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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 5  ABC  November 13, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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several others injured. someone from the paris police told the associated press that terrorists are also holding at least 100 people hostagein a theater. police say the attacks have included shootings and explosions. u-s homeland security says there is no known, credible threat against the united states. it's not kkown if isis is behind the attacks in paris, but just last week, france announced it was moving the country's only aircraft carrier to the middle east to join in the fight against the islamic state. updates on this developing story coming up at 5:30. some dubuque people are demonstrating right now to majuana in iowa. this s a live look at the rally in the downtown
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they want state lawmakers to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use. it's part of an effort that started on facebobok... ...after one man stood on a busy dubuque intersection calling for legalization in iowa. we first brought you his story last week. kcrg-tv9's dubuque bureau chief katie wiedemann is live at the rally. katie how many people showed up to show their support? a couple dozen or so throughout the afternoon. some people herere thths evening say they want law-makers to make it legal to produce medical marijuana here in iowa. others say they want iowa to legalize marijuana for recreational use, similar to the laws inn colorado. starting around two o'clock this after, supporters lined west locust street near e park. they're holding signs s n support of legalizizig marijuana. anthony krier says his recent public effort to change iowa legislation caught other local supporters attention.
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he and a friend organized today's rally people here say they believe legalizing marijuana would help treat people who suffering from chronic pain and create tax revenue for the state. similar to the situation in colorado. "since their legalization, they're aking so much money. so many more jobs and people are benefiting from it. " i talked to several democratic lawmakers ho say improvinnaccess to medical marijuana is something republicans need to make up their minds about. one republican lawmaker i talked to said he too sees the need for better access to cannabis oil. we'll look at the specifics of the lawmakers remarks coming up at 6. live in dubuque katie wiedemann kcrg tv-9 news another blustery day across eastern iowa. joe, what's the weekend looking like? what a spectacular weekend fofocast we
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haveven store. considering what november weekends could be like, this one will be a real winner. we are expecting sunshine to abound for both saturday and sunday with highs in the middle to upper 50s. enjoy thihi however as it will quickly change early week with a wet pattern entering the upper midwest. tonight: clear & cool low: 23-29 winds: w 5-10tomorrow: sunny andndspectacular high: 54-60 winds: sw 5-15 bruce and beth... friends and classmates plan another big search tomorrow morning to look for any sign of a missing waterloo student with special needs. 18-year-old moe sed disappeared on october 22nd. he left home riding his
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bicycle, but he did not have any money or a cell phone with h. sed was last seen wearing black pants and a blue shirt. he is a burmese refugee and has long dark hair with red-dyed tips. kcrg t-v nine's dave franzman says organizers of tomorrow's seaeah want a lot o o volunteers to comb trails and wooded areas. sot/nat searchers organized the first big effort a week after r he waterloo teen disappeared. volunteers looked mainly in the areas around crossroads mall and distributed fliers with a description of the missing teen. sot/nat on saturday, the search will shift to the area nature trails and wetland areas around the city's greenbelt and several lakes. "he had been known to go to the katoski greenbelt area, katoski lake or pond, he would take his fishing pole there and go fishing... that bike, if found, could be an important clue. search organizers don't
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have a photograph of the bike itself, but they do havv two spare rrms... the front would be red and the rear one blue. the plan is for volunteers to assemble at this burmese resource center office at 10 o'clock and get assigned areas to thoroughly cover. "he has some disabilities that may make it difficult for him to communicate or find his way home, he's a pretty shy kid. " "maybe he went to a place we don't know...maybe other people might know" search organizers say there was no family trouble when sed left and no evidence he just ran away. sixty to 70 people showed up for the first large seararh effort. they're hoping for more than 100 saturday to cover a lot of ground. dave franzman kcrg tv9 news the search for moe sed starts at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. volunteers should meet at the embarc office at 220 east fourth street in downtown waterloo. they'll organize theje and be assigned search areas. donald trump's iticism of ben carson
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isn't over yet. at a rally in fort dodge last night, the republican presidential hopeful accused carson of being a violent criminal or pathological liar. he referred to a story in carson's autobiograph y wherr carson tried to stab a friend and hit his belt buckle. trump also slammed the very voters he was speaking to. "and he plunged it into the belt! and amazingly the belt stayed totally flat this isn't the first time trump has insulted iowans. back in october, trump sent out a tweet responding to a poll showing carson was in the lead in iowa. it read, "too mmch monsanto in thehecorn creates issues in the brain?" trump later removed the tweet and blamed an intern for the incident. we asked residents of cedar rapids for reactions to trump's latest insult. 07:27:40 " think he would say this is part of who he used to be but not
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when trump says he's angry or a liar or violent, that's not really fair to ben carson." 07:28:13 "i don't find any substance in a lot of what donald trump says, i think he's kind of a blow hard. and to attack ben carson who has a lot of decent policies, i just don't pay any attention to what he says." a spokessan for carson's campaign callee trump's tirade "sad to watch," and asked people to pray for him. a cedar rapids attorney wants to replace republican kraig paulsen's seat in the iowa houu. mark seidll is a deeocrat, and he's running for house district 67, which includes robins, hiawatha and part of marion. kraig paulsen announced in august he wastepping down as house speaker and would not run for re- election in 2016. fiber optics, cameras, monitors and software. this is what the city of cedar
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we'll explain how all that equipment and upgrades will actually help traffic throughout the city.
