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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 10, 2015 5:00pm-5:28pm CST

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beth, the interim director of university public safety tells me the answer to that is yes. and after a fourth incident, and another hawk alert this afternoon, university police arrested a suspect. the first hawk alert came at about four in the morning shotly after the first reports of the groping near the library,, hospital and hospital parking ramp number four. the university decided to trigger the campus-wide the same suspect in each case and it was a "serial-type" attack that posed an immediate threat. one rape advocacy group director says using an immediate notification system may show the university is more sensitive to getting the information out quickly. university looking to be community more in what's happening in order to increase the safety and awareness on the campus." multiple reports about another groping
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incident near the west side dorms triggered another hawk alert jt before quickly followed by a notice that a person was in custody. dave visin, the interim public safety director, told me investigators believe the same person was responsible for both incidents although the clothing g escriptions id not match. visin says the suspect was involuntarily committed to the hospital for a mental evaluation. live in iowa city, dave franzman kcrg tv9 news. the man who shot a dubuque police officer during a 2009 robbery says he has stage four cancer. eddie chest told a judge today... .... he's receiving cancer treatments while he serves time at the anamosa state penitentiary. in 2009, chest and his son robbed knicker's saloon in dubuque, and chest shot dubuque police lieutenant
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scott baxter. baxter fired back, and both men were injured. chest took a plea deal, but he's appealed his sentence twice. last month, thh iowa courttf appeals ruled in chest's favor. chest was set to receive his new sentence today, but due to a logistical error the court rescheduled the sentencinn for next week. two iowa men accused of threatening violence at the world pokemon championships are now being held on 150-thousand dollars bail. stumbo of boone were in cocort on weapps charges in maryland today. this is video from august. prosecutors say they made threats against the tournament on social media. police found a 12 gauge shotgun, a-r-15 rifle and nearly 300 rounds of ammunition in their car when they tried to register. if you live in belle plaine, we have a warning for you tonight. the city has issued a boil advisory for your drinking water. it's because a chlorine line ruptured at the well field. the city hopes to fix the
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problem yet sometime today. but until then, belle plaine you are under a boil order. we've seen nother beautiful day before tomorrow's chance for storms. what does this mean for tonight's forecast joe? clouds increase as an area of low pressure strengthens. scattered showers are possible in the morning, but the best threat for precipitation occurs during the afternoon and evening. thunderstorm s that develop later in the day may become strong to severe with the largest threat along anddouth of highway 30. check out the e eather water cooler blog below for more details about the severe weather threat. have a good night and remember to stay sky aware on wednesday. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 43-49 winds: se 5-15tomorrow: showers/storms high: 56-62 winds: se 10-20 bruce and beth... the obama administration will
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ask the u-s supreme court to weigh in on the president's immigration plan. it comes after the 5th u-s circuit court of appeals upheld a federal judge's injunction yesterday, blocking the plan. orders to shield as many as five million immigrants living in the country illegally from deportation. "obama - at a time when we've anti immigrant fears -- we've got to remind people this is a nation of immigrants. " the plan protects immigrants including parents of u-s citizens, legal permanent residents and those who came to the country as children. today the u-s senate passed a 607-billion dollar defense spending bill. the 91 to 3 vote gave final legislative approval to the measure. the bill bans moving guantanamo bay detainees to the u-s. that's something president obama has tried to do since he became president. the president does not like the guantanamo provisionss but so far the white house has not threatened to veto the bill. there are still 112 detainees at the center in
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cuba. presidential ndidates will meet on a ssage in milwaukee for their fourth debate. this one will air on the fox business network. the moderators say this debate will be c-n-b-c. that one prompted a backlass over the types of questions the moderators asked. fox business says it'll stick to pressing candidates for specifics on their policy plans. and analysts want to see what tactics the candidates use in this debate. " dowdwill jeb go after marco rubio in the course of this? will donald trump and ben carson engage in the midst of this and i think ted cruz is in an interesting position because i don't think he has an opportunity to bash the refs so what will he do. " four undercard presidential candidates will debate at six p-m, and the main debate starts at eight o'clock tonighh. later this week republican presidential candidate chris christie will host a town hall
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meeting in cedar falls. the new jersey governor will be at j's homestye cooking on 31st street on friday. doors open at seven a-m, and the event will go from eight till ten. the event is free, but you do need a ticket. go to the newslinks section of kcrg dot com to get one. for many women planning their wedding day, they want to make sure they find that perfect dress. and a bridal boutique in dubuque helped some military brides-to-be accomplish that mission today.
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kidney proroems, and d creased bad cholesterol. do not take jardiance if you are on dialysis or have severe kidney problems. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of an allergic reaction. symptoms may include rash, swelling, and difficulty breathing or swallowing. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. jardiance is free for one year for e egible patients. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit strengthens. scattered showers are possible in the morning, but the best threat for precipitation occurs during the afternoon and evening. thunderstorm s at develop later in the day may become strong to severe with the
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and south of highway 30. check out the weather water cooler blog below for more details about the severe weather threat. have a good night and remember to stay sky aware on wednesday. tonight: mostly cloudy low: 43-49 winds: se 5-15tomorrow: showers/storms high: 56-62 winds: se 10-20tomorrow night: showers, windy low: 37-43 winds: sw 15-30thursday: p/cloudy, very windy high: 50 - low: 40 friday: m/cloudy, still windy high: 43 - low: 33 saturday: mostly sunny high: 56 - low: 26 sunday: mostly sunny high: 58 - low: 36 monday: chance of showers high: 53 - low: 38 tuesday: chance of showers high: 49 - low: 42
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city and county leaders along with non- profits a a making sure everyone has a warm place to stay with winter. coming up tonight at 6, we'll look at the community overflow weather shelter system that will help
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the homeless. high school volleyball fans are flocking to cedar rapids this week for the 25th year in a row. the volleyball state tournament is underway, and i'll look at what it means for the local economy. and we'll look at when city owned golf courses in cedar rapids will shut down for the year. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9.
