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tv   CBS4 Morning News-5A  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:00am-5:29am MST

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good morning, everyone. i'm britt moreno. this is the news on this soggy tuesday, november 22. >> i'm alan gionet. good to have you with us. that rain, we need. and in some places, it is snow. the mobile weather lab team captured this video of snow in a late night drive in the high country last night. now parts of colorado are in for a big change in the weather. and we will tell you how it affects your thanksgiving week. i'm live at the eisenhower tunnel where the snow continues to fall. we have an eye on the icy chilly holiday travel coming up on the cbs 4 morning news. >> we hope it doesn't slow your thanksgiving plans.
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left at least five children dead? we have the very latest on this tragic accident ahead. let's get started with a weather alert right now. soggy start to the morning in the metro area right now. as we take a live look in the denver area. >> and we do have team coverage for you this morning. on this busy holiday travel day. dave auk era is checking the forecast. and we have more on the roads from joe. let's start with jamie, in the mountains at the eisenhower tunnel jamie? >> cbs 4 mobile weather app, i just pulled this up on the phone, showing it is 19 degrees here. the snow is coming down. and it feels like it is 19 degrees. i want to show you what the roads look like right now. there is a giant glare on th roadways. and that is definitely ice. we just lked to a gentleman working withc-dot this morning. and heaid it is slick. they actually have signage all over this area, warning to use slower speeds, and passenger
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vehicles this morning. and you got to make sure your tires are up to date. because it is slick out. as far as holiday travel is concerned, aaa is projecting 48.7 million people will travel more than 50 miles from their homes, so if that is you, you are going to want to probably take your time. i know a lot of people are saying that they are actually leaving early, if they're traveling on the roadways, because of the snow, and this is something that i know the ski resorts wish they got weeks ago. because vail, one. resorts that had to push back the opening, theye pushed that back to the 25th. so i know the ski resorts will be grateful that all of this snow is falling. but just keep in mind how many people are traveling. 1.9% more than this time last year. and despite incremental increases in gas prices, people are still hitting the roads. so that is something to keep in mind. be careful when you're traveling out. there the snow is coming down. so for more, on the weather situation, let's check in with dave aguilera, good morning,
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there where you are. it is wet and wild down here, in town. we have rain in the city going oner. here is live doppler 4,000. a lot of green, a lot of white on the radar. as we put it in motion, you can see the moisture coming together here. and there is snow from the foothills, all the way down to the palmer divide down here. as we take a little closer look. good swath of rain from outside of greeley. through platteville, and into the north part of denver. so you have a lot of water on the roadways, as you are driving. and that extends through aurora, centennial, and all the way down to here, monument hill, in perry park, conifer, it is changing over to snow. out there in kiowa as well. any elevation 6,000 feet or so and higher. starting to see it change over to snow. and some of that will be sticking during the morning. in town, though, we are still fairly warm, we are to 41 at city park. 42 in lewisville. in the foothills like conifer, it is 32. and that's the reason some of it is starting to stick. here is the advisories we have in place. winter weather advisory from
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into kiowa, it could have two to five inches of snow there. that's the north side of the palmer divide. so we have colder air slamming into moisture there. and then you get up into where jamie leery is, up there near the eisenhower tunnel and probably down to idaho springs, could have about five to 10 inches of snow in that location. here in town, joel hillen, i think if we have any accumulation, it will be on the grassy areas. less than an inch in those locations. mostly what we are dealing with, is a lot well, i'm sure the ground is just sucking it up with how dry it has been lately. looking into the higher country, flashing lightings as you get near georgetown. and this is the situation. wet roads and then transition into ice and snow through higher elevations. you saw where jamie, this is to the west of that. glenwood springs. patches of water there and then the snow coming down as you get to the eisenhower johnson tunnels and chain and passenger
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highway 67, a sheet of ice. and areas of standing water kiowa. and highway 85 down to castle rock, if you use that road to access down to founders parkway. and i-25 itself is a wet drive. all the way through town. and we've got a new accident there, i-25, and colfax this morning, and so just be prepared for wet conditions if you're in town. but it will transition into higher elevations. >> joel, thanks. let's look at as police and the bomb squad look -- bomb squad look into an explosion that sent three people to the hospital. it happened three hours ago. there was a package that contained some type of medication, possibly an inhaler of ceremony time, it exploded in the home of a 62-year-old man in his kitchen. happening now, officials charged a bus driver in a deadly crash that killed at least five children. the bus crashed and wrapped
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the district attorney first said six children were killed but police say overnight five are confirmed dead. at least 24 students were taken to area hospitals. the driver, 24-year-old jonathan walker, faces charges including vehicular homicide. >> what we do know about this crash is that it was a single vehicle, only the bus was involved. >> investigators now say speed played a role. 35 students ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade were on the bus at the time of the crasnd opened this morning. san antonio police tracked down a man they say killed one of their detectives, ambush style. police chief william mcmahon is says 31-year-old otis tyrone mccain is under arrest, for the murder of detective benjamin marconi. they say he targeted marconi because he was a police officer. and marconi leaves behind two children. and the suspect said he lashed out at someone who did not deserve it. police still looking for
