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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 13, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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tonight killed possibly more than 120 people in paris, france. explosions, shootings, and a hostage situation that became a massacre terrorized the city. these are some of the images from the aftermath of the attacks in paris. and tonight, while authorities say there is no credible threat, major u-s cities like new york, boston and chicago are increasing security. abc's brandi hitt has the latest. the streets of paris looked like a battlefield as armed men struck multiple targets. more than one hundred have been killed after an unknown number of terrorists attacked with automatic weapons and explosives. sot woman eyewitness we heard a bunch of gun shots maybe 8 to 10 and then there was kind of a pause and there was a few more. nats up boom at soccer stadium explosions rocked a soccer stadium while a game was underway. the worst carnage was at this theater, where the gunmen took many concert- goers captive. an american band was performing on stage. sot audio over broll/voice of michael dorio, brother of band member: "they heard the
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gunfire and said it was louder that what they were even playing heard screaming and yelling." security forces assaulted the building, killing at least four attackers. concert-goers could be seen filing from the hall, hands on their heads. one official said the gunmen had tossed explosives at the hostages. witnesses say the carnage inside is unimaginable. a crowded restaurant also among at least six locations under fire. audio eyewitness "charlotte" from 7:30 special report: "all of a sudden there was really loud gunshots -- and bullets coming through the windows. could see a pool of blood around her, she'd been shot i think in the chest and she was fatally wounded." as police scrambled to secure streets across the city, stunned parisians ran for shelter - wondering where the terrorists would strike next. president obama promised to stand with the french people. sot obama "... this is an attack on all of humanity and the universal values that we share." brandi hitt on camera: tbd brandi hitt, abc news, los
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tonight's killings come ten months after another terrorist attack in paris. gunmen opened fire at the satirical magazine, charlie hebdo, on january seventh. the terrorists shot and killed 12 people at the magazine after it had published cartoons depicting the prophet mohammed. raids two days later killed the terrorists behind the massacre. twenty people were hurt in a tour bus crash today in san francisco. at least 30 people were on a double-decker tour bus tonight when police say the bus driver was speeding and driving recklessly. police say the bus hit a bicyclist and several cars before crashing into scaffolding. first responders had to pull people from several vehicles. tonight, at least 5 people are in critical condition. meteorologist joe winters joins us now. joe, it's shaping up to be a
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what a spectacular weekend forecast we have in store. considering what november weekends could be like, this one will be a real winner. we are expecting sunshine to abound for both saturday and sunday with highs in the middle to upper 50s. enjoy this however as it will quickly change early week with a wet pattern entering the upper midwest. tonight: clear & cool low: 23-29 winds: w 5-10tomorrow: sunny and spectacular high: 54-60 winds: sw 5-15 back to you. a former olympic distance runner turned self- defense expert says more people need to pay attention to their surroundings . todd williams met with people at the university of iowa today on defending themselves when facing an attacker. kcrg t-v nine's chris earl met with him and joins us now.
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chris, this comes at a time when we've had violent encounters on trails... and sidewalks. it was three months ago when a woman in dubuque was attacked and killed while out on her morning walk... so we have seen these situations. yet the message today from the two-time olympic distance runner was do whatever you can to "get away" and, if a fight to stay alive is necessary, in his words "you have to figure out a way to win". todd williams stressed getting away when facing an attacker deep inside the pappajohn business building on the university of iowa campus on friday night... "56:16 if somebody puts their hand on you and you can start yelling a name... " but when there is no other choice... this world- class athlete shows the most effective moves to escape. " 58:56 and the ear... and the next strike... into the eyes. 00:48 and that knee could go into the groin area... 3:05 you have to find a way to win. 4:53, sky she pushes back and kicks... better be a good kick. 8:19... lift...and the hook, wow, that was close."
