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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 9, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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>> you're asking me about something that occurred 50 years ago and you expect me to have the details on that? >> donald trump calling carson's remarks strange and troubling while he dances his way to a huge audience on "saturday night live." cruise ship mystery. new questions this morning about what happened to this man. >> hold on to him! don't let him go! >> falling overboard and into the ocean, two very different stories. the cruise line says he jumped. his family says he fell after a fight with crew members. the family lawyer speaking out for the first time this morning. and massive collapse. the earth opens up in an i-hop parking lot. a 600-foot-long gash swallowing more than a dozen cars, others on the brink. diners panicked. how did no one get hurt? good morning, america. hope you had a good weekend. who saw donald trump?
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>> "saturday night live." let's take a look right there. alive. after doing a little hot guy bling by drake. >> he was the tax guy. >> the show gets its highest rating in nearly four years. more on that in just a minute. we begin with the investigation into the downed passenger plane. you're looking at reagan national airport this morning. concern about security there and airports around the country. investigators believe a bomb took down the russian jet. they still believe that. brian ross is here this morning. brian, you have new reporting on how an explosive may have gotten on board? >> reporter: that's right, robin. good morning. aviation security officials say it was likely an inside job in egypt, raising concerns about whether the same thing could happen here. investigators today will be scrutinizing surveillance tape and employee records at the sharm el sheikh airport. looking for a ramp worker, who
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to plant a bomb on the jet. congressman adam schiff was one of eight people to receive a briefing. on the investigation. >> isis may have concluded the best way to defeat airport defenses is not to go through them but to go around them with the help of somebody on the inside. >> reporter: u.s. authorities tell abc news that electronic intercepts of isis before and after the crash indicated that isis was in communication with someone at the sharm el sheikh airport. >> security officials will be very concerned about copy cats. other people replicating the techniques used in this incident. to conduct another aviation attack. >> reporter: the first hard evidence of a possible bomb was revealed this weekend by egyptians officials, who said the cockpit voice recorder, the cvr, captured a distinct but undetermined noise. just before it stopped working. >> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the cvr recordings. >> reporter: u.s. experts say it's possible, and quickly, to determine if that noise was a bomb, and if so, where it was
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placed. >> that noise is very sudden. very sharp. it has a very distinctive profile to it compared to other noises. you can tell bombs. they stand out. >> reporter: but so far, u.s. aviation experts have had almost no role to play in the investigation despite earlier reports. u.s. officials say fbi forensic teams have not been invited and have not been allowed to help. >> and others are saying inside job. how are u.s. airports making sure it doesn't happen here? >> reporter: they're concerned. there are dozens of employees under scrutiny for possible ties to extremist groups. they often have access to planes without having to go through the same security measures passengers are. >> very frightening. to the race for president. "your voice, your vote." ben carson fighting back. against questioning about his life story. tom llamas is tracking the campaign. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, this morning, ben carson's mother now
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getting involved in the matter. the campaign sending out a "parade" magazine article from 1997 where she backs up his story about trying to stab someone as a teen. turning his life around is a major part of his campaign message. that he's now forced to defend. this morning, as dr. ben carson's life story is under the microscope, the leading gop presidential candidate is fighting back, calling the investigations a witch hunt. >> you're asking me about something that occurred 50 years ago and you expect me to have the details on that? forget about it. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: forced to answer questions about stories in his best-selling autobiography, "gifted hands." clearing the record that he was not admitted to west point. even though he said he was offered a scholarship. the campaign saying as a top rotc student in detroit, he was told he would gain acceptance by officials. now defending his account of an incident at yale where he says a
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honest student after a class hoax. "the wall street journal" finding discrepancies. such as the name of the class and what happened. the campaign pointing to this article in the school newspaper. quo -- corroborates some of carson's story. >> anybody that can go back decades and can be 100% accurate on everything, if you can show me that person, i will sit at their knee and learn. >> reporter: donald trump adding to the pressure. >> i hope this works out for him. i hope there is not going to be a problem in this but it's a lot of statements that are very troubling statements. >> reporter: trump also commenting on allegations that carson has exaggerated his violent past. >> it's a strange situation when you talk about hitting your mother in the head with a hammer and your friend in the face with a lock. >> you used to call me on the cell phone. >> reporter: even laughing at
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candidate. >> i don't have to get specific. with me, it's just works, you know, it's magic. >> reporter: and though trump is touting the ratings, some critics weren't laughing. "the hollywood reporter" comparing the trump-hosted show to a dumpster fire. trump and receive other republican candidates on stage tomorrow at the next republican debate. that is going to be a good show. so many storylines going in. >> let's talk about that with jon karl in washington. let's talk ben carson first. in the past, candidates have been crippled by questions about their biography. no evidence yet this is hurting carson. >> not yet, george. this is potentially devastating for two reasons. more than any other candidate, carson's appeal is based on his life story. he's seen by far as the most honest candidate in either party. the most recent national poll, an overwhelming majority of republicans call him honest and trustworthy. no other candidate is even close
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to that. so if this controversy causes voters to doubt his story or think he's not honest, he could be in trouble. so far, no indication of that. in fact, carson is raising money off this controversy. >> millions of dollars already. tomorrow night, the debate, a smaller lineup. what are you looking for? >> only eight candidates. i say only eight. still a lot but that means more time in the spotlight for each of them. does jeb bush finally break through? this is a do-or-die moment for him. the other big thing is marco rubio is the hot candidate now. he's had a series of good debate performances. he's the fastest rising candidate. that means that the target will be on marco rubio's back in this debate. >> still trump and carson one and two. jon karl, thank you very much. you were going to go to new hampshire to join hillary clinton today? but now that's off until next week. >> yes, but now we're going to join her in iowa instead. next weekend. now to the standoff at the university of missouri. students and football players
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on campus and calling for the university president to resign. the players in essence going on strike. the coach tweeting the photo of them standing together on this issue. alex perez is in columbia, missouri. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. students are protesting, spending the night in those tents. their movement is gaining momentum. the faculty saying they'll participate in a walkout this morning, too. they'll not give up until the university president is gone. this morning, the university of missouri football team on the offense. more than 30 players and even the team's coach refusing to take the field. >> don't engage. >> reporter: the move in solidarity of president tim wolfe's handling of racism on campus. including students being called the "n" word. and a swastika on a dorm wall.
