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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 22, 2016 6:00am-6:57am MST

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a weather alert first at 6:00 this tuesruj?day morning. snow is falling near the eisenhower tunnel. and rain could soon turn to snow across the front range. this weather turn comes as people wait for visitors arrive or maybe arheading out themselv for the thanksgiving d goodngevyone. and thanks for joining us. i'm britmoreno. >> if this weather doesn't get muchbetter, you could have a lot of we have team coverage. dave aguilera, timing out the show. joe has anup da on the roads. and shawn chitnis live am douglas county. first jamie is ve at the eisenhower tunnel, where e r all rning we have been on the good mornin ja >> reporter: go morn itt. once again, i am at the coldest spoti believe, in the state. the eisenhower tunnel. you n see snow blowing sideways, and the news i 've gn
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winter pa beaver creek. veil opens friday. the bad news is, roadways. the roadways up here are extremelicy. and we went fr tchy fog, on the way up here, wet roads, and to solid ice. i talked to one c-do this morning who said yes, it is slick. like a skating rink up here on so bverycarefuwhyou're driving. would he have signage up. chain laws are in effect for those commercial vehicles. so make sure you do have chains in the back, too. coercial vehicle. not a right now that up here. but that is why we're up here. about 48.7 million people projected to be travelinfor thksgiving. more than iles from their ho. thwhat ais sayi. d th is millio this time last ar. so those roadways are going to be busy. give yourselfextra time. i know a lot of people are seems miserable but a great , i
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udio. >> oh, we are so comfbut enjoying seeing thsnow. a live shoth. thks. breang fr the weather traffic, and on the fours to get to dave early right now. we want to tell you what is happening in the metro area and all around colorado. >> jamie is seeing wind chill factors in thteens up there. we are in the 40s here. and we have rain as we look civic parkthere. and rely a beneficial rain for us here in denv ta a okat live doppler 4,0 here. would e littlerain. an acd snowally moving in from the palmer dide area, anwhitmore to monument hill and then pushinup s aurora. so if you live in aurora, and eastern aurora, you have some snow showing up on the radar here. so you might have a little of that starting to stick as we get oser to sunrise and then as we bring it back, into the city here, we have more in the denver. ai in downtown and shooting over to brighton and d.i.a., and over into leader. leader is getting soaked right
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there and then back um into moun of cose, wod he and nolook up north, the rain, orfr?>da!,?$om red feathe up intogrover, and northern chng over to snow as well. so if you're going up to wyoming, it is snowing up there already. so here is a look at e temperature and you can see ever it isgog into the 30s,hat's where it is going to change over snow. that ihappening inaurora. but snack dab right the middle indowntown northern part of black forest, winter weather advisory until 11:00 this morninfotwo to five inches of snow. that is the worst of it. and joel in town, it is rain and rain anging over to snow in the ci. if we see any snow stick at it is on the grassy areas be a probably an inch or less. >> in the meantiwe got wet ads roout ere,across the denver tro area and enough moisture on the roadways and someplaces where we have areas you get a little closer to the
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conditions. and afd so icy -- and as a whole computer stem is frozen rit now. a wonderful snshot owh or idiatthe moment the ss. and ain and passenger restrictions in place. and in tow a h?'?ulitt more lume. that will lead to some spla bas. so make sure you top out the windshield wash fluid. areas of lower visibility, down to the tech center as ll. as yoget into places ere there is active moisture coming down, it is a tough drive for you. if you're about to get in your car, turn a.m., and get the latest traffic d cbs 4 weather together. >> thanks a lot. temperatures should stay wild enough to keep the snow off the metro area roadways. some roads are wet. shawn chitnis has more to give you a look. shawn? >> reporter: well, just in the last 30 minutes, we have seen the conditions change a little. the rain picking up a little bit re. also getting windy. so making it feel even colder than it is. and of crse, all of this happening, just as traffic is xm
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definitely seeing a lot more cars come through. and so they are going to be dealing a little bit more water than maybe even just 30 minutes ago. and let's take a look at some se here in the lone tree en area. would very been here since essential -- we have been here since essentially 4:00 in the morning and watching the rain the last few hours. and consistent for the most part and really starting to pic re puddles justed around me in this parking lot and splash created by thrsthat are driving along i-25 in the area as well. so they getting ready in case that snow e into this area. so we will remain at this spot and continue to watcthe conditions as they start to pick and little mo rain and get bit more wet t as well. live in lone tree, shawn chitni c4 morning news. >> shawn, thanks a lot. you can check the road cond ns on our web site at cbs denver .com and you will find some of the tool joel uses to navigate the trouble spots.