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this isn't just limited to recreational trails or even a specific city. in dubuque, people in eastern iowa were horrified on the news of a 66-year-old woman assaulted and killed by an attacker in september while on an early-morning walk. or a july attack on a woman on a trail inside george wyth state park in waterloo. yet the advice on survival resonates. " 11:23 it's not about fighting back and there's a big emphasis on getting away and creating time. " " 10:45 now i've learned that it's better to run away and get away from a person rather than follow their directions." "13:45 flipping the switch and breaking free and every single second is critical." the university of iowa has reported recent assaults on campus and ui public safety leaders suggest paying attention to surroundings. .. but also use that accessory so many carry... the cell phone... and put the tracking on. "51:55 if you're out and about and your gps is activated, when you hit 9-1-1, what happens is it sends the signal to our office and an icon pops up and our geo map representing you. " we've all scene the fight
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williams also told us that to ignore that when crafting a plan for self defense. open palms instead of a closed fist. using any items on the ground -- sticks... dirt in the eyes... anything for a person to buy more time to escape. on my web story on, i've added more of the specific information on self-defense, his group called "run safer" well as recent situations where people have been attacked. in a t-v nine followup tonight... searchers in waterloo need volunteers to help look for a missing teenager tomorrow morning. 18-year-old moe sed is a waterloo west student who disappeared on october 22nd. he's originally from burma, and he does have special needs. friends and authorities say he left home on his bicycle and hasn't been seen since. searchers are hoping to get a lot of help tomorrow to comb nature trails and greenbelt areas around waterloo. sed is an avid fisherman, and he
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would ride his bicycle on many of the area's trails. " i know we haven't searched a lot of the soft trails so i know we want to get out in that wooded area to see if we can maybe see the bike or find some sign of him being there" the search for moe sed starts at 10 tomorrow morning. volunteers should meet at the embarc office at 220 east fourth street in downtown waterloo where they'll organize and assign search areas. the cedar rapids historic preservation commission wants to save a building damaged in the 2008 flood. the city council is deciding whether to demolish the vacant knutson building next to the mcgrath amphitheatre. the group is asking elected officials to shore up the 128-year-old structure before someone would possibly renovate it. an engineering study found it would cost 400 thousand dollars just to demolish the building. the city council will bring up the issue again on tuesday. tonight a father who's also a soldier is back home
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07:56:38 "it's the sacrifice of being gone for a year, being away from your children obviously." it was a family reunion that will become the memory of a lifetime. stay with us.
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surprise tonight from someone he's been missing. it was an emotional reunion that all began with a boy scout meeting. kcrg t-v nine's sarah mccarthy tells us about the soldier behind the big
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your dad was a cub scout wasn't he? yeah. a dad austyn bair hasn't seen in about a year. because while he's earning service badges for this uniform. staff sergeant brent meyer is serving thousands of miles away in a uniform of his own. 07:32:20 "united states army, patriot air missile defense, so we've been over there watching the skies." but this mission.. "i'm pretty excited. are you nervous? yeah, a little bit." is a little different. i pledge allegiance.. under the guise of a fundraising meeting.. 07:45:41 oh, i forgot we had a surprise. can you help me out? yeah. cue cards helped austyn introduce a surprise guest. "everyone, please welcome home from active service staff sergeant brent meyer.. my dad. i missed you too.. oh my god i'm crying." tears turned to smiles..