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details here are chilling. witnesses heard several shots fired at ninth and allison, around 7: on saturday night. and penny's body was found inside his bull ridden honda. the witness said minutes after the car came to a stop, a man and woman drove up to the scene. >> one guy got out. >> the one guy gets out and runs up to the car and gets a bag from it and then runs back to the car that was right here. and then they took off. >> he described the suspects as a man and woman. donald trump has put out a video release, details on what he wants to accomplish during his first months in office. the president-elect also responded after a meeting of alt-right figures in a restaurant near washington, d.c. some of woman performed a nazi salute. here is reid binion. >> i would like to provide the american people with an update
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conference but monday president- elect donald trump released a video. outlining goals for his first 100 days. and includes proposals on trade, immigration, and defense. >> my agendawill be based on a simple core principle. putting america first. >> on international trade, trump said we halt progress on the tpp, a key part of what president obama hoped would be his trade legacy >> i am going toissue a notification of intent to withdraw fromthe trans-pacific partnership. >> reporter: trump also aggressively. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> reporter: the president- elect also promising action on national security. >> a comprehensive plan to protect america's vital infrastructure from cyber attacks, and all other forms of attacks. >> reporter: trump's video release comes amid controversy
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activists celebrating trump's victory. >> hale trump, hail victory. hail our people. >> and a monday statement, that trump quote continues to denounce racism. trump is also facing questions over his international business dealings and how as president he can avoid any conflict interest. back on twitter, prior to the election i have interes in all over the rld, only the crooked media makes this a big deal. i'm little italy in chevy chase maryland where the alt right meeting was held, the national policy institute booked the room under a different name and the restaurant is apologizing for inadvertently hosting the meeting and donating $10,000 to the anticipate defamation league. one of our state lawmakers plans to look at the dakota pipeline construction, from oi fields in north dakota to illinois. and state representative joe
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situation unfold. >> as an elected official. as a leader in the community, i want to make assessments for myself of what is going on. >> salazar says he is troubled by what he calls human rights violations by law enforcement. and this comes after officers used water hoses on protesters sunday night in north dakota. some people ended up with hypothermia. the sheriff says the protesters were being aggressive towards his deputies. and described the protests as more coloradans die from drug overdoses than car accidents now. now there is a new treatment for people struggling with
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good morning, everyone.
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a road trip as you make your way to friends or family for thk. but take a look at the roads here at the eisenhower tunnel. the snow could slow your drive just a little bit. we are even wet here across the metro area. >> over the river and through the woods. shawn chitnis is live in douglas county, ridge gate parkway off i-25 with the hood up. tell us what you have, shawn. >> reporter: well, alan, i made the journey down here earlier this morning. a couple of hours now, we have been wahi here, this spot here at lone tree, where i can see what is happening on i-25 behind me and the rain kind of staying at the same level that we have been seeing over the length of time here. and we are starting to see some rain puddles form where i'm standing. a sense of what you're dealing with as you get ready to hit the roads. i-25, behind me, we are starting to see some cars splash each other making their way north and southbound. and be prepared for a little more water on the roads as you
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happening throughout the day so let's say good morning to dave aguilera. >> howdy shawn. is storm is not like last week where everything was bogged down with the ice. it is a very very wm system that is coming together here. as we ta a ok at the sateanllite dar. there a lot of green. the ite. the deep blue, the snow areas here. you can see into the foothis, in the mountains, there is ow up there. and it extends into western colorado as well. well j8there, with the rain goi on re few hos of the fre here, look at all of the rain down south. and pueblo to the southeast. and then we have some good swaths of pockets of moderate to heavy rain in the northeast. very beneficial moisture going on for us this morning. and paul caplan, northwest of gunnison, has 2.5 inches of snow there. our weather watcher in that part of thar.
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the rain hasn't changed over to snow yet. as we get to sunrise, though, it gets a little bit colder. so we may briefly see some of that rain mix in with snow. the bigger areas now, we are concerned with, the north side, the palmer divi here from south of parker to elizabh, ancastle rock and monument, o to five incheof ow d then you get up into the mountains. 5 to 10. su county, up to rocky mountains tionalpark. and 6-12, vail, aspen, some of the centl mountains,d even the san juans.
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and 52 and the sun returns tomorrow. we tang it through thanksgiving and the weekend, and the sunshine returns. a little dip in the temperature on thursday. but we bounce right back friday and saturday. back into the 50s. so just kind of a little bump in the road, as we head toward the holiday. joel? >> good post-beast nap weather. >> there we go. >> uh-huh. up in the high country, looking great. this is hi 70 at vail pass. it looks like they've got the plows so that drive is looking restrictions in place. glenwood springs. west of vail pass. it gets icy along there. and right there along the river, you get lower elevation in the canyon and it is a sh of icfor you along that drive. it turns to rain as you get closer to grand nction. you get to the east of vail pass. look at, this the road weather index, with lower visibility and sometimes snow, it actually shows up as fog, at that elevation, so we watch that carefully, but you can see slower speeds over vail pass
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and 285 conifer to bailey, a rough drive but down to buena vista. and look at kiowa, and the drive is turning to ice, making your way to castle rock, 86. and highway 85, some areas of standing water. possible ponding. depending on where you're at that. is what we are seeing in denver as well. no accidents across the map. you get to the north, you can see all of that to the east of i-25. but you get along i-80, if you're heading out or heading to nebraska, and i- 80, an icy drive for you right now, look at this red. as you get from laramie. folks slowing down. due to the conditions. >> thanks, joel. drug overdoses are leading cause of death in colorado. and the opioid crisis is visible everywhere. finding treatment for all who want help is now a huge problem. and our jennifer bryce has more on a new treatment. >> addiction is the most exhausting disease.