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>> you don't care about racism. >> reporter: the university football players saying they will no longer participate in any football-related activities. supporting one student on a hunger strike until wolf resigns. on sunday, coach gary pinkel canceling practice. writing, this mizzou family stands as one. we are united. we stand behind our players. criticism intensifying after this incident at the october homecoming. his car pushing its way through a group of protesters. >> my actions will support my words. >> you don't show action when we were by your car. >> reporter: the president apologizing for that incident, telling abc news overnight he will not resign, saying i am asking us to move forward in addressing the racism that exists at our university. together, we must rise to the challenge of combatting racism, injustice, and intolerance. >> reporter: and the university has called an emergency executive session on all this
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students have been told to keep an eye on e-mail to learn the results of the meeting. robin? >> a lot of people keeping their eye on this. for the entire team to stand together. the coaching staff, too, saying, we're united on this. >> and now so much of the school coming around, as well. we turn to a tragic story out of louisiana. where two police officers have been charged with murder after a chase that left a 6-year-old shot dead and his father in serious condition. abc's phillip mena has the latest. >> kyle? >> this morning, officers norris greenhouse and derrick stafford behind bars, charged with the second-degree murder of 6-year-old jeremy mardis and the attempted murder of his father. >> he had a wonderful relationship with his daddy. loved being with his daddy. >> reporter: investigators piecing together the incident. that led to to young boy's death on tuesday. authorities say the first grader was with his father, chris few, when the suv
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times by at least 2 of 4 officers attempting to pull the driver over. >> why did the police officers pull him over then? >> they said they were trying to effect a warrant. >> reporter: officers greenhouse and stafford, who were moonlighting as city marshals that day, were arrested on friday. investigators say few was unarmed. unreleased footage from an officer's body camera led to the arrest. >> it showed things that disturbed me as the head of the state police. disturbed me as a father. >> reporter: earlier this year, greenhouse and stafford were accused by another man of excessive force during an arrest. that complaint still pending. those two accused officers expected to have their bond hearing today. also today, in mississippi, young jeremy will be laid to rest. now to anger on the football field over greg hardy, allowed to play last night despite newly released photos showing his ex-girlfriend battered and
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incident last year. abc's ryan smith is here with that story. good morning ryan. >> reporter: a lot of anger indeed. the allegations he choked and shoved his ex-girlfriend. throwing her on a pile of guns. his conviction for assault was dismissed. but with the photos released, many claiming he shouldn't be on the field. >> i would not want greg hardy on my team if he didn't demonstrate he was sorry about this. >> reporter: overnight, outrage that greg hardy is still on the field. nfl commentators weighing in about his domestic abuse allegations before the game started. we're going to do our job. we're as uncomfortable as anybody is with what we saw on the pictures. >> reporter: this weekend, deadspin making public these images. police photos showing the athlete's ex-girlfriend after an year. >> he needs to be cut immediately.
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>> reporter: but team owner jerry jones standing behind his decision to sign hardy to the team back in march, writing in a statement friday, while we did not have access to the photos that became public, we were and are aware of the serious nature of this incident. >> i don't understand why anybody would ever root, one second, one second for the dallas cowboys. >> reporter: hardy was found guilty of assault. that conviction later overturned after hardy's ex-girlfriend didn't testify during the appeal. the nfl suspending him for ten games. en that penalty reduced to just four. hardy addressing the allegations for the first time on saturday. tweeting, i express my regret for what happened in the past. i'm dedicated to being the best person and teammate that i can be. now, even ray rice weighing in on sunday, saying it shouldn't take photos to understand the severity of domestic violence. >> it looks like the nfl is
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handling this case much differently than ray rice. >> reporter: ray rice had an indefinite suspension at the federal court level. hardy's four games, the same that tom brady got on deflategate. a lot of people arguing there's a mismatch many punishment and hardy is on the field because he's a good player. some people saying that's why ray rice can't get back. >> he was convicted. on appeal, the victim, as is commonplace, did not want to testify. >> that's right. some people saying that's troubling. that happens, we see that in other cases. domestic violence victims don't want to come forward. that conviction then overturned. should he be on the field? that's why you see so many people reacting that way. the nfl saying, look, we cut that suspension and now he's pack. >> a lot of heat around this one. a storm moving across the country. it's brought snow, rain, powerful winds to california. ginger, it will intensify? >> and there are bands of snow
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falling in the sierra. more an eight inches of know in parts of it. i-80 out of donner's pass. slowing traffic down. watch this. the winter weather advisories in place from the sierra, through nevada, oregon, idaho, montana. what you need to know? another low slides across, bringing rockies snow. look at this. an outbreak of severe weather is possible on wednesday. damaging wind, the possibility of tornadoes, even hail. anywhere from dallas to indianapolis. back to des moines. stick around. i'm also talking about potential for a tropical storm, kate, later in the atlantic. we go to amy for today's other top stories. breaking news just coming in. an attack on americans in jordan. >> breaking news from the middle east, george. americans have reportedly come under attack, yes, in jordan. early reports suggesting a jordanian policeman shot at least two americans at a training facility for iraqi forces in amman. no confirmation from u.s. officials but local media reporting that the
7:16 am
two americans were killed. no word yet if they were soldiers or contractors. ofng we will keep you updated. we're also following breaking news here in new york. where three people have been shot near penn station here in midtown manhattan. one has been killed. two victims in serious condition. police are searching for the suspect at this hour. at the white house today, president obama meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. amid a surge of violence in israel. take a look at this shocking video. a palestinian woman can be seen here reaching into her bag, grabbing a knife, and trying to stab an israeli security guard. she was later shot. there was a similar attack today. back here in the country, a fiery crash near washington, d.c. a pickup truck crashed into a church van in suburban maryland, killing four people and injuring 14 others. many of those victims are children. the truck apparently hit another vehicle before losing control. and finally, a man who wanted to get up close and
7:17 am
personal with sharks off the south african coast got what he asked for. he was enjoying the underwater view. he's in a cage. the great white comes hurtling toward the cage. the snout and teeth coming within inches of his head and arm. riley later called this exhilarating. i would have a completely different word for it. probably none that can be repeated on the air. he was on his honeymoon. congratulations. >> that's his honeymoon trip? >> exactly. lots of thrills. the ground opening up in a parking lot. swallowing cars.
7:18 am
seconds. we're back at 7:18 with that massive hole opening up. reena ninan has that. >> reporter: 15 cars swallowed in the earth this morning after a ground collapse at this i-hop restaurant in mississippi. while several others left teetering on the brink. >> one of the employees ran over to the window and yelled, earthquake. everyone in i-hop went into a panic. >> reporter: it began at 7:30 p.m. when the restaurant shuttered from a series of large booms. a large drain which runs underneath the parking lot collapsed, opening up a 50-foot gash in the earth, 600 feet long. >> everything was sudden and quick. they were slamming their forks down and running outside quick as they could. once they were outside, a large mob of people sprinting for their lives. >> oh, my.
