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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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construction he and some neighbors returned to see a blood trail. that's when they discovered the woman's body in the driveway. authorities say they've heard social media reports the victim was miller's girlfriend. " very well could be...i know there are family members involved in other areas of the state. we're trying to track down some other people she may have been married to in the past. " miller ma an initial appearance on the single stolen vehicle charge. bond for that was set at five thousand dollars cash. authorities believe miller stole brian brummer's pickup next and thenn crashshd it too. brummer was still shocked his loss was apparently connected to a suspicious death investigation. " what did you say when you found out? i really don't remember. kind of shocked, i guess " neighbors in this rural area say they really didn't
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know david miller but believe he might have moved in to this mobile home a week to ten dys ago. they didn't know the victim in the case. again she's 25 year old sabrina hustad, formerly of cedar rapids. the injuries that caused them to label what happeped here a suspicious death. live in benton county, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. to find out who fired gunshots that hit a house today. it happened at 420 16th street northeast around 1:3: this afternoon. no one was hurt, and so far there are no arrests. explosion this afternoon in janesville. authorities say one street left shortly p-m. the red cross is now helping two adults find
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somewhere to stay. waterloo police are looking for the driver of girl when she was walking across a street. dixon who was walking with sunday. authorities say the vehicle pulled out of a parking lot on broadway street and struck the girl near riehl street. her cousin was not be a black, four door car that may have damagegeon the front right corner. anyone with information should call police. right now mount vernon police are asking anyone to come forward if theybelieve someone burglarized their home, vehicle or garage in the last 24 hours. officers were called to several burglary calls this morning. the first was the 300 block of palisades road southwest around 4 this morning. another call came from the 300 block of 2nd street northwest around 6:45. police sayayas they searched the area, two suspicious men ran away. officers eventually arrested 18
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year old cordel mayfield and 19 year old hyden mayfield. both face several charges including burglary. in a kcrg t-v nine follow up... university of iowa students can now take part in a survey that looks into sexual misconduct on campus. it goes througg november 20th. it asks students to share their experience with sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking and sexual violence. university officials will take the suvey data to learn where they an improve or increese rereources to students. the university boosted its efforts to combat sexual assault in the last two years. so far this school year thre have beenat least four instances of sexual assauu on or near campus. turning now to the weather, meteorologis t joe winters joins us from dubuque. the dubuque y-m-c-a and y- w-c-a are holding the annual halloween parade. joee not a bad night for some
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after two absolutely perfect fall dayy things change tonight. as moisture increases, clouds begin to move in from west to east. this will help keep us a bit milder overnight. with more moisture moving into he region showers develop across the viewing area tuesday. our showers and drizzle are expected to continue into wednesday asell. cooler conditions are then the rule for the rrmainder of the week with highs in the 40s and 50s and lows dipping back into the 30s. tonight: increasing clouds low: 42-48 winds: e 5-10tomorrow: showers high: 49-55 winds: e 5-15 dbq backpack back to you.
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before the county supervisors to defend his decision to stay home and care for his sick wife. dennis freitag has worked from his home for months while he cares for his ailii wife, pam. she's been under hospice care while going through the final stages of lupus. but the supervisors say freitag is so far behind on his work, it's affecting the county government's ability to funntion. kcrg t-v nine's brady smith was at this afternoon's meeting in clayton county. brady, what sort of questions did the supervisors ask freitag? they rrnged from frfritag being behind innetting the county's fiscal year 2015 books up-to-date, to questions about whether freitag has been holding official county documents at his home, that should be in the county's possession. board memberrron mccartney started the 90-minute hearing by questioning freitag about being behind in closing out
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providing necessary reports to the county's outside auditing fi they contract t ith. freittg responded several times by saying he's a 24-7 caregiver for his wife, and that the board should be questioning his chief deputy auditor, who he says takes care of things when he's gone. board member larry gibbs says freitag needs to give to his staff all county records he has at home, so they can reconcile the county's budget. several times, freitag became visibly agitated, and acused board members of "badgering him" by asking the same questions repeatedly. 25:59-18 "you have set me up for failure. and it has not just been this year, it's been last year. and that's exactly happening here, and now that my wife is sick and i absolutely cannot perform extra time, now's the time to kick me and make i d't get up again. " 28:26-:42 "it's nn about his wife, it's about what we need to run the
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there's many facts and figures we do not have to continue running with a balanced budget. " gibbs says the board will now 4& go over what they heard today with the clayton county attorney, and then ecide what their next step will be. he says the hearing ended with a lot of unanswered questions pertaining to specific financial reports and figures. after the e eeting, we were stopped by some people who attended the meeting. they called the board's grilling of freitag "a witch hunt." live in the newsroom, brady smith kcrg tv9 ne. the waterloo school board will vote toniiht on a list of recommendati ons from its reform steering committee. those recommendati ons include starting 30 career and technical education programs for waterloo over thnext 3 to 4 years. along wii renovating all three high schools. the new education programs would be held in a new facility on property
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near central middle school. waterloo community school district's superintenddnt says the center will prepare students for life after highschool. "we were looking to do something that would provide a different typ of education for our kids. we didn't want to just tweak something. we wanted to add something we do not have, that made it unique for our students." tonight at 10, hear from community leaders who say these changes will benefit the entire city of waterloo. constructioo on one mainnstreet in coralville was supposed to be done in august. but the orange cones are still up. we'll look at when the city says the road will fully reopen. stty with tv9.
