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tv   CBS4 Morning News-6A  CBS  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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we have breaking news we want to start with. there is a search for a missing mom and her two young children. break overnight, storms roll through the south, killing at least three people. plus, we are getting a better look at the wildfire damage in tennessee. plus, good morning from colorado's weather center. we have temperatures in the teens and 20s to get the day started. with a lot of sunshine today cold this afternoon. your full forecast is straight ahead. chain and passenger traction restrictions laws lifted as you get along i-70 into the mountains. still an icy drive that direction. we're starting to see it load up across town. we'll get our first look from copter 4 coming up. it is that time of the morning, joel, thank you. let's get back to this breaking news. a highland ranch mom and her two young sons seen here are missing this morning. they were last seen at their
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bear canyon elementary where the family is caught on a surveillance camera. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, britt. police went to jennifer labor's home at 8:00 last night when she was reported missing. it was here at this school where she was last seen yesterday afternoon. i want to show you an image captured from the school's surveillance camera. it shows the 36-year-old mother walking out of the main entrance with her her side. this was captured around 2:00 p.m. the two boys are unaccounted for and presumed to be with their mother. the 36-year-old is described as 5'6", weighing 250 pounds. brown hair and blue eyes. her son ethan is five years old with brown hair and blue eyes. he's 42 inches tall. his brother adam is three years old with blond hair and blue eyes. he is 40 inches tall.
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the time was a silver 2011 chrysler town car with colorado plates reading 300 rqq. no additional details were provided regarding the circumstances of their disappearance. if you have information or happen to see the three missing, you're asked to call 911 or douglas county sheriff's office. live in the highlands ranch area, jamie leary, cbs4 morning news. thank you. this is breaking overnight, three people are dead after a line of or moved across northern alabama and here is a look at the damage in winston county. homes are destroyed. one truck flipped over and some goats ended up standing in debris. crews say the three killed were all in a mobile home in rosa lee, alabama. at least three people are dead in eastern texas after wildfires there. city leaders in gatlinburg put
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spots are still burning. flames destroyed at least 150 homes and businesses. more than 14,000 people had to leave their homes on monday night. >> you can just see what this fire has done to this area. it is absolutely devastating. >> you could see the sky was red from all the fires, and we could see probably 20 cabins on fire just from our front deck. >> fire crews continue to check on people in eastern tennessee, and the more rain is in the forecast for that area today. here's a look at what it was like for some people driving out of a deadly wildfire in tennessee. this video shows their dramatic escape as two step brothers drove down a mountain road in gatlinburg, and you can see them driving. homes are burning, trees are coming down around them. they also had to maneuver through the thick dark smoke making it almost impossible to see what is in front of them.
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at an alarming speed. there is no word on what started the wildfire on green mountain here at home. it is now 100% contained. firefighters say it burned 96 acres on monday night. dozens of homes were evacuated, but none were damaged. new this morning, a cirque du soleil is dead after an accident in san francisco. the man reportedly got hit in the head with last night's show was canceled. 6:04 on this wednesday morning. 23 degrees in denver. here is ashton with more cold weather news. >> yes, indeed. it will be a chilly day. but it's also going to be a dry day for the vast majority of us in colorado. maybe a snow shower or two over the northern mountains. mountain areas along and north of i-70, berthoud pass, vail pass, approaches to eisenhower and johnson town possible light snow there today.
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cold temperatures that's the big story. gunnison valley, paul our weather watcher there, minus 1 the actual temperature now. peter who is in northwest elbert county, he's to the east of parker, he's got 17 degrees. he's reporting a windchill of 7. windchill is an issue, even though the wind is relatively light, it's still enough wind at dia to make it feel like 2 degrees there. greeley feels like 12. leadville feels like minus 16 when you factor in the wind this morning. cold. 17. make sure the kids are obviously prepared for the chill as they wait the bus. let's get over to joel for the latest on the road conditions. on highway no big trouble spots. couple of side street issues. first look from copter 4 along irk 225 and alameda. if that's your drive, pretty much wide open. always going to be some company on the drive this time of day. across the denver metro area,
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two places, alameda and zuni. you can see a nice wide open straight shot along i-225. drive times from the north, speeds into the 50s, upper 50s southbound coming into town. if you're getting in your car, turnen our partners, koa newsradio for the latest traffic and cbs4 weather together. thank you, joel. a new state report out this mog create a position to handle the needs of the state's aging population. the population of those 65 and older in colorado is expected to double to 1.3 million by 2030. that is about 20% of the state's total projected population. one of the most pressing issues is finding ways to fund a growing medicaid program. we are learning more about a new plan to help the homeless in our state.
