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tv   CBS4 Morning News-530A  CBS  November 22, 2016 5:30am-5:57am MST

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weather alert isor ng r you. we have a soggstart to th morning in the metro area. and this is the picture at vail pass this morning. fresh snow in the mountains. >> all right. we do have team coverage of this thanksgiving week storm for you this morning. because we know many of you are expecting visitors. or getting ready to hit the road. the weather we hope won't slow your drive. mie ley is up at the eisenhower tunnelr , and
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and ridgegate, pkway, workg the rain. >>ood to have you with us this half on this thanksging week. over into greelefort morgan, ?z gets a little heavier near leader down here. and then you go further south,
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morrow park alsooping and 0fthosski resorts open can hopefully expand. now to the negatives. i want to show you wh we are looking at road condition-se irealic 4z?- and aahha ?[?4bhax1is precting million ssengers more, this r e hadaysing to be aveling home 0es om or more ??a?ufthei sowv?b?x?n?h u can expecta ju?: red reoplestt topeops aboug ?.ou t?hi earl loing at is od4h
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eye on the road conditions out here. back to you. >> way to go, jamie. way to tough it out. that's how you enjoy snow. i'm with you 100% right here. in the metro area, we are seeing wet roads. shawn chitnis live in douglas county, at ridgegate off i-25 this morning. shawn? >> reporter: we have seen consistent conditions out here, for a little more than two hours now. chilly with the rain conditioning to fall. and so what that means is as we
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llet a little b more rain on the road for each half hour that goes behind me. i-25, behind me, and traffic is starting to pick up as more people get on the roads. it seems like they are splashing each other more than an hour ago. and the parking lot next to me, we are seeing more puddles starting to form. consistent rainfall, not too bad but starting to add up and be prepared for wet and slick roads as you get ready to head out for the day. live in lone tree, n chitnis. >> thank you. and let's look at the roads and the weather conditions. good morning, dave. >> take a look at the radar there. we have a little bit of snow going on, mixed with rain. most of the snow is down over the palmer divide. the monument hill area. so if you're traveling either from colorado springs, or going southward, you are going to run into some snow down there. and as we get closer to sunrise, some of that will be sticking. so you got to watch out for that. in the meantime, as you look at denver, all the way up into weld county here, we have more in the way of rain. and it is just wet roadways
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get to the noon hour, a lot of pass to denver. i want to show you to the west. glenwood springs. rifle. the colorado river that runs along ler there and down in the canyon, you get lower elevations and that is more ice. and then you have the elevated portion of highway through glenwood springs. be prepared for icy conditions. 285, as well, similar situation. conifer to bailey. it does improve toward buena vista. highway 86 near kiowa. you have enough moisture that you are starting to see some ponding. that's the blue there.
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that is a tough drive this morning. i-70 deer trail. and up along i-80. the drive looks like it is improving a little bit but stoive toward laramie and cheyenne. and i might recommend waiting until later today when the conditions improve. you have a better sun angle out there and you will have drier conditions. >> and you want to get to grandma's house for thanksgiving. president-elect donald trump, is beginning to give us an idea of the change coming on and yesterday in a very released online -- in a video released online, trump managed to scratch a major trade deal and change what top administration people can do for a living after they leave office. henna daniels has the latest. >> my agenda will be based on a simplecore princi putting america first. >>n a video posted to the president-elect transition page on youtube monday donald trump vowed to bring jobs back to the u.s. by backing out of the
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history. on day one. >> i am going to issue a withdraw from the transpacific partnership. a potential disaster for our country. >> two days ago, president obama sought to reassure world leaders gathered in peru. mr. trump would make good on the agreement. >> people should take a wait and see approach in how much his policy proposals matches up with some of the his campaign. >> the president-elect also detailed his plans for immigration reform. >> i will direct the department of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> mr. trump met with several prominent republicans at trump tower yesterday. including former massachusetts senator scott brown. who is eyeing a role as v.a. secretary. >> i think i'm the best person, but there are some tremendous people out there. >> and oklahoma governor mary
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interior secretary. reallynjoyedit. n. very excited about the administration. >> the president-elect also met with democratic congresswoman of hawaii to discuss the syrian crisis. >> trump's aides say he wants to hear viewpoints from across the political spectrum. as he continues to fill his cabinet. henna daniels, cbs news. president-elect trump has not held a formal news conference since he was elected but he did hold a meeting with top tv news executives an anchors yesterday. includg cbs's charlie rose, gail king and nora o'donnell, off the record. so there is not a lot of information on exactly what went on but the trurchl spokeswoman called it cordial and a reset from the long bitter election. later mr. trump is expected to head to his florida home where he will be celebrating thanksgiving. happening now, officials charged the bus driver in a deadly crash that killed at least five children. around a tree, yesterday, in chattanooga, nnessee.