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just ahead, a cruise ship mystery. a man falling overboard. his family is speaking out. a texas judge targeted, shot
7:24 am
tonight, dubuque city leaders will get opinions 2 c1 3
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3 homicides in 48 hours. authorities in central iowa have responded to three fatal shootings near the des moines area over the weekend. the most recent one was outside a nightclub. polk county authorities are looking for a person who shot and killed a man and hurt 3 others early yesterday. deputies responded to a fight outside evolution nightclub around 2 a.m. that's on the des moines' north side behind the bridgestone plant by interstates 80 and 35. when they arrived, they heard several gunshots. they found 20-year-old dashwan smith with a gunshot wound and took him to the hospital. he later died there. 3 other people also went to the hospital. police took a 17-year-old into custody on saturday night for the shooting death of a 28-year-old man on friday night. and 42-year-old brendan mcguinness has been charged in waukee for the shooting death of 41- year-old gino risola on saturday morning. this is the first recorded homicide in waukee--a suburb of des moines-- since 1977. remember when you see news happening, call newsline nine at 319- 365-9999. and you can send pictures and
7:26 am
videos to newsroom at kcrg dot com. and now here's your first alert forecast. today and tomorrow will be the nicest days of this work week. plan on sunny sky today, with a few more clouds in the sky tomorrow. highs will be back into the mid-50s in many areas today with upper 50s possible tomorrow. our next storm system is still on track to move in on wednesday, spreading showers and thunderstorm s all across the tv9 viewing area. some of these storms may be strong in the afternoon and evening hours. a solid half inch to one inch of rain is possible with this system. behind it, it will be quite
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at reagan national airport. there's concern about security at airports all around the country. abc news has learned dozens of airport workers are under investigation for possible links to extremists. investigators believe it might have been an inside job that took down the plane in egypt. authorities in michigan may have thwarted another school massacre. three teenagers in custody after
7:28 am
school and high school. discovering it on instagram. they could face life in prison. a blockbuster opening for the new james bond movie, "spectre." taking in $73 million. >> huge. >> a big one. also ahead. the holidays are coming up. starbucks has the red coffee cups. they're getting backlash over it this morning? >> yeah, that's right, george. some customers are not happy about this year's red cup. it has nothing to do with timing. why some are seeing red. that's all coming up in our "speed feed." robin? we begin with the mystery aboard a cruise ship. a man clinging to the side of a lifeboat before falling into the ocean. this morning, two stories about what led to that moment. gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: so many questions we have. the cruise line suggesting a suicide. a new claim from the man's
7:29 am
family that he died after a fight with the ship's own crew. this morning, new questions about what happened early friday morning aboard royal caribbean's "oasis of the seas." the family of bernardo elbaz, who went overboard after clinging to a lifeboat, a moment so disturbing that we won't show you, claiming that the 31-year-old fell after an argument caused bid anti-gay remarks by cruise members. the cruise line insists he jumped to his death. [ screaming ] passengers say he was involved in some sort of fight. >> this guy was pretty intoxicated. got into a disagreement with a guy. security then got involved. >> royal caribbean said right from the get-go that this was a domestic dispute and a suicide. what i've come to learn is, in fact, almost the opposite. >> reporter: on friday, the cruise line telling abc news
7:30 am
this morning, the family is crying foul, saying crew members were making anti-gay remarks, a discrimination and eventually a fight broke out between him and the staff. >> both eric and bernardo had their cell phones with them. it's very clear they were arguing about the anti-gay remarks being made to this couple. >> reporter: the lawyer for the family says when the ship's employees approached him, again, after the argument, somehow he fell off the balcony and onto the lifeboat. royal caribbean says that's not true. saying that the security team went to the couple's room after another guest on board complained about a domestic dispute, adding, our staff did not have a physical altercation with the guest and was unable to prevent his jumping from the state room balcony. the u.s. coast guard called off the search for elbaz saturday morning. this morning, police are investigating.
7:31 am
his family is considering legal action against the cruise line. two very different stories. >> very different. thank you. to the texas judge, ambushed in the driveway of her own home. police investigating whether julie kocurek was targeted for the way she handled cases in her court. ryan owens brings us the story from austin. >> reporter: you're right. police here increasingly believe it was her work here at the courthouse that led to this. she's put a lot of bad guys behind bars over the years. sent some to death row. police believe someone here wanted her dead. austin police are calling it an assassination attempt. a man with a shotgun fires at judge julie kocurek as she pulls into the driveway of her upscale home. >> obvious gunshots. rapid succession. no pause. a few moments later, i heard a siren. >> reporter: officers thought she had been shot. that she was in critical condition.
7:32 am
this morning, police say the gunman apparently missed. the judge has wounds from shrapnel and broken glass but is expected to be okay. the lead investigator says that does not diminish the crime. telling the tv station, the judge's injuries are the result of a firearm being deployed in an attempt to murder her. >> we don't have information about the suspect. >> reporter: the judge was coming home from a high school football game with others in her suv late friday night. the paper says, as she pulled up, a bag of trash or a garbage can had been placed in front of her security gate. as she got out to move it, she was ambushed. >> we're working with a number of witnesses that will help us track down this person or persons. >> reporter: this morning, police are combing through the judge's old cases to see who might have a grudge and who recently got out of prison. there's a long list. >> every year, she has at least 1,000 new defendants charged
7:33 am
with felony crimes. you're sending people to prison and to death row. not everyone is happy about that. >> reporter: like any judge, she's had her share of threats over the years. austin police looking at that, as well. keep in mind, before she became a judge, she was a prosecutor for many years. as we said, george, a long list of potential bad guys here. >> boy, there sure are. coming up, that massive sexting scandal. shakes a high school and community. more than 100 teens can be involved. the secret apps used to hide the photos. a major parenting warning this morning. photos. amajor parenting warning this morning. woah, what is it? [ barks ] come on! wait. come on, we're about to light the tree! woah little dude! excuse me!
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it's a proud salute from all of us at outback. we're back at 7:40 with the sexting scandal rocking a small colorado town. students accused of trading hundreds of nude photos, allegedly using apps to hide them. clayton sandell is in canon
7:38 am
>> reporter: sectioning is a problem around the country but it's the sheer number of students involved here that makes this such a stunning case. as kids come back to classes here this morning, some of them face the possibility of criminal charges. it's the high school sexting scandal that has parents everywhere reaching for their kids' phones. >> she said they trade them like trading cards. >> reporter: this morning, more than 100 underage canon city high school students are possibly involved in the sharing of nude photos. >> there are information about this is going on for a long time. >> reporter: it could take a month to find the victims, to find out if anyone was coerced and if anyone over the age of 18 was involved. >> we're in the process of obtaining search warrants but the interviews will be coming shortly. >> reporter: so far, roughly 10% of canon city high schoolers have been implicated. some say middle schoolers may have been involved. in the exchange of nearly 400 nude photos.