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proposing to use marijuana tax revenue to fund more housing in the denver metro area. the state estimates more than 10,000 homeless live in colorado. the money raised by marijuana revenues would directly help about 50% of that population. >> this is carving out another priority with that additional revenue. this is not reducing any amount going into education. >> the governor will need the legislature to change language in the marijuana laws to spif going. this is just in this morning, donald trump says he'll be leaving his businesses to focus on running the country as president. the news comes as trump continues to interview candidates for the job of secretary of state. here's roxana saberi. >> reporter: mitt romney emerged from the second meeting with donald trump singing his former rival's praises. >> he did something i tried to
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the general election and he continues with a message of bringing people together. >> reporter: the former massachusetts governor who had dinner with mr. trump and trump's chief of staff reince priebus in manhattan tuesday night, is said to be on the short list for secretary of state. as is retired tennessee lawmaker bob corker, former cia director david petraeus and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> i think what you're witnessing here president-elect donald trump who wants to take in all the options. >> reporter: cbs news has learned he has set to nominate steve mnuchin as treasury secretary and investor wilbur ross as secretary of commerce. he kicks off his victory tour tomorrow in ohio and indiana. roxana saberi for cbs news. a special honor today for two world war ii veterans in
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legion of honor at the state capitol. a ceremony will honor sergeant dallas godsey and corporal david lopez for their heroic contribution to the liberation of france dooring the war. the legion of honor is the highest distinction france bestows upon its citizens and foreign nationals. today's ceremony is at noon in the old supreme court chambers. next up on the cbs4 news, the meeting happening today that could affect gas prices.
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f0 good morning. thanks for joining us. musics elicits emotion from us. that's why we connect to a song. it makes us smile or cry. but for our wednesday's child, la shay, the right song gives her hope.
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school, where she gets her first singing lesson. she warms up with her vocal coach molly and her favorite songs come from the movie "frozen." >> i really want to get adopted. i'm waiting for a long time. but i can handle it. i can wait a little bit longer. >> la shay is patient and hopeful an just wants a family who will love her like one of their own. you can find out more about la shay or any of the children looking for adoptive families. call the adoption exchange and you can find all the information at let's get a check now on weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. ashton is starting us off here. 22 degrees is no joke. it is no joke at all. though it's not as cold as it
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we'll get details on that in just a moment. on the eastern horizon we see a little bit of light. official sunrise at 45 minutes from now. the sun goes down at 4:35. duration of daylight down to 9 hours and 34 minutes. we'll shave another 15 minutes off that for the next three weeks and after that, the duration of daylight starts getting a little bit longer. it takes a while before it's noticeable. temperatures in the mouns avon. minus 1 in meeker. in boulder it's 21. dia has 13. not a lot of wind, but enough to make a difference. when you factor in the wind, the windchill at dia is 2. feels like minus 3 in the springs this morning. satellite and radar showing a few clouds over the northern mountains from steamboat to i- 70, could be very light snow at times. not anything that would cause major problems. look at this line down in the deep south.
