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tv   KCRG TV9 News at 10  ABC  November 16, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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from the pedestrian mall. sarah, you checked the numbers and talked to police to find out if the law is really working. the law is helping - but it is far from perfect. there are still underage drinkers making their way into bars here and getting their hands on alcohol. one university of iowa student says that's because the ordinance is easy to get around, even if it means breaking other laws. 11:31:41 "i'm from akron, ohio" his id says he is a 21 year- old from out of state. but that's a lie. this 19 year-old university of iowa student asked us to hide his identity because he uses a fake i-d. 11:31:33 "you put any information you want on the card, you submit your own photo, you type in a fake e ddress, choose your state." ordered online from china and shipped inside a dollar store toy, he calls this his free pass to get drunk. and it's just one way he says underage students get around the 21 ordinancc.
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music teams of police battle the issue each weekend - completing more than two thousand bar ccecks last yeaa. police say the 21--rdinance is helping. they see fewer out of town visitors coming here to drink and the total number of violations is down. 06:15:24 "quite frankly, our calls ff service have been dropping downtown as well, so we don't have to maintain as much of a psence as we have had in years past." but officers also aren't checkng bars as ofofen. so while the the number of violations is down, the number of citations per bar check is actually up in the last year. under 21 tickets per police check rose 18- percent at dc's. 21-percent at union and 25 percent at sports column. city-wide, under 21 violations per police visit is up 10-percet from a year ago. so these are completely ficticious? yes. alright, you're under arrest. violations like this.
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five minutes into their patrol, officers discovered two fake florida id's on this 19-year- old. he's charged with a serious misdemeanor. radio sounds police say sosetimes the numbers on fake id's trace back to a real erson. and if that happens, it's identity theft. but the full effect of the 21 ordinance extends beyond the bars. musisimany critics of the law predicted wwld house parties. but police say the opposite has happened. "as you're seeing these numbers drop, you're seeing the effects of the long term success wf this ordinanc. we're able to be in the neighborhoods, providing educatin and more relationship development with people in the neighborhoods" disorderly house calls dropped from 273 in 2010 to just 99 in 2015. but downtown.. music ..students we spoke to say the binge drinking culture isn't goi away and citations aren't
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the solution. 11:38:17 "it's 110% worth it to me. being wntown with your friends, there's nothing like it." it's a mentality university counselors are working to change. 06:35:05 "my role is to meet with students who maa be at a highh risk k or alcohol related issues." high risk behaviors like multiple offenses, other drug use, or een hospitalization. the university uses several one-on-one proorams aimed at helping students recognize unhealthy drinking habits. 06:40:35 "students have the perception that what they're doing is normal because people they see around them are doing the same things. however, you have to look beyond who they're surrounding themselves with because what they're doing may not be normal and it may not be heaeathy." ripperggr says it's a lesson she hopes is slowly sinking in. prior to the 21 ordinance about 85 percent of students reported using alcohol
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days. that number hit a fifteen year low in 2014 at 72 point 4 percent - but it's back on the rise now. for police.. "have your id on you?" the ordinance is a helpful toto, but several exemptions complicate enforcement. they hope the threat of a ticket or arrest will stoposome rule- breakers. but it's not a perfect solution. 06:21:35 "we're not nave enough to think that justtbecause weehave laws in effecc people aren't going to try to test the limits of the laws." and for some, the reward outweighs any risk. 11:33:07 "from what i've experienced, the 21 ordinance doesn't even matter. it doesn't even cross anyone's mind." while the ordinance isn't a perfect solution, police say it helps keep the bars and nearby neighghorhoods safee for everyonee live in iowa city, sarah mccarthy-kcrg-tv9 news. turning now to weather andd meteorologis
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t joe winters. joe, how long is this rainy weather going to last? rain continues to be a part of the forecast across eastern iowa into wednesday. it appears that 1-2 inch rainfall totals will be common before dry things out for the latter part of the work week. temperatures will be the mildest early this week with a cool down into the 30s for highs by the weekend. tonight: showers likely low: 46-52 winds: se 10-20+ alo: 49 dbq: 48 iow: 50tomorrow: showers and storms high: 57-63 winds: se 15-25 alo: 59 dbq: 58 iow: 61 back to you. a linn county man faces a first degree murder charge for fatally stabbing another man early this morning. the sheriff's office says 47 year ood michael
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lehman stabbed 23 year old jimmi- jon lint several times during an altercation. it happened at the ced-rel motel, which is a few miles west of cedar rapids on highway 30. around 12:30 a-m, law officers found lint lying on the floor of a room with several stab wounds. he died later at a hospital. sheriff's deputies arrested lehman in another room at the motel. a man is in police custody after authoritts say y e broke intooa home and severely beat a woman in elkader last week. police say 24-year-old brandon thoma broke into the home after the woman's husband left for work last tuesday. they say he then epeatedly punned and kicked the woman. police say she went to the hospital but have not released her condition. thoma is in custody in wisconsin and is awaiting extradition to iowa on an attempted murder charge. police believe the attack was not random. this raymond man is awaiting sentencing for driving under the influence of prescription drugs in a deadly crash last year. the waterloo- cedar falls courier
