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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  KCRG  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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...that the district's position is that quote "any alleged threat must also be evaluated to address the potential for imminent danger and to determine the appropriate course of action." the district told me this will allow some discretion for school administrators on what would qualify as worthy of an alert to families. at longfellow, we spoke with parents amid the recent increase of communications on student safety in the past week. "48:29 i think it's difficult, especially, i will say for working parents. you're at work and you get a text, an email or a phone call about something that has been going on at the school and i think there has been a lot of anxiety for parents here." while an incident at west high prompted this, it's crucial to note the school district tells us no alerts were sent to parents at any of the high schools, with 1 at a junior high and with 17 alerts coming from elementary schools. the reaction from the parents we spoke with was mixed -- some saying they thought this policy
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was "not well thought out" but others who acknowledge that this is evolving. the district calls it a balance between transparency but also not alarming families needlessly... live in iowa city, chris earl, kcrg-tv9. police killed a 21 year-old man in a shoot out after investigators say he ran away during a traffic stop in cedar rapids. police say 21 year-old jonathan gossman was one of three people in a vehicle officers stopped last night near 32- hundred ravenwood terrace northwest. the stop was part of a drug investigation at a nearby store. police say after all three people were out of the vehicle, gossman suddenly ran away. in the short chase, officers say gossman pulled out a gun and fired at two officers. they fired back and killed gossman. police are questioning the two other people in the vehicle. people who live in the area or take their children to daycare in the area say this neighborhood is usually pretty safe. "nothing's ever happened ever,
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is a quiet neighborhood. nothing happens. " "it's just a random thing, however, it's happening all over, it's very rare that you don't see a week go by without shootings in cedar rapids." the officers were not hurt. there officers are on administrative leave, which is standard protocol in officer- involved shootings. the division of criminal investigation is set to interview the officers on friday. law enforcement teams are turning to teens to help stop gun violence across the country, including here in eastern iowa. today, the marion police chief and the u-s attorney for iowa's northern district visited with teens at marion high school during their lunch hour. they talked with them about a pledge where students say they won't bring guns to school or use guns to settle personal disputes. students across the nation are signing this pledge as part of an effort to reverse the gun violence trend.
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marion students will decide if they'll sign it over the next couple of weeks. "14:59:36 i think it's important they know that we really care. we want to stop any gun violence that there is and the best thing to do is come out and talk to them, person to person. " daugherty says he doesn't think marion sees a lot of issues with gun violence, but he says he knows that it could happen at any time. meteorologist joe winters joins me. joe, we can look forward to some dry weather? after two days that included rainfall, some heavy, across portions of eastern iowa, thursday will be a dry day. pleasant fall temperatures, in the middle 60s, are expected with light east-northeast winds. the next chance for rain continues building for the end of the work
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possibly some storms are in the forecast especially friday afternoon into the night. this will likely impact friday night football. as that system moves east we are in for a great fall weekend as highs stay in the 60s and lows dip into the 30s. tonight: mostly clear low: 42-48 winds: n 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 61-67 winds: e 5-10 back to you. lightning from last night's thunderstorm s caused a lot of issues for firefighters in johnson county. one lightning strike started the fire that burned this house at 623 east college street in iowa city. but that was just one of five calls for lightning related issues in just two hours in iowa city alone. it stretched the city's fire crews. kcrg-tv9's iowa city bureau chief mark carlson shows us how the storm created an unusual night for firefighters. as flames shot from the roof of a house on east
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iowa city. lightning strikes like this one pounded johnson county. "it's one of those things we hope we don't experience very often. " at one time the lightning so intense, it forced firefighters down from ladders, away from their trucks, and away from the fire. with so many calls in such a short time, firefighters called in backup from volunteer departments around the county, and they were forced to triage, or prioritize, calls. "yesterday was very unique and it did stretch the system a little bit, but luckily we were able to overcome that." but fire departments from other towns had issues of their own. in coralville this house on poplar street was struck by lightning, fire officials say it caused up to 40 thousand dollars in damage. luckily there was enough available man power to get things under control quickly. one big issue throughout the storm - the thunder and lightning was so intense it kept setting off sending firefighters on investigations . "several of these were actual lightning strikes that caused something burnt in the building, someone heard the alarm from outside that was triggered by the lightning, so they have to investigate all
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those as those are real." dispatchers in johnson county took 102 calls during the storm -- about 25 percent of the entire days calls in just a few hours. "everybody pulls their weight, everybody knows what to do, and everybody helps each other out to get the job done." in iowa city, mark carlson, kcrg tv nine news. no serious injuries were reported as a result of last night's fire calls. but one iowa city firefighter was transported to the hospital for evaluation. today, many university of iowa students and faculty protested at the state regents meeting over who the board hired to be the school's next president. last month, the regents chose bruce harreld, passing over three other finalists who have more experience in education. since then, several student and faculty groups have condemned the regents' decision. kcrg t-v nine's brady smith joins us live from iowa city. brady, the protesters
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there were a couple hundred people outside the imu this afternoon, holding up signs and chanting. one example of the chants: stop the hypocrisy, transparency is democracy. transparency was a common sticking point for people here today, as they say the regents' search for a new ui president had none. the group "iowans defending our universities" accuse the regents of conducting an illegitimate search that produced an illegitimate ui president. michael kumpf, a retired classics professor from valparaiso university living in coralville, says the board and harreld need to resign. " the board of regents as i understand it conducted a search that was not open or fair, the other candidates did not have a chance. " protestors also passed around