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the last 24 hours. 27 reports of tornadoes ahead of that cold front. the same front responsible for our chill we're experiencing this morning. the actual storm system attached to the front has moved far enough away that the strong wind from yesterday is now east of us, dakotas, nebraska and kansas. some of our friends near the kansas state line, like burlington, it will be a little windy at times today. here is our arctic air mass. there's saturday, and finally a week from now, 6:00 a.m. wednesday morning. that air will be over the rocky mountain region. how cold? highs in denver next week middle of the week, teens and 20s for highs. the preliminary snow outlook, at least 5 to 10 inches for the metro area. tuesday and wednesday of next week. today dry for most of the state. a little bit of light snow for the northern mountains. highs in denver today close to 40 with sunshine. tomorrow 39. friday we struggle to reach
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weekend. highs in the 40s. we've got a traffic alert. this is hampden and chambers. you can see a portion of the intersection is blocked off. good news is the flat bed truck is there to take away one of the cars. the other car along the left portion of your screen. hopefully we can get that reopened. couple of trouble spots, lights malfunctioning hampden, excuse me, alameda and zuni and havana and 40th. treat os accident blocking off a couple of lanes at hampden and alameda. drive times southbound coming into town into the 50s, 10 minutes. and 50s and 60s both directions along i-270 through commerce city. westbound along i-76 speeds into the 50s. joel, thank you. increased security around trump tower is hurting at least one big company and we have new numbers on cyber monday sales. this is the news on wall
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york stock exchange. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, britt. oil is the big focus on wall street today. opec meeting in vienna as we speak. will they reach a deal to cut oil production by about a million barrels a day? on wall street, the dow rose 23 points yesterday. nasdaq up 11. futures are pointing to a higher open. politics hasn't for tiffany's. sales at his store on 5th avenue in new york city are down. it's located next to trump tower. there have been protests outside the building and extra security, making it more difficult for shoppers. cyber monday brought in $4.5 million, about 5% more than last year. there was a huge jump in the number of people shopping on their smartphones. >> they just make it too easy
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thank you, jill, for that. wednesday's top stories, rescue workers in columbia are starting to clear bodies from a plane crash. it had a brazilian soccer team and journalists on board. it crashed into a hill side yesterday. all but six of the 77 on board died. investigators say they have found the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder. investigators say the plane may have run out of fuel. people from around the world are coming respects to fidel castro. new video shows thousands filling havana's revolution plaza last night. his ashes are now on a ceremonial journey. they are going east across the country to santiago. his funeral is on sunday. winter weather is not keeping people from protesting against the dakota access pipeline in north dakota. the u.s. army corps of engineers has issued a december 5th deadline for all those
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members of the standing rock sioux tribe who originally filed the lawsuit against the pipeline say they are not budging. >> water is sacred, but it's good business to protect your water resource. >> the north dakota governor wants the winter weather -- he warns the winter weather will only get worse. he says first responders will no longer be responsible for helping those who stay. cbs4 is collecting toys to benefit the boys and girls clubs of denver meo. plays a huge role in their lives. mary and leo developed a life long friendship. they both started going to the club at the same time about nine years ago and they have been best friends ever since, leaning on each other as they have faced difficult times at home. >> i think our friendship has been very important to both of us, because, like, we both have grown together and we've helped each other through problems
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girls club this holiday season by dropping off a new unwrapped toy. we have care 4 colorado bins in participating king soopers stores as well as here at the cbs4 studio at 10th and lincoln. and the i heart radio studios on south monaco. for a wish list of toys go to the care 4 colorado section of thanks so much for joining us this morning. it is cold outside. 23 degrees. let's find out what the weather watchers are reporting. >> it's cold everywhere in colorado. 23 here at cbs4. it's 24 on the eastern plains, that's in iliff, dakota is up in logan county reporting for us. on the western slope also cold. glenwood springs cold, bob up
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the time now, 6:24 on this cold wednesday morning. it's time to check the travel forecast. i don't think we're going to have major problems in colorado today. there could be light snow in the high country that maybe causes a few slowdowns. we'll check in with joel in just country, maybe a few problems in minneapolis today. from new orleans to atlanta likely problems today with severe weather. already had severe weather in the deep south and atlanta could get hit with nasty thunderstorm activity today.. philadelphia reporting delays into their airport. this is a live look at washington, d.c. you can see there is a lot of low hanging cloud cover there. maybe delays on the east coast.