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some type of explc@osion in a philadelphia home. police say this happened in the kitchen as the man opened a package from the mail. our affiliate now reports this was an intentional act. and police are investigating this as a possible hate crime. officers say the package is believed to have contained some sort of medication. they say the man gets inhalers delivered to the house on a routine basis. there is a lot of broken glass but not much damage to the chattanooga, tennessee, is hurting this morning. over the deaths of five children killed in horrific school bus crash. we now know the driver is facing charges. police arrested 24-year-old jonathan walker. he is charged with vehicular homicide, wreckless endangerment and wreckless driving. he was transporting 35 elementary children yesterday when that bus slammed in tree and flipped on its . side nearly shearing in half.
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>> he was going real st he wasn't paying attention. >> investigators plan to look at the black boand review video cameras on that bus and grief counselors will be at that elementary school in chattanooga today. new this morning, one person is dead, after a stabbing in fo collins. it happened yesterday evening, at an apartment on parker street. and the person died at the hospital. and police say they are questioning a number of people, in this case. anth morning. a man is now charged in a deadly shooting, back in september. and investigators say david young shot and killed gerald hammonds near 29th and welten and young is in custody at the denver detention center. breaking overnight, one of president-elect donald trump's appointments could elevate a former republican congressman from colorado. according to our news partner koa news radio, bob told colorado politics he is being considered for the position as
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and the interior transition team is being led by david longly bernhart a native of rifle. he represented colorado's seventh congressional district from 2003 to 2007. and that cabinet position oversees many issues critical of course to colorado and the west. there are at least a ?kdozen other names in addition to his that are being reported here in
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daysin offi. and he vo to bring jobs back to the unates while withdrawinfrom the transpacific partnership. one of our state lawmakers planjoin ople prot e kota ss pi thistretes omoil ?hfields nortkota, to linois. and state representative jo salasays he can no longer stand by, and watch this situation unfold. >> as an elected official, as a leader in the community, i wa to make assessments for myself of >>lazar says he is troubled violations, by law enforcement. and th comes after cersof used water hoses, on presters, sunday night, in north dakota, where ?:yithe wea s very cold. d somepe anle ended upwith pothera. and e sherifsathe estersre ing gressive rds ?hidepu, and ribet
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curt vogel has pleadeguilty and has agre topay restion. investigators std lookg into his tionen city aders noticed bookkeg probms a miing fire fighng eqpment. and that theft topl e 2010 20and his wife alsousedin?1 this se. deteion antreaent of mental healthd prostate cancer. happening toda a w mural willing goup in miof downtown nver a copter 4 f it yesterday. all rtof? a nepartnership between bellco and the deer bee ofthe coalitn of e fr kids program at ar , will be expanded to ude enedl
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deils abou deshting, a san tonio officer. d e new av of e da you. stay tuned.
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,, let's give you a li look right now at weather right near the eisenhower tunn. at lovela pass. loveland valley. loveland basin. pret excited about this, you can bet. the skiers are l excited. right there. plow up the road as they try to clear things so we can get where weare gog. there is a vinglinehere between the snd ow anthrain this mornin >> that is a really good point. but you know what? you n get everybody coming into town foanksgiving is so happy about this snow.
