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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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they're not in custody. kcrg t-v nine's forrest saunders reports on how some people in that neighborhood are reacting to the shooting. people who live in this area are very concerned after this shooting.they say it's a quiet part of town and having a shootout just down the road from here is very strange. vo here's how police say it all happened. two officers were able to track down that fleeing gossman with a k-9. he was found somewhere within the block. as police closed in to make an arrest, they say gossman opened fire, shooting a gun at the officers. they fired back. gossman was fatally wounded. he later died from his injuries. the two officers and the k-9 were not hurt. one of the craziest things about this story, the shootout happened just feet from a daycare. one dad, bringing his kid in this morning, said having a shooting so close by is a bit alarming. "it makes me feel uneasy. this is a safe neighborhood. this is a nice neighborhood,
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which goes to show you it can happen anywhere."co ntinue vo per protocol, the two officers involved in the shooting are now on paid administrative leave. iowa dci is looking into the incident. forrest at last check, police hadn't charged the two others in the vehicle. authorities said they'll release their names and the names of the officers involved once everyone has been interviewed. in cedar rapids, forrest saunders, kcrg-tv9 news. this is the second shooting by police in cedar rapids this year. in march, officers shot and wounded kyle orth when they say he was backing a car toward them after a short chase. orth said he didn't know the officers had gotten out of their car and were walking toward him. the linn county attorney cleared the officers and charged orth with assault on a peace officer, interference with official acts, drunken driving, and eluding. police chief wayne jerman says he supports officers using force in these situations. "we are seeing an increase in violence all around. what is concerning to me with both of these situations and any time
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other party is in control of the actions that result in a use of force. if failure to adhere to orders, failure to comply with requests can escalate a situation. in both of these cases there could have been different outcomes. " jerman says the well-being of the officers involved in last night's shooting is his biggest concern. he says even though officers train for that type of situation, they never take it lightly. dubuque police say someone fired shots in the area of 19th and jackson streets about 3 this afternoon. no one was injured and there was no property damage. but this brings the total number of shots fired calls in dubuque to 28 just this year.
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turning to weather, this live look from our city cam in waverly shows conditions are a little windy right now. but the rain we saw at midday has moved out. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, what can we expect tonight?
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disapproval of the new university of iowa president. they stood outside of the iowa memorial union where the state regents were meeting this afternoon. many faculty, students, and staff are upset that the regents hired bruce harreld as the university's next president. they chose the businessman over three other finalists who have more experience in education. harreld's first day will be november second. kcrg t-v nine's brady smith is live on campus. brady, how many people were part of the protest? there was a crowd of a couple hundred people gathered outside the iowa memorial union, where the board of regents gathered for their meeting inside. the protestors marched inside to the meeting, signs held high, just before 4 o clock. several protestors had time on
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the bullhorn, and they all touched on different reasons for why they're upset with the board's selection of bruce harreld as ui president. many feel the board did not exercise transparency in the hiring process, and that harreld's hiring signifies a threat to the quality of public education not only at the u of i, but in the state of iowa. but the one message they all shared: they want the board and harreld to resign. ""this isn't just about bruce harreld. this is about the board of regents acting as if they are the owners of public education in the state of iowa " protestors also passed around clipboards gathering signatures of people who support the ousting of the current board and harreld, who starts in early november. the group "iowans defending our universities" passed out literature this afternoon, that says "an illegitimate search has
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produced an illegitimate ui president." live in iowa city brady smith, kcrg-tv9 news. the field of democrats running for president is now officially set with major candidates. today vice president joe biden announced he is not running for the nomination. " vice president joe biden"unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination." " he made the announcement this morning from the white house rose garden. biden spent months deliberating the decision and said he might not be emotionally ready to run after his 46 year old son beau died of brain cancer in may. he did not endorse any of the current democratic presidential candidates. when it comes to the republican side of the presidential race, a new poll shows donald trump is leading other candidates in more ways than one. the latest a-b-c washington post poll shows he leads in not
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when voters were given a list of six potential nominees, 43 percent pick trump as having the best chance to win next year's general election. after a delay earlier this month, outgoing house speaker john boehner set the speaker conference election for a week from today. the election on the floor will be the next day. and he's confident the g-o-p's various factions will unite behind paul ryan as the next speaker. the republican wisconsin congressman has repeatedly said he doesn't want the position, but he'd serve as leader only if his colleagues embrace him as their consensus candidate. ryan also had a list of demands, and some lawmakers say they're not happy about those other conditions. " i think its gonna create some problems we'll see as we move forward but this thing about well we need to take off the table vacating the chair that's gonna upset a lot of conservatives who quite frankly believe in the constitution " one of ryan's demands is for a good balance
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say being speaker is not a 9 to 5 job. ""the best kept secret in the midwest, which is dubuque, really is no secret anymore" " dubuque has been getting more and more new businesses this year. coming up, hear what the city says is attracting them to dubuque.