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latest. good morning, ashton. i-225 and i-25 it's loading up in all the usual places. no accidents, though, at least within the sight of the camera. couple of side street trouble spots, hampden and buckley. excuse me, hampden and chambers. and another accident along buckley. 40th and havana, lights malfunctioning. the life on i--- drive on i-70 itself should be nice and wide 50s. not too bad, eastbound along i- 70 average speed 57 miles per hour. thank you so much. at least 16 bay area people in san francisco are now sick after enjoying a community thanksgiving meal, this after three people died over the weekend. doctors are still trying figure out what caused the illnesses. they suspect it may be a case of food poisoning. the government wants more
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safety problems. the national highway traffic safety administration wants to make automakers put instructions on sun visors on how to file safety complaints. the agency uses consumer complaints to spot safety problems. the labels would go on all new vehicles and could be years before they are required, but this move comes after some sun roofs have reportedly shattered while people are driving. a group of 20 coworkers in tennessee are celebrating after winning a $421 million lottery jackpot. happy holidays to them. they all work together at north american stamping in a small town. they say they're going to use the money for good. >> talked about it. you see somebody while you're checking out at wal-mart or krogers, looked like they need help, swipe the card. >> the group says they will split the money evenly. each gets about $12 million.
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23 degrees in denver this morning. coming up next, a consumer alert from a dog owner who says ask questions at your doggie day care. her dog lola is now missing. the story next. and the cu buffs talk about being the underdogs. they're proud ,,
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,, ,,
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,, ,, good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us on this chilly morning. i am britt moreno. this is the news at 6:30. we start off with breaking news. a highlands ranch mother and two sons ages 3 and 5 are missing. we are live with details on the search. and bruce springsteen gets ready to meet denver fans.
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colorado's weather center. it is definitely cold outside. teens and 20s around the denver area. look at that, that is eastern siberia and that is arctic air that will be here before we know it. your full forecast is straight ahead. the drive looking pretty good across the denver metro area. starting to fill in. we'll look at drive times coming up. thank you, joel. we'll start off with the search for the missing mother and her two children from highlands ranch. here's a picture of them. our jamie littleton at the school where video caught a picture of the family. >> reporter: good morning. police are asking for your help. while there aren't many details being provided surrounding the circumstances of the disappearance, we have this. this is surveillance photo from bear canyon elementary, and here you can see the three of them walking together. this is the last time they were seen. you can see the 36-year-old mother walking out of the main entrance of the school.
6:32 am
in a press release authorities said the two boys are unaccounted for and presumed to be with their mother. she's 5'6", weighs 250 pounds. brown hair and blue eyes. ethan is 5, 42 inches tall, brown hair and blue eyes. adam is 3, blond hair and blue eyes and 40 inches tall. the car she was driving at the time is similar to your screen. she and her boys went missing. it's a silver 2011 chrysler town car. denver county sheriff's office asking for your help, if you have information or happen to see the three you're asked to call 911 or douglas county sheriffs dispatch. live from bear canyon elementary, jamie leary, cbs4 news. >> let's hope they're found safely. thank you. we can soon learn more about the chemicals found
6:33 am
police and a bomb squad evacuated the marriott courtyard yesterday. investigators haven't said what kind of chemicals were found, but it is believed they were being used for chemical activity. police are trying to find the people who booked that room using a fake credit card. a dog owner has a warning after a denver boarding business says her dog got out and ran away. megan boarded her 2-year-old dog la denver. sunday she got a devastating call. >> my dog had gone missing from the kennel i was keeping her at for the thanksgiving holiday. the first i almost felt bad for them and it sunk in and i was like, i'm 1200 miles away and my flight doesn't get in until tomorrow morning. >> the coowner says dogs were moving to a different play area and his business owner opened a
6:34 am
slipped out. >> we've been in business almost five years. and never had this happen. >> staff members continue to scour the neighborhoods in search of lola. she is offering a $250 reward to anyone who finds her dog. lola was wearing a pink collar. breaking news now, people in denver will notice a lot of fire trucks this morning. there is a reported fire at 1425 zenia street. that looks like over a dozen crews working this fire, although we can't see any flames from this perspective. we'll continue to bring you more information as soon as we get it. 21 degrees in denver. 6:34. weather and traffic ever 10 minutes on the 4's. people will need the gloves and hats. >> indeed. be prepared for the chill. though it's not as cold as what it will be next week at this time. single digits probably in the
6:35 am
even reach 20 degrees. that's how cold it's going to get around here next week. now we're at 22. sun will be up in a little less than 30 minutes. you can already tell it's going to be a clear day. all the cloud cover from yesterday is gone. in the mountains it's very cold. single digits, both below and above zero. it's 11 in rock springs, wyoming. 18 in grand junction and 20 in la junta. not a lot of wind, but enough to make a difference in areas. at the airport feels like 2 above zero. northern mountains from steamboat springs over to winter park and to i-70 there could be light snow at times today. maybe up to an inch above 10,000 feet. the higher peaks maybe a little bit of snow. severe weather outbreak in the deep south, you can see this line of thunderstorms moving from mississippi and alabama toward atlanta, where there will likely be severe weather. 27 reports of tornadoes in that part of the country over the
6:36 am
moved far enough east that we're not going to have the wind today like we had yesterday. instead, that wind will be in nebraska and in kansas today. although our friends on the far eastern plains you may experience a little bit of wind from burlington, akron and wray and holyoke. this is an enormous arctic air mass that's in eastern siberia. that's not exactly uncommon. what is a little unusual perhaps for this early in the season is that that cold air mass will make its way from now. next tuesday and wednesday that air mass will be on top of us. highs will likely be in the teens and 20s for the middle of next week. now we're looking at 5 to 10 inches of snow for the metro area. that forecast will likely change. we'll keep you posted. but that's next tuesday and wednesday. high temperatures for today, 20s in the mountains. 40s for the eastern plains as well as the front range. we'll stay right at 40 in denver with lots of sunshine today. tomorrow 39, mostly cloudy.