7:39 am
of these pictures, as best we can ascertain, is an app called photo vault. you can send messages to someone else who has the app. you can receive messages from someone who has the app. >> reporter: the photo vault programs can masquerade as other apps, such as calculators. by typing in a secret code, it allows access to the hidden content. files, contacts, and images can be stored unseen. >> they look simple. there are literally hundreds of apps that are photo vaults. look at their phones. see what apps are on there. if they have two or three calculators on there, one of them may be a photo vault. >> reporter: parents can add parental controls. that require your authorization to download anything to their phones. 16-year-old kendra goes to cannon city high school. >> it started small and then it just became such a normal thing. >> reporter: she was not involved in this incident but says her classmates are now worried about consequences that range from suspension to felony
7:40 am
a conviction would force them to register as a sex offender. how worried are they now that the word felony is being thrown around? >> they're really scared. especially the seniors. it could ruin the rest of their lives. >> reporter: and because of that, authorities here say they're hoping to try and treat this rather as a teachable moment. they say several students have been suspended. they'll only file criminal charges if absolutely necessary. robin. >> we bring in chief legal analyst dan abrams. good morning. >> good morning. >> how hard do you think the d.a. will be? >> i hope not too hard. the d.a. said he'll use the criminal law only if absolutely necessary, he's said. technically, maybe all of these kids could be guilty of a felony. the minute you send a picture of
7:41 am
was consensual or not or retain that, you may be guilty of a felony. the prosecutor could charge almost all of the kids involved. i hope he's not going to do that. he says he's not going to do that. >> why do you say that? >> it would be crazy. if kids are being prosecuted. the way to deal with this, the school has suspended a bunch of the kids. parents have to get involved. this is just -- this is, in part, an outdated law. this is a law in colorado that's not been updated since the advent of smartphones and computers et cetera. that's number one. number two is this notion that any kid that sends a picture is going to be prosecuted. it's totally legal for adults to send nude pictures. to each other. when you're talking about someone under the age of 18, it's a felony. >> any indication that some of these are 18 and older? that changes everything. >> as a legal matter, if you're under 18, you're talking juvenile court. potentially probation. if you're over 18, the penalties
7:42 am
could be over ten years. i think that this is going to come down to was there coercion involved? was someone forced to do this? were there much older people trying to encourage kids to do it? i think those are the things where the criminal law could get involved. that's where the prosecutor is going through case by case, picture by picture. looking at this. we covered a place in north carolina where two people who were 16, who were dating, sent each other pictures. the prosecutor decided, i'm going to indict them on this because technically, it's a violation of the law. i hope that doesn't happen here. >> for those younger, good idea for parents to check out those phones. apps. >> talk to them about it. talk to them. let them know. coming up, some starbucks customers seeing red over the new holiday cups. jesse has more. some people are saying these cups take them out of the holiday spirit. we'll tell you why coming up in "speed feed." coming up in
7:43 am
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7:45 am
we're back now with "the speed feed." and these starbucks cups have people seeing red. jesse, please explain. >> starbucks is known for ushering in the holidays with holiday designs on their cups.
7:46 am
this year, a red cup. it has no specific holiday look. the response has been mixed. some calling it a war on christmas. take a listen to this man's reaction. >> when i went in and asked for my coffee, they asked for my name. i told them my name is merry christmas. so guess what, starbucks? i tricked you into putting merry christmas on your cup. >> you trickster. you've got 'em. others following the lead. not everyone onboard. one saying it's not up to starbucks to put the christ in christmas for you. one other saying, it's not thanksgiving yet. starbucks said it welcomes customers from all backgrounds and religions in our stores around the world. >> and you can also take a sharpie and draw a snowman on your cup as i have. >> you want to get in the holiday spirit, listen to nat king cole or mariah carey. doesn't have to come in a cup. >> don't let the cup ruin your holiday spirit. >> find the cup. >> there's nothing inside the cup. >> that's what i'm upset about. where is my coffee?
7:47 am
>> it's coming. back with a big report on school buses. that's a first-rate queso dip haven't been this lost in years (gps) recalculating shortest route do i really look like this? never seen this one before chicken parm you taste so good i like it. mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmmm
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. milk, fruit, cultures. mmmm, yoplait. back here on "gma," let's start in jacksonville, florida. just yesterday, more than ten inches of rain. look at the flash flooding. the pictures out of florida. it won't happen here. i just had friends in bahamas going, what's going on? a tropical storm heading your way.
7:51 am the jury will continue deliberations at 9 this morning in the trial of a man accused of fatally stabbing his former girlfriend. on friday, the jury heard closing arguments and started to discuss their decision on the case. the prosecution says 33-year-old nicholas luerkens ambushed and stabbed his former girlfriend several times in the marion hy-vee parking lot. they say there is clear and overwhelming evidence that he planned 29-year-old lynnsey donald's murder back in april. while the defense admits luerkens did
7:52 am
extreme depressive state. earlier in the week, a police officer testified reading from a journal he found in luerken's apartment. it had a to-do list - and killing donald was on it. on friday, the prosecution told jurors luerken's intention couldn't be clearer. but luerken's defense lawyer suggested a 2nd degree murder conviction instead of first degree because of his client's mental issues. one thing the jury can't consider is not guilty by reason of insanity. the judge ruled the defense did not meet the burden of proof for jurors to consider that verdict. and now here's your first alert forecast. today and tomorrow will be the nicest days of this work week. plan on sunny sky today, with a few more clouds in the sky tomorrow. highs will be back into the mid-50s in many areas today with upper 50s possible tomorrow. our next storm system is still on track to move in on wednesday, spreading showers and thunderstorm
7:53 am
storms may be strong in the afternoon and evening hours. a solid half inch to one inch of rain is possible with this system. behind it, it will be quite windy, with gusts to 45mph on thursday morning. friday will also be windy with temperatures falling down to the lower 40s for highs. bottom line is to enjoy today
7:54 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. how safe are your kids on the school bus? the new push for seat belts on every one in the nation. why authorities want every kid to buckle up. fall from glory. olympic figure skating champ debi thomas living destitute. in a bed-bug infested trailer. how she's reaching out for help. our interview with her this morning. gwen stefani reveals her
7:55 am
versus a rock star. did it really lead to her divorce? you're so beautiful and "gma's" body proud. model ashley graham puts moms and daughters to the test. provocative questions about how they look and feel when it comes to body image. >> i want to be taller. >> always want to be a little thinner. >> what messages are you really sending your daughter? all ahead as we say -- >> good morning, america. we do say good morning, america. it's a great monday here. model ashley graham, you see her there with her beautiful mother, kicking off our "gma" body proud series. looking at how moms impact the way their daughters see themselves. it's an important conversation >> it is important. also this morning, victoria beckham.
7:56 am
here live with glamour editor cindy levy. she's leer at "gma." already. posting to instagram. we'll hear from them in just a bit. and just so you know, "uss new york" reporting for duty over there. [ cheers and applause ] they are here. but now, let's go inside. amy's got the morning rundown. all right, good morning, everyone. more on the breaking news in the middle east. reports that several americans have come under attack at a police training center in jordan. two of them killed. let's get to terry moran. with the very latest. >> reporter: good morning, amy. the grim details are coming in. right now, we're hearing that a jordanian police officer opened fire today at a u.s.-funded training center outside of amman. u.s. officials confirming that three contractors at that facility were killed, including two americans and one south african.
7:57 am
jordanians were also injured. the attacker, a fired police officer, who was not training on that facility, took his own life. there are several hundred right now. they're working with jordanian and iraqi police forces and other forces in the region. trying to strengthen them for the fight against isis. thank you, terry. back here at home, a growing protest at the university of missouri. students, football players, now some faculty members are calling for the university president to step down. president tim wolfe is facing criticism for how he's handled racial events on campus. weeks of simmering tensions boiled up over the weekend when football players and the coach refused to take the field for practice. the university governing board called an emergency meeting for later today. and major shift in washington when it comes to school bus safety.