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to a vehicular homicide charge today. dunt was driving in the 66-hundred block of la porte road near washburn last october when he croosed the centerrline. crashed head d n into another vehicle. 20-year-old warren van wie of cedar falls and his passenger went to the hospital. van wie later died from his injuries. the mother of a fifth- grader at johnson steam academy has filed a lawsuiui gainst the ccdar rapids school district and a police officer. lakeshia hayes says officer glen keiler dragged her daughter by the ponytail out of the school cafeteria last week. she says he then slammed her daughter against a wall, while cursing at her. the lawsuit also claims the officer later called the mother, asking her to meet about the incident, which he admitted to. cedar rapids police and the school district have declined to comment on the lawsuit. the iowa utilities board has started its next set of hearings over a proposed pipeline that would cut throughhthe state. thii week, the three member
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board will listen to representatives from dakota access, the company that wants to build the oil pipeline that would stretch from north dakota to illinois. the board also plans to hear from landndwners the pipellne would affect. last week, more than 200 people, both for and against the project, spoke before the board in boone. an iowa city mom recently gave birrh to identicall triplets without the use of any fertility drugs. that only happens in about point 0-0-4 percent of pregnancies. bridget hogan had three boys tadhg sean, and cathal on november 3rd. each weighed between three and four pounds. hogan already had a two-year-old son, and says she didn't expect to go from a famillof three to six in 3535eeks. she says they're adjusting to providing three times the care. "its been around the clock 24 hour care, bottles every two hours. just eating, changing, dressing, and doing it all over
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a c-d-c study says in 20-13 there were more than three million births in the united states, and only 119 those were triplets. the number doesn't include the rare identical factor. an old manufacturin g building in marion could soon make way for a new hotel... coming up, hear what the multi-million dollar
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a new hotel in marion could mean hundreds of f thousands of dollars for the city. the iowa economic development authority recently awarded more than one million dollars in tax credits to a developer for t proposed project. the development group, g-l-d
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properties, is considering building the hotel at 2823 seventh avenue. that's near the east end shopping center. kcrg t-v nine's jill kasparie looked into what this project could mman for the city. nats of cars passing this old building is literally crumbling on 7th avenue in marion. but some in marion are ready for this old manufacturing site to become the new home of a hotel. "our community is just growing and our business base is just growing and with that are more people are coming in and out of our community needing a place foo people to stay on this side of the metro " the marion economic development corporation says the proposed site would serve as a good location for&the whole city. "it will be able to serve new projects as they happen in our uptown area. it will be able to accommodate new manufacturers and larger distribution centers that are under construction on the eastern side of town and it will really be well positioned when the prospect meadows project happens to the
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the city recently paid about sixteen thousand dollars of sales tax dollars for a market study for the hotel. it just got the results back this month saying the community could support a 100 room hooel that also has some conference space. "their read is that the hotel market in this area is growing at about 4 percent per year with the total number of roomm that were avaaable - 4 percent a a ear over the next two years would have this hotel running where they want to be on their occupancy numbers." the city says the land is owned by the developer, so it would just play a supporting role in the project..ut the city manager says a hotel would mean extra dollars for the community. "our hotel motel tax that we'd collect would probably more than double." the city says there is still a lot of work to turn this site from a crumbling, old buildiig to a brand new hotel. in marion, jill kasparie, kcrg-tv9 news. marion currently has one motel and two hotels, but this would be the first full
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hotel in the heart of the cocostruction could start next summer. the manhunt for one of the shooters involved in the paris terrorist attacks is intensifying. french and belgian authorities conducted dozens of raids but were not
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across eastern iowa into wednesday. it appears that 1-2 inch rainfall totals will be common before dry things out for the latter part of the work week. temperatures will be the mildest early this week with a cool down into the 30s for highs by the weekend. tonight: showers likely low: 46-52 winds: se 10-20+ alo: 49 dbq: 48 iow: 50tomorrow: showers and storms high: 57-63