6:37 am
flurries in the morning. sunday for the weekend and not as cold, highs in the 40s. cdot cameras, i-76 and i- 270, we've had kind of a mild morning commute so far. this is a sign of it, i-76 usually stacked up as folks are making their way into town. now along i-76 speeds are into the 40s, but not too bad. 9minutes. loading up eastbound along i- 270 speeds in the 30s. 12 minutes southbound coming into town just due to th voluntary out there. lights malfunctioning alameda and zuni. trouble on colfax the approach to colorado. this isn't on the interstate. malfunction lights at havana -- slow getting into the tech center. along c-470, 6th avenue, this whole stretch of c-470 seems to be nice and wide open this
6:38 am
we've had the chain and passenger traction restrictions lifted along i-70. still icy up there and we still have chain and passenger traction restrictions in place u.s.6 over loveland pass. thank you. now north carson is -- fort carson is getting ready for its largest deployment of troops to europe since the cold war. 4400 soldiers will serve for nine months starting in january. the soldiers started loading vehicles on trains yesterday. the team is a the army's effort to align with north atlantic treaty allies. denver police officers and volunteers will hand out free light bulbs as a way to connect with the community. they will go door to door in the swallow hill neighborhood. distribution starts at 6:00 tonight. police want to help keep porches and alleys lit while sharing information about crime
6:39 am
new books at the tattered cover on colfax. he decided to write an autobiography after playing the 2009 super bowl half time show. he says the experience was so exhilarating he had to write about it. tattered cover's owner made an endearing plea to get him to the store. >> bruce, we got to get you to come to tattered cover. and i ou is give you a little tour of the store with some accompaniment. ? come to tattered cover, bruce. >> so creative with that fancy tailor made guitar. the meet and greet today is for those lucky enough to get a $37 ticket. coming up next, the new
6:40 am
deadly southern storms overnight. and a big announcement overnight from president-elect donald trump. when you take your team from 1-8 in conference to 8-1 chances are you're doing something right. mike mcintyre named the pac 12 coach of the year yesterday. cu checking in at number 8 in the latest college football playoff rankings. the buffs hoping they can climbing with a win over washington friday. good luck finding anybody outside the state who gives colorado a chance. cu a touchdown underdog, but the players say they're okay with that. >> i don't think anyone is picking us to win. i don't think anyone wants us to win. that's totally okay. we know what we're capable of. we know what udub is capable of. we just have to go out there and play, i wouldn't say a flawless game, but beat a very
6:41 am
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at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps... to raise healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet ...and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products. welcome back to the cbs4 morning news. the time now, 6:44. clear skies and lighter winds means it's a cold start to this wednesday. in fact, at city park now the wind is only 5 miles per hour. it's enough to make the windchill of course be somewhat
6:45 am
it's also enough to drop the actual air temperatures down into the teens. green wood village 18. dia 13. this is one of the coldest starts to the day we've had so far this season. morrison 23. boulder you're at 22. by 9:00 a.m. we'll be at 23. by noon 37. and then a high temperature today of 40. that's similar to where we were yesterday, but with more sun and less wind it won't feel as chilly as yesterday. let's get over to joel for the latest on our roads. on the highways this morning no big accidents to te we have side street trouble spots. typical this time of day. look at the volumes, i-76 and i- 270, and i know it's in that spot it can be deceiving, so look at the drive comes from the north, speeds into the 40s. westbound along i-76. it shows up as green, that will turn orange shortly. speeds into the 40s. eastbound along i-270 about that time of day with speeds dipping into the 20s. drivers will face delays on i- 70 today.