7:58 am
safety administration says the school buses should have three-point seat belts for the students. in the past, they said they were not necessary and were too expensive. now, they said the seat belts are a gaping hole in safety. the agency has not yet announced new rules. a health alert over a new kind of peanut butter. the makers of steem says they've combined the protein of peanuts with the energy boost of caffeine, the equivalent of two cups of caffeine in a normal serving. chuck schumer saying that's five times the caffeine in a can of coke. he's calling on the fda to investigation. a wild scene in southern california. a lion strolling a neighborhood. he's running. officers finally cornered the big cat near a bowling alley. it's being checked out at a shelter. most of us use four or five numbers for our pass code to secure our smartphones. experts say we should use more. this man in japan has taken that advice to heart.
7:59 am
he was seen entering what is probably the longest pass code. internet sleuths studying this video says it's 59 digits long. and, one of my favorite comments from someone about this story. no drunk dial from this guy. dude's running a tight ship. back to you. >> got that right, amy. >> thank you, amy. here's what we have coming up on our "gma morning menu." a fall from glory. olympic figure skater debi thomas, now broke, living in a trailer. she'll open up right here on "good morning america." and we have a parenting alert about kids and body image. how do you really influence the way your kids see themselves? our revealing experiment this morning. model ashley graham is here for that. and gwen stefani opening up about the struggle to be a rock star and a mom. i know i have that same struggle. all that and more coming up
8:00 am
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that you'll make the grade. you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice. oh just relax. it's gonna be a long time before anybody peeks at your undercarriage again. coming up, "gma's" fall concert series presented by carmax. the bright side of car buying. we welcome you back to "gma." and we have the story now of a groundbreaking athlete, so many of us cheered for. we're talking about figure skater debi thomas. made history medaling at the olympics in 1988. she's fallen on hard times. the story had a lot of people talking to her this weekend. you had chance to talk to her? >> we did. good morning to you. to anybody that said debi thomas couldn't do something, she was out to prove them wrong. in so many cases, she did.
8:05 am
but life off the ice hasn't been so kind. the shocking headlines of her fall from grace prompted us to do our own interview. she and her fiance sat down with us last night to talk about their struggles and their goals. not all that long ago, champion figure skater turned orthopedic surgeon debi thomas had the world at her feet. now, it seems worlds away. >> suddenly, you're like, i can't pay my phone bill. i can't pay this. and i, like i said, i was like, okay. our life is totally unmanageable. it's a reality show. >> reporter: the one-time u.s. and world championship figure skater graced the cover of "time" magazine. the first african-american athlete to medal at any winter olympics. >> the more somebody tried to tell me i couldn't do it, the more i wanted to try to prove that i could. >> reporter: now, she's broke, jobless, and living in a once bed bug-infested trailer with her fiance, jamie looney.
8:06 am
from her second husband and costly child support as part of her downfall. >> people don't understand that anybody could suddenly lose their money. anybody can. >> your drug of choice is alcohol. her drug of choice is you. >> reporter: the 48-year-old telling her story on the own network's "iyanla fix my life." opening up about her financial troubles. and her fiance's issues to control both his alcohol use and his anger. >> he did punch me. >> in your face! >> reporter: now in a new interview with abc news, debi says the relationship has only gotten stronger since first speaking to iyanla ten months ago. >> we figured it out. do we still push each other's buttons sometimes? yes. >> i was feeling hopeless. i was hurt. she helped me. she really did help me. >> reporter: the couple is reaching out for help online, creating a go fund me page, sharing their hardest struggles. >> so please help if you can. >> reporter: hoping to chronicle
8:07 am
suffer the same fate. >> god gave me a purpose to actually really do something. >> reporter: jamie says he's been sober for six months and that he's no longer physically abusive. she says her son is 18 and thriving in college. for those who want to help battling addiction, they say stay tuned for the reality show on youtube. they were much more optimistic last night than what was aired over the weekend. >> oh, gosh. >> reporter: you had to only go up, really, basically, from there. i also found myself rooting for her to come back. as a little black girl growing up in the '80s, i was cheering for her then. and i'm cheering for her now. she was a trailblazer and really allowed us to dream bigger dreams. >> i remember 1988. i was working in atlanta, local tv. we were all in the news room. she had that little stumble. then got the bronze. just hope, she is a champion at heart. hopefully, she'll be able to -- >> can she still practice medicine? >> she can. she says she's not interested. she doesn't want to do it.
8:08 am
thank you. >> let's go to amy. this week, model and body activist ashley graham will join us for a new series we're calling "gma" body proud. we explore the perception of what it means to be beautiful. this morning, ashley takes us through a thought-provoking experiment as several moms find out the impact they have on how their daughters feel about their own sense of beauty. what happens when seven moms gather with their daughters for a candid discussion about body image and the messages they unknowingly send to their daughters. >> do i look fat? no, mom, you look fine. >> maybe a flatter stomach would be nice. >> some days i feel like i look fat. >> reporter: we decided to conduct an experiment led by a clinical psychologist and monitored by model and body activist ashley graham. listen to the moms open up. >> how often do you find you, yourself, hiding something you want to say or feel about your
8:09 am
>> i should probably hide it more than i do. i'm always talking about my weight in front of her. >> i'm scared. she's at a vulnerable age. i have just always made a point of being positive about myself. >> what do you want to communicate about body image to your daughter? >> everybody has different shapes and sizes. and just be happy with what you do have. >> it's more important to have a healthy mind and healthy body. work the two together. >> what are you most worried about in terms of your daughter's body image? >> i'm worried that she doesn't realize how great she looks. how beautiful she is. >> reporter: then the daughters. what they don't know is that their moms are hidden behind this two-way mirror, secretly listening to their answers with ashley. >> do you ever want to change anything about your body? >> when i see other people with really nice bodies, i'm like, that would be nice. >> i always want to be thinner. i feel like everyone kind of
8:10 am
does. >> i want to be taller. >> i have been called anorexic a lot. >> i'm short. not the thinnest girl in my school. so that's hard for me. >> i have to accept my body. i have hair on my arms. a lot of people notice it. >> reporter: then the girls find out what's really going on. >> your mom and i were in the other room watching you. >> oh, mom! >> oh, my gosh. >> so wonderful. >> mommy! >> reporter: the moms coming face to face with the revelations made by their daughters. >> the hair on your arms. that was new. i had no idea. >> i never heard her say how she feels that she does, that she worries about it every day. >> i want to make sure you can talk to me about anything. don't be afraid to ever ask me questions. >> yeah. >> reporter: the experiment shedding light on the surprising influence a mother's words can have on her daughter. >> was there anything surprising? >> i think the girls and moms
8:11 am
today filled me with a sense of hope. it reminded me that relationships matter. >> ashley graham is with us joined by her mother, linda. thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> and as a mom of two daughters, i was watching intently. ashley, what struck you the most about this experiment? >> this is so fascinating. i thought we were going to come in and see these girls say, i hate my body. my mom says she hates her body. but really, what you saw was the mother coming in saying, yeah, i'm not happy with what i see. the daughters were saying, my mom says she doesn't like her body, but i like my body. it was really reassuring. even though the mothers were being very negative at home, the daughters were making it very positive. it shows that the daughters are constantly listening. >> oh, yes. >> as a mother, you have to be on your ps and qs. >> they are sponges. aren't they? your daughter opened up her ted talk looking in the mirror and saying positive things about her body. what did she hear from you looking in the mirror?
