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tv   KCRG TV9 Saturday Morning News  ABC  October 24, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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you're watching kcrg-tv9. now, from yo 24 hour news source, this is the e crg-tv9 saturday morning news. good morning and thanks for joining us. we begin with first alert storm team meteorologis t britley ritz. showers will linger through the early morning hours, mainly to the north and east. throughout the afternoon we'll gradually see clearing and the sun will peek through the clouds helping to warm us up into the low 60s. another great day for college football or any of those fall festivals you may be going to! although we keep the sunshine around for the weekend, our temperatures won't stay as warm. sunday we'll barely hit 60 and the beginning the work week brings high temperatures into the 50s. enjoy your saturday! the national weather service
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reports of tornadoes, three in sioux county and one in cherokee county. thanks britley. this evening, presidential candidates hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley will headline the iowa democratic party's jefferson- jackson dinner. the event gets underway at 5:30 at hy-vee hall in des moines. they are expected to talk about their plans to improve the economy and to help the working class. the dinner is one of the most popular stops for democratic presidential candidates during the election cycle. a handful of g-o-p candidates will be in waterloo today. ted cruz, mike huckabee and bobbb jindal will attend the iowa grassroots coalition's "candidate honest assessment summit." that's happening at the five sullivan brothers convention
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center. dr. ben carson will hold a signing for his book, "a more perfect union," at barnes & noble in waterloo. he's also planning book signings in dubuque. jeb bush is trying to cut spending on his campai. the former florida governor has struggled to gain momentum in the polls. bush is dropping staff members, salaris, and other expenses. in new hampshire, his staffers will reportedly face up to a 40-percent payroll cut. bush talked a aout the cuts this week in virgrgnia, and noted donald trump's success in the polls. "this means lean and mean and this means i have the ability to adapt and the circumstances when we started the election are different. i have not met a person who thought donald trump would be the front-running candidate at this point. god bless him for his success in that regard. we'll see how long that lasts. but you have to adapt bush's campmpign staffers ssy he's in the race for the long
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cash into early voting states. after some push-back, donald trump will still be able to hold a campaign event on tuesday, at west high school in sioux city. the school district's superintendent made that announcement yesterday. a west high alum francisco valadez has 1-thousand signatures on a petition to cancel trump's event, citing trump's "anti-immigrant" language. valadez still has a silent protest planned for tuesday's event. governor branstad honored a former governor this week in cedar rapids. last night, he presented governor robert ray with the "uncommon iowan" award. it's from the hoover presidential foundation. ray serrd as iowa'ssovernor from 1969 to 1983. branstad says ray's work to help refugees following the vietnam war is an important part of the state's history. 18:27;33 "a lot of people were displaced, lost their homeland or were boat people and and he was the first governor to really step up and welcome them to resetlle here in iowa."
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ray was unable to attend this banquet because of health concerns. senator wally horn also received awards for uncommon public service. for those of you geaaing up for college football today, here's a quick rurudown of heading to texas. the cyclones will take on baylor university. kickoff is at 11 o'clock on espn. u-n-i plays at south dakota ate. the game starts at 2:00 p-m, on kcrg 9-point-2. as for the hawkeyes, this is a bye week for them. xt saturday, they'll go up against maryland in iowa cit that game will be re on kcrg-tv9, and will kick off at 2:30 pm. it may seem like their before our time.... but nike is going back to the future with their latest shoe design.