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but police say overnight, five are confirmed dead. and at leas24 students were taken to the area hospitals there. the driver, 24-year-old jothan walker, faces charges, including vehicular homicide. what we do know about this crash is it was a single vehicle, only the bus was involved. >> investigators now say speed played a role. conditions were dry. and clear that day. 35 students ranging on that bus at the time of the crash. district schools will be open on tuesday, today, and grief counselors will be on hand. the man police are blaming for the ambush style killing of a san antonio police detective is now in custody. 31-year-old otis tyrone mccain is facing capital murder charges this morning. he spoke with photographers late last night while be transported by police. >> it was his fault that he wanted to see his son.
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custody battles and with the situation i was in, it was somebody who didn't deserve it. >> police arrested mccain without incident at 4:30 in the afternoon. detective benjamin marconi was a 20-year veteran of the force, shot and killed, as he sat in his car writing a ticket. he leaves two children. hip-hop star kanye west is recovering from stress and exhaustion that sent him to the hospital after he apparently went on a rant at a concert sacramento over the weekend. >> i am here to change things. i am here to change things. things won't change until people admit they own falsehoods. i get the vision. it is my vision. i am noways going to say things the perfect way, the right way, but i will say how i feel. >> wt canceled 21 performances on the world tour
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refunded. >> he spent the night at the medical center in l.a. after going through a psychiatric evaluation. authorities responded to west's home, after he was reportedly acting erratic. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. right now, 42 degrees in denver. we have rain and snow across the state. >> and a look at this. this time of the year, he you won't find a lot of turkeys stirring around the yard without a nervous thought of the table ahead but we will tell you why le has his eyes
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starting to stick. 43 this afternoon. and we will start to see the sun break through, by the afternoon. so it won't be a completely cloud-filled day. and 25 the low tonight. and then tomorrow, we warm dau to 52 degrees. mostly sunny. and if tomorrow is the day you are leaving town out of d.i.a., you are going to be out there with a lot of people but i think the weather will cooperate nicely and then on thanksgiving, 48 degrees. a little cooler for thanksgiving. but a lot of sunshine. and then we pop back into the 50s on friday. and saturday. and 53 and 58. respectively there.
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so, which includes areas around parker, and southern royal, down to monument hill and the foothills, some of that snow may star ic as we get closer to sunrise. >> that's good to know. >> uh-huh. >> it is not even thanksgiving and the elves are already at work, in dave's weather computer over there. a look at the eisenhower johnson tunnel. lower visibility. where jamie is. this is a view om the c-dot camera right now. have you chain and passenger restrictions that are in place now my turn. ?# the c-dot camera. as you get os and chain and passenger restrictions in place. and we are watching as the plows are moving along. there west of vail pass, glenwood springs,ifle, and you can see how it changes to ice. and then changes over to just wet roads out there. and that is as you get down into the canyon. you've t the river that cuts through there. and that just makes for an icy drive. it is pretty dangerous out there. and here we are, up into the high country, as you ge farther to the west, low visibility along highway 6, as you get u.s. 6 over loveland
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drive, through fair play to buena vista and south of town. and kiowa, highway 86, an icy commute and enough rain that is falling along that, that we have had areas of standing water. you get to the west, of i-25, and along highway 85 and highway , and look how icy that is to decker's the denver metro area, to the west of i-25, conditions improving. along the highways, and it is still wet drive and high80, i know a lot of folks e traveling, hea out to nebraska or heading out to utah or ide wa, i-80, a trowive a tough drive from cheyenneo laramie. broncos are getting ready a prime time matchup on sunday night. they host the ri city chiefs at mile high. and we have a look ahead. and the broncos returned to
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right? the broncos finally got back to work monday after the much- needed bye. and all involved said it was good to get away. but it is exciting to come back for what coach gary kubiak called six playoff games that await them. as the broncos try to win th?ce tightest division race in the league and earn their sixth consecutive division title. the kansas city chiefs now 7-3, just like the broncos, after kansas city's loss to the bueers on suny,re the first of those six playoff games that about. and the biggest thing that the denvers needed to address, to face the chiefs and the stretch run, they have to get bet are play from the offensive line. the broncos, 3.7 yards per carry in the run game. and it is near the bottom of the league's ranking. and they have just one, 100- yard rushing game from a back all season. quarterback trevor siemian has taken far too much punishment. in the week 10 win over the new orleans saints, siemian was
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and hit an additional 15 times am and now, in contra, saints arterback drew brees, he was hit only four times and sacked just once in the game. >> we have to get more consistent with what we are doing up front. consistency in our play throughout the course of the day. and if than that means we have to play six, seven guys, we got to go find it. that's why we are in evaluation mode big time. everywhere. but we will definitely do that. ty came in and did good things but we got to get more consistent these last six broncos defense could have all of its top shelf players in place. for the first time since week two. defensive end derek wolfe who missed a game with a fracture near his right elbow and corner back aqib talib who missed three games with a back injury, both back in practice yesterday. and kubiak said both should be able to play against the chiefs on sunday. and kubiak says demarcus ware who missed five games witha fractured forearms could be ready for five plays a game.