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snow up there and rain in the metro. >> had ise of the stms we ?/?2 really. li the avsnysinthe mountains. and the wet uff with rain in the ty. if you artraveling up in the high country, that is where it is ally rough. but take 4a'ok at live dollar 4,000 here. we are starting to see some snow start to fill in alonthe palm divide. monument hill. south of castle rock. and then shooting across aurora, and deer trail, and all the way up into weld coun and we have cool air, rushing in that line is starting to change over to snow. but if you look in the denver mo highlands ranch, through the denver area, and all the way up to brighton and hudson. and as we get closer to sunrise, that will change over to snow. on the wyoming line and you can see it started as rain and now starting to change over. as colder air is moving in. and a lot of ice in the southeast. and beneficial stuff south of pueblo and snow and rain mixed in the lower elevations out
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cold. this is noarctic by any mes around here. we are in the 40s, in the city. that's why we still have rain here, and cipark at 41. and every place in the 30s, it is starting to change over to snow. like genesee, evergreen, conifer and castle rock and back out to aurora. as it changes over. and andrew, one of our junior weather watchers is up bright and early in rora. a quarter of an inch of rain out ere. here is the advisory map for you. from south of parker. over into elizabeth. down to two to five inches by 11:00 this morning. a good shot of a heavy snow going on this morning. and in the mountains, five to 10, east of the continental divide, six to 12 as you move out west. a lot of those areas could see up to a foot of snow. down in purgatory, southern colorado they had two feet of snow in the last couple of ys down there. here are the two guys coming together. big low in southern colorado shoown on toof it. air ng and the forecast for denver, today, looking at 43 for th
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finish up the day with some sunshine and then 52, mostly sunny tomorrow and keep the sunshine going through the holiday, through the week, 48 on thanksgiving and then back to the 50s on friday, and saturday. and so no cold turkey this year, joel, for thanksgiving. >> way to deliver for the weekend. dave, appreciate that. take a look at the eisenhower johnson tunnels right now. we saw where jamie was. the snow coming down. that's what we are seeing as the actual tunnels themselves into the west side of the tunnels. look at that. you have the tracks, the tires along everyone consolidating there. here we are to vail. you can see these trucks doing what the law requires them to do which is to chain up right now. would he have passenger traction rerictions in place. and the road weather index lighting up. look at the dark, dark gray we have on portions of the highway drive and i-70 and the river cuts down, much lower elevation on either side. and that is why it is turning to ice. and you get to grand juncon, it starts to turn to rain as well. chain and passenger trtion
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visibility u.s. 6 and loveland pass and conifer t to bailey. look how tough it is along highway 67 to decker's. an accident along i-25 now. and as you get between castle rock and c-470. and kiowa, this was -- we had a t of heavy rain earlier. and you had the blue there. which shows areas of standing ter. that is all gray which means the snow is coming down. we have a couple of trouble spots out there. mostly side street incidents along the denver metro area. some slowing developing. as you travel northbound. along i-225. and alan, i have been showing snowy one right now. a tough drive out to laramie. >> that looks like a tough one. the winds do whip up there. >> short week on wall street. the markets are trying to figure out what things might look like under a trump administration. and update on the planned strike at chicago's o'hare. the news from wall street. jill wagner live on the floor of the new york stock exchange right now. jill? >> reporter: good morning, the markets open at new record highs this morning. the dow jumped 88 points inching to the 19,000 mark and
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pointing to a higher open. part of the reason for this, sumping oil prices helped boost energy stocks. expectations have been growing that oil ministers will agree to a production cut at the opec meeting next week. and crude rose to about $50 a barrel. and about 500 workers in chicago's o'hare airport plan to strike november 29, after the busy thanksgiving rush. and the workers are fighting for a $15 an hour wage and union rights, and the workers include baggage handlers and and wheelchair attendants. and more americans will be eating thanksgiving turkey, with their co-workers, and a career builder survey found that 28% of workers plan to celebrate the holiday with colleagues. either in or out of the office. that is up from 20% last year. and 22% of employees say they have to work on thanksgiving. alan? >> jill, thanks a lot. check can the map by the way there are delays going into o'hare this morning in chicago. thanks a lot. good to see you. >> okay, we want to get over to tuesday's top stories this