8:12 am
[ laughter ] linda, you are tall and you are confident. you got these strong arms. you've got strong legs. you are outgoing and friendly. you have an infectious laugh that brings everyone in. these size 11s, well, they provide a firm foundation and a lot of strength. you are strong and powerful. >> wow. i want to applaud you for that. that was awesome. did you hear your mom saying things? >> this is what i heard growing up and it wasn't that i saw her look in the mirror. it's what i heard her say to me constantly. she said, nothing on the exterior. we were practicing a little bit what she would say. nothing was, i love my body. i love my face. it was, i see a strong woman and it's from the beauty inside out. >> i love it. what is your advice to girls struggling with body image? you made that look easy, but it's not. >> no. i really want women to start looking in the mirror and looking at those things that
8:13 am
they call flaws, and start saying, i love you. i love you back fat. i love you cellulite. that will change your mind. i think that working out is important. you release the endorphins in your brain that keep you happy. i think working out two to three times a week is important. and also, if you're looking in the mirror and you don't think of yourself as a role model, there's a huge problem. you should have role models in your life. but not because of how many instagram followers you have. or how big their booty is. it should really, truly be about what they're doing to change things in the world. >> linda, advice to moms. none of us want to harm our daughters. >> well, when you're feeling bad or down about yourself, it always helps if you're looking at other people that you can help, if you're helping somebody else, it will automatically make you feel better about yourself. on your daughters, don't focus on the weight at all. they're already getting that from outside media or friends at school. you don't need to bring that up. they already know.
8:14 am
and fake it till you make it. i say that. if you're not feeling it -- when you're smiling and talking on the telephone, it automatically sounds like you're smiling on the phone. and so same with everything. just keep doing it. finally, it becomes automatic. >> i love both of you. thank you so much more being here. what positivity and great messages. ashley will take your questions. post them on the "good morning america" facebook page. she's excited about, george. >> a lot of good advice there. thank you, amy. >> she's wonderful. >> she is. gwen stefani is opening up to "instyle" magazine. about how she's a rock star and raising her kids and the toll it took on her marriage. mara schiavocampo has the story. >> reporter: this morning, rock star gwen stefani showing a deeper side. opening up in "instyle" magazine. the mother of three revealing she struggled to balance motherhood with a career, saying i didn't tour at all. i did record the no doubt album, which was super hard. i was torn the whole time.
8:15 am
>> she said it was difficult because she had to drop the kids off at school, go to the studio. she worried about making sure that she had to leave at 2:30 p.m. to make it home for dinner. >> reporter: in the interview, stefani doesn't directly address the end of her 13-year marriage to gavin rossdale. but does talk about the difficulty of her husband being on the road. gavin being on tour, i won't say there weren't some incredible moments making that album. but it was a lot of knocking my head against the wall. a lot of struggle. >> although gwen refused to go into detail and discuss her relationship with rossdale, when she did mention him, it seemed positive. no animosity or ill will. >> reporter: last week, reps confirming she's dating country musing star blake shelton. with a new album on the way and her fashion business thriving,
8:16 am
in a new spiritual place. there were hard times before the baby. personally, they were just not good. and then, having apollo, it was just like, whoa. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> thanks to mara for that. the december issue of "instyle" comes out on friday. >> let's do that. we first have to say happy birthday, terri. she's 70. she's watching her friends who wore m & m costumes. so that i would make sure to come and talk to them. hello. >> we're so glad to be here to see you. we love you. we watch you all the time. >> i said you don't have to wear m pand& ms to be on "gma." how about we start with port arthur, texas, flooding. you see the pictures there. now the flooding is moved east. the jacksonville rain. now up to the mid-atlantic. look at the totals. flash flood watches from the panhandle of texas to the outer
8:17 am
banks of north carolina. you're flying west to eathis work week. plan on sunny sky today, with a few more clouds in the sky tomorrow. highs will be back into the mid-50s in many areas today with upper 50s possible tomorrow. our next storm system is still on track to move in on wednesday, spreading showers and thunderstorm s all across the tv9 viewing area. some of these storms may be strong in the afternoon and evening hours. a solid half inch to one inch of rain is possible with this system. behind it, it will be quite windy, with gusts to 45mph on thursday morning. friday will also be windy with >> no lack of energy in this crowd. we got people from -- >> go lakers! >> a big one. this is my brother, everybody. my little bro. to you, lara. >> thank you, ginger. >> he's a musician. i want him to jam. i want him to jam for us. >> ginger and brother, come inside. it's "pop news" time. don't know if you noticed. new colors in the graphic. love that, thank you, graphics department.
8:18 am
have you ever leaned in to say hello to someone and done the kiss? they do the same cheek, and you end up kissing on the lips? >> yep. >> it's funny. it happened to jennifer lawrence at the premier in london of "mocking jay part 2." what set out the be a friendly kiss on the cheek between j-law and natalie dormer turned into a full-on lip lock. listen. >> oh, my god. i'm sorry. we just kissed on camera. and i liked it. >> i'll get jennifer lawrence off my face. >> they didn't skip a beat. they laughed off the awkward moments. we're going to ask j. law and the entire cast about that when they're here next week. >> remember? >> you and i? >> we did that when "o" magazine. >> it was oprah. for own. i leaned in. yes, that happened. >> of course they used it, too. >> yeah.
8:19 am
>> cute. >> it's probably geographic. you go the canada, they kiss on both cheeks. lebanon, on three cheeks. a lot of opportunity for messing up. >> or a good opportunity. >> three cheeks? >> three cheeks? >> yeah. three. yeah. >> back to this one. >> three here. >> oh. >> oh. not a third. >> keep your mind out of the gutter. >> shall we? we shall. >> please. love, love me do the beatles sang, all you need is love. all you need is a whole lot of money to get your hands on john lennon's original acoustic guitar. there it is. that selling for $2.4 million. making it one of the biggest sales of music memorabilia ever. he used it for hits like "love me do" and "she loves you yeah yeah yeah." it disappeared after a concert. just found last year. estimated it would fetch up to $800,000. but no, $2.4 million.