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volleyball tournament have reverberated in cedar rapids. tournament welcomed the action at the u-s cellular center. business for cedar rapids and linn county. live from outside the u-s cellular center. brady, about how much money will people be spending this week? we spoke with the president of the cedar rapids convention and visitors bureau, aaron mccreight. he says going by an average of the last few years, tournament goers will leave behind an estimated 1.7-million dollars. mccreight says it's still too early to tell exactly how many people it will bring into downtown cedar rapids. that will depend on who wins and loses during the early rounds. he called this "chrrstmas before christmas" for area retailers and restaurants. he says it puts a face on local tourism, letting people who live here see how strong a
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in attracting people from around the state. "most visstors look like everybody else. they're in a suit and a tie, or they're going casual on the weekend, just like we do. but when we've got girls walking around wo've got letter jackets on, or guys in shin guuds, or whatever the case may be, you notice when sports teams come to town." during previous years, the tournament has drawn more than 25- thousand people into downtown. teams 1a through 5a will compete for state titles onnfriday, starting at 10 a-m. in cedar rapids, brady smith, kcrg tv9 news. we've reached that time of year when the golf courses are starting to close for the season. "i have no idea where that went." people were still playing today
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at the four city courses in cedar rapids. but tomorrow's the last day the gardner golf course will be open. workers are already winterizing the course. they've shut down irrigation lines and will start to work on the greens. " - at gardner golf course we have a tradition of covering the greens to protect them from the winter winds that can cause damage, so we'll probably be putting those covers on next week."" the twin pines course will close at dusk on november 15th. the ellis golf course will close at dusk on the 22nd... the city has not set a closing date yet for the jones golf course. "thissis one way to bring that and you can have it all." a bridal boutique in dubuque is helping military brides get the day they've always dreamed of. and we'll give you a look at the new telemedicine clinic coming soon to a cedar rapids hy-vee. stay with your 24 hour news source, kcrg-tv9. 40 bridal salons across the
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across america events. it's where military brides can get help planning their big day. kcrg t-v nine's brea love visited zazou's bridal boutique in dubuque today to see how brides to be feel about the extra help. "each year brides across america gives away more than 2000 dresses to military brides. today in eastern iowa, a few brides got to walk away with one of their own." a wedding day is a very important day for any woman. but when you're in the military or have a military spouse, ii's harder. "it can be extremely hard to plan a wedding due to deployment injury other sacrifices that are being
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couple of times a year to honor our heross "its an emotional day, its an amazing day, it's a time that you get to say thank you for everyone that keeps us safe and allows us the privilege that we have, that we're not entitled to, we're privileged to live in the united states." lisa roberts and her fiance are getting married in 9 months. he's fulltime active duty in the national guard. "it was just the best experience." after trying on multiple dresses with one on one attention she found her dream gown. "it definitely was amazing, we just knew. i love it." "it's juut a great opportunity for people especially with a lot of them being stay at home moms like myself with single incooe its nice to get that help." every bride registered stricker says there could be opportunities for veils and other items. "other times there's full weddings that are helped put of need is there and how we can resolve that and get to that fairy tale wedding." "the shop plans to hold another brides across america event in july of next
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year." "in dubuque, brea looe, kcrg-tv 9 news."" in a kcrg t-v nine follow up... university of iowa health officials offered a free clinic today to fight the mumps on campus. the university s seen more than 100 confirmed cases this semester. health officials say mumps usually affects about 10 to 20 iowans a year. today health officials fered free m-m-r, or measles, mumps and rubella boosters to students at the iowa memorial union. health officials say it's important to offer the boosters to young people who live in close proximity. "the more peple we get vaccinated it protects the whole community. there are people who can't get vaccinated, so the more students who take responsibility to get this third mmr can hopefully slow the outbreak." officials say they plan to hold additional free clinics before the end of the semesttr. if you're feeling under the weather, starting next week you'll be able to go to a cedar rapids grocery store to see a doctor. today mercy care held an
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telehealth clinic at the edgewood road hy-vee. patients will get a private room to meet with a doctor through a television link while a nurse remains in the room to use diagnostic equipment. "telemedicine in a retail a define menu of services, things that are appropriate for quick, easy, convienent care, coughs, cclds, illnesses, skin rashes, skin legions " the clinic will open monday with office hours from 7:30 a-m to 5:00 p-m monday through friday. hours will be e etended to include weekends andd evenings this winter. now here's a look at what's coming up at 5:30 on abc's
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to provide a safe shelter for more of the city's homeless population this winter. and fast food workers across the nation rally to support raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars.
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at six. iowa police arrested a suspect this afternoon after the university issued two hawk alerts. momoning, the second around 2:30 this afternoon. police say the same man was groping wmen in these cases. the suspect was involuntarily committed to e evaluation. eddie chest told a judge in dubuque today he's receiving cancer treatments while he serves time at the anamosa state penitentiary. he shot a dubuque police officer in 2009 during a robbery. chest appealed his plea deal sentence twice, and last month the iowa court of appeals ruled in his favor. chest was set to receive his new sentence today, but due to a logistical error the court rescheduled it for next week. let's go back to joe now for a final look at tonight's forecast. clouds increase as anrea of low pressure strengthens. scattered showers are possible in the morning, but the best threat for precipitation occurs during the afternoon and evening. thunderstorm
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s that develop later in the day may become
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