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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 6  ABC  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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winds: s 5-15 back to you. dubuque is encouraging people to get involved if they don't like what the city is spending tax dollars on. the city is asking dubuque people to take part in an event it's calling "come to the table." it'll take place november 18th from six to eight p-m at the multicultural center in dubuque. city staff will provide information on dubuque's budget process, and people living there will have a chance to share their thoughts. kcrg t-v nine's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann joins us live tonight to explain. katie, why is the city pushing people to share their thoughts now? they say a lot of people like weighing in on how much money the city is spending. but
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they do so after the budget is already approved in the spring. the city wants to hear those opinions before they make financial decisions. each february, the dubuque city council listens to hours and hours of budget input from the head of each city department. the public is welcome to weigh in, but the city says very few people show up to speak. each november the city manager hosts a public budget input session, still very few people attend those meetings. the city says they really want to know what's important to people prior to setting the budget. "there may be things we're not aware of that we could do differently or maybe some things we are funding that aren't as needed as other things that come from the input we do receive. " larson says some people complain about the city's debt. others complain if the city raises service fees. she says recently she's heard from people who want to city to spend more money on bike-hike
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trails and public safety. live in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news a refinery touting itself as the world's largest cellulosic ethanol plant opened today in central iowa. the ethanol plant will make fuel additive from corn stalks, leaves and cobs instead of grain. the 225-million dollar refinery in nevada can make 30 million gallons of ethanol a year. the plant will be in full production next year. governor terry branstad says this will change farming for the better. ""this new state of the art facility will reform how we provide value to farmers, to the processors, and the consumers throughout the entire world." " today's opening comes at a time when the ethanol industry is battling the petroleum industry. they're fighting over how much ethanol the government will require in the nation's gas supply. the u-s environmental protection agency is scheduled to come up with its final recommendati ons next month. the sudden death of a waterloo police officer during a morning work-out might fit the
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criteria for a line of duty death. 35 year old adam liddle died of an unknown medical trauma yesterday morning. that was after he had worked a shift from three p-m to eleven p-m the night before. waterloo's safety services director says liddle died while exercising, but the department will argue that job-related stress might have played a role. " officer liddle had been on some highly stressful calls the night before, a shots fired call, the next morning he's working out and collapses and dies so in my book this is a line of duty death " liddle was a three year veteran of the waterloo police department and had previously worked for the black hawk county sheriff's office. he leaves behind a wife and their 10 year old son. the federal "hometown heroes" act would provide compensation for the family if the death was related to police work. in a tv9 follow up... a judge says she will move dustin jefferson's third trial out of tama
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county. jefferson is facing an aiding and abetting in murder charge in his wife's death. his mother ginger jefferson was convicted of killing dustin's wife kerry o'clair-jefferson in 2013. according to testimony in her trial, she stabbed o'clair-jefferson to death. the judge didn't say what county the trial will move to. jefferson's defense lawyer isn't asking the judge to base the move on whether there would be enough native americans in the area for the jury pool. jefferson had previously requested the move because of that and media coverage. his last mistrial ended with the jury deadlocked in favor of guilty. the students and staff at mark twain elementary school in iowa city ill no longer have classes in trailers. today the school opened an entire new wing of the building. the addition includes a music room. teachers, school board members, and students celebrated the opening of the new wing. the project manager says the school also has a new geothermal heating and cooling system. "now in the fall when the students come back and it's
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really hot outside instead of coming into the building and not being able to learn because it's so warm it's cold and they can come in and it'll enhance their learning ability and make it easier to sit down and they'll be cool." students will begin using the new gymnasium on monday. herky on parade is back in iowa city, sort of. today six new herky's went on display at the university of iowa hall of fame. the brand new herky's are some of the final members of herky on parade two. last year over 80 herky's were spread out across johnson county as part of the massive public art project. they sold most of them to raise money for charity. these final herky's will be on display through sunday november 8th. hundreds of cedar falls utilities customers are helping making their community a little greener. i'll have all of the details on that coming up in a live report. stay with tv9. "we always planned on doing
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hundreds of cedar falls utilities customers decided that buying a share of a community solar project was an easy way to go "green." the utility is creating an array of solar panels that will produce enough electricity for about 275 homes for a year. more than 12-hundred people and businesses in cedar falls thought it was such a good idea they're paying to get a share of the project. hundreds of solar panels will
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cover an eight-acre site on land donated by the city. work starts soon at prairie lakes park just off viking road on the south side of cedar falls. kcrg-tv9's dave franzman is at the park. dave, when do the solar panels go up? beth, grading work here could start any day and contractors hope to begin putting up panels yet this winter. by spring, electricity from sunlight should flow from this community solar project back to the community. bike tek owner brent johnson thought about installing solar panels on the roof of his business but always held off fearing the expense and hassle. but when the local utility proposed buying shares of a community solar project it seemed the right thing to do. "this provided a more immediate solution that was a little less costly upfront " a lot of cedar falls utilities
