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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 3, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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murder. his defense plans to claim he had diminished capacity and was attack. the april 21st stabbings that killed 29 year old lynnsey donald not only happened in front of other hyvee of her seven year old son. authorities say luerkens before ambushing her at the store. kcrg t-v nine's brady smith joins us live from the linn county courthouse. brady, what was the reaction in the courtroom to that surveillance video? some of the jurors appeared stone-faced, others became emotional watching this very graphic depiction of the attack. one of the state's witnesses, eric breitbach, who handles surveillance video for hy- vee, was visibly shaken. earlier in the day, linn county attorney jerry vander sanden called several other witnesses to the stand, including other hy-vee employees and shoppers
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who were in the parking lot. most of them described the scene, saying they heard lots of screaming. hy-vee manager michael essex remembers being called to the parking lot and seeing a woman lying in a pool of blood. he says he then tried calming luerkens by talking to him. "at that time he picked up the knife and stuck himself two times quickly. at that point, i decided i couldn't let this go any further, so i just kind of tackled him. the knife went one way and him and i were grappling, and then marion police pulled up next to us. " the defense then questioned essex about luerkens' state of mind at the scene. he said luerkens appeared to be quote "flipping out," and appeared detached from what was going on. in that surveillance video, the witness eric breitbach pointed out luerkens as he approached donald in the parking lot. coming up tonight at six, we'll hear testimony from a witness who says she
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tried to stop luerkens during the attack. live in cedar rapids, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. a chase by waterloo police this afternoon injured one person, and at least one officer fired a gun. the waterloo cedar falls courier reports that happened near fourth and wellington streets. but police are also working another crime scene. the courier that's at south hackett road. waterloo police say the chase involved a wanted suspect, and an officer fired gun shots during the pursuit. there's no information yet on what the person was wanted for. the courier is reporting the person was wounded, and police took the person into custody at the south hackett road location. that all happened around three this afternoon. turning to the weather, we've enjoyed another beautiful day for early november. here's a live look at the current conditions from our dubuque city cam. meteorologist joe winters joins us now.
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joe, keep this weather coming! do you want one more day with highs in the 70s this november? it looks like you will get your wish on wednesday. however we do have to watch out in the morning for some patchy fog. any fog that develops burns off in the morning, bringing sunshine for the afternoon. showers are still on track thursday afternoon with an approaching cold front. this storm brings more seasonable november weather back into the weather picture starting friday. tonight: patchy fog low: 47-53 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 69-75 winds: s 10-20do you want one more day with highs in the 70s this november? it looks like you will get your wish on wednesday. however we do have to watch out in the morning for some patchy fog. any fog that develops burns off in the morning, bringing sunshine for the afternoon. showers are still on track thursday afternoon with an approaching cold front. this storm brings more seasonable november weather back into the weather picture starting friday. tonight: patchy fog low: 47-53 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 69-75 winds: 12bruce and bet. this is city election day across iowa. voters are choosing their next mayors and
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city council members... and also ballot issues in some cities kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy is live at bethany lutheran church in cedar rapids with a look at voter turnout so far. sarah, how is it going in linn county? bruce, election officials say turnout is just a little lower than expected. issues on the ballot bring out more voters. that's what officials expected to happen today, especially in cedar rapids, since the library is asking for a tax levy from voters. but officials say that's just not the case. at three o'clock this afternoon linn county recorded a 10 point 6 percent voter turnout in cedar rapids. officials say if you double that number, that's typically the total turnout you'll see by the time the polls close. about a 21 percent total turnout. "across the board, numbers are about one percent lower than they were in 2013, which is not bad considering in 2013 we had a local options
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sales tax on the ballot which did seem to drive up turnout, got more publicity, more interest." box also says voter turnout tends to be higher in smaller towns. that's true of turnout so far this year, as well. tonight at six, we'll take a look at what the proposed levy means for the cedar rapids library. live in cedar rapids, sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. polls are open tonight until eight o'clock tonight. if you need to find out where you should vote, we have a link on the newslinks section of kcrg dot com. or you can call 1-888- sos-vote. here are the five people running for two at large council. ann poe and susie weinacht are the incumbents. wagner, carletta knox seymour, and bridgett wood. and in the contest for the city's district four city council seat. incumbent
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facing challenger lisa kuzela. there are two city council races we're watching in dubuque. incumbent karla braig is facing luis del toro in the city's second ward.. and in ward four, incumbent lynn sutton is up against challenger jake rios. marion voters are choosing a new mayor. three people are on the ballot... nicolas abouassaly, joe spinks, and john nieland. the state's campaign ethics board staff is looking into a possible ethics violation in that race for mayor in marion. a parent complained after a vernon middle school social worker allegedly asked the parent's daughter to pass out campaign flyers supporting abouassaly. iowa code prohibits using public resources for political purposes. the marion school district's superintenden t stands behind the social worker. he says the activity was part of the school's commitment to community service, and students got credit for volunteer hours for participating. the superintenden t also says
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the activity was parent authorized. an effort to delay privatizing medicaid in iowa failed today. democratic lawmakers on the health policy oversight committee... .... proposed asking the governor to hold off on implementing the plan for six months. but republicans opposed it, and the proposal did not move forward. the deputy director of the department of human services admits privatizing medicaid is very much a work in progress. " networks won't be as fully developed as they are a week from now or two weeks from now, and we understand that, and that's a true statement." branstad's plan to move medicaid to private management is scheduled to start january first. the department of human services say it's working to ensure a smooth transition to the new program. a daily tradition in iowa city got a new blast of power today.