8:20 am
expectations. a big weekend of beatles collectors. one of the drums played in the iconic "ed sullivan show" performance you see there also sold for over $2 million. >> whoa. >> the beatles still have fans. >> it makes me want to take george's "good morning america" coffee mug, because down the road, what could i get for that? >> 98 cents. >> huge bidding war. you never know. >> you never know. that's right. >> not steal. >> borrow. i'll give you some of the money. i promise. turns out, this is for you, jess. the length between winning and cheering is just a fan-tasy. a "pop news investigation" people. just out. says that fans who bellow their favorite team, cheer for them, it actually doesn't help one single bit. researchers looked at college football teams with the loudest fans. screaming, yelling, loud cheering, zero impact on the
8:21 am
next time you're thinking about being loud. we study a lot of important things in "pop news" that's it. don't scream. say a prayer for your team. we'll be back.tonight, dubuque city leaders will get opinions on a proposed new skate park. the city has committed 600-thousand dollars to the project and has challenged a user-group to raise another 200-thousand. the city wants to get several ideas for a design. the meeting will also review dubuque's two existing skate parks at comiskey park and mcaleece sports complex. the meeting will be tonight at six at the five flags center on main street. starting today, the dubuque
8:22 am
county library will forgive fines for food. library users can swap a non-perishable food item for one dollar in fines. the library will donate all of the food to the saint stephen's food bank. dubuque county library district has branches in asbury, epworth, farley, holy cross and peosta. and now here's your first alert forecast. today and tomorrow will be the nicest days of this work week. plan on sunny sky today, with a few more clouds in the sky tomorrow. highs will be back into the mid-50s in many areas today with upper 50s possible tomorrow. our next storm system is still on track to move in on wednesday, spreading showers and thunderstorm s all across the
8:23 am
storms may be strong in the afternoon and evening hours. a solid half inch to one inch of rain is possible with this system. behind it, it will be quite windy, with gusts to 45mph on thursday morning. friday will also be
8:24 am
down to the lower 40s for highs [ cheers and applause ] you are looking at, soccer superstar ronaldo. h lebron james of the soccer world. disguised and showing off his skills on the street. he's this disguise. watch what happens when he reveals who he the actually is. the boy can't believe it. >> ronaldo. >> it is ronaldo.
8:25 am
everybody else gets it. the boy gets a little bit of an autographed ball. >> the crowd came pouring in once they realized who it was. this week, "gma" is going undercover. celebrities stunning fans in the most incredible ways. tomorrow, who are these two remarkable dancers. surprising an unsuspecting class. you will not want to miss the big reveal. that happens tomorrow. let's go inside to amy. all right. this year marx the 25th anniversary of "glamour's" women of the year. this year, rece witherspoon, misty copeland, the women of charleston, sk is, the u.s. women's soccer team, and this woman, right here, victoria beckham. we're happy to welcome her along with editor in chief, cindy levy. good morning. >> good morning. >> congratulations. tell me what this means to you. >> this means an enormous amount
8:26 am
i love to support and empower women. that's the message tonight. what cindy and "glamour" are doing. just showing women what's possible if we stick together and support each other. so, it means an enormous amount. >> you're being honored not just for your achievements in fashion design and your achievements around the world, your fill lan philanthropy. you're an ambassador for the united nations. >> it's huge. when u.n. aids invited me to be a global goodwill ambassador. it was a huge honor. it's something you i'm passionate about. i'm spending a lot of time in after kra africa. it took me getting to 40 years
8:27 am
people will listen to what i say, for whatever reason. i can make a difference. it means a huge amount. >> cindy, i know that tonight's the big celebration. >> yes, it is. >> looking forward to that. what makes a woman a woman of the year? >> well, you know, i think victoria just articulated a big piece of it. we look for women who are not just doing great things for themselves and certainly, your achievements both as a pop star and a fashion designer would make you woman of the year material. we look for women doing something to make the world a better place for all women. and really for all of us. that idea of, okay, i have been given this platform, now, what am i going to do with it? women of the year have found an answer to that question. >> we're talking about the power of women and women helping one another. i want to ask each of you, what was the best advice you got from another woman? victoria? >> i was having dinner with
8:28 am
months ago. i have an anonymous amount of respect and admiration for her. i said, when your children were younger and you were working, did you feel guilty? she said no. absolutely not. it's a waste of time. and energy. it's aging. you're setting a good dpampl. you're a woman, going to work. you're setting a good example. i'm sure lots of women are watching tv thinking, i feel guilty. i've got kids, i'm going to work. actually, it's a positive message. >> that's great. >> to be given to your children and to other women and children as well. >> let go of the guilt. i like that. >> i love that. you know, i thought about a line that diane sawyer said last year. we interviewed her about robin roberts when we honored robin as woman of the year. diane said robin reminded her courage is not the absence of fear. courage is fear that has said its prayers. you cannot wait until you feel
8:29 am
completely bullet-proof and superconfident to do the thing that scares you. you have to do it even though you might be feeling afraid right now. that really stuck can me. it's great advice. >> thank you both for being with us. sharing in the power of so many women. the stories are incredible. congratulations to you again. >> thank you so much, thank you. >> and the 5th anniversary of quip of the year issue of "glamour" hits news stands tomorrow. we're so excited to kick off our ninth annual warm coats, warm hearts coat drive. partnering with burlington and k.i.d.s. fashion delivers. this year, we want to smash the record of 150,000 we got last year. our theme is kids helping kids. so -- we have invited kids from camp coley here. get out there and donate your
8:30 am
coats. okay? let's go, come on, come on, come on. meantime, rachel smith took a look back at our nine years. check it out. >> reporter: tis the season to share the warmth. 2006, we have given away 1.4 million jackets since then. >> let's keep people warm. dl donate a coat for us. >> thank you. >> reporter: with the help of famous faces. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and "gma" viewers. >> what are redoing today? >> donating coats for people who need them. >> yes. >> reporter: donating at your local burlington store. >> all you have to do is -- it will help kids. >> reporter: kicking off our ninth year with burg burlington and k.i.d.s. fashions delives. we're asking you, america, help us make this season hotter than ever 37 use the hashtag give a difference.
8:31 am
>> we have a lot of warmt in our heart. let's share the warmth by sharing our coat ifs you don't need them. >> reporter: because this year, no one should be left out in the cold. >> there they go. more coats going. look who came to join us, ellie goulding is with us. you have a coat to donate? >> i do. it's warm and cozy. >> thank you. thank you. >> great job, guys. keep 'em coming. keep 'em coming. lara, after the show, i'm heading up to harlem in the burlington coat truck. we're heading to the nation's oldest child welfare agency to donate these coats today to folks if need. you're doing great thing today. awesome job, guys. >> thank you for being part of this. >> thank you. >> and we can't stop singing your new song. >> thank you. >> another great song from this young lady.