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customers thought that and there's now a waiting list to buy shares of the community solar project. those who buy the shares, or units, have to pay 270 dollars for each one. the payoff is a utility credit running for 20 years based on the output of the community- sized solar farm. " a lot of people wanted to get into the solar program but if you don't have a south exposure on the roof or a lot of trees around it doesn't make it easy. we could pick one site where we could put it " the support for a solar project to serve the whole community included a lot of businesses. the university of northern iowa is buying 20 percent of the whole project. an office of veridian credit union is buying enough to equal three percent of all the electricity used in this building. "i think it saved us a lot of time researching the options, what's available, looking at all our facilities to adapt solar so yeah, this is a great alternative" and it's an alternative the whole community could invest in and share. utility leaders say there are
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larger solar projects in the state. but the fact it's a community project and financed by selling shares of the power produced starting this spring make it unique. live in cedar falls, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. the u-n-i panthers are preparing to take on south dakota state tomorrow. and iowa state will have a quarterback that will make his first start of the season. hear from coach rhoads coming up in sports. stay with your 24 hour news
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moisture continues to increase tonight resulting in showers to begin the weekend. clouds and rainfall stick with us into the early part of the afternoon. the most popular time for trick or treating is between 5-9pm and during that time the weather looks dry. heading into the start of november we have a warmup in store. highs move back into the 60s with some 70s possible for the middle of next week. have a safe weekend and don't for get to fall back with your
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weekend! tonight: showers likely low: 42-48 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: showers likely high: 48-54 winds: s 5-15tomorrow night: gradual clearing low: 39-45 winds: sw 5-10sunday: mostly sunny high: 64 - low: 42 monday: mostly sunny high: 69 - low: 46 tuesday: mostly sunny high: 70 - low: 48 wednesday:
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showers high: 61 - low: 50 friday: chance of showers high: 57 - low: 43 thanks joe. up next tonight, scott breaks
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football weekend here in iowa. and the iowa basketball team is off and running with a high scoring exhibition
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last night in their exhibition opener against sioux falls. josh christensen has more from iowa city. ... thursday's exhibition was a chance for iowa coach fran mccaffery to see his options for the bench, which is very inexperienced. he was able to give all five freshman some playing time, andrew fleming led the way with 8 points and two steals. but, redshirt freshman nicholas baer showed he deserved some playing time with 8 points as well. "i think with the flux of new guys it's just been really helpful for me to have a year under my belt last year; going up against aaron white and gabe olaseni. that really helped me a lot. as long as you're playing hard, you have a shot." "you just gotta show coach you understand what he's talking about. defensively and offensively you gotta know what he wants and what we have to do on the court. play smart, no turnovers, and the biggest thing is play hard." "the hard thing is you're
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trying to get them all in. if you put them all in together, it makes it more difficult, clearly. but if you only put them in one or two at a time, you can't get them all in." ... as for the starting lineup, that is set. and senior point guard mike gesell showed he's looking to be a scoring threat this year. he finished with a team-high 24 points, 6 assists and 8 rebounds. "i worked on my game a lot this summer. i'm just looking to stay aggressive out there. i think we're a much better team when clemmons and i are being aggressive and creating scoring opportunities for ourselves and other guys." .. in iowa city, josh christensen tv9 sports. it's a busy weekend of college football. the 10th ranked hawkeyes are 17 point favorites over maryland saturday at kinnick. the hawkeyes will be looking for revenge against maryland who beat iowa last year in college park. this will likely pick six was a big play in the game and likely is back again this year. and the terps who lost by one point to penn state look like they are playing with new energy under interim head coach mike lock-sley another team that has new leadership pipeline they
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played with a lot of energy the other day played really well and that was really good ball game against a very good penn state team they lost by one point last year i got a lot of good players from last year returning i do have a new quarterback he is playing very well very dangerous a lot backs that can run. vtr :22 oc: "backs that can run " and don't forget you catch watch the iowa- maryland game live right here on kcrg tv-9 at 2:30. iowa also announced today the minnesota game is a sellout. the cyclones are 6 1/2 point underdogs against texas saturday at jack trice under the lights with a 6:00 kickoff. joel lanning will make his debut as a starting quarterback for the clones. i think the biggest piece that came out of saturday's performance was the energy level about football tonight but our football team and when he took over right now coming out of that game with with joel's performance in the energy of our team with think joel gives us the best opportunity. it hasn't hit me
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about my stomachs eating at me i'm getting hungry thinking about saturday a little nervous but their is no reason but their is no reason just like another week. sot :31 oc: "another week " uni will host south dakota at 1:00 in a game you can see live on kcrg 9.2. the panthers will try to keep their playoff hopes alive against a south dakota team who broke north dakota states 26 game home winning streak earlier this year. thanks, scott. now here's a look at today's top web stories on kcrg dot com. stay with your 24-hour
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police and volunteers are looking for a waterloo west high school student of burmese decent. moe sed disappeared last thursday, and his family says he has special needs. tonight on t-v nine news at ten, hear why the family says the search for the teen may be difficult. and a movie created in, about and with actors from grundy center is debuting in the city's locally-owned theater tonight. at ten, see how the city hopes this will give people a more positive view of
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raising money for the theater. let's go to joe again for a final look at the weekend forecast. moisture continues to increase tonight resulting in showers to begin the weekend. clouds and rainfall stick with us into the early part of the afternoon. the most popular time 5-9pm and during that time the weather looks dry. heading into warmup in store. highs move back into the 60s with some 70s possible for the middle of next week. have a safe weekend and don't for get to fall back with your clocks this weekend! tonight: showers likely low: 42-48 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: showers likely high: 48-54 winds: s 5-15 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for kcrg-tv9 news at 6. we hope you'll be with us again tonight at ten. have a great
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and reverse the spin on the antiproton... and gamma becomes alpha... multiplied by a matrix of negative i comma zero... and there we have it.
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