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hours, mainly to the north and east. throughout the afternoon we'll gradually see clearing and the sun will peek through the clouds helping to warm us up into the low 60s. another great day for college football or any of those fall festivals you may be going to! although we keep the sunshine around f fr the weekend, our r temperatures won't stay as warm. sunday we'll barely hit 60 and the beginning the work week brings high temperatures into the 50s. enjoy your saturday! thanks britley. coming up next in sports, we
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coming up next in sports, we have tv-9's last edition of friday niht lights, as igh school footbalal seasons come to an end. stay with kcrg-tv9 for your weekend
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hard to o elieve the regular season is over. lets start off with our kcrg 9.2 game of the week. decorah hosted undefeated west delawaren ryan schlader called the game livu on 9.2 and has the highlights. welcome back to friday night lights endzone. a district title was on the line
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the pirates hosted west branch for the first place seed. josh christensen joins us live and josh the bears were trying finish the year undefeated. it waaa pretty foggy night here in alburnett west branch would draw first blood in the first quarter. the pitch to luke lenoch... he lowers the
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shoulder and scores on the 5-yard run... bears go up 7-0 2nd quarter, alburnett finds a spark... dillon caves hits bryce paul on the slant... he turns it up the field, gets a great block, then breaks a tackle... he'd be taken down just shy of the 15... it's a 64 yard gain a couple of plays later, caves sneaks it in for the touchdown... and the pirates tie up 7-7 but west branch responds... on 2nd and 26, cooper koenig throws a strike to matt shawver... hat's a 30-yardtouchdown... west branch goes u u 14-7 later in the 2nd quarter... bears add to their lead as lenoch finds the end zone for the 2nd time tonight... bears go up 21-7 alburnett tries to score before halftime... t west branch gets some essure... jakeevans gets the sack... bears took a 21-7 lead at halftime not much scoring in the 2nd half... 4th quarter, alburnett's connor for his 9th rushing touchdown of the season... pirates trail with right, but he's picked
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off by lenoch... that would seal the deal... wt branch repeats as district champions tith the 24-14 win. up a district title last week. the warriors were trying to fine tune things tonight against burlington at kingston. sh star isahah nimmers had is sledge hammer out trying to get his team fired up before the game.. and it worked the first time they touched the ball t.j vogal airs one out or drew dostal and 's got wide en behind everyone and theyey are n n going to catch him this one goes 93 yards for the 7-nothing
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lead.. and they were just getting warmed up on their next possesion vogal hits alex herzog in the flate slips a tackle and now you see me now your are stairing at my rearend.. this one goes 63 yards for six more.. and washington very balanced tonight they hand it off to the power ack johnny dobbs and he punishes the defenders 15 yards for the 21 nottng lead.. ann the king with small shoulder pads loved that one.. get him some bigger pads and put him in the game.. they need the king tonight the speed tavia patrick scoots into the endzone for another rushing touchdown and washhaises theirrecord to 8-1 with the win. 8 man football tonight springville is returning to the playoff the oriole entertained cedar valley christin tonight. and a good start for the o's o othe first play from the line offscrimmage henry hoogland takes the pitch and cuts right thru the fog racing 63 yards for the games first touchdown and the home team was off and running a bad snap by cedar valley christtan led to a turnover as andy hageesick pounces on it for the orioles
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quaterback jacob loehr doing it himself around the end for the 4 yard td and a 14-nothing leaa and they addedesix more moments later on hooglands second touchdown of the game. and the springville cherleaders had plenty to cheer about tonight. checkout the hard running by seth blake up the middle breaking tackles for another touchdown and sprigvivie cedar vaaley hristian. . i will havevemore highlights on the endzone when we comeback. and the saints coming off that amazing come from behind win against regina last week didn't mess around tonight. maliki wilson with nice cut outside.. 43 yards to give the saints a 14-nothing first q qrter lead. d then they go upptairs bryce schulte with a strike to nicholas stark for the 21-nothing lead.and the hero of last weeks win dallas klien connected from 30 yards out despite the high snap and it was 24- nothing in the second quarter. and then schulte showing off the arm again hits blake whitten in the back of the endzone for six. and it's been a long year for marion coaoah tony perkins who is still
