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tv   CBS4 News at 10PM  CBS  November 26, 2016 10:00pm-10:22pm MST

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lufile, fade route, and zone touchdown colorado! >> the rise is real. cu buffs come up big in boulder. winning the pac-12 south championship in front of a sold- out crowd of 52,000. >> final score colorado 27, utah 22. mark haas joins us now. what a remarkable turnaround for this team. >> this is one of the best stories in all of college football this year from worst in five years, the bus will play for a pac-12 title. hosting utah has mentioned the sold-out crowd, 13-13. sefo liufau lob is up to shay fields. the buffs take a 20-13 lead. the cu defense were special tonight holding the utes to mostly field goals and forcing turnovers! fumble returned for a touchdown here made it 27-16. the buffs forced four
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tedrick thompson had a pair of interceptions including this one in the fourth quarter. the buffs win it 27-22. cu will take on washington next friday in the pac-12 title game at levi's stadium! the same site the broncos won the super bowl. >> it felt great to win. it's a team deal and we're happy to go from last to best. >> we rose up to the challenge. we've got a great defense. we're not done yet. back to work tomorrow but it was a great win and can't be more proud of my am to the end. we just kept punching. we kept swinging. and in the end we became victorious. >> more reaction from the folsom field later tonight during saturday sports extra. >> see you then. right now a weather system is bringing heavy rain to california and that storm is headed our way. meteorologist dave aguilera is in colorado's weather center. what can we expect from this one? >> big snow for the mountains and a little spit of rain mixed
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to be a shocker since today was so nice. we made it to 60 in denver. boulder fort collins both at 61. greeley 59. on the satellite already you can see a huge amount of moisture coming right up into denver. high cloudiness mainly. we are shrouded in clouds tonight. and we are starting to pick up in the last two hours some rain and snow in southwestern colorado. so that's no will be ramping up down there in the san juans. that's the first wave of moisture coming front. ahead of the system we have a big influx of tropical moisture here. the big kahuna that will be changing weather is a cold front and then a low pressure area which we have right over sections of washington and oregon now. that is going to slide overnight tonight into tomorrow and bring with it copious amounts of snow for the mountains. variety of winter storm advisories through monday. some areas of their could see a
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for denver, some of that moisture may trickle down into the city tomorrow morning. i'll show you how much. not crazy but we might get a little rain mixed with snow tomorrow morning. we will outline it for you in a few minutes. a truck driver has been charged with careless driving after striking a state trooper along i-25 yesterday. trooper cody donahue died at the scene. dillon thomas is live in castle rock tonight. this death is a tragic reminder for drivers to move over for about 24 hours since trooper donahue lost his life on i-25 just yesterday. law enforcement community to continue to mourn the loss and also encouraging the public to keep their eyes on the road and to obey traffic laws which were designed to prevent tragedies just like this. when colorado state trooper cody donahue responded to the
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never could have known the terror that was headed his way. >> officer was laying in the lanes of traffic. >> reporter: just minutes after arriving on the scene, donahue was struck by a u.s. food semi- driven by noe gamez-ruiz. donahue's partner confirming the severity of the injuries over the radio. >> he's down. >> conscious? breathing? >> reporter: the sheriff's office tasked with conducting investigation says this tragedy is hitting the force hard. >> it's hard on the detectives out there evidence. it's hard on the crime scene investigators. it's hard on the traffic accident investigators. it's a big part. it takes a toll on everybody. >> unclear why noe gamez-ruiz struck donahue but his charges to just he did not yield. >> charged with careless driving resulting in death. and failure to lead -- to yield. >> reporter: this is the third state trooper to be killed by passing traffic on that stretch of i-25.
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on duty. while law enforcement sees terrible things each day, this one they say feels much worse. >> when you see somebody in uniform it makes it that much more hard. >> reporter: law enforcement community says this tragedy has been so tough on them they wish to not further comment at this time. however csp did send out a tweet earlier today saying quote, cody we've got the watch from here, brother. rest in peace. live from castle rock, dillon thomas, cbs4 news. >> what a new information after a crash turned into a death investigation. first responded to reports that the car had crashed into a parked vehicle near kentucky avenue and federal. when they arrived they discovered the driver had been shot. that men died a short time later. no word yet on the shooter. flags are flying at half staff in cuba after the death of dictator fidel castro. he died late last night at the age of 90. castro took power in 1959. build a soviet style communist
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the united states. >> to supporters he was a revolutionary hero. to critics, a ruthless dictator. fidel castro was cuba for nearly 50 years. in the 1950s, castro led the overthrow of batista. cuba would then become a communist country. the island nation established close ties union and seized nearly all u.s. owned property. the u.s. broke off relations and imposed a trade embargo. in 1961 president kennedy authorized a force of cia's exiles to try to overthrow castro. the invaders were crushed as they waited ashore at the bay of pigs. castro introduced free medical care and universal education to cubans. but he also maintained his power abolishing multiparty elections and censoring the media. making most immigration
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just before he's date it -- just before his 80th birthday, castro turned over the reins of power to his brother. cuba is now observing nine days of morning. castro's body has been cremated. his funeral will be held december 4th. as news of castro's death spread thousands in miami took to the streets to celebrate. cbs news correspondent don champion joins us live from the little havana the streets. >> reporter: literally. good evening, kathy. last night's gathering here in little havana stretched well into the early morning hours here in certainly -- take a look over my shoulder at the people still here, we could see a repeat of that tonight. all-night people have been showing up singing and cheering to mark what they call a symbolic moment in cuba's history. the gatherings here in the cultural epicenter for cuban-
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been passionate and emotional. many of those who showed up shared stories about family members in cuba and during decades of oppression at the hands of castro. diaz's father was imprisoned by castro's regime. and broke down talking about her new hope for freedom for all cubans. >> so suffering. small child. and i'm here every single day here. this is my country. and i'm hopeful. i'm ve >> reporter: tonight many of the people gathered out here who have been in touch with family members in cuba say their loved ones have a downright fear of showing any kind of relief in public over castro's death. it certainly is a reminder of the oppression that people of that island nation still face
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cubans in colorado are also reacting to castro's death. cbs4's andrea flores is live in denver. there are mixed feelings about the death of the cuban leader. >> reporter: kathy, there certainly are. while some are mourning the loss others are concerned about what this may mean for cuba's future. tonight we spoke with one woman who lived under castro's rule. now fighting for cuba's freedom. >> it's hard to know where this is going to go. >> reporter: letty garcia eckstein says news of fidel castro's death an era. >> i don't know what it means. >> reporter: she remembers the rise to power as a young girl. >> we always so happy when castro came to power. but things started to get a little crazy. >> reporter: her mother educator, was the last in her family to turn against the regime. >> she met fidel. he came to talk to them about his plans for education and
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turned to fear. >> i have memories of people from the military, people from castro coming into my house and searching everything. >> reporter: her family fled the island when letty was 11 years old. today letty is actively involved in engaged cuba a coalition working to end trade restrictions on the island. >> we believe that more engagement between cuba and the u.s. is what's going to bring about change. >> reporter: now letty says it's time for decades of end. >> the lack of choices, worse than the progress that they've made. >> reporter: future relations between cuba and the u.s. will soon be in the hands of president-elect donald trump. during his campaign, he threatened to rollback changes made by president obama through executive order. reporting live in denver, andrea flores, cbs4 news.