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thanks joe.
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after two days that included rainfall, some heavy, across portions of eastern iowa, thursday will be a dry day. pleasant fall temperatures, in the middle 60s, are expected with light east-northeast winds. the next chance for rain continues building for the end of the work week. showers and possibly some storms are in the forecast especially friday afternoon into the night. this will likely impact friday night football. as that system moves east we are in for a great fall weekend as highs stay in the 60s and lows dip into the 30s. tonight: mostly clear low: 42-48 winds: n 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 61-67
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thanks joe. now here's mark carlson with a look at what's coming up tonight on the kcrg-tv nine news at six. "those big vivid lightning strikes across johnson county led to a long night for a lot of dispatchers here at the johnson county joint communications center, as well as local fire chief, even sending the iowa city fire chief on calls himself, just to handle the huge call volume, i'll have that story tonight on the tv nine news at 6. " dubuque seems to be getting more new businesses than usual this year. the city shows us what seems to be drawing these national restaurant chains to the tri-state area.
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egional companies say dubuque is the hot spot for opening a new business right now. at least one national restaurant chain says it will move into dubuque. and two cedar rapids based businesses have recently expanded into the area. according to greater dubuque development corporation, chick-fil-a will soon open a restaurant in dubuque. the development group says there have been reports that chipolte mexican grill and noodles and company will also open stores. but greater dubuque says they don't have a final
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confirm those expansion plans. kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann tells us what's behind this recent trend. developers tell us perkins will move out of this location and build a new restaurant on the northwest arterial. then chick-fil-a will move into this building. it's just one business that says dubuque is a hot market right now. before cedar rapids based, collins community credit union opened it's first dubuque branch, they already had 12-hundred members living in the dubuque area. "we kind of looked at where the market really needed us. we could really see the growth opportunities just because of what we could offer them. " a block away, long time cedar rapids based auto dealer, pat mcgrath celebrated a grand opening this week on a new volkswagon dealership in dubuque. "they've been wanting a volkswagon dealer here so we are really honored to be able to be the one that brings it to dubuque. " both businesses say knowing the economy is strong and customers are ready to spend money is a big reason they're expecting
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dubuque. greater dubuque development corporation says those expansions were no accident. they hire a business called "retail strategies" to analyze a city's market new business. "basically it develops a retail finger print of your community and then you contact retailers that community and then you contact retailers that might match that already be in your community. " dickinson said that tool has helped them recruit food chains. he says dubuque has been proactive in making sure there is space for new businesses if they chose to expand. "the reason these retailer aer coming to dubuque is not because we've paid them to. it's because of the investments we've made in the community. that makes it a place they want to be. " it will be at least one more day before a cedar rapids bar reopens after a devastating fire. the facebook page for the chrome horse saloon shows that computer issues kept the business from opening today at its new location on blairs ferry road near the
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fire in july 2014 damaged the previous location for the chrome horse at the corner of third street and 12th avenue in the newbo district. the american cancer society has changed its recommendations for when women should get mammograms. they are telling women to wait until they are 45 to get a mammogram. hear if a doctor with radiology consultants of iowa in cedar rapids agrees with this recommendation.
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released this week are creating some confusion for the potentially life saving test. the american cancer society now recommends an annual mammogram for all women starting at age 45... earlier for those with risk factors. until now, the group had followed most other recommendations of starting
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mammograms at age 40. but in 2009, a federal task force ignited a heated debate when it recommended not starting regular mammograms until age 50. doctor laura hemann with radiology consultants of iowa in cedar rapids is here to help clear up that confusion. doctor - what is your opinion in this change in recommendations from the
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doctor - what is your opinion in this change in recommendations from the american cancer society? when should women start getting mammograms?
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produce too many false positives which can mean unnecessary testing - but we have also heard that early detection of breast cancer can save lives. so is this recommendati on trying to balance the cost of extra procedures with the cost of saving a life? doctor hemann, thanks for
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heavy, across portions of eastern iowa, thursday will be a dry day. pleasant fall temperatures, in the middle 60s, are expected with light east-northeast winds. the next chance for rain continues building for the end of the work week. showers and possibly some storms are in the forecast especially tonight, joe's out. the vice president, that walk with his wife jill after their very private morning.
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the loss of their son.
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