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07:52:28 "i was just super surprised. because i missed him, because he's been gone for a year. i missed him so much." as the two pinned down plans.. 07:57:24 "maybe play catch, yup, we've got some nice cold weather. whatever we want! yup." a day austyn says may even be better than christmas.. "a little more, okay a lot more. i'm super happy." in cedar rapids, makes it even sweeter when you get to see each other right? sarah mccarthy, kcrg-tv9 news. staff sergeant meyer is only home for a couple of days. he returns to qatar on monday. this weekend's hawkeye "game ball" is on track to arrive at kinnick stadium tomorrow, safely in the hands of some veterans who have a special message. the university of iowa veterans
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trying to raise awareness of the serious problem of vets who commit suicide. today they carried the game ball through center point to hiawatha. then tomorrow, they'll go first to the university's pentacrest before they head to the stadium for the iowa -- minnesota game. each veteran carries a backpack holding 22 pounds. that represents the 22 veterans who commit suicide everyday. the vets say many attribute the suicide rate to the hard adjustment of going from soldier to civilian. "that transition it often times is difficult so we're saying here we are come talk with us here we want to help you and we want to assist in any way we can." the march drew the attention of one family whose veteran son committed suicide. they will march with the veterans taking the game ball to kinnick tomorrow. iowa city is getting national recognition for its wrestling. the u-s olympic committee picked the city as wrestling's "olympic
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the committee's website will feature the city in digital videos to promote next summer's olympic games. a production crew is in town through tomorrow to interview olympic hopefuls and talk to some of the greats like dan gable and tom brands. the committee will also feature tomorrow's "grapple on the gridiron" when u-i takes on oklahoma state inside kinnick stadium. hawkeye fans are also getting pumped for tomorrow night's football game against minnesota. the undefeated hawkeyes took down indiana to get their 9th win of the year last saturday. it could be a historic day in iowa city as the football team looks to go 10 and oh for the first time in school history. the hawkeyes aren't the only team putting their undefeated record on the line. scott has highlights from kennedy's matchup under the dome coming up
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what a spectacular weekend forecast we have in store. considering what november weekends could be like, this one will be a real winner. we are expecting sunshine to abound for both saturday and sunday with
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highs in the middle to upper 50s. enjoy this however as it will quickly change early week with a wet pattern entering the upper midwest. tonight: clear & cool low: 23-29 winds: w 5-10tomorrow: sunny and spectacular high: 54-60 winds: sw 5-15tomorrow night: clear low: 34-40 winds: sw 5-10sunday: mostly sunny high: 58 - low: 37 monday: showers likely high: 54 - low: 44 tuesday: showers likely high: 56 - low: 46 wednesday:
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showers likely high: 53 - low: 47 thursday: mostly cloudy high: 48 - low: 39 friday: mostly cloudy high: 43 - low: 33 thanks joe.
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coming up next in sports.. scott will have iowa and iowa state hoops highlights... along with state championship volleyball and state semi-final football.
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for the first time in school history.... josh has the highlights of their semi- final showdown with bettendorf. kennedy is making its first semi-finals appearance since 1993the cougars have talked about getting the ball into shaun beyer's hands... here he lines up under center, he rolls out to his right and stretches for the 8-yard
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7-0. in the 2nd quarter, bettendorf gets on the board with this dax emerson touchdown to tie it up at 7 apiece... that would be the score at halftime. 3rd quarter, cougars knocking on the door... tyler dralle gets the edge and he takes it in for a 13- yard touchdown.... kennedy takes a 14-7 lead... on their next drive, alex stone drills a 37-yard field- goal to extend the cougars lead to 17-7 bettendorf would score to make it 17-14 after three quarters... but the momentum shifts in the 4th... kennedy's brandon neimeier picks off bettendorf's jacob wehr... he cuts across the field and takes it back 55 yards for a pick six... kennedy leads 24-14 later in the 4th, cougars put the icing on the cake... nick duehr drops back and hits austin bailey for the touchdown... kennedy is heading to the championship game for the first time ever after beating bettendorf 31-14. "bettendorf's a physical team, we think we're a physical team. when you play against a team like that with the tradition, you play a little bit of that too." "it means everything. i've been dreaming about it since i was kid. i couldn't ask for more of my team."
