fumbled. the ball was in the end zone and outside the end zone.
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>> gary: j'mon moore was trying to position the ball and stretch it out for a touchdown and as he tried to stretch it out he lost control of it. high loses the ball. >> verne: no reason for a review. pretty obvious. >> gary: tennessee will have given up 400 yards rushing. in back-to-back games. and won both of them. >> verne: you're a believer in equivalency, i think. i've got one for you there. tennessee in the game. i agree. 63 points in 63 plays. >> verne: chuck gardner, david moulton up here in the booth. do we appreciate their help on a
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oh. >> gary: amanda is back there working too if you wnt to throw out some names. >> verne: amanda blake -- stork, blake -- i'm thinking "gunsmoke." you get me talking about dwayne thomas and i've got marshall dillon in my mind. [laughing] >> verne: holy cow. will it eve >> gary: first time "gunsmoke" has come up in 20 years. >> verne: amanda. i beg your pardon. josh dobbs is coming out.
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223 yards throwing it. 190 rushing. there is his mom, stephanie. his dad, robert, nearby. and it is time for the napa play of the game. it's going to be josh dobbs, and this one goes for 70 yards. once he got in the open field, bye bye. here is the voice of the volunteers. bob kessel. >> dobbs breaks a tackle, the left side, the 40, a foot race to the 40, to the 30, to the 20. josh dobbs to the five. to the checkerboard. touchdown. 70 yards. josh dobbs.
5:29 pm
back-up. total yardage for mizzou, 743. and josh dobbs' numbers, 15 of 22 for 223 yards passing, three touchdowns and even more impressive, i think, on the ground, 190 yards. >> gary: he had a great game. he's had a great career. but i think he will always regret that team to atlanta and win the east championship. i know that was his goal. he's not a guy tacares about stats. he wanted to get tennessee into the east division championship.
5:30 pm
>> verne: in overtime, kansas, 24-21 over texas. another upset. final minute of play. >> verne: handshakes all around. embrace as well. >> gary: tennessee has to play vanderbilt. good defensive football team in front of them.
5:31 pm
i'm sure they want to get one more win to get the best bowl game possible. we'll see missouri-arkansas. see how they do, see if we can get arkansas ready to play next friday and i will be back with you saturday. >> verne: brad nessler will join gary on that friday game. 63-37. tonight on cbs. back-to-back episodes of "48 hours." the volunteers now go to 8-3. one game at vanderbilt. for gary danielson and allie laforce, i'm verne lundquist
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>> cbs sports presents the jeep
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>> adam: welcome to "the jeep post game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs. >> adam: tennessee over missouri 63-37. i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. if the vols were bummed about florida clinching the s.e.c. east tay didn't show on the scoreboard. >> rick: josh dobbs the royal treatment at the end of the game but with a 15 for 22 performance in the passing 60% passer. >> brian: yes, he is, and accounted for 11 touchdowns in the last three ballgames as i said during our pregame show, do it yourself the last couple of weeks and he has put on a show and congrats to that young man. >> adam: damarea crockett a star in future years for missouri. the bad blood that has always kind of been there with florida and l.s.u. from the administration on down. that was before the game. pushing and shoving.
5:36 pm
>> brian: a little miscommunication. darius guice did not get in the end zone. >> it shocks me that somebody would question the gators. the way i look at it, they got what they deserved. it should have been worse. >> adam: jim mcelwain the first s.e.c. coach ever to get to the s.e.c. championship game his first two years. they held on 16-10. from the administration on down, there is some feuding going on. >> rick: clearly bad blooda you pointed out but i don't know that the commissioner of the s.e.c. wants it spilling out like it's spilling out now. >> brian: when this was going on after hurricane matthew was trekking through the southeast
5:37 pm
out there -- there was animus, between both these programs, you would think being in the same conference you would come to an amicable agreement yet they're still fuming. >> adam: there will be a neutral-field game involving the gators. in atlanta against s.e.c. west champs alabama who is in action now against chattanooga and trailing the mocs 3-0. the iron bowl on cbs next week but beyond that >> rick: if florida plays defense like they did today and go toe to toe they'll be in this game and austin appleby has given them a shot-in-the-arm. >> brian: an excellent florida defense a year ago take on big, bad alabama and get worn down. the same will happen if the offense cannot generate any type of rhythm. keep the defense well rested. you have to play a complete four quarters versus alabama.