6:46 am
county between lawson and empire junction. cdot is hoping to keep rocks from falling onto the interstate this winter. >> we saw additional rock features that could come down and we've been doing scaling operations. >> i feel bad for the guys up there at 20 degrees. >> it's a dangerous job. workers have to use safety harnesses as the rocks crumble beneath their about thes -- boots. >> thanks to them. they are we have breaking news. we just learned one person is hurt this morning after an apartment fire in denver. copter 4 is live over the scene near xenia and 14th. you can see plenty of fire trucks. and judging by the amount it appears it was a big fire. now all the flames are doused. it was contained to one unit, which is the good news. but you are asked to avoid the area and as soon as we get more information we'll update you
6:47 am we have breaking news now, a highlands ranch mom and her two young sons are missing this morning. here's a picture of the family. cbs4's jamie leary is live from bear canyon elementary where the trio was last seen. jamie, good morning. [ no audio ] >> we lost jamie ther that school. the mother is around 5'6" and 250 pounds. you are asked to give police a call if you have seen them. three people are dead after a line of storms and a tornado barreled across the south. this is video from alabama, and you can see there was severe damage to a home and debris is
6:48 am
>> we heard all the commotion and stuff. we got down in the basement. after all went by, buildings tore up and other stuff scattered all over the pasture. >> crews say the three people killed were all in a mobile home in rosa lee alabama. at least three people are dead in eastern tennessee after monday night's devastating wildfires. new video shows the dramatic escape of two step brothers drove down a mountain road in gated listen burglary -- gatlinburg. the city has put up curfews in place. >> reporter: hot spots are still burning in gatlinburg. >> you can see the damage that has been done in this area right here. >> reporter: the city's mayor says the massive wildfire swept through half of this tourist city, destroying at least 150 homes and businesses. in this video posted to twitter, an officer with the
6:49 am
of the damage. >> you can just see what this fire has done to this area. it is absolutely devastating. >> reporter: more than 14,000 visitors and residents were forced to flee late monday night. around 2,000 people found safety in shelters, including this man who says he barely got out with his two dogs. >> it was like a l-left. 15 to 20 feet flames on either side of us. >> reporter: fire crews continue to fight what they call the perfect storm. roxana saberi for cbs news. there is no word on what started the wildfire on green mountain. it is now 100% contained. firefighters say it burned 96 acres monday night. this is what it looked like and it lit up the night sky.
6:50 am
but none thankfully were damaged. investigators are trying see if isis inspired the attacker at ohio state university. he charged the campus with a butcher knife and stabbed people. we have new video of students and staff coming together after that tragedy. ? >> people came together last night for a vigil on campus. three of 11 people hurt in monday's attack remain hospitalized. recover. >> you just never think like it can happen so close to home, and like, something like this does happen and it shakes you up. >> i feel like we have a bigger sense of community on campus now, and i think that coming here is going to help everyone heal. >> i think we want to see some better understanding of why what happened and what we can do about it. >> abdul razak ali artan was a somali born student there at
6:51 am
others. an officer shot and killed him. the islamic state claims artan was a soldier, saying he did what they have asked by targeting citizens of international coalition countries. parents at ponderosa high school have a lot of questions after police say a campus security guard sexually assaulted a student. officers arrested 49-year-old gary postel. the crime reportedly happened monday. his next court appearance will be in early january. donald trump says he's leaving his "great business" so he can focus on his presidency. he tweeted this morning saying legal documents are being crafted to "take me completely out of business operations." he added "the presidency is a far more important task." mitt romney had dinner with trump and trump's chief of staff reince priebus in manhattan last night. he is said to be on the short
6:52 am
is retired tennessee lawmaker bob corker, former cia director david petraeus, and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. >> i think what you're witnessing here is a leader in president-elect donald trump who wants to take in all the options. >> trump has picked stephen men you chin as treasury secretary. cu boulder faces new fines for fans rushing the field during the last two home games. this is what it looked like on saturday inside of folsom field. thousands flooded the field to celebrate after the win over utah. the boulder daily camera reports cu could be fined up to $150,000 for violating a pac 12 conference policy against rushing the field.