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behind bars. police arrested otis mckane for the murder of detective benjamin marconi. investigators say he parked behind the patrol car, while he was working a traffic stop and approached the drivers side window and started shooting. and mckane blames the violence on several custody battles. he says he lashed out at someone who didn't deserve it. and bliss say he targeted marconi because he was an officer. he leaves behind two children. an warning for people here in the u.s. traveling into europe. the state department leaders say credible information indicates isis and al qaeda militants continue to plan attacks in europe. around the holiday season. and the department is encouraging people to be d after a bye week. estivals, aquib talib and take wolf are back at practice which is great news and e broncos takeon the afc rival, the kansas city
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coming up with insight on this matchup. and we will b,,
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welcome back. good morning. weather and traffic on the fours here. whoo-hoo. look at this. eisenhower tunnel. if your morning drive consists of driving through the tunnel, you will have a rush in the slush up there this morning. a little bit of snow. is that photographer eddie castro in the winter wonderland up there? only 27 degrees up there. but if you factor in the wind
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is 41 degrees. and here is our travel forecast. if you're going anywhere. a little bit of rain up in seattle and portland. and nothing big there. it should be in the 50s today. and then, it is not until you get to colorado, that you run into some action here, and of course, the rain and snow around here. but not freezing over, like it did last week, with that storm that bogged everything down. but it is soggy. and that may be an issue. and the only other area i'm looking at, problematic, today, will be dallas, down to houston, down here, and they might have some severe thunderstorms popping there. and that coul and otherwise, the east coast looks great as well. and mostly clear skies out there with 40s and 50s to the northeast. and around here, joel, the high will be about 43. but we may end up with sun before it is done. i will outline that in more detail coming up. >> and we will take it when we can get it. and this as well. the eisenhower johnson tunnel. people at home waxing the skis, right? you have chain and passenger traction restrictions in place. and if you have to be traveling for the thanksgiving holiday, along pena boulevard, a good drive for you. we are starting to see a lot
6:26 am
down. speeds dipping into the 40s right now, britt, as you make your way from i-25 to i-225. >> thank you, joel. happening now, a boulder- based restaurant company is suing celebrity chef ng puck over trademark violations. the kitchen has several restaurants in colorado including this one at 15thand wazi in denver. one of the founders of the restaurant met with puck in 2012 for some advice and puck started opening a new chaiof restaurants called and the lawsuit claims puck's company is violating trademark law. and asks him to change his restaurant names. new details on what is up with kanye west and his nverellation of a concert d he spent the night at a los angeles hospital for reported stress and exhaustion. he canceled 21 performances in the world tour including the pepsi center next monday and the tickets which cost hundreds of dollars each, will be
6:27 am
situation. we have rain out there. a live look at the tech center camera this morning. and the reason we don't have snow is because of ,,
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, ? to mthe hodays are special, it's family aditions and of course great food. will the twe could worry about over the hidays, rkey shouldn't be one of them. worry about
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weather alert at 6:30 this morning. we are keeping an eye on the new round of snow in the high country. the truckers are navigating it. there trying to get through at the eisenhower tunnel right there. as we give you a live look. the resorts are getting a boost ahead of thanksgiving. different story along the front range right now. rain is falling. but that could turn to light snow. your morning drive is going to be wet. >> this is just in to the newsroom. vail is reporting five inches of snow yesterday. breckenridge, received two of
6:31 am