5:38 pm
s.e.c. teams, texas a&m got 4 1/2 sacks from myles garrett. kentucky came back strong as they go against austin peay. arkansas and mississippi state battling to get out of the basement tie. we will update you on the tight races in the big ten and pac-12 when the joel pineiro post game
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>> adam: welcome back too "the jeep post game show." over on cbs network, it's u.s.f. and s.m.u. followed by air force and san jose state. we go back to the scoreboard now. michigan state. they ruined ohio state's title hopes a year ago, b.j., how about this time? >> brian: almost. tyler o'connor. intercepted here. two-point try.
5:41 pm
ohio state gets ready for bad blood versus michigan. >> adam: an interception there and an interception to seal the game. michigan trying to do their part. >> rick: michigan finding a way to beat indiana. deveon smith up the middle. a 39-yard touchdown. tough sledding. it would really be sledding if the blizzard would get on the field in ann arbor. michigan controls its destiny. >> adam: they get the win 20-10 bouncing back from the loss at iowa and they have to beat the buckeyes next week to win the east. also from the big ten, wisconsin in control of the big ten west. oklahoma state also in control of its destiny in the big 12. solid win on the road. two surprising first-place teams from the pac-12 meeting in boulder, b.j. >> brian: colorado taking on washington state. over 100 yards rushing.
5:42 pm
the season. he had to show he could do it too. >> adam: lufau, big one over utah next week as they look to wrap up the pac-12 south. utah experiencing surprise. >> rick: number 12, hosting an embattled oregon team. mark helfrich on the ropes. a 17-yard touchdown pass in the waning moments of the game. darren carrington utah out of the pac-12 south race. >> adam: u.s.c. could win the pac-12 south if they win tonight against ucla. clemson trying to clinch the a.c.c. atlantic after last week at pitt. the rest of the action from the day. wyoming in a wild finish against san diego state. knocking away a two-point conversion attempt. virginia tech was down 17 points twice, and came back.
5:43 pm
denied harvard a share of the ivy league title and ended the nine-game losing streak. kansas beat texas. first time since 1938. their 19-game big 12 losing streak over. 55-year-old running back for south carolina state. james conner a great day for pitt. here he is. 55 years old. he walked on the team when his son who is now on the packers sr. -- he got a touch. >> rick: give me some shoulder pads if he can do it. >> adam: a senior walk-on indeed. that will just about do it for us. thank you for watching "the jeep post game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. it's the home depot s.e.c. on cbs friday at 2:30 eastern, arkansas visiting missouri and next saturday the iron bowl. number 15 auburn. number one alabama.
5:44 pm
special presented by jeep followed by "autotrader college football today." the nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow with double header action. most will see the ravens and cowboys. then the eagles and seahawks. it gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today." closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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(my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. right now the cu buffs are celebrating a big win over the washington state cougars. tonight's victory puts the team one step closer to the pac 12 title game. good evening, i'm torminous must. >> and -- tom mustin. >> and i'm kathy walsh.
5:49 pm
12 title game if they win next week and who would have thought a buffs team would now be that one win from the pac 12 title game? two wins from at least the rose bowl. hosting washington state today. two ranked teams for the first time in a long time there. and it lived up to the hype. second half. he gets his second touchdown of the day. buffs go up 231-17 -- 21-17. the cougars retake the lead but not going to be denied this afternoon. his third touchdown of the day he had over 100 yards on the ground. for lindsey who pretty much sealed the win with his second touchdown of the game here. buffs win 38-24 and as they say in boulder, the ride is real and erik christensen is live at the field and erik they're going to be partying in boulder tonight. >> reporter: yeah, mark, the first top 25 match-up was well worth the wait since 2002.
