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tv   CBS4 News at 6  CBS  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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passes. that moisture is headed our way. >> along with cooler temperatures. what can we expect to see? >> we're looking at the possibility of rain and snow but it might not be until early morning or the morning commute. we have rain on the western slopes. we have had thunder snow. on the west side of town, a little rain for us. lakewood up to golden as well. idaho springs snow. near boulder, rain, as well. allen park some snow. to our southwest we have had thunder snow, as well. there is a lot of lightning there. there has been heavy snowfall in the area and one of the hard death hit. western slope, a little cooler. we have rain and snow in our mountains as well. this will fill in much more overnight tonight. we'll see this get more widespread moving into the central mountains so by
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going pretty good here. we may be dry. tomorrow morning there is a chance that rain turns over to snow for us so your morning commute to work may be a bit on the snowy side and this moisture will stay off to the west for the heavstuff. light snow in denver and it will clear throughout the afternoon. we'll talk about how much and who can gebig-time snow in the mountains. we'll send it back to you. >> we like big-time snow in the mountains. >> that snow. >> beaver creek just went to friday. live along loveland pass. loveland makes a lot of snow, but they would love to see the real deal. >> absolutely jim. we have seen those flakes already starting on and off up here from the top of loveland pass. you can see over my shoulder the i-70 corridor here. cdot prepared for this storm as
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have dropped off a little bit since 5:00 when we first checked in with you. we're definitely below freezing and it is starting to feel cold up here and we're starting to see more flakes on and off like i said. make sure you're paying attention overnight as these roads start to ice up and the snow starts to pile up. good thing for these ski resorts. >> thank you, matt. >> new at 6:00, a man is accused of gun at kids who threw snowballs at him. lauren. >> reporter: well, not only is this man accused of pointing the gun at kids, but they say it was loaded. here in this church parking lot is where he aimed at them. according to the police report this happened on saturday afternoon. parents tell us that three boys between the ages of 9 and 12 years old were trying to have a
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snowball the farthest. that is when they hit the 55- year-old's minivan. they didn't know at the time he was napping inside. now while he told police that he only waved the gun to scare the boys, the boys say that he pointed the gun at each of them and that he pulled the trigger but it didn't go off. officers later reported finding bullets in four of the gun's five chambers. now, he was arrested o facing possible charges that dud include child abuse and reckless ep dangerment. coming up tonight on cbs4news at 10:00, hear the parents' reaction and why they say their kids are still scared. >> reporter: thank you. >> >> a man accused of killing a mother in grand junction now on trial for a second time. she was murdered in 2007. she was leading a secret life as an escort as well as a mom.
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clients. defense attorneys say there is no physical evidence linking jones to the murder. the jury in his first trial could not reach a unanimous verdict. officers are defending their decision to use water hoses on protestors at the dakota access oil pipeline. that was the scene last night in north dakota. organizers say 17 soaked protestors were taken to the hospital. many had hypothermia in the cold weather. they are trying to block th construction of that 1100-mile long pipeline. >> they say it threatens their drinking water or the reservation nearby. some coloradans are part of the protest. >> one of the state lawmakers will join them. the pipeline stretching to illinois. it is harmly complete except for a section that runs under a missouri river reservoir. the tribe went to court to stop
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cracking down. it is ten degrees outside and they are spraying people town with water. >> after watching this in north dakota unfold for months, state representative can no longer stand by. >> as an elected official and leader in the community, i want to make assessments for myself of what is going on. >> a civil rights attorney, he is troubled by what he calls human rights violations by law enforcement and has been in contact with the white house intervene. >> the government can to something about this. i reject the premise that says they can't. >> the government is withholding final easement now. >> what should happen here? >> both sides need to stand down. we should allow the army corps to do their study. >> we will get this easement and complete our project. >> the pipeline parallels an existing pipeline that crosses the river at the same location.
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>> i think the chances of this pipeline leaking is extremely rare. >> that is so massive in scope. who knows how long it would take them to clean it up. >> how do you stop it at this point? >> i don't know how you do it. i hope we can prevail along the humanity of elected officials. >> he killed the legislation in colorado that would have allowed imminent doin for pipeline companies here, but he admits president-elect donald trump will likely decide this. while he hasn't said anything about it, he has minor holdings in the company and he supports the keystone pipeline. salazar leaves wednesday and he will meet with tribal leaders and the department of justice. now they are back on full strength. >> it has been going on for months now. new at 6:00, highway 34
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thompson. three miles has been shut down. they are fixing the road followin it will reopen at 4:00 p.m. wednesday and down to one lane in spots so drivers should expect some delays. highway 34 will shut down again. it should be finished by may of next year. a restaurant group is going after a celebrity chef. why the kitchen has a with wolfgang puck. more die from drug overdoses than car accidents. now, there is a new treatment for people struggling with addiction and how it is changes lives. >> another form affecting colorado.
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,, ,, ,, happening now, a boulder based restaurant company is suing celebrity chef wolfgang puck. the kitchen has several restaurants in colorado including this one in denver. one of the founders met with
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restaurants called the kitchen. the lawsuit claims his company is violating trademark law and asked his restaurant names be changed. the state might update the policy on giving painkillers. >> the opioid policy was created in 2014 to address the growing drug overdose there is a meeting next tuesday. 10:00 a. 10:00 a.m. the opioid crisis is visible everywhere. now a huge problem is finding treatment for all those who want help. jennifer will have information about one of the newer treatments. jennifer, this is giving people a chance at a sober life. >> it is a second chance for them in many cases. take a look at this. this is the actual treatment. this tiny thing you can probably pairly see on camera.