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this rally, gathering signatures calling for harreld and the board to resign. they then went inside the imu to the regents meeting, holding their signs high. incoming president bruce harreld starts the first week of november. live in iowa city, brady smith, kcrg-tv9. chicken lovers in dubuque should be excited about the new chain coming to town. and we have a look at why other small businesses are looking to expand to the area. and scammers are searching for new victims in the work world. we'll look at why the b-b-b says you need to be careful when applying online. stay with t-v nine. some national and regional
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expand into dubuque. the greater dubuque development corporation says chick-fil-a will soon open a restaurant in the city. the development group says there have been reports that chipotle mexican grill and noodles and company will also open stores. but the group says it doesn't have a final deal with those restaurants and can't confirm those expansion plans. recently two cedar rapids based businesses expanded into dubuque. pat mcgrath celebrated a ribbon cutting for his new volkswagon dealership, and collins community credit union will host it's grand opening tomorrow. economic developers in dubuque say dubuque's strong economy and available retail space helps attract new business. "we do not incent retailers........there is no city
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according to greater dubuque development, perkins restaurant will move out of it's location on dodge street and build a new space on the northwest arterial. chick-fil-a will then move into the the old perkins building. the better business bureau says scammers are targeting people who are searching online for jobs. barbara green of the better business bureau in cedar rapids says many people are using the internet to see what's available. but they need to be careful, because scammers can pretend to be businesses that are hiring. the phony businesses could ask many personal questions, leaving applicants' information vulnerable. "25:30 of bbb interview: it's an area right for scamming. in the secret shoppers. work at home, caretakers. that kind of businesses because you don't need to be licensed. " green says the number one red flag to watch for is a prospective employer offering a job
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the hawkeyes are fighting the injury bug as they head into their bye week. coming up, two team coordinators talk about where the iowa hawkeyes stand after winning their first seven games. stay with your 24 hour news
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heavy, across portions of eastern iowa, thursday will be a dry day. pleasant fall temperatures, in the middle
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60s, are expected with light east-northeast winds. the next chance for rain continues building for the end of the work week. showers and possibly some storms are in the forecast especially friday afternoon into the night. this will likely impact friday night football. as that system moves east we are in for a great fall weekend as highs stay in the 60s and lows dip into the 30s. tonight: mostly clear low: 42-48 winds: n 5-10tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 61-67
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thanks joe. coming up next in sports. what kind of an impact will lisbon's carter happel make with the iowa wrestling program. scott has that story. and the hawkeyes' offensive and defensive coordinators talked to the media today about iowa's undefeated season. stay with
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week. but we did get a chance to talk to the two coordinators today.. josh has more from iowa city. the bye week couldn't have come at a better time for the iowa football team. the hawkeyes have several injuries, including to both starting offensive tackles. even though there's been some shuffling on the o-line, the hawkeyes still rushed for 572 yards in the last two games. "throughout camp, we mix- and-match lineups realizing that during the season, different guys are going to have to play different places. obviously, brian ferentz did a great job in game week realizing what we were going to have and the best way to fit all the pieces together." injuries have also piled up at the running back position. it was leshun daniels and jordan canzeri to start the year, then just canzeri, and last week
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carry the load. "i said in august that i though we had four backs. and i also in august that we'd need all four of them before it was all said and done. i didn't realize it would be by the seventh game. hopefully, this week will give us a chance to get leshun back." on defense, the hawkeyes are keeping teams out of the end zone. they're ranked 10th in scoring defense and 4th in rushing defense. but coach phil parker says the team is giving up too many big plays. "i think right now we have a total of five big runs over 15 yards and then we have 22 passes over 20 yards. anytime we've been a real good football team around here, we're usually about 30-35 big plays a year." in iowa city, josh christensen tv9 sports. with the iowa success comes a lot of awards and coach kirk ferentz is in line for a big one. coach ferentz has been named to the paul bear byant coach of the year award
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one of 22 coaches on the watch list and the winner will be announced january 13th. it was a good week for the iowa wrestling team getting verbal commits from 3 time state champion carter happel of lisbon and two time bettendorf state champ jack wagner. happel is ranked as the 25th best senior prospect by flowrestling. he has won 118 straight matches and has a chance to break the iowa all-time win mark this year. two time ncaa champ mark ironside is excited to see what happel can do in a hawkeye uniform. i think carter happel going to iowa is huge. you get a guy as dominant as he is local talent from lisbon where there is a lot of tradition going on to follow him at iowa it gives iowa fans a local boy to cheer for as we have seen from the past with standouts from cedar rapids and lisbon it is fantastic for the program and carter happel. it is gonna be a big transition for carter but i think he understands that he realizes that his dad wrestled for iowa. they are
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carry over from high school into college without having to work hard and take your wrestling and level of mentality and physicality up to a whole other level. sot :40 oc: "whole other level " coming up tonight at 10:00 we will feature springville lineman jade hard. it's not easy for a girl to play high school football but jade is fitting in just fine and has a real passion for the game and she is not afraid to hit you. thanks, scott.
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t joe winters for your final forecast. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again tonight at ten. have a great evening.
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