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earlier today in class a, denver taking on gladbrook-reinbeck... 2nd half kickoff, gladbrook's colton disdale goes the distance with a 92 yard touchdown... gladbrook went up 16-9 denver responds in the 4th with this fletcher anderson 5-yard touchdown to tie it up 16 all this game went into overtime... after denver missed a field-goal, gladbrook kicker walter thede drills a 23-yard field goal to give gladbrook the 19-16 win... from the uni dome, josh christensen, tv9 sports. after losing their last exhibition game. the season opened for real tonight for the iowa men's basketball team. hawks hosting gardner webb.. it was a good start for jarrod uthoff....the former jeff standout with the steal...the hoop and harm....uthoff hits the free throw to complete the 3 point play... --then dom uhl penetrates and finishes with the 2- handed flush.....hawks with an early 3 point lead... --later, uhl dumps it off to adam woodbury for the easy lay-in....woody finished with --mike gesell is back running the point for iowa this season and he hits a cutting
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brady ellingson for 2.... --uthoff with 2 more as he tips in the uhl miss....uthoff had a big game with as iowa beats gardner-webb basketball team under new head coach steve prohm opened sioux falls behind 5-0. the cyclones started to heat up.. first team preseason all-american george niang with two in the paint.he led the way with 17.. and then naz mitroo long doing it all scoring off the dribble and look at monte morris taking it hard to the rack for two of his 12.. and a big game for long showing off the wheels on the break and how bout jameel mckay finishing with the ally oop and iowa state wins their opener beating colorado 68-62. the iowa state women beat hampton . bluder's bunch opened the season tonight against north dakota. hawkeyes in a tight one here in the third...rememb er they play 4 quarters now....whitney jennings with the drive for 2 of her 14...iowa up 4... --after north dakota ties
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as iowa retakes the lead...disterhoft had a team high 20... --then it's jennings to megan gustafson....t he freshman post player finished with 12... --kali peschel had a big night for the hawks...pesch el with a double-double 17 points and 14 rebounds as iowa beats north dakota 83-61. i will have highlights from championship day at the state volleyball tournament next
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celebrating in tonight.. scott westerberg has highlights of west delawares championship
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run. this is a rematch of last year's championship as west delaware looked for revenge on harlan...the hawks dominated this one from the start....carlee ketchum sets to bridget hoffman...wes t delaware wins the opener 25-16....that ketchum to hoffman combo continued doing damage in the second....hawks up 2-0 after a 25-15 win...the route continues in the 3rd...kristen wegmann showing some finesse on this kill...she finished with 10 of them...champio nship point now for west delaware, ketchum takes it herself and after 5 runner-up finishes the hawks are finally champions... "it feels awesome. it means everything. nobody gets to say it's the first time to get west delaware a state volleyball championship and we get to. it feels awesome to get one for west del." "it's just an indescribable feeling. i'm just so glad we could be here with all the fans and family here to support us. it's a great feeling."3a final...west liberty and nevada...comet s down two sets to none and looking to extend the match....brianna morales with the kill....set 3 is tied at 25....but west liberty
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couldn't complete he comeback as nevada wins it in a sweep....from the state volleyball tournament, scott westerberg tv9 sports. janesville took on sidney for the 1a championship tonight. after dropping the first game.. janesville stormed back bree thompson with the hammer to win the second game 25-16. and the wildcats used all of the court tonight.. kennedy miester finds the open spot and janesville wins three straight games.. heres match point gillian gergen with the ace and janesville wins the class 1a title 3-1 and they will bring home the big trophy...cong rats to the wildcats. in the 2a championship game sumner fredricksbur g battled western christian. and checkout the smash by kaitlyn sea- haws down the line and sumner-fred won game two 25-22 to even the match.. west christian won game three and what a battle in game four seahaws smacks one of the defense for the 25-24 lead.. but here's match point caron winterfield goes cross court for the winner 29-26 west christian wins the 2a title
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was on.. but congrats to sumner fredricksbur g on a great season.. thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... what a spectacular weekend forecast we have in store. considering what november weekends could be like, this one will be a real winner. we are expecting sunshine to abound for both saturday and sunday with highs in the middle to upper 50s. enjoy this however as it will quickly change early week with a wet pattern entering the upper midwest. tonight: clear & cool low: 23-29 winds: w 5-10tomorrow: sunny and spectacular high: 54-60 winds: sw 5-15 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live."
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