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medication for opioid abuse. a woman said this has given her her life back. >> it is the most exhausting disease. she was taking daily medication to cut her cravings until three weeks ago her doctor gave her an implantable treatment. >> this can do wonders. >> it is working by a taching to opioid receptin with draw and cravings. it was only available in pills taken daily but this is the first in plant treatment placed under the skin of the upper arm. addiction specialist says 40% struggle with addiction. opioids are a tremendous problem. >> we see new patients every single day, three or four that are struggling with this. it is very difficult. patients think they want to
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found they can't because of the withdrawal symptoms. >> they both say so far it has been a success and britney says she has her life back. >> it is like this huge monkey off my back. it is a whole different life and it is like overnight. >> and if someone tries to abuse opioids while they have the implant in the arm, they can't get high. that also helps with long term sobriety because they don't have that craving anymore and they can't do their arm. hopefully more stories like britneys. fantastic. >> let's talk to ed about the weather change. >> we have another system coming in. you can see the rain down here changing. pretty good snow. lightning strikes as well. now it has gone over the eastern plain but that will change as the evening goes on. winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings in the
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to 14 inches. most will be above 8500 feet. good snows for the high country once, again. you see the snow in telluride. then you see rain push into the city at 4:00 a.m. then this rain changes over to snowuickly by 6:00 a.m. you may see snow, but the temperatures will be mild enough and it will melt as it hits the ground so the road won't then by noon, it is over. and then it moves out. we see the skies clear and we might see sunshine tomorrow afternoon. wednesday a sunny day. thursday, the next system. more snow for the high country for thanksgiving morning. that should be great skiing up there as the eastern plains stay high and dry. here is the system coming through right now. cooler weather. here is the moisture up ahead of . we were it 60s today. this goes by. 40s for tomorrow
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behind that. this is great news for the high country. 65 and 66 in denver today where we should be at 49 degrees. should be at 22. the record 73 in 1974. 1929, 0. our weather watchers, we had alamo sa at 56. westminster and centennial at 68 degrees. 53 and 48 with an pretty, pretty sunrise. this is from gail. here it is. they are now open. you see the snow cats getting it ready to go. >> this is a pretty shot. cheeseman ranch. look how dry it is. that will change over the next 24 hours. 20s for the mountains. 20s, 30s over the west. then for tomorrow, we'll cool it off. 30s, 40s and 5s for the east. 30s to around 40 for the
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temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s. here is that denver forecast. increasing clouds, little to know accumulation. for tomorrow rain and snow early. could see sunshine by late in the afternoon. only in the mid-40s though. 20degrees cooler than today. a little better on wednesday with lots of sunshine. cooler as the snow is in the mountains but we'll see temperatures of 44 and then friday and saturday back to dry and into the 50s headed into the >> thank you. the good times for the colorado buffalo football team mean a heftier paycheck for the coach. mac can tire could make a half million dollars on top of his $2 million annual salary. he made $50,000 for getting them to seven wins. going to a bowl game will mean
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there is $100,000 more if they beat utah this weekend and go to the pac-12 conference title game. let's get out to michael spencer. good news. yes. definitely good news. both those guys back on the practice field today. when we come back, the broncos feeling pret
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time for the ford's sports desk. ford f series, the official trucks of the nfl. i'm back baby. [ whole world know number 21 back on the practice field, a welcomed site. the team has missed him and maybe missed his personality. the guys having their first post by practice today. this is the first time since the start of the season the broncos have been in full strength. in the locker room an up beat vibe and with six games left, they are right where they want to be.
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i feel amazing, even i think i am probably second in the league at the snaps. i still feel good. everybody feels fresh ready to go. this is a time when we have to turn up another notch. this is a time when a lot of teams fall off and they can't continue to stay on that ride and continue to get better, but we know we have to turn up our game another notch. well he is he missed for a week suffering a concussion. columbus got on the board first but they tie it in the second. this one currently in the second about ten minutes 0 go. colorado up 2-1. the pac-12 showing them lots of love. they both receiving pac-12 player of the week honors, the first time since 1995 that cu won both offensive and
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they are taking on utah and if they win they advance to the championship game. >> tonight at 6:30 xfinity monday live, brandon marshall will be our guest. always fun. >> thank you, sir. one of the country's busiest airports ,, with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. all you need is high-speed internet from centurylink. get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. no, that's okay. i'm not hungry. don't worry about me. okay.
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now to an update on our breaking news. police call this a complicated crime scene. a deadly school bus crash killed as many as six children in chattanooga tennessee. the bus road on its side and is wrapped around a tree. 35 students from kindergarten through 5th grade on the bus. 23 of them have gone to the hospital. the driver of the bus survived and is cooperating with police. donald trump is back york city today. >> he was meeting with more potential cabinet nominees. this is the news across america night. scott brown, a possible secretary of veterans affairs and there is oklahoma governor mary fallon stopped by trump tower, an interior secretary along with former texas governor and presidential candidate rick perry. police arrested a man who
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san antonio. benjamin marconi was shot and killed. otis mccain in custody. they think the uniform was the target not marconi specifically. he was one of four officers shot in the south, the other three survived. hundreds of airport workers said they would strike but wait until after thanksgiving. they want union rights and a $15 per hour wage. today the employees announced they will wait until next tuesday to protest. they said they don't want to mess up anyone's holiday plans. the jump brought the dow up 88 points. nasdaq grew by 47.
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that ski area. cbs4news at 6:30 continues and time for "xfinity monday live" from the viewhouse centennial. always a good time. special guest broncos linebacker brandon marshall. ,,
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