here is a live look near i-70 and vail pass that is, and of the snow coming down this morning, and we do have team coverage, of this thanksgiving holiday storm. and shawn chitnis is covering the front range and live at douglas county at ridge gate parkway off i-25. we will go to in a minute but first we are starting off with jamie berry with what looks like a snow globe at the eisenhower tunnel. jamie, good morning. great work out there. >> reporter: although not as pleasant as a it is very cold. our cbs mobile weather app still hovering around 19 degrees. the wind died down a little bit but the snow still accumulating on the roadways. take a look at what we are looking at, at loveland pass near the eisenhower tunnel, and wet roads, turning into ice, and it is valely slick out here. -- really slick out here. one of the c-dot employees working overnight described it as a skating rink, especially in the opposite lane, and you can see, definitely slower speeds being utilized which is
6:32 am
here, around the eisenhower tunnel, and it is warn you that it is icy. and to use slower speeds. those commercial vehicles. or and you can see, look at that spray coming off of those tires. so wind shield wipers, tires, you want to make sure they're winterized right now, because you are going to need them. aaa is predicting about a million more passengers traveling this time, compared to last year. so those roads are going to be busy. for more on the weather situation, let's check in dave. >> good morning, jamie. a little moisture bomb if you will blasting into the denver metro area and the area. and the roads are shimmering. a lot of water in the city. and on the fringes on the outside of the city up to 6,000 feet and beyond. it is starting to change over to snow. so on live doppler 4,000, i can show you where that is happening right now. we had a lot of snow out over western colorado and still snowing in the mountains as well. and look at the moisture from cheyenne, all the way down to
6:33 am
if we zoom into this area, and big rain from pueblo, down h and then is just starting to change over to snow from monument hill down here, all the way up, into aurora, and just outside of d.i.a., and look how quickly, just as we get closer to sunrise. and sunrise at 6:53 this morning. that is typically the coldest part of the morning. and that's when i suspect all of this then will start to change over to snow. and it is already happening out there on the east side of town. e-470 the rain changing over to snow. that will move back into e this is going to melt, as it hits the roadways. and a lot of splash-back and that type of thing and doesn't look like icy roads around town. 41 in city park. and 40 in lakewood. you get into the 30s. and genesee conifer, and parker and aurora, all of those areas dropping into the 30s. that's where it is changing over to snow. the big problem area may be from parker down to monument hill into black forest. and they could by at least 11:00 this morning have about two to five inches of snow there. but i will tell you what, this
6:34 am
morning. driving-wise, but if is really beneficial water that we really need. >> yes, and i mean look at this. it is such a nice scene, isn't it to see, we haven't seen this in a long time. up from our c-dot camera at the yikes johnson tums and chain and passenger restrictions in place. and maybe wait a couple of hours if you're heading out. the sun will be up in the sky and it will be a much better drive. to the west of vail pass, icy on both si cuts through there with an elevation onthat, and it makes for a tough drive. farther to the east, you go from vail pass, u.s. 6 over to loveland pass out to denver, that will be a tough drive for you as well with chain and passenger restrictions. 225 to bailey, conifer, it looks good from fair play to bua vista. and south of castle rock, icy conditions on the roadway. and we have a couple of accidents out there, look how tough it is at deckers, kiowa,
6:35 am
denver metro area, seeing slowing develop in all of the usual spots. and then alan, i take you up along i-25, you saw the moisture we have, and the drive looks like it sim proving a little built along i-80 out to laramie. >> let's go to shawn chitnis along i-25, live at ridge gate parkway to give you the view there. sun is up, shawn. >> reporter: yes, alan, as the sun comes up, and fufl the conditions are -- and unfortunately the conditions are getting tougher. the wind is picking the rain coming down a-at a faster rate as well. and not exactly what you want to be dealing with as we see traffic pick up as well. let me step out of the way and give you a closer look at what we can see from our vantage point of i-25. this is the point where we are starting to see traffic pick up. more rain falling. that means you will probably have to deal with other cars splashing you as well. so just be prepared pour that. wet roads. they have been wet for a while now. at least three hours. that's really when we started to see the rain come into our area. and it is just been able to accumulate there.