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addiction for years. she was taking daily medication to cut her cravings until three weeks ago, when her doctor gave her implantable treatment. i have not had withdrawal symptoms. and the implant can do wonders. >> the drug works by attaching to opioid receptors in the brain, reducing symptoms of withdrawal, and cravings. and until recently, it was only available until taken daily. but now, this is the first implant treatment. it is placed under the and it delivers the drug for six months. and addiction specialist dr. nate moore says 40% of the colorado patients struggle with addiction. opioids are a tremendous problem, he says. >> we see patients, new patients every single day, three or four, that are struggling with this. it is very difficult. patients think they want to come off, and they try, and they find they can't. because of the withdrawal
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brittany and she says she has her life back. >> it is a huge monkey off my back. a whole different life. and it is like overnight. >> jennifer bryce. >> and if she tries to abuse opioids while the implant is in the arm, they can't get high. doctors say that too ,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, ,, well, some say it is a bigger holiday than thanksgiving itself. but days to go before black friday and the kickoff to the holiday shopping season. cbs news's business analyst jill schlesinger has more here to tell us what we need to do to score the big deals.
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here? >> i guess it depends how much you're disliking your family. here is what you need to know. your chances of snatching a great deal for a quality item, they are pretty slim. this is because black friday weekend is really designed for retailers to clear out their unwanted goods. and don't forget, those best- selling products, that you really want, they rarely drop much in price. let's say you like the sport of it. and you can start right no want to buy, and start tracking the prices on google or with a price grabber, a great site. and before you hit your bricks and mortar stores and remember, 85% of sales still occur in physical stores during the holidays, you want to download an app like shop savvy or red laser, and these allow you to scan bar codes, and compare items at other big retailers nearby. and now, don't be freaked out if you see a store you don't recognize.
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paying higher prices because they're sticking to the retailers they know or have frequented in the past. this black friday shopping is almost an art, isn't it, this year? so what are the hottest gifts this season, jill? >> well, hottest gifts are expected to be those vr devices. i like regular reality. but if you want virtual reality, oculus, play station vr, htc, google amazon and echo, pretty popular and for the kids, pokemon, barbie, lego, hot wheels and the perennial favorite for the last 52 years. frozen toys. it feels like that. if you're ready to take the holiday plunging, you might want to check out c-net's black friday guide and it highlights the deals at top retailers and consumer world, tips for bagging a bargain. here is your reminder, the best deals always occur after the holidays. try not to go too crazy. for more black friday and cyber
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monday .com and we have which stores are open and closed on thanksgiving day. and valuable links. and no, i will not be leaving my sister's house on thanksgiving day. >> you're a good family member. >> many people run errands or have to step out. but not you. thank you, jill. >> no way. >> thank you, jill. weather and traffic, here is dave aguilera. >> if you're leaving town for thanksgiving, pretty nice weather. some action going on but nothing significant. on the west coast, rain temperatures 50s and 60s and not slowing you down. we have a system coming through colorado. and that's the biggest weather maker that we have going on. and rain and snow around eastern colorado but again, it is not like last week, when everything was icing over and that sort of thing and travel shouldn't be too big. and we may have a few thunderstorms later today as the system moves into the middle portion of the nation. and minneapolis, cold at 36 and a few rain showers down to dallas. and houston today, east coast looks pretty good. around here today, joel, once we get through the rain and snow this morning, we will see
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the afternoon high. >> not too bad at all but wet roads out there for the morning commute. a look at the drive along d.i.a., and i-70, inbound along pena boulevard. a wet one. but the a-line running on time. michael spencer has a look at morning sports. forced to tep up. derek wolfe. pass intercepted. aqib talib. touchdown, >> aqib talib has never met a microphone he didn't like. the broncos corner making sure everybody knew he was back yesterday. team had the first practice in nearly a week. yesterday morning, aqib talib and derek wolfe back out at practice. and it was definitely a differenvibe around the team. and guys were energetic. well rested. and they are healthy. and they think their best football is still to come. >> we just know this is our time when we got to turn up another notch. this is our time when a lot of teams f.
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on that ride and continue to get better. t is is when we know we got
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weather alert isor ng r you. we have a soggstart to th morning in the metro area. and this is the picture at vail pass this morning. fresh snow in the mountains. >> all right. we do have team coverage of this thanksgiving week storm for you this morning. because we know many of you are expecting visitors. or getting ready to hit the road. the weather we hope won't slow your drive. mie ley is up at the eisenhower tunnelr , and


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