6:53 am
$25,000 fine for fans storming the field earlier this year. it is back to work for the broncos today after sunday's loss. the team is now turning to focus on jacksonville. some games are easier to move on from than others of course. but you can say sunday is a really bad one. it falls in the latter category, tough to pass. the loss was so bad it hurts the chances of winning the division, but they say they are not worried about that. they are only focused on the you can catch sunday's game here on cbs4 kickoff is at 11:00. we all have faith in our broncos, right? the broncos head to practice after putting smiles on some patients at the university of colorado hospital. a group of players and cheerleaders dropped by to visit yesterday. this was a nice distraction for gary bowman who is fighting bladder cancer. >> incredible. i did not expect this. you guys are my favorite team,
6:54 am
you have done more than i could ever imagine. >> the broncos have joined uc health to raise men's health awareness. a special moment for all the patients. 6:54and we do weather and traffic every 10 minutes on the 4's. ashton, that pick behind you is gorgeous. isn't that pretty? that's mid-vail. they'll open for the season today. 5 degrees up there in vail this csu campus in fort collins with mostly clear skies. 12 in greeley. minus 5 in leadville. we'll get to enjoy a lot of sunshine. northern mountains maybe a little bit of light snow. won't amount to much. red boxes in louisiana, mississippi, alabama, georgia, tennessee, those are tornado watch boxes. there will be severe weather once again today in the deep south. 27 reports of tornadoes ahead of that front yesterday. for us, less wind today compared to yesterday as the
6:55 am
meanwhile, i want to take you to eastern siberia, here in russia, this is an enormous cold air mass that will make its way toward us over the next week. watch the clock. there's the weekend, next monday, tuesday, wednesday and by wednesday of next week that arctic air mass will be on top of us. tuesday and wednesday next week, highs will be in the teens and 20s in the metro area. we expect to see snow next week. preliminary outlook, 5 to 10 inches. that will likely have to be tweaked a little bit. 40s lower elevations. 40 today in denver. tomorrow 39. sunny and 40s for the weekend. copter 4 showing us the mousetrap. volume making your way into town. dragging on drive times. take a look at the map, and it's starting to slow down a little bit as you get into that mousetrap, on the approach to i- 70, and westbound along i-70
6:56 am
along i-270. lights malfunctioning zuni and alameda. a fire at xenia and colfax causing delays. 40th and havana lights malfunctioning, side street accident buckley and mississippi. slowing southbound along i-225 down into the tech center. up into the high country, chain and passenger traction restrictions have ex expired for i-70, but still in place u.s. 6 over loveland pass. we want to update people on this breaking news. a highland ranch mom and her two young so canyon elementary in littleton. here's a picture. this is a 36-year-old mother with her two boys, ages 3 and 5. the car she was driving looks like this one. the boys went missing in a silver 2011 chrysler town car, california plates 300 rqq. if you see that car, that van there, with the license plate, 300 rqq, please give police a call because they would like to
6:57 am
colorado's news channel. we got to shorten up here for joel. he's too tall. have a great day, everyone. and enjoy the ,,
6:58 am
,, ,, ,, ? sfx: laughter ? we all find fun ways to be good to our hearts. one hundred percent whole grain quaker oats is the delicious way to help reduce cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet.
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good morning. welcome to "cbs this morning." a possible tornado kills three people as powerful storms rock alabama tear through a tourist town destroying homes and businesses near the great smoky mountains. president-elect trump hits the town with former rival mitt romney as speculation swirls about a secretary of state announcement. plus, we are in indianapolis where air conditioning giant carrier said it reached a deal with mr. trump to keep 1,000 jobs from moving to mexico. we continue our issues that matter series. this morning robert gates on the


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