6:36 am
the worst we have seen all morning. keep that in mind as you get ready to head out for the day. live in lone tree, shawn chitnis, cbs 4 morning news. >> the view shows what drivers are contending with. thanks, shawn. and you can get cbs 4 weather on the go with the app and dave's forecast and check out our interactive maps. happening today, a judge is going tolook at the future of widening c-470. a plan that has some neighbors in douglas county worried about the noise. that project is supposed to add two express lanes in a 12-mi to wads worth in douglas county. but the highland ranch neighborhood coalition has filed injunction now, to block it. and c-dot's original expansion plans, included noise barriers, along the highway. and leaders dropped those barriers after recent tests found they would not be effective. the federal judge agreed to review the project. new details about a man in boulder, akud of threatening a group -- accused of threatening a group of boys with a loaded gun.
6:37 am
near 35th street and madison avenue. and the suspect, richard nam told police he only meant to scare the boys. he said they woke him up by minin. g snowballs s fatherf one of the ys tells cbs 4 nad e gun dire at e >> translator: thank god nothing happened. and that they are just kids being kids. playing arwills. to stb the man. >> police say four chambers were loaded. nam faces potential charges. which include wreckless endangerment. and child abuse. fire crews in northern california are welcoming the snow and the rain falling in the state. the believer creek fire burning northwest of rocky mountains national park started back in june. but still, it is only 75% at rehas now re$30 fighting million. the ames are burning in heavy beetle kill which is ma it more difficult for those firefighters. the porn industry is worth
6:38 am
effects on people. cbs 4's jennifer bryce introduces us to a colorado woman who shows you how the sex trade ravaged her life. >> i was a madam based on what i learned in pornograph >> her message is powerful. i will tell you why jessica kneely became a porn star. >> for a time, i was the most googled girlof i believe it was 2009. >> she explains how porn and human trafficking are related. >> every single rs pornography escorts. >> we take you inside that world and why she talks to teens around parents about the pitfalls about porn. >> they are watching a woman self destruct. i graduated into a world that had been destroyed by porn and i couldn't escape it. >> see jessica's journey and how her story can keep other people safe. you can see the full report, on cbs 4 news at 10:00. right after ncisnew leans.
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of thoffice. and he most recently as the acting special agent for division. and as a chief of violent imagainst dr. n 1990 plvnel i since transferred to fbi headquarters. happening today, it is going to start lookg more ke the holidays, in denver. and the southwest skg ri ght nextthe cltower. it happens t offun. video from previous years and that rink is free. >> it is finally feeling like the holidays, too, with the
6:40 am
aforementioned ducehene finds the back of net and the avs get the win 3-2 and sure is nice to have dutchy back on the ice. >> probably a little bit of a slow start. maybe a little bit tent tive and unsure but i thought he got better as the game went on. he certainly was better in the second and finds a way to get a big goal for us drive into the net in overtime. so that's what elite players do. >> three game road trip is over. afrnoons back home, wednesday night -- avs back home wednesday night to start a five-
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we have weather and traffic together on the fours and we start with the traffic alert for you up into the high country, we have westbound i- 70, that is closed, as you get to copper mountain, due to a terrible accident, that we have, i-70, as you get over vail pass. this is our closest camera. right there. and you can see them holding traffic back. due to this accident. with the flashing lights and look at the conditions along the roadway. where we have chain and passenger traction restrictions that are in place this morning.
6:45 am
passenger traction restrictions that we have, as you get over vail pass. but the closure in the westbound direction now at copper mountain. trying to leave town this morning. it might be best to wait for just a bifor conditions to improve and for the accident to get cleared out of the way. a good reminder, britt and alan, to make sure your car is winter driving ready. >> yes, i know. my windshield wipers, i forgot dried out and they're like barbecue tongues right now. >> you better get that xed. we have team coverage of this thanksgiving holiday chitnis are out giving us a look at the conditions in the metro area and in the mountains. we will start with jamie at the eisenhower tunnel where it is cold and it is snowy and icy. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, britt. just when i said the wind has died down, it now picked up and it feels like it is below zero. at last check, it was about 19 degrees. take a look at some of these road conditions. we have c-dot out in full force right now.
