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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:00am-5:22am MST

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now on the cbs4 morning news. we have the very latest on the wechange mianng plus -- ofer'sst. ckedn police officers in+z the latest on those shootings ahead. plus, talk of the death penalty in a very important hearing this morning for the centennial man accused of the shooting rampage claiming the life of a beloved do cbs4 morning news. and good morning from colorado's weather center. rein and snow on the western slope. it's moving east. we'll break down the timing of when it will arrive in your area straight ahead. if you are going west we're watch that can this morning. this is c-470 and 285. a look at the high country drive here? just a moment, this morning a man accused of killing a well- known doctor went on a rampage targeting his own wife is
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cbs4's jamie leary live at the arapahoe county courthouse this morning as we follow the process,. >> reporter: good morning, you know we've been following this case very closely. this morning, is the arraignment for ken lyons -- kevin lyon asks typically the defendants make a plea and in the case of the 46-year-old, he will likely make a plea; there's been a lot of talk of making a plea of not guilty. by reason of insanity. now additionally in this case, the district attorney's office notifying lyons' defense team that it is considering seeking the death penalty. it was the decision at as a surprise to his counsel at the last hearing in mild august and -- mild august and caused a delay until now. he faces 12 felonies for the april 4th shootings including first degree murder. his mental health has been a question since the shootings and continue to be a focal point after multiple strange outbursts in court. now back in juan, he was -- june. he was deemed competent to proceed with the scheduled hearings. the prosecution has accused lyons of faking his mental
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going to consider that death penalty based on the fact that he knowingly created a grave risk of death to another person in addition to killing of dr. kenneth atkinson. that happened back in april. now his defense team has been invited to make a presentation this morning as to why they the death penalty. ligible for so that's one of many things that should likely come up during this hearing we're going to continue to follow this. live from the arapahoe county courthouse, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. thank you for that. and elementarych stapleton community is a target of racial graffiti. someone spray painted a swastika on the isabella bird community school. hour andrea floyd has the latest. >> i'm jewish and it just made me want to throw up. >> rerterdv stapleton community is stunned after learning a swastika waspray painted on an isabella bird community school door over the weekend. speechthroug?co?mmity ?.teful facebook page sunday and ?gmade
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school. this is my community. this is where i live. my kids are you know two small people of color and to have a swastika on the school they go,9 that's terrifying. >> reporter: denver public schools says that while it's a
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-- andrea flores reporting. a check in with ashton now because you're tracking the change for us. >> we are certainly. 36 there. on the western slope, we have rain and snow this morning. it's trying to make its way
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anything like this happen. >> reporter: police say 50-year-
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>> thificer not pipeline protest in north dakota. 400 demonstrators clashed with police last night on a bridge near the protest camp. a line of police stopped those protestors as they tried to
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warning from police. >> reporter: billion the holidays just around the corner -- with the holidays just around the corner. >> unfortunately on the top of this, thieves holiday wish list is your vehicle. >> reporter: insurance experts like cane walk verstes -- karen walker says the holiday season sees a spike in holiday season in auto thefts unfortunately colorado it's gone up. >> reporter: reports already increased 30% this year in colorado and denver police took to facebook sunday. >> they're targeting where if you're leaving your car
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>> that was dylan thomas reporting. also a reminder from insurance companies, if difficults are in fact taken out of the vehicle, the home insurance policy will likely cor those losses. but do check in with yo??5 yowant piec?p??[
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welcome back everyone. a new rule is putting limits on
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denver votersmelissa garcia tells us why it has some marijuana users fuming. >> reporter: 53.5% of denver voters decided in favor of cannabis consumption in public places like bars and restaurants and coffee shops and even yoga studios but now state officials decided that won't be allowed anywhere that sells alcohol. denver law passed ?2?in the rec election allows local businesses to apply for permits
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peter is on board with. >> alcohol mess gh?qt?5qw an rito ,l? ?t can't be nkin control of the custers for a safety standard as well. >> reporte its pvdecision +d?? deny dual con stodgethey cid public healthstudies showing gher?# impairment an an increas risk of car
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near future to get the new law to trump the new regulation. in denver, melissa garcia, cbs4 news. thanks melissa. to the weather picture right now. big week ashton. >> big, big week and lots of folks traveling over the next open.