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for victories. xavier just too big and physical and the saints finish the regular season 9-0 with the win we will have more highlights on tte endzone when we comeback. john campbell joins me now and
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hours, mainly to the north and east.t.throughout the afternoon we'll gradually see clearing and the sun will peek through the clouds helping to warm us up ito the low 60s. another great day for coege football or any of those fall festivals you may be going tt! although wewe keep the sunshine around for the weekend, our temperatures won't stay as warm. sunday we'll barely hit 60 and the beginning the
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temperatures into the 50s. enjjy your saturday! as many back to the future fans know, ttis week was "back to the future day," when so many things predicted were supposed to come true. many fans eagerly awaited the release o the "pepi perfect" soa, shown in
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back to the future, part 2. but the prrmotion was anything but perfect. a glitch caused the limited edition bottle to go on sale early, and they sold out before many people had a chance o get them. tat cused a huge backlash on twitter. as reparation, pepsi says it will release another 65-hundred bottles thatwill go on sale on november 3rd, at 9 a-m eastern time. now...flying cars, jaws 19, the cubs winning the world series. many of the things you saw in back to the future 2 didn't come to pass. but some futuristic footwear did. jeanne moos shows us who got the first paiq of nike mags. cars... "nice wheels!" and self lacing shoes... two toys for grownups from back
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"great scott!"though none of them flew... there was a deluge of delorians... "there's the delorian" "the delorian is still cool."parked outside new york tv studios... "and the flux capacitor is in full effect" "let me help doc brown get out of that car" and even parked inside one studio. "is that your car? no."but it was michael j. fox's self- lacing shshes that would become the breaking news. "for all of these years, back to the future has provided hope to those who feel this is too much trouble." even marty mcfly was impressed... "power lacessalright!"the shoes designed by nike didn't actually lace was low tech movie magic. "there was guys under false floor pulled laces frfr beneath to mmke them tighten up."26 yeaas later the dream shoe has come true. "are those the shoes?"
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"these are the nike mags nike designer and v-p tiker hatfield sent michael j. fox an illustrated letter saying "although the project stted as science fiction, we're now proud to turn that fiction into fact... we wanted you to be the first to receive a living pair." they sure sound like they're alive. "they'll lace up on their own? "yeah, see... nike says the new system "senses the wearer's motion." a limited release of nike mags will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the michael j fox foundation for parkinson's research. nike sayay thererewill be further testing. no word on when they might be sold to the general public. talkabout shoes that breathe.$& jeanne moos c-n-n new york.
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develop is ready to move forward. that's after a judge throws out a lawsuit that's been holding up his project. good morning from
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night, leaving people in cedar rapids furious and looking for answers. gun shots send kirkwood communityy college into alert mode this week. police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. and we now know who's playing in the world series. baseball fans will be heading to kauffman stadium this year. you'r'r watching kcrg-tv9. now, from your 24 hour news source, this is the kcrg-tv9 saturday morning news. but first, meteorologis t
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alert forecast, britley... showers will linger through the early morning hours, mainly to the north and east. throughout the afternoon we'll gradually see clearing and the sun will peekkthrough the e cloudsshelping to warm us up into the low 60s. another great day for college football or any of those fall festivals you may be going to! although we keep the sunshine around for the weekend, our temperatures won't stay as warm. sunday we'll barely hit 60 and the beinning the work week brings high temperatures into the 50s. enjoy your satuuday! thanks b bitley. we now know the name of the two police officers who
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shot and killee a man in ceer rapipis earlier thths week. this week, the iowa division of criminal investigation interviewed officers lucas jones and bryson garringer. officer jones has been with the department since 20-11, officer garringege sisie 20-10. both are on administrative leave, pending the outcome of an investigation. investigators say they fired their eapons shortly after a traffic stop near 32- hundred ravenwood terrace northwest on tuesday. 21 year-old jonathan gossman and two other people were inside the vehicle. police say gossman triid to run away. two officees, including a police dog, started chasing him. that's when police say gossman pulled out a gun and fired at the pursuing officers who returned fire, killing him. police are searching for the pepeon who fired aa gun several times near the kirkwood community college campus. cedar rapids police say the incident happened near the complex called "the reserve on 66th" at 66-10