5:50 pm
his gutsy effort scored 24 points in the second half and what can you say about the defense? washington state came into this game with one of the best offenses in the entire nation. and they could only muster seven points in the second half. it was a total team effort and now colorado is only one win away from going to the pac 12 championship game. we talked to a few of the defensive players after the contest. >> we had a great game plan the whole time. i mine we just wound up and played our plays and coach always says that players make plays and players win games. >> was this that total team effort? >> i think so. i mean, offense was clicking. we came back second half we were down. it was just a great thing to see the offense going and the defense step up as well. >> reporter: and mark, one quick note. if ucla can beat usc tonight, colorado would clinch the south
5:51 pm
if the trojans win they have to beat utah next saturday. >> thanks eric. even if usc wins tonight buffs win next week they are on to the title game. >> the rise is real. >> what a turnaround. >> thanks mark. happening tonight csu students and alumni say farewell to hughes stadium. the rams play the final game at hughes tonight against new mexico. next season they'll play at the brand new stadium. currently under construction on campus. cbs sports dylan thomas is live dylan the rams want to close out the time at hughes with a win. >> reporter: well, kathy that's the plan, they're hoping to do that just later tonight around 8:00 at kickoff. here at tailgate in fort collins though, this tailgate has been around for about four years. of the 48 years that hughes stadium has been here in fort collins, the sun may have set overhaulings but -- hughes but there's still plenty of great games to be played here tonight. we spoke with one man who was
5:52 pm
hughes about 70 years ago. he would not let the chance back to come to the final game before they move to the brand new on campus stadium which is about three miles east of here. now hughes stadium right now packed with plenty of tailgaters. they say the min thing they're wanting to do is come in and have a nice time tonight. 32,000 people who can fit into the stadium. the new stadium $2.2million to build the stadium. 48 years ago. the brand new stadium at the csu campus, $220 million. a little bit of a price hike difference but we're looking forward to seeing what the cams can do here tonight. -- rams can do here tonight. we'll talk to the man who played for mr. hughes about 60, 70 years ago. new tonight a state-of-the- art satellite build right here in colorado is heading to
5:53 pm
and liftoff of goesr. >> that weather satellite blasted off from cape canaveral today. it will revolutionize the way we bring you the forecast. dave aguilera joins us live from florida tonight and dave i know you just watched that launch. and this is a huge deal for forecasters, this satellite. >> reporter: oh it is certainly. what an experience tom. i tell you what. the future of weather forecasting is its orbit around the earth. the atlas 5 rocket along with the goesr payload. finally took off after nasa took the liftoff down to twier. there were a lot of people around just ready to check out a great great liftoff here. we had folks all around the area waiting including scientists and engineers that all came from colorado to look at this thing lift off. and what happened is once we got to the launch window,
5:54 pm
there are a few problems and anomaly problems they had to take care of and ranging problems but they got those ironed out and everything was a go and they lifted off in the last-minute of the launch window that they had. so finally it just took off and the liftoff was incredible. because it was in the later portion of the hour, the sun had set. and everything was dark and when it lifted off we had this big glow. it was a lot brighter than everybody was anticipating. a big glow as the together jumped off now if you're been following our stories, the reason this is so important to colorado is there's a lot of colorado connections. lockheed martin built the satellite. united launch alliance built the rocket which is lockheed martin and boeing together. and cu worked on some of the solar instruments that are on board. so a big colorado connection with this. this is going to improve the way we track severe weather -- we track severe weather even giving us better chances for
5:55 pm
colorado we can track snowstorms a little better and how heavy it's going and when it's going to hit. so all-around really going to help improve forecasting not only in the united states, but around the world with tall instruments that it has on it. it's kind of like going tv-wise from normal tv all the watap hd. -- up to hd. an hd view of the weather. and then coming up over the course of the next several months they're going to do testings and things like that. so later this year we'll start to see a lot of th information roll out and finally make it into weather forecasting. so gang reporting from cape canaveral, i'm meteorologist dave aguilera. mark is running the camera back there. great photographer out here. we've been working hard. we will have another complete story for you on the 10:00 news with a little more information. but what a great day for nasa. what a great day for weather forecasting as well. everything finally went off without a hitch. >> it has been amazing, all right great job out there dave. thank you.
5:56 pm
satellite is right here, chris spears. >> we have some changes brewing. the winds changed and start blowing tonight. there's the five day forecast. we made all kinds of maps but due to the short newscast you have to tune in tonight at 10:00 to see the full weather cast but changes are brewing guys. a winter storm watch is issued now for part of the western mountains to give you a kind. a new storm on shore tonight in california. those winds starlet blowing overnight and you'll feel those in the foothills and denver will see some cloud cover tomorrow and our changes start change before we roll into the big thanksgiving holiday this week. but guess what? i think we get it in and out just in time for the wednesday there. we clear it out and have a nice travel day. good day for eating turkey on thursday. so all in all not a bad five day forecast but it includes a little change heading our way. >> is that snow or rain enough to really give us some moisture? >> you know the mountains will do better than we will. so -- that's where we need it really we need a little here but we really need it up there for the ski resorts.
5:57 pm
>> looks like november. >> great thank you chris. and thanks for watching cbs4 news at 5:00. >> we'll see you right back here tonight at 10:00. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,
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every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life, >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal.
6:00 pm
>> roma downey: as a mother, i would do anything i could to help my child live a normal life. and i'm sure you would, too. but what if you couldn't do anything? what if you were totally helpless? that's the situation for hundreds and thousands of parents in developing countries whose children are born with cleft lip or cleft palate. in the united states, around the world, these children are left untreated and are shunned. [ music ] [ children's voices ] >> roma downey: i'm in le loi hospital. the volunteer operation smile medical team has come from all over the world to perform surgeries, and parents have brought their children here, hoping that they'll be selected. nine-year-old sut has been ridiculed


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