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tv   CBS4 Morning News-430A  CBS  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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f0 hi, everybody. 4:30. this is the news, friday the 2nd of december. i'm alan gionet. >> i'm britt moreno. we're all thankful it is friday. let's get a check on the weekend forecast with our own dave aguilera. good morning. >> howdy, good we had a little change coming in prosecutor friday. a few flurries of snow might develop later today. i don't think we have to worry during the rush hour, but probably around 8:00 this morning. temperatures are cold. mostly 20s. 26 in westminster. 15 in erie. look at the satellite and radar together, you can see clouds building in the foothills. we're still partly cloudy over denver. we'll see increasing clouds
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las vegas that will be sending moisture and the cold air. our forecast should get to about 25 at 9:00 a.m. with increasing clouds, light flurries late morning into the afternoon, with about 34. accumulation-wise, less than 0.25 inches. it's not going to be a lot for us today. next week will be a different story on the snow. now traffic time, early with joel hillan. what do you have? traveling in winter in colorado can give you anxiety. i want to show you the roads as you head up into the high country. this is idaho springs, and you can see clear conditions. it's pretty much what we're seeing to the eisenhower and johnson tunnels. they have some chemicals on the roadway. that could be ice as well at times. you have white showing up on the road/weather index that could indicate snow on the roadways along 285 through
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idaho springs. across the denver metro area, i- 225, 6th avenue, i-25 all nice and wide open in town. we have weekend construction projects that are probably going to get in your way depending where you're coming from. we'll break those down throughout the morning. thank you so much. this morning friends, family and law enforcement workers will remember fallen colorado state trooper cody donahue. governor hickenlooper has ordered flags to be lowered at half staff today from sunrise by a truck while he was out of his cruiser on i-25 in castle rock last week. the funeral will be at the first church of the nazarene in englewood. the public is welcome to attend this service at 11:00 a.m. yesterday his family released a
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learning more about the mother and her two sons found dead in their minivan in lone tree. police say jennifer laber purchased a handgun an hour before picking up her children from school. autopsyed determined the 38- year-old mother died from a single gunshot wound that appears to be self-inflicted. her two children, 3-year-old adam and5-year-ol wounds. authorities have stopped short from calling it a murder- suicide so far. they say the investigation is ongoing. they tell us they're not ready to use that label and this has been a difficult investigation for everyone involved. today president-elect donald trump will hold more meetings in new york to fill his administration. he fired up the crowd with one of his latest picks yesterday while in ohio.
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>> reporter: president-elect trump kicked off his thank you tour in ohio last night, emphasizing his victory over hillary clinton. >> we won in a landslide. that was a landslide. >> reporter: and mocking what he called the dishonest press. >> they're looking at the map saying, oh, wow, there's no way for hillary clinton to become president. donald trump is president of the >> reporter: tensions from the bitter presidential election boiled over during a panel discussion at harvard yesterday as top aides from both camps went head to head. >> reporter: in cincinnati the
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trump addressed lingering divisions. and they became fired up again when announcing the appointment of mad diis. in the past madis said responding to political islam is a major security issue facing the country. he's expected to face a tough challenge in getting senate confirmation, since he retired only 3 years ago, not 7, law requires. cdot is testing new smart signs to help drivers and cbs4's shawn chitness is live to give us a closer look here. hi, shawn. >> reporter: you're going to see several of these smart signs as you work your way south. we can see one where we're standing now. we want to show you this graphic that will give you a sense of what you're dealing with. on one side you'll see there is
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candies play the -- can display the -- we were able to check the signs out as they get ready for testing later. this is a goal to provide more accurate information to drivers ahead of time so when there is an accident the smart signs can warn drivers which lanes will be closed and what lanes they have to pass that scene. drivers will also be told to slow down as they get closer. the signs will run from 120th avenue here in northglenn to i- 76. again, these are the southbound lanes of i-25. studies have shown that actually this can bring down the number of crashes by 30% when these smart signs are used correctly. along with what's happening here on i-25, there are already smart signs that have been
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live in thornton, shawn chitness, cbs4 news. we're looking for new data coming out later this afternoon. >> jill wagner is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange this friday morning. hi, jill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. oil and banking stocks are driving the dow to a record high. dow jumped 62 points, nasdaq dropped. on economy added 174,000 jobs and the unemployment rate held steady at 4.9%. apple is getting high tech help to improve its maps feature and better compete with google maps. apple may use drones to make its maps more accurate so they'll track construction work and other road changes quicker. instagram released its end of year data and pop star selena
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she has the most followers, followed by taylor swift and beyonce. alan and britt. >> we need to step up our game. my instagram is pretty weak compared to those numbers. >> reporter: yeah, i thought my few hundred were, i was going strong. >> we're with you, jill. >> i'm one of them, by the way. so i'm a huge fan. than there is a new effort now to help people living on the streets. a group is asking churches to take in the homeless, but not everyone likes this idea. we reported on the homeless camp sweeps downtown over the last several weeks. an interfaith coalition says the law would protect homeless people taking up shelter in churches. the coalition is asking religious leaders to ask the homeless on their premises.