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college park court southwest, about 10:30 yesterday morning. police say the shooter drove away from the scene. rkwood sent ot an alert telling people that no one was hurt, and that there was no further threat totocampus. boom, oh dang two young men told tv-9 someone shot at their door and tried kicking t in. police have not confirmed anything, other than a "shots fired reportt just minutes after the incident, security leaders at kirkwood community college rushed to the scene. kirkwood sits about three blocks east of he apartment complex. " 11:42 i pulled into the apartmenttomplex rightt after they did and was able to determine, quickly, that there were no injuries and the person who perpetrated the crime left the area and they did not feel there was, directly, a threat to the campus. " kirkwood officials use a system that sends emergency alerts to people through email,
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president, tom kaldenberg, said tt police respoose to the shots fired call was quick. cedar rapids police just happened to be on campus call. cedar rapids police are looking for surveillance reported their vehicles vandalized. police are looking for footage that shows a dark-colored four-door vehicle... between midnight and 3 in the morning on october 22nd. most of the vandalized cars were on the northwest side of town. kcrg-tv9's sarah mccarthy went to that part of the city, and met with people questioning why anyone would do this. 18:17:12 "my grandpa who helped raise mm with my mom and my other, we grew up with him and my grandma died almost five years ago and he left me that van and it was his favorite place to hang out." lyndsey wright say this big, white, chevy van may not be much of a looker but that's not the point. 18:17:43 "that's not the point, mm grandpa never let anything happen to it, so that upset me more than anything." the van is one of at least 75
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wright hasn't reporoed the incident yet, but streets away several neighbors called police friday morning. including one family who found broken mirrors hanging off two cars ile setting up for a garage sale. a sale that may jus cover the cost of this. 18:02:41 "angry.y sister's caa had justtgotten fixeddbecause she was in an accident before and now we're going to have to figure out how to pay for someone else's damage, i mean, it's ridiculous." 18:11:40 "i kind of walked up and down the street." kevin solem and his wife heard smashing sounds around two in the morning. an officer showed up so after. 18:12:25 "crpd wawa driving up and down the road, flashing lights and looking at the damage. we did see a couple more fly in right after he left right off e avenue." police say they have a suspect - but hven't made any arrests. for wrightl she hopes whoever is responsible understands#this. 18:20:30 "people are losing money beause of this and my heart hurt beeause of it, ss you ow, it effects people. if you don't think it does and it's stupid fun, it hurts people." anyone with surveillance video
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about the damage is encouraged to call cedar rapids police. we've put that contact information under this story on kcrg dot com. ninin employees of the anamosa state penitentiary no longer have jobs, after an investigation found serious violations of prison security policies. the prison says allnine were eether fired ororresigned. four formm correctional officers face charges for smuggling drugs into the prison. one of them is also accused of bringingcell phones into the prison for inmates. officials charges. tt charges against the four former correctional officers could mean changes at prisons across the state. the state department of corrections says that could include technology upgrades to catch employees suspected of illegal activity.
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city says he's ready to move forward, after a judge dismissed a lawsuit trying to stop the project. marc moen wants to build the 15-story building in downtown. it would include apartments, a hotel, offices, a movie theatre, and a bowling alley. he says he wanted to complete the proect by december 20-18. but he says the lawsuit forcc crewssto push back the target date to late 20-19. the trinity episcopal church filed the lawsuit, arguing the city unlawfully rezoned land. but a judge threw the lawsuit out, sayyg the city did not violate any rules. the church has 30 days to appeal the judge's decision. this morning, north liberty police officers will show off their skills on the hardwood, as thth host their inaugural hoops with cop. the event is a chance for the community to get to know their officers. to join in, you can head to the north lierty community center, from 9 to noon.