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relatively mild day for us with highs in the 60s for denver and the i-25 corridor later on. meanwhile most mountain towns will top out in the 40s today. the storm system moving into colorado is coming from the southwest. instead of the northwest. and that makes all the difference this one is a lot warmer than the storm we had last week. so it won't get nearly as cold around here ask therefore, i think it's going to be mainly rain for denver and the eastern plains. you can see the storm there moving out of southern california it's crossing las vegas right now on its way into winter storm warnings cover the mountains. we're going to see quite bit of snow in the mountains this is going to create winter driving conditions and snow packed roadways certainly in the mountains as the day goes on today. # five to ten inches total for summit county up to winter park and then steamboat ea, en eagle county 6 to 12-inches of snow there. same thing as you get out toward the plateau. five to ten inches down around gunnison and 8 to 14 for the san juans. san juans will do well this time didn't get as much snow as
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week, but since it's coming up in vegas we're going to see a lot of snow there in the san juans. probably the toughest drive in the state of colorado over the next 24 to 36 hours. here's denver, 5:00 p.m. today. that's rain. falling here. i think we'll be dry through mid-afternoon but them for the drive home later today into the evening some light rain possible and then overnight tonight, some of that will light rain may briefly change into snow. it's not going to be much. but wecan get some slushy stuff on the grass for the most part on the roads joel. but look out for that tomorrow morning certainly. 46 for tomorrow's high and then 50 on wednesday looks good for thanksgiving a little cool though 46. near normal. >> that's great football weather too if you have your turkey bowls out there. hey take a look up into the high country, where we're watching this because i know lot of folks are going to be driving today. you may be see a little bit of moisture that's out there on the roads. this is idaho springs. but now take a look. so this is idaho springs along here and it looks pretty dry and we get a little further to
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now the possibility and this is the road weather index and you can see the slowing now to the west of deduke right now west of granhv?g thrive?r??[?$ there and it's elevated. just make sure you plan a little extra time and get to the destination safely. here we are across the denver metro area, a little bit of slowing acongress c-470 pretty typical this time of day; and little bit of slowing out of the hills eastbound along i-70 alan that's all right joel thanks a lot. a mustang sanctuary in south dakota is grown out of control and now it's out of money. leaving more than 800 horses starving. many of those horses are at risk of being slaughtered by the end of this month. our kelly werthmann tells us a group in colorado is trying to save the animals. >> this is actually monterey and jackson is the baby. >> reporter: four mustang are slowly but surely settling into their new home in longmont.
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actually really comfortable to roll like that. >> reporter: monterey, bristol, the hudson and baby jackson all arrived to the colorado horse rescue on tuesday. after a long journey from south dakota. >> these guys are actually until pretty good shape. >> reporter: they were among more than 800 other abused and neglected mustangs at a now state owned sanctuary. >> the organization was allowing them to breed and didn't have a long-term financial plan. which was not in the best interest of e es. k2
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>>we ca deeply about ??9ese
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the company made the announcement ahead of the busy holidayshipping season. when it's complete in 2018, sorting capacity will double allowing u.p.s. to process more than 63,000 packages per hour. your thanksgiving dinner will be a little cheaper this year. according to the american farm bureau fold ration, the -- federation, the average meal serving ten people will cost
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average. some cost less this year including the turkey. milk and pumpkin pie mix. that's your money watch, for more log on to in new york, i'm marlie hall. >> man -- you pay less for food than ever it seems. all right ashton right now what's going on? if we want to go somewhere ashton? >> flying out of dia no weather related problems at the airline this morning. later today after 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. we may have a few problems at the airport. it's going to be mainly rain though for denver so no meanwhile south of us albuquerque, down toward phoenix and even l. a. x., there could be weather related delays today. rain for all of those locations. midwest looking great so if your flight takes you to the middle of the country no problems expected. on the east coast some snow up around boston and maybe a few problems there but right now all major airports in the country in good shape. joel? along i-70, this is as you get near glenwood springs so dark right now that it's hard to tell. but you can see the -- there's
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roadways. and that's really showing up on the road weather index as well. the drive to the airport if that happens to be theway that you are traveling should be good. a line running on time alan and britt eastbound along i-70 we have speeds in the up ears. -- upper 50s. coming up next a weekend of violence against police officers in three states leaves one of them dead. we will have the latest on what's happening in america coming up. president-elect donald trump isk morning. i'm hena daniels in new york where over the weekend, he spoke to at number of potential cabinet officials. both friends and foe. it will nuggets shot better from the field than they did from the free-throw line but still manage today put together a better start to finish wins of the year. hosting the jazz for "star wars" night and the force was strong with that young jedi.
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second. spin and slam. there's a high percentage shot. he lad 16 points. second half, will barton back from injury. down low gets the basket. and the foul. nuggets sure happy to have will the thrill back from injury. in tth and her high s b as 19 percentage shot. six nuggets were in double figures and despite missing 17 free-throws nuggets won whoo. 105-91 the final. >> guys just stepped up and accepted the challenge and they understand who we need to be chris. h out and run but when we value and share the ball like that we're a really tough team to guard. brandon marshall the guest tonight on xfinity live.
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,, ,,
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thanksgiving week, great to have you with us, this is the news on cbs4. and we have rain and snow inight really is -- britt it really is. rain and snow today and tonight, but the storm system will quickly exit colorado tomorrow. so for those of you who have travel plans late in the day tomorrow or into wednesday, you should be just fine. the main issues are actually tonight into early tomorrow and the bilgest impact in the colorado high country. that's where we expect to have snow-covered roadways and winter driving conditions for sure in the mountains from later today through tonight. fo


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