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places people can exist in public. >> they have yet to come to an agreement. broncos now, they need a weak opponent this sunday. and they have one. they head to jacksonville on sunday for an early game against the jaguars. you can catch it here on cbs4 starts at 11:00 a.m. we're still waiting to hear who will be the starting quarterback. trevor siemian is in a walking boot and still t as for this week's opponent, the jags have an old bronco looking for an upset win. malik jackson is a member of the jaguars. he said he has no regrets leaving for more money. he also admitted it has been an adjustment. from 4 afc west titles in denver to last place in the south. >> it's been hard.
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season than playing five games here. it is what it is. totally different things going on than it was in denver. that's all it is. it sucks, you know, that we're 2-9, 2-8? 2-9, whatever. it sucks. every week we're getting better and we're soon to peak. we still want to get w's. >> you can check out the broncos section of and read why this is a must win game for the broncos against the 2-9 jaguars. the weather story today involves friday flurries. dave coming up. the buffs have been celebrating their turn-around season. season. coming up, what it's going to
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sleep affects you. too little sleep takes a toll on your heart. researchers conducted a small study on men who worked a 24- hour shift on three hours of sleep. the researchers found the short- term sleep deprivation led to an increase in blood pressure and heart rate as well as increased levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. the more time people spend outside in the sunlight during their teen and young adult years the lower their risk of becoming near sighted later life. researchers in london found higher exposure to ultraviolet b radiation at ages 13 through 39 was associated with reduced odds of my opia later in life. they say more studies are needed to explain this interesting connection. being a part of a community group could protect your mind as you get a little older. researchers in london found people who were members of a volunteer organization, political party or even a
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likely to have better cognitive function at age 50. previous research has found strong social networks are associated with reduced levels of stress and isolation. dave aguilera now off by his onsies typically in the weather office. glad you joined us. >> you'll want to put your onsies on once we get to tuesday with the cold air we're expecting. today we have a little change we have to deal with as we head into the weekend. we're cool this morning. morning. our weather watcher ed in alamosa has 6 in the san luis valley. we have cloud cover building in the central mountains and in denver. i think as we get started this morning we're going to have partly cloudy skies. some sunshine beaming through some of the clouds. wider picture shows this closed low that's building and digging over arizona here. during the course of the morning that's going to send moisture back up into colorado
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around here. change will be coming as we go through the day. and it will be mixing with cold air. we're not going to warm up too much either. check out the future fast. check out partly cloudy. there's the moisture bubbling up. there's the flurry action. could have lunchtime flurries here through alamosa. i think a lot of the mountains might pick up 2 to 4 inches of snow in the southern mountains. maybe 1 to 2 not huge snow amounts out of this storm. might continue into the afternoon rush as far as flurries go. at the most, probably 0.25 inches or less if we see that much at all. you might see a few flakes flying in your neighborhood today. most of our temperatures across the state 30s and 40s. a cool day for all. 34 in denver today. few flurries.
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and monday we transition, 44. and bam, tuesday, the arctic blast, 19 degrees, snow and cold. might get to below zero on some of the overnight lows and we will have snow accumulation. you'll have to break out the snow several by then. make you feel alive, dave. this is along i-70. you can see the sheen along the roadways. no chain and passenger chain just be aware it will be icy, especially u.s. 6 over loveland pass. 285 looking pretty good from conifer to fair play. across the metro area along i- 25, 225, c-470 all nice and wide open. heads up with trooper donahue, the services, we are going to have some closures as you travel along c-470 and 285. this is going to be between 9:30 in the morning and 11:30 this morning.