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have in store. considering what novemberr weekends could be like, this one will be a real winner. we are expecting sunshine to abound for both saturday and sunday with highs in the middle to upper 50s. enjoy this however as it will quickly change early week with a wet pattern enteririg the upper midwest. tonight: clear & cool low: 23-29 winds: w 5-10tomorrow: sunny
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and spectacular high: 54-60 clear low: 34-40 sunny high: 58 - low: 37 monday: showers likely high: 54 - low: 44 tuesday: showers likely high: 56 - low: 46 wednesday: showers likely highh 53 - low: 47 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 48 - low: 39 friday: mostly cloudy high: 43 - low:3 thanks joe. coming up on the kcrg-tv9 news
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the university of iowa is taking a proactive approach to some hot button issues on campus. those who teach at the university gathered to talk about how they handle race, gender and other issues in the classroomm that t tory and much is coming up tonight at six. and straight ahead... this will be a busy weekend for hawkeye fans. this is a live look at the pep rally for tonight's basketball game at carver- hawkeye nd tomorrow's wrestling meet and football game at kinnick stadium. stay with your 24 hour news
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celebrating the biggest local weekend in hawkeye sports history. women's basketball, a first ever outtor wrestling dual, and the 5th ranked football team's match up with minnesota. kcrg-tv9's mark carlson joins us live at the rally. events and what you're seeing now. the hawkeye pep rally is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m. at the center of the ped mall near the fountain. attendees will include hawkeye wrestling legend dan gable and the voice of the hawkeyes gary dolphin. friday night the hawkeye men's and women's basketball teams play at carver hawkey] arena. on saturday at 11 the hawkeye wrestling teaa will host oklahoma state at kinnick stadium for an outdoor wrestling dual. saturday night the hawkeyefootball tem will host minnesota at kinnick. currently the hawkeye football team is ranked 5th in the ncaa
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rankings with a 9-0 record. tourism officials estimate saturday alone will bring an estimated $20 million to the johnson county economy. over 35 thousand tickets have been sold to the wrestling dual, and the football game is sold out. in iowa city, mararcarlson, kcrg
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one note for tomorrow... the
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will operate only for the football game tomorrow night. not the wrestling meet in the morning. the train will start running at three p-m. the city of cedar rapids is spending millions of dollars to help with the flow of traffic. we'll look at what it has to do with a room full of monitors and dozens more cameras around the city. and people in need of a little help living in dubuque and the surrounding area have the opportunity to get their hands on some spuds. stay with your 24 hour news
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million dollars to upgrade a system engineers say isn't good enough for a city this size. the project includes connecting more traffic signals to the city's fiber network, upgrading software, and getting dozens of new observation
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cameras. it will all comes together at a new traffic operations center, which will be the hub for monitoring the city's traffic flow. kcrgrg-v nine's jill kasparie joinssus live from cedar rapids with more. jill, the project is in full swing? that's right the upgrades are underway. intersections across town will have a lot of new technology in here and up there. and once the new traffic operations center is complete, engineers will be able to see what's going on and change signals timing if needed. " 6:59:48 morning rush hour, middle of the day, afternoon rush hour" this dusty piece of equipment used to run traffic signals in cedar rapids. "6:57711 these wereectually prevalent in cedar rapids in the mid sixties " calvin brown knows technology changes quickly. with his nearly 40 years of experience with the city's traffic department he says this
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uate will help. " 6:57:46 it's going to make traffic flowwore efficienny. ththre's just no doubt about it." while the city has a couple of monitors and some observation cameras, it'll significantly increase the current system. this office will hold a wall full of monitors and computers with new programs to witness and react when something goes wrong. " 7:04:19 it's really meant for the traffffc signal timing, really monitoring traffic flow and making sure we don't have any huge backups on our major corridors. " the system will go from 20 cameras to about 100. those will all be accessible from the traffic operations center as engineers watch for potential problems. "6:51:59 for instance if there would be a crash on 380 or a semi or another event- a semi would tip over, a lot of times it would keep backing up on the freeway, we would be able to adjust the timings of the ramps so that the ramps, we can clear people off he interstate and get people out of that situation." it's new technology the city says will keep people moving -- much better than systems did in the past. "6:5:529 that's prerety old, yes.
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and we don't have anything like this any more " the city says it has no plans of recording or keeping any of the traffic video. and it's important to note that the cameras i'm talking about are just for observation and will not be speed cameras. the new operations center should be done by the end of the year with more cameras coming online in the spring. live in cedar
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let's go back t t joe now forrsome memebers of the ununversity of iowa faculty are taking action to try to better deal with hot button issues on campus. and we'll have all the action from the football and volleyball state tournaments. tonight at 6
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what a spectacular weekend forecast we have in store. considering what november weekends coold be like, this one will be a real winner. we are expecting sunshine to abound for both saturday and sunday with highs in the middle to upper 50s. enjoy this however as it will quickly change early week with a wet pattern entering the upper midwest. tonight: cle breaking news. as we come on the air tonight, paris under attack.
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multiple deadlyhootings and
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