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whistle sounds that's "the whistle" sounding from the university of iowa power plant. workers installed a new one this morning, and they're still tweaking its sound. the whistle goes off 365 days a year at eight a-m, noon, and one and five p-m. people can hear the whistle through much of iowa city and coralville. we're a year away from the presidential election... and candidates continue to campaign hard here in iowa. that includes democrat hillary clinton. we'll share some from her town hall in coralville coming up.
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do you want one more day with
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november? it looks like you will get your wish on wednesday. however we do have to watch out in any fog that develops burns off in the morning, bringing showers are still on track thursday afternoon with an approaching cold front. this storm brings more seasonable november weather back into the weather picture starting friday. tonight: patchy fog low: 47-53 winds: s 5-15tomorrow: mostly sunny high: 69-75 winds: s 10-20tomorrow night: partly cloudy low: 51-57 winds: sw 10-15thursday: pm showers likely
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early high: 53 - low: 43 saturday: partly cloudy high: 49 - low: 36 sunday: mostly sunny high: 55 - low: 30 monday: partly cloudy high: 57 - low: 33 tuesday: partly cloudy high: 59 - low: 39
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it's been an exciting season for the undefeated iowa hawkeyes. see where the hawks fall when the first college football playoff rankings of the season come out. also, hear what coach kirk ferentz says about the football rankings. as investigators analyze what caused a russian jetliner to crash... .... the pentagon makes an interesting discovery by satellite that happened around the time the plane went down. we look at that... up next. and an iowa clothing company is going national, and it's all thanks to a buy out. stay with your 24 hour news
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investigators continue to
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such assertions are premature. sot "col. steven ganyard - about 14 years ago this airplane had a very hard landing in cairo that hit the tail so badly it had to be repaired. and they may want to go back and look at that repair ? and see if it may have been the cause of this catastrophe " the pentagon says a u-s satellite equipped with infrared sensors picked up what they call flashes around the same time. flashes came from a missle. the takata corporation 70 million dollars. it's all because the company failed to admit in a timely manner that millions of its automotive airbags were defective. that's led to recalls for more than 23 million driver and passenger air bag inflators on nearly 20 million u-s vehicles. the inflators could explode with too much force, spewing shrapnel into people's faces. the fine could grow to 200 million dollars if takata fails to comply with a
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american eagle outfitters is buying the tailgate clothing company, which is an iowa clothing retailer. the purchase price is eleven million dollars. tailgate clothing has its base in ankeny, but its flagship store is in downtown iowa city. an iowa native and fashion designer started the business in 1997. former hawkeye and n-f-l football player nate kaeding co-owns the iowa city store. "we're super excited here in downtown iowa city where we were the flagship of the brick and mortar retail store of iowa tailgate, so we were in on the ground level. american eagle really provides the runway expertise to help tailgate brand expand onto other college markets so we can always look back and say iowa city was the first one. so that's really exciting." american eagle plans to open 200 tailgate stores nationwide. its first focus will be with the big ten and southeast conference college towns. new polls out show hillary clinton is gaining support across the country. the news comes as she stops in eastern iowa for a town hall event. and
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we've got a live report from there next. and we'll look at one of the points republican presidential candidate john kasich made while he
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election wave in iowa today, trying to get the attention of potential caucus goers. one of them is democrat hillary clinton. and she has to pleased with a new n-b-c news - wall street journal national poll that shows clinton now holding a two to one advantage over vermont senator bernie sanders. clinton's 62 percent is double what sanders has. the poll has a margin of error of four point nine percent. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman is live at s-t morrison park
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event this afternoon. dave, clinton brought up a new campaign issue today? bruce, clinton is making gun violence a campaign issue with the release of new television ads both in iowa and new hampshire. and the problem was the very first topic she addressed today. " 90 people a day die from guns. homicides, suicides, it's tragic that's 33,000 people a year. " the political ads about gun violence show clinton speaking at a new hampshire event just days after the most recent mass shooting in oregon. political advisors say it's a sign that clinton is willing to take on the gun interests on the campaign trail in making gun
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control one of her issues. she specifically mentioned a june shooting death at coral ridge mall in explaining what she would favor in terms of new controls. " i will fight for background checks to close loopholes and the unique advantage gun maufacturers have with no legal liability " candidate clinton also mentioned talking to mothers in chicago recently who had lost children in shootings involving police. while gun violence was the first thing clinton talk about at this coralville event, there weren't any follow up questions on that subject when she opened it up to the audience. after her stop here, clinton is now on the way to a similar
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event in grinnell. live in coralville, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. ohio governor john kasich held a town hall meeting at loras college in dubuque this morning. the republican presidential candidate took questions that included one on bank regulations and wall street issues. kasich says the government needs to repeal some of those regulations. "we put a lot of regulations in place now called dodd frank. and the problem with dodd frank is there are so many rules and regulations, you know what it is doing? it's killing the little bank. it's killing the bank in dubuque, so the bank in dubuque doesn't lend. it can't make money so they sell and the big banks get bigger." after leaving loras, kasich headed to mobile, alabama, for an event there. the new n-b-c / wall street journal republican national poll shows a new front runner among the
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ben carson is holding a six point lead over donald trump. carson came in with 29 percent to trump's 23 percent. this poll also has a four point nine percent
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