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of c-470 closed from bowles to 285. and we can expect closures maybe along kipling south of 285. >> certainly hoping that people will pay tribute to that officer today as well and make sure when that passes, they think about his loss and his family's loss. cbs4 investigation into the death of a developmentally disabled man looks ine death on the floor of a colorado jail. investigator brian maass wanted to know if tomas beauford's death was preventable. he reports the one thing that might have saved his life was taken away from him. >> reporter: tomas beauford was not what he appeared to be. >> he was a child-like male with an iq of 52. >> something at the bottom there i want you to see. >> reporter: though 24 years old, he was so severely developmentally disabled he
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year-old. >> love the lord and be happy. >> reporter: physically disabled, too. he suffered from epileptic seizures and parkinson's. his mother -- >> he was neglected to death. and i will stand by that for the rest of my life. >> reporter: in 2013 and 2014 he was living at a state facility for people with severe disabilities. several times police were called when he became vi in 2014 it was for fighting and acting sexually inappropriate. he was sent to the mesa county jail. >> my son wasn't cared for in the right way. he wasn't cared for at all. i did not know my son was going to die in jail. >> reporter: he had what's known as a vagus nerve stimulator in his body. it's like a pacemaker for the brain. when the patient feels a seizure coming, they swipe a
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electric impulses to the brain, stopping the seizures. when he was booked in his bracelets were confiscated. even though he told them about his seizures, a deputy filled out a form saying beauford had no medical needs and no mental health problems. >> reporter: it happened april 15, 2014. he suffered several seizures before one of them killed him. yo preventable? >> oh, god, yes. they took away his vagus nerve stimulator and locked it away from him, from the nurses, where no one could use it in that case of emergency like it's supposed to be. >> reporter: our investigation found these pictures taken at the jail when beauford died that shows no wrist magnets. due to a pending lawsuit, the sheriff's department wouldn't
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>> we would allow them. >> reporter: the jefferson county sheriff's department say they allow inmates access to the bracelets. >> we have a female inmate who has been with us since february who has it. >> reporter: it's readily available? >> readily available. >> they need to recognize this is a medical device. >> reporter: david lane recommends the family. >> it could have stopped the seizure, it could have mitigated the seizure. >> i'm extremely sad and scared. who is in jail in a similar situation. and i miss him every day and they took him away from me. they took him away from his brother and sisters. >> reporter: brian maass, cbs4 news. college football and cu's mike mcintyre named national coach of the year yesterday. it's voted on by college football head coaches and he
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bill mccartney as only senior coaches to receive the honor. buffs got a police escort yesterday and they got to tour the stadium ahead of tonight's pac 12 title game. for those inside the program, they say they're not satisfied with just getting to the title game. >> i think we've played colorado -- put colorado opportunity to build the program like we want it to be played. i would say it's a success. there's levels of success, right. so our goal is to get this done and i think if we do that it would be an exceptional year. >> 7:00 p.m.
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welcome back. cbs4 is checking new -- collecting new unwrapped toys. the toys go to the boys and girls club where 90% of the members are leaving below or at the poverty line. our jim benemann shows us the club is truly a life line. >> reporter: harold is a single father of four kids. all are members of girls club. >> i used to go to the club myself. >> reporter: he works long hours, struggling to make ends meet. >> sometimes i don't have enough food. >> reporter: he knows his kids can get a hot meal and snacks at the club. he also knows this is a better place for them than being home alone. >> there would be very little supervision, where i don't want them to go in a wrong
4:57 am
positive. >> reporter: the kids like it too. they enjoy opportunities they wouldn't get otherwise. >> i never played, like, baseball or contact football here, but that gave me an opportunity to do that. >> we play all kinds of stuff, and football. >> they have the technology room, the art room, the learning center where you can read books. >> reporter: when christmas rolls around, harold's kids join in the excitement, like all the children. >> it's been about three weeks i've heard christmas is it's here, it's here. >> reporter: but christmas gifts don't really fit into his budget. >> real tight. mostly i got to buy them clothes. really can't afford toys. clothes comes before toys. >> reporter: that's where the boys and girls clubs will step in once again, making sure the holidays are bright. >> in it wasn't for the club,
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good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us, i'm britt moreno. this is the news on this friday, december 2nd. >> i'm alan gionet. here's what's happening now. people in denver are now better equipped to deal with package thieves, but you won't believe how bold some we'll show you. a massive show of force by police when a student brings a gun to a utah school. coming up, who was able to disarm that teenager. >> reporter: and hundreds will pack this church parking lot this morning in preparation for memorial service for csp trooper cody donahue. we have details coming up on cbs4 morning news. no snow showing up yet on


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