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evacuation of thousands. how colorado is helping the israeli firefighters. hillary clinton joins an effort to recount votes cast in the presidential election. >> i invite everyone. donald trump's campaign and hillary's campaign. >> reporter: how the trip -- how the president-elect is responding. and a panda cub
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happening now, thousands of people who fled wildfires in israel are returning home. fires broke out last week starting monday and damaged 700 homes. firefighters say they are getting a handle on the flames. authorities say some fires were deliberately set. 12 people have been arrested with suspicion of arson. supertanker from colorado springs traveled to israel to help in th of water which is more than all of is really air tankers combined. new developments after the green party filed a request for a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign team announced it will participate in the process to make sure that clinton people are legally represented. the green party raised almost $6 million to challenge the results in three swing states. president-elect donald trump called the recount ridiculous.
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party. in a statement he also said the results of the election should be respected instead of being challenged and abused. green party nominee jill stein responded. inviting the trump campaign to participate. >> this should be a nonpartisan people powered effort to ensure that we can rely on the integrity and the security of our votes. >> the wisconsin elections commission says it has not found evidence of hacking equipment. update on the health of a panda cub at the smithsonian national zoo. bebe underwent emergency surgery on friday. officials say the giant panda became sick on thanksgiving. veterinarians found a lemon size mass of bamboo in his intestine. the do -- the zoo called the surgery a life-saving procedure. bebe is now recovering. wish him the best. cooler weather on the way.
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going to feel like winter and we need the fur coat. >> no kidding. coming up on tuesday we're going to get into the 30s. stick around for quite some time. you may need the fur coat for several days. you will need it in the mountains coming up tonight. several warnings and advisories are in place sunday through monday. steamboat springs downug could see 10 to 20 inches of snow. 6 to 12 from summit county to rocky mountain national park. great skiing weather up there as far as snow goes. the wind could cause visibility issues over the next 24 hours. up to 40 miles per hour gusts may be coming tomorrow morning. first shot of moisture already here. cloudy now. already starting to rain and snow down in the southwest. that will gradually overtake the rest of the mountains tonight. just a shoot of moisture coming in between high-pressure moving out and big low pressure trough over california.
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early morning hours, this will be sliding through here and that will really energize the snow maker in the mountains once it does. here is the way it plays out. flow of moisture first and then the low pressure trough. a deep trough that spreads all the way up into the gulf of alaska. that's going to roll through here. what it will do once it arrives here will create of course snow in the mountains and rain snow mix for us tomorrow morning. but it's going to open the door for a little bit of this arctic air duster -- we'll see some more mountain snow in the week ahead. and then by the time we get to tuesday, there we are tuesday afternoon, overtake the nation's midsection and stick around all the way through next saturday before we warm up again the way things are looking. even that's not going to be a huge warm-up. today was pretty nice. 61 downtown. normal high is 47. it's 40 out there in the city right now. 36 at dia with southwind at 11. are weather watcher in birth it has 35. wayne gallagher in south aurora checking in with 45.
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tomorrow morning a little shot of rain mixed with snow. snows all day in the high country with the wind. we may break out a little bit in the afternoon just in time for the bronco game tomorrow night. but during the game, most of the temperatures will remain in the 30s. so it's going to be a cold night out at mile high stadium. overnight tonight we'll be in the 20s and 30s across most of the state. you can see the cooldown cold stuff in the high country in the 30s out here. forecast now for tonight, mostly cloudy skies near freezing for the overnight low tonight. slight chance of rain and snow in the morning and partly cloudy and cool down into the low 50s tomorrow. not terrible. 45 on monday. '30s tuesday, wednesday, thursday and then all the way into next week. >> those lows are low. >> going to get chilly.
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hello and weom saturday sports extra." i'm mark haas. when the buffs clinched a bowl berth in october they made it clear that was not the ultimate goal. the goal? pac-12 title. the idea seemed but i was at the time. but here we are sold-out crowd at folsom tonight watching the buffs. sefo liufau senior quarterback not going to be denied. 7-7 early. the buffs defense came up big. several red zone stops including here forcing the fumble. right near the goal line denying utah a chance to take


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