6:46 am
all leading up to this pass, icy roads, slower speeds add. chain and passenger restrictions in effect. so the important thing is, you want to make sure your vehicle is winterized. i will assume there is a long line at the tire shop this morning because you will ed it. winter has finally arrived. the good news about all of the snow is that the resos that are open now hopefully can expand some of the ski terrain. we have steam boat opening tomorrow as well as winter park and beaver creek. so we are season here, a little bit behind, but you know, i know dave was saying the sun is coming out and a little bit this afternoon, in the metro area, and i certainly hope that we can look forward to some more snow this week. we will keep an eye on your travel conditions, about a million more people, hitting the road this year, than last year, so just be advised, take your time, there is going to be a litt fi again, we are going to keepn eye on the avel conditions out here. live from the eisenhower tunnel, jamie leery, cbs 4 news. >> way to go, rooting the
6:47 am
going on in denver. a live picture from a little bit earlier on this morning. and it shows you broadway right here. and how it was falling. we could see snow soon. and shawn chitnis live at ridge gate parkway right now at i-25 hit the roads. and as we watch i-25 the splash is increasing as the cars are going through. and this is what we saw earlier in the area here, the consistent rainfall that has been here for at least three hours now. again tting the roads wet and getting the parking lot wet and starting to rm some puddles and of course, your car is already soaked as well. those are the conditions we are dealing with in this area. and as we have been heing,
6:48 am
that's the situation that we are wahingout over here. liveawitnis,cbs 4 morning news. >> thank you, shawn. a live look from the airpor d.a. sa airlines are de-icing is rning. but no r delays. hopefully we don't see a repeat en could not de-ice t week. fastenough. to get people out in time. and now, we are seeing a few delays out of o chag o'hare thismorning. and weve you red on the storm. you can always get the latest conditions, at cbs denver .com. breaking ovt, old man, hurt after an explosion in a philadelphia home. our affiliate reports this was a deliberate act. police are investigating as a possible hate crime right now. police say the man opened a package from his mail. officers say the package is believed to have contained some sort of medication. but our cbs affiliate in philadelphia is reporting the man does receive medication through the mail, however they are reporting the package was in fact a decethat was
6:49 am
manila enlope. the ntsb is on the way to teessee is morning to investigate the deadly bus crash in chattanooga. the bus driver nofaces charges. and this comes as s have mourn e ?olossfive le;< anfou john walker, charged with vehicular homicide wreckless endangerment and wreckless drive. he had 35 elementary school
6:50 am
ciouy shotankilled the ficer bush stwhe t in hu5er9pis iting traffic ticket. mckane blames s anger on several custody battles. hesays he shed out at someone who did not deservit. do you havenything say to his family sorry. >> it could have beeanybody. li >>e mckane had any lationship e original driver o was pulled over. sunday's shootings just e of several attacks agains police over the weekend. and now at least e lo extra precautions to keep officers safe. kenrid pole will no longer use facebook tell people whe its officersare positionedo do their traffic enforcement. the departme prevusly used posts to growtheir social dia exposure. >> whatwe ha seen acro re, wethought th was the nd the best thing for officer safety. >> and chief dennis mclaughlin says the departmeisnt
6:51 am
officers easy targets. three people are now suing colorado-based chipotle ying th how porky the orizo burritos menu boards showthe item as 0 calories but the burrito they say has re tmon 700 calories. in reality. the chorizo has 300 calori ng its own anthe burrito s ppedhelpe crisis. the bye week is overall the broncos returned to practice se players on >> now they are preparfo the matchup against the kansas sunday. we have a look right now with roamy. >> and a lot of coonents to winning the game. >> good morning. you're right, the broncos got back to work monday after a much-needed bye. all involved said it was good to get away but exciting to
6:52 am
the broncos three -- 3.7 yards wer carry in the run game is near the bottom of the league's ranking. and they have just one 100-yard rushing game from a back, all season long. and quarterback trevor siemian simply has taken far too much punishment this year. in the broncos week 10 win over the new orleans saints, siemian was sacked six times, and hit 15 additional times. now, in contrast, saints quarterback drew brees was hit only ur times, and sacked just once. in the same game. >> we have to get more