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winds: se 15-25 alo: 59 dbq: 58 iow: 61tomorrow night: showers likely low: 45-51 winds: se 10-20 alo: 47 dbq: 47 iow: 49wednesday: showers possible, windy high: 51 - low: 48 thursday: partly cloudy, windy high: 48 - low: 34 friday: partly cloudy high: 40 - low: 29 saturday: slight chance of rain/snow mix high: 38 - low: 27 sunday: mostly sunny high: 38 - low: 23 monday: partly cloudy
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attacks in paris is still on the run, as dozens of raids in urope have cooe up empty. meanwhile, the attacks are prompting tighter security in the u-s after isis released a video, promising to attack washington. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest. police thought they had him cornered.. but the target had slipped their grasp for the second time .. and now the manhunt for the suspected 8th attacker.. salah abdeslam.. is intensifying.. the 26-year-old on the run after police say he fled paris friday night.. abandoning the two cars he had rented.. then making a run for his native belgium driving a trd
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car with 2 other passengers. police stopped them at a roadblock saturday but -- inexplicably -- let them go and they made it across the border. those two passengers.. now under arrest and charged. authorities have identified this man -- abdel hamid abaaoud -- as the mastermind of the paris massacre. his plan included having one of the attackers blend in among tens of thooands of syriaa refugees too sneak his way into paris. fears of another deadly ruse have governors of twenty-five states resisting president obma's plan to re-settle up to ten thousand syrians in the u-s. sot obama: "slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values." and isis on friday leveled a specific threat against the nataton's capital - - swearing "that we will strike america at its centerin washington." sot john brennan, cia director: "their agenda is to kill. pure and simple."
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his nation in a moment of silence . tonight, the eiffel tower glowed with the colors of the french flag for the first time since friday. elizabeth hur on camera: the french president has declared that francc is now at war with isis.. dramaticclly increasing airstrikes and bombing targets in syria. iowa is one of 22 states that have expressed concern about accepting syrian refugees. today, governor branstad ordered all state agencies to halt any work on syrian refugee resettlements . there are no syrian refugees in iowa right now. we'll be r rght back. stay with us. the 7th ranked cyclones with
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opener tonight against chicago state. before the game they unveiled last season's big 12 tourney championship banner monte morris running the show tonight had another great game with one of his 8 assist to go along with 14 points for iowa state who led 49-35 at the half.. and a monster night fojameel mckay inside. he was a human highlight film with one flush after another.. they couldn't stop him he was 12- 15 from the floor for 25 points and he also grabbed 11 rebounds and the cyclones win thier home opener under new head coach steve prohm 106-64 to raise their record to 2-0. how bout some breakfast with the panthers tomorrow. uni will host stephn f. austin at 7:00 am at the mcloed center. you heard me right they will pass donuts anan chocalate milk to the students starting at 6:00 am. skip classes and go to the game. big news from coe college
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today.. football coach steve staker will step down and his son tyler who played for him will take over as head coach. staker retires as one of the best football coaches in coe history with a 52-29 record in 8 seasons. third most wins in school history leading the ko-hawks to the d-3 playoffs three times ininuding a win over over undefeated st. johns in 2009.. gonna miss coach he is first class guy. but his tyler will do a great job. and finally it's monday time to get stupid and obnoxious with the golden klutz awards. hit it andrea! let's start off with the worst cheerleading of the week from bill walton. he is a 7 footer with no rythem. and speaking of cheerleaders when is the last time you've heard them called for to much noise. when you have a quarterback as
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don't want to loose him. best heave dj gordon equipment managagr for clemson throws a football from the top of the carrier dome into a trash can and if you are going 4o build a fense for baseball make suu it is solid and theirs is nothing worse than going for the high five and getting totally ignored. and i love it when they pass up a layup for a three. love the high percentage shot. tom brands might be the most entertaining coach in america totowatch and he was in rare form at the grapple on the gridioron and i had the best game winning
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yards out to beat athlete of the week shaun beyer of kennedy loser had to beat box the school fight with his teammate dallas jacobus. good night thanks scott. one last look at the forecast, joe... rain continues to be a part of the forecast across eastern iowa into wednesday. it appears that
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before dry things out for the atter part of the work week. temperatures wll be the mildest early this week with a cool down into the 30s for highs by the weekend. tonight: showers likely low: 46-52 winds: se 10-20+ alo: 49 dbq: 48 iow: 50tomorrow: showers and storms high: 57-63 winds: se 15-25 alo: 59 dbq: 58 iow: 61 thanks joe. thanks for joining us for
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we hohoe you and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hololwood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- liam hemsworth. from "black-ish" tracee ellis ross. and "james bond." plus, it's mash-up monday with music from jewel & the gang.
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with cleto and the cletones.
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