8:32 am
go to any burlington store to donate a coat. when you donate, upload a picture to us. we want to thank everybody. including this gal, our friend, ellie. thank you, rach. to learn more, go to on yahoo! yahoo!. let's get to ginger. >> this group of handsome young men and some women in here. time for the "gma" football countdown. i'm here with the midwood hornets from brooklyn. we count down to tonight's" monday night football" game. let's check in with mike and mike for their take on tonight's big game. >> chargers are at home. they're the better team. they're going the win. the quarterbacks, phillip rivers and jay cutler hate each other. any chance they would meet med
8:33 am
fooild and fight? >> i hope so. so they could meet and say, not in the face, not in the face, not in the face. >> you can watch "mike & mike" week days starting at 6:30 a.m. it should be all right for the game. a few showers, or at least a brief one. kickoff temperature, 65. the game is tonight on espn. you can the nicest days of this work week. plan on sunny sky today, with a few more clouds in the sky tomorrow. highs will be back into the mid-50s in many areas today with upper 50s possible tomorrow. our next storm system is still on track to move in on wednesday, spreading showers and thunderstorm s all across the tv9 vie [ cheers and applause ] >> and lara, these guys have their next game saturday. their first playoff. we're rooting for them.
8:34 am
coming up, shonda rhimes revealing how she overcame her biggest fear. donate a coat, won't you? thanks a lot, everybody. hey. something new has arrived. and it works in the middle of anywhere. the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular lets you stay connected where other networks don't. [ crackling ] switch and get the iphone 6s today, and get $400. the new iphone 6s on u.s. cellular.
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i want to see you smile shonda rhimes is the master mind behind some of our favorite tv shows. she's opening up about her struggles. it's called "year of yes." she said yes to juju chang sitting down with her. >> it feels like the oval office. it's mamg call. you can type something and then they build it, it's insane to me. >> reporter: the "scandal" set, con jury duty up by shonda rhimes. with three hit shows, she's the post powerful woman in hollywood. her panic attack level shyness left her miserable. >> i always said no to everything. i went to work, came home. that was it. >> reporter: she forced he's the change. >> say yes on thing that freaked me out.
8:37 am
>> reporter: like speaking at her mall matter, dartmouth. >> public speaking was something i was terrified of. >> reporter: she was on jimmy kimmel. >> he packed up the show. >> reporter: it was utter humiliation that forced her to examine her weight. >> i tried to buckle the seat belt. i couldn't. >> reporter: you lost 127 pounds. give me your secret? ments i realized i work really hard in every other area of my life. why wouldn't i throw myself into being healthy and losing weight? >> reporter: this tv visionary and mom of three young kids says yes more these days.
8:38 am
>> i'm always looking for a boyfriend, not a husband. >> reporter: i would think people would be lining up. >> that's classic. always looking for a boyfriend, not a husband. i would imagine so. it's wonderful to see her doing as well as she is. and "the year of yes." she's so good about sharing the credit with her team after shondaland. "the year of yes" available tomorrow. black friday less than three weeks away. this year, about 20 million people will make a first purchase on a mobile device. becky worley has a way to protect your information. >> reporter: browse, click, bought. it should be this simple. but with scams and fraudulent sellers, here are a few new ways to stay safe. when you get an e-mail from a retailer, doan click straight through. >> it's harder to tell on your
8:39 am
e-mail is legit or not. once you have clicked the link, you're infected and you don't know it. >> reporter: instead, fire up the browser and type in the company's browser. refer to the pro motion code and enter it in checkout. 23 million people will use a mobile payment service like papal, google wallet, or apple pay. millions more use those kron shrine. >> install an app from a mer chant you trust. you want to connect to your favorite merchant to do online shopping in a secure, safe way. >> reporter: make sure the payment services are linked to a credit card, not a debit card. 1 million apps were classified as malware. go snag some deals.
8:40 am
coming up here, ellie goulding.
8:41 am
>> i love this song. it's great to be hanging out here with ginger's brother rngs shawn. he does this thing. does this thing. >> menu. >> he'll be taking notes. ellie goulding here for our fall concert series. she's got a brand-new album. called "delirium." her is ellie, on my mind? on my mind. do it, girl. [ cheers and applause ] oh oh it's a little dirty how the
8:42 am
whole thing started i don't even really know what you intended thought that you were cute and you could make me jealous poured it down, so i poured it down next thing that i know i'm in a hotel with you you were talking deep like it was mad love to you you wanted my heart, but i just liked your tattoos poured it down, so i poured it down and now i don't understand it you don't mess with love, you mess with the truth and i know i shouldn't say it but my heart don't understand why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind but my heart don't understand why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind
8:43 am
them talking talking bout a girl, bout a girl with my name saying that i hurt you, but i still don't get it you didn't love me, no, not really wait, i could have really liked you i'll bet, i'll bet that's why i keep on thinking bout you it's a shame, shame, you said i was good so i poured it down, so i poured it down and now i don't understand it you don't mess with love, you mess with the truth and i know i shouldn't say it, but my heart don't understand why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind why i got you on my mind but my heart don't understand why i got you on my mind you think you know somebody why i got you on my mind you think you know somebody why i got you on my mind
8:44 am
why i got you on my mind you got yourself in a dangerous zone cause we both have the fear, fear of being alone and i still don't understand it, you don't mess with love, you mess with the truth and my heart don't understand it, understand it, understand it no, no, no, no, no, no oh why i got you on my mind you think you know somebody why i got you on my mind you think you know somebody why i got you on my mind, you think you know somebody why i got you on my mind, but my heart don't understand why i got you on my mind you think you know somebody why i got you on my mind, you think you know somebody why i got you on my mind, you think you know somebody why i got you on my mind but my heart my heart my heart don't
8:45 am
think you know somebody you think you know somebody, why i got you on my mind, you think you know somebody
8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ] i mean, we can't stop singing it. we love you, ellie. we love you. >> we love you, ellie. wonderful. can't get the song out of our mind. out of our mind
8:47 am
everybody.crews are cleaning up railcars in western wisconsin - 32 of them derailed along the mississippi river. at least 5 of the cars were carrying ethanol. the burlington northern santa fe train hopped the tracks outside alma, wisconsin -- that's northwest of la crsse. more than 150 people had to evacuate in the hours after the derailment on saturday. law enforcement says no one was hurt. last winter, there were two major derailments here in the tv-9 viewing area. in february, a canadian pacific train carrying ethanol cars derailed into the mississippi in dubuque county, near balltown. some of the ethanol drained into nearby soil and water. then, in march, a b-n- s-f oil train derailed near galena, leading to evacuations on the illinois
8:48 am
side of the mississippi. investigators said 8 rail cars carrying bakken crude oil went off the tracks. and now here's your first alert forecast. today and tomorrow will be the nicest days of this work week. plan on sunny sky today, with a few more clouds in the sky tomorrow. highs will be back into the mid-50s in many areas today with upper 50s possible tomorrow. our next storm system is still on track to move in on
8:49 am
thunderstorm s all across the tv9 viewing area. some of these storms may be strong in the afternoon and evening hours. a solid half inch to one inch of rain is possible with this system. behind it, it will be quite windy, with gusts to 45mph on
8:50 am
morning. f >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the film, "victor frankenstein," daniel radcliffe. and from the drama, "empire," bryshere gray. and a performance from recording artist seal. plus, find out how your holiday dishes could win you holiday cash in "live"'s "photo-copia contest."
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