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marion police and fire departments are offering free child safety seat checks. that's this morning, from 10 to, 1, at fire station number 2 at 39-33 katz drive. organizers say a certified child safety seat technician will be on hand to inspect car seats for safe installation. bring your vehicle, with the child safety safety or booster seat. also ing manuals for your vehicle and safety seats. it's also recommended parents bring the child usg the seat. a u-s soldier is hailed as a hero.... after losing hhs life in thth fight against isis.
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hours, mainly the north and eaststthroughout the afternoon we'll gradually see clearing and the sun will peek through the clouds helping to warm us up into the low 60s. another great day for college football or any of those fall festivals you may be going to! although we keep the sunshine around for the weekend, our temperatutues won't stayys warm. sunday we'll barely hit 60 and the beginning the work week brings high temperatures into the 50s. enjoy your saturday! thanks britley. stay with
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landfall in the western hemisphere is weakening this mrning. hurricane patricia is now texas are bracing for storm damage. abc's michelle franzen has so gantic ... it blots out the sky. with winds so ferocious -- -- they are frightening everyone out of its path. hurricane patricia -- with winds as strong as two hundred miles per hour -- and up to twenty inches of rain -- howled into mexico friday as a category five storm. this angry surf a taste of what's to come in the vacation area of puerto vallarta -- where they were boarding up -- filling sandbags -- streets deserted -- as thousands of tourists tried to outrrn patricia. sst john , tourist from arkansas "we were evacuated from our hotel this morning for this hurricane. we came to the convention center and then they said it wasn't a safe place, so we are going to the technical center."
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vacationer stacy zapar is stranded wwh her famill. sot stacy zapar san diego "we've been running around trying to find a way out. we're a little concerned, but we're trying to keep our game face on for the kids." this record-setting hurricane is the strongest ever to hit the americas?. 200 mph winds -- enough to make cars, even ppanes go airborne. the lowest pressure ever recorded voice of dennis feltgen nat'l hurricane center "it literally is mind-boggling. the only way to dscribe it is potentially catastrophic." patricia will bring mudslides and flooding as it barges inland, losing strength. over twenty million are in the flash flood zone. flood watches are out for texas, louisiana, and oklahoma -- with ten to twelve inches of rainfall possible ththough the weekend. michelle franzen, abc news, new york. u-s defense secretary ash carter is calling an american soldier killed during a mission, a ero. army maaer sergeantt joshua wheeler rescued 70 hostages from an isis prison, even though the plan called for american troops to not enter into combat. oficials say wheeler jumped
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into action when he heard gunnire thursday..but an isis militant shot and killed him during the mission. wheeler was 39 years old, and a member of the elite delta force. he lived in roland, oklahoma. carter honored wheeler's service yesterday in a speech atthe pennagon. "the sacrifice and decisive action of this courageous american in support of his comrades reminds us of the dangers the coalition forces confront in iraq, but also of the important assistance they provide local forces as they lead the fight against a barbaric enemy." " carter will be with wheeler's wife and family, to accept his casket when it comes back to the u-s. on a lighter note this morning, something for sports fans: the kansas city royals will play the new york mets in the world series. game 6 wrapped up last night, with the royals taking on toronto. the royals took the game 4 to 3, never trailing the blue jays once. wade davis is credited with the win, after he pitched in and
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jam. coaches and players celebratatd davis's strong prprsence on the field. the fall classic start on tuesday in kansas city. the mets won their last world series crown in 1986, a year after the royals claimed their only title. we'll take another look at your first alert forecast, next. stay with tv9.
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th unity poinnhealth about an expansion projecc, happening at the jones regional medical center. and we'll talk with another guest from the metro north rotary, about their spooky zombie prom. now, a final look at the forecast... showers will linger through the early morning hours, mainly to the north and east. throohout e afternoon we'e'l gradually see clearing and the sun will peek through the clouds helping to warm us up into the low 60s. another great day for clege football or any of those fall festivals keep the our
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good morning, america. breaking news, monster hurricane. patricia makes landfall. the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemispheremashing into mexixi as a category 5. 160-mile-per-hour winds battering the coast.
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