6:53 am
throughout the course of the game. and if that means we have to play, six, search guys, we got to go -- six, seven guys, we got to go find it and that's why we are in evaluation mode big time anywhere. and we will definitely do that. ty came in and does good things but we have to be more consistent the last six weeks. >> now for the good stuff. the bye also means the cos defense could have all of its top shelf players in place for the first time since week two. defensive end derek wolfe who missed a game with a fracture quarterback aqeeb talib who missed three games with a back injury, they were both back on the practice field monday. and kubiak has said both should be available to play agains the chiefs. kubiak also said demarcus ware who missed games earlie this season with a fractured forearm could be ready for 50 plays a game. now, in all, the broncos have three division games remaining. a visit from the new england patriots in week 15 and all six
6:54 am
because all against afc teams. and if they want the sixth division title and home field advantage, the post season starts this sunday against the chiefs. >> i know what would help them win, somebody else's schedule maybe. >> doubt. thank you. >> happy thanng. and you cahe re mofriday on cbs 4 mornings and weekdays through 6:00 p.m. on denver sports 760 wi ed caffrey. and 6:54. a check of weathe and any idea how much snow we will get? >> yes, i have a good idea r you. am about tote you here. it is foggy now at the evergreen parkway along i-70 anthe parkway up there, and look at that moisture, just hanging the air and we have some thunder snow going on in morgan town on doppler 4,000 there and sometimes when we see, that you can get a quick burst of snow out if that. and you can see the rain changing over to snow from aurora, into d.i.a., all the way to the north part of the black forest. and still raining downtown.
6:55 am
we get closer to sun rise here this morning. and so there is a big look, still snowing in the mountains. and snowing down to the south as well. we had a lot of snow in purgatory number the last 72 hours. they had two feet of snow ere. th not unbearable. but quite a bit of moisture for them out there. d temperates now,are starting to cool down we drping into the 30s in a lot of locatio and as happens, will see some of this snow stick to some areas. the biggest area close to denver willpahx?srkdown to monument hill. about two to fi wi e winter wer in denver, less than an inch on the grassy areas. most of the roads this morning ay and up ta foot of snow, in some of the mountains, with warnings and advisories going on there, summit county, all the way up to vail and aspen and telluride as well where they could see up to 14 inches of snow in that area down there. here is the way it looks. the future cast through the rno. we have the blast of moisture coming through. and then by noon, we start to bit. hings break up a by the end of the y, we might even see a little bit of understandby then.
6:56 am
joel, starting tomorrow, through the holiday, all the y through the week, mostly sunny skies and temperatures warm up just a little bit, too. >> delightful. >> yes. >> look at that. take look at the high countrrit w. not so delightful. westboi-70, copp mountto an acnt that weha closer to vail. and you can see just how icy that looks. make sure your car is winter driving ready. chain and passenger travel restrictions in place for most of the high country and you can see the purple where the accident is and where it is completely south of town, a couple of accidents i-25, to the north of castle rock. look how tough it is along kiowa and e highway there, highway 86 and then the denver metro area, have slowing in some of the usual spots. anyou can see more green here. and watch for splash-back. that is really going start slowing things down. no on-highway accidents so to speak in town. all are side street accidents. the drive along i-76, traveling to fort morgan and i-80, still
6:57 am
mashed potatoes, joel. thanksgiving week. >> absolutely. >> i choose my own version. >> it looks like it. >> see this?
6:58 am
,, ,,
6:59 am
,, ,,
7:00 am
? good morning. if istuesday, november 22nd, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a tennessee school bus smashes into trees, killing five children, i others. the driver faces multiple charges. more than three feet of snow buries parts of the northeast. another storm is brewing, with tens of millions set to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. and jon stewart reflects on the evolution of "the daily sh walking away from it all. what brings him joy right now. w butgin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> multiple children lost their lives today.


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