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to wrap up on 5th street in coralville, the road remains closed. officials say they're dealing with a lot of unforseen underground utlity tork in that ar. but that's not what people want to heer because they know fifth street was supposed to reopen at the end of august. kcrg t-v nine's mark carlson joins us live from fifth street tonight. mark, this is leading to a lot of frustration? yes, and we've been ollowing this storyylosely as the delays have mounted. about a month ago we were told it would be open by now. as you can see,that hasn't happened. the road is closed from around 1st to 10th avenue.
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people who live here say they have to walk a half- mile to gt to the bus stop. officials say they hope to have at leaa a portion of he rorod reopened byy the end o o the weekend, and the entire roadway reopened by thanksgiving. this is a significant part of coralville because officials want it to become a commercial - residential area -- kind of a downtown - near city hall. one developer says he's rerelly looking fororard to the street reopening -- and says the utility work will make the area a lot more attractive. "all of the utilities went underground, all the water maii have been replaced, all the cables b ben replaced, all the power has been replaced, everything has been redone, which will benefit all the residents of coralville, not just along 5th street, but in other areas as well. " city officiall said they''l look to re-coop some money forrthis projeccfrom contractors. those details aren't worked out yet. again, the good news -- they hope to open these couple blocks down near 1st avenue by the end of the weekend. in coralville, mark
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carlson, kcrg tv nine news. iowa state's football program loses its offensive coordinator. and we'll see whi snagged bluegills, big mouths and
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change tonight. as moisture
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increases, clouds beginto move in frr wwt to east. ttis will help keep us a bit milder overnight. with more moisture moving into the region showers develop across the viewing area tuessay. our showers and drizzle are expected to continue into wednesday as well. cooler conditions are then the rule for the remainder of the week with highs in the 40s and 50s and lows dipping back into the 30s.tonight: increasing clouds low: 42-48 winds: e 5-10tomorrow: showers high: 49-55 winds: e 5-15tomorrow night: showers/drizz le low: 44-50 winds: se 5-10wednesday: areas of showers/drizz le high: 51 - low: 47 thursday: cloudy, windy & cool high: 49 -
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high: 51 - low: 32 saturday: chance of showers high: 54 - low: 36 sunday: chance of showers high: 57 - low: 42 monday: mostly cloudy
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we are getting ready for on iowa live in just a few minutes over on kcrg tv-9. i'll be filling in for scott saville tonight and we've got a great show for you. chuck long, scott dochterman and marc morehouse will recap the bbe week for the hawkeyessand look ahee to maryland. plus, iowa athletic director gary barta is here and will discuss a wide range of topics at the university of iowa. --major news coming out of ames today where paul rhoads announced some major changes to his startitig line-up andndcoaching staff. --mark mangino is out as offensive coordinator for the cyclones as of this morning. mangino is in just his second year with the program, but coach rhoads said in his press conference today that he and mangino have nototbeen on the same page in recent weeks and could not work out their differences. quarterback coach todd sturdy will take mangino's place. and speaking of quarterbacks, joel lanning is listed as the starter after rerelacing sam richarrson in saturday's loss to baylor. with lanning under center, the cyclones scored all 27 of their points and
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"unfortunately i had to make a change at offensive coordinator this morning.mark and i couldn't get on the same page on a few importnat items. we tried to talk that through agai this morning in an effort to get us moving in a different direction, in the end mark was not interested in that, i wish that wasn't the case." "right now oming out of that game with joel's performance and the energy of our team, we think joel gives us the best opportunity." sot : oc: "...the best opportunity" --uni's playoff hopes remain alive after saturday's 10-7 win over south dakota state. it's the 3rd time in four weeks the panthers have played a road game against a top ten opponent and coach farley hopes that breaking this 3 game losing streak will propel h team down the%stretch. "for r ur football team, that's exactly what we needed to win one of those because it breaks the glass and creates an opportunity now that things are aligned for us. all that stuff
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to make a move." sot :15 oc: "...ooportunity to make a move." --and finally, it's monday, time for another edition of john's big ol fish. she is a bluegill girl. look what ella volz caught. batting second is susie phelps and hhr 5 pound channel cat. another slab blue gill. the proud angler is calum dusek of cedar rapids. it is a blue gill monday. cainon bartels nailed his at marr park. lunker time. blain baumgartner of coggon h)t the jackpot. another largemouth for savannaha klemp. taylor klemp alsosocaught a mississippi river largemouth. taylor and ali wear how off their catches of the day. the little paint produced this 28 inch rainbow for jeff spillman and wrapping things up with a lake michigan lake
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with all my fishing friends, thiiis john campbell reporting.
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after two absolutely perfect fall days things change tonight. as moisture increases, clouds begin to move in from west to east. this will help keep us a it milder overnight. with more moisture moving into the region showers develop across theeiewing area tuesday. our showers and drizzle are expected to continue into wednesday as well. cooler conditions are then the rule for the remainder of the week with highs in the
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40s and 50s and lows dipping back into the 30s. tonight: increasing clouds low: 42-48 winds: e 5-10torrow: showers high: 49-55 winds: e 5-15 thanks or joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again
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who wants the last dumpling? ooh, me! penny, a moment. we just had thai food. in that culture, the last morsel is called the "greng jie" piece, and it is reserved for the most important and valued member of the group. thank you all for this high honor. i've seen pictures of your mother; keep eating. all right, honey, if we're gonna make the movie, we should go. this may be hard for you to hear, but when i say "honey," i mean my fianc\e.
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yeah, well, now it means her.
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