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they did win. however, the broncos have won in the past five years. and they are 4-1 when the chiefs come to denver. and the broncos have also done a lobetter in plim ?utime than the chief timethan the chiefs have. the broncos like the bright lights and e kansas city chiefs don't always do so well.
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see a big offensive output on sunday. >> hats off. >> and i think it is special teams this game. i don't know why,t i' harvest home animal sanctuary. the manager says yes, he has some peculiar personality traits for a turkey. >> he takes to people immediately. he wanted to have kisses on his head and hugs. >> it is a hugging turkey. like any dog, leon just loves a good belly rub. >> cute little bird there.
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good morning. time to give thanks for what we have out there. a lot of moisture around there. beneficial moisture. it is going to slow you down a little bit this morning. but really good. troy jordan, our weather watcher, south of bennet, has a tenth of an inch of water out of the storm system already. and we have oh, .04 in cold creek canyon from john. and if we go into western colorado, we have a ton of water out here. look at this. almost just under a half inch of water from 0.4. not too bad. bus stop forecast, if you have to wait for that this morning, a little rain mixed with snow. about 39 degrees for the temperatures, so you may want to take an umbrella or a hat or a hoody or something like that and keep your head dry this morning. a little soggy out there. and coming up, i will let you know, joel hillen, how long the moisture will last but a lot of it out there this morning. >> and boy, we sure need it out there, across the denver metro area. take a look at the eisenhower johnson tunnels and chain and passenger restrictions in place. jamie leery reporting live from
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we will hear from her coming up in a little bit. and taking a look at the drive 285 conifer. and fair play to buena vista. and west of the vail pass, it is a tough mountain drive right now. a lot of the areas, it is a trough drive. i might recommend to wait until this afternoon. i know everyone is anxious but waiting until this afternoon will make conditions better. and southern tip of spain. if you look closely, you can see this plane ti there it is. wobbling, as it comes in for a land can at gibraltar yesterday. there were apparently strong cross-winds pushing the plane from side to side. fortunately the pilot landed safely earning applause from the crews on the ground. >> some work by the pilot. incredible video. bad wrap for chipotle. three people have filed a lawsuit against the company alleging they lied about the
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burrito. chipotle claims it is 300 calories and they are claiming it is more than 700 calories. the new burrito was supposed to help chipotle recover after the 2015 e. coli crisis. >> that is bait and switch if i have ever heard one. the cbs 4 morning news, jamie is live. >> we are live and we are cold here at the eisenhower tunnel. snow coming down. we have a look at some icy road conditions, for your holiday travel. that is coming up on cbs 4 morning news. >> i'm can shawn chitnis. live in lone tree. where it is raining for a few hours. coming up we will tell you what the conditions are like out here in a live report. >> an explosion overnight in philadelphia. what we are learning about what was inside a package deliver to that home. >> and the terrible bus crash that left students dead in tennessee.
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a weather alert first at 6:00 this tuesruj?day morning. snow is falling near the eisenhower tunnel. and rain could soon turn to snow across the front range. this weather turn comes as people wait for visitors arrive or maybe arheading out themselv for the thanksgiving d goodngevyone. and thanks for joining us. i'm britmoreno. >> if this weather doesn't get muchbetter, you could have a lot of we have team coverage. dave aguilera, timing out the show. joe has anup da on the roads. and shawn chitnis live am douglas county. first jamie is ve at the eisenhower tunnel, where e r all rning we have been on the good mornin ja >> reporter: go morn itt. once again, i am at the coldest spoti believe, in the state. the eisenhower tunnel. you n see snow blowing sideways, and the news i 've gn


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